Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 4 - Black Swan - full transcript

Olivia and Bryce disagree on using a patient's flashforward in a diagnosis. Nicole returns and her flashforward is revealed.

In my flash-forward,

I was investigating
what caused all this.

I seemed to have an idea
why all of this was happening.

We know you were
planning an attack.

- Tell me what happened!
- We didn't do this.

You were still planning on
killing thousands of people.

I think God did this
to punish us.

I'm a little at sea in dealing
with Dylan's condition.

He's autistic.

This man means
nothing to me.

I'm not gonna
cheat on you.

On March 15th, 2010,
you are going to be murdered.

It's okay,
you're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be
just fine, okay?

What we're gonna do
is on one, two, three,

you're gonna take
a big breath with me, okay?

One, two, three.

I wish I could have saved
more people.

I reached the surface,

did the Australian crawl
to the shore,

and then I walked home.

Oh, and then I,
you know,

realized that the whole world
had blacked out.

That was two weeks ago.

This is the first time
you've seen a doctor?

Yeah, didn't need one
till now.

Well, Mr. Ned, I-

You can call me "Edward. "

- Edward.
- Wait, you know...

Call me "Ned. "
my friends call me Ned.

Ned Ned?

Yes, yes.

Uh, how did you stay
so calm?

I don't know.
I just was.

It says here that triage gave
your morphine for your pain.

- Does that mean-
- Let me tell ya.

They should call
that stuff "mor-fine"

'cause that's
how I'm feeling

for the first time
since the crash.

Well, why didn't you
come in sooner?

It didn't start off so bad.
You know, I thought I'd maybe

just bruised my spleen
or somethin'.

Okay, Mr. Ned-
Um, Ned. Whatever.

Uh, I think with your low blood
count and your pain, we should

keep you in for observation
and a C.T. scan, all right?

It's all gravy, Dr. Benford.

Okay, good.

Now after the blackout,
do you remember what-

Hey, your flash-forward-
What did you see?

Not where I was goin'.

You really wanna know?

I was rocking leather pants.

I've never rocked
leather pants.

It's always been
one of my top three fears,

along with clowns
and escalators.

But there I was,
rocking out at this bar

that I've always wanted
to go to but I've never gone to

because I-I thought I'd be
too nervous, that I'd be...

Well, too nervous.

But it wasn't that way.

I was happy.

I was at peace.

Oh, and I was black.

Wait, you were...

- Black in six months?
- Yeah.

Like Oprah.

You know, African-American.


Okay, Mr. Ned.

Well, okay.

We'll see you later, Mr. Ned.

Okay. Yeah.

"Black Swan"

So they're your parents,
so I think you should be the one

to tell them that
we moved up the wedding.


Though I'm sure
a free to trip to Hawaii

still won't make up for the fact
that I'm not Korean.


Okay, where have you been
for the last 20 minutes?

I'm fine. It's just work stuff.
Work stuff.

I've been trying to trace a call
from, uh, an informant.

- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, I'm here. Okay.

Well, speaking of work, can I
ask you something work-related?

Are you guys gitmo-ing
a suspect downtown?


Some blonde, arrested
the day of the blackout.

Bin Laden in Prada?

I can't confirm
or deny this, Zo.

I think
you just did, sweetie.


Look, professionally,

if the bureau's violating
someone's due process,

that's uncool.

But personally,

if that woman has anything
to do with the blackout,

I really hope you're getting
all Dick Cheney on her ass

to find out
what she knows.

Ladies and gentlemen...

As Eggbert,

I would like to egg-xpress
my desire

for you to eat oatmeal
this morning.

You're silly, daddy.


- Can I get a "cluck cluck"?
- Cluck cluck!

Cluck cluck.

Thank you muchly.

I believe you know my mum.


- Oh.
- Aw, Eggbert!

Wow, you really are

the Shakespeare
of cheesy dad humor.

Ah, you could
play, too. You could be...

ze french toast.

Ze toast of love.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Hey, mommy.

Hi, sweetie.

So guess who's picking you up
from school this morning?

- Nicole?
- That's right. Nicole.

She missed you. She's ready
to start babysitting again.


- Yeah, Nicole is coming.
- Yeah, Nicole is coming back.

Thanks for breakfast.

First time in a while

I've been out
acting like a normal person.

I know what you mean.

You want an ice cream
or something?

Where was that place

Tracy used to take you
when you were little?

They turned it
into a giant juice

- when I was a freshman.
- Hmm.

She spent all the money
she made babysitting you

buying you milkshakes.

I should get going.

It's my first day back
at the Benfords',

so I don't want
to be late.

Mark told me
you went A.W.O.L.

I'm sorry, Aaron.

You got me that job with them,
and I totally screwed it up.

If that were true,

they wouldn't have
asked you to come back.

You know, Nicole,
you're not alone.

Everyone's freaked out
by this.

But I think we have to surrender
to a higher power

and have faith
that whatever we saw,

we saw for a reason.

So make Cowbell Lady N.P.O.

We'll take her to the O.R.
if she spikes again.


And, uh, what happened
to the scan we-

Oh, come on.

Come on!


What did the scan show
on our bus crash guy?

- Yeah. Ned?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, I-I can't stop thinking
about that guy.

I mean, how does somebody
possibly go

from being Caucasian
to African-American?

I mean, if-if that's the vision
that he saw in his future,

- then I guess-
- Ugh. Bryce,

I need you in the present.

- Here, now.
- Yeah.

You know, patient care,
doctoring, C.T. scan.

Still don't have it.
E.R.'s got a bunch of traumas.

They keep bumping Ned
from the scanner.

So I ran into
Dr. Flemming earlier.


Blythe Flemming-
the psychiatrist

you're supposed to be
following up with every week?

Yeah, well,
it's just, you know,

I've had my rounds
and, um...

Come on.
Less than a month ago,

you were standing on a pier
with a gun.

Look, I know
how it sounds,

- But trust me, things have change-
- If you wanna keep working here,

you need to follow up
with psych at twice a week.

- You got it?
- Yeah.

Excuse me, ohh!


Hey, honey.


You know what?

That Simcoe kid
is awfully tuned out.

I wanna transfer him
to physical therapy.

Yeah, but he's
on I.V. antibiotics.

Just as soon
as you can, okay?

- Yeah.
- And I need that scan of Ned's,

so wheel him to the scanner
yourself if you have to.


You wanna go
to Somalia now?

Last week, you talked me into
flying you to Germany

- because of an index card.
- And it paid off.

You found out some crows

died in Somalia
18 years ago.

You know, your definition
of "paid off"

is a little different
than mine.

If a blackout
had happened before,

that'd be major.

I agree, which kind of
makes you wonder

why we haven't
heard about it before.

Evidence, Stan.
There is evidence.

Last I checked,

all you've got is a footnote
in a C.D.C. funding request.

I have been working with Mark
on trying to get

satellite photos of the region
from '91 out of Langley.

They've been giving us
the runaround, so-

Maybe the CIA's just
a little busy these days

to dig through satellite intel
from last decade.

Guys, I get it.

Germany didn't
exactly work out,

and you're trying to stretch
a single into a triple.

I get it.

But going to war with the CIA
is not the way to do it.

Hey, Al,

remember that hacker
we busted?

You know, the one who broke
in the D.O.D.'s network,

trying to take our overseas
drones for a joyride?

Mr. Cheeto Dust?

Yeah, that's him.
Don't you think

he'd find Langley's mainframe
a delightful challenge?

Yeah, he'd find it delightful.
It's illegal.

Spying on your own country?

That's more than
some procedural jujitsu.

You're talking about
a federal offense.

Yeah. You're right.
Where's Demetri?

Uh, he brought that hot blonde
terrorist over from holding.

- He's questioning her now.
- Why?

I don't know.
'Cause she's hot?

I'll repeat
what I've said many times.

My name is Alda Hertzog, and
I'm an honest businessperson.

Yeah, we caught you
doing business

on the day of the blackout.

With known terrorists,

selling them weaponized
nuclear material.

Then charge me
with a crime.

You can't hold me here

You're right.

You should call your embassy
and complain.

Which embassy is that,
by the way?

We wanna know
'cause, uh,

we wanna get you
the right phone card.

I'm truly flattered
that you still feel the need

to talk to me
after all that's happened.

But I've done
nothing wrong.

It's my associates
who you want.

Honey, your associates died
on the day of the blackout.

They were super dead.

So you wanna give me
somebody else?

Customer Choice
restaurant group.

It's in Indio.

Town comes up
a bunch of times in wiretaps,

but we never found out
the significance.

Customer Choice
restaurant group.

That's all I have
for you today.

You're running
out of time

for this to continue being
a civil conversation.

Really, Agent Noh?

Here I thought you were
the one running out of time.

What'd you say?

You really should get out there
before it's too late.

I'm not-
I'm not getting this.

Instead of following up
on the Somalia lead,

you wanna reopen
the dirty bomb case?

We never closed it.

And Somalia is not a lead.
It's an urban myth, at best.

back on planet Earth,

- we have a material witness-
- In a weapons deal.

That broke on the day
of the blackout.

Okay, so maybe it's not as sexy
as dead poultry in Africa,

but you gotta admit the timing's
a little hinky here, Mark.

- It's a coincidence!
- So what if it is?

It is a legit lead
on a terrorism investigation,

which is kind of
what we do around here.


Send me a postcard
from Indio.


What the hell's
the matter with you?

I just want to be
an FBI agent today. All right?

Life is short.

Thank you
for putting up with me.

Hi, Mr. Simcoe.

I'm afraid
I'm the annoying parent

who always wants
a thousand details.

I'd like to apologize
for that.

I can tell
it makes you uncomfortable.

No, it doesn't. Doesn't make me
uncomfortable at all.

I'm sorry about the little
outburst this morning...

The tantrum
in the hallway,

the... unidentified
flying meal tray.

It's his autism.

I- I really don't know what to
say to him when he's like that.

Oh, sometimes
you can't say anything.

You just have to be there.

Thank you.

Yeah, unfortunately,

I haven't really been there
since our separation.

You know,
work picked up and, um...

Well, I barely know him.

Well, you're here now.
It's what counts.

A good night's sleep
might help.

Yeah, well, despite the luxury
of two rigid plastic chairs

in Dylan's room, the Sandman
has proven a bit elusive.

Well, you shouldn't be sleeping
in his room every night.

Well, actually, the...

police brought me the keys
to his mother's house.

I just can't bring myself
to go there for some reason.

Well, you should try.

Maybe being in Dylan's room,
around his things...

It might give you some sense
of who he is.

Too much time
in the hospital

is not good for anyone,
Mr. Simcoe.

You hang in there.

Hey, Dr. B., I-I got that scan
that you wanted.

I was just gonna grab
a veggie dog

- while it prints out.
- Transfer Dylan Simcoe

to physical therapy.

- But I thought you wanted him to-
- P.T. can handle the antibiotics.

Just transfer him.


I don't understand
what all this is about.

Welcome to my world.

This restaurant came up
in a confidential investigation.

We need the names and addresses
of every employee.

The list, please.
Thank you.

Burgers and waffle fries-
That's all we do.

Well, for now at least.

We're going to be adding
frozen yogurt

- in, you know, the future.
- So this place is owned

by Customer Choice
restaurant group?

Uh, this place is Customer Choice
restaurant group.

Uh, we're not quite
a group yet.

Would you give me and Agent Noh
a moment, please?

Sure. Yeah.

Uh, somebody get some burgers
for these FBI guys, please!

Wow, I can't believe I didn't
want to come here today.

I mean, the intel-

- They're adding frozen yogurt!
- Come on.






- Go left. I'll take right.
- Gotcha.


Come on.
Give me your hand!

You got him!

Shut up, man!

- Where you running, man?
- Get up.

Get up!

I thought we were just
coming in for a burger.

On your knees!
Get on your knees!

I heard what you're being.

FBI can be biting my ass!

Oh! Hello!

Yellowcake uranium, Mark.

Black market nuclear material.

Or do you think
we should leave it here,

go back to your office

and stare
at your bulletin board?

You don't be
wanting this, yo.



It's the type of strain,
the type of weed he's slingin'!

It's the sickest strain
'round, yo.

In my flash-forward,
I'm driving pimping ride.

19-inch rims, yo.

I must be going to be
Scarface of pot.

You can't
be fighting fate, yo.

- Shut up!
- Aah! Aah!

Truth hurts, pig!

- Get off of me! Get off!
- What are you doing?!

- Burning his mouth!
- I'm talking about today!

I'm talking about you!

Racin' around,
looking for someone to shoot!

Just drop your personal crap
and do your job!

Hey, I'm doing something!
I'm not sitting on my ass,

waiting for clues to appear
to me in my dreams!

Oh, give it a rest.
This isn't about what I saw.

It's about what you did!

March 15th.

Three shots to the chest.

I'm not just gonna die.
I'm gonna be murdered.

How'd you find out?

Anonymous call.

The woman said she read it
in an intelligence briefing.

That's all
she gave me.

Mark, I'm sorry
I didn't tell you,

but I thought maybe I could
find who's gonna kill me

or get a lead on them.
I don't know, but...

Why would you think
there's anything out here?

Alda said
I was running out of time.

That was it?


Dem, Alda's a pro.

She knows you're vulnerable,
and she pulled a number on you.

All I can hear
is the clock ticking.

Every day.

What am I supposed to do?

you get past the fear

and you fight.

- How?
- You know what I saw.

I'm in my office,
staring at the Mosaic board,

and men are coming in
to kill me.

You and I are partners.

If they're coming to kill me,
they're probably after you, too,

- or gonna be.
- It's the future, Mark.

W- why do you think
you can stop it?

Because we saw it.

We can use what we saw
to stop what we saw.

Demetri, we can solve
your murder before it happens.

That's why I wanna put
everything we have on Mosaic.

For you. For me.
For everybody.

Now can we get
out of here?

Yeah. We can.

Oh, excuse me.

Hey, Mr. Simcoe.

Stepping out for a bit?

Just, uh,
following some advice.


I think you left this
in Dylan's room.

Oh, uh... thanks.

- She's beautiful.
- Yeah.

Your girlfriend?

Um, we haven't
actually met.

Coming up soon,

a Glendale postal worker
uses the Mosaic web site

to meet the police officer
he believes

is going to save his life
in the coming months.

You won't wanna miss this.
But first...

Ah, it's incredible,
isn't it?

A temporal anomaly
in global consciousness.

I think that qualifies.

So what'd you see?

Oh, I guess this is the new
"How's the weather," isn't it?

Alright, then...

Why not? Um...

I was in a house-

Uh, not my own house.
I got a call from someone.

I don't know who it was,
but it was urgent.

Dylan was nearby,
maybe in another room.

I heard
a woman's voice...

- Hey, honey.
- I turned towards it...

And it was over.

Um, I never saw
her face.

But I knew
that we were together...

That she was
important to me somehow.

I know exactly
what you mean.

Thank you.

Um, excuse me one-
One second. I'm sorry.

Dr. Benford!

Dr. B. Dr. B!

- Ned's C.T.
- Oh, great.

Big hematoma.

Blood's been gathering around
the liver since the bus crash.

Ned's lucky he showed up here
in time.

Well, n-no,
it's not luck.

It's... I mean,
he was alive in his vision.

- So clearly he made it to the hospital-
- Oh, God. Enough about visions,

- Dr. Varley.
- No, Dr. Benford,

- it's relevant data.
- It's not data.

It's not data any more than
the dream I had last night.

Look, I-I don't understand
how you can ignore something

that even the most skeptical
people in the world

think might be real.

I'm not ignoring
the flash-forwards.

I'm just not bringing them
into the practice of medicine.

Now consent Mr. Ned for surgery
and meet me in the O.R.

Oh, with any surgery,
there's a risk of infection,

blood loss, drug allergy
and even death, Ned.

It's all gravy.

You know, it's okay
if you've got questions

or if you're worried.

- Uh, this is a major surgery.
- I get it.

You're telling me
I need

some sort
of drug allergy-death surgery.

I'm totally cool with it.

I mean, I know
it sounds weird, but...

Some kind of change
is happening.

I mean, I don't feel nervous
or afraid of, like, anything.

I mean, all that worrying
all the time...

It's just, like,

kept me from being
the me I'm supposed to be.

Six months from now,
I see myself,

and I'm like, this invincible,
fearless black guy,

like Shaft or Bryant Gumbel.

- Hmm.
- And knowing that...

It's already changed me.


Yes, Rabbi Hirscholtz.

15 in the last 2 weeks.

Four, uh, on Sunday,

I didn't leave the cemetery
until after sundown. Bye.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry about everything.

I've been so busy
with everything.

So how can I help you?

I, um...

Oh, I'm sor-

I keep crickets.

Oh, I really-I really
like the way they sound.

So, Paige,
you were saying?

Paige is my sister.
I'm Nicole.

- Oh.
- I only come on Christmas

and sometimes on Easter.

But that's gonna change.

I, um,
I wanna help out.

I wanna start doing
some volunteer work,

in the morning
before I have work and-

That's great. Uh, but as far
as volunteer work goes,

we are full up.

See, in a crisis like this,
people-they really wanna...

Well, people need
to help.

Uh, why don't you-why don't you
tell me what this is all about?

How do I atone for something
I haven't done yet?


In my flash-forward,
I felt like I was being...


Do you think...

Do you think
God made this happen?

Y- y-you know, it's-
it's really hard to believe

that there's not a divine hand
involved somehow.

Tell you what.

This right here is
Audrey Ridgeway's phone number.

She is
the volunteer coordinator.

I hope she can help.

Here's a T-shirt.


- Where's Ned?
- O.R. took him.


10, 15 minutes ago.
What's wrong?

Call the O.R.
We're about to kill our patient.

We can't operate.

I couldn't figure it out.
I couldn't make sense of it.

But now I've got it.
Ned has Addison's disease.

Surgery could kill him.

In the bus crash,
he was calm

in the face
of an insane disaster.

And again today, he spoke
about his flash-forward.

- Bryce, please.
- And again he mentioned

that he was weirdly
calm and black.

You better scrub
if you want in on this case.

If he's got Addison's,

then his body is making melanin
compounds instead of adrenaline.

That's why his skin
is going to get dark.

Yeah. I know what
Addison's disease is.

And without adrenaline,

his body can't mount
a proper stress response.

That's why
he's so serene

- in the face of this surgery.
- Ugh! Bryce!

- And without the stress hormones,
- Stop!

his body will be unable

- to adapt to surgery.
- No, without surgery,

- he'll die.
- His blood pressure will tank

and he'll die.


You're not listening to me.
In his vision, he saw-

Enough about visions!

He needs hydrocortisone.

No, I'm not administering
a potentially harmful drug

because a patient
had a freaky dream.

They are not dreams.

Look, I don't know what you saw,
and I don't care.

But it is affecting
your professional judgment,

and it needs to stop.

How about your
professional judgment?

- Excuse me?
- Come on, Dr. Benford.

You know why you don't
want to believe...

- in your flash-forward.
- Oh, you don't want to do this, Bryce.

You said it yourself.
You saw the end of your marriage.

Oh, you are so
out of line, doctor.

And you sticking your head
in the sand

- is gonna end up killing our patient.
- No.

You know what's gonna
kill our patient?

any more time arguing

because he's lying on that table
continuing to bleed.

Now that's not from
a Magic 8-ball or a Ouija board

or some kind of vision.

Right here, right now,
that's real.

Don't bother scrubbing in.

Retract the duct
a little more laterally.


Anyone make it
to grand rounds today?

This guy from Yale says

he can enhance memory
of the flash-forwards

- using a calcineurin antagonist.
- Yeah, I was there. Pretty cool.

- Yeah.
- Irrigation, please.

B.P.'s 78 over 54.

Stay clear of the hepatic artery.
800 ccs out.

Guys, systolic's
in freefall.

Must be another
bleeder somewhere.

Or some kind of fluid shift.

Get another unit
on the rapid infuser.

- Tributary's ligated.
- Run of 6.

100 of lido right away.

He's in V-TAC.

- No pulse.
- Damn it.

Code cart and a mig of epi.
Let's go! Let's go!

Lido's in.

Where's the cart?
Where's the cart?!

You're charged for 360.


No change.

Going again.


- Fourth epi's in.
- Chase it with lido.

- He's had five rounds.
- Amiodarone then.

This makes no sense.

This makes
no sense at all.

100 migs of hydrocortisone.
I.V. push.

He's got adrenal crisis.
He's got Addison's disease.

What? Nobody bothered
to tell me this?

He hasn't been diagnosed yet.

Addison's would explain
the lack of response

- to fluids and pressors.
- Exactly. Hold compressions.


Normal sinus.

- Good carotid.
- Nice catch, Dr. Benford.

Let's close him up.

What do you know
about Agent Noh's murder?

His murder?

Something funny
about that?

Just that I knew he didn't
have a flash-forward.

I had no idea
he was gonna be murdered...

till now.

Then how did you know
he didn't see anything?

Because your partner
posted it on the Internet.

Because everyone
in this office knows.

Any particular reason

why you felt the need
to waste the time

of the agents investigating
the blackout?

In all likelihood, nothing
I tell you will be the truth.

So why persist in asking?

Asking questions
is my job.

So let's start
with a simple one.

What do you know
about the blackout?

That's not
a simple question.

All right.

You ever been
to Somalia?

I can't say
I've had the pleasure.

What about Detroit?


You're wasting your energy
on what caused the blackout,

who's responsible.

You're ignoring the most
profound question of all...


Do you know
what a black swan is?

It's a metaphor used to describe
a high-impact event...

Something so rare
it's beyond the normal realm

of human expectation.

It comes from the 17th century
when scientists assumed

that all swans were white.
They were wrong.


"There's a room. A small boy
enters with a candle. "

What is this,
a bedtime story?

It's a Sufi parable.

The man in the room,
referring to the candle,

asks, "Tell me where
this light comes from. "

And the boy blows out
the candle and replies,

"If you tell me
where this light went,

I'll tell you
where it comes from. "


Your partner is right
about one thing-

I commune with some
very dangerous people.

I'm friends with those
willing to don suicide vests

in the name of ideology.

I know when a man

is willing to sacrifice
anything for his cause.

And you're not that kind
of man, Agent Benford.

Even if you were to start
asking the right questions,

You're not willing to do what
it takes to get the answers.

You're that little boy,
Agent Benford...

Alone in the dark.

Hey, Al.

- Hey, man.
- Hey.

Remember that hacker-

Mr. Cheeto Dust?

Give him a call.

You sure?

Is Somalia
really that important?


It's time I got
out of the dark.

Addison's disease?

Who's Addison?

Well, he was the guy
who discovered the condition.

It's a hormonal imbalance that
makes surgery very dangerous.

But, uh, luckily,
Dr. Benford realized it in time

and gave you the medication
that saved your life.

Thanks, Dr. Varley.

Hey, we should thank you.

I mean, your flash-forwards
helped us piece it together.

If you hadn't told us
what you saw,

you might have died
on the table.

It's pretty cool.

I wasn't afraid, because
I didn't need to be afraid.

The future saved me.

Uh, Ned's crit is-
is stable.

- Look, about earlier, I, um-
- Yeah,

I was completely
out of line.

But you were also right.

I just didn't want to see
what was going on with Ned...

'cause of what's going on
with me, so...

Look, I-I-I get it.
It's what's happening with me.

That's what
made me believe him.


I haven't pushed you

'cause you didn't want
to talk about the...

Me standing on the pier
with a gun to my head?

I just want you to know
that I'm here...

if you want to talk.

Thanks, Dr. B., but, uh,
I'm gonna be all right.

You really think
you're just okay now?

I know I am.

The future saved me.

Oh, uh, Dr. Benford?


I need you to sign the discharge
on the rollerblade guy

- so I can roll him on out of here.
- Sure.

Oh, and, uh, Dylan Simcoe's
white count spiked to 19.

Here's his C.V.C.

He was transferred
to physical therapy.

Can you give it
to his attending?

The chief
transferred him back.


P.T. said they couldn't
handle the antibiotics,

so the chief put him
back on your service.

Are you okay, Dr. Benford?

Yeah. Fine.

Hey, Nicole.

Uh, Charlie's just upstairs
changing into her P.Js.

All right.

Um, we did
some finger painting,

and she's all done
with her homework,

and, uh, we kicked around
a soccer ball, too.

Oh, and she had ants
on a log for a snack.

And how are you doing?

I feel bad for
disappearing on you.

Eh, everybody disappeared
for a while.

Some people
aren't even back yet.

I guess I'm just
trying to figure out

why you guys
didn't fire me.

you're part of the family.

Hey, what's the matter?

You want to talk
about what happened?

You can, you know.

I saw someone drowning me.


I saw someone drowning me...

in my flash-forward.

I saw someone drowning me,
and I don't understand,

but I-I felt like I deserved
what was happening.

Like I had done something wrong,
and there's no other way out.

I saw the man's face
who was doing it.

He pushed me back down,

And then
I was just gone.

What did I do that...

I think
I deserved getting killed?

You don't know exactly
what you saw

or even how you felt.

What kind of person doesn't care
they're being murdered?

I've known you a long time.

You didn't do anything wrong,
and you won't.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna have
a detective friend of mine

from the L.A.P.D.
come talk to you.

We're not gonna let
anything bad happen.

I'm gonna do
whatever I have to...

to make sure you're safe.

All right?

That person
you think you saw...

That person
you're worried you might be,

that's not you.

Do you think you could
try to believe that?

Yeah. I can try.


- Hey, daddy.
- Hey! Come here, you. Oh!

- Moons Over Miami. You in?
- I'm in.

All right.
Let's get started.

Are you staying?

Um, you know what?
I have to go.

She's staying.
Breakfast for dinner?

Can't beat that.

- Come on. Please?
- Sounds great.

- Get cracking the eggs, Professor.
- Okay.

- Can I have a bowl, please?
- One bowl coming right up.

- Okay.
- Here.

- That's silly.
- Here we go. Okay.

Gamanta, McGillicutty...

frog leg!

Do you want the coin back?

- Yeah!
- Say the magic words then.

- Not again.
- Are you ready?

See you tomorrow,
Dr. Benford.

Good night, Deb.

Gamanta, McGillicutty,

- frog leg.
- There you go.

Do it again!
Just once more!

I think my junior magician
has to get his strength up

before the next trick.

How about some dinner?

Okay, Dad.

I'll be right back.

Uh, you're the, um,
the eye of newt soup, right?

All right.
Chicken, it is.


We need to talk.

Yeah, well,
I can't right now.

Well, I'm truly sorry
about that, Lloyd,

but talking to me is just one
of those little inconveniences

you're going
to have to put up with.

Now that we're responsible for
the single greatest disaster

in human history.