Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 30 - Episode #1.30 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Oh no

That... half a man is here

Turn on the contraption

How come he can find it here?

Tuen Fei, don't be distracted

Or it will backfire, get it?

- Blow it open with dynamite -Yes many meridians left?

Eight linked, there are still four

You don't have to worry

The stone door is so thick

I don't think they can come in so easily

No distraction

The Jianjing acupoint is done

Be quiet, three to go

Master, dynamite didn't work

- What a fool! Try again! -Yes

Tuen Fei, I will kill you this time!

Heaven above, let them make it

Heaven above

Quchi acupoint done, two to go

I don't think they can make it

Elder, why don't you go out
to get rid of him first

Then you take care of the remaining two


If Shifu gets in touch with the air outside

There will be a backfire

Go in...


Shifu, you threw him out?

How come?



Take me in...

Be quick...

Fun...come on


Tuen Fei

You still have two meridians not linked

I really feel bad about it

Shifu, please don't say so

You have some rest

My end is near


Fun, don't cry

Tuen Fei

There is a drug called Jiutian elixir

It is very potent

It can link up the remaining meridians
for you

Yes, Shifu

I got it



You and Mr Man-li go out first

I have something to tell Tuen Fei

Fun, come on, you go out first

Shifu, what is it?

There is a box at the back

You take it out

Come on


Is this the one?


Open it, open it

You still have two meridians not linked

But you already have superhuman power

There is a battle garb inside

I wore it when I was young

In my days of invincibility

It is now yours

This is the last thing I can do for you

Shifu, you can be rest assured

I will not embarrass this garment


Shifu, you have some rest...


What nerve!

Koo Yuk-lau, you have to pay for it

I am going with you

I have to avenge Shifu

Don't be so impulsive

I know you loved Shifu

But if you go with us

Allow me to be frank

You will only be our burden

And more, you have to go into hiding

I am worried that Koo Yuk-lau
will come to you

No! I have to go with you

Be a good girl

However hard it is

Tuen Fei and I will kill that monster

You can be rest assured

Master, Sage Bliss is dead

I saw Tuen Fei and others pay respects
to his grave

In that case, Tuen Fei may not have
mastered Bliss Force

Where are they?

I saw them leave by water

- Carry on watching them -Yes

Lady Tuen, see who is back

Tuen Fei

Tuen One

What took you two so long to come back?

Tuen Fei, Chu missed you so much

She couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep

She almost died

Tuen One, let me see if you have grown

Tuen Fei, you have gone for so long...

Tuen One, let me have a good look

You rascal

You were gone for a year

You didn't even write me a letter

Tuen Fei you have gone for so long...


Come on, just a year

What's the big deal?

In such a forsaken place

Who would deliver the letter to you?

You two really

You fell out immediately?

Tuen Fei, you found Sage Bliss?

How was it?

Sage Bliss, after an arduous search

We did find him


- We should thank Fun -Yes


Fun who?

A woman?

What is your relationship with her?

No wonder you didn't write me

You had another woman

What are you talking about?

What nonsense, you cut it out

Don't you cry over such a trivial thing

Fun was a little girl only

A little girl

- A little girl? - A little girl

Yes... a little girl

No wonder you had forgotten us
mother and son

You are heartless

Chu, what's wrong with you?

I stayed in the cave for a year cultivating

Manl-li and the girl stayed outside

- Right? -Yes

What did you say?

Whatever you want to say

He and Fun stayed outside, doing what?

What's your relationship with her?

What has it got to do with us
staying outside?

What? What did you do outside?

- You listen to me - What is going on?

Fun was Sage Bliss' disciple

Actually...she was Sage Bliss' disciple

Actually she is the daughter
of the inn owner

What are you two talking about?

You said disciple

You said daughter of the inn owner

Who was she? You tell me

Yes, you tell me, you are lying to me?

- Say it -You liar

You listen to me...

All right

Let me tell you

Fun is a nun


Yes, she is a nun

A ninety year old nun

- And you are jealous of her? - Indeed

- It is true? - Of course

You are not lying?

You think about it

Sage Bliss was 150 years old

How could his disciple be a teenage girl?

Why you lied to me?

Just kidding only

I am very tired

Don't you dwell on it

You two said two different things

We were confused

You are tired?

Yes, you were such a pest

You shouldn't use this to kid us

What a scare

How's your cultivation?


We are hungry

Let us sit down and have some tea

And a bun

Then we tell you all about it

All right

Tuen Fei, as you said

You have not totally mastered Bliss Force


The Bliss Force has linked all my acupoints

Except two

The two on the crown of the head

Right, on his deathbed

Sage Bliss said

By taking the Jiutian elixir

The two acupoints will be linked


You know how to prepare it?

Jiutian elixir?

The formula has long been lost

I tried it when I was young

But it was a failure

I have to try it again

So you are not certain it can be done

I don't know

Even if it could be done

It would take some time

Master, you are back


Lan, any news of Madam Chu?

No, I have gone to several villages

But no news of her

What Madam Chu?

What? What is it about?

When you were in Bliss Cave

Suet Ngan was killed by Koo Yuk-lau

What? Suet Ngan was dead?

Suet Ngan was such a nice girl

And she had such a tragic end

So goodness is not rewarded

I am now scared

- Scared? -Yes

I am a nice man too

I am scared too

And Siu Ho is pitiable

His mother died when he was born

His dad is such a rascal

Chu, let us go look for him

I don't think Madam Chu can go far

Lan has looked everywhere for her

Let us look for her again

Now I am a father

I then know nothing is more important
than your kid

If we fail to find her son

I don't think Suet Ngan's spirit
can rest in peace

You are right

Tuen One, good boy...

Master, Celestine Mount is still far away

Why not take a rest in the temple?

All right

Master, trouble for nothing

We were out in force

Yet we got nothing for our effort

I think Tuen Fei may now be back
in Xianyang

When we are in Xianyang

Order all disciples to go look for him

Even if it means turning Xianyang
upside down

I have to get him

Who is it?


So it is you

You are here

So it means Tuen Fei is here

Where is it? Fess up

I don't know

I have long ceased to be with them

Whose kid is this?

Let me have a look

Why? I picked him up on the slope

You picked him?

Let me have a look


The boy is lovely

What do you want to do with him?

He is Tuen Fei's son

Tuen Fei's son

Don't you harm his son

Whose son is it?

Tuen Fei's son, is it?

You tried to pull wool over my eyes?

Even heaven is on my side

Heaven is on my side

Tuen Fei's son

You monster

You go back to tell Tuen Fei

If he wants his son back

Go to see me in Celestine Mount
tomorrow at 7 am

I am challenging him to a duel

Lan is back



What is it?

I have failed you

Where is my son? Where is he?

Tell me

What happened? Tell me

I took him out for fun


But we bumped into Koo Yuk-lau

Lan, you go on

They took Tuen One away

- What? - They took my son?

I have to get him back

You let go of me, let go of me

Tomorrow at 7 am

He wants a duel with Master

Otherwise, he will strangle Tuen One

He will strangle my son

Chu, you calm down

What to do?

Koo Yuk-lau

Calm down

I help you look for your son

You want to strangle my son

Calm down...

You shut up

Koo Yuk-lau

I told you to calm down

How dare you...

You calm down

You stop it! I am calm

I am calm

We all calm down

We sit down and think up a way

You calm down, sit down

No more thinking

I am going up tomorrow

I will have a duel with that rascal

But your acupoints are not linked yet

The elixir is far from ready

How can you go?

Ready or not, I don't care

That rascal took my son

My son

He is capable of doing anything

- Tuen Fei - You calm down

Tuen Fei, you calm down

I am calm, I am very calm

You all calm down, you hear me?

Calm down, you hear me?

Tuen Fei, you calm down

Cut it out, let us go to prepare the elixir

Why don't you go to bed?

You go to bed

You must be hungry, let me get you a bite

I am not hungry

Tuen Fei, I go with you tomorrow


Why not? One more help

You don't have to worry

I have almost mastered Bliss Force

You know it

Sage Bliss told me before he died

That I already have superhuman power

I have nothing to worry about

You have nothing to worry about

You listen to me

Let me go there by myself tomorrow

I am confident

I will beat Koo Yuk-lau

I will be back in two hours

You get the meal ready

You prepare meal

For me and our son

Tuen One, he likes fish

You buy him fish tomorrow, get it?

Come on

I am not going to my death

Come on


You have been working hard lately

You get yourself some tonic

For rejuvenation

Or you will get prematurely old, get it?

Don't cry, come on

Tuen Fei, when we were not yet a couple

You could lie to me

Why you still lie to me?

You still have two acupoints not linked

Lady Chin can't make you Jiutian elixir

You go to the monster just like that

What if he kills you?

You want me to live alone by myself?

I...have to go with you no matter what

Chu Chu, you are right

I am not confident I can beat him

But I am confident I can make him
die with me

You can't die with him

I have to go with you

But what's the point?

I have to go with you

You listen to me

I didn't have a mother since small

I know how it feels

I don't want my son to be like me

You listen

If anything happens to me

You have to raise him up

You hear me?

My dad left me when I was small

I know how it feels to be without a father

You want your son to have no father?

One parent is better than no parent

What are you thinking?

Tuen Fei

What is it you are wearing?

Some kind of a joke?

What are you up to? Tuen Fei

You sissy

Sage Bliss has passed me

Bliss Force

I am now a SUPER HUMAN

You are toast

What? Super what?

I don't get it

I don't care for your super whatever

I will kill you today

I will use the hearts of you father and son
as offerings for my son

You stinking sissy

Bring it on

Master, we don't know his strength

Let us disciples try him out

You go kill him




Don't just stand here, go!

Master, please kill Koo Yuk-lau

We have been waiting for your return

And re-take Celestine School

Yes, Master....


I will kill this shameless sissy

You all get up

Long live Master...

You want to try the 9th level
of Maiden Force?

I beat him!

Long live Master!

I am sorry, you all right?

- You all right? - 1am fine


It is all right

You don't have to worry, I am fine

It is not safe here, back off

Master, you all right?

Don't worry, I am fine

Still not safe here, further back

Yes, further back

It is fine this far back?

I think so

That urn, take it over and put it in

This one in, that one in

Does it work?

I don't know either

No harm trying

You shut up or you will confuse me

To be honest

It is now up to heaven

Not me

Shifu, what about this?

Put it in

Put it in as well

- How is it? - How is it?


Wait for the red smoke

Red smoke

Don't bother

Take off the lid and check it out

I dare not

Let me

Shifu, you all right?

Sit down first

Shifu, you all right?

Well? How is it?

What to do?

Even the pot exploded

What can we do?

What to do?

I still have this bottle

Really, you have a bottle

Why bothered to make it

It is the last resort

Chu, you take it to Tuen Fei

It really works?

It works

Let us go together

You both are injured

Let me go

Look, what is it?

Is it a bird?

Your eyes are failing

No, it is a man

You are cool

You can still get up

You bet


The man who beat you

- Who is he... - Indeed

What to do?

Sir, I don't care what is the feud
between you

But please don't fight here

Yes, gentlemen, we are doing business here

You shameless sissy

You bear me grudges

What have they got to do with it?

Don't turn private feud into
public grievance

Let us take on him

Great, you all come together

Gentlemen, go!

You broke my stuff

- You have to pay - You all get lost

- He kicked me... - Go to the magistracy


Pay up, you have to pay up

You pay me, don't you deny it

I will go after he has paid me

It won't take long

Let go, let go of me

I told you to back off

You all right?

I am fine

You had Qiutian elixir

You should have given Tuen Fei

You have done him in

Who told you it was Qiutian elixir

Then what is it?

Invigorating pill

Does it work?

I remember it is said on the
Bliss Force manual

The key of Bliss Force is to realize
the human potential

An human potential depends on the will

It is a placebo, but it is more efficacious
than the authentic stuff

Then...Master is in danger

We don't have Qiutian elixir

We have to give it a try

It can't be done

Let us go to see him


Come on, let me help you

- You help out on the right -Yes

- You go over there -Yes


Yes, retreat

Don't go

That man is a rascal

Beat him up

Beat him

Pull no punches



Tuen Fei, Qiutian elixir

Chu Chu

Tuen Fei...Qiutian elixir

- Really? -Yes

Tuen Fei, you have taken it?

How was it?


I have never had such delicious drug

It is mild in taste

The sugarcoat makes it easy to swallow

Neither too hard nor too soft to chew

It burns me up

Like there is a warm stream flowing inside go out and beat him


Hubby, bravo!


Chu Chu

Tuen Fei

Tuen Fei, wake up
Your eyes are blackened

Just the eyes?

Tuen Fei

Your nose is bleeding?

Just the nose, right?

And the sleeves

Gone? I know

I just don't believe it won't kill you

Tuen Fei, go away

Tuen Fei

Chu Chu

Tuen Fei

You all right?

I am fine

I killed him at last

- 1 killed him - 1 killed him

I did it

I killed him with the wine barrel

But he was dead before it hit him

Your wine barrel almost hit me

I saw you were losing

I was worried he would kill you

So I gave you a hand by throwing
the wine barrel at him

But I killed him already

He lost to me, not the other way round

I meant to save you

I hit him with the wine barrel to save you

Now we are at it

- Tuen Fei, you... - Now you...

I killed him, but you had to say you did it

All right, you killed him

Our son...


Tuen One...

Let me

Dad is here

- Let me give you a kiss - A kiss

- Let me - Let me

- Kiss - Kiss

Let me

All right, together

Don't cry

Don't hold him too tight

- He is crying - Come on, don't cry

A kiss

They are back

- Tuen Fei - You all right?

That's good

No...I have killed Tuen Yuk-lau

Lady Chin, thanks to your Qiutian elixir

Were it not for it

I would not have been so awesome

Lady Chin, you are my savior

My obeisance

- No... - 1 should

I am not worthy

It was not Qiutian elixir

It was trauma pill

No kidding

I couldn't make it

So I gave you trauma pill


Tuen Fei, it was expensive trauma pill


Tuen Fei, you all right?

I am aching all over

Tuen Fei

How are you?

Congratulations, Master

For restoring Celestine School

Thank you, please get up

Gentlemen, I call you here

Besides celebrating Celestine's restoration

I have an announcement

From today on

There will no longer be a Celestine School

Tuen Fei, what's wrong with you?

Because Celestine has been living
on air for so long

I want to change its name

What name...

To commemorate my father Tuen Hoi

And my uncle-in-arms Koo Fung

And my mother Mo-sun who died early

I have decided to rename it
Tuen Koo Mo-sun School

Tuen Koo Mo-sun School...

And revise our school rules and missions

From now on, disciples of our school

Besides excelling in martial arts

They have to excel in money-making too

Minister Chin and I have planned
our way forward

Tuen Koo Mo-sun will become

Not just the martial arts leader
of the martial world

But also the wealthiest school


You have worked hard

You now have a break


Tuen Fei, let me take you in

Lady Tuen... we have found Madam Chu

Madam Chu...

- You are Madam Chu -Yes

This must be Siu Ho, let me have a look

He is Siu Ho

Siu Ho

Don't move

Let me take him over

- Siu Ho, I am so happy - Siu Ho

These two ladies have told me everything

Actually I couldn't bear to part with
Siu Ho

But since it was Miss Suet Ngan's
dying wish

Then I have to do as she said

Let you raise Siu Ho up

Thank you, Madam Chu

- Sheung, Ning -Yes

See Madam Chu out

And give her a hundred taels

-Yes - Thank you

Don't cry

Seeing them both

It reminds me of me and my brother

Reminiscence of things past

- That's it? - Was it fun?

Not much

Let it be more exciting

What should we blow up?

- Something extraordinary, right? -Yes

You are stupid, you blow up
your own chamber pot?

Take someone else's

Otherwise, what are you going to use
this evening?

It is Dad's

If he knows about it

He will give you a earful

You think I care?

You think he will beat me up?

This one is big

And the fuse long

Of course, the firecracker so big

The fuse has to be long

Or we won't have time to get away

It will blow us up

You are right, come on

Hurry up

It will be fun

He will know

What an old fool

You lost your own chamber pot?


I am looking for it

Looking? What a senile old fool


You can't find your own chamber pot

Go look for it

What if I can't find it? No big deal

Just a chamber pot, get a new one

Don't lash out over such a trivial thing

Easy to say

It costs money

Money, your favourite

Don't point your finger at me again

It must be the rascals

Don't you blame others

Tuen One, Ho

What are you doing there?

Come over

Don't you shout at them

What are you holding?

Take it out

Dad, your chamber pot

So I didn't wrongly blame them

Dad, don't be mad

I meant to study it only

I didn't use it


Tuen One said he didn't use it

Why didn't you study your books instead?

You studied my chamber pot?

What are you doing?

You go in, you don't need to use it

Look, you are spoiling him

He is spoiled

What will become of him?

Tuen Fei

Rascal, you blew me up with a firecracker?

You are laughing?

Let me beat you to death

He survived such a big firecracker