Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript

So you finally came out

What now?

You faked death and now
you come back alive and well

You think you can earn my sympathy?

I don't care for your sympathy

I have gone to the western territory
for herbs for the past few years

I have not shown up and others
thought I was dead

You should have told me

I was overjoyed

You know it?

When I heard news of your death

I laughed for 3 days and 3 nights straight

Really? What a coincidence

When I heard you were fired by that
emperor fool

I too laughed for 3 days
and 3 nights straight

Don't you call His Majesty a fool

He was momentarily hoodwinked only

He will see my loyalty one day

You really are stubborn

That fool treated you this way

You still take his side?

I told you not to call him a fool

- I want to, so want? -You...

You have not seen each other
for so many years

Don't fight once you met

Go home, sit down and have a bun

Then take your time catching up
Lady Chin

I go back with him?

He comes begging for forgiveness
with a pot of tea

I still have to think about it

It has been so long

You are getting funnier

I beg for your forgiveness? Dream on

Pigs will fly and the sun comes up
from the west


All right, you won't come? Fine

You will come to me for this lad here
sooner or later

For me? Why?

You want to know why? It is easy

Do more sunbathing, you will know

- What are you talking about? - Indeed

You will know

I now live in Yunhai Mount

If you will eat crow, then come to me

Let us go

Sunbathing? I can use a tan? is deprecated, please
implement REST API from

Ancestors of Celestine School

I have raised a treacherous disciple

I have failed Celestine School

To salvage the name of Celestine School

I now swear in front of all ancestors

I will expose Tuen Yuk-lau's wicked deeds
to the martial world

To bring him to justice

To restore Celestine's honour

Mentor has a letter sent over

Really? What does it say?

You can read?

You rascal, read it out

Mentor studied the stars at night

It showed that there would be lightning
tomorrow night

He bids us to use his name

To invite masters of 12 schools
to come go to Celestine Mount

To witness the rascal writhing in pain

And expose his plot to them

- That's will be great -Yes

- A great plan from Mentor -Yes

Let us not talk

Let us go pack

And set out tomorrow morning

Let us sit down for a while

Come on

Let us go


You asked me here

You have found out the antidote for my jinx

I have spared no effort

But nothing came out

Yuk-lau, I studied the stars

There would be lightning tomorrow night

You will be in great pain

Why don't you just stay here

Let me take care of you

So I have to live with the jinx
for the rest of my life?

Yuk-lau, please

I can't hide forever

You tell me

When others see the leader of
12 School alliance

Rolling on the floor writhing in pain

What will they think?

- Yuk-lau - Get lost

You want me to be tortured by the jinx
for life?


What are you doing?

Don't worry, it does you no harm

It can temporarily relieve you
of the fear of lightning




How come your hair is all white? How come?

Yuk-lau, you will never suffer
from the jinx again

Not even in times of lightning

Why not?

Because I have tried all the drugs

None can cure you of the jinx

I had to use the last resort

I slept with you last night

Your jinx has passed to me

Then you...

Don't worry, I know how to suppress it
with my inner force

It won't go into effect for at least
5 years

But my hair...

You didn't have to do it

Yuk-lau, I put my future on you

Don't you wrong me

What are you talking about?

You did this for me

How will I wrong you?

Look, the weather is so fine

I don't think it will rain this evening

It has to

If there is no lightning this evening

It will ruin our plan

There will be

Mentor read it from studying the stars

There will be thunder and lightning

Come on


What thunder and lightning this evening?

What ruining your plan?

Nothing, we were cutting up only

You are lying

Dad has a mission for you? Tell me


Yuk-lau, you can't get anything
from them this way

Let me

What do you want?

Wah, don't die

You answer me, Wah...

What do you want? No...

You don't want to be like him?

Tell us


I tell you...

Come on...

Mentor studied the stars

He said there would be lightning
this evening

He bid us to invite masters
of the 12 schools to come to Celestine

When your jinx goes into effect

He will expose you in public

That you cultivated heterodox martial arts

What nerve!!

Tuen Hoi, you are so wicked

I remember you once mentioned a poison

It will make people lose their mind
and their voice

Yes, it is odorless and colourless

- You give it to me - Sure

He will have a taste of his own medicine

Mentor, you finished?

Mentor, your health is poor

You have to eat more

Mentor...what is it?

It is laced

How come? Mentor

Master had the dishes sent over

You poisoned me

You beast

But don't worry

I won't let you die in vain

There is more to come

Keep a tight watch over him

Yes, Master

- Gentlemen - Master Tuen

Masters, you have come a long way

You just have a hard journey

Why don't you have some rest first?

Master Tuen, we got a letter
from your father

That something has happened in Celestine

And it is very serious

We are asked to come here
to find out a solution

What happened?

Could you ask Brother Tuen to come out
and make it clear with us?

My father's old illness has come back

He is sick in bed

What happened?

Master Tuen, please enlighten us


All father asked you come to


Master Tuen, what is your difficulty?


I think my father asked you to come

It is to think up a way to tackle
Koo Yim-yeung

Master Tuen...

How come?

Master Tuen, what happened?

Nothing, they just caught a burglar


Don't bother me with such minor things

- You handle it yourself - Yes, Master

Master...Mentor has gone berserk

Nonsense! You get out

It is true, Master

- I said get out -Yes

Master Tuen, what has happened
to your father?

Indeed, what going berserk?

Nothing, my father probably moaned in bed
because of his illness

They took fright too easily

Why don't you take some rest first?

I have to see how my father is doing

Master Tuen, could I pay Brother Tuen
a visit?

Right, we all want to know

What ails your father

But he is gravely ill

I don't think it is convenient for him
to see you

After he has got better

Then you pay him a visit, all right?

Master Tuen, you are not being
straightforward with us

And you won't let us see Brother Tuen

It sounds fishy

Master Tuen, let us see your father

I don't think I can hide it from you
any longer

All right, you all come with me

After you...


- Brother Tuen Hoi - Mentor...

- Brother Tuen Hoi, what is it? - Mentor

Why there is a body here?

Let me be honest with you

My dad is jinxed

It comes into effect whenever
there is lightning

He killed this disciple by mistake


How come Brother Tuen is jinxed?

It was my fault

I failed to defeat Koo Yim-yeung

Dad was too eager to win

He picked up heterodox martial art
Phantom Claw

Brother Tuen cultivated heterodox
martial arts?

When I learned of it, I tried to stop him

But it was too late

It had backfired

He wounded my shoulder by mistake

Dad, I am Yuk-lau

You recognize me? Dad

Leader, such a thing has happened
to your dad

Why didn't you tell us earlier?

Yes, I admit I was selfish

But as a son, how can I watch
my father penalized?

I meant to hide it from you

I hoped that the jinx could be cured

Master Tuen, we know you are filial

But by picking up heterodox martial arts

Your dad has committed an unforgivable

You cannot cover for him

I know, all right

How to deal with my father

You decide

I will not object to it

As mentor of Celestine School

Tuen Hoi picked up heterodox martial arts

We have to dispense the death penalty
however unwilling we are

Otherwise, we will be challenged

What he did was unforgivable

But in these 20 years

He led us in the fight against heterodoxy

He had his share of contribution

It can redeem his mistake

Moreover, he did it

It was to tackle Koo Yim-yeung the monster

I agree with Master Hahou

His life can be spared
But he has to be penalized

I suggest locking him up for life

Let him repent his wrongdoing

What do you think?

It is a good idea

Master Tuen, what do you think?

You are so lenient to my dad
and spared his life

I am in no position to object


It is so decided

You thought you were smart

You faked losing your mind for your son

You thought you could fool me

Beast, I dare you to kill me

It is easy for me to kill you

But I would rather not

By keeping you alive

If Koo Fung and Tuen Fei come here

I can use you as bait

Secondly, it is no different from death
for you

Or even worse, right?

Beast! You beast!

Why not come in?

What are you doing?

Yuk-lau, we are not a couple in name

But we are a couple in fact

We have to make our martial oath

Otherwise, how can I face my dad and mom
after death?

Why didn't you talk with me?

Because you had to deal with Tuen Hoi

Now that your worry was removed

You can tie the knot with me

Come, let us drink on it, come on

What are you doing?

It is said that an oath made in blood

Is the most efficacious

It is called a blood oath

Yuk-lau, you swear you will never leave me

Come on

Don't you forget

Poisoning is my forte

Just with a strand of your hair
or a drop of blood

I can put a jinx on you

It will be worse than death

You are blackmailing me

Yuk-lau, say it

That you will never leave me, say it

All right

I Tuen Yuk-lau here by swear to heaven

If I am unfaithful to Chiu Hung

Let me be struck by lightning

Let my heart be pierced

You satisfied?

You are not angry with me
for doing this to you?

How will I?

Yuk-lau, let us enjoy ourselves tonight

Because I got news that

My shifu Madam Wongpo is not dead

She is back from the western territory

I know she has got the most lethal
Demon herb

I am going to steal it

Yuk-lau, I have to leave you
for a period of time

Let us drink to our fill tonight

What's wrong with you?

You will get sunstroke by staying
under the sun

Madam Wongpo bid me to sunbathe more

Then I would know what's wrong with me

I know I must be ill

Don't be silly

It was a lover's quarrel only

Don't you believe it

Now go back in

Running nose, you have a flu

Tuen Fei...

How come it is in such a colour?

It is not mucus, you are bleeding

You are poisoned

How is it?

I found it odd too

How come Brother would suddenly
become so nice

As to let Tuen Fei go

He has poisoned him

What is the poison?

Why it took so long to find out?

It is called Mystic Plum Blossom

It is most nefarious in nature

It can lay dormant for a long time

But when the poisoned person
is exposed to the sun

It will go into effect

I knew that half a man would not be so kind

Now what should I do?

No wonder that witch said

I would go to her for Tuen Fei
sooner or later

She bid you to sunbathe more

Man-li, Lady Chin took a look of Tuen Fei

And she knew he was poisoned with
Mystic Plum Blossom

Her knowledge of medicine is profound

I say only she can cure him

Then you have to take me to her


All right, for you

Otherwise, I would rather die
than going there to beg her

I have no choice

I depend on you

Knight-errant Chin

My life and death is in your hand

Don't you talk back to her when you see her

Harmony first, get it?

Yes, don't take me as a fool

I will beg her on my knees

Bear it, all right?

Where are you two going?

How are you girls?

Have you eaten?

Minister Chin comes to see his wife
Madam Wongpo

Please announce us

Ning, Shifu has husband?

I don't think so, or he was dead

Otherwise, how come he failed
to visit his wife for six years?

- Indeed - What nerve!

Like shifu like disciples, just as wicked

Let me warn you hussies

Don't get in our way

Bear it...

Hotties, hubby or not

We have to see your shifu for some
urgent matter

Please show us the way, thank you

I will be grateful, thank you very much

That sounds better

Follow us

You really are too kind

Tea some other time

Come on

Where is the witch?

Shifu has her afternoon nap at this hour

What nap? Tell her to come out

All right, but if she doesn't have
enough sleep

She will be bad-tempered

She may throw you out with a broomstick

Bear it

Then how long is her nap?

About four hours

Four hours?

Not only that

Shifu has a habit

She visits the outhouse after her nap

To clear up her bowel

It takes about an hour

What? Let me take her out

What are you doing?

What do you take this for?

- You can go wherever you like? -You...

You both are educated

Let us sit down and talk it over

Come on, have some tea first

I know you want me to treat you

It is easy

If that dude will agree to my
two conditions

I will treat you at once


I know you will have demands

Witch, just fart off

Firstly, no mentioning of that emperor fool
and the country again

You stay home and keep me company
in my study of medicine


Forget about the country and keep you

- Right - You out of your mind?

- Bear it - Bear...bear what?

I can't bear it any more

Secondly, you were too poor to me

I can't take it

You have to kneel down and offer me tea
as apology


Nothing else? That's all?

For the time being

Good, that's good

Junior Brother, let me pour tea for you

You mental? On my knees?

- You dream on - You...

You treat Tuen Fei now

Or I will not cut you any slack

Don't be so impulsive

If you don't agree to them
I won't treat Tuen Fei

Well? You think about it

- Sheung, Ning, let us go in - You stop

Flaring up is not the way to do it

What not the way?

Don't get in my way

Let me take her out to treat you

Junior Brother, don't be rash...

Don't get in my way

Witch! You let go of me

That witch, wicked witch

You calm down

- She sure is wicked - Let us go

You happy how?

I told you to bear it

Now you have messed it up

You happy how?

I meant to bear it

But when I saw her

I couldn't help but flare up

Thanks to your flaring up

I have to get my coffin and grave ready

What nerve! That witch!

She has to be taught a lesson

You two are filled with anger

You still go to her?

You can't wait for me to die?

I can't watch you die

-You - Don't get in my way

There is indifference herb here

Sir, your indifference wine

Have a cup first, no use to be impulsive

Don't keep saying I am impulsive

Don't get me started on that witch

It will take three days for me
to get off steam

Not so serious

Yes, I seldom kept her company

But I was faithful, I never gambled

I worked hard for the country only

Shouldn't a wife be considerate?

But not she, she kept making a scene

I could take it

I could take it if she did it behind door

But no, she lashed at me in public

You tell me...I had to keep my face, right?

I am on your side for this one

A man cares for nothing more than face


Now we are at it

I was to blame too

All women want the company of her husband

Otherwise, what is marriage for?

I...I only saw her once a month

That means you miss her?

Of course, she is my wife

You don't know, let me tell you

There were times I missed her so much

It hurt inside

You know it?

But that's not what you said not long ago

You believed what I said?

I said when I heard of her death

I laughed for 3 days and 3 nights straight

Actually I cried for 3 days
and 3 nights straight

Now that you know you were wrong

You should apologize to her, right?

Rascal, all these years he has not
changed a bit

Still clinged to his face

Shifu, don't be mad

Shifu, if they come again

Then what to do?

I am sure they will come again

But not so easy this time

Just tea won't do

He has to kowtow to me


Who are you?

Shifu, you recognize me?

Chiu Hung?

So you are the traitor Chiu Hung

When Shifu has gone to the
western territory

You killed your five sister-in-arms

And stole the medical books

You have the nerve to come to see Shifu?

You two must be sister-in-arms Shifu took
in the western territory

Don't you get it wrong

I didn't steal the medical books

The five sister-in-arms did

I tried to stop them, so...

Don't you deny it

You two be nice to your senior

Hung had been with me for so many years

I believe in her


Shifu is understanding

It happened so long ago

I don't mean to pursue it

Nothing is more important than
a clear conscience

Hung, you agree?

Of course

Shifu, you have been in the western
territory for so long

It must be a fruitful trip

You have collected a lot of
invaluable herbs?

A bit

Shifu, when I knew you had come back

I came here from Jiangnan at once

I have also brought you Hangzhou's
famous pastry

That's great

I have brought back tea from the
western territory

Let us shifu and disciple catch up
over tea and pastry, all right?

It will be great

- Sheung, get us tea - Shifu...

What? Hung is so filial

You think she would lace the pastry?

Just go

Shifu, it has been so long

You still are full of spirit

When you have a clear conscience

You will be filled with spirit

Oh yes, Hung

How come your black hair has turned white?

You spent too much energy harming people?

I am just kidding, don't take it seriously

Shifu, you are funny

Come on, have some tea

The tea sure is fragrant

- Shifu, try my pastry - Sure

How is it? Is it tasty?

Very crispy, it lives up to its name

- Shifu, what is it? -You...

Shifu, you are old

However careful

You still took my poison

You think you have poisoned me?

You are too naive

I may have eaten your laced pastry

But I have secretly put antidote in my tea

Don't you know? Wine takes time to mellow

You hussy, seeing that you were an orphan

I took you in as my disciple

But you returned kindness with hatred

You killed your fellow disciples
and stole my medical books

I have to dispense justice today all right? How are you?

Yes, wine takes time to mellow

But have you heard of the saying?

Green comes from blue and excels blue

I not only have laced the pastry

I laced the wrapper as well

You never dreamed that by touching
the wrapper

You were poisoned



What nerve!

Shifu, you all right?

What nerve!

Madam Wongpo may look mean


But when she is tender, she is lovely

Now I really want to kiss her

Spare me

Wait till you see her


I love you

You can't deny it

I remember before going to the
western territory

You said you wouldn't come back
unless you have got the Demon herb

You tell me, where is it?

You want Demon herb? Dream on

I dare you to kill me

I won't let you die so easily

If you don't hand over Demon herb

I will use Heaven decoction to turn
your legs into bones

It will be worse than death for you

Don't you blame me for being ruthless


- Lady, I love you - Yes, carry on

I am here to apologize to you

You come out

Lady, where are you? Lady, I miss you



Probably still angry

It may ruin things to barge in

What to do?

Let me cut in first

Madam Wongpo, Man-li is back

He wants to ask for forgiveness

He wants to kowtow 300 times to you

- You come out, all right? - Lady...

Did you hear him? Lady Chin

Say something corny

As corny as you can

Come on, louder

- Well - Come on

Lady, I really love you

Right, that's it

I was wrong, it was my fault

I was to blame

Carry on

It was my fault, you forgive me
and let me in

I am bleeding from kowtowing

Lady Chin...

We will take your quietness for yes

We are coming in

- Go in, come on - No sound

Lady...why you ignored me

Not a moment too soon

Who are you? Go away

Don't get in my way with Lady

Let's go, they are talking here

Let us come back later

Excuse me, sorry


Don't you come over

Mrs Chin, what?


Tuen Fei, you drink up the decoction

Then your poison will be cleansed

- Don't worry - Really?

I survived yet another trial

Amitabha, thank heaven

Shifu, you have some rest

Yes, Shifu

Indeed, you were poisoned
You have some rest

Don't you care

Don't you get me wrong

I didn't care for you

I mentioned it in passing only

You...nothing of that sort

You are always like that, you know it?

What you just said was so corny

It gave me goose bumps

You think I meant it?

What a fool

Tuen Fei and I thought it up
to con you only

You really bought it? How funny

Really funny, so you bought it

You two, please

You two add up to be more than
a hundred years old

- What? - No

- Almost a hundred? - No

Anyway, you are not young

Sit down and talk it over

Let me say something fair, Mrs Chin

Go ahead

His Majesty is being surrounded by
evil ministers

You want Man-li to stop caring
for the country

It is not reasonable

You give him one more chance

You each give in

Man-li, you have to promise me

Once the evil ministers are taken care of

And His Majesty sees his mistake

You then leave the country behind

And come back to Mrs Chin

To be a loving couple

To be a good husband, all right?

It is fair

Mrs Chin, what do you think?

All right, though I am short-changed

You see how easy it is

That's why, to be a couple

The key is on giving in

Now you can kiss

Hold it...I have a condition

I have to take Chiu Hung away


Why? I don't know how you picked disciples

Tuen Fei saw her trying to assassinate
His Majesty


That hussy had the nerve

Actually do you know her background?

I just know she is an orphan

There must be a story

You can take her away

I am so disappointed in her

- Sheung, Ning -Yes

Take the hussy out

Don't think you can run away

You see the chain here?

You can't run away

Be back early

Yes, I know, I have to go

Not be specific

When will you be back?

- In a month - What? A month?

All right, half a month

All right

This is a blast projectile from
the western territory

For your self-defense

Western territory? What is it?

You just drop it to the ground

It will blight out the surrounding

And turns daytime into night

Use it when it really is necessary

Sometimes, you are nice to me

Of course

Please, leave it for later

- Business first - All right, let us go

Mrs Chin, I am sorry

- Come on - All right, let us go

What are you looking at?