Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript

What a pity

Our plan was so thorough

But Tuen Fei that rascal ruined it

Not necessarily

Though Heaven decoction didn't fall on him

But some did spill on his face

But from the look of him

He didn't seem to have got hurt

With his inner force

He can withstand it for a while

But the poison will go into his organs

He will die of it within three months

That's good

Come, another toast on it

To celebrate your revenge

Thanks for your help

Come on

Hung, you had your revenge

You can give me the coffin fern now

What I just said is my conjecture only

I will feel relieved only when
he is really dead

Yuk-lau, you have patience

Hung, so you don't trust me

You give me coffin fern first

If he won't die

I will still help you

Leave it for later

So you don't trust me

Not that I don't trust you, but...

But what?

All right, you go into the
secret chamber with me

This is coffin fern essence

Hold it

You take it whenever there is lightning

Don't finish it in one go

Why? It cures my jinx once
and for all, right?

Why I still need to take it?

You just do as I said

I ask you why

At this point

I don't want to hide it from you

Actually coffin fern's effect is temporary

What did you say? You lied to me?

Yuk-lau, believe me

I didn't mean to lie to you

All right, let me ask you

Is there a cure for my jinx?

Yes or no?

You listen to me

I will find out one, but...

You stop it

I did your bidding to kill people
and to assassinate the emperor

But you were lying to me

You said you would make me the antidote

Where is it?

- The antidote... - Yuk-lau


I have always been known for being smart

But I was fooled by you, a woman


I can't live with the jinx for the rest
of my life

I am leader of the 12 School Alliance

I am Master of Celestine School

I can't be beholden to a drug

You get it?

- Yuk-lau, please - You get lost

Yuk-lau, you calm down and listen to me

You spare me, I won't believe you again

I won't listen to you again

- Yuk-lau - Get lost!

I know I have wronged you

But killing me won't help matters

You believe me for one more time

I will work out an antidote for your jinx

Believe me

You really will work out an antidote for me


Yuk-lau, you are not a fool

You should know how I feel for you

I never cared for men

But you are the exception

Yuk-lau, you don't have to worry

I will not let you die

I will cure you

I know, I know you will

But with our assassination attempt

That emperor fool will send out men
to capture us

We can't continue to stay here

Moreover, I have left Celestine Mount
for so long

I have to go back

Let me go with you

But you...

Don't worry

I only see you to Xianyang

Then we will go separate ways

Your Majesty

Please get up

Thank you, Your Majesty

Your Majesty, Knight-errant Koo is
concerned about your injury

He came here to ask after you

Your Majesty, I wonder if your injury
is getting better

I look fine on the surface

But the poison has got into my
internal organs

Very soon, my flesh will begin to rot

And very soon...

Your will be fine

I will find you the antidote no matter what

What got into me is Heaven decoction

I didn't become a set of bones on the spot

It was because of my inner force

It has no antidote yet

You don't have to bother

Tuen Yul-lau is wicked indeed

When I get him I will chop him up

And his family will not be spared

It is in my destiny

I have to resign to it

But in my condition

I can't cultivate Maiden Force

I will return the manual to Brother Koo

It has been Your Majesty's wish
To cultivate Maiden Force

Now that you have to give it up
because of the poisoning

It really is a shame

It is a bigger shame that I can't pass
my martial artistry to my son

With my condition

I can hold it for three or four months

I will do my best to form 10 elixirs

And infuse my inner force into them

When my son takes the elixirs

My inner force is passed to him

That's good

But Your Majesty has to put
your health first

Don't over-exert yourself

I meant to launch a coup

When the Maiden Force backfires
on that emperor fool

But my sister suddenly appeared

And did us a great favour

We shouldn't have bothered with our efforts

Brother Chiu,so when are you going to do it?

I have liaised with other ministers

We can do it any moment

Don't be so impatient

Wait till the emperor has made his elixirs

And we have taken them from him

Good, it is so decided

Brother Koo, very soon

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Tuen Fei

Chu Chu

You all right?

I am fine

His Majesty has granted you
an exemption gold medal

Was it true?

Yes, since it is you

Let me show you

Isn't it cool?

You know, this is my greatest
accomplishment so far

If Dad knows about it

He will be overjoyed

You really have not seen Suet Ngan
and Uncle?

Of course I have

I lied to that Ghoul Eunuch only

Don't worry, they are now very safe

I mean it

That's good

You and Suet Ngan had been in hiding
for so long

You sure had a lot of opportunities
for billing and cooing

What are you talking about?

Yes, I lied to you, it was my fault

But it was so long ago

Let us forget about it, all right?

I have long forgotten about it

You have made it clear with me

Come on, all right?

What? I am fine

Don't be so presumptuous

Don't bother to console me

Well, you mean to carry on staying here?

What? What did you say?

How long you intend to stay here?

Just to enjoy myself for a few days more

Then I am going back to join them

Good, you have to be good to Suet Ngan

Don't you always drag us together
All right?

- Actually she... - What?

I am not blessed

I still want you two to have happiness

All right, whatever you want to say

Actually what's so good about me?

You can easily find one ten times better
than I am

Your Highness

That's true, Chu Chu is such a good girl

She doesn't have to worry about
getting a husband

I just don't understand why
she can be such a fool

That she falls for you

You eavesdropped on us?

I didn't

I happened to overhear you only

So you eavesdropped on us

Yes, Chu Chu is a good girl

She couldn't be better to me

But love cannot be forced

Love is different from being grateful

You know it?

I can't say I love her just because
I am grateful to her

It doesn't work

It does neither of us any good, right?

You are right

But still

You shouldn't have treated her so poorly you care for her

Don't you get me wrong

I care about Chu Chu

Yes, you care about her

For no reason at all?

I say you have feelings for her

Chu Chu is a good girl

You can't deny it

So you really have feelings for her


Nothing of that sort

Don't you deny it

We are young men, just say it

What's there to be afraid of


You saw through me

I am in love with her, so what?


You just go tell her

Don't be like me

I put everything inside myself

I dared not say it

But it is hard to tell her in person

How hard can it be?

I am uneducated, I am tongue-tied

You are cultivated

You can do it very easily

As you said

Good girls like Chu Chu are hard to come by

Don't you miss the chance

Grab it

All right, let me think up a way for you

Oh yes, physiognomy

- Can it work? - Sure

Chu Chu, I see you are in good mood today

Let me read your face for you

You come over here, come on

Chu Chu, from what I see

You are destined to have two
marriage prospects

The first one has nothing to recommend for

But the second one is sure great

You will encounter a noble guy

He is no ordinary people

May well be a prince

Oh no, it doesn't work

Chu Chu won't buy it

Could I help?


Look at you, you were so absorbed
in your soliloquy

You didn't even notice I am here

But that's good

Otherwise, I wouldn't have known
you are in love

Sire, you overheard everything?

If you really love Chu Chu

You can be frank with her

But I know your character

Let me give you a hand

Sire, Chu Chu doesn't love me, Sire...

You have not asked her

How do you know she doesn't love you?


Pong, you are not that small

I have been looking for a girl for you

You let me handle this for you

You don't know

Chu Chu will not agree to it

Don't waste your effort

You leave it to me

You wait for my good news

Your Majesty, we are not worthy

I really am grateful

But I don't know how my daughter thinks

I am open-minded

If Miss Koo agrees to this proposal

That will be fine

But if she doesn't agree to it

Then let us forget about it

Brother Koo just have to ask her

What she thinks about it

I will ask my daughter

I will give Your Majesty the reply
as soon as possible

I know the proposal came out of the blue

But you know my health

I am poisoned, I don't have much time left

I just want to find my son a consort

Then I am relieved

Your Majesty, you don't have to worry

I will not disappoint you

That's good

That hussy only has Tuen Fei in her heart

She will not agree to it

Shifu, if Young Mistress agrees to it

It will greatly facilitate us


If she agrees to it

Then Ngai Ting-shan and us are in-laws

We don't have to give that
Chiu But-fan a damn

Yes, he promised Shifu

After becoming emperor

He would make Shifu national guardian

But he is cunning

I don't think his word can be trusted

If he dares to lie to me

I will not let him off

But once he has become emperor

He will be surrounded by
martial arts adepts

It will not be so easy to tackle him

But why let him be emperor?

Shifu, you can get on the throne yourself

Me emperor? It is not possible

Why not? Shifu

I am not a native of Dali

If I become emperor

The people of Dali will not accept my rule

Right, not for the time being

But we can work it out

But first of all

If Young Mistress agrees to the proposal

She will become consort

Once Ngai Ting-shan is dead

She will become empress

We then can kill off that fool

Let Young Mistress ascend the throne

Shifu can be the backroom player

Young Mistress is empress in hame only

Shifu are the one who holds power

Right...then we can get rid of Chiu But-fan
that old fool

I will never agree to it

Marriage should be left to the parents
to decide

You cannot object to it

Dad, I don't love His Highness at all

Love can be nurtured

Young Mistress, what are you thinking?

What's so good about that Tuen Fei?

His Highness is different

You praised him so highly

You marry him then

You stop there

If you won't agree to it

You are grounded


- Mo-kei, lock her up -Yes


- You think about it - Dad

Your Highness, how was it?

Any news?

No, Koo Yim-yeung said to Sire

That she still needs time to think about it

So there is still hope

What hope?

Why she has to think for so long?

I have given up hope

Girls like to play coy, that's for sure

Where's her pride if she said yes at once

I do hope so

Why are you carrying a bundle?

You are leaving?


Even if you are going to leave

You should say goodbye to Sire first

Why set out at this hour?

Wait till tomorrow morning

You don't know

I found that I was being tailed

It must be Ghoul Eunuch's doing

This is not the place for me to stay

I can only set out at night

I see, then you be careful

Tuen Fei, you think by setting out at night

It will not be found out?

You are too naive

What do you want?

I have the exemption gold medal

Don't you dare touch me

You...had better think about it

It is for your own good



Young Mistress, throwing tantrums here?

Shifu wants you to see somebody

Someone you want to see

Hotties...hunkies...put me down
for some tea and a bun, all right?

Come on, do me a favour

- Tuen Fei -Chu Chu

Young Mistress, this is an acid pool

Fall in there and you will be dissolved

What do you want?

Put Tuen Fei down

Put him down? It is easy

If you agrees to marry His Highness

He will be let go at once it is you

You human or not?

I am your natural daughter

You stop it

You agree to marry His Highness or not?

You are wicked

Don't say yes, Chu Chu

Lower him down

- Let us talk it over, help... - Tuen Fei

Let us call it quits

No more horsing around



You agree to marry His Highness or not?

- Lower... -Yes

Young Mistress, you should have said
so earlier

To spare him the suffering

Dad, I have said yes

Now you let Tuen Fei go

Not so easy

Wait till the wedding has taken place

Then I will let him go

- No - I said so and that's it

You want Tuen Fei to die here?

All right, if you don't let him go
on the wedding day

I will kill myself

You should know I mean what I say

All right

Let me warn you

Don't you go back on your word

And you can't tell His Highness
I forced you to marry him

Otherwise, both of you will die

But, Sire

I still feel that Chu Chu doesn't
really love me

Don't you imagine things

Who doesn't want to be consort?

It is beyond many's wildest dream

I do hope so

But I feel that she is reluctant

You know why I am so impatient?

Because my days are numbered

Sire, what do you mean?

I can't hide it from you anymore

That day in Five Dragon Temple

I caught some Heaven decoction

It has no antidote yet

Were it not for my inner force

I would have been dead

I just don't' believe that no one
in Dali can cure you

I don't believe it, I don't

Pong, you calm down

My greatest regret is that I can't pass
my martial artistry to you

But I have infused my martial artistry
into ten elixirs

You take them and you will have
my martial artistry

Sire, don't over-exert yourself

I have locked myself up for their formation
for the past few days

They are almost done

Come on. Let me show you

Pong, you come in

Pong, after I am gone

Everything in this secret chamber
belongs to you

But none of the treasures here is
as valuable as these ten elixirs

They are priceless, look

It is formed with all my inner force

The day they are done

They will sparkle like gold

Sire, you are poisoned

You called up your inner force
for their formation

That would accelerate
the spreading of the poison

I don't care

I have to make the ten elixirs before I die

Sire, it was my fault

If I had spent more time on martial arts

You didn't have to worry so much for me

Pong, get up


Don't be upset

If I failed to form the ten elixirs

It would die with regret

No wonder there was no news of Tuen Fei

Your dad has got him

He has gone too far

How could he force you to marry
His Highness

You have said yes

Yes, to save Tuen Fei, I had to

I couldn't watch him die

Don't worry

I will go back to tell Elder Koo and others

We think up a way

Don't! I got it from Tuen Fei

To save Uncle

The ministers had exhausted
their inner force

They have not recovered yet

Moreover, Dad has the advantage of number

I don't want to drag them in


Believe me, I can handle it

Tuen Fei will be fine

Don't get in our way

When we first came here
You were not born yet

- Serve us tea - Halt

What are you two doing here?

You slipped down the mount

You have broken the rule

Shifu has expelled you

You now get lost!

Don't worry, we don't mean to come back

We come back here

It is not to be Celestine disciples again

You have had enough of your bullying

We are here to see Mentor
for some urgent matter

Mentor is indisposed

You now get lost

- Nonsense - You are indisposed

- Halt - Come on

What halt?

Who are you to stop us from seeing Mentor?

You know it?

Junior Young Master sent us back

To see Mentor


I said Mentor is indisposed

He can't see you

- Get lost - You talking?


What did you say?

You met Junior Young Master?

-Yes - You come with me

Mentor, you are indisposed

Why see these two traitors?

It is not your business

You come with me

It was that Tuen Yuk-lau's fault

Otherwise, Junior Young Master
would still be a restaurant boss

He would not have been in trouble

That rascal, he is hopeless

Mentor, you write to masters
of the 12 schools

Tell them to come here at once

And expose his wicked deeds in public

It is not the time yet

If we act rashly

He will say we smear him

Then what should we do?

Wah, Biu, you know too many
of his wicked deeds

He will not let you off

You should go into hiding
for the time being

There is a wood half a mile away

There is a hut inside

It has been left vacant

You stay there for the time being

If you are wanted

I will send people over to get you

But if that rascal comes back

- He will not let you off -Yes

Mentor, what about this?

You go there with us, then you will be safe

He has disabled my martial artistry

I am being watched

I can't go away are waiting for your death here

You don't have to worry

I know how to handle him

Let us split up here

All right, I understand your situation

If we are seen together

It is not convenient

Then you take care

Yuk-lau, I don't care to be your wife

Or some proper status

I just want you to be good to me

Then I am satisfied

I will find a place nearby

To look for the antidote for your jinx

If there is good news, you will be informed

I depend on you

Welcome back, Master

To track down Koo Yim-yeung that monster

Master has had hard journeys

Master, thank you indeed

It is our duty to rid the martial world
of heterodox evils

No thanks at all

What a pity though

Despite the long journey

I failed to find anything

Master, Mentor's illness has suddenly
turned for the worse a couple of days ago

He is semi-conscious and he blathers

Tuen Fei...


Tuen Fei, you are back, I am so pleased

I said Wah and Biu were lying

How could you be a wanted man

What happened?

That day, Wah and Biu came back

I don't know what they told him

He had a high fever that night

And he has since turned into this

Where are Wah and Biu?

They have left the mount

You listen

Go down to get them

Take no prisoners

- Master - Do as I said

Yes, Master

Tuen Fei, you are much thinner

It was hard in Dali?

You know how much I missed you

You listen, I am Tuen Yuk-lau

Not Tuen Fei

You look more carefully

Tuen Yuk-lau

You look more carefully

- Tuen Yuk-lau? -Yes

You are Tuen Fei, my natural son

All right... am Tuen Fei

You are my natural son

Dad, you must be hungry

I have some baked cakes here

You enjoy

Baked cakes

I thought he faked it

So he really has gone mental
for missing his son

The baked cake is tasty, very tasty

You rascal...

Chu Chu, I have sent some outfits over

For your wedding day

You try them on

See if you like them

You don't look pleased

I am, I don't feel well only

How do you feel now?

I am fine now

Ten days and it is our wedding day

You know I was so happy I couldn't sleep

Then try them on

You must look great in them

I go out first

Let me see you out

No, you take your time trying them on

Ten days and it is Young Mistress's
wedding day

Shifu, my toast to you

I just hope that it will go smoothly

No problems crop up unexpectedly

- Dad -Chu

The wedding preparation is almost done

I have done everything you said

Can you let Tuen Fei go now?

We have agreed on it

Then after you and His Highness got married

I will let him go

But I just feel uneasy about it

You stop it

So you don't trust me

But I don't trust you either

Dad, I will not lie to you

If you don't believe me

- I can swear - You get out

- Dad - Get out

If you won't let Tuen Fei go

I will die in front of you

Young Mistress

So you are threatening me?

Young Mistress, why upset your dad?

He means you well

You shut up and get lost

Dad, yes or no?

I never let myself threatened

Dad, if you won't say yes

Next one will be much worse

You hussy, you are just like your mom

She opposed me all her life

I mean what I say

I only count three

1, 2...

You are father and daughter, why go so far?

Shifu, you trust Young Mistress this once

Young Mistress keeps her word

All right, I let him go

But let me warn you

Don't you play tricks with me

Or I won't cut you any slack

Chu Chu, thank you for saving me

I thought I was doomed this time

It was not the first time

What happened to your arm?

Your dad...

What nonsense

He let you out

How would he give me a hard time?

Chu Chu, you really are going to marry Pong

You have to suffer so much for me

No, it is for myself

What's wrong with marrying Pong?

I will be a consort

I will live in luxury

I will have anything

And I will be waited on

I will get what I want

It is the dream of many

You really love Pong?

Arranged marriage is the life of many

Nothing wrong with it

This is life

Say ho more

You have to go back to Tiannan Mount
To join Uncle

Chu Chu, shouldn't you reconsider?

I said it is my decision

You, don't be too smart

And ask Uncle to wreck up my wedding

I am willing

Then you take care

Tuen Fei, be caerful

You take care too

Shifu, Tuen Fei has gone down the mount

Young Mistress has kept her word

She is amicable with His Highness

Shifu, you really let that Tuen Fei off?

Let me go and finish him off

No, it is not necessary

Tuen Fei will die sooner or later

Why? Shifu

I have ordered his meal to be laced

If Young Mistress finds out

Don't worry, the poison takes time
to go into effect

When it goes into effect

Chu has already wedded His Highness

It is an accomplished fact

Chu can't do anything about it

Shifu, smart move

Koo Yim-yeung forced Chu to marry
against her will, he was heartless

But marrying His Highness is not
entirely a bad thing

I know His Highness

He is sometimes childish

But he is kindhearted

Chu bid us not to wreck up her wedding

Then we should stay away it

Our priority is for us to recover

And to tackle Chiu But-fan and my brother

What is going on?

All these crawlies

They are for us

Brother Chin, could it be Lady Chin?

She used to play such pranks on you

No, she has been dead for so long

It was a rumour only

It was not confirmed

Brother Lau, it looks like it

You know Lady Chin

She was capable of faking death to give
Minister Chin a scare

I think so too

Senior Brother, you have a wife?

His wife was the renowned
Magic Physician Madam Wongpo

Man-li, Madam Wongpo was your wife?

I don't know if she was

Yes, she was good to me and I cared for her

But I had had enough of her nagging

So I divorced her

I have not seen her for five or six years

Women like to nag

Like Chu Chu

But men are cheap

When she is good to you

You can't care less

When she is not around

And then you miss her

Oh yes, Minister Chin

Why you two had such an unhappy ending?

It was Minister Chin's fault

He was too loyal to His Majesty

He spent all his time looking for
manuals for him

And overlooked his wife

I can't take your side this time

That emperor fool was more important
than your wife?

You go find her

Indeed, Brother Chin, I think she is nearby

Go find her

Why I have to find her?

She has two legs

She can come to me herself

Don't be childish at your age

Let me go with you, all right?

Come on, that's it then, come on

Let us go look for her over there

What for?

I hate sneakiness

Let us go back for some rest

But you are looking around

What are you looking for?

You are tough outside

Actually you miss her

Yes, I miss her

I can't live without that shrew

You mental

I can't wait for her to die

All right...go look for her over there

Come on

Who plays flute here at such a hot day?

You shrew, you come out

No more pranks here

That's her?

So you finally came out

What now?

You faked death and now
you come back alive and well

You think you can earn my sympathy?

I don't care for your sympathy

I have gone to the western territory
for herbs for the past few years

I have not shown up and others
thought I was dead

You should have told me

I was overjoyed

You know it?

When I heard news of your death

I laughed for 3 days and 3 nights straight

Really? What a coincidence

When I heard you were fired by that
emperor fool

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