Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 26 - Episode #1.26 - full transcript

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Grab the pole, come on

How could you be so stupid?

Lady Chin, your contraption was awesome

We stepped on it and then

How is it? How is it?

Turn it off, come on

You listen to me

You are the first bride to marry
for the wellbeing of a backside

Shouldn't you be proud?

What nonsense

Come on

Chu Chu, have pity on my backside

All right

Maiden Force?

I think the masked man who got
the hussy out

Was probably Koo Yim-yeung

Dad, you listen to me, you leave here

If Uncle finds you

He will not let you off

If you will turn a new leaf

On Chu Chu's behalf

I will let you off

You are how my father-in-law after all

What did you say? I am your father-in-law?

Chu Chu and I are married

You hussy

You married a Celestine man

Mind what you are doing

Tuen Fei, you took my elixirs

Now you turn my daughter against me

You have to die today

Koo Yim-yeung, you have done so many
wicked deeds

I forgave you again and again

But you still won't change

All right, from now on

You are no longer my father

You disowned me?

You hussy, you have to die here

All right, I won't let you off

You all right?

I am fine

Master Koo, Knight-errant Koo

You all sit down

Master Koo called us here so urgently

What is it about?

Gentlemen, my brother Koo Yim-yeung
is still alive

He is still alive?

Yes, Tuen Fei and Chu saw him yesterday

Does Tuen Fei know where he is?

No, but from his look

He seems to have serious injury

However serious his injury

For our own safety

We have to get him

- You agree? -Yes

Let us inform disciples of our
respective school

To look for the whereabouts of
Koo Yim-yeung

Gentlemen, I asked you to come

Besides Koo Yim-yeung

I have another issue to discuss with you

What is it?

Since the death of my brother-in-arms

The orthodoxy has no leader

I think we should elect a new leader

That's what we have in mind

Right, we need a shepherd for the herd

Then the new leader has to be Uncle-in-arms

His martial artistry is the highest...

Tuen Fei, I am no longer young

Moreover, there are up and coming newcomers

The position should be filled by the young

I have a choice in mind

That's good, I have a choice in mind too

I too have a choice in mind

There is a person more suitable than

Of course, and that one is you


No kidding, I can't do it

All right, don't you decline it

We all find you suitable

There is a reason for it

You think about it

We 12 schools always see Celestine
as the leader of the orthodoxy

You are the only heir of Celestine

You assume the leadership

It is appropriate

Right, that's true

You...but you didn't know me yesterday

You all know me

I don't have the strength for it

And I don't look the part

Tuen Fei, don't you worry

You have taken late Majesty's elixirs

Your inner force is more powerful than ours

Right, when teaching you moves

I found that you have the potential

If only you will work hard

Your accomplishment will at least
be on par with mine or your dad's

Right, Tuen Fei has powerful inner force

He just has to master some routines

If each of us 12 schools

Can pass one routine to him

He will become a martial arts supremo


- But no - Tuen Fei

They have such high hopes for you

You put your effort into it

Thank you for your vote of confidence in me

But it is a shame

I don't have such confidence in myself

You have to have confidence

I will make you succeed

Tuen Fei

There are ten secret chambers here

Each has a martial arts manual inside

From the easiest to the hardest

This one is from Man-li

Once you think you have mastered it

You just pull this rope

Man-li will have a match with you

You have to beat him before you can go
to the next secret chamber

Ten chambers

Then it means a long time

Uncle-in-arms, can you cut down the number?

Tuen Fei, you are always so indolent

You need some pushing to succeed

You are right

I will pull all the stops this time

In order not to fail you

Tuen Fei, if you can pass these ten hurdles

I will treat you to an all-night
drinking binge

Then domino games afterwards

Win yours, loss mine

Then you get the money ready



Knight-errant Koo

Lady Chin

How is it? How is Tuen Fei's progress?

Tuen Fei says it is boring by himself

Very pitiable

He says he is locked up
in the secret chamber

He doesn't know it is daytime or night

To make him succeed

We can't be soft-hearted

Master, Junior Young Master pulled the rope

It means he is confident he can pass

- Good, you can go out -Yes

He has mastered it so soon?

Just 3 days

Let me see him

Wait, you take this powder first

Then you have your match with him

What is it?

Thunder powder

It will make you short-tempered

You think I don't know you?

You are too soft-hearted

If Tuen Fei that rascal begs you

You will let him pass

You are right

Junior Brother, come and sit down

Have some tea

Don't stand on ceremony

Let us start

You rascal, you are kidding?

You know me

How could I master it in so short a time?

You won't really fight with me


What do you mean?

That means, you just let me pass

Your coming here is just a show

You tell them afterwards

That it took me 300 rounds to beat you

You rascal

What's wrong with you?

You were all determination several days ago

So it was just an impulse

You want me to collude with you? Dream on

You don't have to me so mean

I am that mean

Look at you

You have never seen me flare up

You had the wrong drug?

What wrong drug?

You hit me so hard?

All right

My nose is bleeding

The match is off

You rascal, you are useless

Let me warn you

If you are the same next time

I will break your legs

He is insane...

Come on, make yourself at home

Have more

What is the noise?

Indeed, what is it?

Let me check it out

Who is it?

You tell me

Where does that man Tuen Yuk-lau live?

Tuen Yuk-lau? Never heard of it

It is a Han name

You never heard of it?

- How horrific... - So scary

It must be the woman I saw last night

White hair and dressed in red

Must be a ghost

Ghost? Really?

Very scary, very horrific

- Give way... - Really a ghost...

You listen, I have checked it out

It was no ghost

They were probably killed by bandits nearby

- You all be careful, get it? -Yes

I want to talk with you

About what? Chiu Hung? I am not interested

Who knew she could find me here

Actually I tend to sheep and horses everyday

I really enjoy this kind of life

I don't want to talk or think about
the past again

You don't want to talk about it

It doesn't mean you had not done them

The chicken comes home to roost

It is retribution

Repent and reform is itself virtue

You really won't give me a chance
to repent and reform?

You are remorseful now, but what is the use

You have done too many wicked deeds

I don't care if others won't forgive me

I just want to know

Whether you will forgive me

You stop it, I don't want to hear it

Suet Ngan

I have no more hope

I just want to hear

That you have forgiven me

Then I am contented

Suet Ngan

I don't want to see you again

You just go, go


Tell me, where is Tuen Yuk-lau

I don't know

I really don't know...

Chiu Hung, you want Tuen Yuk-lau

You don't have to kill the innocents

You must know where he is, you tell me

He was thrown down the cliff
by Koo Fung and Tuen Fei

His martial artistry is disabled

You just let him off

Let him off?

He did this to me

He hurt me with many insulting words

I have to kill him

If you go on slaughtering the innocent

I will not let you off

He deserves to die

Why you still take his side?

Take me to Tuen Yuk-lau

Or I will kill you

He was once master of a school

Now he is a slave of the Mongolians

He has got what he deserves

Why you won't leave him alone?

He did this to me

I have to kill him

You plead for him

So the love between you has rekindled?

Nothing of that sort

I don't believe you

What is it?

It really is vexing

Is there a way to kill that witch?

What if other tribes learn of it?

They will use this chance to invade us

You think up a way quick

Your Highness, we can use the
wartime dungeon

We find someone to lure her out

Then we switch on the contraption
and lock her inside is a clever method

Then we only have to sacrifice
one of our men

And spare others

Right, indeed

But who will do it? It can't be me

It really is vexing

Go look for someone

Who will do it?

Who will?

Your Highness

Let me do it

You? You are not afraid of being killed?

I am just a slave

My death means nothing

Right, right

But you don't have to worry

I will send more archers to protect you

You lure her into the contraption

You can leave by the other

You will be fine, don't worry

We have found a way

Now I am relieved

Tuen Yuk-lau


Get her

Chiu Hung, you can't kill me

Tuen Yuk-lau, you...

Tuen Yuk-lau, don't go...

Let me out

Tuen Yuk-lau, don't you go

Let me out

After you..., you are now Chatchai

It means hero in Mongolian

- Congratulations - Thank you

We are going to throw you
a celebration party

Then we can drink to our fill

Thank you

Come, get the celebration party ready

Yes, Your Highness

That witch wanted you dead

That witch's name is Chiu Hung

She is a member of the heterodox

Known for being ruthless

She came here

I think she meant to take over your land

As her base

What? She can dream on

Now she is in our hands

She can't get away

That dungeon is very strong

She will die of starvation there

How is Miss Suet Ngan?

Her injury is serious

It will take some time to recover

I see you care for her

After she is recovered

Let me be your matchmaker

Your Highness, thank you indeed

But I am not good enough for her

Says who?

You are how Chatchai, a great hero

You are good enough for anyone

Right, you are now a hero...

What a fool

If you knew how I took care of Chiu Hung

You would not forgive me

You would say I am heartless

And ruthless

We couldn't be together

I was forced to do it

I am here in such a remote place

She could track me down

She wanted nothing but my death

If she could come

Others could come too

I can't sit here and wait for my death

What I have lost

I will get them back

Suet Ngan, forgive me

Tuen Yuk-lau, you let me out

Chiu Hung, don't bother to fight back

You have been starved for three days

And you got my limpness smoke

With what can you fight me?

If you are smart, you just kill me

Or I will chop you into pieces

I have fled here to Mongolia

Why you wouldn't leave me alone?

I will never leave you alone

Even if I am dead

My ghost will still follow you around

You really are hard to kill

You were poisoned with Heaven decoction

But you are still alive

And you have picked up Maiden Force

Who taught you? Tell me

You listen

Koo Yim-yeung

You are scared?

You are still alive

How will he be dead?

He will come to you sooner or later

Even if I can't kill you

He will kill you

Teach me Maiden Force

If you agree to it

I will let you live

At this stage

You still want to use me?

All right, you go to Hades with me

Then I will teach you

You just kill me

I won't let you die so easily

You taught me how to raise
five poison gold turtle shake

You know every well

How it feels after being bitten by it

You will beg to me killed

You scum

I have the antidote here

If you will teach me Maiden Force

You can have it

Maiden Force, Maiden Force

Don't be happy too soon

You may have the manual for levels 8 and 9

But you will never have the basic formula

Try me

With my intelligence

Though I just have the manuals
for level 8 and 9

I will figure out the basic formula
by myself

It will backfire on you

It will only mean your death

You could track me here to Mongolia

Others could come here

Why should I sit here and wait for my death

Why don't I fight back?

I will kill them all

Tuen Fei, Koo Yim-yeung, Koo Fung

Tuen Yuk-lau, don't you forget
our blood oath

Ghoul Valley's blood oath is efficacious

You shut up

Maiden Force

I will finish you all off

Just you wait

I will finish you all off

Tuen Fei, what are you doing?

Afternoon nap

You brought me soup again?

What's wrong with you? You really

Why take it so seriously?

Why sweat myself?

You think it is fun? Really

You, all you know is just fun

You know the high hopes
Unlce-in-arms has for you?

If he knows you are so indolent

He will be very disappointed

Not to say him

I spare no efforts in making you soup

You may have high hopes for me
It is no use

I am tired, I deserve a break

I am a human being after all

You never take things seriously

What if our son is like you?

What did you say?


You speak more clearly

I don't speak to lazy bone

I... am not

I was kidding only

Actually I have been practicing

See, I am all sweat

Then why did you lie to me?

Practicing is boring

You are here, so I kidded with you

You kid with your wife?

I am sorry

What did you say? What son?

You will soon be dad


You deaf? You couldn't hear it?

I just want you to say it again

You will soon be a dad

Chu Chu, you are pregnant? So soon?

Let me hear it

Yes, you really are pregnant

- You can hear it? - No


It is asleep

You really

I will soon be dad

My wife is pregnant

If I only care about practice

I will be struck by lightning

What nonsense, nothing good
comes out from your mouth

It is your excuse to avoid practice only

Whatever, I ...

I have to take a few days off

You are pregnant, you will soon give birth

Leave this for New Year

You have bought so many

Your son is not born yet

We buy them for his future use

And his brothers and sisters
will keep coming

What keep coming?

You see me as a sow?

No, you are not a sow

A fortune-teller once told me

The middle line of my upper-lip is long

I will have a lot of children

What he said comes true

We were married for less than half a year

And you are pregnant

You be serious

So many kids, naming them is a headache

It is easy, we name them with numbers

Eldest son is Tuen One

Second Son Tuen Two

Third one Tuen Three and so on

We can have a hundred

You are lazy even in naming your kids

Chu Chu, what?

My dad


I don't know

I just saw him here

You are right

My brother's martial artistry is not
fully restored

Otherwise, he wouldn't have minded
being seen

Now what are we going to do?

What you have to do is to focus
on your practice

As for my brother

I will send people out to track him down

I just hope that we can find him

Before his martial artistry is restored

You have to be careful

You inform me if anything happens

Chu Chu, you take care of Uncle-in-arms

Don't worry

You just focus on practice


Koo Yim-yeung really is hiding here?

I saw him go in

Then I lost no time in telling you

He probably is still inside

Where is he?

This is our school's medicinal bath
for curing

Chiu Hung that hussy stole it for him

Koo Yim-yeungd's martial artistry
is very likely restored

If his martial artistry is restored

Then we are in trouble

This medicinal bath is made with
chilling drug

After bathing in it

He has to go to a hot place

To force the chill out

In that case, he may be in the fiery cave
up the mountain

It is always as hot as a furnace

He probably is there

Good, let us brothers settle
our score today

This is the fiery cave

It is hot here

Go in to check out

Brother, so you really are here

Today, only one of us can leave this cave

Don't you worry

I will be the one that can leave here

Not you

You are doomed

You can still be so cocky

Dad, you are not fully recovered

You can't get away

Though I have disowned you

I don't want to see you die here

I have asked Uncle

If you repent and disable your
martial artistry

We will let you live

You hussy, you traitor, get lost!

-Chu -Chu


Brother, you have nowhere to go

Please, you disable your martial artistry

I will let you live



You go away

It is between us brothers

Let us settle it between ourselves

- Shifu - Go away


Help! Help!




- Knight-errant Koo - Shifu

What to do?

No more talking

We jump down to help him

It is hot like a furnace

We are jumping to our deaths

We have to think up a way

We think up a way

Dad, Uncle

- Knight-errant Koo - Shifu

Brother, I couldn't beat you up there

But you never dreamt that

In my recuperation, no fire can hurt me

You are going to die here today

Shifu, you all right? Shifu

Knight-errant Koo


You go away, go

-Chu - Go


Shifu has not improved after taking
your prescription

I thought you could cure any illness

What does it mean?

Yes, I can sure any illness

What a pity I can't bring the dead
back to life

So he is doomed

I have given him thousand year old ginseng

Snow lotus form Tianshan, Linzhi

Anything that can prolong his life

Forget it, don't you go on

It only worries me more


Shifu has come to...Shifu

Chu...where is Chu?


Shifu, you don't have to worry

I don't think Koo Yim-yeung will kill
his daughter, right?

Where is Tuen Fei?

He is a very good boy

He is sparring with masters of the
12 schools for his last test


Let me take him here


Let him finish it


- Man-li - Tuen Fei

I passed the ten tests

I am an adept now

What is it?

Shifu is seriously injured by Koo Yim-yeung

You go to see him


You all right?

- Tuen Fei - Uncle-in-arms

- You passed the last test? -Yes

Good boy

Uncle-in-arms, why didn't you wait for me?

We could have tackled him together


His injury was not fully recovered

I meant to use the chance to beat him


That rascal conned Shifu into saving him

And he beat him into this

He was scum

Koo Yim-yeung, I will kill you

Tuen Fei, your inner force may be profound

But you are still not his par

You have to strike when he is still weak

That his injury is still not
fully recovered

You have to get Chu back

But don't you forget

Don't fall into his trick

I know, you don't have to worry

- Tuen Fei - Uncle-in-arms

Now that you are a martial arts adept

And you have grown up

I can die with no regrets

Uncle-in-arms, don't say such things

We have gone through so many difficulties

We survived every time

You will be fine

Uncle-in-arms, you listen to me

You will be fine

We will all die

I have been in the martial world
for decades

I have stared death in the face many times

Death means nothing to me

I have always stood tall

I can face my own conscience

And ancestors of Celestine School

Yes, yes

My only regret is having given birth
to Yuk-lau


Yuk-lau, that beast

Uncle-in-arms, you take it easy

Don't be so agitated


Tuen Fei, after I am dead

You will be master of Celestine School

You have to uphold Celestine teachings

And take the school to another level

I will bear it in mind

I know



Tuen Fei is still young

He is inexperienced

You have to help him

Shifu, I know, you don't have to worry



And...don't let my brother know I am dead

Or he will strike while we are weak

And attack Celestine

Then you are in trouble

- Uncle-in-arms - Shifu...

Knight-errant Koo

Lady Chin, you think up a way

To help Uncle-in-arms...

He is dead


You can't die, Uncle-in-arms

Uncle-in-arms, I can't do without you

Uncle-in-arms, don't die...



What nerve! You sure are audacious

You took over Mystic Ice Palace
when I was not around?

We dare not...

Shifu, you are still alive?

You can't wait for me to die

No, Shifu

We thought you were dead

We took care of Mystic Ice Palace for you

For the time being only

Now that you are back

We can serve you again

Right, we are at your service

All right, you sure are smart

Come, lock her up

Young Mistress, she...

-Just doit -Yes

You all listen

Koo Fung of Celestine was seriously
injured by me

Once he is dead

Celestine School will be in chaos

We strike it while it is down