Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Tuen Yuk-lau, you come out here

Tuen Yuk-lau...

What is the ruckus here?

Why aren't you practicing?

You had the nerve to get mad?

We have the same father and mother

Why you set me up?

What are you talking about?

You know what I am talking about

I thought you taught me martial arts
out of kindness

But you took me for a fool

What you taught me is Bliss Force

Yuk-lau, how many times I have told you

You can't let Tuen Fei cultivate
Bliss Force

Why you wouldn't listen

Dad, you know I had no choice

If I didn't do it

Calamity would befall the martial world

Not only just us

3000 Celestine disciples will also meet
their doom

That's what you said

If we can't beat that Koo Yim-yeung

We make a truce with him

If it can't be done, we can run

We really have to kill?

I am not a coward

I just hate myself

Why I was not born

At an even hour on an even day
in an even month of an even year

You weren't, that's why you say so

If you were

You wouldn't cultivate it no matter what

Dad, don't you let him fool you

His acting is very pro

Dad, Tuen Fei is my brother

How will I want him dead?

But if I didn't do it

The martial world will be doomed

I have thought about it

Once Tuen Fei masters Bliss Force

We will go to Koo Yim-yeung together

We brothers will die together

Yuk-lau, you get up

Dad, you blast at him

He wants me dead,
why you won't scold him?

He is your son, am I not you son too?

Tuen Fei, I know I have wronged you

What's the use of saying this?

I am going to die, Dad

I am going to die

Why you still take his side?


It is destiny

Dad, you should know

Tuen Fei cannot stop his cultivation
at this point

Yuk-lau, you know Tuen Fei
is not cut out for martial arts

The only thing I can do now is to
look for the Sun Spa to treat him

I will go look for the Sun Spa
to treat Tuen Fei

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Chu, you like this colour?

Buy it if you like it

You think it is for me?

You are going to meet your prospective
bridegroom tomorrow

You have to doll up

Come on, let me see if it matches you

All right, buy it

Chu, what's wrong with you today?

You are just not here

Mom, you think that rascal is all right?

Rascal? Tuen Fei?

So you are thinking of that trickster

Don't tell me it is from hating him
to loving him

What? Who will like him?

Just thinking about
his look makes me puke

You are just tough outside

You think I don't know?

It is no big deal worrying about him

He has a potty mouth

But he is not a bad man

It is out of kindness

I just want to know if he is dead

You won't feel easy unless
you have seen him

You just go and be back early


Don't you look at me like I am a monster

I will die, so what?

You too will die sooner or later

Wah, you come over here

Junior Young Master...

Don't look like you have just lost
your father

Come have fun with me

Junior Young Master...
I don't want you to die

Look at you, a man and you cry

How unbecoming

Laugh at him

1, 2, 3...laugh at him

How pathetic

So you sure take it lightly

This is me

Even if the sky falls

There are tall guys to hold it up

Looking pathetic won't make me live

Why not die happy?

You agree?

That's enough

It is indifference wine

Don't drink too much

Shut up

So what?

I am dying anyway

I don't care if it is poison

You stop it...Junior Young Master

It really is potent

You don't have to bother with me

You take a break

I go in for a nap

- Junior Young Master...
- Leave me alone

- Junior Young Master...
- You wake up

- He is dead again? - What?

He still has heartbeat

He is drunk only

- Wake up... - He has come to...

Junior Young Master...wake up...

Junior Young Master

Butch, you can be rest assured

Even if I have become a ghost

I will bless you that you will find
a good husband

Bu if no one will marry you

Don't you come to me

You go to Biu

What? Junior Young Master


- Remember, or go to Wah - What? Me?

Don't you forget

You are drunk

Help him up

Junior Young Master, get up...

Junior Young Master

Poor me, I don't even have a wife

Yet I am going to die

Junior Young Master

Junior Young Master, please

Junior Young Master

Actually I am terrified...

Come on, Junior Young Master...

I am just over 20 years old

I am supposed to have a long way ahead

But poor me

I am going to die

Help me find a way

Find a way to help me, I am so scared

- Junior Young Master, please
- Help...

Junior Young Master, come on...

Junior Young Master...

Poor him! He talks tough only

Why he has such an evil brother

Get up, don't cry

Take him to my wine house

See if Mom can help him

All right, let us go

Madam Li, how is Junior Young Master?

He will be fine for the time being

His lips are moving...
Junior Young Master...

Junior Young Master, you have come to...

Yes, I have come to, everyone can tell

What nonsense, really

Why you took me here?

You only talk tough

You got drunk with indifference wine

And cried on my shoulders

- It was true? -Yes

Why didn't you stop me?

- Who can stop your blathering?
- You...

Tuen Fei, have you died in the past
few days?


You just eat while you can

Go to have fun while you can


To be honest, you only have a month left

What? Junior Young Master only has
a month left?

Junior Young Master...

Mom, there really is no way to save him?

There is one

Legend has it that there is a Sun Island

The spa there can cure anything

It is no use

I heard it from my evil brother

No one knows its whereabouts

I may have reincarnated several times
before it is found

You have to be so pessimistic?

You can't just sit here
and wait for death

Mom, no one really knows its whereabouts?

Chu, you remember it?

I took you here from Shanxi
when you were four

We met a storm on the way

We went up an island

There were many golden birds flying about

No, you suspect that was Sun Island?

Legend has it that the spa is golden
in colour

It is the habitat of the golden lark

They build their nests nearby

That means I can be saved

Yes...let us just go...

Don't get carried away

It was so long ago

I don't remember where the island is

So it is no use

Junior Young Master, come on...

You...don't you lose heart so easily

All right, I go look for it
with you tomorrow

See if it is in your destiny

Chu, you really are going with him?

It is like looking for a needle
in a haystack

Moreover, you have to meet
your prospective husband tomorrow

It can be postponed

But if he dies,
he can't come back to life

Touch wood

Moreover, that Chu guy
is quite an eyesore

I may not be willing even if he is

Catch me if you can

Catch you? All right, I will catch you... are naughty

Lechers inside, listen

You let the women go, or else...

Who is it?

So it is Brother Hon

You prankster

It has been some time

You have lived up to the name of
Nine Banes of Peach Blossom

Brother Hon, don't just stand here

- Let us talk inside, come on - Sure

Come in

Guys, Brother Hon is back

Brother Hon, you are back

It has been some time

- Sit... - Sure

- It was 5 years -5 years

You have not forgotten this Brother Hon

You suddenly showed up

So you have picked up Mystic Ice Palace
martial arts?

Don't mention it

I had been in Mystic Ice Palace
for so many years

That cunning monster

He never taught me one martial art

He ordered me around like a dog

Brother Hon, when will you go back?

Go back? I am not going back

I have failed in my mission

I left that Suet Ngan to her death
in the quicksand

I will die if I go back

I am not going back

Brother Hon, it was serious

No big deal, he will never know I did it

He will think it was Tuen Yuk-lau

Moreover, his mind is on taking on
Celestine School

Even if he knew it was me

He would not have time to come to me

That's good then

It will be fine...
let us not talk about it

It is our reunion, let us have fun

Young Mistress, please get on board


Wait...please wait...

Faster, the boat is about to set sail

Luckily we made it

Or it would mean a long wait

Ladies, what is it?

On Master's order

No one can see our boat

Hold it

So it is you

How come you are here?

We are catching the boat to Shanxi

The hussies are your underlings?

Tuen Fei, the boat you meant has gone


I told you not to go to the outhouse

But it was an emergency

Then what took you so long?

You liked the smell there?

- But... - What?

Go there again since you liked it so much

It will be a fortnight before there is
another boat

Lady, this is your boat?

Since we know each other

Why not give us a ride?

No! You get lost!


Tuen Fei...

You human or not? He is dying

This trip is to look for cure for him

You don't have to give us a ride

But why hurt him? You human or not?

You get on board


You hussy...

- Brother Hon... - What is it?

- It is serious...
- What so serious?

Suet Ngan is not dead

We saw her going to the seaside

So she is going back to Mystic Ice Palace

If she tells the monster I tried
to rape her and kill her

I am doomed

It really means trouble

Call all brothers back

We have to kill her before she goes back

How do you feel? You all right?

You have come to

I died again?

Yes, but this lady let us get on board

Really? Then thank you

Oh yes, I just felt your pulse

It was very odd

What ails you?

It is not just odd, it is weird

It causes him to die from time to time

It was his wicked brother's fault

He taught his brother such weird
martial art

That would kill his brother

Forget it, don't mention it again

What martial art were you cultivating

Then has landed you in such a state?

Some Bliss Force

Bliss Force?

You have anything to do with
Celestine School?

Why are you so agitated?

I ask you what is your relationship
with Celestine School

I am the Junior Young Master of
Celestine School

I didn't tell you?

Oh yes, I didn't

Now I have told you and you know

You saved my life, I shouldn't kill you

But you are man of Celestine

You look so gentle-looking

Why this about face?

- Indeed, why?
- It is not your business

Hey...let us make it clear first

All right, let me tell you

I am the goddaughter of Koo Yim-yeung
of Mystic Ice Palace

Now you know what is going on

He only has a month left

You do him some kindness

You let me live for a few days more


Forget it, don't beg her

I am so down in luck

I am going to die anything

You just kill me if you want to

I made a mistake saving you


-You just do it - All right

Please, don't kill him

I can spare you two for the time being

But I will take you back to see
my godfather

Some tough luck

Don't act tough

You must have regretted coming with me


But I didn't know it
would end up this way

What is going on?

Shut up...

No one here, come on, let us go

Young Mistress, we are ambushed

Sister-in-arms, here we meet again

Hon Mok-kei, you traitor

Good, you come here on your own accord

Let me dispense penalty for my godfather


You were poisoned

You have not fully recovered

You can't beat me

If you are nice to me

- I may be nice to you in return
- Cheap

Throw them into the sea for the fish


No! He is not dead!

Not dead? Says who?

Quite dead, as stiff as a corpse

- No! - Throw him down

He really is not dead

- Just throw him into the water

Believe me, he will come to

Come to? What nonsense

How will the dead come back to life?

It is true

You shut up

What are you doing?

Brother, he really has come to...

Yes, ghost...

How did you check it?

Brother, I tried his breathing

He really had no breathing

He really was dead

How strange

I died again?

How come I died so easily lately?

Last month, after my fight with
18 Demons of Manchuria

I died after taking more than 30 palms

Several days ago in the fight with
the Three Swordsmen of Wudong

I died after being stabbed more than
70 times

Some tough luck

I die and come to all the time

You can take it easy know black magic?

You can insult me

But don't you insult my shifu's
martial arts

This is called the Immortality Force

It was passed to me by an immortal
of more than 200 in age

Immortality Force?

Don't tell me

You have not heard of this supreme
martial art

Where the hell did you come from?


So you have got my wife

No wonder you look so cocky

All right, if you will let her go

I can pass the supreme martial art to you

Your blathering doesn't work

You all saw me die

You still don't believe it?

All right, no big deal

I can show you again

- He really is dead - Tuen Fei

You can see it yourself

Take him to the bow

See if he will come to

If he doesn't

Chop his dead off for the fish


Don't bother, there is no coming back
from death

- Just chop his dead off -Yes

Hold it, you wait a bit longer

He will come to very soon

Oops, I just made it

So you really know Immortality Force

I don' was just pure luck

You rascal, you tell me the truth

Brother, I told you the truth
and you didn't believe me

Feng shui master may fool you for years

But I said was verified

Immortality Force means I will not die

But you just wouldn't believe me

It was baffling

You teach it to me now

Now you want to learn it?

- Let me think about it - What?

Yes, but it can be talked over

What talked over?
You spare me your tricks

If you won't teach me

I will rape her in front of you

Then go ahead, just do it

I have long wanted to get a new one

Thank you

Actually, if you want me to teach you

You just be polite to me

This is me,
I can be coaxed but not coerced

I was kidding only

You really think I would rape your wife?

Kidding only?

- We are brothers - Right

Now tell me how Immortality Force
is cultivated

I feel hungry

I think you should give me a treat
and let me take a nap

Then I will teach you, all right?

When energy runs low I feel dizzy

What if I teach you the wrong moves?

It may backfire

All right...
take them in and feed them well


You go in for some rest too


Lady Boss, why aren't you in bed
at this hour?

I am worried about this silly girl

She has gone for so long

What if something has happened to her?

She must be fine

Probably the boat is delayed

She doesn't know martial arts

I shouldn't have let her go

What if...

Don't you go on, how I am worried too

Lan, what about this?

We go out to look for her tomorrow

Yes, let us do it

You had a good rest

Now recite the manual to me

All right, don't keep urging me
like I owe it to you

Do it

Only for once, don't you miss it

First line, vital energy in the
public region

Public region? What public region?

You call yourself a martial arts

The part down the belly button

The pubic region, not public region

You didn't do it on purpose, right?

Don't you piss me off

How did I know?

That' s what my shifu said

I just repeat his words

All right, no more nonsense

Second line

The second line is...

It is at the tip of my tongue

You have to believe it

The boat keeps rocking

It makes me feel dizzy

You have some pills for seasickness?

Go away

I have a sore throat

You can hear my voice is hoarse

Don't you piss me off

See? You have a sore throat

I am seasick

Both of us don't feel well

Let us not press ourselves

Why don't you anchor the boat alongshore

To make us more comfortable

Then I can recite it in whole to you

All right?

You think you can't die?

- Chop his hands off -Yes

Take it easy

Whatever it is

Let us sit down and have tea first

Take it easy

- What is it? - Nothing


You just dropped a book

Who? What book?

- You dropped a book? -No

- Be still - Take it easy

How cunning of you

You kept the manual here

You give it back to me

Shifu says the manual can't be shown
to others

Get lost!

- Give it back to me - Get lost!

I go cultivate it

I will ask you for points
I don't understand

You take him in

Tie him up with the two women


- No... - Go...

- Shifu says... - Save it and go

- You give it back to me... - Go...

Why took it away from me?

You can't have it, give it back to me

Give the manual back to me

What do you want?

Give the manual back to me

Don't go, you listen to me

Tuen Fei

You calling me? I am not rascal anymore?

You cut it out

They fell into the trap or not?

Those don't know

I just found out that I should try acting

My performance was terrific

They swallowed it hook, line and sinker

You are smart

You put down Mystic Yang Force in reverse

That lecher cultivates it to his doom

I hope it works

It will

But first of all we have
to untie ourselves

The knot is sure tight

Come it done?


You bite the rope off, not me

You just shut up

And let me warn you, don't fart

You hurry up

Brother...what is it? Brother...

Chu, don't bite your tongue off
to kill yourself

I am now held by that lecher

I don't want to live

Don't do foolish things

You leave me alone

I am going to die anyway

I would rather kill myself
than being killed

- But are you dead?
- What is going on?

I have mastered Immortality Force


Drop dead!

What is your plan? You just tell us

They are coming

What are you looking for?

What is this?


It was meant for Celestine School

Now it is just right for Hon Mok-kei

You mean...

Talk no more

You and Chu go up to untie the sampan

Let me take care of it here

No, how I can leave you here by yourself

You save it

No more nonsense

You take care of it, let us go

- Come on - You be quick

- Invincible... - Brother

- Over there - Yes, come on

Suet Ngan is not here yet

Oh no, she is still not here come to

- Where are we?
- 1 don't know either

Oh no, Suet Ngan is nowhere in sight

Go look for her

Come quick, come with me, come on

You be careful...don't trip

Lady Boss, Young Mistress is now far away

Let us turn back

We can't catch up with her

I hope so

How come so many broken pieces?

Look over there

Oh no, the boat exploded

What happened to Suet Ngan?

No sight of her, what to do?

I am hungry

I am hungry too, but what can we do?

We don't know where we are

We are going to die of hunger here

No, we won't

But where is Suet Ngan?

Suet Ngan, where are you?

There is smoke over there

Let us check it out

Come on, faster

This lady, I just felt your pulse

You were poisoned

How did you know?

Anyone with some medicine knowledge
can tell

It was no big deal

Yes, I was poisoned

But I will be fine

You have some rest

If anything happens, call us

Don't stand on ceremony

Oh yes, Lady, when you were on the boat

Did you see a girl named Li Chu
and a man named Tuen Fei?

You know them?

Yes, I am Li Chu's mother

They were on the same boat with you?

Yes, we were together

Where are they now?

The boat sank, and we were separated

The sea is so vast

Then Chu...must be dead

You take it easy

May be they are fine

I am done...Chu was the hope of my life

Now that she is dead

What is the point for me to go on living?

Why are you so sure she is dead?

She may have been washed ashore

Or saved as I was

Indeed, she is blessed


Place you bet...

3, 2, 1...6 points, small

Come on

Bets on, hands off

Here it goes...

- You bet... - Bet more win more

Big or small come to...Chu

- 1am not dead? - No

How come I am here?

Indeed, how come? I just came to

You owe me three meals

Three meals, so what?


Bets on, hands off, here it goes

Bets on...

Brother, I really have to pee

One round less

The people here are weird

Indeed, very weird

Let us just ask

Bets it goes

This uncle, may I know where we are?

Don't get in the way

Get lost...really

- Come on...bets on...
- Small or big?

Elder, may I know where we are?

13 points, big...

Big again, 3 times in a row

Gentlemen, this way please, thank you


May I know where we are?


Come on...

- Let us go... - Later

I lost, I want to go on

Let us go...come on

What? Gambling here again?

Go with me

Come quick

- You all go out...
- Go out, be quick

- This knight-errant... - Go out

Why should we go out?

Don't you ask, just go...go

Just hurry up, you are too slow, faster

Faster, go...

You want to die? Faster... come on

Can I have some tea first?

Get up, and be quick

- All right - Go...

Faster, and work harder

Be careful, Uncle

You all right?

We work day and night

They want us dead

Uncle, where the hell are we?


- You are new here? -Yes

Our boat subsided, we were washed here

No wonder you know nothing at all

How did you end up here?

It was a long story

It was 15 years ago

We were pirates

We met a storm at sea

And we were washed here

But we were put in chains

It was scary

When we were washed here

We heard some strange noise one night

Then something blew over

And we passed out

When we came to, we were all chained up

It was strange, some kind of monster?

We know nothing about monsters

We just know that we are given order
every morning

Will disappear the following day

That's how we have been chained up
for dozen of years

Yes, we work everyday

And now my beard is so long

What do they mean? How can they do it?

Who are those people?

Shirking work?

What does it mean?

I will not do it no matter what

You do it yourself

You shut up, people here will do anything

I am dying anyway

I just don't give a damn

You just suck it up

You may not care

But you should do it for my sake

I am the Junior Young Master of Celestine

Now I am really down and out

Madam Li

The matchmaker has just come

She has found Chu a good match

Boss Chan of the grocery store
in the adjacent village

And he likes Chu

It is in her destiny

What do you mean? Madam Li

I don't get it

If she is meant to be back

She should have been back

Oh yes, I am going out to sea
to look for her tomorrow

I have your medication ready

You just ask Lan to make it for you

No, thanks, I am much better now

I have to bid you goodbye

You take your time in your search

She is my daughter, she is my son

Even if I can't find her alive and well

I have to get her body back

The siren

Tail her, see where she is going

Let me out of here...why I am chained up?

Brother, you all right?

I am fine, let me out...

Brother has gone raving mad

Where has that hussy gone?

We are doomed

Brother, let us go into hiding

Nonsense! Where to hide?

Mystic Ice Palace has a scout ring

We still will die


Our only hope is that the hussy is dead

Brother, I just saw Suet Ngan
of Mystic Ice Palace

- She is still alive - Where is she?

Going the direction of Xianyang

Brother, what to do?

That hussy has taken
Brother's flaccid drug

She has not fully recovered

Her martial artistry
has not fully restored

If 1 get her

I will quarter her

Young Master, we have tailed her

To the Fortune Inn

Young Master, let us not waste time

We go get her back

No use

Koo Yim-yeung is ruthless

His beloved Chu Shing-cheung
has been held captive for 20 years

He couldn't care less

Suet Ngan is just his adopted daughter

So we just let her go back
to Mystic Ice Palace?

It is all right, I know what to do

You are excused

Yes, Young Master

I have been waiting for you

Now let me see where you can go

You the lechers

If you had not come to me

I would have gone to you

Tuen Yuk-lau?