Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 27 - Episode #1.27 - full transcript

You are not in bed?

I can't sleep

Me neither

To keep his death a secret

We can't give Uncle-in-arms a funeral

I really feel bad about it

But we have to do it his way

Dad and Uncle-in-arms are both gone

And Chu Chu's fate is unknown

Only now do I know the meaning
of grievance

You have nothing to worry about

Chu will be fine

If we can find Koo Yim-yeung

We can find her

Where is Koo Yim-yeung hiding?

People here

Tell us, who sent you?

Is it Koo Yim-yeung?

If 1 tell you, will you let me go?

All right, you tell us

Yes, Koo Yim-yeung sent me

To check out Celestine School

How is Koo Chu?

You mean Young Mistress?

She is locked in the dungeon

Now that I have told you

Could I go now?

You go back to tell Koo Yim-yeung

If he will let Chu Chu go

I will have a one to one fight with him

In the bamboo wood in two days

Who does Tuen Fei think he is?

He took the elixirs and gained some
inner force

And he dares challenge me for a duel?


Shifu, you really will go?

Tuen Fei insists in coming to his death

I have to grant him his wish

Shifu, you are right

You two fools

Just a simple assignment and you botched it

Shifu, we have checked it out

I made it to the hall

I saw no tablet

- He probably was still alive - Right

Dead or alive

I have to use this chance

To finish off masters of the 12 schools

The wipe Celestine out

And I will be supreme in the martial world


Be careful

Where is Chu Chu?

Tuen Fei

Chu Chu

Tuen Fei

Tuen Fei, today is your death anniversary

For Chu Chu's sake

I will take three moves from you

Come on

Tuen Fei, you be careful

And one more

You just drop dead

Maiden Force, invincible

Shifu, they are coming, come on

Get lost

Maiden Force, invincible


Master, Master

No, Maiden Force was thumped

Maiden Force was thumped

He is insane

Why should you still follow him?

What's the point?

Right, let us go

Good, go

Where had he gone?

There are three paths here

Which one has he gone?

We look for him separately

Masters, you take the mountain path


- Junior Brother, you take this -Yes

- We go straight ahead -Yes

Beat him up...

He doesn't even look human

Please, stop it

Stop it...

It is him! How come?

I heard that Dad

When you reach the highest level
of Maiden Force and is beaten

You will lose your martial artistry
and your mind

Stop it...

Please, stop it

Maiden Force, invincible

You lied to me

You thumped Maiden Force

You thumped my Maiden Force

Tuen Fei, you come over

Maiden Force

You stop it and just sit here

- Maiden Force, invincible - You sit down

What to do with him?

He has done so many wicked deeds
and killed so many

Now he has lost his martial artistry
and his mind

If he is left to roam in the martial world

He will be killed

What about this?

We take him back to Celestine Mount

Maiden Deity, Maiden Nun

Maiden Nun

You conceived the Maiden Force
a hundred years ago

Maiden Nun...

You lied to me

You said Maiden Force was invincible

How come it was thumped?

I have to kill you...Maiden Petal Shower


- Chu Chu, don't go over - Dad

You let go of me

- The water is too choppy - Dad

Chu Chu, you calm down

Uncle, you are avenged

Your spirit in heaven should be pleased

Tuen Fei has grown up

You can be relieved

He will carry out your will

Suet Ngan

You look much better

Come on, take the decoction first

You spare me

I don't need you to wait on me

I know you won't forgive me

I put it here

You take it when you feel like to

Maiden Force?

How come he knows Maiden Force?

It stinks

Your Highness, she has been dead
for a long time

The body is decomposing

She was killed, not starved to death

Tuen Yuk-lau is heartless

What nerve!

- Come, get him -Yes

Don't be impulsive

I think he has mastered Maiden Force

We have to think up a way


Suet Ngan, you asked for me, what is it?

His Highness just came to see me

He could tell you cared for me

He urged me to be with you

He praised you

That you have been following the line
since coming to Mongolia

You were right

Who has never made mistakes?

I used to take wrong for right

I helped Koo Yim-yeung kill the innocent


Could you promise me that you would never
go back to the mainland

And stay here for a peaceful life?


Why did you do it?

Why you picked up Maiden Force?

I really regret it

Why I didn't kill you when you first
came here to Mongolia?

- Get him -Yes

Yali, no, knight-errant

For the sake that I didn't kill you
back then

You spare me my life

Please let me go, please let go of me

Koo Yuk-lau, you beast

Suet Ngan, you all right?

Why you have to make it difficult for me?

You just stay here from now on

You leave me alone

Or I won't cut you any slack

You still can't see your mistake?

What has happened to Koo Yim-yeung

You are well aware of it

You really want to turn yourself
into half a man

I don't care

I cannot lose

Whoever gets in my way of ruling
the martial world has to die

Very noisy

I heard it kicking

Some exaggeration

It must be a boy

How do you know?

It is true, I can feel it

I say it must be a girl

She looks like me

Like you? Not that good

What not that good?

With such a rosebud of a mouth

Better than your cleft chin

What's wrong with a cleft chin?

You stop it

He is kicking again, how naughty

Can't you close the door first?

It is unbecoming if you are seen

You cannot command respect
when you become Master

If it is not important, you are excused

And close the door before you go, thank you

- Just go... - You really are exasperating

It has been half a year since Shifu's death

But you keep postponing the succession

When will you take up the post as master?

If you didn't bring it up
I would have forgotten about it

You have to help me out

You oversee the school for me

Oversee my foot

I am not cut out to be master

You know me

I have to lecture the disciples

And other chores

It is killing me

If you are so unwilling

Then you shouldn't have said yes
to Shifu on his death bed

You are right

That's good

Pick an auspicious day

And you formally take up the post

It is so decided

Close the door before you go

All right, you all get up

Master, a speech please

You do it

You are the master, you deliver it

You do it

You deliver it

You all right?

Chu Chu, you all right? What is it? hurts...

I think the baby is due

- What? - Take her in

Hurry up

- Be careful... - Be careful


What? See how she is doing

I am sorry, my wife is giving birth

That's all for today

Don't you walk up and down

Let me check it out

It takes time to give birth

Don't be so impatient

You think it is a boy or a girl?

Either a boy or a girl

Can't be an egg

What nonsense, it can be a boy and a girl

Congratulations, it is a boy

- See how cute he is - It is a boy

Ancestors be blessed

- Come on - He looks like you

Come on, let me hold him

Be careful

- My son - Be careful

Don't drop him

My son...look

See how happy he looks, how happy

How cute

Look at you, you are envious?

Yes, right

It was your fault

My fault?

You enjoy

I go in to see Chu Chu

- Hold him tight - My son...

What my fault? It was your fault

What did you say? You old man

He looks like me

Pray not as naughty as you are

You want him to be wooden?

When you grow up

Let me teach you how to summersault

Give me a smile, come on

You are now a father, don't be so childish



Not so soon

I mean me

You want Madam Wongpo, what for?

You are...

I am the only person that can save you

Madam Wongpo had six disciples

I am the only surviving one

Tuen Yuk-lau

Don't you forget the blood oath

Ghoul Valley blood oath is efficacious

You shut up

Who is it? Who is it?

Tuen Yuk-lau?

You tell me, how did Koo Yim-yeung die?

You crashed into Mystic Ice Palace
and you can still be so cocky?

Maiden Force?

You tell me

How did Koo Yim-yeung die?

He had a duel with Tuen Fei
and was wounded by him

Then he jumped into the river and drowned

Koo Yim-yeung

How the might fell

You lost to a nobody

No, Tuen Fei's martial artistry
has made great progress

- Very powerful - Yes, very powerful

However powerful

It is not on par with my Maiden Force

You all listen

From today on, I am your new master

Whoever disobeys me

Will be like him

We will always be loyal to you

We are at your service, Master



Thank you, make yourself at home

Enjoy yourselves

Drink to your fill

Of course...till we get drunk

You are happy now, you have a son

How happy

When will you give birth to one?

It was her fault

What? If you had not spent all your time
with His Majesty

We would have had several

It is not too late to get one

- You just work hard - Work hard

Tuen Fei, let Lady Chin adopt our son
as their heir

All right?

- Really? -Yes

You can have my son as heir

The fortune-teller said I would have
dozens of kids

See how cute he is

- Greet godfather - Sweetie

Godfather, have tea

I wish you long life

Good, now greet godmother

Godmother, from your godson

- Good... - Godmother, tea

Godmother has a token for you

And from me

You are too kind, thank you

You have to be obedient

Don't be as stubborn as your godfather

Brother Chin, Lady Chin, congratulations


Such a valuable present

Give godmother a kiss

Come on, a kiss

Come on, let's have a bath

How naughty

I was away for awhile and he threw
a tantrum, really

It was not

He knew Godmother is leaving

He couldn't bear to part with her


What? Where are you going?

We can't stay here forever

We have outstayed our welcome

Don't stand on ceremony

Tuen Fei, I have a request

I didn't know how to ask you

Now that we are kin

I don't think you will refuse me

We are so close

Don't stand on ceremony

So you want to borrow the Bliss Force
Manual for study

I thought it was something serious

It is easy

Here you are

Bliss Force is Celestine's most powerful
martial art

I was not sure if you would lend it to me

You will die after cultivating it

It is no use however powerful

It almost killed me

Since you want it, you can have it

You really want to study Bliss Force?

Of course, I look like I am kidding?

If I could figure out how to cultivate it
without dying afterwards

Then it...

Koo Yim-yeung was dead

And no one knows Maiden Force

What's the point of studying it?

What do you know?

We live in the world

It is not just eating and waiting
for the sun to set

You are a Celestine disciple

You should do your part

I do it for you

Still, you don't have to go to Huangshan

You promised you would go with me

You have forgotten?

I know, but Tuen Fei has just become master

He is new to the post

His position is not consolidated yet

I have to give him assistance

He is right, Lady Chin

You know me

I am muddleheaded

I need Junior Brother here to guide me


You are now a father

You still have to rely on others?

You don't have to plead for him

I have decided to go

You shut up

But can you bear to leave our godson behind

He is so cute, right?

Wait till he has learned to walk

Right, leave it for later

You just shut up

You never honour your words

You promised me, you would leave
the country behind

Then it was the martial world

Now that the martial world is in peace

You use our godson as an excuse

So what if we waited till he could walk?

What would be your new excuse

That means I can never go to Huangshan

I didn't say I was not going

I just want to postpone it abit

No more postponing

You just give me your answer

Go or not go

So you are not going

I go myself

Lady Chin

- What? - Go get her back


You be careful

Yuen Yuk-lau, it is you

I have been here waiting for you

You traitor of your own school and teaching

You have the nerve to come back here?

Don't talk with him

Take him back

I want you three to know the power

Of the Maiden Force

From today on

I can forget the past

If you will pledge your loyalty to me

Riches and fortune will be yours

Tuen Yuk-lau, you monster

You want us to pledge our loyalty to you?

Dream on

You would cultivate Maiden Force
a heterodox martial art

You have gone too far

It is a heterodox martial art, so what?

Whatever that helps me win
is good martial arts

You all should pledge your loyalty to me

Let me ask you again

Will you pledge your loyalty to me?

Pledge my loyalty to you?

Over my dead body! You just dream on

Whoever is still reluctant

His end will be like his

Actually, in the martial world

As for intellect or martial artistry

No one can claim to be better than I am

Only you fools

Would pick Tuen Fei as leader

In which aspect I am inferior to him?

You are wicked in nature

You have no shame

You are not eligible to be master

You monster

Kneel down if you will pledge
your loyalty to me

Or you will meet the same fate as his

Two days, where have the witch gone?

You are now worried?

That you will lose your wife?

Then go look for her

Two days, she has gone for two days

She has gone very far

Where to look for her?

Not necessarily

She might be staying in an inn nearby

You go look for her

Then I will plead for you

And she can be mollified

Come on

Master, we just found the bodies
of two masters at the back of the mountain

Let us check them out

Masters Chugut and Pak Hok

Who did it?

It looks like Maiden Force to me

How come? Koo Yim-yueng was dead

He taught it to Chiu Hung

Could it be her?

It must be her

But why she had to kill the two masters?

She was ruthless

Two of the twelve masters were dead

What about the others?

- Let us go find out -Yes

Masters Pak Hok and Chugut
were killed by Koo Yuk-lau

How come he knows Maiden Force?

Chiu Hung taught him?

He could kill two masters

His must have mastered Maiden Force

I thought that with your dad dead

We would enjoy peace

But then there is Tuen Yuk-lau

What to do?

He will come to you for revenge

You don't have to worry

Your dad was such an adept

But I defeated him, right?

But he was injured to begin with

Master, people of Mystic Ice Palace
are here


It really is you, Koo Yuk-lau

Brother, how are you?

I am fine, I am still a whole man

I heard that you had a son

Why not let his uncle give him a hug?

Let you hug him?

If he is hugged by you the monster

I can't take him back again

Mock me to your fill

This is your last chance

Because your whole family will die

Your son included

Easy to say

Tuen Fei


Lan, let us go

You go first

Tuen Fei

Run! Tuen Fei


Master, Celestine School has surrendered

As for others, they are either dead
or wounded

You go tell the 12 schools

They have to come to Celestine Mount
in 15 days

To proclaim me Leader

If they fail to show up

I will wipe their schools out


Master Chin

Lan, what have you found?

I heard that many of our disciples
were dead

Others have surrendered

Master, have some tea

I have to practice

No one can come to disrupt me, get it?


Who is it?

Tuen Yuk-lau, I will not let you off

Tuen Yuk-lau, you remember the blood oath
you made?

You come out

I will not let you off

You come out

Chiu Hung, you come out

I don't care if you are a ghost or not

I am not afraid of you

Tuen Yuk-lau

Even when I am dead
I will not left you off