Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Home - full transcript

Previously on Forbidden Science...

Colin doesn't own 4Ever.
It's actually own by a man

name Adrian Turner.

4Ever just became the sole owner
and provider of eternal life.

End this thing with
Bethany... or I will.

You really do care
about her, don't you?

Have to meet all the way out here?

I'm so glad
you could join us.


Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

Tomorrow is now.

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Forbidden Science 1x13

I used to be Mrs. Bethany Turner.

Now I am Ms. Bethany Montrose.

For the last 6 months I've been
an executive for 4Ever Innovations.

It was a chance to start over
after a bad marriage.

A new beginning.

At least that's what I thought.

Like everything else at 4Ever,

nothing was ever what it seem.

But the roads end here.

Time to find out the truth.

Time to discover who I am.

So, this is my kind of game.

What the hell!

Cuban? Sweet!

You keep this up and I'll have to
burn a new.


Let's see it...

Take it.


Chip, please.

- What's this? You cheating?
- What?

I have absolutely no idea
where those came from.

T-shirt, please.

You got to be freaking kidding me!

I could get used to this
whole winning thing.

I'm sure it's a new experience.

This is so wrong
on so many levels.

What are you frowning about? I'm the one
with the brand in the forehead.

You win some, you lose some.

You won once...let's not
make it a habit or anything.

Is something wrong?

Oh... no, of course not.

I just can't believe that Colin
shut down the program so quickly.

This again?

- It didn't work, someone died!
- And where is the body?

Why wouldn't Colin
let us do an autopsy?

We are talking about a microchip

that can download a person
entire life memories in seconds.

The applications are through the roof,

and you tell me why Colin
suddenly go sentimental

- over one dead clone?
- Listen...

It's late, you can play
Sherlock Holmes tomorrow?


Come to bed. Colin will still
be around in the morning.

It's done.

Colin is dead.

You sound unhappy.

I thought you were close to him once.

Only as close as
you wanted me to be.

What's the matter?

It's a little late for second thoughts.

Not second thoughts.


About Bethany.

I gave her a plausible life,

a challenging past with
a promising future.

The job at 4Ever should've
given her confidence,

made her strong,

instead she grew dependent
on someone else.

There's a difference between
dependent and in love.

Not in my experience.

So, Bethany didn't follow
your little path.

Maye she's more human than you think.

Poor Colin.

I guess he had a heart after all.

He made his choice.

And Bethany?

The experiment is over.

She's coming home.

- Like you really know what's going on with us!
- Bethany, Bethany.

I sent you flowers because I love you.

- You never sent me flowers!
- Yes, I do!

The secretary...

Is this what you remember?

Or only what you think you remember?


You are not Adrian, are you?

Think of me as an echo of him.

A guide of sort.

I don't understand.

You starting to.
You just don't want to believe it.

That's why I'm here.

This is a dream.
I'm dreaming.

The past is a lot like a dream.

You so sure its real,
until suddenly you wake up

and remember the truth.

She's awake!

Rough night?

- What time is it?
- 10.30.

Don't worry, it's Saturday.

- Did you see Colin at the office?
- No, I thought he might be up here.

Not that its any of my business,
but, are you two...

- like, living together up here now?
- No.

Yes, I don't know!

I take it things are going well then.

Great... I think.

It's hard to say.

He can be so open and
vulnerable one moment,

and the next he's completely withdrawn.

Maybe I'm crazy, but...
I just feel like...

- he know something that I don't.
- You think he's keeping secrets?

Colin keeps secrets? No...

So, what happen to Level 6?

I noticed you stop obsessing
about it...

right around the time you start
"working late" up here.

It was just a military contract.
Colin had it canceled months ago.

Memory replacement,
with some bug thing.

It was gross, but
it wasn't a conspiracy.

Where is Bethany,
and what have you done with her?

- What? You saying I've changed?
- No, I'm saying...

Look, I don't know what I'm saying.
What do I know about anything?

I'm the girl who couldn't commit
because I grew in a test tube.

Speaking of which...

I told David about...

You know...

- My being a clone, and everything.
- And?

He's fine with it!

And more importantly...
I think I'm fine with it too.

It took a while,
I finally realize

I'm flesh and blood,
just like everyone.

- A human.
- You were the only one who ever doubted that.

I'm handing in my resignation.



Colin ended the Gold Chip
initiative, and...

that was I was here for.

It's over.

- Julia, don't leave. I'll talk to Colin.
- No, that's just it.

He's right in ending the program.
I'm glad.

A clone...

A person is dead because of
something I created.

I just feel like there's more to live
than just spending all my time in the lab.

Stephanie White was a scientist,
not me...


I want a change, that's all.

There's nothing I can say, is there?

- You could wish me luck.
- Of course I do.


Everything shows green.
Nothing out of ordinary.

Especially nothing overload
the synaptic function.

You realize it's Saturday, right?

Look, could you hand me one of those
blank disk on the cupboard, hun.

Did you just call me "hun"?


"Hun", as in "honey".

No, definitely I didn't called that.

Here you go, "honey".

Now, if Colin finds out
that you make a copy...

Just relax.
Show a little back bone.

Well, if we get fired, at least
we can spend Monday at home.

In bed.

This is what I get
for falling for a dork.

- You wanted to see me?
- We have a problem.

I'll take care of it.

Actually I was thinking of
sending someone else.

Someone I know.

No, no. I've called everywhere.
It's like Colin just vanished.

What do you mean
"What I want you to do"?

You are security! You should have
the surveillance tape from the last day!

I want everything you have!



Wow. Hun...

You really look great,
but... I beg you,

I really have to work on this chip
while I still have a fresh mind in my head.

You call that begging?
You can beg better than that.

Go away!

Oh, shit!

Oh, Bethany. Hi.

- Bad time?
- Yes!

No, of course not.
Come on in.

So, What's up?

Someone illegally download
the Gold Chip schematics.

Oh, right...

Sorry, just, what Colin saying
about a clone died

from the memory overload,
just doesn't add up.

Be that as it may,
I'm gonna need to take it back.

All right, just give me a second.

Wow, Colin really did pick
the right girl for VP, huh?

Anyone home?

Fuck me blind!


Don't be frightened.

They were not your family,
neither was Colin.

- Was?
- Come with me.

Not so fast, bitch!


What the hell happened?

Whatever it is,
it's not a clone.

An android?

Some kind, maybe.
I never see anything like it.

It's organic, but
the brain artificial.

Wait, you see something right there.



- What did you say?
- L6.

As in Level 6?

Do you mind...

You don't actually think
you're gonna...

Cut me.

Do it!

Forget it...

Oh God.

I'm just glad you came
by when you did, Bethany.

Whatever this thing is, it got
the strength of five men.

Yeah, or three women.

Why did you stop by, anyway?

Colin is missing.

I was hoping if you could
take a look at this for me.

A video surveillance from
outside Colin's penthouse.


Wait, wait, go back.

Senator Montgomery?

When was this?

Time index puts it around
three in the afternoon yesterday.

Colin didn't mention
she was stopping by.

Well, is that so surprising? I mean,
with the whole ex-girlfriend thing...

I guess I read about it.

- Where do you think you going?
- I'm going to find out what happen to Colin.

We should probably call the police.

That was the responsible thing to do.


I mean it...
whatever, it's dead.

Yeah. They just give it to
people like us to examine, anyway.

So its better to just skip
the middle man.

Yeah, It's practically our civic duty.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Ash's autopsy in the first "Alien"?

I kind of love you, you know?


What is it?

Cindy. She is...

I think Cindy is dead.

Bethany, I've been expecting you.

Please, come in.

- Where is Colin?
- Dead.

Would you like a drink?
Looks like I could use one.

What do you mean?

Colin is not...

you... you killed him?

No, not me.
One of your sisters, Cindy.

That's what you like
to call each other: sisters.

I guess it makes you feel more human,
or something.

I am human.

Ah, that.

No, you're just the final model
on the line.

You can bleed, you feel pain,

but you can't die.

At least not from old age.

Don't believe me?

Ask yourself...

If you want to live forever,
What would you do?

Download into a clone,
like Julia.

Clones grow old.

They wither away just like
the rest of us.

But an android never ages.

If a person, a real person,

downloaded all of their experience,
all of their memories

into a perfectly machine
facsimile them self,

well, they'll be practically immortal.

The next evolutionary step,
if you will.

You are an experiment, Bethany.

Just like everything else at 4Ever.

One of Adrian's little pet project.


He created 4Ever.

He created you.


We were married.

- We had a life...
- Please.

You didn't even exist a year ago.

The so called life that
you think you just lived,

it's just a cushion
to help you cope.

Sure you don't want that drink now?

I don't believe you!

I know.

Fortunately Adrian put
a fail save program.

It was supposed to guide you
through REM sleep and,

eventually, help you to find
your way back to the truth.

But there is an easier way.

Like any machines...

Your program can simply...


You aren't Adrian, are you?

She's awake!

Let's keep in touch.

Bethany. It's so good to see you.

It's okay, don't be afraid.

Come in, please.

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