Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen (2023): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Romance blossoms between Melanie and Chris as he tries to prove his sincerity toward her. Having gone through similar childhood experiences, they become two kindred spirits who find refuge in each other. Meanwhile, Melanie readily...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The thrift store girl?!

That Melanie girl?

She can't ruin my life.

If you can't work
with Melanie, get out.

Are you happy now?

Chris fired me because of you!

- You don't know me.
- I don't need to know you

to know what kind
of person you are.

You're trash.

Just like your slutty friend

and your grandmother
who's just like you.

Uncivilized and cheap.

Insult me all you want,

but leave my loved ones
out of this!

Anti-stress serum.


Do I really need this?

Why, of course!

I know you're already stressed
with those phony people

in your office.

But do you suspect Chris
to also be putting you on?

I honestly don't know.
All I know is

that I don't want to trust
any of them anymore.

After all, I'm the one who's at
risk of getting hurt in the end.


- Bestie!
- "Wow"!

Wow, oh, wow! You sound hurt!

- I am.
- You really do like him!

- Of course, not!
- I've known you

since we were kids.

- I know you too!
- I can tell!

- You're very quick to judge!
- Oh my goodness!

You really like him!

I'm sure of it!

What are you talking about?

If you must know, a relationship
will just interfere with my job.

I mean, people are already

talking about me
behind my back now.

Who knows what they'll say
if I get together with my boss?

I don't want to hear them
commenting about my love life.

- That would be very stressful.
- My goodness, bestie!

Think about it for a minute.

This is Chris
we're talking about!

Not only is he kind
and handsome,

he's filthy rich too!

It's insane how rich he is!

Melanie, don't worry about
what others have to say.

What matters is
that you'll be happy.

Tsk! But, still...

Why should I complicate
my work life even more?

If I get together with Chris,

I might disappoint
Ma'am Georgina even more.

I mean, she used to be very nice
to me, you know?

- Mm.
- She was unbelievably kind.

But, I feel like
she's grown cold towards me

ever since she saw me
go at it with that witch Stella.

Oh, that reminds me.

I think you should've done more
than just slap that witch.

You should've also kicked her
like this!

Anyway, why do you care so much

about what that Georgina person
thinks of you?

I don't know, but I'm leaving.
I'm going to SFX.

Hey, bestie.
It's a weekend today.

You don't have work.

Just stay here
and help me with these.

That's actually
why I'm going to work.

There's no one there,
so I don't have to avoid anyone.

I'll have the entire office
all to myself.

So I'm leaving. And this is
your gift for me, yes?

Fine, that's my gift.
Never mind that

I'm losing money here.

- Alright, then. Bye.
- Bye, bestie! Take care!

And who knows,
you might see Chris there.

Are you Miss Melanie?


Yes, I am. Why?

I'm Chelsea,
Uncle Chris's niece.

And this is Maya,
Uncle Chris's gift to me.

Hi, Chelsea.
And hi, Maya.


Can you forgive Uncle Chris?

- Uh...
- Uncle Chris told me

that he likes the new designer.

And I found out that it's you.

He said that he hurt you,
but he didn't mean to.

I swear, Uncle Chris
is a good person.

He takes care of me whenever
Mommy and Daddy are busy.

Please forgive Uncle Chris.

Please? Please?

Forgive Uncle Chris?

Please? Please?

Forgive Uncle Chris?


Chelsea? Uh...

Please s-stop crying now, okay?

Stop crying now.



Chelsea, what are you
doing here?

I've been looking everywhere
for you.

Yay! You and Aunt Melanie
are okay now!

What are you saying?

What are...

What are you doing?

I can't believe
you used Chelsea.

She already
forgave you.

You guys are okay now.

Are we okay now?

I've come up with
the perfect plan

to get rid of that Melanie girl.

Well, what is it?

You'll find out soon enough.

- Is that...
- Yes, she's in on it.

But does she know that...

...Melanie is your daughter?


So sorry I'm late.

- Hi, dear.
- Hi!

So why did you call me here?

To plan the Blancos' future.

We all know that Uncle Mike will
be naming his successor soon,

and we agree that
it has to be Steve.

He's the one who deserves it
the most.


Of course.

But, we cannot be sure
that will happen

because Chris is still around,
and he has a chance.

Would you like to see Chris
seated in that position

with Melanie by his side?

Of course not.

Then, we have to make a plan

to destroy Chris
through Melanie.

Here's the plan.

She's your friend, right?

So what do you have in mind?


Oh! Um...

Since you're good friends
with her,

I thought we could use her.

See you, guys!



Thank you for forgiving me.

Even if I know you were only
forced to do so.

I can't believe you even
got your niece involved.


I had nothing to do with it.
I swear!

You know, it's her
favorite place.

I take her here every weekend.


Seriously. She even told me

when she grows up,
she wants to be a designer.

Just like you.

How was I supposed to know
you'd be here too?

You know, maybe it's...


- Oh.
- Sir?

- Your delivery's here.
- Thank you.

Do you have plans today?

Um, no. Why?

Ma, there's someone here
to see you.

Ma, this is Melanie.

Melanie, this is my mom.

Hello, ma'am.

You know what?
Year in and year out,

I'm the only one who comes here.

I come here on her birthday,
her death anniversary...

Or to celebrate any occasion.


The reason I've been trying
so hard to earn Papa's love

is actually because of Mama.

Because I've always thought

that when I finally feel
that Papa loves me,

it would mean that
he loved Mama, too.

You know, it's really hard
growing up

if one parent isn't around.

So we should be thankful

for the people
who fill the void.

In my case,
there's Grandma Dulce.

In yours, there's Chelsea.

Your niece loves you very much.

You know what?
I told myself

that when I finally have
a kid of my own,

I'll make sure that
no matter what happens,

my family will remain intact.

I don't want my child to
experience what I went through.

What we both went through.

We both grew up feeling

like one of our parents
didn't love us.

I'm glad you and your dad
are okay now.

I, on the other hand,
am no longer expecting

to ever patch things up
with my mom.

I know that I'll never get
to experience

feeling the love of a mother.

But you can experience feeling
the love of someone else.

Like me.

You know, when my mom
passed away,

I promised her one thing.

It's that when I finally
fall in love,

I would love no one else
but that person.


Are you professing
your love for me?

Let's go.

- Where?
- Let's go.

I don't want you to just
hear me profess my love.

What I want is for you to feel

that I love you, Melanie.


You are the sunshine...

I've been waiting for
all my life.

I think it would be best

if we just stayed this way.

So no one would get hurt.


I-I won't hurt you.

So no one would get left
in the end.

I will never leave you.


But, sir...

You're no longer talking
to your boss now.

Just call me Chris.

Here goes nothing.

Wh-What do you mean?

I love you, too.


Thank you.

Thanks for driving me home.

Of course.

Good night.

Good night.

I love you.

I love you, too.

- How about another one?
- Hmm?

Another one of this.

What's the meaning of this?

Uh, hi, Grandma!

Have you been
standing there long?

Good evening, ma'am.

Melanie and I wanted
to tell you in person, but...

Never mind. I've seen enough.
You don't have to say anything.

Grandma, I'm the one
who's in a new relationship.

But how come you're...

Just make sure you won't hurt
my granddaughter, okay?

Don't you ever make her cry.

I would never do that, ma'am.
I promise.

Oh, I'm so happy!

The heavens finally
answered my prayer.

I'd been praying for Melanie to
find someone to look after her

and be by her side
when I'm gone.

Hey! Stop it, Grandma!
Don't say things like that!

Don't listen to her, okay?!

I told you,
you're not going anywhere!

Well, are you expecting me
to live to a hundred?!

No. You should live
to a hundred and fifty.

Oh, you know very well
that will never happen.

That's why I'm hoping
you'd meet your mom soon

so you two can patch things up.

Don't worry, ma'am. Uh...

Whether she finds
her mom or not,

she will always have me
to take care of her.

Oh, thank you.


- Aah!
- Aah!

- You're a couple now?
- Oh my gosh!

- You are?! Really?!
- Huh?!

- Aah! Oh my gosh!
- Aah!

- This is so exciting!
- I knew it!

- Aah!
- Ow!

I have only one advice
to give you two: SSS.

- That's a good one!
- Stay Strong and Solid!

- What did you say?
- You're too loud!

I need the samples
by Wednesday.

I'll be expecting them.
Here, take this.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

- Um, Clara?
- Yes?

Has the supplier called you back
to give updates

on the fabric we need
for one of our designs?

Oh, right. They said these
are the only available colors.

- Hmm...
- Choose from these.

Let's go with these three.

- Alright.
- Thank you.


I'm sorry.

Look. Before you arrived,

Chris and I were partners.

So, I hope you understand

that when he started
treating me like...


Is that why you called me trash?

Because deep inside,
that's how you saw yourself?

Look, I hope you can
forgive me, Melanie.

I miss my job.

And I miss SFX.

I hope you can take me back.

That's not my decision to make.
It's Ch...

It's Sir Chris's.


Will you take me back?


You know what?

Stella should thank you.

Well, we all deserve
a second chance.

Besides, I can't blame
Miss Stella.

I know how it feels

to be rejected.

But how can you be so sure

that a person is sincere
with their apology?

Of course, there will
always be doubts, but...

You just have to take a risk.

Like how you took a risk
with me?


What's wrong?


Can we keep this
a secret for now?

Melanie, I don't care
what others think.

It's the only thing
I'll ask of you.

I just don't want this
affecting my job.

Let's just wait until I have

a more stable position
in the company

or once I've made a name
for myself in the industry.

But you've already
done that, right?

That's not enough.

So I can't tell anyone yet?


Okay. Hi, Chris.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- After you.
- Thank you, sir.

We'll take the
Filipino fashion style to LA

by incorporating
iconic references

from Filipino pop culture
in our designs.

Let's start with this jacket.

This jacket is inspired
by the national flower

of the Philippines,sampaguita.

This other jacket
is an interpretation

of the jeepneys in Manila.

But the Hollywood
market is different

from that of the Philippines.
Would they understand that?

Do you think Americans
would buy those?

I believe the Americans will
embrace these statement pieces.

Yes. But there's only
a number of them who'd do so.

You've also yet to define
your target market.

Based on these designs,

they will only cater
to the Gen Z market.

And are they
the buying customers?

What do you think, Georgina?



I think she's overdoing it.


won't work.


Look. I know
I already apologized.

But, still...

I really want
to make it up to you.

You know Naomi Sevilla, right?

Of course.

Anyway, she's a really
good friend of mine,

and she asked me to look
for a dress

for this benefit gala and
fashion show she's attending.

So, I recommended you to design
her dress for that evening.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Look. Consider this
my peace offering.

Who knows what could happen
if people at that fashion show

notice your designs?

When that happens,
you can prove to Georgina

that she was so wrong.


Okay. Thank you.

If you don't stop that,

I might just melt in my seat.


Well what?

You won't stop staring at me.

What's wrong? Is that a crime?

Well, it's making me
uncomfortable, of course.

Oh, please.

Oh, I almost forgot.
I have something for you.

Where'd I put it?

What is it?


I worked hard
to make this. Ready?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?

Okay, here it is.


What's wrong?!

- Oh my god!
- You're so mean.

A finger heart? Really?

You're so corny.

Well, I'm sorry.

I haven't dated anyone
in so long.

Really? You didn't date anyone
after Stella?

I don't believe you.

Let's just talk about us, okay?

Work can wait.

Look, Chris. I'm doing this
for the company and for you.

Didn't you tell me

that you hate disappointing
your dad?

Besides, I also want
to make it up to Ma'am Georgina.

I really think
I disappointed her

when she saw me and Stella
going at it.

Aside from that,
she also rejected my designs.

So I want to regain
her confidence in me.

You know what? I think...

I think you're putting way
too much pressure on yourself

to prove yourself to her.

I don't know,

but there's just something
about her I can't explain.

Something about her?

- Mm-hmm.
- What do you mean?

It's like I feel so at ease
around her

and I can easily
open up to her.

It's like having
a mother figure at work.

That's why I feel bad
whenever I let her down.

But... Tsk!

Don't worry.

I'll work hard to win back
her confidence in me.

And I have the perfect plan
to do it.

And who knows? If my plan
turns out to be a success,

your dad might even
change his mind.

Want another
finger heart?

You beat me to it.

- Hi! Hello! How are you?
- Naomi! Oh my god!

- It's so nice to see you.
- Nice to see you, too.

Naomi, this is Melanie.

She's the one I told you about.

- Hello. Hi, Melanie.
- Melanie Dela Cruz.

I'm Naomi.

Wow. Is this it?

Oh, these are
the designs I made.

Actually, I made a lot
of sketches,

but I think this one
would suit you best.

It's a column mixed-print
stretch dress.

It's formal
yet playful and edgy.

I especially love the sheer
cutouts in the torso area.

It will give you that hourglass
or slimming effect

that's perfect for
your body type.

It's beautiful.

I love it!

- Oh, really?
- I love it.

- I told you. She's good, right?
- It's so nice.

Wait. You know what? I have to
share this with my followers.

I'm going to take a picture.

- Thank you so much, Melanie!
- Thank you!

- Thank you! Oh my god!
- Thank you!

Wow! Thank you!

Madam Georgina, this is
your schedule for tomorrow.

You have a meeting
with the board members

and managers of
TNT South at 5PM.

And then, right after that,

you have a meeting with
Mr. Hodari.

- And then, on Wednesday...
- You're being bitchy!


Do you have issues with me?


What was that?!

Speak up!

Yes, Madam.

I'm mad at you.

You've gone too far.

You humiliated me in public.

You know what? I could've
reported you for that.


You're serious.

You're not going to do that.

It'll just backfire on you,
and you know it.

Now, go.


George, I got what we need!

I want to see.

And, of course,
our piece de resistance!

That's a dress.

Thank you.
Yup! I'm 35!

You won't believe
what I've prepared.

What did you guys prepare?

We made sure
that everything you'll eat

matches your outfit.

- Yay!
- Yeah!

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to you.

- Wow! Thank you.
- Happy Birthday, my love.

- Whoo!
- Oh! Cheers, guys!

- Speech!
- Speech!

- Whoo!
- Speech!

- Whoo!
- Whoo!

I don't know what to say,
but thank you.

Thank you, everyone, for
celebrating this day with me.

Thank you so much.

As you all know,

I've spent!...
half of my life with TNT,

and there's nothing more
I could wish for

than to see the company
continue to grow...

...and stay on top.

- Of course!
- Aww!

And, my wish for myself
is to be able

to spend the rest of my life...

-The rest of your life?
- The rest of my life...

...with this beautiful woman
next to me.

That being said,
I think it's safe to say

that the celebration
doesn't end here

because you are all
invited to our wedding

in a few months.

- Wow!
- Oh my gosh!

- Whoa!
- Whoa!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- Cheers!
- Cheers, guys! Happy Birthday!

- Happy Birthday, Steve.
- Thank you so much.

- Thank you. Thank you.
- Congrats.

- Congrats, sir.
- Thank you. Thank you.

Follow me on Instagram!
Don't forget! I'll...

Excuse me.

Aren't you going to apologize?

Oh! Sir, it's okay.

- You spilled...
- It's okay, really.

It's okay.
It's okay, sir. It's okay.

It's okay.

- Get over here.
- Ow.

- Oh my god!
- What?

Are you out of your mind?

My goodness!
That was Mr. Santos!

- And?
- He's a major shareholder.

If I lose my job over this,
I'll make you pay.

- You're unbelievable!
- Here, let me.

You know, if somebody
does something bad to you,

they should apologize for it
regardless of who they are.

That was our boss!

You still shouldn't let them
walk over you.

All of us should be
treated equally here.

One must apologize
if they do something wrong.

- I'll do it!
- Always remember that.

Why? What's wrong?

Nothing. Give me that!

Melanie, it's Chelsea.

- Oh! Hi, sir.
- Oh. Here.

- Hi, Chelsea!
- Hey, Chelsea!

- Will you be okay?
- Thank you, sir.

- Chelsea, say hi.- Hi, Aunt Melanie!

- Hello!
- How are you?


Of course, Chelsea.

I'll give your gift
to your dad.

I'm sure he'll love it.
Right, Melanie?

Of course.

Uncle Chris, can you give
the phone to Daddy?

- He's not answering my calls.
- Oh, okay.

Let me just go up
to your daddy, alright?

I'll call you back.


- Bye.
- Bye, Chelsea.

Excuse me.




That can wait.

Steve can talk to
his ex-family later.


Is there such a thing?

My point is, Steve is busy.

Can't you see that he has
lots of guests to attend to?

Well, Georgina, the kid just
wants to talk to her dad.

Uh, ma'am?
I think there's nothing wrong

with Chelsea wanting
to talk to her dad.

Excuse me!

Why are you butting in
on our conversation?

Are you part of this family?

Yes, she is.

She's my girlfriend.


Talk to you later, dear.

She's burrowing herself
too deep into this family.

We really need
to get rid of her.

Calm down, George.
The press is here.

You need to look your best.

Should I apologize to her?

You didn't do anything wrong.

Oh my god!

Check your notifications.

So this is the dress

that Melanie Dela Cruz
created for me.

She told me that this
was her original creation.

But look what I found.

It says "Chung G. Boutique."

I did some research,

and I found out that
Chung G. Boutique

is a brand from Taiwan.

Melanie Dela Cruz is a scammer!

She scammed me,
and she's unbelievable!

So, let's make her
go viral, guys,

because she deserves it.

"Thrift Store Girl #CANCELLED"

Oh, there you are.

I tried to copy it
to the best of my abilities.

What do you think?
Close enough?

It looks perfect.

Everybody knows
about your relationship,

and they all think you're just
protecting her.

Pa, I'm only protecting Melanie
because she's innocent.

She dragged us into this mess!

That cost you your deal
for the LA expansion.

SFX's reputation is now ruined
in the international community.

But she didn't do
anything wrong!

I will find out
who did this to her.

I've already
made my decision.

You're fired.



I did not expect
much class from you.

So what you did
didn't surprise me anymore.

What can one expect
from someone

whose sense of fashion
was born out of

some cheap thrift shop?

I just wish you had been
more discreet about it

since you knew you were
representing this company.

You could've practiced
some ethics, you know.

You're right.

I was representing this company.

But do you know what else
is at stake here?

My own name and reputation.

That's right, I've also got
a reputation to protect

even if you call me cheap

for my designs made out
of thrift store clothes.

That's why I can't just
sit around and do nothing.

I'll fight back.

I'm used to mending
what's broken.

We'll prove to everyone

that this is clearly
a sabotage attempt.

I saw Sir Mac

carrying a shopping bag with
the label "Chung G. Boutique."

It's the same label on the tag
of Naomi's dress.

Maybe they did that to...

To make it look like I just
resell ready-made clothes?

What about the scandal?

How will you repair
SFX's reputation?

We will be pulling
a publicity stunt

to reconcile with Naomi
at the Manila Gala.