Final Combat (1989–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Black Flower Deities

I told you, my shifu will rescue me

Brothers-in-arms, kill them all...


Senior Brother, no pursuit

My shifu will not let you off


Master, I failed you...

The most difficult section was finally
behind us

We will be back
in Celestine Mount tomorrow

You think you can go back there alive?

You are too naive

My shifu will come to rescue me

He will not let you off

You despicable rascal

You are starring at death
yet you are still without remorse

Koo Fung, let me remind you

You should know that

I am your elder brother's
beloved disciple

If something happens to me

Your brother will not let you off

Even though you are his natural brother

He will still kill you

Good! Then let me kill you first

To see what Koo Yim-yeung will do to me

Senior Brother, don't be so reckless

Don't you stop me

This is my family affair

Senior Brother, it is not just
your family affair

It is Celestine's affair too

If you kill him,
how can we answer to Shifu

You know why Shifu wants us
to get him alive

You should understand


My shifu will not let you
get away with it

You shut up!

Koo Yim-yeung sent over such rubbish

He was sending them to their death

Senior Brother, we have to be careful

Koo Yim-yeung will not give up so easily

Brother-in-arm, what do you mean?

Kid brother, what do you want to do
with my disciple?

We are brothers after all

If you will let Shing-cheung go

I can forget about the whole thing

Brother, you still won't repent

Look at you now

You are only half a man

How can you face Dad and Mom?

How can you face our ancestors?

What nerve! I don't need your lecturing

To master Maiden Force

I am willing to pay any price

Once I kill your shifu Tung Ngo-tin

I am supreme in the martial world

Dream on

- You hand over my disciple
- Dream on

Or I will kill you

Brother, for this shameless rascal

You have no regard
for your natural brother

Whoever dares to harm Chu Shing-cheung

I will kill him

You are no exception

- I am going to kill him now
- You dare?


Where is Shing-cheung? What nerve!

The switcheroo trick

Tung Ngo-tin

If you dare to kill my disciple

I will flatten Celestine Mount

Senior Brother...

Brothers-in-arms, Second Brother

It went smoothly as planned?

We are just back

Where is Chu Shing-cheung?

In the dungeon

Senior Brother...

You stop! Don't you follow me

Let go of me! You let go of me!

Chu Shing-cheung you beast

I am going to kill you

Hold it! What are you doing?

Don't you be rash!

Brother-in-arms, you know what
this beast has done

He egged my brother on in his cultivation
of Maiden Force

Now he is only half a man

He disowns his kin

He even wanted to kill me,
his kid brother

You tell me, how will I be mollified
if I don't kill him?

Senior Brother, don't be rash

Don't you stop me

You know my temper

- Senior Brother...
- Stop!


If you don't change your fiery temper

How can you be master of this school
in future?

Shifu, Senior Brother was too impulsive

Please forgive him

You two call up everyone to the hall

I have an announcement to make

Yes, Shifu

Come on

Before you and Hoi went out to capture

I told you many times

It was paramount that he should
be kept alive

Why you still wouldn't listen

Why you still had to be so impulsive

Chu Shing-cheung has a shady relationship
with that monster

If he knows he is captured alive by us

He will come to rescue him

We can use the opportunity to remove him

It is our only chance

Shifu, Koo Yim-yueng's Maiden Force
is too powerful

Even for Kongdong and Blithe
two major schools

We Celestine may have the advantage
in number

But against him, we may...

I cannot afford to worry too much

I am ready to perish with him

You listen to me

As for Maiden Force

Only our supreme Bliss Force
can counteract it

I have decided to go into retreat
to cultivate it

Shifu, I don't agree with it

Bliss Force may be a supreme martial art

But its power can only be released once
after cultivation

Then the cultivator will die of

The sacrifice is too great

Indeed, Shifu

But all these years

I have failed to develop a martial art
with similar power

At this critical time

If the monster can be got rid of

My death is nothing

Shifu, you let me cultivate it

I have sworn to put justice above kinship

And my own life

No, your martial artistry
is not great enough

To fully realize Bliss Force's power

Shifu, please don't be so obstinate

You are getting on

I am worried that
before you can master it

You are already...

What are you talking about?

Shifu, you let me do it

Shifu, Senior Brother and Koo Yim-yeung
are natural brothers

What is Bliss Force is leaked out

Then we have nothing to fall back on
in taking on the monster

Third Brother, what do you mean?

Senior Brother is such kind of a man?

Senior Brother, Shifu said
your martial artistry is wanting

Why you still insist in cultivating it?

What is your ulterior motive?

You don't believe in me?

You all suspect me?

Shifu, you give me
the Bliss Force manual

I am going to kill Koo Yim-yeung
right away


My mind is made up, no one can change it

Shifu, even you don't believe in me?

You raised me up

You should know what kind of a man I am

I don't want you to go to your death

- You are senile
- Senior Brother...

Senior Brother, what impertinence!

Shifu, you let me do it

I said no

You dare to disobey me?


You are all inhuman

You let Shifu go to his death!

Hoi...don't die...Hor...

Yin, I am here, I am back

Hoi? I dreamed that you were killed
by Koo Yim-yeung

Don't be silly, it was just a dream

It is all right now, I am safely home

When you were not at home

I was so scared

I was so worried about you

If something happened to you

What would happen to the baby inside?

Don't imagine things

All these years, to track down
Koo Yim-yeung

I have been going all directions

I have not taken good care of you

I really am sorry

You are now safely home, I am contented

You are so much thinner

Even if you don't care for yourself

You have to care for the baby inside

Senior Brother

Why Shifu won't let me cultivate
Bliss Force?

Senior Brother, Shifu has made it clear

Your martial artistry is not enough
to realize the full power of Bliss Force

No, Second Brother, you should know

Shifu cares for me

He doesn't want me to go to my death

He would rather sacrifice himself

No, I have to go to Koo Yim-yeung
for a showdown

Senior Brother...

Say no more, I have made up my mind

Second Brother, I have a request

What is it?

By going down this time

I don't intend to come back alive

After my death, please take care of
my wife and child for me

Senior Brother

Second Brother, you know me the most

I know I am going to my death this time

But I would rather it was me,
and not Shifu

Senior Brother, why go to your death
for nothing

Why not...

What do you have in mind?

Why not steal the manual?

No...stealing manual means death

If I am caught

Then my death is even more meaningless

But if you steal it

You can cultivate Bliss Force

You can finish that Koo Yim-yeung off

But how make Shifu believe
I didn't steal it?

I have a way

You go steal the manual

I go steal medicine

Then we switch

You fake being caught whiling
stealing medicine

Then Shifu will not suspect you

Stealing medicine is a minor offence

Right...let us do it

How is it?

Your Honour, lady is going to give birth

You just wait outside

Who is it?

Second Brother?

Brother Chi-chung?

Second Brother, you...

- Come on - Senior Brother

You take good care of it

Senior Brother, I...

- You go over there, we this way

Senior Brother, I just...

No more talking

Or we will be found

Let us go, come on

Over there...go, come on...

Brother Chi-chung...

Let me out of here

Let me out


- Let him out -Yes

Shifu, Brother Chi-chung is dead was not me

Why you killed him?

No, it was not me, Shifu

- Take him to the hall - Yes, Shifu

It really wasn't me

Yin, how is Yin?

Your Honour, congratulations

You have a son

Son? How are the mother and the baby?

They are alive and well

Let me see them

Brother Hoi, our son looks like you

Yes, he looks like me

You have a name for him?

What do you think?

I say Fei, fly, as in Ngok Fei

I want my son to be like General Ngok Fei

Just a loyal

Tuen Fei, soaring high, good name

Shifu, I can swear to heaven

It really wasn't me

There was only you in the medicine room

If not you, who was it?

- Right - Shifu

We all saw you with our own eyes

- You still try to deny it? - Indeed

Shifu...the was stolen

Shifu, I have failed you,
please punish me

How come?

Shifu, it must be Koo Yim-yeung's men

Shifu, let us go pursue them

They can't be that far away

Don't bother, it is a fake


The genuine one is with me

Let me ask you again

You killed Brother Chi-chung, am I right?

Shifu, it really wasn't me

I didn't kill him

So you mean it was someone else

Who did it? You tell me

Killing your own brother means death

You know it?

- 1 know - Then tell me

Shifu, you promise me first

If 1 tell you who did it

You have to spare his life

Second Brother... Shifu wants you
to go to the hall at once

- Hoi, what is it about? - Nothing

Koo Yim-yeung is here?

No, it is all right

You have to go down the mount again?

No, Brother Hoi

Brother Hoi,
don't leave us mother and son


You don't have to worry, it is all right

You just have some rest

You...don't leave us here

Second Brother, Shifu wants you now

- Hoi... - You have some rest


Don't go...

Shifu, Second Brother here

Second Brother

You killed Brother Chi-chung

Why didn't you tell me?

Tuen Hoi, did you kill him?

Come on, tell us

Brother Chi-chung was killed?

What happened?

You still deny it?

Senior Brother,
what are you talking about?

What has happened?

Tuen Hoi, I was mistaken about you

You are actually a coward

Shifu, let me be honest

Yes, I stole the manual

But actually, Second Brother and I
had it planned

I stole the manual, he stole medicine

Shifu, nothing of that sort

But I killed no one

He did

- Shifu, I killed no one - Tuen Hoi

You all shut up

Koo Fung, you really stole the manual?

Yes, Shifu, but I killed no one

Stealing manual is punished by death

You know it?

I know, but I meant to...

That's enough, say ho more

Tuen Hoi,
you really didn't kill Chi-chung?

Shifu, Yin was giving birth

I was with her throughout the night

How could I...

So it really wasn't you?


You are lying

Shifu, it was obvious

Senior Brother first stole the manual

Then he went to steal medicine

He deliberately touched the contraption

To clear himself of the theft suspicion

But fate had it

He killed Brother Chi-chung by mistake

He tried to get away by framing
Second Brother

I agree with Third Brother

Senior Brother time and again
wanted to pick up Bliss Force

He obviously has an ulterior motive

It is not surprising at all


I stole the manual because
I didn't want Shifu go to his death

Shifu, I didn't do it, it was Tuen Hoi

You shut up...

You were caught red-handed

Don't you deny it

Senior Brother,
you beg Shifu for leniency


Tuen Hoi, if you are still human

You tell Shifu the truth

- I killed no one - Despicable

Close the door!

Give up your desperate fight

Tuen Hoi, my ghost won't let you off

Get him!

- Celestine Sword Formation! -Yes

Shifu, please spare Senior Brother!



Senior Brother, you can't run away

- You just surrender
- Senior Brother...


Shifu, I can only repay your kindness
in my next life

Senior Brother...

What are you doing here?

You won't leave us mother and son alone?

Mrs Koo, please

Senior Brother and I were as close
as natural brothers

I am grieved by his demise

I come to see if there is anything
I can help

I am sorry

Fung died so tragically

I never thought there would be
real friend in need

I have some money here, please accept it

Fung was dead

Nothing matters to me anymore

Mrs Koo

Brother Tuen, you and Fung were like
real brothers

I have a request, could you do it for me?

You just tell me, I will do it

Could you take care of Fung's
flesh and blood?

Why? What about you?

Please answer me, could you?

Of course I will take care of
Senior Brother's flesh and blood

But you tell me, why you have this request?

Then I am relieved

Brother Tuen, our flesh and blood is how
in your hands

Mrs Koo...

I made a pledge to Fung when he was alive

Even death can't part us

We live together, die together

Mrs Koo...

I am not human, I killed Senior Brother

Now I killed his wife!

I am a beast! I am an animal!

I hear that you have taken
an illegitimate son back

Was it true?

Shifu, it was my momentary weakness

I had an affair with a woman

I had hidden it from you

Hoi, you still try to lie to me?

Get up

You came here to be my disciple
when you were eight

I know your character well

You are not a womanizer

- Shifu - You come over here

Is the child Fung's son?

- 1s he? - Yes, Shifu

Senior Brother died so tragically

His wife killed herself for love

The child is pitiable

Please let me raise him up

You have given him a name?


I named him Yuk-lau

Good, you raise him up properly

But you have to remember it

Don't let others know he is Fung's child

Because they all see him as a traitor

No one believes he was innocent

Shifu, you knew Senior Brother
was innocent

Yes, Fung was straightforward
in character

He couldn't lie

He and you were like real brothers

How would he frame you?

Shifu, I can't lie to you anymore

Yes, I killed Brother Chi-chung
by mistake

But I was a coward, I couldn't bear
to part with Yin

And Tuen Fei

I killed Senior Brother

You two were fools

So what if you had stolen the manual?

I found it out when I wanted to cultivate
Bliss Force

Only men born on an even day
in an even month in an even year

Can practice it

That means only I can practice it

It is no use to you two
even if you can get it

Senior Brother died in vain

Actually, thinking back

I have wronged Fung

Killing your brother-in-arms means death

Stealing manual means death

But if I did it by the book

You both had to die

I had to frame Fung to save your life


I thought by throwing him over the wall

He could run for his life

But he still met his demise

It was in his destiny

Shifu, I killed Senior Brother

I have wronged him

Then you have to raise Yuk-lau up

Fung's spirit in heaven will be pleased

I know, I will see him as my own son

I will raise him up

I have to go into retreat

To cultivate Bliss Force

For the showdown with Koo Yim-yeung

You take care of the school for me

Yes, Shifu

I wish you success in the mission
of getting rid of the monster

Proceed all right? Shifu...

-Iam fine - Shifu...

Let us go


- I have come to my end - Shifu...

After my death, Tuen Hoi

You take over as master
of Celestine School

I hope you will carry on with my mission

To rid the martial world of demons
and monsters

To uphold justice

Your wish will be carried out

Senior Brother

Shifu has passed away for 6 years

My son Tuen Fei and your son Yuk-lau
are both six years old

Talking about Tuen Fei

He really is killing me

He spends no time on books
or martial arts

But his mother died early of illness

As master of the school

I have no time to straighten him out

But you will be pleased to hear it

Yuk-lau is a very bright child

And he spares no effort in
martial arts practice

He will become a peerless
martial arts master

- Odd - Even...


- Tuen Fei, you lost - You lost!

Says who?

What are you doing?

It is even now

For shame

You ate one bean up to make it even

- Indeed - How shameless

It is even now, you want a good beating?


Come on, money down, hands off

- Odd... - Even...

What are you doing? Come on

All my money on even