Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 25 - Episode #1.25 - full transcript

Tricolour Heartbreak fruit

You still want to harm people?

Who are you going to poison this time?

Shifu, you...

Don't call me shifu

I don't have such wicked disciples

Shifu, you hear me out

Go back with me

I want to kill you in front of your
five sisters-in-arms

Shifu, no...

- Go... - Shifu...

Five sisters-in-arms, I am sorry

I really deserve to die

I am glad you know

Shifu, I have done many wicked deeds

You want to kill me, I have nothing to say

But please

Let me do one last thing

What is your trick this time?

Shifu, this disfigurement

It was the result of Heaven decoction

Even if you wouldn't kill me

I don't have many days left

I went out to pick Tricolour
Heartbreak fruit

It was meant for Tuen Yuk-lau

He wronged me

He threw Heaven decoction on me

If I couldn't kill him with my own hands

I will die with regrets

Shifu, please, let me kill him

Once I have killed him

You can do whatever you like with me

Shifu, please

You know where he is?

He is going northward with the Mongolians

You are poisoned with Heaven decoction

Your inner force is diminishing

Can you kill Tuen Yuk-lau?

Let me think about it


- Sheung, Ning -Yes

Lock her up in the firewood storeroom


Shifu, please

Let me kill him

Shifu, please, Shifu

Who are you?

Identify yourself if you are a man

Why so sneakily?

This won't do

You have to channel your inner force
to your palm first

Then you strike

Only then can it be forceful

Today is the first day

Don't make it so complicated

Domino game is complicated

How come you could pick it up so easily?

You can make money in playing domino game

Can I make money doing this?

Now we are at it

I am itching for a game or two

Why not...

Your hands are itchy?

You rascal

You were all tears a couple of days ago

You swore you would master martial arts

Now you regret it?

I wanted to master martial arts

To take on Tuen Yuk-lau that beast

Now that the beast was thrown down
the cliff

He would be more dead than alive
even if he could survive it

I am not saying I want to quit

I just want to take a break for a game
or two only

You be quiet

If Shifu hears it

Your head will roll

Go practice...go


You all right?

I am fine

You failed to dodge

It seems that your mind is not here

You are thinking of Madame Wongpo?

You rascal, I don't bother


How come when I was asleep every night

I heard you cry out

Missus, don't be angry with me

How come I have not heard of it?

Of course you haven't

Such corny words

They are too corny even for me, you know?

What nonsense

We are brothers-in-arms

Whatever you find it hard to say

You can tell me

Come on

You think I should go to beg her
for forgiveness

You admit it

It is not for me to think for you

You decide it yourself

But now we are at it

She is fat, she is a shrew
And she never shuts up

Don't bother

But...she is tender sometimes

And she is good to me

So you miss her

Since you miss her, go to get her back

But we have fallen out

All women want to be coaxed

Nice words don't cost a thing, just go


You are my junior brother, I go with you

The practice can wait, come on

Shifu, I have done what you ordered

Lightning powder was sprinkled
on the front and backyard

The contraption was set up

Good, if the masked man comes again

He will be electrocuted

See if he can get away

What are you doing?

Knock on the door

You think she will let you in?

Right, if she won't let me in

Then what should I do?

What to do?

Climb over the wall

Slip into her room

When you see her, you go down on your knees

You beg and coax her

Just say whatever she wants to hear

Take her off guard

When she is confused and overjoyed

Whatever you say she will buy it

I am lucky to have you as councilor

What nerve! He dares to come again

See if you can run this time

Ning, go with me to see who he is


How come it is you two?

That's bad

Ning, turn off the contraption

Old man, grab the pole, come on

How could you be so stupid?

Lady Chin, your contraption was awesome

We stepped on it and then


Turn it off, come on

It really was awesome

My hands are still shaking

You were lucky not to be electrocuted

Why are you here at this hour?

If you wanted to see me

Why didn't you knock on the door?

And why used the mask to scare me?

- Mask? - What are you talking about?

Don't you deny it

The first time was in the wood

The second time you tailed me here

And eavesdropped on me from the roof, right

- No, I really didn't -No

We meant to knock on the door

It was his fault

- You can ask him - Me?

That man was not you? Then who was he?

You have ruffled someone?

He is here for revenge?

Don't you care

We said we had nothing to do
with each other

Why are you here?

You are in trouble

Your enemy is here for revenge

I come to help you

We were once a couple, right?

And I am a loyal man


You want to patch up with me

Spare me the excuses

Lady Chin, allow me to cut in

Actually Junior Brother cares for you

I can tell

You care for him too

What does a couple mean?

Sharing the table during the day

And the bed at night

You just forgive him

You want to patch up with me? All right

But he has to agree on one condition

Just one condition?

If you will say yes, not to say one

Even a hundred is no problem

Don't be happy so soon

I have not finished yet

Man-li, you have to promise me

You will not get involved in anything again

No excuse for you to go away again

Not to get involved in anything? Then...

Everything is left to me to decide

You have to listen to me

A hen-pecked husband is a wealthy husband

- He should listen to you - Smart

Just say yes to anything for the time being

All right, Shifu's orders were carried out

Tuen Yuk-lau was dead

- I have nothing to worry about - Right

All right, whatever you say

You say go east and I will go east

West and I will go west


- You mean it? -Yes

- So you have said yes -Yes

- Don't you regret it - No, I won't

Then let me tell you

Tuen Yuk-lau is still alive

He is going northward with the Mongolians

How did you know?

Chiu Hung told me

- Where is she? Let me ask her - Right

She is locked up in the firewood storeroom

- Let us go to her - Let us go

Don't be so nosy

You are going howhere

She has escaped?

How come?

I have deactivated her four major acupoints

She couldn't have escaped

- Who got her out? - Indeed

It was you two's fault

To get you out

I turned off the contraption

And have forgotten to turn it on again

Someone came in and I was unaware of it

What a coincidence

You agree? Really

Who got her out?

It must be the masked man

But who is the masked man?

How do I know?

It was odd

Chiu Hung always works alone

She has no friends

Who would come for her rescue?

Who are you?

Why you got me out?

Koo Yim-yeung, you are still alive?

It was not so easy to kill me

Chin Man-li forced me into the cave
with the Fire Wheel

Then it exploded

Fire filled the cave

I was lucky, I survived it

But I was poisoned by the toxic fume

I only have half of my inner force left

You could survive it, you really were lucky

Right, that's why I want revenge

I will kill them all

Anyone that is related to Celestine School

In that case, you should kill me as well

Why you rescued me?

Because in the world

Only you and Madam Wongpo can treat
Fire Wheel poisoning

Right, you are absolutely right

But Madam Wongpo won't treat you

And neither will I

You killed my brother Chiu But-fan

I know you hate Tuen Yuk-lau
with all your might

If you can treat me

I promise you, I will get him for you

Let you kill him yourself

That's a good idea

But I have a demand

What is it?

You have to teach me Maiden Force

You are ambitious

Let me be honest

I have incurable poison inside me

Only the feminine Maiden Force
can enhance my inner force

And lengthen my life

Let me ask you

If I am dead

Who can cure you?

But what if I have taught you Maiden Force

You won't cure me

You can be rest assured

I know Maiden Force has nine levels

I will treat you in nine installments

You teach me one level

I give you a dose

It is fair to both of us

All right, a deal

Sister Suet Ngan

Sister Suet Ngan, try our wine

It is aromatic, smell it

Come on

- His Highness is back - He is back

Your Highness, welcome back

Brother, I have brought you a lot of gifts

Go...come on...go


You all right?

These are all gifts


Come on

I brought the jewelries from the mainland

You just pick the ones you like

Thank you, Your Highness

Your Highness, cheers

Cheers, come on

This wine is tasty

What is it?

Your Highness, it is the mainland's
maiden red

Miss Suet Ngan taught us how to make it


Miss Suet Ngan, you not only knows
martial arts

You knows wine brewing as well

How clever

Miss Suet Ngan, His Highness praises you

Miss Suet Ngan

You don't feel well?

I am fine, Your Highness

That's good

Since you came here

You taught our people martial arts

And herb gathering

You are our friend

I give you 10 horses and 500 sheep

Thank you, Your Highness

And more, there is one more thing for you

Bring him here


This slave is yours

Your name now is Yali


Yali means dog

Yali, kneel to your master

Yes, master

You listen, don't you dare running away

If you run away, I will kill you, get it

You bear it in mind

Come, let us drink

What happened?

Master, what is my order?

You answer me

If there is nothing for me

Master, please rest early

The Master of Celestine School

Now you are a slave of the Mongolians

You never dreamt of it, did you

You must think I deserved it

I brought it on myself, right?

You still think you had no choice?

That it was understandable?

To consolidate the martial world

To tackle Koo Yim-yeung

Which part was wrong?

I never thought

At this point

You still feel no remorse

Why none of you

Would climb into my shoes?

I was the leader of the martial world

I couldn't afford to lose

If you were in my place

What would you do?

I don't know

I just know that I would not be like you

You disowned your natural father

You tried to kill the one who raised you up

For your end, you could resort to any means

You could pick up heterodox martial arts

I would not be like you

Manipulating love to cheat your beloved

You are not human at all

Yes, I am

I am just a normal human being

I am Tuen Yuk-lau

Who else, before he turned 20

Could become the leader of the
12 School Alliance

Not one, there never was one

You are too arrogant, too egotistic

But heaven has eyes

You are now reduced to this

It shows that

You are just an ordinary man

Winner takes all

I don't want to argue with you

All right, I don't want to talk with you

I have long given up on the martial world

But why? Why I had to bump into you here


Tuen Yuk-lau will not lose

I will not lose


Shifu sure is different

See how great a progress Tuen Fei has made

No big deal

This monkey is quite smart

Of course

Those sky and earth, thunder and lightning

I have learned them by heart

But you just can't concentrate

You hear it?

You have to be more concentrated


- Listen to Chu -Yes

Chu, give me a massage

I am so tired

Tuen Fei

Uncle-in-arms, I have pulled all the stops

You have now mastered the Celestine
levitation skill

But you know nothing about Celestine
inner force formula

From today on

You have to go into meditation for 10 days

To cultivation the inner force formula

10 days?

Mouth to heart, heart to pubic region

Nose to...

Chu Chu, fried again?

Freshly fried, come on, try it

No more fried stuff for me


There is a big sore on my backside

- That's poor - Indeed

- Anyway...take it easy - Be careful

Poor me, sitting here for 10 days
and 10 nights

You tell me, I have done it
for 5 days now, right?

Dream on, just two days

Just two days?

Really? Who came up with meditation?

He should be hung and beaten to death

No more talking

Come on, sit down and have some tea

Now that I have got up
I can't sit down again

- It hurts? - Yes, it is very big

Here, you feel it

You really

Chu Chu, let us pick a day and get married

Or my backside still has to suffer

What has our wedding got to do
with your backside?

If we get married

Uncle-in-arms has to give me a month off


You rascal, you marry me for a break

You listen to me

You are the first bride to marry
for the wellbeing of a backside

Shouldn't you be proud?

What nonsense

Come on

Chu Chu, have pity on my backside

All right

Your Maiden Force has made great progress

But my injury has not turned better

Of course, I told you

You have to take nine doses
to be fully recovered

My Maiden Force has just gone
to level seven

There are still two levels to go

Your injury will not get well so soon

It is fair

I don't want to wait any longer

You give me the remaining two doses

No problem

But you have to give me the manual

of levels eight and nine



But I can only give you the two doses
in a couple of days

Because several herbs are only available
in Mount Qilian

From here to Mount Qilian

It will take at least 2 months

So I have to wait for a long time?

Don't worry

I know Madam Wongpo has the drug I want

I mean to steal it

To be honest

Not only are you impatient

I too can't wait to master Maiden Force

Before I die

I can still kill Tuen Yuk-lau

You are filled with wine and treat

I should go back to my room
for some tea and a bun

You enjoy your chat, bye

No, we still have to tease the bride

Don't get in the way of Tuen Fei's
Wedding night

The nuptial night is most valuable


Don't get in his way

Let me go back to the bridal chamber

Come on...Tuen Fei is tired

Let him go back for some rest

I need some rest

Don't you stare at me like that

But you are staring at me too

I just want to have a good look of my wife

She seems to get prettier by the second

A kiss, come on

No way, no

No way? But this is our wedding night

You want to spend the night reciting poems?

What poems? Look at you, pathetic

Don't tickle me, I can't be tickled

If you won't stop

I will go to sleep with Madam Wongpo

No tickling

I go to Madam Wongpo


Chu Chu, what is it?


What is it?

Some wedding night you are consuming

What is this ruckus?

I saw a ghost

A female ghost

With white hair and dressed in red

- Ghost? - She is no ghost

- She is Chiu Hung - Chiu Hung?

Yes, it sounds like her

What is she doing here in Celestine Mount?


No wonder, my room was rummaged

A bottle of drug is missing

I was thinking who would steal drugs

So it was that hussy Chiu Hung

But what did she steal it for?

It is obvious

She means to poison somebody

You were wrong this time

The drug she stole was not poison

It is for curing

But you said Heaven decoction is incurable

Then why she stole it?

I think it was not for her

It was for someone else

She would steal drugs to cure people?

It is odd indeed

She stole them for the masked man
who rescued her?

It is quite likely

But who is he?

I got you the drug

I will make it into liquid form

You bathe in it for a month

Your injury will be cured

You do it for me now

What about the manual for Maiden Force
levels 8 and 97

I have it here

You make me the cure, I give you the manual

Good, a deal

- Your Highness - Your Highness

Yali, you have been here for some time

You have been obedient

You taught us many Han characters

And you raised the sheep well

From today on, you are no longer a slave

- Thank you, Your Majesty - That's it

Yali, tomorrow is our annual
thanksgiving festival

There will be songs and dances

It is full of fun

This outfit is for you

You join us tomorrow

Thank you, Your Highness

Besides offering thanks to heaven

The young people use this opportunity
to pick their beloved

I hope you will find yours tomorrow

May I be excused?

You really mean to stay here forever?

Seeing only sheep every day?

In the past few months

I have been here tending the sheep

I thought of many things

I used to be so high and mighty

I was a leader before I turned 20

Young and successful

It sure was enviable

But I was not as happy as others thought

In here, I see the Mongolians everyday

They work during the day
and sleep during the night

They live a simple and peaceful life

But they are happy

All they ask is provision for the family

I asked myself

Why I can't live like them

Live a peaceful life from now on

Because you are ambitious

I used to be full of ambition

But now my martial artistry is gone

I am no different from a cripple

What ambition can I still have

What if you can get your
martial artistry back?

I will still stay here

I am tired of the life I used to have

Her Highness gave me an outfit

Let me change into it

- Not bad -Yes

Sister Suet Ngan, we are all happy today



You all listen, today is our annual
thanksgiving festival

Let us drink to our fill

- Cheers - Cheers

- Come on...cheers - Cheers

Come on...cheers

Come on...cheers...come on

Come on, cheers, come on

Yali, it is such a joyful day

Why don't you ask your beloved to dance?

I have no beloved

So many girls over there

You ask them to dance

I just watch them dance here

All right, suit yourself

Yali, what are you doing here?

Nothing, I just passed by

You are lying

You were peeping here

No, I...

You want to steal?

- No, I... - No?

What is it?

Miss Suet Ngan, not a moment too soon

He was peeping at you from outside

I say he doesn't mean you well

What nerve!

I thought you had turned a new leaf

But you have not changed at all

I have done nothing

You shut up!


Take him out and hang him up


- Go... - I haven't...

Suet Ngan

I have nothing to talk with you

Then why you took me down?

Suet Ngan

You give me another chance

You give yourself another chance

I have given you many chances

But what have I got?

You lied to me again and again

This is the last time

You give me one more chance

Suet Ngan

I have lost my martial artistry

I am like a crippled man

What can I do?

Martial schools all want me dead

I can't go back to the mainland

Tuen Yuk-lau is dead

The man standing in front of you
is called Yali

You give me one more chance

I can swear

I will not fail you this time

Don't you go on

Koo Yim-yeung

The eighth dose is prepared

You have to bathe in it for a month

Then you follow this method
to prepare the ninth dose

And bathe in it for a month

Your injury will be totally cured


This is the manual for Maiden Force
levels 8 and 9

You take it and go to Mongolia

To kill Tuen Yuk-lau

I don't have to go to Mongolia now

When I went to gather herbs

I got news that Tuen Yuk-lau

Was caught by men of Celestine School

He will be taken back to Celestine Mount

What a pity I am not fully recovered

Otherwise, I will go to kill him with you

No, thanks, Tuen Yuk-lau did this to me

I have to kill him myself

Where is Tuen Yuk-lau?

You hussy, only this trick

Can lure you here

Go back with me

I have something to ask you

Maiden Force

How come Chiu Hung knows Maiden Force?

In this world, only my brother knows
Maiden Force

He is still alive?

It looks like it

I think the masked man who got
the hussy out

Was probably Koo Yim-yeung

Who is it?

Where are you going?

You gave me a scare

Why you tailed me?

You have the nerve to ask

It is so late

You came out by yourself

Where are you going?

Chiu Hung used Maiden Force today

You don't find it odd?

I think Dad is probably alive

I too want to know how he is going

I mean to look for him

But you could have told me first

Tuen Fei, if I can find him

I want to talk with him alone

To ask him to go away

If you are around...

You stop it

If you want to look for me

I go with you

I am your husband now

What concerns you concerns me

You get it?

Chu Chu, let us go back

I am all right, you can go back

How can I leave you by yourself?

So it is you two

Dad, you really are alive

How come you know I am here?

In our fight with Chiu Hung today

She shook us off with Maiden Force

So we knew you are still alive

I don't die so easily

- You are injured - 1am fine

Dad, you listen to me, you leave here

If Uncle finds you

He will not let you off

If you will turn a new leaf

On Chu Chu's behalf

I will let you off

You are how my father-in-law after all

What did you say? I am your father-in-law?

Chu Chu and I are married

You hussy

You married a Celestine man

Mind what you are doing

Tuen Fei, you took my elixirs

Now you turn my daughter against me

You have to die today