Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 29 - Episode #1.29 - full transcript


When she comes to, I will say

I will rape you

And you say, what nerve

How can you do such a beastly thing

And then...

Then I will say

She won't be coaxed

She has to be coerced

If she will tell me the whereabouts
of Sage Bliss

I will let her off

And something like that

And then

Then it is your turn to say something

Say what?

You think something up

Oh yes, I then say

So you are such kind of a man

I don't have such a senior brother

That's your plan

Good, well said, let us rehearse it first


I come in

What nerve!

You have to get closer

If you are so slow

Then I may really rape her

Then what to do?

And your tone

You have to sound emotional and angry

But that's how you just did

My acting was that poor?

Yes, it was that poor

When we rehearse again

You show more emotion, all right?

- All right - Try it a few more times


I will rape you

What nerve!

You were too impatient

You had to give me time to react

I told you I can't act

It is just the rehearsal

We practice more, don't be so impatient


I will rape you

What should I say?

No movement at all

We have rehearsed well

That hussy still has not come to

We have rehearsed the whole night

She has not come to

Let us do it again

No, if we were too smooth

It wouldn't look authentic


You hussy, I give you one more chance

Where is Sage Bliss?

I told you many times

I don't know what Sage Bliss

Why you keep asking?

You have to make me do it, right?

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I have to rape you

What nerve!

How can you do such a beastly act?

She won't be coaxed

She has to be coerced

If she tells me the whereabouts
of Sage Bliss

I will let her off

You...are such kind of a man

I don't have such senior brother

You get lost

I will rape you

You can't do it

- I can, I will rape her - You can't

-lcan - You can't

No response

I told you we had not rehearsed enough

You do it again, be more earnest

Do it again

- I will rape you - What nerve!

How can you do such a thing

She won't be coaxed

She has to be coerced

If she will tell me the whereabouts
of Sage Bliss

I will let her off

So you are such kind of a man

I don't have such a senior brother

- You get lost -No

- I will rape you -No

You think shouting is good acting?

You have to be mean in your expression

Or others won't buy it

All right, I will rape you

You two stop the acting

I have seen through you

How come?

How strange

You hussy, what nonsense

Let me tell you

Don't you do it

Or I will die again

And you have to spend another night with me

She is leaving, what to do?

She is leaving

She's gone

What nerve! She must have overheard us

Now what to do?

The last resort

Last resort...what is the last resort?


Don't go yet

Don't you follow me

Or I will die in front of you

Actually I want to see Sage Bliss
so urgently

For a very embarrassing reason

I told you, I don't know what Sage Bliss

How many times I have to say it
to make you understand, young master?

So you won't tell me, right?

All right

Don't be afraid

I just want to tell you

A big secret of the martial world

I only tell it to you

You have to promise me

Don't spread it around

You really can't spread it around

Otherwise, Sage Bliss' name will be ruined

You think I will buy it? You are insane

You listen to me, my grandma

My grandma told me

When she was young

She had a fling with Sage Bliss

Probably more than one

Very likely three or four flings

I too thought she was insane

But then I found that her tears were real

She was not lying

My grandma is dying

Before she leaves the world

She wants to see the love of
her youthful days for the last time

Please help her

Please let her wish come true

- It was true? -Yes

How touching, now I want to cry

Me too

Please, lend me your sleeves

Be my guest

You think I really was sold?

Don't you fool me

It was my fault

I shouldn't have lied in the beginning

To cover it up

Now when I am telling the truth

It is not believed

You have to believe me


Why you won't use your head
to think about it?

Were it not for my grandma

Why should I want to see him so urgently?

You really think I am here

To save the martial world?

That I want to see him

It is to tackle Koo Yuk-lau?

Look at me

You can tell

I am not some good man

Doing good deeds

You should know

I am not a chivalrous man

You finished?


No more for me to hear? Nothing now?

Then I can go now?

Before you go, look into my eyes

My grandma used to tell me

I bear some resemblance to Sage Bliss

You can't lie with it

You look more carefully

- You are looking for Sage Bliss -Yes

- You somewhat look like him -Yes

Then go look for him yourself


You really are a pest



You rascal, how could you do
such a beastly thing?

You have wronged Chu

I don't have such a senior brother

You have wronged Chu

You think I just...

What think? I saw it with my own eyes

You are mistaken


I see

What did you think it was?

Did she buy it?

She doesn't have to buy it all

If she has doubts, that's enough

We spend the night watching her

We will be rewarded

What? No sleep again?

It is almost done

Then you can sleep to your fill

Done...but there will be something else

I don't know what wicked deeds
I had done in my previous life

My daughter died tragically


Now her body is gone



You are human or ghost?

- Indeed - Don't scare me

It is broad daylight

Of course I am human

- Really? - Really?

You really, I almost died of suffocation

But I had checked it thoroughly


If you really had checked it thoroughly

How come I am here in flesh and blood?


Whatever, it must be my good deeds

- And heaven spared you - Right

Now that you are alive, I am contented

Fook, Sau

Don't just stand here

Go kill a chicken as offering

And joss sticks

- So the Bliss Cave is here - Right

Sage Bliss has played us a prank

If we counted this way from the Ingot Rock

We would have found it

What a prank

- You two didn't see me? - No

Miss, it is about human lives

Don't get in the way

I know, it is for your grandma

You still can't go in

To be honest, it was a lie


Then why you want my shifu so urgently?

Her shifu

I told you she knows Bliss Force

So Sage Bliss is still alive

You can't go in

Why not?

You just can't go in

She is so sneaky

That scandal was about her?

What scandal?

So Sage Bliss had a fling with her...

A fling?

Two or three

You stop your nonsense

Probably 5 or 6


All right

Let me tell you

About half a year ago

I found this cave by chance

Then I met Sage Bliss

He is over 150 years old

Because of the ether in the cave

He is able to stay alive

He said if he left the cave

He would die

He said we were in each other's destiny

So he took me in as his disciple

He taught me Bliss Force

But he has since begun to grow old

If he teaches you too

He will become even older

You come out...

You can't go in

Miss, if you worry about your shifu
growing old

It is simple

You stop learning Bliss Force
from him from now on

You have no use for it

You let me learn from him

No...whatever you say, it is no

You...get lost

- You listen to me - Get lost

- It is the same - Right

- The weather is fine - A bit foggy

You should have done it earlier


- Wasted so much time -Goin

Be careful



This martial arts adept is weird

His temper must just be weird

He may slap you out of the blue

Or make you pass seven tests
before teaching you


You don't know Sage Bliss

How come you seem to know him?

Because like him

I too am a martial arts adept
with a weird temper

He is Sage Bliss


- Yours truly, Tuen Fei - Chin Man-li

I wonder if you are

The legendary Sage Bliss?

-Yes - Very likely

I am sorry, legendary...

It was a long time ago

Sage Bliss

I almost forgot this moniker

You just address me as elder


I am here because of the note and the map
found in Bliss Force manual

Yes, when I was young

I did write a manual

What? You are here to learn Bliss Force?

Yes, Elder, please teach it to me

I have to take several palms from you first

To try out martial artistry?


Then I have to take 3 or 4 tests?


It was a promise I made when I was young

I will keep it

But about a year ago

I took in a disciple

It is quite a drain

If I have to teach two disciples
at the same time

I don't think I can do it

What about this?

You come back in two years

I will teach you

Elder, to be honest

I want to learn Bliss Force

It is to tackle a monster

He has mastered the ninth level
of Maiden Force

He is invincible

What? This evil martial art is still around

Yes, this man is slaughtering
the martial orthodoxy

And he is my mortal foe

I have to learn it now, I can't wait

But I have retired from the martial world
for a hundred years

I am not interested in
martial world disputes

Moreover, violence is not the way
to settle feuds

You come back in two years

Elder, you can teach Tuen Fei first

And your disciple later


Your disciple Fun, we know her


She said it herself

She is a girl

She can't fully master it anyway

She would quit and let me learn it first

- Really? -Yes

They are lying

How come she came to so quickly this time?

I don't know either

Shifu, they are not good men

Don't teach them Bliss Force

What are you talking about?

You don't know them?

I don't bother

They only tell lies

What comes out from them is just nonsense

Elder, your disciple

There is some misunderstanding between us


But what we just said

Was all true

It was true?

Except the part on...

You, you two just give it up

I won't quit and let you learn Bliss Force

You be reasonable

I don't want to be reasonable

Shifu, you throw them out

You think about it

You could quit

And it wouldn't matter to you

But if I fail to pick it up

Many will be killed

I just won't let you

Well then, we have to go dirty

- We will spread it around - Right

That Sage Bliss doesn't keep his word

And is a dirty old man

You stop it

You can smear me, spare my Shifu

I say you may not be Sage Bliss at all

Look at you, you look 60 Or 70 at most

- Sage Bliss is 150 years old - Right

You two get lost

- Get lost - We will go

By tomorrow

The whole martial world will know

Sage Bliss, Bliss Cave

Is actually a big scam


An old man and a young girl

In a cave

Engaging in...

Shifu, I am useless, I can't help you

Your name is tarnished, I am sorry

Don't be silly

I don't have a name to speak off

Gentlemen, you come back in two years

I will teach you

Fun, don't cry

Hussy, you really...

Forget it

How can we forget it?

You don't find us too despicable?

So what? We had not choice

Let us go

Where to?

Elder, if we have offended you

We are sorry

But we have our backs to the wall

If 1 fail to pick up Bliss Force

The martial world will have a carnage

And I will not be able to protect my family

When I think about it

I will lose my mind

I didn't mean what I just said

Bliss Force probably is not in my destiny

We have to seek help elsewhere

- Goodbye - Goodbye

You two don't go

I am not that unreasonable

Bliss Force doesn't mean much to me

I am worried that it will be too exhaustive
to Shifu

We understand

You two wait

Shifu, what is it?

It probably is fate

The manual was written when I was young

I have since been waiting here

Hoping that someone would come to me

But after getting to know Fun

I found that heaven has not failed me

Heaven has been kind to me

With Fun as my disciple,

I have no regret

But there is one thing I has not told Fun

Deep down, I still hope that

I will find a successor before I die

When you got here

I was a bit disappointed

You don't look like the ideal disciples
I have in mind

But after hearing what Tuen Fei said

It reminded me of my youthful days

I was just as nonchalant

A bit selfish

But I too could rise to the occasion

To go through fire and water for justice

Heaven really is kind to me

I finally find a successor

Shifu, but your condition...

No one knows it better than myself

What does that mean?

Kneel down

Shifu, at your service

Good, get up

How is Lady?

Lady, you hang on

It is coming out

- You hang on - Hang on

Lady, you hang on

Master, Lady has given birth

Master, congratulations

Lady has given birth

- Boy or girl? - A boy

Congratulations, Master...

I have an heir! It is a boy

Tuen Ho...

I have given him a name

Tuen Ho

Ho as in hero

You like it?

Listen to his cry, how strong

He is cut out for martial arts

Good boy, Ho

When you grow up

I will pass Maiden Force to you

Let you rule the martial wolrd

Tuen Yuk-lau, you are half a man

Isn't that bad enough?

You want your son to cultivate Maiden Force

What is his feud with you?

You shut up

You blather again and I will kill you

You...give it to me

Don't touch my son


- Take her to the dungeon -Yes

Give me my son

Tuen Fei, when you are in meditation

Don't leave the stone platform

Or you can' t channel in ether

Senior Brother, please

Be concentrated, all right?

Our survival hinges on you

I told you he couldn't make it

Shifu, he is like a monkey

Teaching him is a waste of effort

Shifu, I tried hard to be concentrated

But I miss my son

I let my mind go astray

I couldn't control myself

You have been in the cave for more than
half a year

No wonder you find it hard to concentrate

What about this? Haste makes delay

After having your meal

You and Man-li go out to stretch your legs

Leave cultivation for tomorrow

We have not been out for some time

I wonder when my son will be
as big as they are

Children grow up fast

They become tall and big in no time

When you go back

He probably is just as big

Sweets tasty?

Kids are cute

They are smart too

Just like my son

How cute

Playing jackstones?

Not your business

Senior Brother, you all right?

He is dead

Stop pushing, stop it

Give way, give way

Tuen Fei


Tuen One, how sweet

Greetings, come on

If only Tuen Hei were here

That his son is so lovely

He would be very pleased

Chu, come on, don't sound so pessimistic

Tuen Fei is as sharp as a rattlesnake

And he has Man-li by his side

He will be fine

Man-li is used to a life of ease

He has been on the road for so long

He must have suffered a lot

I wonder if they have found Sage Bliss

If they had, he should be cultivating it

Tuen Fei hates martial arts cultivation

Now he is forced to do it

It must be torture to him

Shifu, we have got news

Koo Yuk-lau is throwing a party tomorrow

For his son's full month

Really? Our chance is here

The security will not be as tight tomorrow

Good, we go rescue Suet Ngan tomorrow

Lady Chin, I go with you

No, if something happens

Who is going to take care of your son?

Don't worry, let me go

You have to be careful

Master, masters of other schools are here

To attend Young Master's full
month celebration

Let them come in


Come on, cheers

See who is it?

Who is it?

What is it?

Lady Chin

Suet Ngan, you all right?

I am fine

Lady Chin, get me son


- Cheers - Cheers

Good boy

Master, Young Master must find it
noisy and crowded here

Nanny, take him in

Come on


How lovely, Siu Ho

Please don't stand on ceremony

How sweet, really

- Ho, sweetie - Give him to me

- What is she doing? - Get lost

- Come on... - You can't do that

- Who are you? - What's going on?

Master, it is serious

Master, Lady took Young Master away


Did you see a woman with a baby?

She has gone into the village

Master, in the village

Go look for them



Open the door

Hold it...

I fend them off, you run

What about you?

You and the baby are more important

Come on

Master, no sight of them

How useless! Go look for them again

Over there! Pursue!



I won't give you my son

If you come over

I will jump down with my son

Suet Ngan, for the sake that we were
once a couple

Hand me my son

Give you my son?

So that he can pick up Maiden Force

And there will be one more half a man
monster in the world

What do you want?

Though I can't kill you with my own hands

I can kill your son

I don't want my son to become half a man

Suet Ngan


Let go of her

Leave her to me

Why you killed my son?

Master, we go look for him

May be he is fine


Go look for him

- Go! - Come on

Go down

Master, we have looked for him
for a long time

- But we still can't find him -Yes

Keep looking

My son is not dead

You keep looking for him



Siu Ho...

Suet Ngan

Suet Ngan, who made you into this?

Lady Chin, please get my son back

Where is he?

I met a Chu couple in the village

Madam Chu had a still birth

Her son was dead

I switched it with my son

And I threw it down the cliff
in front of Koo Yuk-lau

I urged them to go away before I went

Please look for them

And raise my son up

Don't worry, I will find him

Suet Ngan

We only have one Chu family here

Madam Chu...

How come no one here?

They probably were scared away
by those rogues

Suet Ngan, you can be rest assured

We will find your son

We will kill Koo Yuk-lau that monster

To avenge you

Master, dinner is long ready

My son and his mom are out

Wait till they are back

Master, Young Master was already...

Get out!



You sent me to the western region to demand
loyalty from Asura School

On my way back

I saw Tuen Fei killed by a flying stone

What nonsense!

How would Tuen Fei be killed
by a flying stone?

But that man really was Tuen Fei

I couldn't get it wrong

Chin Man-li was by his side

Tuen Fei killed by a flying stone...

He is cultivating Bliss Force

He is cultivating it to take on me

Where did you see him?

Near Ingot Mount

Take me there, take me there now


Shifu, how long I still have to sit here?

Won't be long


All martial arts have their routine

When are you going to teach me the routine?

Your routine looks fine

Shifu, Tuen Fei has to go back

How long he still has to meditate

Actually, I let you meditate here

It is to channel in the ether

That can only be found here

When you have got enough

I will channel my inner force into you

To help you link up the twelve meridians

Then it is mission accomplished

What about Bliss Force Routine?

Routine? There is no routine

Then how can I fight?

You don't believe me?

You come and have a try

Shifu, excuse me

Tuen Fei

Elder, your moves...are special

You mean weird?

Shifu, your moves

They seemed simple

But they were not simple at all

Tuen Fei, you really are my disciple

Actually the highest level of martial arts

Is back to the basics

You attack with the simplest
and most direct method

And Bliss Force

Is to fully utilize the potential
that you have

In other words, your every strike

Involves not just your arm

But the strength of your whole body

After you have mastered it

When you are under attack

Your body will respond naturally
and directly

Without thinking

That's why Bliss Force has no routine

When adepts fight

Victory hinges on who moves faster

Since Bliss Force ensures you are always
faster than others

You are invincible

How awesome


What? You don't get it?

I of course...

You of course don't get it

You do? You explain it to me

It is not your business

It is my...

You two shut up

You are no longer children

I don't get it


You may teach him

But you have to mind your wellbeing

I know

I know you are filial

I know what I am doing

Shifu, once I have finished off Koo Yuk-lau

I will come back to wait on you

To stay here with you

You are filial too


What about your wife?

I will bring her along

And your son?

Him as well

With so many people here

Shifu and I will be crowded out

Shifu, don't let them come


- What? - Are lovely

All right

Don't turn on each other

Fun, I am going to help Tuen Fei link up
the 12 meridians

We cannot be disrupted

You be our guard

Then I go back to the inn to freshen up

And get you some ready food

Be quick

- Baked cakes - All right

Thank you

Boss, give me six baked cakes


Thank you

What do you want?

Our master wants to see you

Just the several of you?

Fess up

Chin Man-li, you tell me

Where is Tuen Fei?

Fess up

I... don't know

You don't know?

I give you one more chance

I don't know

Beat him

All right...


But you have to promise me

You let me go after I have told you

I only want Tuen Fei

As for you, I really don't give a damn

I don't care to kill you

All right, I believe you

Tuen Fei is in Bliss Cave

Picking up Bliss Force from Sage Bliss

And has already...

Where is Bliss Cave?

Ingot Hill

When you get there

You see three rocks in a triangular lineup

Bliss Cave is nearby

You said you would let me go


When I have found the place

I will let you go

But if I can't find it

I will come back to kill you

You two keep a tight watch


You don't keep your word


Chin Man-li is a martial arts adept

A piece of rope can't keep him

Should I go back...

Don't bother

I mean to let him get away


Chin Man-li will not betray Tuen Fei

What he said was bullshit

If we want Tuen Fei

We have to tail him