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You tell us

Why you attempted to assassinate
His Majesty

On whose order?

What nerve!

You have interrogated you for half a day

Yet you still won't tell

My fist will make you talk

You can't beat the truth out from her

Hold her nose

What for?

Pour indifference wine down her throat

She will tell us everything

The trick may be old, but it works

You are ingenious

Hand it over

Hold her nose

Pour it down...come on...pour it down

So Chiu But-fan is her brother

That man is ruthless

There is such a feud between him
and His Majesty

He will do His Majesty in sooner or later

His Majesty trusted him in vain

The longer he stays by His Majesty's side

The more dangerous it is for His Majesty

Let us go there to expose him

His Majesty won't believe us

We are going to our deaths

Not necessarily

He might not believe us in the past

But now we have Chiu Hung as witness

He will believe us

Let me go with you tomorrow

I saved his life once

I think he will hear me out

It is a good idea

Our injuries are almost recovered

We can't hide forever

No more delay

Let us tell it all to His Majesty tomorrow

Your Majesty, at your service

Your Majesty

Your Majesty, Brother Koo and I
come to give you our regards

How is Your Majesty's illness going?

The poison I got has no antidote

Why ask what you already knew?

My fault

I failed to find Your Majesty the antidote

My fault

My end is near

The poison has spread everywhere

I didn't even have the strength
to pick up a cup

But is the making of the elixirs affected?

Of course

But whatever it takes

I have to make the ten elixirs

Your Majesty, when will it be done?

I have been wasting no time on it

I hope it will be done on before
Pong's wedding

Your Majesty, the elixirs are Dali's
national treasure

They have to be kept in a most secure place

You can trust me with it

Future in-law, you don't have to worry

The palace is heavily guarded

And I have put the elixirs in a
safe and secret place

There is such a place in the palace?

I didn't know about it

Your Majesty, could you take me for a tour?

Of course not

Knight-errant Koo

The elixirs are for Pong

They will not be passed to outsiders

Please don't ask again

Your Majesty is indisposed

You should have more rest

May I be excused

Excuse me

You almost blew it

Actually you didn't have to be so impatient
to lay hands on the elixirs

But they are very important to me

I have to get them

Brother Koo, you don't have to worry

All the ministers now listen to me

I will become emperor sooner or later

When I am emperor

You will be imperial guardian

We can search every corner of the palace

We will find the elixirs

Young Mistress, His Highness here

I don't want to see him

You just tell him I don't feel well

Chu Chu, you don't feel well?

No big deal

Let me send for the imperial physician

It is not necessary

I am wanted? What is it?

We have just got some fruit as tribute

I hear that you like fruit

So I took some over for you to try out

You give them a try

What is it?

You are so good to me

I know there is a plot against you

Yet I can do nothing

I have failed you

What are you talking about?

Actually... don't love you

Were it not for Dad...

He held Tuen Fei to blackmail me

Otherwise, I wouldn't have agreed to it

I only see you as a good friend

It was true? Why didn't you tell me?

I thought Dad was after fortune

But I overheard his conversation with
Chiu But-fan

He covets the throne

And some elixirs

What nerve! They have gone too far

Your Highness, you are not angry with me?

Forget it

The thing we have to do is to inform Sire

Let him know about it

Brother Chiu

His Majesty wants us so urgently
What is it about?

Brother Koo, we are in the dark

We have to be careful

Your Majesty

You two traitors, what nerve!

Your Majesty, what do you mean?

I have got news

You two are plotting a coup

You want to overthrow me

Is it true?

Your Majesty, I have always been loyal

How would I do such a thing?

Your Majesty, please don't be misled
by others

Your Majesty, please don't believe
malicious lies

Malicious lies?

You know who reported you two?




Chu, you out of your mind?

I overheard your conversation with
Chiu But-fan

And how you forced me to marry His Highness

I have told His Majesty

You are lying

Chu, Koo Fung made you say it?

You can tell me the truth

Dad, you still try to lie?

Daughter, you know that you saying
such things to His Majesty

I would be executed?

If you only coveted fortune

I would still cover for you

But you have gone so far

I have to expose you

You hussy

Brother Koo, calm down

Miss Koo suddenly framed us

She must have her difficulty

Your Majesty, please give me some time

I will find out the truth

You traitor, you still try to deny it?

Sire, don't listen to them

Lock them up

You Majesty, I have always been
loyal to you

I have done my part for Dali

If you believe in false accusations

And punish us

I don't think the people will agree with it

Your Majesty, Chin Man-li and others
are here to surrender themselves in

They say they have something urgent
to inform you

Chin Man-li is back, it can't be better

Sire, they are the loyal ministers

Good, send them in

Yes, Your Majesty

Your Majesty

Please get up

Thank you, Your Majesty

You traitors have the nerve to come back?

Assassins of His Majesty are here

Come, get them!

Your Majesty, please don't listen to him

They are all crooks

Especially this half a man

Tuen Fei, I have told His Majesty

How Dad forced me to marry His Highness

What nerve! You still try to smear us
at this moment

Your Majesty, you will know
who are the good guys very soon

I have brought a withess

She is Chiu Hung

She tried to assassinate you
in the Five Dragon Temple

Why you wanted me dead?

Your Majesty, you remember that time
you killed a family of seven?

I am a member of the Ghoul Valley

I survived the massacre

What a pity I couldn't kill you
with my own hands

I remember it now

So you survived it

Your Majesty, there are more surprises
in store for you

She has a brother

You know who he is?

He is your most trusted Chiu But-fan

Chiu But-fan, is it true?

Your Majesty, they are talking nonsense

Your Majesty knew I have no siblings

Chiu Hung, you tell them

Is he your brother?

Brother, you stop hiding your true identity

You set me free

Let us kill that rascal emperor together

What nonsense! I don't know you

You don't know me?

I never thought you could deny your kin

All right, you can go this far

I don't have to cover up for you

His real name is Chiu Fung

You shut up

The eldest son of the Ghoul family

Chiu But-fan, Koo Yim-yeung

Don't bother to deny it

Come, arrest them

What are you doing?

You fool, let me be honest with you

The ministers all listen to me

I meant to wait till you die of poisoning

To take over the throne

Now that it is blown

You have to die early

Come! Kill him!



Tuen Fei,, you go with Chu

Let me fend them off

Can you do it?

Just run

Tuen Fei, come on

Your Majesty, come on

- The door is locked - Locked?

It can't be opened

Let us check it out first

What kind of place is this?

A treasure room?

Whatever, it is dangerous outside

Let us hide in here for the time being

Your Majesty, be careful

Your Majesty, you sit down first

Come on, sit down

Your Majesty, you all right?

It is all right

I probably aggravated my Heaven decoction

Your Majesty, let me use my inner force
to cure you

No, thanks

Heaven decoction is most lethal

It has no antidote

My days are numbered

Your Majesty, please don't say so

Your Majesty, you are blessed

Your Majesty, you don't have to worry

We will go through heaven and hell
to get you the antidote

Yes, Your Majesty

You are so loyal to me

You are willing to do anything for me

Yet I believed in lies

And I removed you from your posts

I really am sorry

Your Majesty, please don't say so

Under whatever circumstances

We will always be loyal to Your Majesty

Please get up

Thank you, Your Majesty

I was such a fool

It was Chiu But-fan

And that Koo Yim-yeung

Your Majesty, you can be rest assured

We will chop them up into pieces

Your Majesty, don't be upset

You have some rest

I made such terrible mistake

I deserve it

I am worried about my son

If they get him

I don't know what will happen to him

Knight-errant Koo, Your Majesty

Suet Ngan, I thought Tuen Fei and Chu Chu
were with you

They are not back yet?

I was with them

But soldiers were after us

I fended them off and told them to run

I thought they had come back

Oh no, they must have fallen into
my brother's hands

Miss Suet Ngan, what happened to my son?

I don't know

Minister Chin, I saw many soldiers
on my way back

They were looking everywhere for us

I don't think we can hide here

They will come here sooner or later

What nerve! If they show up here

They will know

Don't be so impulsive

We have to look at the bigger picture

Let us go to my wife's place

Then we go from there

All right

How is it?

It can't be opened

Where is the switch?

I don't know

What if we can't find it?

That I know

We will die of starvation here


I saw Minister Chin coming here

- What? That rascal is back? -Yes

He said he would be back in half a month

- You help me with my hair -Yes

That rascal, really

He comes back all of a sudden

I am caught off-guard

Oh no, look at me

Like an old hen

Not at all, Shifu


- Lady Chin - Why are you back?

You said you would be back in half a month

Why are you back all of a sudden

And brought so many with you

You really are difficult

I can't be home early, I can't be home late


Your Majesty, be careful

You sit down first

Be careful


Why you brought than man here?

What that man? He is our emperor

Kneel down to beg for forgiveness

I kneel down to beg him for forgiveness?

He caused our separation

I dreamt of poisoning him

I kneel down to him?

How could you say such a thing
to His Majesty?

It is treason

You want your head to roll?

This is my house

Don't talk about the law to me


Lady Chin, His Majesty was poisoned
by traitors

We have no place to go

As for your past feud

Please put it aside first

Shifu is right

You give His Majesty a check up

See if it can be cured

Right, Lady Chin

Don't bother

Tell him to eat more while he can

Enjoy life while he can

You have not checked him up yet

Now go read his pulse

You are the Magic Physician or I am?

Just a look when he first came in

I could tell he was poisoned with
Heaven decoction

Not that I don't want to cure him

But this poison has no antidote

You prescribe him something

Prescribe what?

I said it has no antidote


Minister Chin

Your Majesty

Lady Chin, I know I caused your split up

Now I just want a place to stay
for a few days

Please don't grudge me this

You heard it?

Now tidy up the guestroom for His Majesty

Sorry, the guestroom is filled
with my drugs

You can remove them

Remove my drugs?

Why not remove me as well?


Minister Chin, I don't have to stay
in the guestroom

I just need a place to stay for a few days

The firewood storeroom is available

How can His Majesty stay in the
firewood storeroom?

Take it or leave it


Minister Chin, the firewood storeroom
will do

Your Majesty, you are still awake?


I have brought you some change

Your Majesty is not used to such a place

I do, I do

It is cold

Nothing beats a cup of wine

Come on, my toast to Your Majesty

Don't address me as Majesty

This is not the palace

If you don't mind

Let us be brothers

Good! Brother Ngai, cheers

Brother Koo, cheers

I never dreamt that

As ruler of a country

With ministers on my beck and call

I would have such an ending

Life is full of disappointments

20 years, still young and ambitious

What I had in mind was to be
the 6th master of Celestine School

Leader of the 12 School Alliance

I would rid the martial world
of heterodoxies

I never dreamt that

I would end up being called a traitor

And have to be on the run

With no place to call my own

Brother Koo, I have heard of your story

I believe you are innocent

Your misfortune was the result
of being framed

But mine was entirely my own making

Brother Ngai, don't lose heart

You still have Chin Man-li and other
loyal ministers

Overcome this hurdle first

You can still win back the throne


I have loyal ministers

And you the bosom friend

For the people of Dali, for you

I will do my utmost in my remaining days

I will not fail you

Good! How heroic

This is the true colour of an emperor

After getting back my throne

I will do my utmost

To convene martial heroes

To clear your hame and do you justice

And restore the honuor of Celestine School

Brother Ngai

Come on, Brother Koo, cheers

- You heard it? - What?

The rumbling of my belly

Your belly or mine?

You just shut up

I am so hungry

You know how long it is since I last ate?

I am starving

Me too

You what?

I will soon die of starvation

You won't die

How long have we been here?

I don't know, very long

I can't stand it any more...

I am so hungry

Don't think of it

You listen to me, I am so scared

I really am worried that I will die here

Don't think of the hunger

I am worried we will starve to death here

Don't think about it, forget the hunger

Just keep thinking that you are not hungry

- 1 am not hungry... - 1 am not hungry

I am not hungry...l am very hungry

I can't...

You think of something else

Think of something else

Forget the hunger

I can't take it anymore

You think of something else


Some happy things

Happy things?

Yes, happy things, ecstatic occasions

Happy things, let me think

You think about it

Let me think

I was the happiest when you agreed
to marry me

What about you?

Me? Let me think

I was the happiest when Suet Ngan

When Suet Ngan

Said she didn't love me

You are lying

It was true

You don't know

I had always wanted a pretty, gentle
Submissive and lovely girl

When I first saw Suet Ngan

I told myself, she is the one

Then later

I found that she was not that
suitable for me

But I still insisted she was the one

It was a dream

Luckily she told me she didn't love me

And I woke up

Chu Chu, you are still mad at me?

We can't stay here

I still have to avenge Mom

We have to find a way to get out

Let us think up a way

Chu Chu, let us find something to eat first

- Minister Chiu - Minister Chiu

Let me go

Look at you now

You are more like a ghost

Chiu But-fan, you got what you wanted

Why you won't let me go?

Now you know

Not only have I avenged Ghoul Valley

I have got Dali

If you had collaborated with me

You could have shared my good fortune

Nonsense! If I had not poisoned that rascal
with Heaven decoction

You wouldn't have got it so easy

You have the nerve to bring it up?

Yesterday you testified against me in court

That I am your brother

What nerve!

You cut it out

I know you will not care about sibling tie
and let me go

All right, you just kill me

Yuk-lau will avenge me

You don't have to worry

You are my sister after all

If you promise you will not oppose me again

Then I can let you go


Brother Koo

Tuen Yuk-lau is my mortal foe

They are so close

You can't let her go

Brother Koo, but she is my sister after all

Brother Chiu, you are too soft-hearted

It will get you nowhere

She opposed me time and again

Letting her go means courting trouble

Koo Yim-yeung you monster

Yuk-lau will kill you

You know why I don't kill you yet?

It is to keep you here

As a bait for Tuen Yuk-lau

You are wicked

Let us go out

Koo Yim-yeung, you let me go

Otherwise, Yuk-lau will not let you off

Let me go...

Chu Chu, this is not an incense burner

Guess what is inside?


If there were food

We would have found it
when we looked for the switch

How would it pop up all of a sudden?

Come on

Show some spirit, all right?

What are you looking for? Books?

Don't believe what the literary men say

They are all liars

What fortune to be found in books

And beauties too

They are all lies

You think you can find drumsticks in books?

Chu Chu, there may not be drumsticks

But there really is food


You smell them

They stink

They stink? No, they smell fine

Come on, they are edible

Don't you eat them

How can you tell they are not poison?

At such a time, I will eat poison

I am fine after taking a couple

It shows they are not poison

Come on...

It stinks

Come on, it won't kill

Nothing to worry about

It just gets tastier

Come on, have one

All right, I will have one

I am sorry


How to open it?

Sire only took me here once

I don't know how to open it

You should know, just tell me

I really don't know

You can kill me

And I still don't know

What nerve!

Don't worry, we won't kill you

You are still useful to us


Dad is outside

Then what to do?

How come your face is so red?

Chu Chu, I feel very hot

Your dad must be setting fire outside

Oh no, fire...what to do?

I don't think so, I don't feel hot at all

It is odd

How come my hands are hot?

Fire! How come?

It is so hot...

The door is opened

How come there are burnt footprints?

Where are the elixirs?

Where are they?

I don't know

Sire said they were put here

What nerve!

The man leaving the footprints stole them

You all right?

Now even my heart is burning

I am like a furnace

I am burning from inside

How come?

Stop the fanning, it is no use

Tuen Fei

The ten elixirs...


His Highness once told me

His Majesty has infused his inner force
into ten elixirs

For His Highness

He said whoever took them

Would have His Majesty's inner force

I am rich!

What rich? Don't just think of getting rich

Even if you really were rich

You would not have time for it

Why not?

His Highness said the elixirs
were very potent

They had to be taken one at a time

Once every month

But I ate the ten of them

No wonder I am like this

You look around

Come on

Oh no, they are looking for us

Tuen Fei, you all right?

I can't bear it anymore

- Come on - Go

- What is this? - Rice

Rice? You can go


Give way...give way...

What are you doing? What is this?

Iam in a hurry

You want to check my foot? Just look

You want me to take my shoes off?

Nothing, just hay

- Hay? -Yes

Come on, she is in a hurry, let her go

- Just go... - Thank you

Hold it

- What is this? - Just hay

How come it is smoking?

I can't bear it anymore

It is hot! I am on fire...water...

Tuen Fei? Pursue...

Who could leave burnt footprints
on the floor?

- Minister Chiu - What is it?

We could have gotten Tuen Fei

But it was odd

He was on fire

We couldn't get close to him

What? He was on fire?

The burnt footprints were his?

It must be him

After he got away

We found burnt footprints on the ground

How come he was on fire?

He took the elixirs?

What nerve! He took my elixirs

Brother Koo, just forget it

The elixirs were no big deal

Look, His Majesty is missing

His Highness has to listen to us

Dali will soon be ours

I will chop that Tuen Fei to pieces

Brother Koo, don't worry

He can't go far

- Come - Yes, Minister Chiu

Give my order

For the nationwide hunt of traitor Tuen Fei

Whoever captures him will be rewarded
1000 taels of gold

Yes, Minister Chiu

It feels so good

You all right?

I feel much better

Mom, we don't have to boil water anymore

We can come here for hot water

- Monster - Monster

I am not a monster

I have a heat only, I am not a monster

You are a monster

You have boiled the water here

You are a monster

Let us report him to the magistracy


Don't go...

Madam, he has a heat only

Don't go

These witches will go to the magistracy

They will bring soldiers here

We have to go

No, it feels so good here

I don't want to be on fire again

What fire?

You have boiled the water here

Your heat has gone into the water

You won't feel hot again

Get out and let us go

What if I am on fire again?

You want to be caught?

You all right?

I feel much better

But still feel hot

Will you be on fire again?

I hope not

Please don't

Chu Chu

You just leave me alone

You go to Tiannan Mount yourself


You think I will forsake you in such a time

Let us go together

Chu Chu, you have been too good to me

You didn't owe me in your previous life

You just go

You didn't force me to

I did it on my own accord

You just go

Don't be such a nag

I am not nagging, I...

You cut it out and see which
is the shortest way to Tiannan Mount

I can't go for the time being

I really can't bear it

I have to go back to the water

You want to be caught?

You want to go to your death?

But what to do? I still feel hot

Let us go back to the stalactite cave
we used to hide

It was cool and hard to find

Dad can't find it

Right, it was cool there

Good idea

Your Highness

How was it? You come in first

How was it? Any news?

Your Highness, Chiu But-fan has sent
people out to get Tuen Fei and others

But you don't have to worry

There is no news yet

Then I am relieved

Oh yes, it just occurred to me

Tuen Fei once mentioned to me

He liked the stalactite cave in
Xining Mount

I think they must be hiding there

You listen

You go there for me

If they really are there

You ask them if they know
the whereabouts of Sire

And I want to know how Chu Chu is doing

Yes, Your Highness

Remember, don't let Chiu But-fan know of it

I know

His Majesty is missing

The court is in a loss

We push the fool out to ascend the throne

I will be in total control

Then we...

That fool is not dead yet?

Who knows?

But we are in total control

Come in


Sheung Kwai is here

Minister Chiu, Knight-errant koo

Sheung Kwai, what is His Highness up to?

Minister Chiu, he suspected that

Tuen Fei might be hiding
in the stalactite cave in Xining Mount

He asked me to go there to look for them

Stalactite cave?

It really is cool here

I didn't notice how cool it was

Let me cool down first

It feels good

How is it?

I am not on fire inside

Let me cool my hands and feet here

It feels so good

You were smart

You could think up this good place

Chu Chu

I feel cold

It is so big here, you all right?

It is cold here


It is frozen up

Of course it is cold

Ice everywhere

It can't be better for me

It feels good

You come hold it

Harder, block it up and no one can find us

My hand

How clumsy

Now what to do?

Put your hand back

Done! How troublesome

I have not got in yet

Come on, harder

We could find such a great place

We are in luck

Who knew it is an ice world here