Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen (2023): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Melanie and Georgina's altercation causes the latter to suffer a miscarriage, prompting an enraged Steve to file a case against the ukay shop owner. With everything that is going on in his family, Chris decides to end his and Mela...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'd dreamt of this
for so long.

Turns out, achieving this dream
would just ruin my life.

You know that Georgina
did something wrong.

Stella didn't know I had
CCTV cameras in my condo.

And, I just saw this recently.

Now, tell me, Stella.

Who are the other people
behind this?

Admit that you were behind
everything and clear my name.

Otherwise, I'll expose you
for who you really are.



What have you done?!


Are you okay?

What's wrong?

Are you aware that
you're three months pregnant?

I'm pregnant?

- Ho-Hon.
- We're pregnant?

We're going to have a baby?

We're going
to have a baby.


But I'm-I'm sorry.

You just suffered a miscarriage.



No! No!

- No!
- Hon, calm down.


What happened was an accident!

I'm sure not even God
wanted it to happen!

No matter how hard I try

to convince myself otherwise,
I know...

that it's my fault

she lost her child!

I don't know what
to do now, Grandma!

I want to make it up to them,
but I don't know what I can do.

I don't know what to do anymore!

It was an accident, Grandma!
I had no idea that would happen!

Melanie, dear.

Sometimes, you just have
to accept

that you can no longer
bring back what was lost.

I have your test results here,

and you have a low number
of eggs in your ovaries,

Miss Georgina.

The fact that you got pregnant
is already a miracle.

And it's almost impossible
for you to get pregnant again.

B-But, doctor...

There are other ways, right?

There are options, but you guys
are not getting any younger.

Those procedures have
a low success rate,

and the risk of pregnancy
complications is high.


Miss Georgina.

Since I don't have your medical
history, I have to ask.

Is this your first time
to get pregnant?

Of course.

Of course.

Chris, h-how's Ma'am Georgina?

Well, I heard she's
getting discharged

from the hospital later.

I should've just followed
your advice, Chris.

I'm sorry, Melanie.

But I'll have to call you back.


Still speaking with her.

And why shouldn't I?

After what she did to Georgina?

It was an accident, Pa.

Chris, it was my grandchild,

your own flesh and blood,
that we lost because of her.

So how come you seem to be
sympathizing with her?

Because what happened
was not her fault!

The same way that
it wasn't her fault

that our company got dragged
into a scandal?

I could easily forgive her
for that one.

But this?

She's not getting away
with this.

What do you mean?

Steve is filing a case
against her.

And I agreed to it.

We have eye witnesses

who will testify
that they saw Melanie

sneak past the security guard
in order to get to your house.

This proves that the assault
was premeditated.

And then, we also have
your doctor's testimony

confirming that the bruises
Georgina suffered

were caused by the altercation.

We have a strong case, hon.

Melanie's going to jail.

Aside from assault
and serious physical injuries,

which we can disprove,

they can also charge you
with unintentional abortion,

which can be very tricky
because it's true.

You had no idea
that Georgina was pregnant

during the altercation.

And the fact is

that Georgina suffered a
miscarriage after your argument.

So they have a case.

Does that mean
Melanie will go to jail?

Well, she may face two years
if convicted.

But it will really depend
on the result of the case.

What can we do
to prevent that from happening?

Well, the best option is
to reach a settlement.

Let's not let them
take this to court

because it will be
a long battle,

and we don't want that.

You're actually lucky

that the pieces of evidence
against Melanie

are all circumstantial.

Now, if we can convince them
to drop the civil case,

then the prosecutor will
most probably dismiss

the public case as well

due to lack of evidence
and probable cause.

According to
Atty. Navarro,

that audio recording
of Stella's confession

is inadmissible in court.

So even if Melanie releases it,
it won't prove anything.

But what I don't understand

is why you had to cause
such a huge scandal

just to ruin Melanie.

And you did it behind my back!

I did that for you.

SFX was prospering
because of Melanie,

and I was afraid that Chris
was going to get ahead of you.

I was afraid Uncle Mike
would end up appointing him

as the next CEO instead of you.

Papa will choose me to be
the next CEO.

Not Chris.

Because I'm better than him.

Have you lost faith in me?

You know I love you.

And I'm willing to do anything

just to help you
fulfill your dreams.

But if you hadn't
done that, then...

Then what?

I wish you'd stop blaming me.

I'm sorry that that happened.

But if there's anyone here
who got hurt the most,

you know that it's me.

And we both know
whose fault this is.

We'll just come up
with a statement

saying Stella was forced
to lie about you

because Melanie threatened her.

I've also made sure Naomi
won't say anything against you.

So there's nothing
to worry about.

I'm... sorry, Georgina.

I was just pressured
into telling Melanie everything.

Again, my deepest
sympathies, George.

I know how much the baby
meant to you.

That baby...

meant everything to me, Mac.

That was my assurance

that Steve will give me
more of his time,

more of his attention...

and that he'll choose me
over that family!

That baby would've sealed
my fate in this family.

It was my assurance that I will
always be part of the Blancos

and that I would finally
be accepted by Uncle Mike.

But after everything
that happened,

I know I've lost Steve.

I know that he's blaming me

because we'll never
get pregnant again!

And that's the reason
why you're grieving?

Not because you suffered
a miscarriage?

Of course not.

This is still my child
we're talking about.

And what about
your other child?

I'm getting tired of you, Mac.

Alright, look.

I know you want Melanie
to pay for what happened.

But, George...

You cannot pursue this case.

If you do, you'll have
to keep seeing each other.

And I know you don't want
to face your guilt anymore.

I'm not guilty of anything.

We're not going to speak to you
without our lawyers, Chris.

Steve, maybe we could
settle this on our own.

I had no intention
of hurting anyone.

And I certainly didn't mean
what happened to your baby.

It was an accident.

I will have it on my conscience
for the rest of my life.

I hope you can forgive me.

What's done is done.


I can't believe you're still
on her side, Chris.

After everything she's done,

you're still choosing her
over your own family?!

You've never even treated me
like your own brother.

Well, I can see
I made the right choice!

Steve, it wasn't Melanie
who started all this!

It was Georgina!

Do you even know how evil
your future wife is, huh?!

Are you sure you're marrying
the right person?!

- How dare you, Chris?
- Enough!


No matter what you say
against Georgina,

it doesn't change the fact

that we lost our baby
because of your girlfriend!

So stop defending her.

Because nothing
will change my mind.

Melanie's going to pay
for what she's done.


I could really use your hug
right now.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I know...

that you were confident
I'd grow up tough.

But I've been facing
one hardship after another.

I don't think I have
any more fight left in me.

You once told me
that when I lose something,

something better will come
to replace it.

When will that something better
come, Daddy?

It's only a matter of time

before I completely lose
everything I have.

Shelly told me you'd be here.

It's been a while
since I last visited your dad

and your grandfather.

When your father died,

I had just lost
your grandfather.

I was absolutely devastated.

But I told myself...

that I still had you.

So I couldn't give up on life.

I know you will never get tired
of being there for me, Grandma.

But I'm just really concerned

about what's happening
to me and Chris right now.

He's caught in the middle
of my conflict with his family.

That's why...

I don't know what to do anymore.

I really don't.

I heard you talked

to Steve and Georgina
the other night.

Steve told me you wanted
to settle for Melanie.

Are you seriously destroying
your life for that woman?

I've got to give it to you, son.

You really stick to your guns.

That would have been admirable

if you were doing it
for the right reason

and not for the wrong person.

This is a good knockoff
of a good brand.

- We'll sell this for 10 pesos.
- Goodness!

Oh! This can go for 20.

Check out the design on
this one! It's so cute and sexy!

- Yay!
- Eww!

Like, seriously?!

Did they really put this
in here?!

Yuck! Eek!

Hey, bestie, why don't you text
your boyfriend later?

He's probably busy.

And I bet he's meeting
with your lawyers.

Besides, doesn't he have
that meeting with an investor

- for a business proposal?
- Yeah!

You know what, bestie?

I've got to hand it
to your boyfriend.

He's still working very hard
to make a living

while helping you out
with the case.



That's really what happens
when you fall in love, right?

You're ready to hit rock bottom
for that person.

- Oh. Don't say that, Melanie.
- Oh.

Stop being so pessimistic!

Let's steer our attention
away from negative thoughts.

- I agree.
- But it's true.

When you're in love, you should
be ready to hit rock bottom.

But you should also get back
on your feet together.

- Oh!
- Right! That's the attitude!

Keep fighting, bestie!
SSS, remember?!

And what does "SSS" mean?

"Stay Strong and Solid!"

It's perfect, hon.

It's exactly the way
I imagined it to be.


I'm glad you like it.

I-I'm sorry if...

it took a while before...

the annulment of my marriage
to Diana was finalized.

But thank you for...

for waiting for me.

And for...

accepting Chelsea.

Of course.

I love...

Chelsea like my own daughter.

Yeah, hon.

Thank you for accepting me
even though...

I'm practically pre-loved.

How about you?

What do you mean?

I mean, I know nothing about
your past relationships.

You've been very secretive
about your past life.

Because they're not important
to me.

What's important is
who I love now, and that's you.

Why are you asking me this now?

Are you having doubts
about us?

Because you kept something
from me!

Okay, is this...

about Melanie's scandal?

I thought we've been over this.

If you did it once,
you can do it again.


Come on!

You cannot make a fool
out of me, Georgina!

Do not project your angst
against your father onto me!

God damn it.
Just tell me the fucking truth!

Are you hiding anything else
from me?

Is there anything else
I need to know?!


Okay? I...

I'm not hiding anything
from you!

Not anymore!

I can't...

I can't believe that for...

For one mistake...
you cannot find it in you

to forgive me!

I mean, you're still
punishing me!


Okay, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for what I did
to Melanie.

I'm sorry that I did not
tell you!

But you know, I did it
because I love you!

Did you ever love me?!

Do you really love me?!

Because if you do,
why can't you forgive me?!


You're worried I might be
making a fool out of you?!

But what if you're the one
making a fool out of me?!




Hon, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I did-I didn't mean
to offend you. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, hon.
I love you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!


Please forgive me.

You're not going
to leave me, right?

You won't leave me, right?

Hon, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What happened? How come...

How come you suddenly stopped
communicating with me?

There's just so many things
going on in my mind right now.

I know there's a lot of things
weighing on your mind right now.

There's the impending case
against me,

and you also have
that rift with your family.

But you're not usually
this aloof towards me, Chris.

You've changed.

- Are you okay, Chris?
- I just told you!

I just have a lot
on my mind right now.

Tell me!

Am I not allowed to ask
how you are anymore?!

Why don't you just tell me
what's bothering you?!

I'm just tired, okay?

Tired of what?!

Of me? Of us?

Of all your problems?
Of what?! Tell me!

You know what?
I was afraid this would happen.

I knew the day would come
when you'd grow tired of me.

But didn't you say so yourself

that as long as we're together,
we can overcome anything?

Melanie, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, but...

I can't do this anymore.


I th-I think it would be best
for both of us...

...if we spend some time apart.

Would it be best for both of us,
or for yourself?!

You know what? I honestly cannot
blame you, Chris.

You've already done
and sacrificed a lot for me!

But I never forced you to do
any of those, Chris!

You accepted me for who I am.
You even accepted

all my shortcomings
and mistakes, right?!

What hurts is that it made me
get my hopes up.

It made me believe
that you're here to stay.

It made me believe that you were
nothing like the others

because you'd never leave me!

I got so used to having you
by my side.

But if you want
out of this relationship,

then I won't force you
to stay.

I also won't stop you
from leaving.


Drink up!

- Come on! Drink!
- Here, bestie!

- Cheers, everyone!
- Cheers!

- Come on, girls!
- You heard her!

- Drink up!
- Cheers!

- Okay, drink!
- Bottoms up!

Drink some more!

- Whoo!
- Ahh!

-Hey, I've got something to say.
- What?

I was honestly rooting
for Chris, bestie.

Turns out, he's a coward.

He quickly gave up
after feeling a bit of pressure.

Hold on now.

That wasn't just
a bit of pressure.

He's going through something
very difficult!

He's going against his family!

Right, Melanie?!

Oh my god! Really?!


What's up with your reaction?

Stop it!
You're being overdramatic!

- Yeah.
- Hey, I'm not overdramatic!

- I know someone worse than me.
- Show us what she does!

This is what she does.

- Go, girl!
- Oh my goodness!

This girl's
clearly drunk!

She's becoming someone else.

- So overdramatic!
- So irritating!

- Just drink up, will you?
- But, seriously...

Didn't they promise to
never leave each other's side?

- Oh, right!
- So what happened?!


They did promise that.

You know what?

I'm used to having people
leave me, anyway.

- No!
- Stop that!

- We're here for you!
- We won't leave you!

- Come on!
- Let's go!

- We're singing our hearts out!
- Right!

- Come on!
- Get up!

- Let's go sing!
- You guys go! Leave me!

- Come on, bestie! Get up!
- Stop!

- Let's sing our problems away!
- Leave me!

- Come on! Get up!
- Ouch! Hey!

- Let's go! Let's do this!
- Come!

Move it, miss!
We're taking over this stage!

I want to let go!

-But my heart won't let me do so
- Go on, bestie.

Let it out, Melanie!

I want to let go!

But there might still be
some hope

I'm at odds with myself

Who gets to decide?

- Tell me, is it me or you?
- Chris!

I want to let go!

Ooh! Ooh!

I want to let go!

- That's it! Higher!- Ooh!

Higher! Come on!

- Aah!
- Aah!

- Cheers!
- Whoo!


Why on earth
did you sleep there?

- Aah!
- Get up, bestie!

I knew this would happen.
Come on.

My goodness, dear.

Careful, bestie. Here.

What did you drink last night,
and why didn't you invite me?


I'm sorry, Grandma.

Shelly already
told me everything.

As much as possible...

I didn't want you
to see me like this.

I wanted...

I wanted to fight.

I wanted... I wanted
to remain fierce, but...

I had to face
one blow after another!

I couldn't take it anymore.

Wait right here.

Here you go, dear.

The case against you
has been dismissed.

It's over!


- See?
- Huh?!

- Right?
- Grandma!

Oh! Stop crying now, dear.

We'll finally be happy again.




Welcome back.

Thanks, Pa.

You made the right decision.


Hello-Hello, Chris?

How have you been?

Um... I'm sure
you've heard the news.

Ma'am Georgina finally
dropped the charges against me.

Yeah. Steve already told me.

It was Georgina's decision.


Do you think you could
thank her for me?

Do you have a minute?

Um... Is...

Is that Stella?

Melanie, I'm sorry.

But I have to go.

Oh. A-Alright.


I'll see you guys next week?

- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir!

Thank you. Thank you.

Ma'am, thank you!

For your approval.

Not even a thank you?

What must I do for us to go back
to the way we were?

You already know
the answer to that, Stella.

Do you still want me
to apologize to Melanie?

But you left her!


Even if we're already
broken up,

it doesn't change the fact
that she deserves an apology

from people who did her wrong.

Yes, we may have swept
the scandal under the rug

to keep SFX from losing face
in public.

But, sooner or later,

you still have to be
held accountable

for what you did to Melanie.


Coming from you?

That's rich!

Did you ever
hold yourself accountable

for all the pain
you've caused me?!

When you threw away
everything we had?!

You just woke up one day
and realized

that you don't love me anymore.

Is that also what happened
with Melanie?!

Did you also just suddenly
stopped loving her?

So you just left?

You know what?

I don't regret anything I did.

I wanted to hurt her

because I knew it would
hurt you too.

So let's just call it quits.

I'm just going to focus on
Ukay King and Queen for now.

I'll just come up
with new collections.

There you go! That's the spirit!

No matter what happened
between you and Chris

and no matter
what Georgina did to you,

do not bear any resentment
against them.

But what I still
can't figure out

is why Ma'am Georgina
suddenly decided

to drop the charges against me.

Well, maybe she realized

that she is also partly to blame
for what happened.

You mean, Ma'am Georgina
owned up to her mistakes?

That doesn't seem like
something she'd do.

Oh! Grandma...

Isn't this the ring
that Ma'am Georgina was eyeing?

Yeah! She wanted to have this
for herself, remember?

Do you think Ma'am Georgina
wears that kind of jewelry?

She doesn't seem like the type
who'd wear jewelry

that costs any less than
a hundred thousand pesos.

Each of her belongings
costs millions, you know.


Anyway, would you know
where Daddy had that made?

And why do you want to know?

Because I want
to have it replicated.

Then, I'll give the duplicate
to Ma'am Georgina.

It'll be my way of
apologizing to and thanking her

for dropping the charges
against me.

Oh, let me think.
Which jeweler made this?

Oh! It was Victor!

Go look in the bedroom.

Your father's address book
might still be there.

Victor's address is in it.

Go find it!

- Yeah, I think you're right.
- Yeah, so what do you think?

- Yeah. Okay, then. All done.
- Thanks.

No problem. Bye.

Um, excuse me!
Is Mister Victor here?

Hey, Victor!
Someone's looking for you!

- Um, hello, sir!
- Yes?

Are you Mister Victor?

- Who's asking?
- I'm Avel's daughter.

My name's Melanie Dela Cruz.

Do you remember him?

I don't recall anyone
by the name of Avel.

Um, well, here's the thing.

I'd like to have
this ring replicated.

I want the duplicate
to look exactly like that.

Oh, I remember him now! Avel!

Well, how's your father doing?

You know, he had me make this

for the woman he was planning
to marry.


Yeah, she was a model.

Real high-class.

I even asked him as a joke

how he thought he'd get her
to marry him

when he couldn't even
get her a real ring!

He didn't seem
to have much money.

I think he couldn't buy
a real ring

so he commissioned me
to make one.

His only request was that
I give it a unique design,

something that was
one of a kind!

Wait a minute.

Did they end up together?

Is that model your mom?

You know who my mother is?

Oh, I think her name
was Georgina!

One day, your mother
will meet you.

Show her that you are capable
of succeeding without her

and that you never needed her.

What is it you want?


I love your son, sir.

What I don't understand

is why Georgina has yet
to regret

and pay for what she's done.

What are you talking about?

I'm Georgina's daughter!

- You're insane!
- Steve!