Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Hey, inside

- Junior Young Master - What?

I don't think we should go in

- What is it? - Call people

Have you got news from messenger pigeon?

Hou-yee's identity was blown

She was dead

That's bad

Now the enemy has the initiative

We don't know if Koo Yim-yeung
will mount a sneak attack

It is hard to be on alert all the time

- Master... - Help...

Master, it is serious

Why such a ruckus?

Master, it is serious

A lunatic suddenly emerged
from the dungeon

He has got Junior Young Master

He is fighting his way from the library

You people, really...Dad


You talk with him

What's wrong with him?

Chu Shing-cheung, you just surrender

You can't get away

Even if I can't get away

Your son will die with me

You are mistaken

I am just the janitor

It is a misunderstanding

Shut up

Tuen Hoi, I dare you to come over
to get me



Koo Yim-yueng


Shing-cheung, it is all right

You have Shifu here

You can do whatever you like

Right! Then let me kill this one first


If you dare to touch my son

You will be cut to pieces

Shing-cheung, with this talisman here

You can kill whoever you like

Right, Shifu

You keep the talisman for me

I am going to have a killing spree today

Who are you?


Take him to the dungeon

- Put him under tight watch -Yes

You lock him up quick

Dad, I was almost killed

You shut up!

Look at you

Hands up

You are unlocked, Junior Young Master!

I really don't know how to
straighten you out

You stir up trouble again and again

Dad, I was set up this time

That's why I...

You knew the library is restricted area

You still went into it

Dad, I swear

- You will not go in there again
- Right

Tuen Fei, when will you grow up?

Dad, don't get mad

I have thought up a way

Tuen Fei can redeem himself

But Dad never said I have to redeem...

You kneel down

Yuk-lau, what is it?

Koo Yim-yeung will very soon
be back in the martial world

He will send men over to check us out

If we are alerted early on

It will be to our advantage

You want Tuen Fei to be on the lookout
for men from Mystic Ice Palace


- It is too dangerous, I...
- Kneel down

I have thought about it

Tuen Fei has never ventured into
the martial world

People of Mystic Ice Palace
don't know him

We can use a wine house in the outskirt
as front

Let him watch out for suspicious people
who come into town

Why don't you do it yourself?

What did you say?

It is such a meaningful job, let me do it

Godfather, don't be upset

Though news from scout says
Senior Brother failed in his escape

But I think people of Celestine
dare to harm him

20 years

Tuen Hoi and his men

Have tortured Shing-cheung for 20 years

I will avenge him

Godfather, you have patience

When you have mastered the 9th level
of Maiden Force

You can wipe out the Celestine School

Even if I have mastered the 9th level
of Maiden Force

I still am not sure I can win

You are worried about his Bliss Force

Hou-yee must have told Tuen Hoi

That I would soon master
the 9th level of Maiden Force

Tuen Hoi and others
will not just sit there

They may have found someone to cultivate
Bliss Force to take on me

There is no way
to counteract Bliss Force?

Back then in my fight with Tung Ngo-tin

It only lasted dozens of rounds

I couldn't be able to see through it

Not to say counteract it

Then let me steal you the manual

You go to steal the manual?

It is a good idea

With the manual

I will be able to find a way
to counteract it

That's good, Shifu

Suet Ngan, let me go with you

No, you will only hinder me

Suet Ngan, it is good to have someone
there to take care of you

What if some accidents happen?

- Godfather - It is so decided then

Shifu, you don't have to worry

I will protect Sister-in-arms

All right, you can go with me

But as a foil

You can't tag along

I will inform you when I get to
the foothill of Celestine Mount


Just do as she said

You be careful

Yes, Godfather

One granny

Two frail looking scholars

Junior Young Master, frail what

Two frail looking scholars

Good, let's call it a day

Close for business

Who knew great hero Tuen Fei

Would end up in a small wine house

Bored to death

It is boring, but what can we do?

It is Master's order

Even if a fly gets into town

We have to jot it down

Oops, one here

Crushed, looks like shit

How to write it?

That it looks exactly like you

Junior Young Master, please

It really is boring here

Junior Young Master, come on

Since we have wine here

Let us enjoy it

We don't have customers anyway, right?

Now we are at it

This wine shop looks pretty good

We should make the full use of it

We are given a shop

We should make money from it


But just these few bottles
of huadiao wine

It is not enough

You are right

You took a wine recipe from the library


Come on...

Indifference wine

- It is said to be very potent
- Really?

Then we are rich

We look out for Dad in one hand

And go into business in the other

You agree?

-Yes - Of course

Indifference wine

First cup soothes you

Second cup makes you high

Third cup makes you oblivious to all
and mighty drunk

It is not possible

What not possible

The wine shop just opens for business

And business is brisk

It is said that it is full all the time

I don't believe it

All wine shops sell
the same kinds of wine

I just don't believe that rascal's
is more aromatic

I don't know whether it is aromatic

But it is said that the wine
is very potent

It is called indifference wine

Lan, close for business

Hey...the sun is not yet down

We have no business anyway

Let us go over

To see what's the big deal with that
indifference wine


Come on, two more jars
of indifference wine


Over here please



So small a wine shop

Yet business is so brisk

It is because of indifference wine

24 coppers

Thank you, 40 coppers

Please come in...


Hey, what are you two hussies doing here?

Why so furtive?

Now get lost...

What? What do you mean? What furtive?

- We can't come here for a drink?
- Indeed

What is going on?

Hey, three jars of wine

Hold it

You two hussies, come here to play
a prank on me again?

If you are so scared

Don't open the door for business


Scared? You really have a potty mouth

I have grown up to be a man

Yet I don't know how to spell scared

You have found a blacksmith
to unlock you?

A mere chain could tie me Tuen Fei?

Sister Chu, we are honoured
for your patronage

It is quiet in your place? Poor you

Business is so great here

It seems people can't wait to put
money into my pocket

Really...l don't get it

He is teasing us

We do big business

We don't fall to his level

- Right - Some poor loser

No more talking

Waiter, it is said
that your trademark wine is famous

Indifference wine, is it?

Let us have a few jars first

You just save the money

Look, you are a girl

Is a butch a girl?

- Barely - Let say she is


Tuen Fei, you stop it

Indifference wine is the most potent wine
in the world

With your drinking capacity

You will be down the table
before a jar is finished

A rowdy drunkard

Don't you look down on me

I can easily drink you under the table

Some cheeky hussy

Talking is no use

Let us just try it

Let us bet on it

About what?

If you can still stand on your feet
after 3 bowls of indifference win

And walk out of the wine house

I will do anything

You said it, don't you regret it

If I can walk out of the wine house

You take down the plaque for me
to use as firewood

Evil, thy name is woman

But you can be rest assured

If you get drunk

You just have to call me grandpa
three times

I am contented

You are toast

I didn't tell you Young Mistress
grew up on wine?

Wah, Biu, wine here


Please, enjoy

Come on, make yourself at home

Come on, enjoy

It is quite aromatic

Then enjoy

First bowl


How awesome

Second bowl

Cool, very cool, you sure can drink

You really can drink


Third bowl

Third bowl, come on


Here she goes...

What did you give her?

Hussy, you just take it easy

As we all know

We are known for our indifference wine


First cup soothes you

Second cup makes you high

Third cup...


Makes you oblivious to all

And mighty drunk

No such kind of wine

You hold her

Or she will embarrass herself

Four eyes

Two heads, such a big mouth

It really is embarrassing

Let us go home


She has three heads

Let us go back

What is it?

I want my fourth bowl


What are you laughing at?

Don't bother with us

You just go ahead

I know what you are laughing at

Let us go home

- That I am a butch - Come on

But actually I want to be ladylike too

Let me tell you a secret

- What is it? - No...


I can't wait to get married

But my first eight marriage proposals
all failed

Stop laughing

This time my mother...really sold me hard

And she made it this time

Young Mistress, let us go home

- No - Come on

Take her home, really

It really was embarrassing

That nasty Tuen Fei,
it is either him or me

Chu, don't just think of taking revenge
on that Tuen Fei

You are getting married on the first day
of next month

If you have time, prepare your trousseau

You think I want to dwell on it

We can't just let him steal
all our business away

You have a way?

Even if we can't take all
our business back

We have to get at least half back


The potency of his indifference wine
beats ours by a mile

How to steal them back?

He can make indifference wine

Why can't we?

Don't be silly, he has a secret recipe

Do you?

We can borrow it from him

You mean...


Hey, let us go back

If we are found out, we will be taken
to the magistracy

Let me tell you, no backing off now

We have to tough it out

You go ahead

You hold me

Hey, if business remains so good everyday

We can have shark's fin and bird's nest
all the time

Come on, people are coming

- Do you hear it? -Yes

You all right?

Let us go back

Even if we can slip in

We may not be able to find
the indifference wine recipe

We can't go back

I have to give it a try no matter what

Hold me

You want me to fall to my death?

It really was great

Junior Young Master

You mean the night shack

Or playing the prank on that butch?

The night snack was great

But playing the prank on that butch
was much more fun

But business is so good, what to do?

We have to find a way to spend the money


Biu, our wine is running low

We have to make dozen pots tomorrow

- I mean you -Oh

You remember the recipe?

To be honest

It is your job to make it

I never touched it

How do I know?

You just didn't pay attention

Now let me tell you once again

- You prick up your ears -Yes

To make indifference wine

You have to the Five Mile Slope
in the outskirt of town

There is a 6000 year old
indifference tree

It looks like a pine tree

The indifference fruit on the tree top

You just pick them, the more the better

But you have to wait till noon

To pick them


You don't remember?

Indifference fruit under the midday sun

Is the best


Then you put the indifference fruit

In kaoliang wine for three days

It is indifference wine

That must be it!

What a coincidence, mountain-climbing?

Can't I? It is against the law?

You want to get indifference fruit
for indifference wine?

Dream on

It is you the rascal's prank again?

Not a prank, a practical joke

You owe me three grandpas

Come on, say it

What do you want?

If you are smart, you just say it


Next time you want to play a prank on me

Bring a sharp knife, rascal


You are right


Come on, it is not that deep

The fall won't kill

Just a couple of broken ribs


You want to beat me to it

All right

You rascal, it was a prank again

You sure climbed fast


You could fall to your heart's content

Why dragged me down with you?

And don't play dead here all right?

How useless

So heavy

I have done my part

All wet, she will catch a cold

You are lucky

I am so kind-hearted

Let me see if I can get you change

Some trouble I brought on myself

In the wilderness, where to find a woman?

Forget it, leave her to her own fate


Granny, help

A woman fell into the river

She is now all wet and has passed out

I am worried she may catch cold

Could you lend her some clothes?

And help her change?

You go to someone else

Hey, granny

There is not a soul in sight

Where to find someone else?

Please, good is always rewarded, granny

You are getting on

Such chance of doing good
doesn't come often

Granny, please

Just help her change, please

All right, all right

Thank you, granny

You will live to a hundred

She is inside, let me take you to her

Granny, it is done?

These are the lady's clothes

You go dry them

- Thank you - Be careful

Granny, at your age

Your skin is still so smooth

And such a big mole there

I have to go

Take care, thank you

Tuen Fei, really

You took fresh with a granny


You have come to

How come I am wearing this?

You have to thank me

Were it not for me

You would have caught a cold
from the wet clothes



It was you...was it you?

What? What are you talking about?

There is no one else here

It must be you

You be more specific, you what?

You rascal

Hey, you mean I molested you?

You shut up


You should have taken a look of yourself
when you fell into the water

I molested you?

You shut up

Hold it


That's how I react when
I see something gross

You get lost!

Or I will beat you to death!

- You drop dead...
- Hey, you mean it?

Please, give way...

You rascal...don't you run away...

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Go away

Lend it tome

Hey, my chopper...

Help, a crazy woman wants to chop me up

Don't you run

I told you to be on the lookout for men
of Mystic Ice Palace

You went into business instead

What if you missed it

Men of Mystic Ice Palace had slipped in

Could you be responsible?

Shifu, we will not do it again

Such business acumen,
it was not their idea

You mean it was Tuen Fei?

Killer! Stop her!

Wah, Biu

Stop the crazy woman


Why are you in a panic?


You rascal, drop dead!

- Hey, you stop it! - Don't run...

You drop dead!

Not your business

Drop dead!

You stop her

Tuen Fei

What have you done to the lady?

Nothing, I didn't help her change

But she...

You rascal, you stop it

You know martial arts, so what?

People of Celestine School are all crooks

Don't you insult our school


As the master of Celestine School

I will never harm unarmed women
or children

I will dig to the bottom of it

If it was true

I will punish him

Tuen Fei, I will have my revenge

We Celestine School is
an honorable school

You shut up

You go back with me

- Dad... - Where are you going?

We are going back

You stay here for the lookout

Dad, I swear I never did it

If 1 did it, let lightning strike me

Let thunder hit me

Let me be quartered

Dad, they are wicked curses

You still don't believe me?

My curse! You really are my curse!

- Dad - Get up

I knew you would believe me

Actually it was a granny

Who helped that hussy change

Something has happened in the mount

Senior Brother

They tried to sneak into the library
but were found out


How is it? Suet Ngan, you all right?

I am fine

There were too many of them

Luckily we fled in time

You remember our third cardinal rule?

Yes, no surrender, death before surrender

But rules are made

We have to be flexible, Sister-in-arms

Come on

Nonsense! You flee yourself


You are smart

Why push yourself into the dead end?

Since there is no way ahead

Why not turn back
and be Celestine's guest?

I would rather die than being imprisoned
by Celestine


Young Master

Let her, let us go back

Koo Yim-yeung's goddaughter Suet Ngan
has jumped down the cliff

She must now be dead

That's good

Koo Yim-yeungd's great help was gone

Dad, I say why get ourselves into
such troubles

Leave big troubles alone

Let small ones go away

See, now a life was lost

You have the nerve to say it?

Besides having fun, what else can you do?

A storm is brewing in the martial word

You know it?

I do

That Koo Yim-yeung is making a comeback

He will come to Celestine for revenge

However great the feud

Just sit down and talk it over

Have an apple to soothe the throat

Things can be talked over

Why kill one another for it

What's the point?

Life is short

Why not use the time to make more money
for our retirement?


You don't know what is right and wrong

You are just ridiculous

You get out of here

Dad, don't get mad over it

Tuen Fei is still young

Young? He is over 20

But he has no sense at all

What if Koo Yim-yeung really comes?

He can't even defend himself

Dad, actually...

There is something in my mind

I don't know if I should say it

What is it? You just go ahead

In Celestine, Tuen Fei is the only one

Born on an even day in an even month
in an even year

That means

Only he can save the martial world

You want him to cultivate Bliss Force?


If Koo Yim-yeung's vital energy
is restored

Say ho more

Back then Shifu cultivated Bliss Force

And channeled his vital energy
on one palm

He managed to injure Koo Yim-yeung

But his suffered internal damage

And he died afterwards

This martial art is too cruel

I will not let Tuen Fei cultivate it

Dad, Tuen Fei is my brother

I too care for his life

But there is no other way

You think about it

If Koo Yim-yeung's vital energy
is restored

And masters the ninth level
of Maiden Force

There is no way we can take on him

Then calamity will fall not just on us

But on the whole martial world as well

Forget it, no use trying to talk me over

I am his father

I cannot let my son go to his death

It is late, how come it is still not here

Indeed, the appointed time was long past

How come the bridal sedan chair
is not here

Lady, you can't take the bridal
headdress off

It is said that before going into
the bridal chamber

Taking the bridal headdress off
is inauspicious

Come on, put it back

Chu, don't throw tantrums

Today is your wedding

I have been sitting here all morning

The bridal sedan chair should have come
at 11 am

It is now past hoon

I have to wait till evening?

You are already a daughter-in-law

For shame

- Now put it back on -No

If they regret about it, just say so

What does this mean?

Lady, don't get mad

Put on the bridal headdress first

Something may have happened
to the bridal sedan chair

Now put it back on

Indeed, Chu

You want me to feel bad all my life?


I have looked forward
to this day for years

I just wish you would marry well

Then I can die with no regrets

Mom...come on

I put it back on

That's my girl

Come on...

Let me get it for you

That's my girl

Let your mom help you with it

It will be auspicious


Oh no, it can't be more worse

Touch wood! Mind your words

Today is an auspicious day, touch wood

Let me tell you

I went over to the bridegroom's
to check it out

It was all quiet

The main door was closed

It didn't look they were having a wedding


Yes, not even a red lantern

Mom, we are mistaken about the date?

How could we?

The matchmaker said it was today

It doesn't seem right

Lan, let me go to check it out with you

Mom, wait for me

You said Squire Cheung was not home

So it is Mrs Li, how kind of you to come

- Come, serve tea - Yes, Master

No, thanks

Squire Cheung, let us be honest

Today is my daughter
and your son's wedding

Why the bridal Sedan chair
still has not come?


My son is ill, very ill

That's why the wedding is cancelled


I think we should talk about
their wedding later


It is true, we are not lying

- He can't get out of bed -Yes

I say you want to talk out
of the wedding

He was alive and well yesterday

And he is ill today?

What? So you want to walk out
of the wedding?

All right, let us go sue them

No...please don't go

If you don't want us to go

You tell us what do you have in mind?

- We... - What? Just say it

All right, you made me say it

To be honest, with your daughter's
look and character

It was her good fortune that
we wanted her to be our daughter-in-law

- But she... - What?

What? Just say it

The Cheung family is a family
of propriety

How can we have
an immoral daughter-in-law?

And more, she let man see her
in her birthday suit

It just can't be done

What did you say?

Hey, don't you frame her

The whole town knows about it


What nerve! My daughter will marry
any other but your son!


- Chu... - Young Mistress

I would rather not marry all my life

I don't care for those stinking men!

I won't marry

- Young Mistress - Chu, come on

- Chu... - Don't bother talk me over

I knew I would not get married

With this wine shop, I won't starve

I don't need those stinking men

I don't care for them even if
they come begging

It was that Tuen Fei's fault

He did this to you

Tuen Fei, it was him

- Mom... - What are you doing?

Junior Young Master...

It is serious, Junior Young Master...

Junior Young Master...

What is it?


- She is coming -Yes


Who is the hero here?

You are gallant indeed

What a lady knight-errant

Biu, serve tea


Tuen Fei, you shameless lecher

Prepare to die

You have some tea first


Elder, may I know who you are?

What has my brother done
that serves this anger?

You don't have to care who I am

Mom, he is that rascal's brother

He bullied me too

This lady

As for what happened

My father has checked it out

It was a misunderstanding only

I told you so


You molested her

Her wedding was called off

You now want to deny it?

Ma'am, allow me to be frank

With your daughter's look

Who would care to molest her?


Tuen Fei, so you have to see death
to confess it

I am not a Li if I don't kill you today

- What? - Mom

My brother is young and ignorant

Please, you give Celestine School
some face

Let us forget about it

Forget about it

All right, if you chop your brother's
arm off

I will forget about it

Why not throw in my head?

You are in Celestine School

Don't you go too far

If elder is so unforgiving

Please forgive me being rude

You hear it?

So you are sticking up for your brother

All right, don't say I bully the young

If you can take five palms from me

I will let him live and forget about it

You are talking?

All right, I will take them

Brother, five palms, not take five

We don't know who she is

Don't take the risk

Forget about it

Don't you worry, I will be fine


I say don't you worry

Elder, please

All right

- Young Master - Brother

Thank you, elder,
for pulling your punches

Great inner force, some young hero indeed

Chu, let us go

You gave him five palms

I dare you to stay behind

Luckily my brother is profound
in his inner force

Your palms meant nothing to him

- Brother - Young Master

Carry him inside

That witch was so awesome

Were it not for you,
I would have been dead

You are my brother

Of course I had to stick up for you

I know

But you should understand

I have no interest in martial arts, I...

Let me try to talk Dad over

That will be good

Your words carry
much more weight than mine

But I can't guarantee it will work

If you can pick up a move or two before
Dad comes out from his retreat

I think he will be pleased

So you want me to pick up martial arts

Tuen Fei, you want Dad to give you money
for your business

Shouldn't you chip in some yourself?

Dad always says that

His greatest regret is that

You, as the son of Celestine Master

You know no Celestine martial arts at all

Even if I will pick up one or two

Dad may not give me the money
for business

You don't have to worry,
I can guarantee it

Then what should I learn?

Celestine has many martial arts

But they take a long time to master

But we have one exclusive martial art

It takes no time to master

But it is very powerful

Good, if it is easy to master

When can we start?

What about today?

But can you?

My injury doesn't matter

It is easy to pick up

I can pass it to you in a month

Quick and easy, good

Small investment, great return

Let us start from tomorrow