Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen (2023): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Convinced that Melanie was sabotaged, Chris defends his girlfriend against his family and tries to help her start anew by investing in her reestablished ukay shop. Georgina and Stella take advantage of the Manila Gala and pull a p...

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Oh, I'm so happy!

The heavens finally
answered my prayer.

That's why I'm hoping
you'd meet your mom soon

so you two can patch things up.

She's burrowing herself
too deep into this family.

We really need
to get rid of her.

So this is the dress

that Melanie Dela Cruz
created for me.

So, let's make her
go viral, guys,

because she deserves it.

Honestly, I did not expect
much class from you.

Do you know what else
is at stake here?

My own name and reputation.

I'll fight back.

We'll prove them wrong, Melanie.

We'll prove to everyone

that this is clearly
a sabotage attempt.

Thank you, Chris, but I don't
want to drag you into this.

I don't want there to be
another strain

in your relationship
with your dad.

But you did nothing wrong
here, Melanie.

Someone else is responsible
for this,

and we will find out
who's behind this.


There's something you have
to know.

- Huh?
- I saw Sir Mac

carrying a shopping bag with
the label "Chung G. Boutique."

It's the same label on the tag
of Naomi's dress.

Sir Mac brought
that shopping bag

into Madam Georgina's office.

It might just be a coincidence,
but who knows? Maybe...

Maybe they did that to...

To make it look like

I just resell
ready-made clothes?

But why would they do that?

You don't know Madam Georgina
that well.

Do you still remember your
first presentation to the Board?

Surprisingly, I find it...

very amusing.

She pretended to like your
thrift-store-inspired designs

because she thought

you and Sir Chris would
end up getting humiliated.

She pretended to be nice to you
to earn your trust!

I think it has potential.

Melanie, she's fake.

She's manipulative.

But she's great at hiding it.

And sadly, we currently
don't have any evidence

of how evil she is.

What?! She really did that?!

That company you joined
sure has a lot of snakes!

- I don't understand.
-I'd dreamt of this for so long.

Turns out, achieving this dream
would just ruin my life.

How was I
supposed to know

I joined such
a horrible company?

And now, they're trying
to destroy my reputation?

- I know!
- Hmm...

- Girls!
- Yeah?

Are we going to let them destroy
our best friend's reputation?!

- Of course not!
- Hell no!

Time to get physical!

- Come on!
- We'll show them!

- Get ready, girls!
- What are we waiting for?!

Hold on, girls.
Now's not the time for that.

We have to plan everything out

before going into battles
like this.

- Geez!
- Alright, fine!

- Just tell us when, where,
- Right!

and how you're going
into battle.

- Yeah!
- We'll always have your back!

Alright, I'll tell you.
But I have one favor to ask.

- What is it?
- Don't tell Grandma about this.

- Uh...
- You know she has a condition.

I don't want to add this
to her problems

because I know this will surely
stress her out.

You heard her, Ayeisha.
Shut your mouth.

- Yeah, make her keep quiet.
- Shh!

- You got it, Melanie.
- Someone will get stressed?

Who will?

- Oh! Hello, Grandma!
- Hi, Grandma!

- How's it going?
- Tell me!

- Hello!
- How's it going?

- Hi!
- Who will get stressed?

- Good evening.
- Tell me who'll get stressed.

- No one, Grandma.
- Yeah.

We were just talking about
how we'll deal with

- those bogus buyers!
- Yeah! And Georgi...

- Hey!
- I wasn't asking you.

I was asking Melanie.

I heard everything.


If you're in pain, you don't
have to hide it from me.

Um, excuse me?
Is Ma'am Georgina here?

- I just want to talk to her.
- You can't go inside.

What don't you understand?
I'm just here to talk to her!

- Excuse me?
- Guard...

- It's okay.
- Ma'am Georgina.

What's going on?

Ma'am Georgina, do you still
remember me?

I'm Melanie's grandmother.

My granddaughter
had so much respect for you.

She said you were so nice
to her.

But what did my granddaughter
ever do to you?

Why did you have to try
and ruin her?


I did not do that.

She did that to herself.

She ruined herself!

Ma'am Georgina, I'm begging you.

My dear Melanie
did not do anything wrong.

I need your help.

- You need to clear her name.
- I cannot help you.

-Your granddaughter's a scammer.
- Let's go.

I did not raise my granddaughter
to be a scammer!

Ma'am... Ma'am...

I'm really sorry.

But can you please just go?

You see, if your granddaughter
really didn't do anything wrong,

then the truth
will come out eventually.

Right. She's right.

My dear Melanie
didn't do anything wrong.

So tell everyone the truth!

- Tell everyone the truth...
- So are you accusing me?!

- Are you saying it's my fault?!
- Ma'am...

- Just tell the truth.
- You know, I can't help you.

Just go home before
something happens to you!

- Hon, that's enough.
- Help her!

- Guards! Why'd you let her in?!
- Help us! Hurry up!

- Just tell the truth!
- Sorry, but you have to go.

- Ma'am...
- Go home! Go!

- Help my granddaughter!
- Stop!

Let my grandmother go!

Melanie, take your
grandmother home.

You can hurt me all you want,
just don't touch my grandmother

because I'm willing
to fight to the death for her!

Are you really that ruthless

that you're willing
to hurt anyone

just so you'd fulfill
your ambitions?!

That's how all of this
started, right?!

You sabotaged me

because you knew it would also
ruin Chris and SFX!

- You wanted to be...
- Oh my god!

- ...the only ones on top!
- Okay, enough!

Guard, take this trash
out of here. Now!

- Let's go, ma'am.
- Ma'am...

- Ma'am... Ma'am Georgina.
- Let's go. Come on.

- Let's go, Grandma.
- Help my granddaughter!

- Come on, Grandma. Let's go.
- Ma'am!

That's enough, Grandma. Come on.

Let them go.

What's happening here?!

Take your trash girlfriend
out of here.

Oh. Was I not clear?

I said,

take that piece of trash
out of here.

- Oh! Chris! Chris!
- Aah!

No. Enough.

- Grandma?!
- Steve. Steve! Enough!

Grandma! Chris! It's Grandma!

- Grandma!
- Grandma? Grandma...

How's your grandma doing?

She's sleeping now.

I'm just glad her blood pressure
finally went down.

You know, if Shelly hadn't
told me

that Grandma rushed
to the office,

I might not have
gotten there in time

and those monsters might've done
something worse!

I'm sorry.

Chris, I already told you,
didn't I?

I don't want
to drag you into this.

But this is my choice, Melanie.

I'm choosing to get involved.

Besides, didn't I promise you
that I'd never leave you?

If they'll go as far
as hurting my grandma,

then this means war.

I'm willing to fight
for my reputation.

But if they'll go after
my family,

then I'm willing to do
something much worse to them!

Melanie, listen.

Like you, I'm also willing
to do everything for my family.

But I choose to stand by you.


I will stand by you
because I know

that you did nothing wrong.

We both know they set me up!

I want to be able to
find evidence against them!

I'll be going now, Madam.

What did you tell Melanie?


I know you talked to her!

I saw the footage.

What did you tell her?
Because now, she's accusing me.

I didn't tell her anything...

- So you're calling me a liar?
- No, Madam. But...

So it's true!

You've been badmouthing me.

- Uh, no, Madam Georgina.
- You're getting back at me

for the things I did to you,
you ungrateful witch.

Do you think I don't see

how you're mistreating
my subordinates?

Do you think I don't know

about your sexual relations
here in the office?

These are all grounds
for termination, Barbie.

Madam, sexual relations?
That's not true.

And who do you think
would believe you?


You shouldn't have crossed me.

You know what I'm capable of.

But I will give you a choice.

We can make a big mess
out of this,

and I promise you,
you will lose.



You can resign quietly.

And we will never have
to talk about this ever again.

You see, Barbie...

I can't work
with people I don't trust.

I'm sorry.

And I don't trust you.

- Get out.
- Madam...

Get out!

But, Pa, they just
set Melanie up!

They couldn't accept the fact

that SFX is rising
because of her

and that TNT's sales
is declining!

So they tried to ruin her!

Come on, Chris.

Get over yourself!

Can't you just admit it?

You hate seeing me win.

We're not threatened
by you, by SFX,

and especially by that woman!

You shouldn't be throwing
such grave accusations

against your family.


But we're only family
by name.

I was never your son.

And even now,
when I need you the most,

you can't even side with me.

But how can Papa be on your side

when you're siding
with the wrong person?

You're the ones in the wrong!

You and your team!

You don't know Melanie.

Well, do you?!

How sure are you that
she's telling the truth, huh?

Are you really going against
this family for that...

that woman?!




Well, then, leave!

Prove me wrong!

But when you walk out that door

and I turn out to be right,

you're no longer
part of this family.

Was I ever?

You know what?
I admire your courage.

But are you sure about this?

Are you really
leaving your family?

I'm done, Melanie.

You know...

Life can play
such cruel tricks sometimes.

There are times

when you'll meet
complete strangers,

and you'll end up
treating them like family.

And there are times

when even your own parents
decide to reject you.

One day...

Your mother will meet you.

So make sure
that when that happens,

you've already made
a name for yourself.

I need to clear my name.

I'm with you.


This used to be
Ukay King's spot.

The owner had it renovated
after the fire,

and I'm getting an offer
to rent it again.

You know, this won't just be
an ordinary thrift store.

We'll turn it into
something huge.

- What?
- Oh! There's a customer!

- Hey, miss!
- Ma'am! Come here!

Welcome to the grand opening
of our store!

-Welcome to Ukay King and Queen!
- Hi!

This is where you can find new
and improved patchwork outfits

created by my one and only best
friend, Ms. Melanie Dela Cruz!

Just take your pick, ma'am.

Oh, you know what?

We're selling everything
at 80 percent off today

because it's our grand opening!

And since you're
our first customer,

we'll sell everything to you
at a hundred percent off!

- No! 80 is the limit!
- Go on, ma'am. Take your pick!

I'm sure a lot of these clothes
will suit you!


Can I apply for a job here
as manager?

Manager?! Seriously?!

You've got some nerve!
I'm not even aiming that high!

I was just kidding.

I'd be fine with getting a job
as a saleslady.

Um, we don't have enough money
to pay you.

You're too overqualified
to work here.

Better overqualified
than underappreciated.

Come here.

Thank you.

And with that,
welcome to the family!


I still can't believe Chris
stooped to such a low level!

Investing in Melanie's
thrift shop business?!

Then, good riddance
to both of them.

Look at you.

You're doing very well
on your own with SFX.

I mean, this summertime
angst concept

is really working for me.

It's screaming modern grunge,
and I love it.

So, you see,
just keep doing a good job,

and we will get SFX
back on track in no time.

Especially with Steve on board,
you know you're in good hands.


Get over him.

I did, okay?!

If I have any residual feelings
for him, it's purely hate!

Hate for both him and that girl
from the flea market!

I don't ever want
to see their faces again!

Then stop watching that video!

Poor Stella.

Can't move on from Chris.

Oh, she will.

She'll get over him.

And what about you?

What about me?

When will you move on
from Melanie?

Out of sight, out of mind.

That's it?

That's how easily you're going
to forget about your daughter

for the second time?

Ugh! Stop reminding me, Mac.

Okay. Okay.

I'm just concerned.

Just like before.

Did you see me wallow in guilt,
in despair when I gave her up?

You didn't, right?

So what makes you think that
her absence is affecting me now?

It's not!

No! Never! Not ever!

How have you been managing SFX
since Chris's departure, Steve?

Well, unfortunately,

SFX was struggling with
their sales upon the turnover,

so I had to immediately
take the necessary measures

to sustain the brand,

and I proceeded
with cost-cutting.

In the process, we've already
laid off some of SFX's employees

to reduce our expenses
and improve profitability.

As for
the Creative Department,

I've been working on
SFX's newest collection

which are cost-efficient,
yet still very SFX in design.

I'm guiding Stella,
Uncle Michael,

and we're really working hard
to help revive SFX.

What about the scandal?

Did the damage control work?

The statement we released
about cutting ties with Melanie

did us some good.

But that's not enough.
What's your next step?

How will you repair
SFX's reputation?

We will be pulling
a publicity stunt

to reconcile with Naomi
at the Manila Gala.

Don't you worry.

I'll drop by later
to get the bundle of clothes.

I'll be there
before your store closes.

Let me.


Yeah. Uh, sorry, but can we
pick it up tomorrow instead?

Yes, we'll be there by 9AM.

Alright. Thank you. Thank you.

- Bye.
- Why tomorrow?

I can go there now.

Melanie, you have to rest.


How about dinner tonight?

My treat!

- Sure!
- Great!

- I knew it!
- Thank you, Sir Chris!

You guys have dinner without me.
I still have to do something.

Oh my gosh!

It says
that TNT, SFX, and Naomi

have a big announcement to make
at the Manila Gala.

Just ignore it.

- Let me see that.
- Goodness!

- Let me see.
- Here.

It's a special night here
at the Manila Gala 2023!

A night of Filipino
fashion reimagined!

And these are
the creations of our designers:

Marc Rancy, Job Dacon,
Thian Rodriguez,

and Ehrran Montoya.

- Okay, we're all set.
- Rolling?

- We're rolling.
- Okay.

Everybody gorgeous?

- Okay, here we go. Here we go.
- You tell us.


And we are here at
the hip and happening afterparty

of the Manila Gala 2023!

I am with hit social media
personality and model,

Naomi Sevilla,

and we're with the Creative
Director of SFX, Stella Andrada,

and legendary model
who is, of course,

the brains behind all of
the creations of TNT,

Georgina De Silva!

Good evening, ladies!
You all look so gorgeous.

Thank you, Issa! Of course,
we have to look good

because we do represent
the Blanco Group of Companies,

TNT and SFX.

And we highly support local
products and local fashion

because if not for our
Filipino fashion forefathers,

we won't be here
where we are now.

Oh, wow! Georgina, that was
really magnanimous of you.

But, hey, Georgina,
speaking of your brands,

I hear there's something
you wanted to say

about the recent scandal
involving SFX.

Is that okay?


Naomi might want to say
something about it.

Oh! Go ahead, please.

Um, on behalf of
Blanco Group of Companies,

I think it's safe to say
that everything got messed up

when a certain designer
got involved.

I trusted her.

But, eventually, everyone shows
their true colors.

- Mm-hmm.
- Right?

Naomi is right.
Well, I'd have to apologize

and admit that it was
clearly a lapse

in the company's judgement.

I'm sorry to say that.

Oh, but, still, it's Blanco
Group of Companies, you know...

I would also want to
publicly apologize to Naomi.

I introduced her...

- that designer.
- Something's going on.

Cameras, can you capture that?!

Who's that over there?

Is that her?!

I can't believe
the disrespect she's showing.

- It's her!
- Oh, you were right!


Check this out! Hurry!

- What is it?!
- It's Melanie!

- What?!
- She's at the gala!

- Yeah!
- Oh!

- She's so pretty!
- She's gorgeous!

Oh my gosh! She's so beautiful!
Check it out...

Wait, did she not tell
any of you about this?

- Huh?
- No.

- What about you?
- No, she didn't.

Well, it seems
we have an unexpected guest.

Oh my god!

Hello! You are...?

I'm Melanie Dela Cruz.

The patchwork girl herself.

I came here to tell everyone

that none of Georgina, Stella,
and Naomi's accusations

against me are true.

We all know
who's telling the truth.

- Melanie, what're you saying?
- Um.

- What are you doing here?
- So, what you're saying is...

They sabotaged me.

I may not be the first person
they sabotaged,

but I'm going to make sure
that I'll be the last.

I don't want anybody else
to go through

what they put me through.

That's why I'm here
to tell everyone the truth.

Excuse me. I'm sorry,
but I can't take this anymore.

Melanie, you're lying.
You have no proof.

Stop it. You better stop
what you're doing now.

Stella, please take care
of this.


You don't belong here.

What's wrong?
Are you scared?

You don't fit in.


Well, you certainly look like

you belong here.

I mean, just look at your dress.

Those leaves on your dress
match the decorations here.

They're also as dark
as your personality.

Ouch! Let go!

Stella, you're hurting me.

- Stop it! Ouch! Stella!
- Oh my god!

Ouch! Let me go! Would you
like me to slap you again?!

How totally crass.

Me? Crass?

And what about you?
You think you're full of class?

Why, you're not much different

from those clothes I find
at thrift stores.

You're a huge fake.

Hey, calm down now.
Don't get too worked up.

Don't make it too obvious
that you're feeling nervous.

"Snap, snap."

Ouch! Aah!

Aah! Ow! Ouch!


Thank you.

You just showed everyone
your true colors.

You have no proof against us.

No one will believe you.

I don't know if it's the
right thing to do, Melanie.

Naomi, you know that Georgina
did something wrong.

I do, but I don't want to ruin
my relationship with them.

I'm about to sign a contract
with TNT.

I'm risking a lot for this.

Are you also willing to risk
losing your principles

and your dignity?

The moment I saw the dress
that you posted on your vlog,

I instantly knew
that it wasn't the one I made.

So, please, Naomi, if you know
something, please help me.

I just need evidence
that can help clear my name.

It's Stella.

She dropped by
after you delivered the dress.

She told me that she just wanted
to check it out,

so I showed it to her.

Then, my manager called,

so I had to leave her
for a while.

She didn't know I had
CCTV cameras in my condo.

And, I just saw this recently.

It's all there, Melanie.

Thrift Shop Girl
has some guts.

I'll give her that.

But imagine turning up uninvited
at a high-fashion gala.

I mean, come on.

Well, it worked.
She's trending. Again.

Yeah, but for
the wrong reasons.

"Thrift Shop Girl strikes again.
Bye, Felicia."

"Goodness, Thrift Shop Girl.
Isn't one scandal enough?"

"Flea Market Girl #DesperateAF
#ItsOver #YoureDone."

So, who just made herself
a laughing stock?

But, wait, Stella,
you're trending too.

Check this out.


"Go, Team Thrift Store!"

"Stella, you need
to take a seat."

So a lot of people
felt bad for Melanie.


I mean, who would believe
a basic clout chaser over me?

- Good point.
- That's true.

- Right?
- Whoa...


Oh. Hi, Melanie.

We were just talking ab...

You were the one
who sabotaged me.

Where did you get that video?

This will ruin your career.

Oh, that's not right.

This will be the end
of your career.

Melanie, please.

I'm begging you.

Please don't do this.

I know you're a good person.

Now, tell me, Stella.

Who are the other people
behind this?

Who the hell is
out there, nanny?!

Ma'am, I'm really sorry.

I tried to stop her,
but she insisted on coming in.

Go on. Leave us.

It was Georgina and Mac.

They planned everything.

Mac copied the dress
you made for Naomi

using a piece
from Chung G. Boutique.

That's why there was
a label on it.

And I switched the dresses
to make Naomi think

that you scammed her.

Well? Are you still
going to deny it?

What did I ever do to you?!
Why do you hate me so much?!

Because you won't
leave me alone!

Why don't you just
get out of my life?!

What do you want from me?
Money? You want money?

- How much?
- Five million!

I'll double it.

I'll send it to you
first thing tomorrow.

And tell Chris to shut up.

Wow! You're willing to spend
10 million pesos

just so you won't have
to apologize

and take back
everything you said against me?!

Is it not enough?

How much do you want?

Name your price!

My future is worth more
than a mere 10 million pesos.

And you'll never be able
to afford it

even if you sell your soul,

not that anyone would
buy it anyway!

God, you think so highly
of yourself.

As I should!

Because I know I'm talented!

And I know I can earn millions
because I'm that good!

And you?! You're an old witch
who's trying so hard

to keep everyone
from forgetting about her!

I'm a budding designer, and
you're nothing but a has-been!

So you won't take my offer?

How about you take
my offer instead?

Admit that you were behind
everything and clear my name.

Otherwise, I'll expose you
for who you really are.

I'm not scared of you.


I'm not done with you!

Hey! Don't you dare
turn your back on me!

- You evil witch!
- Hey! You really won't stop!

You're ruining everything
I've worked hard for!

- You're hurting me!
- Just tell the truth!

Let go of m...


Georgina?! Georgina!

What have you done?!
What did you do to her?!

Are you aware that
you're three months pregnant?

I'm pregnant?

I can't believe you're still
on her side, Chris!

After everything she's done,

you're still choosing her
over your own family?!

Steve, it wasn't Melanie
who started all this!

It was Georgina!

Do you even know how evil
your future wife is?

Are you sure you're marrying
the right person?!

No matter what you say
against Georgina,

it doesn't change the fact

that we lost our baby
because of your girlfriend!

Because nothing
will change my mind.

Melanie's going to pay
for what she's done.