Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 24 - Episode #1.24 - full transcript

Junior Young Master

Tuen Fei, it has been such a long time

You know I missed you very much?

What a coincidence, so did I

I missed you so much

I couldn't sleep at night

How pitiable

It has been so long and you still
have not grown up

That's me

Oh, Brother, you feel dizzy?

You are anaemic?

Then you should have more liver soup

- Let us go in first - All right

Let us clean them up after dinner

They litter up the place, really


Junior Young Master

It has been some time


I can come back alive

I have to thank my brother

Let us talk in my room

Don't be so impatient

I have been away for so long

Let me sit down and have some tea first

Give him a cup of tea

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Celestine School is in financial difficulty

These old chairs should have been replaced

Luckily I have a firm horse stance

But Junior Young Master

The chairs are new

Your inner force is profound only

So awesome?

But now we are at it

That time I bumped into a foe

I gave him a slap

His head flew off

And landed on the other end of the village

I had to chase after it, too mean of me

Tuen Fei, you praised yourself to the sky

Why don't you give us a demonstration?

Get me a person for me to slap with


We siblings finally met again

Let us have a friendly match

All right

Come on

Tuen Fei, some unique martial arts

It goes without saying

Watch out

Tuen Fei, don't pull your punches

But I prefer to, so what?

Let me take you to Dad

Tuen Fei...


- You really are back - Dad

So you are all right

Dad, it is all right

I am here to get you out

This is the way you treat my dad?

Tuen Fei

You know why your dad is locked up here?

Because he picked up Phantom Claw

I begged the masters of the 12 schools
to spare his life

This is how you repay my kindness?

You picked up Phantom Claw

Just you wait

I will expose your wicked deeds

You think others will believe you?

Tuen Fei

His jinx is cleansed

No one will believe us

You just go

You must think heaven has no eyes

Yuk-lau stop

Please, Yuk-lau

I dare you to kill me

If I am dead, how can you answer to others?

All right, you take me message back

You go tell Koo Fung

Tell me to go as far away as he can

If he comes here to stir up trouble

I will kill him

Don't you touch my dad

If you leave me alone

I will leave you alone

If you come to give me a hard time

I will not let you off

Tuen Fei, you go with Uncle-in-arms

You don't have to bother with me

Dad, I am useless


What happened?

Lan, wet towel

- Tuen Fei - Uncle-in-arms

What is it?

You teach me martial arts

You teach me Celestine Six Moves

And Junior Brother, you teach me
your Eighteen Palms

You teach me now, come on

Tuen Fei, what is it? You tell us first

That rascal Tuen Yuk-lau

I have to beat him into a pulp

- Beat him into a pancake - Tuen Fei

What happened?

You know how he treated my dad?

He chained him in the water dungeon

He was more like a ghost

I almost failed to recognize him


Beast, he is a beast

He wants us to leave immediately

That we can't oppose him

Or he will kill my dad

Uncle-in-arms, what should we do?

All right, let me go kill him

So long as he has Tuen Hoi

Our hands are tied

We first have to get Tuen Hoi out

Then we can take on him

But Koo Yuk-lau was alerted

We can't bother with it now

Let us go get Tuen Hoi out first

Where is the key? all right?

Skip it, take him out of here first

- Master - Please skip it

Leader, we are wanted so urgently

What is it about?

I have got news

That Koo Fung that traitor is now
in Xianyang

I meant to ask you gentlemen here

To figure a way out

But he slipped in and kidnapped my dad

That traitor had the nerve!

He can't be far away

- Let us pursue him -Yes...

Dad, you have come to

How come I am here?

You are fine now

Senior Brother

Dad, Uncle-in-arms got you out

Senior Brother, I have wronged you horribly


You went for my rescue

I really...

Forget it

Let me not mention the past again

You sit down first

Dad, how come you passed out
in the water dungeon?

That beast

He put this on me

And he knocked me out

What is this?

Oh no, no wonder we got off so easily

We fell into his trap

This is Fire Ring, my wife made it

When it is linked up

It will blow up in two hours

And it is very powerful

Anything in the half a mile vicinity
will die

What nerve! That beast!

Dad, it is all right

Let me pull it open

Tuen Fei, no

If you pull it open it will explode

Let me break it up with my palm

Shifu, it doesn't work

But I don't know where that shrew is

Let us go to look for her

Forget it, time is running out

Tuen Fei, you have to remember this

You have to avenge Dad

Dad, come on

I will save you

Knight-errant Koo

What are you doing?

- Don't you come over - Dad

It will explode any time

- We will die together - Dad

You calm down

We will figure a way to take it off

Senior Brother, you let me go

Junior Brother

I don't want to kill you

Dad, come on

- Junior Brother - Knight-errant Tuen

- Elder Tuen - Knight-errant Tuen


- Junior Brother - Knight-errant Tuen


- Junior Brother - Knight-errant Tuen

- Elder Tuen - Dad

- Knight-errant Tuen - Dad

Elder Tuen

- Dad - Knight-errant Tuen

- Junior Brother - Knight-errant Tuen

- Dad - Knight-errant Tuen


Lady Chin

Hey, you should have been in Dali

Why are you here?

It is funny

You can come to the mainland

Why can't I?

You woman, you have done us in

Why made that Fire Ring?

How come it had fallen into
Koo Yuk-lau's hands?

Now it is put on Tuen Hoi

What? How is he now?

Dad doesn't want us to die with him

He has run away

We are looking for him

The Fire Ring


Tuen Fei

Don't go in

The fire is toxic

- Leave me alone - Tuen Fei

- Go away - Tuen Fei

Tuen Fei

Koo Fung, where have you taken my dad?

You have the nerve to ask?

Dad was blown up by the Fire Ring

Either you or I have to die today

Hold it

Dad is dead?

Spare us the acting

Tuen Fei

Tuen Fei, I know you are mad at me

But I had no choice

Dad secretly picked up heterodox
martial arts

He had broken our cardinal rule

I couldn't be partial to him

You come over here

Let us take on these traitors

You...let me kill you

Tuen Fei, stop

- Dad - Junior Brother

You all stop

- Tuen Fei - Dad

Dad, you are not dead?

But the Fire Ring

A masked woman unlocked it for me

She threw it into the cottage

That's good, Dad

So you are still alive

I thought the traitors...

You shut up

You can't talk yourself out this time

You are scared

Dad, now that everyone is here

Let us expose his wicked deeds

Masters, that I secretly picked up
heterodox martial arts

It was a lie

The one that picked up heterodox
martial arts was not me

It was this beast

Dad, how could you say such a thing?

Because you really were that wicked

Dad, don't bother with him

You carry on

It was about one and a half years ago

That beast, in order to beat Koo Yim-yeung

He made Chu Shing-cheung teach him
Phantom Claw

But he got the Sirius jinx because of it

I found it out

He was worried that I would expose him

So he set me up

He broke my meridians

It was true?

Dad, how could you frame me?

You shut up

He has not finished yet

Leader, justice will be maintained

You let him go on

Dad, you go on

He had gone further and further astray

He was no different from Koo Yim-yueng

So I determined to expose him

I asked you to come up to Celestine Mount

So that I could expose him in public

But he found it out

He fed me poison

And I turned berserk

He then told you

That I picked up heterodox martial arts
and it backfired

Leader, what he said was true?

It was all true

And you still blindly follow his lead

Dad, you are now down and out

But you used to be leader of the
12 school alliance

A revered martial world hero

What you did you should admit it

As your son

It hurt me to lock you him

All right, I was unfilial

You can blame me, I won't object to it

But you shouldn't frame me

In order to get yourself off the hook beast


You all right?

- Dad - Junior Brother

Dad, you all right?

You sure can act

You don't buy it, do you?

Such poor acting

You can tell he was lying, right?


You were there in Celestine School

You saw how my dad roll on the floor

How he had gone totally insane

You are veteran martial world heroes

You could all tell it was a backfire

And not poisoning

Let me ask you

Where can you find such a potent poison

That can make a martial arts adept
lose his sanity?


It is called the Zombie Mix

Made from 42 kinds of poisonous herbs

It won't kill

It makes people insane

They roll on the ground and act like crazy

They are more like monster than man

And this is...

This lady here is extraordinary

She is the well-known Magic Physician

Madam Wongpo

So it is Elder Wongpo

I have long heard of your name

I thought you were some heroine

But actually you are petty and partial

You don't care about justice or fairness

What are you talking about?

You and my dad have been friends
for decades

Dad once saved your life

That's why you covered up for him

You lied in public to frame me, right?

What are you talking about?

I mean...


Mentor and Madam Wongpo are good friends

It is known by disciples of Celestine School

We can testify on it

She tried to cover up for Mentor

There is no such a drug as Zombie Mix

What are you doing?

What do you want?

Take it easy

I just want to prove to you

Masters, you all saw it?

The behavior of Brother Tuen on that day

Was it like this man here?

I just fed him Zombie Mix

They were quite similar

Hey, you have nothing to say now?

You have become a mute?


He does

You have been following me for three years

You should know what kind of a man I am

The drug effect on Fai was similar
to Dad's behavior that day

It was a coincidence only

Now as Leader of the 12 School Alliance

I order you to capture them


We had gone through thick and thin together
for decades

What kind of a man I am

You should know every clearly

I didn't pick up heterodox martial arts

It was this beast

All right, you insist that picked up
heterodox martial arts

And got the Sirius Jinx

Now I can prove to you with facts

That it was not true

Elder Wongpo, you are the Magic Physician

You should know every well

What happens when a person gets
the Sirius Jinx

Can you enlighten us?

Those who get the Sirius Jinx

Whenever there is lightning

Their martial artistry will be disabled

They have seizures and unspeakable pain

Thank you

Reverend Fairy Isle, Master Hahou

You remember the last lightning night?

Where were we?

We were in Moonshine Restaurant

Discussing martial world affairs


Now it should be clear to you

Who was lying, who was speaking the truth

- Chiu Hung - Who are you?

My name is Chiu Hung

Madam Wongpo's disciple

You shut up

I don't have such a traitor disciple

Miss, you unlocked the Fire Ring for me

Yes, I had been lurking outside

I didn't mean to come in so soon

But I couldn't take it anymore

Tuen Yuk-lau, you are wicked

What are you talking about?

I don't know her at all

You don't know me?

Gentlemen, you know why his jinx was gone?

It was because of me

I was fooled by his sweet talks

I was willing to sacrifice myself

I slept with him

That night, the jinx passed to me

That' why my hair has turned white

You stop your nonsense

I don't know you at all

I got it now

They sent you here to frame me

What I said was true

Tuen Yuk-lau

You heartless beast

I made such a sacrifice for you

You know how he repaid me?

He was worried I would leak out his secret

He snatched my Heaven decoction

And turned my face into this

You go get her

Why are you standing here?

I said get her

You heard me?

Who will listen to you?

Even your mistress came out to
testify against you

You have anything to say?

I won't let you even if you have

Gentlemen, this is not all

Uncle-in-arms, you come out here

Gentlemen, he is Koo Fung

The man this beast wants to kill

But do you know what is their relationship?

Father and son

He is not human at all

He wants to kill his own father

Leader, what is it all about?

Now we are at it

It has pained me for 20 years

I meant to confess to you

Back then, Senior Brother was accused
of killing his brother-in-arms

He was wrongfully accused

The real killer

It was me

Junior Brother, you stop it

Senior Brother was thrown down
the cliff by Shifu

I thought he was dead

I was wrecked with guilt

So I took his son, this beast here

Back to Celestine Mount

And raised him up as my own

Then I learned that Senior Brother
was alive

So I told him the truth

I wanted them to be reunited

It would ease my conscience

But this beast

In order to be Leader

In order not to be known as the son
of a traitor

He set his own father up

He even tried to kill his father
with his own hands


You tell us, was it true?

Leader, was it true?

You tell us...


- Pursue... - Go

Junior Brother...


Where is that beast?

He's gone


- Dad... - Junior Brother

Tuen Fei, no more talking

Let your father sit down

Let me treat him with my inner force

Senior Brother

I framed you

Even by dying ten times I can't repay you

You don't have to treat me

Go pursue that beast

Junior Brother

Don't mention the past again

Let me treat you first

No, Senior Brother

Junior Brother

Senior Brother, I wronged you so horribly

Why you still are so good to me

Dad...come on...

- Senior Brother - Junior Brother

Junior Brother

Senior Brother, please accept my apology

- Junior Brother... - Dad

Dad, you all right?

Senior Brother, why you did this?

Junior Brother, no more talking

You have some rest

Dad, you have some rest

You thought I would let you off?

Tuen Hoi, you know it?

I could have killed you

But I waited for them to come

To exhaust their inner force

You thought you could beat me?

You are my natural father

Why you wouldn't help me


Yuk-lau, you can't kill him

Junior Brother

I want you all dead

Junior Brother...

Let me kill you

Tuen Fei

Junior Brother

Let me kill you

- Tuen Fei - I have to kill him

I have to...

Tuen Fei, don't be so upset

The dead can't come back to life

You restrain your grief

My were his killers too

Koo Yuk-lau was the one picking up
heterodox martial arts

Why you insisted my dad was the one

You didn't believe a good guy

You put you trust in a bad man

You are long in the tooth

You had no brains at all?

Tuen Fei

Don't put the blame on the masters

It was beyond their imagination

That Yuk-lau was such a beast

We couldn't even dream about it

Now you are awake

But my dad was dead

We too feel sorry for Brother Tuen's death

After selecting a new leader

Our schools will do our utmost to redeem
our mistake

Right, as for our new leader

Brother Koo Fung, we mean to elect you

Masters, you are too kind

But I have retired from the martial world
for decades

And I am no longer young

I don't think I can fill the post

I say Tuen Fei should be the new leader

Uncle-in-arms, you are too kind

But you know me

I am not cut out to be a leader

Though it doesn't concern me

Allow me to cut in

Shifu, no one is more suitable than you are

Don't decline it

Indeed, Brother Koo Fung

Don't decline it

All right, since you are so sincere

I will do my best

Tuen Yuk-lau, you remember your blood oath?

I told you

Ghoul Valley's blood oath is efficacious

You believe it now?

But don't you worry

I won't let you die so easily

I will slowly torture you

You will pray for a quick death

I know I have wronged you

Now I am gravely injured

It is easy for you to kill me

But I have a request

I don't want to die in a woman's hand

I really don't want to die
in a woman's hand

You let me kill myself

We were once a couple

You let me kill myself

Hung, please, let me kill myself

All right, I once loved you

You kill yourself

Thank you

You take care

I really have wronged you

Let me meet again in our next life

Good, it smells good

Let us present it to His Highness

He will be pleased

- Hey, get the wine first -Yes

You come out here

You dared to steal from me?

- Chop his hand off -Yes

Hold it, what is it?

Honourable Ting Shi
and Honourable Chak Muk-chai

This man stole from us

We caught him red-handed

Good, take him to His Highness

So bright a gleam on the front of my bed

Could there have been a fish...

What is it?

I knew it by heart

Your Highness

What is it?

We caught this man outside

He stole our mutton

Who knew?

So there are beggars in the mainland

I lost in a martial arts match

And was thrown down the slope

- You know martial arts? -Yes

Show me some moves

If they are good, your life will be spared

If they are bad, you are dead

Hey, come on

Come on

You call these moves?

You know His Highness is the First Warrier?

Martial arts?

This is teaching a carpenter how to use...


- How to use... - What?

Use what? Tell me

Teaching a carpenter how to use an axe

Your Highness, teaching a carpenter
how to use an axe

Right, teaching a carpenter how to
use an axe

You the thief knows poems too

Hey, take him over

Let me test him

Come on, go over

You listen, let me test your knowledge
of poetry

So bright a gleam on the front of my bed

What is the next line

Could there have been a frost already?

Lifting myself to look
I found that it was moonlight

Sinking back again
I thought suddenly of home

You know poetry, give me another

See how the Yellow River's water
moves out of heaven.

Entering the ocean, never to return.

See how lovely locks in bright mirrors
in high chambers

Though silken-black at morning
have changed by night to snow.

Oh, let a man of spirit venture
where he pleases

And never tip his golden cup empty
toward the moon!

Since heaven gave the talent
let it be employed!

Spin a thousand of pieces of silver
All of them come back!

Good! Hey

The last two lines again

Since heaven gave the talent
let it be employed!

Spin a thousand of pieces of silver
All of them come back!

Since heaven gave the talent
let it be employed!

Spin a thousand of pieces of silver
All of them come back!

Your Highness, what to do with him?

Don't kill him yet

Leave him here to teach the kids poetry

Yes, Your Highness

Hey, if you recite us good poems
Your life will be spared

Otherwise, you will be dead

Hey, take him out


Take him out

Since heaven gave the talent
let it be employed!

Spin a thousand of pieces of silver
All of them come back!

Spin a thousand...

Now I have forgotten about it

Spin a memory, really

Come on, move...

Get up...move...


Walk faster...

Tricolour Heartbreak fruit

You still want to harm people?

Who are you going to poison this time?

Shifu, you...

Don't call me shifu

I don't have such wicked disciples

Shifu, you hear me out

Go back with me

I want to kill you in front of your
five sisters-in-arms

Shifu, no...

- Go... - Shifu...