Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 23 - Episode #1.23 - full transcript

Please come again

- Waiter - Coming

Take care of customers

Boss Chan

Miss Koo, please sit

Have some tea first

- Fook, a pot of Iron Buddha -Yes

How is it, Miss Koo?

What is your decision?

500 taels is reasonable

But still too much for me

Let us have a compromise

400 taels

400 taels? It can't be done

Look, it is big here and we are well-known

But my missus doesn't like doing business

Otherwise, I would not sell it


You kidding or what?

500 taels for this shop?

300 taels is already too much

Who are you?

- 1am her lover - You...

Business is not your forte

You have some tea and a bun first

Let me handle it

Boss, 300 taels is over-priced

But we young people want a quick deal

Let us not waste time on it

Final offer, 320 teals

No, it can't be done

All right, 450 taels

We don't just pay 320 taels for it

- We have to pay for repairs - What?

You come out and have a look


The stairs has to be replaced

The beam has to be taken down

It means 200 taels

How can you take down the beam?

So you have not consulted a feng shui
master when it first opened?

Beam overhead breaks your back

You didn't know about it?


You can ask Chu Chu

Her father is a feng shui master

I picked it up from him

You have to believe it

Does your back hurt from time to time?

Does it? That's why...

Back pain is common at my age

Spare me your nonsense

It is final, 450 taels

The goodwill alone is worth 200 taels

You are the buyer or he is the buyer?

What goodwill?

Is it comparable to good people?

Look at our Sister Chu here

Alluring, cute and a bit blue

So sophisticated

If she runs this restaurant

Everyone will come for a cup of tea

Goodwill indeed

Tea please

Right? Sister Chu

No use blathering here

It is final, 450 taels

Come on, 450 is an unlucky number

320 taels

Boss, you listen to me

You can ask anyone

It is a fair price

I said 450 taels

320 is an auspicious number

After the deal is closed

It will mean happiness and vitality for us

Isn't it great?

You really are a pest

Be a man and don't be so petty

Come on, you listen to me

We have to make a living too

This is not the wet market, no haggling

You really are superstitious

Have some tea, Boss, you listen to me

All right, I have had enough of you

400 taels

400 taels? Deal!

Chu Chu

Could I sit here?

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Chu Chu

Chu Chu, don't go

Chu Chu, you stop!


I want to tell you

I just want to tell you

I have persuaded the boss to cut it
to 400 taels

Don't you follow me

What do you want me to do?

Not to follow me

You listen, I mean it this time

I am not lying to you

I know I lied to you all the time

Because of it, you are still angry with me

You still bear me grudges

You can beat me up, just go ahead

Any part of me, you just go ahead

Then we take nothing has happened

All right?

I am not angry with you

How can I make you understand?

I don't want to understand

I just know

Let me be corny, I love you

You love me, let us get married

You still lie to me

Yes, I am alone now

But I can take care of myself

I don't need your pity

Either you love someone or you don't

Love can't be forced

Like Pong, he loves me

But I don't love him

There is nothing I can do

You still won't believe me?

How many times you have lied to me?

How can I believe you?

You stared at Chu, I understand

Now you stare at me as well

What's wrong with you?

Really, you taught me how to coax my wife

Now you are out of your wits

I am not, I just have to rack my brain

Just the same

You be honest

You love her or you just want to repay her?

I thought I loved her

Now I am confused

Indeed, Fei, you have to make it clear

Whether you really love her or not

Or it will only mean misery for both of you

Shifu is right

Shifu, now I call you shifu

You tell me want to do

First of all, ask your heart

Ask my heart? How?

What's wrong with you?

Indifference wine, it works

You will tell what is in your heart
after drinking it

Indifference wine again?

Yes, why not?

Shifu, you are smart

What is it?

Carry him first

Come on, sit down

Chu Chu

He is drunk with indifference wine

- He wants to pour out to you - Chu Chu

Chu Chu is on your side

I am not Chu Chu

I leave you to yourselves

- Minister Chin... -Chu Chu

- You all right? - Chu Chu

Sit down first

Chu Chu...

I have to make it clear with you

It doesn't look right

Let me check them out

So quiet

It doesn't look right

Chu Chu, what did Tuen Fei tell you?

Look at her, it couldn't be good

Don't cry, come on

Tuen Fei doesn't love you

But we will help you

We will take care of you


He said he loved me

It was not to repay me

Then why are you crying?

Chu Chu

What did I say least night?

You now are alone, you have to be careful

Right, if you need help, come to me

I will do what I can, you get it?

Thank you

Let go please

No holding of hands

It doesn't concern you

Chu has decided to leave

Leave? Where?

Chu Chu, I said the wrong thing last night?

What did I say?

Only you could say such a thing

But what did I say?

I was lucky, I didn't hear it

What did I say? Uncle-in-arms

Chu Chu, it was not possible

I couldn't lie under indifference wine

I know I love you

Tuen Fei, forget it

What forget it? No

All right, if you have to leave

I go with you

Let us go pack

What? House moving?

You guys not only won't help

You are laughing here?

I rue the day I knew you

You take it easy

They are kidding only

What kidding?

You used to play pranks on us

This is payback time


That's right

What you said last night was so corny

You know it?

You spoke so loud in Chu's room

You woke us up

You know what you said to Chu?

Chu Chu, I love you

I really love you

We all caught a cold

All right, since you all heard it

Well then

What about a kiss?

You have not washed your mouth

It stinks

All more kidding

Now that you are finally together

I am happy for you

Congratulations, Tuen Fei

You helped us a lot, you are too kind

Your Highness, His Majesty suddenly
passed out

The poisoning has gone into effect

You go see how His Majesty is doing

Let me go get my wife

Lady Chin, how is His Majesty?

The poison has gone to his internal organs

I have given him drug to suppress it

But it is effective for two hours

You save His Majesty's life

You think I don't want to?

But there is nothing I can do

You go see him for the last time

Your Majesty

Please get up

Thank you, Your Majesty

Your Majesty, you all right?

Brother Koo, I am fine

Brother Ngai

You remember that day we first met

We talked about martial arts
in my secret chamber

Of course

We talked about Shaolin's Guardian Fist

And Ermei's Incessant Palm

That one is masculine, the other feminine

One yang, one yin

With some time in my hand

I have thought up a sword routine

That is masculine yet feminine

The mixture of yang and yin

Brother Koo, please advise

Brother Ngai, you see too highly of me

Your Majesty...

Your health first

It is all right, I feel fine

Pong, my sword

- Brother Ngai... - Your Majesty...

Brother Koo, what do you think about
this routine?

Brother Ngai, it may look common

But it had infinite variations

My total admiration

Good, very good

Before my death

I could still discuss martial arts
with Brother Koo

I have no regrets

- Sire, you all right? - Your Majesty

I am all right

I have enjoyed a life of wealth and power

And I can die among best friends
loyal ministers and my beloved son

What else can I ask for?

Now that the evil minister Chiu But-fan
was removed

The prince is still young

But with your ministers by his side

I have nothing to worry about

Sire, you can be rest assured

I will spare no effort in running Dali

Good, but I still have one wish

Your Majesty, please tell us

We will go through thick and thin
to realize it for Your Majesty

Good, this is my last decree

It will be obeyed

Brother Koo has done so much for Dali

I have nothing to repay him

Now that Celestine School has fallen
into the wrong hands

Ministers, please help Brother Koo
in the restoration of Celestine School

I know it is not easy

But I look forward to hearing the good news

We will spare no effort in carrying it out

Your Majesty, you can be rest assured

Thank you, Brother Ngai

That's good

- Sire - Brother Ngai...

- Your Majesty - Brother Ngai

Sheung, where should Man-li and I go
for our trip?

- What about here? - Missus

Minister Chin

You finally care to come home?

I told you, I had to take care of
His Majesty's funeral

You really...

Lady Chin

Hottie, get me a cup of tea, thank you

How come you are panting so hard?

It was Junior Brother's fault

He said he couldn't wait to come back
to see you

He kept running back

I couldn't stop him

You really missed me so much?

Or you two did a little play
to make me happy?

You really

I was wrong not to miss you

But you won't believe I really missed you

That's what you said

I believe you


Where should we go for our trip?

Huang Shan or Ermei Mount?

Don't go to Huang Shan

I have been there several times

It rains all the time

All wet and soggy, hard to walk

Right, not good at all

Then Ermei Mount

Ermei Mount?

But Ermei School takes in female disciples

They are all pretty

Lady Chin, I say no

Or your husband will be stolen

Don't go there

Then which mount should we go?

Celestine Mount

Celestine Mount?

Celestine School is there

Your school

Celestine Mount is good, terrific scenery

If you go there in spring

- The flowers are in bloom -Yes

Birds are singing, very chirpy

What are you two up to?

Well, before His Majesty died

He bid us to help Shifu restore
Celestine School, that's why...

I see

Lady Chin, you hear me out

When spring comes, the birds are singing

It is so chirpy that you...


Get me a hoe


What for?

To dig up that rascal emperor's body

And to ask him

What we husband and wife had owed him

How could you say such a disloyal thing?

Why not?

When he was alive

We husband and wife were never together

Now that he was dead

He still haunts us

He won't leave my husband alone

Missus, you listen to me

I am not your missus

You go hold that rascal emperor's body
as your missus

You can insult me

But you can't insult His Majesty

You both calm down, sit down first

Have some tea and a bun

And talk it over, all right?

My foot!

You two are both rascals

Get lost! You just get lost!

You heartless rascal

You remember what you promised me?

That once the evil ministers were removed

You would leave the country alone

- I have left the country alone -Yes

- It is a martial world affair - Right

Spare me your sophistry

Stay here if you care to

Go if you care to

I don't care

But why?

Some missus you are

Such a shrew

You have to tie your husband
to your apron strings

Tuen Fei, let us go

I dare you to step out of the house

If you do, we are no longer a couple

You mental, let us go

Don't you stop me

I don't care for such a wife

She is either lashing out at me
or picking up a fight

I have had enough of her, let us go

Shifu, it was his momentary anger

Minister Chin will come back
to apologize to you

Come on, Shifu, come on

Does it hurt?

With my inner force

I said I am fine

And I am fine

You really, it is their lovers' quarrel

You had to stick a finger in

So sissy

You think I wanted to? It was

I was sissy, it was my fault

I was too nosy

See if you dare to do it again

You all packed?

We have to set out tomorrow morning

It is done

Knight-errant Koo

I am not going to Celestine Mount with you

Why not?

I meant to come to Dali for a peaceful like

But so many things have happened

I mean to go to Mongolia
for some quiet life

All right then, but you have to take care


Suet Ngan, you are going to Mongolia

But you can set out with us

Let us bid one another goodbye
at the crossing

All right

His Majesty

Your Majesty

Please get up

Thank you, Your Majesty

We heard that you are going back
to the mainland tomorrow

But we have a meeting tomorrow

We can't see you off

We come here to bid you goodbye

Thank you, Your Majesty

An emperor is an emperor

I am not used to your we yet

Your Majesty cares for the country
and people

It is Dali's blessing

Late Majesty's spirit in heaven
will be pleased

The credit goes to you ministers

Oh yes, after you have accomplished
your Sire's order in the mainland

You have to come back at once

You are needed in many ways

Yes, Your Majesty

Tuen Fei, Chu Chu

We will always remember

That we have known you two good friends

You are welcome to come back

We will make sure you are properly received

We sure will, certainly

Take care

Yuk-lau, Koo Fung at el are on their way
back to Celestine Mount

I will tail them

You should be prepared

I will keep in touch with you, Chiu Hung

You stop it

I will not be used by you

When Senior Brother comes back

He will not let you off


I know they won't let me off

But I have you

I can still threaten them with your life

You...Senior Brother sees me
as his mortal foe

He will not let you off because of me

He will, even if he won't

Tuen Fei that fool will beg him

You kill me, you just kill me off

You can be rest assured

Your life is so valuable

How will I bear to kill you

But Koo Fung is my father after all

Unless my back is to the wall

I don't want to turn on my father

If you are smart

You write them a letter

Tell them to go far away as possible

You cut it out

I will not be used by you

I will not

Up to you

I don't like to force others

You just wait here

Very soon, I will bring you their bodies

Uncle-in-arms really has no mercy

This is our first break after on the road
for days and nights

You aren't tired?

Where is Uncle?

Shifu is outside

He will come in after his thing is done

Let us go to sleep, no more talking

It is nice here

Chu Chu, let me a plank to block off
the sun

Tuen Fei

Get up

Why aren't you in bed in such an hour?

You come out with me

I am going to teach you martial arts

It is late, no kidding

Don't wake others up

You come out with me

You mean it? But I am so tired...

I am limp all over

How can I practice?

Indeed, Uncle, leave it for tomorrow

No, we have to travel during daytime

The evening is the only available time
for practice

Look at him, so sloppy

Back straight

Indeed, Senior Brother

With your inner force

It will be a shame if you don't pick up
martial arts

Otherwise, how can you take on Koo Yuk-lau?

All right

It is fun, with characters


Not key, sky

Then what is this?


Lake? How is it played?

These eight positions are our
Celestine Footwork positions

You hop around these positions in order

Don't go to bed if you aren't familiarized
with them

How to hop around?

Sky to Lake, Lake to Fire and so forth

Sky, Lake, Fire, Thunder

It is easy, no problem at all

You don't even know the words
How can you memorize them?

I have my way

This is sky, make it key, key for the door

Lake , make it late

Fire, firefly

Thunder, thunder for lightning

All right

If I can hop around in ease

I can fight others?

All right, Uncle-in-arms

You just go to bed

I will pick it up in no time

You work hard on it

No problem

-Let us goin - Sure

You know them now?

Piece of cake

Finish it and I can go to bed

You go in first, come on

Key for door, but still late

Firefly, thunder for lightning

Tuen Fei...

Get up

Have you eaten?

If you are tired, sleep inside

It is damp here, you will get rheumatism

Come on

Go sleep inside

Hold it

You have familiarized yourself with
the eight positions?

Positions? Key for door and such like?

I know which is which

I was reciting them in my dream

All right, let me give you a try


I am attacking you with my palms

You try to dodge my palms
by the eight positions

As many as you can dodge

What if I fail to dodge them?

Uncle-in-arms, one palm from you
and I will die

Don't worry, I know when to pull
the punches

You have to pull the punches


Uncle-in-arms, amazing indeed

My admiration


- What now? - Cramps...

Uncle-in-arms I have cramps

You have cramps and you can still walk?

I have cramps on my ear, Uncle-in-arms

How useless

Practice again later

What nonsense

How can you have cramps on the ear?

- It is true - How is it?

You hop around for once to try it out

Knight-errant Koo, let us say goodbye here

- You take care = will

I really don't know why you have to go
to some remote place

Come back after a year or so

I will see from there

You work hard on your practice

Don't disappoint your uncle-in-arms

I know, I have grown up

I know what is right

Chu Chu, you take care too

You take care


You feel hot? Chu Chu

You feel hot? I don't

It is windy here

Let me get you some clothes


How was it? You had news of them?

They are now on the mount two miles
outside Xianyang

But Suet Ngan has gone on her own way

She is heading north

Where is she going by herself?

Yuk-lau, I mean to finish her off

Then I can use this ring on Koo Fung et el

My greatest enemies are Koo Fung
and Tuen Fei

You just leave Suet Ngan alone

Why not finish her off?

You listen to me

We have to take on Koo Fung and Tuen Fei
on top form

You leave others alone, all right?

All right

This is the Fire Ring?

It really can get rid of Tuen Fei et al?

Of course, I stole it from shifu

Just by joining them together

It will explode in an hour

I have a plan

We set the time and plant it on their route

And blow them into pieces

See how they can fight me this time

Let go of me...

Hon Mo-kei, you women abuser

You have claimed so many victims

Tough luck that you bump into me today