Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 4 - Zenshô - full transcript

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The Sentinel

We're having a briefing now?

We deserted the army,
so what's the point?

We didn't desert, we're just
operating independently now.

Like there's a big difference.

I guess you have a point...

I wonder if we're
still gonna get paid...

We'll take on any job.
That's our duty, you know?

Leave it to the Main Driver
to say something like that.

I'll get it to run perfectly
next time for sure!

As always, it's only your spirits
that are superior, Mika Seido.

Didn't you get the point
of that last operation?

What's that supposed to mean?

You were a decoy.
A decoy used to destroy the Ring.

Hadn't you figured that out?

My, how naive you are.

You were a decoy to provide the Ring
with another target for just a moment.

It didn't matter that the
Shaft's program wasn't ready.

In other words, they selected
someone who was expendable.

They did, did they?!

It's the truth, isn't it?

After all, you could barely
even pilot the Shaft!

Say what?

If you think you can do better with that
buggy program, let's see you do it!

I'm sure Lady Mir could do it.

You're such a suck-up!

All right, let's
see you do it!

But if you can't do it,
you're dead!

'Cause that's what you said
would happen to me!

How unseemly.

If such trivial matters rile you,
you shouldn't be a Driver.

So, what you're trying to say
is that you're perfect.

As another Driver, I'd rather you didn't
shame me any further, Mika Seido.

I'll try. But I am just
a white, you know.

You certainly are.

You'll find you're far out of your league
if you think you can raise a hand against me.

It's Lord Sneak...


Conduct your training
in the gym, Mika Seido.

Yes, sir.

You, too, Mir.

Why me?

I just...

The IEO hypothesizes that
the Ring is a terminal...

...of a system used to observe
life forms in Earthspace.

As proof, they cite that the fact
that just prior to its attack,

the Ring emitted a pulse into outer space
that was identical to human DNA data.

The IEO now has conclusive evidence
of the existence of intelligent life...

...that is observing humanity
from outer space.

I don't wanna be some
alien's afternoon snack.

So, we were called here
to wipe out these aliens?

We of the Humanity
Guidance Bureau...

...have run crisis management simulations
over the past several years.

While the government hesitates,
Earth may be attacked...

by a second Ring,
or even a third.

I have reached a decision.

We will leave
government jurisdiction...

...and eliminate the source of the
attack against Earth on our own.

We have already predicted the existence
of the being that sent the Ring.


That is the name we have
given to that object.

Our mission is to determine
Oberus' location and objective.

I want you all to carry out
your responsibilities and duties.

Lady Mir, are you feeling better?

Is the briefing over?

Um... Yes, ma'am.

I can't believe they ended the briefing
without you there, Lady Mir...

I had already heard
about Oberus.

As well as the installation of the
wormhole drive program at Ganymede.

Oh, you knew?

That's right.
I am special, after all.

Niven Base has been
expecting you, Lord Sneak.

We are looking forward to your
final decision regarding the G-file.

Very well.
If you'll excuse me, then.

You're going down to Ganymede?

It's part of the mission plan.

If anything should
happen to you, Sergei,

who would make the
decisions from now on?

We have Colonel Amagiwa for that.

I just can't trust him!

Mir, it's a shame that your
emotional ups and down...

...have come to prevent you
from making calm decisions.

Because I'm going to take you
with me to Ganymede.

Lord Sneak is planning to stay
at Niven Base, isn't he?

Will he be okay at a base staffed
with nobody but researchers?

He'll compile all our data on Oberus
before the fleet arrives at Ganymede.

When they see it, the government will have
no choice but to change their minds.

Man, this is turning
into a royal pain.

Captain, if you're tired,
go ahead and rest in your room.

Lord Sneak isn't here anymore.

Lord Sneak will be transferring
new data to us.

I'll stay here until then.

You're gonna put yourself
into an early grave, Captain.

Still, I guess that's
what I'm here for.

Feel free to die whenever you want.
I'll take over as your Backup Captain.

Target, locked on.

Now landing.


I forget, have you ever
been down there?


What's the matter?
You look depressed.


A friend of mine...

She died here.

On Ganymede? You mean
that accident last year?

You know about it?

Only because it was a
huge military accident.

During the accident, a shuttle carrying
two soldiers went adrift near Ganymede.

But only one of them
was rescued, apparently.

I had no idea they were
the Captain and your friend.

Her name was Ryoko.

But why are you still
obsessing over it?

Shouldn't I?

Her DNA's on file
in the bank, isn't it?

She even had a duplicate.

A duplicate?

Then that's even more reason
for you to just let it go!

Just go track her
down and meet her.

I did.

But even if their DNA was totally
identical, she was different.

She isn't the Ryoko
I used to love.


Um... I used to be
your duplicate's...

Oh, you must be Mika Seido!

You know who I am?

You were friends with
my duplicate, Ryoko.


You must be terribly
broken up over her death,

but I'm here.

If there's anything
I can do, let me know.

I don't get it.
How is she different?

She has completely
identical DNA, right?

She's different!

I don't really know how to explain it,
but she's not the same...

That's why he's
going to pay!

He killed Ryoko to save himself!

Are you sure?


If he hadn't used Ryoko's oxygen,
he would have died!

But you're the only one
who thinks that, right?

What do you mean?

Considering that one was your friend
and the other was the Captain,

aren't you just seeing
what you want to see?

You'd never understand, Sofia!

Stop lashing out, all right?

If it's the same DNA,
it's the same individual.

What if she voluntarily took her own life
to give the Captain her oxygen?

That's enough!

Then... Then I'll ask
him right to his face!


These are the ruins?

This is the wreckage
of a spacecraft...

...that crashed here on Ganymede
about 15 billion years ago.

Aliens crashed here
15 billion years ago?

Five years ago, they found a cave
in a crater near Niven Base.

The government sank a
150 meter shaft to investigate,

and they found these ruins.

What is this place?

Look there.

What in the...

There's nothing
to be afraid of.

We call these aliens the Giants.

They were this solar system's
original inhabitants.

Original inhabitants?

The asteroid belt.

The rocks drifting between
Mars and Jupiter...

...are the remains of
the Giants' home world.

We found what we believed to be a storage
device belonging to the Giants in these ruins.

We performed a data salvage on it,
recovered two files,

and successfully deciphered them.

One was an account of the
destruction 15 billion years ago...

...of the planet that existed
in the asteroid belt's orbit.

A planet... vanished?


That is what destroyed
their home world.


They wrote that Oberus exists
for the purpose of destroying...

...evil, intelligent life forms
that exist in the universe.

Evil beings?

The other file contained concept plans
for the Giants' spacecraft and weaponry.

We constructed the Bilkis and
Shaft based on those plans.

The Giants' technical prowess
far surpasses our own.

Shaft is to be our final
weapon to combat Oberus.

But they did go extinct.

Captain. I have a question for you.


It's about when you were
adrift around Ganymede.

Why were you the only survivor?

Answer me!

There's no need.

Why not?!

Even if I told you what happened, it
wouldn't change the fact that she's dead.

It's pointless.

You son of a...

A wide-area energy band has
appeared in Ganymede orbit!

Matching data.

It's a Ring.


It's totally surrounded Ganymede!

We've been caught
by the Ring's gravity.

Its mass is increasing.

We'll be pulled into the Ring
if something isn't done.

Use the Shaft.

Driver is Second Lieutenant Seido.
Sub-Driver, First Lieutenant Galgalim.

How are you gonna smash a Ring
that big using the Shaft?

The energy released by accelerating
the Shaft and colliding it with the Ring...

...will accelerate the quantum reaction between
its shield and that of the Ring's surface.

That quantum reaction will weaken
the Ring's inter-quantum attraction,

and when it gets pelted by Jupiter's
gravity and radiation, it'll be destroyed.

But if the Shaft can't reach
the speed it needs...

It will bounce off the Ring's shield
and possibly disintegrate.

But will it work with that
worthless program in there?

I won't pilot it.


You're just trying to sacrifice someone
else again because you want to live.

If you want to live that badly,
you pilot the Shaft!

You have been selected
as the Shaft's Driver.

Carry out your
responsibilities and duties.

No way!

I'll say it again.

Pilot the Shaft
and destroy the Ring.

So, my life means nothing unless
I'm piloting the Shaft, huh?

Let's go, Sofia!

Damn it!

What's happened, Remmy?

It's a Ring. An enormous Ring has
completely encircled Ganymede.

It's no use! I can't open
a comm channel to the Bilkis!

It's likely due to the effects
of the Ring's gravity.

Can't we fly there?

The shuttle would probably disintegrate
before we got near the Bilkis.

Device Unit, activate!

Okay, Sofia!
Let's do it!

Device Unit connection complete.

Shaft, activate!


Commencing countdown.




Set your proton engines to critical and
your quantum field to maximum output,

and then set your quantum interference
values to maximum! Got it?

No problem.
I'm already on it.

FRB, ignition!




Almost there!

Shaft, output error.



I'm okay... I read you.

You alive?

I'm alive.

The Shaft okay?

Yeah. It seems fine.

But I wish you'd worry a little
more about me, Sofia...

If you can blab that much,
you must be okay.

Watch it.

Lieutenant Seido.

Restart and continue attack.

You don't care if I live or die.


I just transferred the files
that crashed, Mika!

Understood! I'll restart
and do it again!

I'm gonna destroy that Ring and
make it back alive no matter what!

And once I get back,
I'll belt that jerk again!

Okay! Work right
this time, will you?

Shaft restart successful.

I'm gonna belt that jerk!




Pipe down and watch.



Ring has collapsed!
Quantum density falling!

Gravity waves disappearing.

Increasing engine output.
Correcting orbit.

You did it, Mika!
You read me, Mika?

I read you, Sofia.
The Shaft's okay, too.

All right!



I'm coming home in one piece.



And who might you be?


That was so pathetic!




Buggy program or no,
that was such inept piloting!

But now that I'm here, I'll make sure that
nothing so pathetic will ever happen again!

My name is Dolce Saito.
Humanity's greatest programmer!

Under me, even fools
work like blazes!

I'll get that Shaft program
to work flawlessly!

I'd heard that there was
some genius programmer...

...with the code name "Puppet Master"
on Ganymede, but I had no idea...

I've got this broken camera
that never focuses...

...and takes blurry,
washed-out skin tones.

The shutter sticks,

and the body's all clunky.

It's an obsolete camera
that's totally out of style.

I think I'll get rid of it...

...and trade it in for a new one,

this camera that's done
nothing but chase after the truth.

Forever and ever.

Anywhere and everywhere.

You monster!


Her blood's been drained.

Angels and Spaceships