Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 5 - Gimme Some Truth - full transcript

Mark must testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his flashforward.

You know, I've never even
had the urge to have a baby.

There I was.
I don't even have a boyfriend.

I know you're worried
about Olivia.

You're worried you're gonna fall
off the wagon in the future.

If you wanna prevent your future
and save your marriage,

first step isn't keeping secrets
from your wife.

Remember that hacker:
Mr. Cheeto Dust?

- Give him a call.
- Is Somalia really that important?


We've been so worried
the blackout might happen again,

we haven't stopped
to ask ourselves:

What if it happened before?

- Thanks, man.
- You're actually--

All things being equal,

it wouldn't have been
the worst thing in the world

- if I had--
- Forget it. Forget it.

I just wanted you
to know

the details
I do remember,

I remember clearly.

Fabulous. Look,
just keep your mouth shut.

You tell anyone else about this,
we are D.O.A.

Hey. Just wanted to share
some good news with you.

Even though the whole trip's
been a bit of a disaster,

Wedeck pulled
some kind of rabbit.

Who knows?

Maybe he wouldn't have had--

- Get out! Let's go! Go!
- Oh! Go!

"Gimme Some Truth"

Senate hearings I understand.

But what I don't get

is them dragging us down here
first thing in the morning.

If you ask me, this whole thing
is one big Chinese fire drill.


Is that inappropriate
for the workplace?

Oh, no. That's cool.

I know how
you old people are.

- Demetri Fordis Noh?
- What do you want me for?

I didn't see anything.
I told you in my affidavit, man.

Doesn't you mean you were
telling the truth

when you gave it.

I was alone.

I didn't think there was
anyone else in the building.

I didn't think
anyone else was in the building.

It was late. 10:00 P.M.

I was working in my office.

I was working late.

I was...
leaving for the night.

I was headed out
the security exit.

I don't know why.

because it was late.

Did you see anyone else
during your flash-forward?


Yes. I saw two men,

both wearing masks,
both carrying Kalashnikovs.

Did you recognize
the men?

I did mention they were
wearing masks, right?

How's it going over there?

How's it going in D.C.?

Well, they don't think
I'm a traitor.

Those lie detectors
can be fooled, right?

how's it going over there?

Well, I've just
about figured out

what's wrong
with your alarm system.

And you're welcome.
I fixed that hack repair job

that you did
on your garage door.

Ah, you're
a full-service sponsor.

Yeah, and Charlie now knows
how to drive a stick.

So now that you're
off the hot seat,

when can we expect
to see you back?

Wedeck's testifying
in these hearings.

Uh, I'm gonna help Demetri
with document support.

Sounds exciting.

Mm, I'm the one
who started the office

on this Mosaic path,

and I'm feeling a whole lot of
pressure to be right about it.

D.C.'s got A.A. Meetings,
too, you know.

Might not be a bad idea
to go and find one.

I'll take it
under advisement.

In the meantime,
see if you can't

get Charlie into a few colleges
while I'm gone.

Go to a meeting.

Very cloak-and-dagger.
Just like the movies.

What's all this stuff anyway?


Wedeck thinks he needs it
for his senate testimony.

He's afraid they're gonna
take away our funding,

in which case,
Mosaic is dead in the water.

You know, I've never seen Wedeck
with a stick so far up his ass.

Yeah, he hates D.C.
He used to live here.

Apparently, it left
a bad taste in his mouth.

You ask me, he's a dude
with something to prove.

You're gettin' better.
- No. You're gettin' older.

- It's good to see you.
- You, too.

It's been too long, Stan.

Who said the Senate Intelligence
Committee hearings

weren't good for anything?

I say it on a daily basis.

Look, Dave,

- these hearings...
- Relax.

This is Congress masturbating
to the sound of its own voice.

'Cause my understanding is

these hearings are gonna
redistribute a lot of funding.

And funding
is what I need.

Stan, nobody's gonna
take anything from you.

Look, our Mosaic investigation's
already paying off.

We're starting to get
a real picture of April 29th

and what caused
the blackout.

But it's gonna take money.

And it wouldn't hurt
to have a big dog on my side.

Oh, you don't want me
as your friend.


Clemente's chairing these
hearings. You remember?

You didn't know that?

You think I'd even
set foot in D.C. if I did?

All right, I would've,

because this is
that important, Dave.


No, it's just that the--

The trusty boy scout
is funny

- coming from you.
- Huh.

You would know.


Hey. That was a pretty
impressive move back there.

I mean, you almost
knocked the wind out of me.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you okay?

You know, no problem.

Um, so
"Enter the Dragon's" playing

at, uh, the Nuart tonight.

I-I thought maybe we could
check it out.

Oh. Sorry.

I already have plans

Oh. Okay.
Uh, maybe another time.


Maybe. Yeah.

Yeah. All right,
I'll catch you guys later.

- Bye.
- All right.


What a douche.

What's his name?

And more importantly,
does he have a brother?

I don't know.
I'm still wading in.

Good morning.

Here you go, sunshine--
Your very own haystack.

What is this?

18 years worth of satellite imagery
from Southern Somalia,

courtesy of
the Central Intelligence Agency.

Oh, I thought you and Mark
got shut down on that.

We got unshut.

Oh. Upload
whatever's on here,

and we'll start
pouring through it.

Pouring through it
for what?

Anything that relates
to the crow die-off in '91.

Especially if we can
substantiate reports

that people lost consciousness
in the Ganwar region

during that time.

Bonus points
if we can find something

that gives Wedeck extra ammo
in Washington.

Anything to keep our
happy investigation going?

I'm on it.

- Where's Benford?
- Back at the hotel.

He said photo ops
make him constipated.

Tell him to get in line.

I wish my fifth grade teacher
could see me now.

Always said I would either
end up dead or in prison.

There's still time,
my friend.

Still time.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, the
President will make a brief statement.

At the conclusion of the statement, the President
will answer a limited number of questions.

Ladies and gentlemen, the
President of the United States.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Please be seated.

Be seated, please.

So if you want to understand why
the senate hearings were closed,

you'd have
to ask a senator.

But I'm willing to wager it's because
national security issues will be discussed.

- Next question.
- Mr. President.


Mr. President,
three weeks since the blackout,

and there's still no centralized
agency to deal with the consequences.

What is your response to critics
who say that your administration

hasn't learned from the lessons
of 9/11 and Katrina?

Well, today's hearings have been
convened to address just this issue.

We're coordinating
our responses.

We're redirecting funds
to the most promising leads,

and we're dropping investigations
which are not producing results.

When I finalize my vice presidential choice,
he or she will supervise these efforts.

Thank you, all.

Thanks, everyone.

Why aren't you sharing what you saw
in your flash-forward, Mr. President?

Mr. Obrego...

Like many
other world leaders,

I'm following the policy
of not revealing what I saw.

Mr. President?

Sir, I'm sorry to wake you,
but something's happened.

I'm thinking about the present,
not the future, Oscar.

We have too much to do.
Thank you, all.

Mr. Wedeck?

Please follow me.

Okay, all I need
is a new code.

Uh, 0-3-1-2.

Wedding anniversary.

You sure you don't want
to pick something

that Mark will remember?

- How's it going in Washington?
- Uh, not great. Mark called.

- He sounds stressed.
- I'm sure he'll do fine.

You don't seem too sure.

I don't know. This case
has him traveling a lot,

and he's away from home,
his support system. You know...

So I overheard you both talking about
him going to meetings in Washington.

Is he having a hard time?
- It's just a friendly reminder.

It's just that the last time
Mark had a problem...

He was away from home,
testifying in one of his cases.

He'd just been promoted
at work.

This is a little different.

I think it's exactly
the same.

- And even if wasn't--
- Look, I get it.

Things have been stressful
for both of you.

I guess Mark told you
about my flash-forward?


Of course.

Eh, he's just fixated now
on the idea

that in six months' time,

I'm gonna be sleeping
with another man--

Which is insane.
But his whole job

depends on these flash-forwards
coming true, so--

Mark's an alcoholic,

He doesn't need
a reason to drink.

He drinks
because he drinks.

I know.

If you're asking me whether
I think he's gonna take a drink--

I am.

Are you asking for him
or for you?

I don't know.

I love him, Aaron.
I just...

I know
I can't control him.

That's the hardest part
about all of this.

Trust always is
with an alcoholic.

But if you can't
trust Mark,

who can you trust?

Let me guess.

You remembered
you owe me

and had a change of heart
about helping me out.

Stan... We're not
on the campaign trail anymore.

And inside the beltway,

You have to be a little subtler
about calling in our chits.

I got out of the beltway,
if you recall.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, you're right
about me owing you one,

and you're right
about me helping you out.

But my plan is gonna bring you
right back in the beltway.

I always felt really bad

that I couldn't
bring you on board initially.

It's fine.
Everything worked out.

You know, the Chinese
view chaos as opportunity,

and the blackout gives me
the chance to pay you back.

Director of Homeland Security,

member of my cabinet.

I'm pretty sure

Clemente will block
my appointment.

Clemente's got bigger fish
to fry.

Think about it.

There's no rush.

Thank you.

This is, like,
the sixth course.

What are you, a food critic
or something?

Chef, actually.
This is my restaurant.

- Well, the one where I work.
- Wow.

Your being FBI,
I'm guessing you're not...

Oh. Out?


I work for
the federal government,

and they're not too big
on trusting gays with guns.

Who knows?

Maybe six months from now,
we'll all be more enlightened.

In my flash-forward,
I'm here in the restaurant,

but I have a wedding band
on my finger.

That was way
too much information,

- especially for a first date.
- No. No, no, no.

Maybe it's a sign
of how well this is going.

Help me change the subject.

What did you see
in your flash-forward?

Well, I was...

On the International
Space Station

having a 3-way with
Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

Really? Actually, did I say
I was in the restaurant?


I meant I was on "Who Wants
to be a Millionaire?"

and Angelina Jolie
was the game show host.

Oh. You slut.

Yeah, Angie just asked me
the million dollar question.

I went to phone a friend-- you.
But you didn't answer.

So my "millionaire" moment
was gone.

Well, I don't buy that.

What, that Angelina Jolie
would be a game show host?


That I would ever
let you down like that.

Well, actually,
Senator Clemente,

the F.O.A., the E.P.A.
and the C.D.C.

have all ruled out
psychotropic pharmaceuticals

in the global water supply

as the potential cause
of the consciousness shift.

An alien intelligence may have
been at work here, yes.

That's what we're thinking.


Can you elaborate,
Director Keller?

China's population
numbers 1.3 billion.

Yet they suffered fatalities
of less than half a percent

during the blackout.

No mystery.
When the blackout happened,

it was 2:00 in the morning
over there.

Everybody was asleep.

That doesn't strike you
as a bit convenient?

They're practically untouched,
while America suffers

the greatest number
of causalities per capita

of any country in the world.

It is the CIA's belief
that this was not an accident.

We believe that this was
a targeted event

designed to bring about
the collapse of our government.

Let's take a short recess.

Then we'll hear
from Stanford Wedeck,

field director of
the FBI's Los Angeles office.

Agent Wedeck
is currently running

an interesting investigation

that has diverged

from the methodology employed
by the rest of the bureau.

It's all Kabuki theater.

Now I remember
what I hate about D.C.

What this place turns me into.

just remember who you are.

This whole thing
will blow over,

and you'll be home
before you know it.

Enjoying D.C., Stanford?

I'm gonna have to
call you back.


Senator, actually.

Has anyone ever told you
you're a sore loser, Joyce?

Look who's talking.

You're the one
who got put out to pasture.

Speaking of which...
How do you sleep at night,

knowing what you did
with that woman?

Does your wife know?

If I could've proved
what you did six years ago,

I would be sitting behind
the desk in the Oval Office

right now.

Well, if it makes you feel
any better,

I doubt you would've gotten
a second term.

"If you sit by the river
long enough,

you'll see the bodies
of your enemies float by."

Sun Tzu.

Get ready to float,

You wanna go after me?
You give it your best shot.

- But Mosaic--
- Is a joke.

Not everyone's visions
are going to come true.

Most people don't agree.

Most people didn't see
what I did.

I saw myself as president
in six months.

Now as impossible
as that may be...

It's a nice thought,
isn't it?

How much of that
did you hear?

Enough to know I don't want to be the
guy in Joyce Clemente's gun sights.

No, you don't.

While others are using
what they know of the present

to explain the blackout,

our office is trying
to consolidate information

gleaned from
the flash-forwards themselves.

The Mosaic collective
has gathered the visions

of hundreds of thousands
of people all around the world,

letting our office
construct a picture

of what the world will look like
on April 29th, 2010.

A tact, I believe,
you've taken

without prior approval
or proper authorization.

- It's gotten results.
- Yes, I forgot.

You're an "ends justify means"
kind of guy,

no matter how questionable
those means may be.

In this case,
the "means" merely involve

using the future
we've seen

to guide our investigation
of the blackout.

How exactly?

One of our agents had
a flash-forward of himself

investigating the cause
of the blackout.

He remembers leads
and investigatory paths

that we won't have
for another six months.

Those leads have already lead to
significant breaks in the case.

"Significant" might be
overstating things a little,

Agent Wedeck.

Still, if your entire
investigation is bottomed

on what
this one agent saw...

Perhaps we should hear
from him.

I'm the Deputy Field Director,
Madame Chairman.

Yes, you seem to have landed
on your feet quite nicely,

Mr. Wedeck.

The point being, I'm the one
heading up the investigation.

Not to mention the fact

that Agent Benford's
already been thoroughly vetted,

including submitting
to a polygraph.

In that case, he won't mind
submitting to some questions from us.

This hearing reconvenes tomorrow
at 10:00 A.M...

with Agent Benford's

Just tell the truth, Mark.

It's gotten us this far.

Here. Let a professional
do that.

Thank you.

You know, I'm not
totally useless, Maya.

I can break down a sig sauer
in, like, 12 seconds.

I'm impressed.

I don't even know
what a sig sauer is.

Oh! Stupid alarm clock.

I can never set it right.

No wonder I'm always late.

Speaking of which, I actually
have to go to the office now.

Exciting day
collaring bad guys?

Okay. Yeah.

You watch
too much cable.

And, no, it's actually a busy day
analyzing satellite imagery.

- So totally different.
- All right.

- Well, let me get dressed.
- No, no, no, no, no.

Stay. Eat food.
Rifle through my stuff.

Just lock the door
when you leave, okay?

Will I see you later?

One of my friends is having
a showing at the Merton Gallery.



We've determined
that at least two men

were awake
during the blackout.

Moreover, we've discovered
a recurring theme

of crow attrition.

"Crow attrition"?

Crows died all over the world
during the recent blackout.

The same thing happened
in Somalia in 1991.

Now I'm no scientist, but that
seems significant to me.

Because you saw it
in your flash-forward?

No, we learned about
the crow deaths

from a lead that I remembered
from my flash-forward.

And this is a lead
you followed up on your own?

My office did, yes.

Why, exactly, has your office
set up its own investigation

without getting authorization
from FBI Headquarters?

Well, to be perfectly honest,

in my flash-forward,
I seemed to be--

Or rather, the L.A. office--

Seemed to be at the center
of the blackout investigation.


A-and, uh, how did you
determine this?

Here we go.

In my vision,

I was running point
on something called Mosaic.

I had a case board set up

in my office,

Covered in clues,
pictures, leads--

that you would see

in an ongoing,
fruitful investigation.

In other words,
you're investigating this

because you had a vision
of investigating this.

Okay. You have a bulletin board
with lots of nice pictures on it.

But what led you to assume your investigation
would actually amount to anything?

Because, Madame Chair, I also saw a team
of masked gunmen trying to kill me...

Presumably for what
we will have accomplished

in this investigation
over the next six months.

Six months from now, masked gunmen
are going to burst into your office

in a secure federal
building and try to kill you?

That's what I saw, yes.

Did you find anything?

Yes. The Ganwar region
is the habitat

of the remarkable
Somali pygmy gerbil.


- So how was your date?
- Whoa! You had a date?

Was there any groping?

Can we focus, please,
on what we're doing?

Okay, if the satellite imagery
doesn't give us anything,

then let's start to look
at environmental statistics--

Anomalies in the ozone layer,

sunburst activity
during that time, anything.

Any reasonable explanations?

- Now you're talkin'.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait.

Do you see that?
Is that an asphalt road?

Go forward.

- What are those?
- Wow.

- They look like pylons.
- In the middle of nowhere.

Or towers.


Agent Benford, why were you
alone in the office that night?

I was working late.

And what were you doing... before
you realized the gunmen were in there?

Looking at
the Mosaic case board.

I think I might've been
on the phone at some point,

but I'm not sure
who I was talking to.

How can you not be sure?

Other people who were on the
phone in their flash-forwards

who they were talking to.

If you don't believe me, Senator,
you should talk to the bureau agent

- who polygraphed me.
- I did.

He was kind enough to provide
a transcript of your session.

You described
your experience

as "impressionistic flashes
of reality."

Is this correct?


And from what I can tell,

you've recounted
about 30 seconds worth of...


Everyone else we've heard from,
unless they were asleep,

experienced vivid,
easily recalled visions

covering the entire
2 minutes and 17 seconds

of the blackout.

- Is that a question?
- I'm just trying to understand.

Was the building on fire?
Was there smoke in the room?

Why is everything
in your recollection

so hazy and disjointed?

As far as I know,
there was no fire.

Then how do you account

for the stark,
qualitative difference

between your experience
of the blackout

and everyone else's?

With all due respect,
Madame Chair,

have you spoken to all
7 billion people on the planet?

No, I haven't.

Possibly because
those 7 billion people

aren't seeking
millions of dollars

to spearhead
an investigation

based on their somewhat
murky flash-forwards.

Senator Clemente,
could I just--

Hundreds of thousands
of federal dollars

have been spent because of what
you claim to have seen.

Don't you think somebody...

- How dare you.
- Should've ascertained

what you were doing

the other hundred-plus seconds
of your vision?

Am I the only one who thinks
these investigative techniques

seem a little closer
to voodoo or fraud?


Did someone have a question
about Nazi repatriation?

- Where the hell is Wedeck?
- Toilet?

For 40 minutes?

Went straight to
voice mail. What a disaster.

Well, that Clemente
is a hard-ass.

Yeah, but, you know,
when you hear it

laid out like that,
it does sound questionable.

It sounds like we consulted
the psychic network

- for clues or something.
- Oh, thanks for the support.

I'm not saying I think
that necessarily. It just--

It sounds totally nuts--

- Dead birds, D. Gibbons, doll heads.
- China--

That's starting to sound
pretty good right about now.

So it was a mistake

to mention the dolls heads,
is what you're saying?

- Yeah.
- Eh.


Get to a laptop, boyfriend.

We got something
you're gonna want to see.

What are we looking at here?

Wajid, Somalia--
population 325,

About 200 miles
east of nowhere.

Oprah's building a school there?

Honey, be quiet.

The grown-ups are talking.

This is a satellite photo
taken December of 1990--

About five months before
your crows did a face-plant.

What the hell are those?

We don't know,
but they were built from scratch

over the course of five months.

You get the idea.

It looks like they were
about 100 feet tall

when they were completed
here in April of 1991.

The same month
our proto-blackout hit.

Any idea what
these structures are?

Beats me.

But it's the last thing
I'd expect to see

at a place that doesn't even
have indoor plumbing.

We're sending the images down
to forensics for evaluation.

The state department's
been stonewalling us

on our request
to send a team in.

This looks like it'll
cut through some red tape.

Well, whoever built these

clearly didn't want anyone else
to know about 'em.


- Janis Hawk.
- Janis, this is Wedeck.

Everything okay?

Mm-hmm. I need you to do
something for me right away.

- Hey, Maya.
- Hey.

Sorry I'm late. My boss called
right as I was out the door.

No worries.


I got you a little something.

- Thank you.
- I just saw it and thought of you.

Wake up.

It's time to get up.

So you're not late anymore,
unless you wanna be.

Thank you.

Wake up.

That's very sweet.

Can I ask you something?

- Yeah.
- It's a little awkward.

You're getting all

Do you date guys, too?

The last one
was in high school,

and I try not to think
about it. Why?

Well, I-I guess that's the part
that's awkward. Um...

I kind of did something.

You went through
my stuff!

Oh, I knew
you would do that.

- No.
- Hmm?

I did the next best thing.

I Mosaic-ed you.

- You what?
- I couldn't resist.

You know, it's way better
than Google stalking.

I saw that
in five months from now,

you'll be...

You know...


And as talented as I may be
in the bedroom--

Yeah, that'd be
pretty impressive.

It's not a big deal.

I mean, in my flash-forward,
I'm wearing a wedding ring.

Maybe--maybe it's ours.

for w-what it's worth,

I think that you're
gonna be a great mom.

And that was
the wrong thing to say, too.

This isn't...

a "me/you" thing, Maya.

This is a "me" thing.

And honestly, I haven't even
figured it out yet.

I don't even know
what I'm gonna do.

You know what?


I don't think
I can do this...

right now.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Hello, Stan.

It's been a while.

May I come in, Renee?

My man!

Hello, my man!

What's happenin'?
What's happenin'?

Long way from $2 beer night
at Geno's.

My first term was a bitch.

I could've used you, Stan.

Really, I'm sorry
I couldn't bring you in.

But I can now.


Have you thought
about D.H.S.?

I know you'd love being
Anastasia Markham's boss.

We ha--

I'm not here
about the job.

So no more boy scout?

How'd you find her?

Well, I was the bagman
who paid her

a quarter of a million dollars
to disappear. Remember?

Only she didn't go
very far.

She's living with the boy.

Right here in Georgetown,
in fact.

And you know that how?

Through our Mosaic web site.

It's really quite amazing
how we've been able

to cross-reference
all these people's visions.

Turns out Ms. Garrigos
had a vision, too.

She saw herself
living in Puerto Rico

six months from now.

And in her Mosaic post,

she remarked
how different that was

from her current home
in Georgetown.

You know what I liked
about having you around, Stan?

You weren't just...
comfortable in the mud.

You enjoy being there.

Clemente is going to cut off
the funding unless you stop her.

So... stop her.

And the negative
goes into the shredder.

You can only play
this card once, you know.

You sure you wanna
play it now?

Now's all I got.


I've got a problem
I need you to take care of.

Do it!

Go, man!

I hate karaoke.

Think it might be a good idea
for you to slow down there?

I got five months
to live.

I think that entitles me
to blow off a little steam, man.

Mark Benford...

All right, check this.

- You guys got any Stones?
- You got something to say?

- Anything by the Rolling Stones?
- Nope.

'Cause you look
a little pissed.

Why would I be angry?

Just because you bailed
in the middle of the hearing,

left me twisting--

Let's be honest.

It's not like my
being there

would've kept you from choking
on the witness stand.

You were flailin' in there!

Why didn't you call
for a recess? Huh?

- You could've spoken up for me.
- And said what?

There's a perfectly good

why you're having trouble
remembering something

the rest of us
have lasered into our brains?

See, this is
my own damn fault.

Clemente is just
asking you questions

I should've asked weeks ago,
but I didn't...

because I trusted you.

And I went with this whole
Mosaic thing in the first place

because I believe
in you, Mark.

- And I have gotten you results.
- That's not an answer.

Now Clemente may be
a total bitch,

but she's right
about one thing--

Your story's got more holes
than a kitchen sponge.

Why can't you remember

Because I was loaded, okay?!

What was I
supposed to say, Stan?

I've been sober
seven years,

and I have zero intention of
ever taking another drink again.

But I can't change
what I saw.


I put my entire career
on the line...

based on your flash-forward,

and now you're telling me...

You were impaired
when you had it?

I don't know
what I'm doing anymore.

That's fantastic, Mark.
That's fantastic.

Everything okay in here?

Everything's fine.

Guys, won't don't you
buy yourselves a couple rounds?

On me.

It's, uh, celebration time.

What are we celebrating?

I got us our funding.



Damn it.


All things being equal, it wouldn't
have been the worst thing in the world

- if I had--
- Forget it.

I just want you
to know

the details I do remember,
I remember clearly.

Fabulous. Look,
just keep your mouth shut.

You tell anyone else
about this, we are D.O.A.

President Segovia has announced
his nominee for vice president,

a position which has been vacant since
the tragic death of Vice President Pratt

During the blackout.
Tonight, the President says

he has nominated
Senator Clemente.

The nominee
will have to be

- approved by majority vote...
- Clemente?

in both houses
of Congress.

I don't get this town.

Everything's a trade-off.

D.C.'s your ultimate "can't get
something for nothing" place.

Here we go.

Hey, Mark.

Just wanted to share
some good news with you.

We've got our funding.

Mosaic's still alive.

Because of the Somali intel?

No. Wedeck pulled
some kind of rabbit.

Who knows?

Maybe he wouldn't
have had to if--


Get out!
Let's go! Go!

Hello? Mark?



Wake up. It's time to get up.

Wake up. It's time to get up.

Wake up. It's time to get up.

Tell me.

- It's a girl.
- Thank you.