Forbidden Science (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Erase - full transcript

Julia discovers a way to erase all of her programmed memories and to finally be able to live her own life...but at what cost? Meanwhile, Bethany is having recurring nightmares about her cheating ex-husband's sexual affair; and a possessive Adrian orders Colin to end his affair with Bethany.

Previously on Forbidden Science...

I was grown in a test tube.

Let's face it, I'm a clone,
with the memories of a dead woman.

What's this life memory chip?

It takes a photocopy of your brain.

Every thought, every memory
you ever had.

Any parents?

No. Just me.

- Really? What about...
- I said no.

Look, I'm not like you, alright?

I don't have the parents,

and the countless brothers and sisters.

Tomorrow loved ones
will return as clones.

Memories will be downloaded and sold.

Androids will walk among us.

Tomorrow is now.

Forbidden Science
Season 1 Episode 11

My company, my money, my idea.

- I had enough of you.
- Don't you touch me!

I love you.

Why so serious?

You put our rep
in the red with this.

- What if it doesn't work?
- It will.


That's comforting.

Have a little faith, darling.

Have I ever let you down?

This is different, Step.

This isn't just recording moments,
like birthdays, weddings.

We're talking about

downloading it and copying someones

entire live time of thoughts
and memories. It's...

I don't know, it's invasive.

How is it invasive?

It's a second chance.


What if you die?

A clone will only look like you,
it's our thoughts and feelings

that make us alive.

- This chip...
- Ok, promise...

If I die,

you won't just zap my memory
to some carbon copy clone.

Of course not.

I'll just...

find myself some fresh, young...

You were saying?

I lost my train of thought.

I love you.


- Who's Michael? Your new boyfriend?
- Huh?!

Oh. No... no.

Jesus, Julia, I think it work.
You did it!

Simulation show 100 percent
match copy to the original.

And the extraction is...

100 percent across the board!

Looks like we might
have something here.

This is why you should stay
at my place more often.

Go back to sleep.

Philip, it's 2.30. You really
got to get a life, man.

Jesus, are you looking to get fired?

I was thinking a raise.
A big, big raise.

Maybe a trip to Hawaii?

- What are you talking about?
- We did it.

Are you sure?

Not sure we can without
we doing the proper trials,

but the simulations show
a complete download all of the memory.

Oh, can I?

By all means.
Consider it your raise.

I see your days starting earlier
and earlier at 4Ever.

I did it.

Or we did it.

Actually, Julia was figure it out,
I duplicate the process.

I assume you know what
he's talking about.

You're able to do
a complete memory download.


Well, the computer simulations
maybe finished,

but whether or not success on a human
or a clone remains to be seen.

The chip is design to work
only in Julia's brain.

They have to work on anyone else
has been a challenge, at least.

It'll work.

- Or should.
- I'm very confident that'll work.

- You'll start to look for a test subject?
- Immediately.

Someone in their 80s.
Or 90s, you know?

Someone with long live, so we can
really test the download parameters.

Of course.

Great job, Philip,
for the both of you.

Is it really necessary to have
your apartment at the company?

- Serious as my guest.
- Great. Come to bed?


In a minute.

Memory Download

Memory Extraction

Please, don't tell me
you've been here all night.

You look terrible.

- Thanks.
- You know what I mean.

- Go home. Get some sleep.
- Not yet.

Trials won't begin for
at least another week.

Take a couple days off.
You've earn it.

A little bit.

What am I looking at?

Think about it this way.

There's a difference between
a red car and

a car that has been painted red.

The paint can be removed.

My memories, Stephanie's memories,

I think they can be reverse.


The same way they were encoded.

The memories are artificial,
they literally painted onto my brain.

You wanna replace them?

Honestly, I never thought
it was possible.

But when I saw the simulation,

I realized the computer
was both encoding and

extracting the virtual memories.

- Like painting and erasing?
- Exactly.

But, I mean,

what about all your own memories?

Everything that happen in the
pat few months?

They are the red car.

They weren't painted on,
the extraction shouldn't touch them.


You have no idea what this
procedure could do to you.

I know that I have someone else's
entire life time of thoughts and feelings.

I don't want them.

And now I might just be able
to do something about it.

Julia... I can't...

We can't allow you to try this
on yourself, at least not yet.

No one has any idea
what could happen!

You worried about being a liable?

I'm worried about my friend.

Look, I'm sorry, but until it safe
methodically control trials gets under way.

4Ever can't turn you
into a guinea pig!

- It's my chip, my choice!
- No, it's not.

Now, I'm sorry, but you're gonna
have to wait a little while.

Just be patient.

That's easy for you to say!

You don't dream about
the husband you never had,

or wonder if you like chocolate
because you actually like it,

or because some dead woman liked it.

Colin planning on starting trials
with clones in the next few weeks.

If that works out,
maybe then we can discuss it.

Yeah! Sure!
What's the rush, right?

Get away from me!

- You were trying to steal my company!
- Our company.

I was going to divorce you!

You encrypted the prototype chip.

- And Michael killed you.
- What?

Your body, your memories...

they are copies from someone else.

You're nothing really.

Not even a human.

You're just a clone.





- Hi.
- Hi, I'm sorry about that.

I guess he gets a little excited,
seeing a familiar face.

Still using the dog
to pick up women?

Yeah, well, you know, he gets fed
pretty well, so I think it's a fair trade.



I was gonna call, but work got
busy you know, and...

Yeah, it's fine.

Listen, it's really good seeing
you again, but we gotta go.

Come on, Homer.

- Bye.
- David, wait.


I know it's kind of late, but...

How about dinner?

You sure work won't
get in the way?

Not this time.

As I recall,

Phil had tried to download
someone's memories with,

shall we say, mixed results.

There's been progress since then.

Up until now Julia was
the only successful case

because the chip was designed to work
specifically with her brain patterns.

So much ironic that she'd be the one
to finish what Stephanie White started.

And Bethany?

I thought I made
myself clear the last time.

You need to end it.

Someone here?
I heard voices.

Ah, security. They called about
heat sensor or something.

The more complicated the systems,
the more things break down.

This coming from the owner of the
most advance tech company in US.

Actually, all over North America.

I love you.

- Everything all right?
- Yeah, of course.

Did you...?

- Wow, that bad huh?
- No, of course not.

I just have a lot on my mind.

You're not gonna disappear again,
are you? If so, I could,

bounce back and give it a little shot!

Why do I get the feeling this is
more about the male ego than me?

There's nowhere else I rather be.

No, stop!


Everything all right?

You know this is my first
relationship since the divorce?

That day when I found
Adrian with another woman.

I came home early,
you know, typical story.

Took the light of me, I can't remember
what happened right before and afterwards.

Shock, I guess.

Listen to me, I sound like
one of those day time talk shows.

We never really discussed
your marriage with Adrian.

Probably because I never really
done with it.

Didn't have any family
to sit around and cry with.

My friends were all
of his friends, so...

I got hurt, got divorced,
started working here...

And then, presto!

Brand new repackage life.

Julia think she can erase
Stephanie's memories with this.

I don't know, I guess
I just have been thinking.

You wish you could erase your own?

I don't know. Sometimes.

What, you don't have anything
in your past you wish you could forget?


I figured it's like
a ball of string.

Start pulling out one thread
and the whole thing might fell apart.

I keep my sense right
where they belong...

In the past.

And what exactly what those sense be?

I'll never tell.


You're the vice-president in a major
hi-tech company.

Successful, independent...

If you erase the past you might lose
all those qualities that make up the present.


I kind of like
the woman you are now.

Well, rumor has it, she kind of
has a thing for you too.

Speaking of the present...


Just one!

Well, I can get used to this.

Next time, I walk the dog,
you cook.

Oh ok, so there's gonna be
a next time?

Jeez, you walk out on a guy once
and he hold it against you forever.

Just one!

Aren't you gonna
be late for work?

Well, my project is pretty much
on hold right now.

Figured I take a few days off.

You know, you never actually
told me what you do at 4Ever.

I work on...

biological replications, clones,

memory downloads.
Stuff like that.


Yeah, what?

Oh, I don't know, it just...

Copying somebody memories like
they're computer or something..

Just kind of sounds...


Yes, something like that.

Listen, if you're gonna take a couple days off,
how 'bout going fishing tomorrow morning?

My brother and I go to the lake
like, once a month.

It's pretty much just an excuse
to drink beer.

Oh. I know it's too soon.


It's not that.

Oh, you have sea sick?

I don't know.

Never been on a boat before.

You need to get out more.

So I've heard.

Maybe some other time.

You came here. That was your choice,
not the other woman's.

You are no more a copy of her than...

Than I am with my own father.

Live your life.

The rest gonna take care of itself.

Every time I turn left I wonder
if I should have gone right.

Because I don't know if I'm making
a decision based on what I want...

or what Stephanie's would have.

But I am more than what
my downloaded memories say that I am,

just as you are more
than your programming.

It was Stephanie White's company.

And she died a month ago.

They did an autopsy.

There was even a funeral,
I hear it was quite touching.

Your body...

your memories...

They are copies from someone else.

You're nothing really.

Not even a human.

You just a clone.


Yeah, hold on.


Ok, thank you.

All right.

Care to tell me why
security is calling to you?

I asked them to let me know
if Julia is coming by the lab.

Be right back.

- Should I...
- It's girl talk.

It used to be easier.

Computer, load extraction.

Julia 1 program.

Extraction program ready.

Begin program.

Extraction commencing.

In three...




Computer cancel program.

Authorization Montrose 1138.

- What are you doing?
- I was just about to ask you the exact same thing.

It's as my decision.
I design the damn thing.

You'll be piratically a blank slate.

All you have is your memories
from the past few months.

Yeah, but they'll be my own,
not someone else's.

Look, I get it. We all have things
in our past that we'd like to erase.

Yeah, but it's your past.

Don't try to tell me
you understand what I'm going through.

I don't. You right.

But I do know that Stephanie's
memories are a part of you

and if you pull out one string...

Everything that makes
who you are could fall apart.

I'll take my chance.


Cancel Montrose protocol.

Allow doctor White full access
to extraction program.

Authorization granted.

Program standing by.

I'll be right here when it's over.


Extraction Proceeding

Hey there, sailor.

Um Julia, nice outfit.

What? Isn't this what you
and your brother wear?

- You look great.
- Thanks.

And I even brought something
for sea sickness.

Good idea. I'm glad to see you
can make it, I didn't think you're coming.

Well, there was something
I thought I had to do.

But I decided against it.

Is it another guy?

Another woman.

Sort of.

- Should I be jealous?
- Hardly.

She's just someone
who's a part of my life.


Don't worry about it.

Now let's meet the family.

I was hoping that Julia would
attempt the procedure.

If the erase was successful

we got ahead start with
the Gold chip test results.

It doesn't matter.
Start the test immediately.

I want that chip up and running.

And Bethany?

I think the dream started again.


- Perhaps we...
- You know what you have to do.

The fool falling in love with her.

I guess my little experiment
is gonna come to an end.

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