Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Secrets - full transcript

Previously on Forbidden Science...

That day when I found
Adrian with another woman.

I can't remember what happen
right before and afterwards.

It works like normal memory download.

Basically it erases memories and
replaces them with facsimile.

I'm the owner and creator of 4Ever.

My name is Adrian Turner.

Some lines we don't cross, Colin.

Creating machines that are indistinguishable
from organic products

is where that line end.

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

Tomorrow is now.

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Forbidden Science
Season 1 Episode 12

Is this what you remember?

Or it's only what you think
you remember?


- So, it works?
- Test was successful, yes.

We downloaded an 80 year old man entire
life time of memories into a clone.

Congratulations, Adrian.

4Ever just became the sole owner
and provider of eternal life.

We are not selling it.


You can't be serious.

The Gold Chip is worth more to me
off the market than on it.

- We spent millions in its development...
- I spent millions, Colin.

Stop confusing playing the rule
of 4Ever president...

with actually being the president.

Speaking of which,

did you do what I ask?

Are you forgetting
what happen to Laura?

She died because you allowed
her to get too close.

End this thing with Bethany...

Or I will.

And the chip?

What are you gonna do with it?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm going to live forever.

Just like my company name promises.


Is this what you want, Robert?

Say it!

I want you.

Good boy.

With all your power
and your wealth ...

and I have what
you really want, don't I?


I want you.


need me.

I need you.

Alright then, Robert.

Take what you need.


What's she doing here?

Didn't realize you're
a jealous type, Joan.

Don't flatter yourself.

I take it your new lady friend still
quite upset about the incident with Angela.


It's your youth that
she doesn't approve.

You have something for me?

Colin doesn't own 4Ever.
It's actually own by a man

name Adrian Turner.


You sure?

Adrian isn't planning to put
the Gold Chip on the market.

It's worth a fortune!

And he sitting on it.

Doesn't surprise me at all actually.

It could download your memory
into a clone over and over,

it could potentially triple
your life span.

Till the DNA source deteriorated.

Clone still has its limits.

Eventually everything grow old and dies.


But why not sell it?

Because for people like Adrian,
it's not enough to win,

others must fail.

Living 200-300 years a lot more satisfying
if he's the only one that can do it.

And there is something else...

Remember those biomechanical organs
4Ever was developing few months ago?

Crossing intelligent-machine
with organic tissue?

Quite possibly the worst idea
in the history of bad ideas?

Gets worse.

Adrian calls it Level 6.

You're up early.

I woke up around 2
and you weren't in bed.

I couldn't sleep,
so I took a walk.

You were tossing and turning all night.
Everything alright?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I had the same dream about Adrian
as when I started work in here.

You know, the one from
right after my divorce.

Dreaming about your ex-husband
while you sleeping with me.


Actually, you weren't
in bed at the time.


It's weird, I thought
I was over him.

They're just dreams.

So Armstrong finally
connected the dots.

It was inevitable, I guess.

Colin got sloppy with
the hybrid organs.

It was bound to come back
to us eventually.

What do you want me to do?

I'll handle it.

I got something else for you.

Colin thinks he's in love.

And after what happened
with Laura...

You're not sure if
you can trust him anymore.

That's what I need to know.


You're going to offer
him a way out.

- We did it!
- We?

I helped. Moral support.

Don't forget about all that nights
when you need a boost.

I'm just glad
the chip finally done.

I bet 40 percent of the profit,
will be...

Unfortunately, there won't be
any profits.

Aside from your little celebrations
but I'm pulling the chip from productions.


- What?
- Colin?

You gotta be kidding?
It's gonna revolutionize everything.

The clone you used for testing
died this morning.

Brain aneurysm.

In simplest term, you give him too many
memories too fast and he overloaded.

Alright. So we need to download
the memory to another clone

- to find out what went wrong?
- Absolutely not.

I'm putting the Gold Chip aside
for the time being.

I don't understand.

Someone died, Philip!

We killed him.

This is impossible,
he was fine.

Everything checked out.

- Where's the body? We need to...
- I'm sorry, but you failed.

4Ever can't afford anymore liabilities.

- He's right.
- Julia?

- You can't be serious.
- Somebody died because of us.

Because of my research.

The guy is 80 year old with advance cancer.
He's already dying.

I'm talking about the clone.

We killed him.

And I'm responsible.

Sorry for the wait.

Someone has been keeping secrets.

Coming from you, senator,
it's quite a statement.

Out of curiosity. Which one
of us are you referring to?

- Adrian Turner.
- Who?

Armstrong knows everything.

Including the standing revelation
that you don't even run 4Ever.

Robert Armstrong as in the head
of Armstrong Industries.

Sometimes your strongest competitors
can be your greatest allies.

He wants to help you.

Really? I'm touched!

As I recall,
the last time I saw him,

one of his spies
tried to blow me up.

He knows all about Level 6.

About what happened to Laura.

And all about the new love
in your life.

Bethany, isn't it?

I have no idea what
are you talking about.

You really do care about
her, don't you?


Awfully naive, but sweet.

You realize Adrian won't let you
continue your relationship.

You're just too close to
many of his secrets.

But Armstrong can be friend.

Oh, like you?

First me and now Armstrong.

You really do get around, don't you?

Play nice, Colin.

Either you lose her,
like you lost Laura,

or you'll have to deal with us.


So you two are a team now?

- And what exactly is it that you after?
- Same thing Adrian wants.


I'll keep in touch.

Homer eats more than you have.


It's great, really...

I had a bad day.

What happened?

We were experimenting
on someone and...

he died.


It was a clone.

Still a person.

- You think so?
- Of course.

Whether you're from test tube
or a womb...

you still a human.


I'm a clone.

I know...

I should've told you sooner.

- It's just...
- You thought that I would look
at you differently?

It's the way I look at myself.

It's why I walk away
the first time we met.

Seeing all the pictures
of your family and...

everything you have that I don't.

Listen, you got me...

And you got Homer.


Between you and I,
he's not very picky.

- Well, neither am I.
- Obviously.

Hey, do you remember the house
Adrian and I lived in?

Sure. Why?

I know this is gonna sound
ridiculous, but...

I can't remember the address.

It was in Buchword, I think,
What's the matter?

Yeah well, but what street?

- I don't know, you lived there.
- Yeah, and I remember everything about it.

Books are on the shelves,
many knives are in the drawers...

but the address,

the street, nothing.

Doesn't that strike you a little...

Like someone who's trying
to put the past behind them?


Look, if it's so important
why don't you just call him up?

'Cos we haven't spoken
since the divorce.

After everything that happened
with the other woman, I just...

Not up for it.

Hey, you got a new life now.

Vice-president in a major corporation
and you got a great new guy.

I bet your ass I do!

What's wrong?

I pushed Laura away.

I lost her and I don't want to make
the same mistake with you.

Does it look like
I'm going anywhere?

Alright, I'm in.

Glad to hear it.

I'm on my way to see Robert now.

I'll arrange a meeting.


He's not here.

- His secretary just called me...
- I know.

I told her to call you.

We each have our jobs.

Mine is to protect my employer.

Yours, it would seems...

is to sleep your way to his confines.

So who are you working for
today, senator?


Or Colin?

- What the hell are you talking about?
- I've been following you.

And I got to hand it to you!

You bring a new mean to the
phrase "playing all the angles".

How dare you!

Bionic enhancements.

I can bench press 350kg and crush
your spine without even breaking a sweat.

But that will be too quick.

- Did Adrian send you to spy on us?
- No.

- Colin?
- No.

Who are you working for?
Tell me!

What are you after?

Oh, I know all about
your enhancements.

The downside is you are easy
to paralyze.


strength and beauty...

are no match for
experience, my dear.


before beauty.

A million for your thoughts..

Everything all right?

Same dream, what about you?
What your excuse for being up?

Just had a lot in my mind.

What if you never been
married to Adrian?

Well, I'll be lot less damaged.

I'm curious...

Suppose it never happened,
the marriage, the house, the divorce.

Think you can be any happier?

I don't know...

It was 7 years of my life.

Made me who I am,
for better or for worse.

I thought you didn't want
to talk about my ex.

I thought you want me to focus
on the great guy I have now.

Come to bed.

- Bethany there is...
- Forget about the past.

Be with me now.

I love you.

Show me.

Robert? It's been a long time.

- I'm surprised to get your call.
- Where is she?


Don't play coy, Adrian,
you don't do it very well.

Bianca, what did you do with her?

Alright, that.

Cybernetic bodyguard taken down
by an elective official.

Now who would've seen that coming?


I didn't think you're a big fan of
mixing machine with organic matter.

Maybe you should thank us.

She's human.

Enhance with human.

I know what are you doing,
I know what are you planning.

You cross the line, Adrian.

The same tired speeches.

The same self righteous...

lectures about crossing the line.

You should know all about that,
shouldn't you?

What I did, what we did was wrong.

It should've taught you
of all people,

- the price of what you're trying to do.
- That was a long time ago.

I've learn from my mistakes.

Level 6 is a success,
Robert, it works!

And with the new
memory chip completed...

Our dream can finally
become a reality.

Your dream.

Not mine.

Not anymore.

I was hoping we can
work together on this.

Like before.

Machine is machine.

Human is human.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

It doesn't have to be like this, Robert.

Just think about it.

Armstrong Industries work together
with 4Ever Innovations...

to build a new world.

One without death,

without disease.

Without humanity!

Oh, stop being so melodramatic.

Human is such a relative
term these days...

What's that?

It's tendrils attach to
the cerebral cortex

and alter short term memory.

I'm consolidating, Robert.

I'm going to take my place
at the head of 4Ever.

And I'm going to use Armstrong Industries
to manufacture Level 6...

on a global scale.

With... or without your help.

I will never help you.

Your choice, Robert.

The bullet...

or the bug.

Don't worry my old friend.

It'll only hurt for a minute...

and will change the world.


- Yes?
- It's Joan.

Robert wants to meet.

- Now?
- In or out, Colin.


Have to meet all the way out here?

Hello Colin.

I'm so glad
you could join us.


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