Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 28 - Episode #1.28 - full transcript

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Tuen Yuk-lau, you remember the blood oath
you made?

Chiu Hung, you come out

I will not let you off

You come out

Chiu Hung, you come out

I don't care if you are a ghost or not

I am not afraid of you

Tuen Yuk-lau

Even when I am dead
I will not left you off

I will not let you off


Master, you all right?


Master, no...

Master, what is it?


Ghoul Valley blood oath is not efficacious

I don't believe it

Master, we are now in hiding

But it won't do

Koo Yuk-lau will find us sooner or later

But what can we do?

We have to play by the ear

Let us go back to Dali

Pong has been good to us

He will help us

No second helping for me

All right

Let us go back

Dali is our turf

I don't think Koo Yuk-lau dares to
cross the border

It is so decided then

Lan, another helping

I have to keep my life

To avenge people killed by Koo Yuk-lau

Ning, Minister Chin is here

Yes, come on

Minister Chin

How come you are here?

Minister Chin, Shifu misses you

Come back with us to see her

How come she knew we would be here?

Shifu knew you would go to Dali

And bid us to wait for you here

She is not that brainless after all

- No more talking, come on - Come on


Tuen Fei, Chu

Lady Chin

Seeing you, I am relieved

I was worried that Koo Yim-yeung
would beat me to you

We are fine

It is secluded here


You just sit here

Let me have a hug

You really, you have such a place

You should have told us about it

We had to hide in derelict temples
feeding mosquitoes

We couldn't even sleep

You had the nerve to blame me?

If you had been good to me

I wouldn't have left

Now there is one more help for Tuen Fei

Isn't that good?

You have a brain or not?

Playing the running away game

How old are you?

Still in your teens?

If you were lucky you would have been
a mother-in-law by now

- What did you say? - About you

You elders, just sit down and have some tea

Sheung, get them some shack

To shut them up

Our most pressing issue now

Is to tackle Koo Yuk-lau

Not to turn on each other

You two really, at your age

Lady Chin, as for the Bliss Force manual

What have you found out?

Bliss Force really is profound

But I still can't figure out a way

To stop its cultivation from ending
in death

Only Bliss Force can defeat Koo Yuk-lau

But why the practitioner has to die?

Don't think about it

Wait till we are in Dali

You think everything will be fine
once you get to Dali?

Koo Yim-yeung will still kill off members
of the orthodox

But what can we do?

You can take on him if you are so capable

We will take care of your dead body

Don't you shout at me

We are in a discussion here

What do you want?

Really? What have I got wrong?

What you said just didn't make sense

Junior Brother

All right, I give you wide berth

My fault, my fault, all right?

Come on

Don't be mad...

Mock me to your fill

This is your last chance

Because your whole family will die

Run, Tuen Fei, run, come on

Tuen Fei, Tuen Fei, after I am dead

You will be master of Celestine School

I know

- Uncle-in-arms... - Shi-fu

Knight-errant Koo


Uncle-in-arms, you can't die, Uncle-in-arms

I can't do without you, Uncle-in-arms

Tuen Fei, it is late

What are you doing here?

I couldn't sleep

I came out to stretch my legs

You want to cultivate Bliss Force?

No, you go back in

- No - You...

I have known you for so long

You think I don't know?

It seems you never take things seriously

But fool around all day

But with Celestine School in this
critical situation

I know it hurts you, right?

So what?

Cultivating this martial art means death

You can't make me cultivate it
even if you pay me

- You let me have a look - No

I don't care what you say

Call me selfish if you like

Tuen Fei, if you cultivate it

If something happens to you

What about me and our son?

I can't feel at ease with this
manual around

What are you doing?

I have to burn it

You...out of your mind?

I said I wouldn't cultivate it

Why you have to burn it?

You won't cultivate it anyway

Why keep it?

You listen to me

You let go of me

Let me burn it

What is this ruckus?

Indeed, whatever it is

It can be talked over

Let go of me

Let me burn it

Chu, you listen to me

Only Bliss Force can save Celestine School

I have to do it

Can't you see?

Tuen Fei, let go of me

I have to burn it, Tuen Fei

It doesn't look right, give it to me

What doesn't look right?

A piece of paper here

I am Sage Bliss

Bliss Force is my conception

It power is astounding, incomparable

Its opponent will die

To prevent cultivators from
killing indiscriminately

Cultivators, when putting it to use

Will die from over-exertion

But there is another Bliss Force
That doesn't entail death

Happening on this note is a work of destiny

Reach me through the map

I may pass you Bliss Force

Sage Bliss, Third Month, Year Dingwei

So there is another no death Bliss Force

And a map


Were it not for your disruption

We would never have known

This Bliss Force secret

Year Dingwei, the year I was born

23 years ago

No, this manual has been in Celestine
for a long time

23 years plus a cycle of 60 years

It was 83 years ago

83 years ago?

He didn't write it right after he was born

He calls himself sage

It means he may well be 150 years old

Who can live to 150 years old?

Forget it then, it is not in our destiny

Don't think about it

We go to Dali

Who says there isn't?

There really might be a 150 year old man

He is a martial arts adept

The chance is higher

May be he has written the manual

Which is waiting for its destined finder

We should give it a try however slight
the hope

Of course

But you...

Chu Chu, Junior Brother and I will
set out tomorrow

You and Lady Chin take care of
Tuen One here

All right, it is late, we go back to sleep

Tuen Fei

Don't you worry

I am blessed and has luck

I will be fine

I promise you

Whatever the outcome

I will come back to you at once

You have to be careful

Don't worry


Have you found any suspicious people?


We three are on guard here

If anyone comes in, we will know about it


Then how come there is a pair
of footprints here?

That...we don't know

If it happens again

You three will be killed

Yes, Master


Have you found any suspicious people?


You be on the lookout

I go down for a look

- Should we go with you? -No

Tuen Yuk-lau

You remember the blood oath you made?

I may be a ghost, I won't let you off

You really thought I had a backfire?

You were fooled, you slut

Suet Ngan?

Why did you do it? Why did this to me?

You got off lightly

You really hate me so much?

You know there were many times

I should have killed you

But I didn't

Because I couldn't

Because I couldn't bring myself to kill
my beloved

And you can bring yourself to kill me?

I have long given up on you

You look at yourself

What do you look like now?

You are how a monster who is just
half a man

You are no different from the deceased
Koo Yim-yeung

You will have a tragic end

You will die more pathetically than he was

I know

From the day I began to cultivate
Maiden Force

I knew I was following
Koo Yim-yeung's footsteps

I would become half a man

But I believe, with my intelligence

I will find a way to counteract it

Dream on

It is too late to regret it now

No, I won't regret it

I am going to marry you

What a joke

Please take a good look of yourself

You are not Tuen Yuk-lau of old

And how can you marry me?

Even if I said yes

How could you consummate it?

Should I address you as my husband
or my wife?

Tuen Yuk-lau

This is the price you have to pay for
commanding the martial world

You stop it

You should have known

When you cultivated Maiden Force

You know what it was like for Koo Yim-yeung

The disciples respected him on the surface

But behind his back, they called him

You stop it! You stop it!


Master, what is it?

Let me ask you

Have you ever respected me this master?

Of course, we all respect you

You are the leader of the martial world

You have no par in martial artistry

We all respect you, very much


Yes, really, yes

What do you say about me behind my back?

Behind your back?

We...we dare not say anything about you
behind your back

No? You call me a weirdo?

That I am impotent? Right?

No! No, Master

Master, no, we have said nothing

Indeed, Master, spare us...

We have said nothing

You may not have said it

But that's what you think

No...Master...spare us...we haven't

All right, if I hear you talk
behind my back

I will kill you all

No...we dare not...go...

You are not the Tuen Yuk-lau of old

How could you marry me?




How do you see me among yourselves?

We...have said nothing...


What are you doing?

You beast

You are now mine

Wait till your injury is recovered

Then I will pick a date to marry you

Over my dead body

Suet Ngan, you listen to me

Suet Ngan, don't be so stubborn

Suet Ngan

Come on, let us go to godmother

Godmother, Tuen One is here to help out

Tuen One is sweet

Wait till you have grown up

Let me teach you martial arts, all right?

All right?

Lady Chin, you keep making drugs

There are so many of them

We are running out of space

There are just us two women here

And this baby

If that monster comes

We can't fight him

We still have something to fend him off

You are right

They have been gone for so long

I think they should have found
the Bliss Cave

We are out of Indian heliotrope

Let me go out to gather some

With me not around

You and your son have to be careful

Don't worry

You be careful too

Suet Ngan...

All the prescriptions just wouldn't work

Come in


What is it?

Madam Wongpo is found gathering herbs
on the mount

Take me there

Madam Wongpo, it has been some time

What do you want?

Don't worry

I am here not to kill you

I just want you to go back with me
to treat a person


Suet Ngan

I don't believe you

- Take her back -Yes

How is she? It is serious?

I ask you how is her injury?

Let me ask you

You raped Suet Ngan?

It is not your business

You scum

You beat her into this

And you took advantage of her

I took you back to treat her

Others are not your business

She is very weak

And she is pregnant

You want her dead?

What? Suet Ngan is pregnant?

Heaven has no eyes

A man like you can have a son

Suet Ngan, Suet Ngan

Suet Ngan, you really are pregnant?

You have to keep the baby for me

If the mother's life can be kept

You have to make sure the mother
and child are safe


Otherwise, I can't leave here alive


Let me tell you

I will die anyway

I don't give you a damn

If you are smart

You be polite to me

I am not used to harsh words

If I am upset

I won't be able to remember prescriptions

All right, please

You give her prescription

Lady Chin, please

That's about it

Lady Tuen

We found that Shifu was taken away
by Koo Yuk-lau

Yes, and Suet Ngan too

And she is dying

Lady Tuen, what are we going to do?

Indeed, Minister Chin and Master Tuen
are still away

What should we do?

Oh no, Shifu is in danger

You calm down

I think Lady Chin is safe
for the time being

If Koo Yuk-lau wants her dead

He wouldn't have taken her back

He probably took her to treat Suet Ngan

Then what should we do?

Indeed, what to do?

- Sheung, Ning -Yes

You go find out more

And come back to tell me


Come on

Take the map out and check it again


We are not there yet

If we can find this Ingot Rock

Then we are not far from the Bliss Cave

- Ingot Rock? -Yes

- Let me pee first - Pee?






Knight-errant, watch out!

I am sorry

What is it? Why did you cry out?


Ingot Rock

What about Sage Bliss?

Let me see

The map says 1000 steps from the
rock's right side

Then dig two feet deep

And it is the entrance of the Bliss Cave

- Right side? -Yes

Of the rock's front or back?

It doesn't say

Then what to do?

- Which way did we come? - That way

It doesn't make sense for us to go back

It must be that way

Whatever, come on

Count, 1...


1962, 1963

1964, 196...

How come it is an inn?

It is not on the map

It didn't exist when Sage Bliss
drew the map

It has been so long

And an inn was built on it

Then what to do?

Let me see

We go ask the boss to let us dig there

You think he will let us?

We can't tell others we are looking for
the Bliss Cave

And Sage Bliss

They will see us as nuts

I should have brought more money

Then I could buy it out

And dig wherever we like

If only...l would have become rich

It took us so long to get here

We can't go back

Then what to do?

We have to go for broke


Let me tell up as we walk

You two gentlemen like it here?

Very good

Very good indeed

Our dishes are famous

You like to try some?

Try our dishes

- 1am tired - Tired

Then go to bed

Is there any other things you want?


- Then excuse me - All right


8 more steps

-8? -Yes


1,2 3,4,5,6,7, 8, here

- Move the bed aside -Yes

More than two feet, but nothing here

The map says two feet

We made a mistake?

Open the door please

You have to register

You tidy it up, let me answer the door

You handle her


- Gentlemen... - Don't come in

What are you doing here?

You can't dig here

Indeed, you tell me, what is going on here?

It can't be, there was no hole here

Then you tell me what it is

You said no hole

But there is one here

There was no hole when I took you in

When we first came in

You kept talking about dishes

You didn't want us to find it out

You distracted our attention, right?

You are not right

You gave us a room with a hole

- It can't be done - Right

I had no idea

It probably was previous guest's doing

I don't care whose doing it is

We have paid rent

You gave us such a room

You are unreasonable

We will report to the magistracy, right?

All right, bad luck for us

You pack and go to the adjacent room
with me

That's about it

- Bad luck for me - Right

Now the three of us with our six eyes

Can tell there is no hole here

If a hole comes up again

And it is your doing

We all see very clearly this time

There can't be a hole again

Right, it is not possible

I really am tired

- No hole - 1am tired

- Very tired - You can go

You can go, we have to go to bed

Go to bed

Now what to do?

Should we dig here?

This room

You steps were not even

That's why we dug in vain

3 steps' difference

3 steps, we count from the corner

- See how it is - All right

1, 2, 3, here

We dig here then, we dig here

Give it a try, come on

Don't you listen to him

I say that two rascals did it

But we have no proof

There is nothing we can do

Let us peek on them

See what they are doing

All right

Two feet

Call him

Sage Bliss, Sage Bliss

- Sage Bliss - Don't be so loud


What are you doing here?

Why you dug a hole here?


Miss, the three of us with our six eyes

- We saw no hole here - Right

- It didn't just happen - Right

- So it means we dug it - Right

- No excuse? - No

Yes, we dug it

- Pay - How much?

- This...5 taels, -10 taels

All right, 50 taels

50 taels

Take them to the magistracy, come on

You let me explain, all right?

- No money... - We tell them the truth

Stop and listen to me


We have to tell them the truth

Go ahead

We dug a hole here

Because we have to save the martial word

Because the Bliss Cave is under your inn

There is a Sage Bliss in the cave

You know it?

Sage Bliss? Yes

You know about him?

He has three hundred heads and six horns

- Six horns? - Three hundred heads?

What three hundred heads and six horns?

Don't listen to them

Take them to the magistracy

Shut up

You have to make me lose temper

Then you can sleep soundly?

To save the martial world

You have to work hard

All of you

Go get a hoe and help us dig

Until we see the Bliss Cave

Or I will not cut you any slack

You hear me?

So you are threatening us?

You can say so

I am not afraid of bullies

I just won't dig, so what?

Miss, don't think I am kidding

What I said was true

You are nuts

How to make you understand?


Why hit her so hard?

Fun...she is breathless

You killed my daughter

Take him to the magistracy

Don't let them run away

Take them to the magistracy...

Take them...go get them...

Tough luck today

Not only did we fail to find Sage Bliss

We have got us into hot water

It was your fault

- We found it - What?

What happened to that girl

It was like what happened to me
when I was cultivating Bliss Force

I was hit on the head and I passed out

And went into faux death

It was exactly the same

The same death

So the girl is cultivating...

Bliss Force


But what has it got to do with us?

It means Sage Bliss is still alive


No more talking

Let us go see if she has come to

Come on

Not so soon

We can sit down for a cup of tea and a bun

We can check her out tomorrow

- All right, as you said - Right

Where are you going?

I stay in the room all day long

I mean to go out to stretch my legs

I am not allowed?

It is windy outside

You are pregnant

I don't want you to catch cold

You just stay in the room for more rest

Suet Ngan, how do you feel today?

It seems much better

Yes, with two new prescriptions
from Lady Chin

I feel much better

And I have appetite

Then let me ask her to prepare you more

Come in

Lady Chin

Master Tuen, you are here

Suet Ngan and the baby are all right?

They are fine

After this dose

If the condition is stabilized

Then the dosage can be cut down

Let me

It is hot, leave it for later

Suet Ngan, let me check the baby

Master Tuen, it is not convenient
for you to be here

Then excuse me

Suet Ngan, he seems to be true to you

I won't waver

Lady Chin, is the poison done?


If it is done, we can do it

He thinks I really believe in him

He has let down his guard

This is the perfect time for us to do it

Don't be impatient

When the time is ripe

I will do it

You have patience

Lady Chin, I really have to thank you

If there weren't you by my side

We mother and child would have long died

I am glad you have figured it out

Why seek death?

If you are dead, you can't have revenge

He deserves death

The child is innocent

After it is born

I will raise it up

That's the attitude

Oh yes, Lady Chin, keep the poison
in a safe place

If he finds it out

Then you are in trouble

I know

But he will never guess it

I keep the poison in my hair

Come in

Lady Chin, Master sent me

What is it?

He asks you to go to the side hall

He has something to talk with you

We have something to talk about?

Master Tuen

Yes, of course

If you are honest with me

Then we can talk it over

What do you mean?

You are smart, but I am not a fool

I checked all the drugs you prescribed
in the past few months

Seven of them are chilly in nature

Independently they are not poisonous

But putting them together

A most chilly poison can be made

I have checked it out

They were not in the drugs Suet Ngan took

What do you want the drugs for?

To use on me?


I know I can't fight you

But I know you can't bear to lose
your child

If you don't let her go

I will kill myself here and now

Suet Ngan, no!

You dare to blackmail me with my child?

Suet Ngan, you should know

I will not be blackmailed

You too should know

I mean what I say

- No... - Suet Ngan

All right, you get lost

Don't let me see you again

Lady Chin, you just go

Lady Tuen, Shifu is back

Lady Chin is back?

Lady Chin is back

- Lady Chin - Lady Chin

Tuen Yuk-lau let you go?


What happened?

Don't mention it

We had it all planned out

We meant to poison that monster

But he found it out

Suet Ngan threatened to kill herself

He reluctantly let me go

Where is Suet Ngan?

She is pregnant

Suet Ngan is pregnant?

She was raped by that monster

He is not human at all

What about Suet Ngan, is she in danger?

For his own child

I don't think that monster will harm her

No more talking

Let us think up a way to get Suet Ngan out

But what can we do?

That monster's martial artistry is profound

I think we have to leave it till Mn-li
and Tuen Fei are back

That Tuen Fei

He has gone for so long

There has been no news of him

What if something has happened to him?

Man-li probably has taken him out
to get some fun

But you don't have to worry

They are grown men

They can make judgment

I can only hope so

Lady Chin, you have some rest first

Shifu, go in for some rest

Why are you looking at me?

You are looking at me

You said it was just faux death
for that girl

But there are funeral lanterns

So she is really dead

Trust me, I can't be wrong

In your previous faux deaths

How long did it take to come to?

I told you yesterday

There is no saying

It can be quite quick and it may take days

What if she has come to?

Then she would die of suffocation inside

Let us go check it out

Her father really thought she was dead

Now what to do?

Take the lid down

Luckily it is not nailed tight

Our luck

- Girl... - She has died of suffocation?

I don't know


You feel if she has heartbeat


Feel her heartbeat

You killed me

Since you killed me by mistake

I let you off

Now go

- Go - Go now

Igo, l go

But even if we are scared we can't go

Then what to do?

You said it

The heart of female vampire is
invaluable tonic

You have to take it out, don't waste time


You take her clothes off first

Then tear it out

You have a sabre with you?

You have it, come on, give it to me

Me do it?

It has to be you

No... am not a vampire, I am not dead

You hussy, you faked death?

You faked death to fool us?

Come, take her clothes off


Some bad habit you have picked up

Faking death, what nerve

Let me beat you to death

Don't! Or she will die again

Let me ask you

Who is Sage Bliss to you?

- Tell me... - Tell me

I know you know Bliss Force

Where is Sage Bliss?

Tell me! Come on! Tell me...

She bites me

- She bites me - Let go

I did

Not you, she

You tell her to let go, come on

- What is she won't? - Let go

- She bites even harder - What to do?

Take her over

What to do?

- Take her back - Come on

We have taken her back

But she is so stubborn

She just won't tell us

What to do?

I will find a way

What way?

She just keeps dying, really

The old trick

Take her clothes off?

Something like that

Does it work?

I think what a girl cares most
is her honour

It is more important than her life

When she comes to

I will pretend to rape her

What about me?

You pretend to stop me

One plays the good guy, one the bad guy

I can't act

Let me teach you

When she comes to, I will say

I will rape you

Then you say

What nerve! You beast!

How can you do such a thing!