Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 22 - Episode #1.22 - full transcript

We could find such a great place

We are in luck

Who knew it is an ice world here

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It is a bit dirty

But you put it on

Thank you

My body is warm

Nobody here

What nerve! He took my elixirs

Even if I have to turn Dali upside down

I will get him

The elixirs were gone

But we have to kill him

To prevent further troubles

Let us go back

How come they knew to come here?

Luckily we have this hideout

Your Highness

Why are you displeased to see us?

Your Highness, you knew Tuen Fei and
Chu Chu were hiding in the stalactite cave

Why didn't you tell us?

What nerve! Sheung Kwai betrayed us

Cut it out

Where are they now?

I don't know

Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you

I dare you not to

Brother Koo, be more respectful
to His Highness

He will soon be our majesty

You mind your manners

Chiu But-fan, what do you mean?

Your Highness, let us put Tuen Fei aside

Actually we are here for some bad news

His Majesty has passed away

Luckily his body was found

Sire dead? I don't believe you

You take me to him

All right, Your Highness

You check it out yourself


- You go out -Yes


Your Highness, restrain your grief

- Sire - Your Highness

You liars, he is not Sire

Your Highness, this really is His Majesty

He was poisoned with Heaven decoction

It changed his appearance

No, this is not Sire

Sire is still alive

What have you done to him?

Your Highness, His Majesty has passed away

It is a fact

We ministers are all grief-stricken

But Your Highness, you can be rest assured

I will act on His Majesty's behalf

To assist you in running the country

You don't have to worry about it

Right, from now on

Minister Chiu and I will always be
by your side

To offer you protection

Your Highness have nothing to worry about

You two...

Your Highness, a country has to have
a ruler

After His Majesty's funeral

Your Highness, you pick an auspicious day
to ascend the throne

You two...

Brother Chiu, you have got what you wanted

His Highness is under your control

What about appointing imperial guardian?

Brother Koo, leave it after I have ascended
the throne and become emperor

Actually when I am totally in power

I will help you wipe out Celestine School

You will be master of the martial world

Imperial guardian is just a mere title

It is nothing to you

Nothing to me?

My daughter is missing

I can't be imperial guardian

Tuen Fei took my elixirs

Now I have nothing

Brother Koo, please don't say so

You were a great help to me

I will not wrong you

The national treasury is filled
with treasures

You can take as much as you like

If Mystic Ice Palace needs my help

It will be my obligation to do so

I have treasures

Chiu But-fan, you go back on your word

You wait and see

Mo-kei, let us go

Brother Koo

He wants to throw me out
and become emperor himself

Dream on

All right, let me kill him this evening

No, Shifu

Don't be impulsive

Shifu, you have no proper titles

You are not a native of Dali

Even if you killed Chiu But-fan

People of Dali would not accept you

It would get out of hand

I could let him off

But would he let me off?

Shifu, martially he is not on your par

He will not act rashly

Our priority is to find Young Mistress

And marry her to that fool

Then she is empress

And Shifu you are the emperor's

When the fool dies

The country will fall into our hand

Chiu But-fan?

Then we can take care of him

You mean it?


Why you come here to get me out

Don't ask, just go


You followed me here, what for?

I have not been back for a long time

I come back to pay respects to Mom and Dad

In your heart

You have long forgotten them, right?

You unfilial son

You are in no position to pay respects
to them

Hung, I am not here to argue with you

You opposed me all the time

I could easily kill you

But we are siblings

We are kin

Mom and Dad's spirits in heaven will not
want to see us falling out, right?

So I owe you my gratitude

Hung, come on

If we had collaborated at the beginning

Ngai Ting-shan would have been dead

We shouldn't fall on each other

We should help each other

What a joke! You are now in power

The throne will be yours sooner or later

Then you will become emperor of Dali

You need my help?

Right, Hung, you are right

But there is Koo Yim-yeung

He is profound in martial artistry
and he is ambitious

So long as he is still alive

He is my bane

Hung, you are an expert in poisoning

That's why I want you to work with me

We join force and get rid of Koo Yim-yeung

Sibling tie indeed, it was a lie

You didn't kill me

Because I am useful to you

You want me to help you kill
Koo Yim-yeung, right?

Don't say use, it is mutual help, Hung

Don't you forget

Tuen Yuk-lau and Koo Yim-yeung
are mortal foes

So long as Koo Yim-yeung is alive

Tuen Yuk-lau's life is in danger

You want to see your beloved killed?

If you help me finish Koo Yim-yeung off

I can ascend the throne without glitch

Then I am emperor of Dali

You will become princess

You think about it

Tuen Yuk-lau is Master of Celestine School

Will he marry a girl of the heterodox?

But if you are princess

It is another story

Your status and position are
vastly different

Hung, come on, you work with me

Your brother won't do you in

All right, I promise you

Two-pronged attack

How is it? You feel better?

I am fine now

But I don't know if I will feel hot again
going out

Don't go out

Dad and Chiu But-fan are looking for us

Right, this is the right place

I can tie this bottle of Heaven
decoction here with string

Let the string pass these stalactites
to here

I can hide here

What are they doing?

You mean I lure Koo Yim-yeung
to this position

Then I just pull the string

The bottle of Heaven decoction
will hit on the stalactite and break

Good idea! It sure is a good idea

Koo Yim-yeung will be killed
by the decoction

I guarantee

If you can lure him here

He will come in alive and go out
a dead man

All right, I go to lure him here

You take care of the contraption here


Tuen Fei, we have to alert Dad

We can't go out yet

They are still outside

Then what to do?

I just watch him do my dad in?

However bad he is, he is still my dad

I know, but they may not be able
to lure him in

Let us not be impulsive

Brother Koo...

Brother Hon

Brother Koo

Where have you gone?

I was looking for you

You know your sister was taken out?


Don't tell me you didn't know

Brother Koo, you think about it

That hussy opposed time and again

Why should I take her out?

So that she can turn against me?

Now that she is gone

Whatever you say

But let me warn you

I just hate being lied to

Whoever lies to me will meet a tragic end

All right, let us not talk about this

Brother Koo, I come to tell you

My men have just found out

Tuen Fei and Chu Chu went to
the stalactite cave this morning

Your Majesty...

Your Majesty...come...

- What is it? - What is it?

Nothing, I am fine

I just tried to call up my inner force


Your Majesty, why over-exert yourself?

Brother Ngai, don't worry

We will think up a way to save
His Highness and Tuen Fei

We are in such a state

It was my fault

How can I ask you to risk your lives again

Be careful


Man-li, you all right?

You all right?

Shifu, you made it!

You shrew

You know there are people here

Why let that thing fly about?

Look how terrified you were

My Flying Wheel has eyes

It goes where I want it to go

Unlike you, you are eyeless

You take a blessing as bane

And a bane as blessing

You stop your nonsense

What an acid tongue

His Majesty is here, show some manners

Which part I said was wrong?

Forget it

Lady Chin, your weapon is amazing

Can I have a look?

Knight-errant has the eye

This Flying Wheel

It took me four years to make it

By aiming it at my enemy

However good his levitation force

I can blow him to pieces within
a five mile vicinity

So awesome? It was some dumb luck only?

Let me have a look

What? What do you know?

Go suck up to your emperor

Don't bother with me

You shrew

I will beat you up some day

Madam Wongpo sure is a genius

We dare not go back to the palace

It is because of that Koo Yim-yeung

But if we have the Flying Wheel...

Your Majesty, then we can get back
the country

But will Lady Chin lend it to us?

You go beg her

Why should I beg her?

A wife should be submissive to her husband

If she won't

I will give her a good beating


Don't stop me

Sorry, Shifu

I will show her

Or she takes me for granted

Missus, what are you making?

Oh yes, you have been working hard
with the Flying Wheel

You can use some tonic

Look at you

You were so mean not so long ago

Like you wanted to eat me up

There were people around, I had no choice

But you are my dear wife

Leave the chore to me

You spare me the corny words

I won't lend you the Flying Wheel

You really are my worthy wife

Not only are you gorgeous, you are smart

Spare me the nonsense, no

Missus, lover's quarrel is one thing

But we have to look at the bigger picture

You know we can't beat Koo Yim-yeung

If you don't lend us the Flying Wheel

Not only His Highness will die

His Majesty can't get back the country

Don't you mention him

I am sick of his name

All right, forget it

It was my fault, I was wrong

If only you will lend me the Flying Wheel

I will do whatever you say from now on

I will walk if you tell me to

Stand if you tell me to

Make tea if you tell me to

Whatever you want me to do

Man-li, not that I won't help you

I don't want you to get involved

It is not you Koo Yim-yeung wants to kill

Why go ruffle him?

If you lose your life because of it

What about us living a life of
peace together?

Please, I beg you

You lend me the Flying Wheel

Please, I beg you

Don't ask me for it again

You have gone too far

Don't force me to turn nasty

I have put down my pride and begged you

Let me be frank with you

Don't you piss me off

I am not that easy

If coaxing won't work

I will use coercion

You turn nasty with me?

I can't be bullied

I just won't lend it to you, so what?

You lend it to me or not?

- Give it to me - No

Give it to me!

You hit me? You rascal, you hit me?

What is going on?

That shrew beat me into this

She means to kill off her husband


Lady Chin...

That rascal, for that fool of an emperor

He hit me

Lady Chin, come on, stop it

What nerve? You want more beating up?

Which part I said was wrong?

He couldn't tell good guys from bad

He was selfish

For his martial arts cultivation

He put your lives on the line

And you even left your wife behind

He was a fool of an emperor

I dare you to say it again

I want to say it, so what?

Fool of an emperor

-You... - Man-li, forget it

She needs a good beating

You won't listen to Shifu?

I let you off for Shifu's sake, otherwise...

- Forget it... - You dare?

Where is His Majesty?

He is not here

A letter here

- From His Majesty - What does it say?

He doesn't want you to fight over him

He has gone to rescue His Highness

Oh no, he can't even call up his inner force

He is going to his death

It was your fault

His Majesty has gone to his death

You happy how?

Go ahead and laugh, you happy now?

Look at you, why so agitated?

He isn't dead yet

You two stop...let us go find him

If anything happens to His Majesty

I will not let you off

Let us go

Rascal, so you are going?

I need your permission?

Your martial artistry is so profound?

There may be several of you

But what if you bump into Koo Yim-yeung?

Take the Flying Wheel

If you had lent it to us earlier

It would not have happened

Who knew that emperor of your was so petty

You be careful

Don't make me retrieve your body

- Don't be so nagging - Let us go

Brother Hon, you guard outside
Just in case

Brother Koo, after you

Dad has fallen into their trap

Where are they?

Indeed, where are they?

They have got wind of our coming?

Brother Koo, let us look around

We will find some clue

Brother Koo, look, what is this?

Don't go out



Shifu, what is it?

You two wanted to do me in?

You are going to die here

Brother Koo, you listen to me

It was my sister's doing

I didn't know about it

Brother, you asked me to work with you

Now you put everything on me?

Chiu But-fan, even if you didn't try
to kill me

I have long wanted to get rid of you

Come out

Where is Tuen Fei?

I don't know where he is

I too want to find him

You are lying

You were seen together

Yes, I was with him

But he was washed away in the river

We were separated

I don't know his whereabouts

Dad, there is poison on the ground

It is dangerous

Don't go in, Dad, it is dangerous

Mo-kei, you watch the entrance


See? I told you, nothing here

Let us go out, he is not here

Uncle, what are you doing here?

How are you doing? How is your health?

Dad, you let Tuen Fei off

What nerve! The elixirs I longed for

You took them all

Don't mention the pills

What helping with you with your inner force

They almost killed me

Uncle, luckily I ate them for you

You are gloating here?

No! You let Tuen Fei off

- Go away - Dad, no...

Luckily I took the elixirs

Now I am not afraid of you the rascal

Your Majesty...

Brother Ngai...

Your Majesty

- Brother Ngai... - Your Majesty

What are you doing here?

I don't want to drag you in

Your Majesty, what are you talking about?

We have given you our word

We will always be loyal to you

How can we let you go alone?

Now we have the Flying Wheel

Your Majesty, we will beat Koo Yim-yeung

Yes, Brother Ngai, with the Flying Wheel

And with our martial artistry

Even if we can't brother

We can get His Highness out

Right, Your Majesty


Chiu But-fan?

He was killed by my brother's Maiden Force


So you are all here

Good, now that you are all here

Let me finish you all off

Dream on

Today is your death anniversary

Sire, now you are back

We can live in peace again

Koo Yim-yeung, Chiu But-fan

They got what they deserved

Who knew

The elixirs that contained my inner force

Could be taken by Brother Tuen

Your Majesty, I didn't mean to

Please forgive me

You saved my life

The elixirs were my reward for you then

Thank you, Your Majesty

But it was hard on me

After taking the elixirs

I was on fire

Like I was going to explode

But luckily I am fine now

Your elixirs were not wasted

It was in your destiny

Brother Tuen, now your inner force

Is comparable to Brother Koo's

That's why I hope you will put
more effort in martial arts cultivation

Then you will have a bright future

Right, Tuen Fei, you only have inner force

But you know no moves

You fight like a bull

Tuen Fei, let me teach you
Celestine School's martial arts

No, thanks

I don't care for martial arts cultivation

But if Your Majesty would give me
some money for business

Tuen Fei...

Brother Tuen, you are the junior
young master of Celestine School

You have to help your uncle-in-arms
restore Celestine School

How can you not know martial arts?

Sire, you go back for some rest

Chu Chu

Actually I understand how you feel

But you think about it

Your dad had done so many wicked deeds

He deserved it

Don't be so upset

But he was my dad after all

I know, I know

I have a dad too

But there is nothing we can do now

You are now alone

There is no point for you to stay here

Why don't you go back to
Celestine Mount with me

You go back with me

You can keep me company

I can take care of you

Chu Chu, let me be frank with you

I want to marry you

What? Are they happy tears?

I am not going back with you

I want to stay here


I want to stay here

To succeed Mom

To set up a wine house here

Wine house?

There are plenty wine houses
in the mainland

Tuern Fei, you know why you would do it?

Of course, because I love you

Why you waited till now to say you love me?

Because you are good to me

Because I saved you

Because I am good to you

To show your gratitude

So you say you love me

But I saved you

It was not to make you marry me
out of gratitude

You will never be happy, you get it?

Moreover, I know you are only
grateful to me

You don't love me at all

Forget it

I won't go to Celestine School with you

You go out


- You go out -Yes

They said you wanted to see me

What is it?

You said if I tell you the formula
of Celestine Six Moves

You will let me go


All right, I tell you

But you have to keep your word

All right, I promise

You listen

From unity

To two polarities

Forces of heaven and earth

Channels to the pubic region

You stop it

You cunning old fox

You try to fool me with a fake formula?

You want me to backfire, right?

Dream on

You don't have to tell me

With my cleverness

I will figure it out

You wait for your demise here

You beast...

I am going into retreat for three days

To figure out the secret of
Celestine Six Moves

In these three days

No one can disrupt me, get it?


Feed him a bowl of rice a day

See how tough he can be

Yes, Master

You know who sent it over?

It was found at the backyard

I don't know who put it there

Open it

I said open it, you hear me?

What does the white hair mean?

Let us inform Master

Master has given the order

He cannot be disrupted in his
three day retreat

Now that no one gets hurt

We shouldn't disrupt him

You listen, put out more guards

Get it?

Yes, Senior Brother

Putting on airs with me?

All right, let me show you

Coffin and dead disciples

Why you waited till now to tell me?

Master, you said you couldn't be disrupted
during your retreat

Bury them properly

And don't leak it out

I will handle it

Yes, Master

You finally show up

What do you mean?

Why you killed Celestine disciples?

You avoided me

I sent the coffin up, you ignored me

Some dead disciples mean nothing

If you still wouldn't come

I would fight my way up Celestine Mount

Don't you be so impulsive

I was in retreat

I told my disciples I would not be

I don't believe you

You didn't want to see me only

Believe it or not, up to you

Yuk-lau, you really were not avoiding me?

Why should I avoid you?

Yuk-lau, I was too impulsive

But I was worried you would leave me

You know why?

My only brother was dead

I am all alone now

Chiu But-fan was dead?

Not only my brother

Koo Yim-yueng was dead too

Let us go in and talk

Koo Yim-yeung really was buried alive
in the stalactite cave?

I didn't see it with my own eyes

But it was true

Koo Yim-yeung was dead

But it was premature

I thought you wanted him dead

Yes, I wanted him dead

But I wanted to kill him with
my own hands since small

To avenge Celestine School

Why I took up Phantom Claw
and caused a backfire?

It was to kill him

Now I hate him

Because I can't kill him with my own hands

Yuk-lau, now we should find a way to tackle
Koo Fung and others

Tuen Fei has taken the elixirs

His inner force is now profound


Of course

Otherwise , I wouldn't have come to you

But you gave me no reply

And so I imagined things

Don't talk about this

Hung, you now keep watch of them for me

And inform me of any new development

And don't let them get into Xianyang

Get it?

Be gentle

You did it too hard

Be gentle


Diagonally, be gentle

Chu Chu, actually I have thought about it...