Fearless (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Kevin faces abuse from the public as Emma takes drastic measures to get the case back on track, Miriam makes a call that has devastating consequences for Emma.

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My son Jason turned 14 today.

His father is Kevin Russell.

Kevin has been in prison
for all of Jason's life.

Did you murder Linda Simms?
No, I did not.

You hit Linda with a shovel.
What part of her body?

She's showing Kevin what to say...

Her head... pointing to the answers.

She was first buried on - or near -
an air force base.

And then she was moved. Why?

It is our majority opinion that the
conviction of Mr Russell is unsafe.

You've seen what's been happening
over here?

Don't worry about Russell.
I used the photographs.

Why did you stop me?
It's the company you keep.

What do you mean, the company I keep?

Your uncle Yusef
is not making life easy for me.

Or for his wife.

I was thrown out of my flat.
I am forbidden to go to my husband.

Look, they suspect anyone
with ties to Syria, that's all.

You let a terrorist's wife
live in your home,

and you set a murderer free.

You play with fire.

Way down in the water

Way down in the hole

Far away from any soul...

'Where there is discord,
may we bring harmony,

and where there is despair,
may we bring hope.'

I'm coming back from the fire

'Put your trust in us -

we shall repay that trust

for you.'

Coming back from the fire,
not burning, no

Turn it. Spin it.

Spin the camera!

Spin the camera!

Kevin Russell, guilty, guilty, guilty!

We are strong

That was me,

when I was young.

How could I let you go?

Look, there's Mummy.

One of the staff must have recognised
Kevin, called the press.

Or called them, Linda's dad and uncle.

Why aren't the police doing anything?

You kidding? They're loving it.

Hi, Annie. Oh, Kevin.

How are you doing? Doing?

I wish I was back inside.

You have to move.
But we've paid for the room.

Yeah, in the name of David Martin.

If I'd known it was him, I'd never
have let him in. You have to go.


Before that lot does any serious damage.

But where can I go?

Kevin Russell, guilty, guilty, guilty!


Kevin, this is Dominic. There he is!

Get in! Get in! Come on! Get in!

Kevin, get in the car!
Get in, quick. Lock the door!

You're a murderer!

Dom! Dom, get going!

Get him out of the car!

I can't bloody go!
We're coming, Russell!

Emma, don't!

You get the fuck away from him!

Get away!
Get out of the way, you stupid cow!

Agh! Get in, get in!

Dom! Let's go.

OK, go! Open it! Open it right now!

What is this?

What are you doing here?

What is this bloody shambles?

Are we Chelsea fans?

Is this who we are?

I see people I know,
people I'm surprised to see here.

Look, I understand that you're angry.
Too right.

I'm angry too.

But this isn't how we express ourselves!

Who is this guy?
It's Matthew Wild, the local MP.

Not scaring decent people,
damaging property.

Thank Christ he turned up.

Let that man leave unharmed.

And the police have promised me that
no-one here will be charged tonight.


Come on now, it's late.

Let's go home.

Charlie, leave it. Let's go home.

You OK?

Phil, we'll talk. Come on.

Thank you, Mr Wild.
No problem. Good night.

The leadership contest is heating up.

'Cromarty's still ahead in the polls,

but outsider Matthew Wild
is eating into his lead.

From what I'm seeing on Twitter,

Wild enhanced his Action Man image...'

Hi. Were you the hero?

Yep. I told them all to jolly well
behave themselves and go home to bed.

And, um, they did.


What are you going to say to him?

I don't know.
I might just knock his head off.

Annie, he's...

Part of a mob.

Attacking his own father.
Don't try to defend him.

Where've you been? Nowhere.

Jason, I saw you!

Then why did you ask?

But how could you?


Who's the bloke?

Dominic Truelove, an ex-copper.

Oh. Are they er...?


He's gay. Oh.

The balls on that woman.

Seems pretty dedicated.

To her giant ego.

Is SO15 watching the house?

Yeah, Banville's got Yousef Attar's
wife holed up in there.

Why don't you pull her in?

No grounds. I need more help from GCHQ.

This is your case now, so watch her.

Russell's lawyer at trial was a joke.
Banville's not.

She'll spot any mistake,
and make the whole case turn on it.

There's a sleeping bag and a pillow.

Oh, Jesus!

Kevin, this is Steve, my boyfriend.

Steve, this is... Yeah, yeah, I know.

Peace, mate.

now you know where the bathroom is.

Kevin, I've heard from the police
that there are photos of Linda,

nude photos,

and that you know about them.

No. It's the police lying again, innit?

They're bloody desperate.

Emma, who is that man?

Er, Kevin Russell.

He'll be staying here for a while.

Kevin Russell, the murderer?


Kevin's innocent.

That's why they let him out of prison.

So you got him out.

Well done, you.

Miriam, who were you meeting outside,
earlier this evening?

My cousin.

He brought me some clothes for Karim.

Is that OK? Yeah, it's OK.

Just be careful.

I told you the police
are probably watching the house.

If they catch you communicating
with Yusef...

I don't know where he is!

..or any of his associates,

they could charge you with failure
to disclose relevant information

and they could arrest you, Miriam,
and you could lose Karim.

Just be careful.

I will.

I won't let them take Karim.

So these are the interviews
with the man who took the photos.

So the police just gave these to us?

Without a fight?

Yep. The new guy running the case.

Do you think he's playing games?

'DCI Nick Staines, Islington Police
Station, 22nd of April 2017, 8:35am.

With me are Tony Pullings...'

The weasel journalist,
the one taking pictures of us.

'..Janice Long of Murray Jones

'I want it on record that my client
has come forward of his own accord

to assist the police,
despite the legal risk to himself.'

'So, Mr Pullings.


When did you approach Linda Simms?'

'I didn't.

She approached me.

She called me.
She said she wanted some glamour shots.

She wanted to be a Page Three girl.'

'She was 15. That's suborning a minor.'

'My client had no idea Linda was 15.'

'Look, I know I should've checked.

And that's why I kept quiet about it
for so long. I felt guilty.'

'So a 15-year-old schoolgirl
comes to you,

and she says she wants some porn pics.'

'It's not porn. That's glamour.'

'So you make her undress
in the middle of winter,

then you take her into the school
and you make her undress some more.

Did you have sex with her?' 'No!'

'How did you get into the school?'

'The caretaker gave me the key.'

'The caretaker?'

'Yeah, Kevin Russell.'

'He just gave it to you?'

'No, I paid him.'

'Paid him what?'

'Ten quid.

And a set of Linda's photos.'

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Ms Banville? I'm Nick Staines.
I hear you have some

questions about Tony Pullings.
We can speak in my office.

Have you charged him with
sexual offences against a minor

or did you make a deal with him
so he could slide out of that?

Has he photographed
any other underage girls?

And is he being interviewed as a
suspect in the Linda Simms murder?

Because he should be.

OK. He was questioned in 2003.
Alibi was sound.

His case is being sent to the Crown
Prosecution Service. We've done no deal.

We've agreed to limit our
questions to the Linda

Simms inquiry in exchange
for his cooperation.

What about the coincidence of the little
shit crawling out of the woodwork now?

No coincidence.
He saw a miscarriage of justice,

felt it was his duty to report it.

Oh, don't make me laugh.
Something's going on here.

I'm being fucked in the arse.
Well, not by me.

Perhaps by your client.

Did he tell you Pullings
gave him pornographic photographs?

Pullings saying something is no proof.

DCS Greenwood,
when she searched Kevin's house,

found burned photographs.

The images couldn't be reconstituted
at the time,

but technology's moved on, hasn't it?

In other words, still no proof.

I'm applying for an exhumation order.

What, for Linda?

But you got the autopsy report,
the forensics.

I'm having all forensics
re-examined by an independent lab,

not one that's owned by ex-policemen.

I want that body.

Heather. You look well.

What a happy marriage does for a girl.

Emma Banville. What do you have?

Well, more than I expected.

She's been a person of interest
for MI5 and 6 for years.

Started here, Cambridge.
Student radical, protesting everything

from American nukes
to council house sales.

Even got herself arrested a few times.

How did it start? Her family?

No, they're good people.

Looks like someone got to her
when she arrived here.

Are 5 and 6 looking at her now?

More SO15, Counter Terrorism Command,

in the person, ironically,
of their number two, Olivia Greenwood.

That is ironic. What's the case?

Banville represents
a British doctor of Syrian descent,

Yusef Attar,
suspected of working for ISIS.

Excellent. Thank you.

What's this got to do with Russell?


I thought they made you Master of
Beaumont, or whatever you are,

because of your brilliant mind.

Hi, this is Mary. Is John there?

Hi, can you put me through
to our liaison at Fort Meade?

I need a target profile
on a UK national.


Why are you so sad?

No, it's work. It's going badly.

But it's more you.

I don't want to lose you.

I'm so proud of you.

So proud.

Hello, Delilah. It's Emma.

'Look, something's come up,
though hardly in happy circumstances.'

What do you mean?

A car crash, mother killed,
but the child survived, unharmed.

Oh, God. How old? 'He's five.

The mother's a single parent.'

It's fostering, not adopting, while
we try to trace the mother's family.

The answer's yes, yes, of course.

'We'll have to see
if you and the boy...'

Get on, bond. 'Talk to Steve.'

I'll try and set up a meeting
as soon as possible.

Thank you.

So what Tony Pullings is saying
is that he paid you

to get into the school to shoot these,

And then he gave you copies of them.


I've never seen them before.

The police are also saying they
found burnt photos in your flat

from 2003.

Well, burnt photos of what?

They don't know,
but they're looking into it.

So if you've got anything to tell me,
Kevin, now's the time.

He had the photos. Shut up, Annie.

I found 'em. I burned 'em.
I'm not sorry.

She was a little slut.

Look at her. She's ready to do that,
why not the other?

But with who?

Annie, if you know anything about Linda,
you must tell me.

Because these photos, they hurt Kevin.

What's wrong with having photos?
It don't mean I touched her.

God, you are so bloody thick.

I can't do this any more. I'm sorry.

I've got two kids of my own,
not just his.

Even Derek's saying enough is enough.

I'm sorry. Annie!

Cops manage to recover images
from those burnt pics, you're toast.

Prosecution gets either of them
on the stand, you're toast.

I hope we're not bloody wrong about him,

What's that? Tits.

No, that! Looks like a plane.

Yeah, but it's not just a plane,
it's an F-16.

It's a US Air Force fighter.

Why do you stick that on your bra?
She sending a message to someone?

Maybe it's just a piece of jewellery.

Since when do you wear
jewellery on a bra?

I know these photographs are upsetting,

but I must ask you to look at them.

It's important for Linda,
not just for my client.

We all need to know the truth.

You two again?

Would you look at this one?
So you carry these round?

You show my kid round
like she's a piece of meat.

No. These photos remain private.

That's the agreement
we made with the police.


This is a tie pin of an F-16.
It's an American fighter.

Now, there was an American squadron
based here at Crawbury,

at the time when Linda...

Do you think it's possible
that she knew anyone at the base?

A pilot? A mechanic?
Because the photo's very intimate.

And the fact that
she put a tie pin on her bra...

You're asking if my 15-year-old
daughter was sleeping with a Yank?

I'm asking if she knew someone

who could have given her
a tie pin as a memento.

So all that stuff,
what you're saying, I got that

because I got screwed too?

Or maybe my wife.

So you don't know of any relationship...

She was 15!

She grew up surrounded by this stuff.
It means nothing.

No, I'm sorry, it does mean something.

This photo proves there was at least
one other predator in Linda's life.

The man who took this, Tony Pullings,
did she ever mention him?


Are you sure? Because he was the man
taking photos of us at the school.

She didn't mention him? No.

Did she ever mention
anyone pestering her?

Yeah. Kevin Russell.

The man who murdered her.

Are you done?

There's one more thing I need to ask.

And that's permission
to exhume Linda's body.


Now, if you were brave enough
to give me this permission,

I wouldn't have to go through
the courts.

You'd avoid all the publicity
that it would involve.

It's important. We all need
to know what happened with Linda.

It might give you closure.

So, what do you say?

Get off her! Get off her!


I suppose you're gonna say
it serves me right.

Serves you right.

She was killed somewhere near here.

Buried alive.


The family know more
than they're saying. They must.

A teenager sticks something on her bra -
doesn't have to mean anything.

Yeah, but it could mean everything.

It was February 2003,
and the Americans were here.

They were going to war.
We were all going to war.

Olivia Greenwood? Heather Myles.

I've heard so many great things
about you.

I was just talking to my boys,
very confused by time zones.

That's Josh, that's Isaac.

I don't care. OK.

I was asked to meet you. Here I am.

So, what do you want?

Emma Banville.

What about Banville?

She's getting in the way.
In whose way? In what context?

Yusef Attar, Miriam Attar.

My colleagues wanna talk to Miriam,
but they can't.

I understand you can't either.

What's that got to do with you?

I can help you get to Miriam.

I can access communications you can't.

Like what?

For one, I can get you international.

For two, I bet you only see metadata.
I can get you content.

You'll have our ears
over the Middle East.

That'll give you cause
to move on Miriam,

and there's nothing
Banville can do about it.

Banville knows the rules.

She plays by the rules.

Now, you try a short cut,

she'll sniff it out
and make you rue the day.

So, no.

No, thanks.


I am so sorry, Zeinab.

No, really.
You managed to miss the whole thing.

Look, I would have been cross,
but we found a replacement.

Matthew Wild turned up.

Made a splendid speech, off the cuff.

It's true what they're saying -
he could be the next Prime Minister.

Could you introduce me to him, Zei?

meet my dear friend Emma Banville.

The lady who's late for her own party.

Hi, thank you so much for covering.
I'm sorry I missed your speech.

I'm sorry I missed yours.

Could I borrow you just for a moment?
Yeah, of course.

Wow. She really did hit you.

Yeah, that's, er,
that's actually why I'm here.

You see, Charlie Simms called.

He's worried you'll press charges.
But you won't, will you?

Oh, no. No.

Because that would hurt your case
more than you're hurting it already.

What you're putting that family through,
it beggars belief.

Sorry, I didn't know you knew them.

Well, they're my constituents.

Charlie Simms was a union organiser.

I'd never have got elected without him.

So...what's up?

I believe that the wrong man,
Kevin Russell,

who's also one of your constituents,

was convicted for Linda's murder.

I was hoping that
you could persuade Linda's family

that exhuming Linda would be the
quickest way of finding the truth.

The truth?

Yes, that Kevin didn't do it,

and that the real killer
is still out there.

You know, I can see that
you might have a faint chance

of getting a court
to grant you an exhumation order,

but not with my help.

Forget that I could never look
Beth or Charlie in the eye again,

I actually think it's wrong,
and shame on you for even thinking it.

Whoo! Hey!

Kevin was just playing with Karim.

So I see.

They have so much fun.

It's probably his bedtime anyway.


Thank you, Kevin.

What happened to your face?

Beth Simms punched me.

Oh, sorry. Why were you talking to her?

Because I'm trying
to keep you out of prison, Kevin.

I didn't do it, you know?


But at the moment,
all the evidence suggests otherwise.


What am I gonna do with you?

Delilah called.

She wants to see us tomorrow.

So she's serious.

A real live kid in this madhouse.
Poor sod.

It won't be mad for too long.
Shelter in Hounslow say

they can give Miriam a place
by the end of the week

and I'm going to ask Father Joe
if he'll put Kevin up.

He'll miss the boy.
He's good with him, you know?

Yeah, well, technically
he's breaking his terms of bail

by being here with you, a felon.

I'm not the one getting into punch-ups.

You're going to have
to start acting like a normal person.

Plus, cut that out.
Plus, start having meals at meal times,

instead of just alcohol and nicotine.

Yeah, OK, OK, OK.

We're going to make it work, Steve.

You, me and the boy.

And the babysitter, Kevin Russell.

We still haven't been able
to trace the mother's family.

Can I?

I'm fine, thanks.


Emma. Emma.


Timothy. I like that name.

Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Obviously, we still have to do
the home visits. Whatever you need.

You're not going to like this.

It came from the police.

That nice detective, Nick Staines.

He trawled through all the news
footage from 2003, and found this.

Kevin Russell outside his workshop.

When is this? When they found Linda?

No. It's the day after
Linda was reported missing.

The first place they searched was
the school and the school grounds.

Kevin helped them.
It gives the prosecution

a plausible theory
why Kevin re-buried Linda's body.

He moved her back to a place
he knew had been searched.

What chance of the police
searching it again?

It's just a theory.

Blows a big hole in your theory.

This, plus the photos of Linda,

plus the family refusing the exhumation,

which you need
to prove your forensic anomalies,

it's not a case you'll win.

You should look at making a deal.

No. I'm gonna take the gloves off.

I'm leaking these.
Emma, this isn't right.

and letting our client get screwed is?

I do this,
it puts a spotlight on Tony Pullings

and it'll panic him
and whoever's handling him.

You really think that?
You think Tony came forward,

risked prosecution,
because he's a nice guy?

Why not? Because it's crap!

Because there's something else
going on here.

There's a police cover-up,
or a paedophile ring

or they're protecting someone
on the American base.

You sound completely nuts.

Then I must be on to something.

Let's go, Dom.

When this kicks off,
I need you to be watching Pullings.

Yes? 'You should turn on your TV.'

What is it, sir?
'You overplayed your hand.

You need to move Pullings, right now.'

'..nude photographs of the murdered
teenager Linda Simms.

Also revealed is the identity of the man who
allegedly took the photos, Tony Pullings.'


'You're blown.
I'm moving you now somewhere safe.'

Banville's guy's already outside.

'Don't worry about him. Five minutes.'

What does it mean for Kevin Russell?

The police are going to have
to look much more carefully

at all the circumstances
of Linda's death.

Who leaked the photos?
'The key question is -

where have the photos been
all this time?

What did the police know about it?'

'You think it's a cover-up?'
'I don't want to speculate.

But I do want to appeal
to anyone who knows anything

about the sort of photoshoots
that Linda had to do.

Please contact me. I'm Emma...'

Jesus Christ!

Any cameras on this street?


Oh, I am so sorry.

Agh! Oh, God, no, sorry!

I'm such an idiot. I'm sorry. It's OK.

At least you weren't nuts.

There is something going on.

The people who did this were pros.

It's a classic counter-surveillance
move - take out the watcher.

AND they got Pullings.

And who are they? I dunno.

I want what you have on Miriam Attar.

What changed your mind?

Banville stopped playing by the rules.

Really? What did she do?

None of your business.

Is it about the photos of the girl?

Did Banville leak them?
None of your business.

So give me what you have
on Miriam Attar or get out.

There are calls from overseas,
Lebanon and Syria,

going to a series of numbers
my friends don't recognise.

They believe those numbers are conduits

through which Yusef Attar is
fundraising and recruiting in the UK.

These numbers, where are they?

Triangulation places them all in
a quiet little street in London N16.


So, in addition to leaking nude photos
of a murdered teenager to the press,

she allows a terrorist recruiting
network to be run out of her home.

How long will you let that go on?

Did you get a result?
Did anyone come forward?

Any other girls? No.

I played dirty - I exposed
that poor girl, and I got nothing.


Mike, Leila will be transcribing
your Arabic lines.

Arabic lines from where?

Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria.

Cool. Anyone from my list or...
Just Ruby.

Excuse me.

Straight flush.

I got you, mate. You lucky bugger.

There you go -
four Hobnobs and a Jaffa Cake. Yeah.

Who's in the house? Attar,

Banville's boyfriend, Kevin Russell.

Well, well. What do we need for a go?

Evidence of communication with
terrorists and terrorist suspects.

Call coming in. Landline.


Steve, there's a call.

She says she's from the adoption agency.
Oh, God.

Hold that thought, Kevin.

Who is getting adopted?
You're not talking about Karim?

Hello? Delilah. Yeah, what's up?

Yeah, I'll let Emma know.

Thanks, yeah. Bye.

What's happening? You're not going
to have Karim taken away?

Why would we wanna do that?

You're not touching them cards, are you?

No, mate. I won!

'Hello? Hello?'

Yes. Yes, it is.

Thank you. A call's being made
to a known ISIS number in Raqqa.

Bravo Charlie, this is Alpha. We are go.

'Charlie team on the move.'
'On the move.'

'Bravo team on the move.' 'Copy that.'

'Approaching target.

Bravo team in position.'

'Charlie team in position.'

'Bravo team, hold.'


'This is Alpha, we are go. Go, go, go!'

'Bravo team on the move.'
'Alpha team, we are go.'

Armed police! Get down on the floor!

Get down! Armed police!

Who's that? It's Banville.

What the hell is going on in here?

Let go of her! No, Kevin, don't!

Give her back her kid! Agh! No!

Get them out of here. Karim!

You have no right to be in here!
A serious crime was taking place.

What crime? You got all the phones?

You have no right to take that.
I am going to sue every one of you!

Take her out. Take your hands off of me!

Remember, you are my lawyer.


You OK?

Er, yeah.

Delilah called.

She said that the local authority
are OK with us to foster...

..depending on a home visit.

Which this might...

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm going to go get some fresh air.


OK, wrap it up.

Emma Banville. Hello?

'I saw you on TV.'


Can I help you?

'It's about that Tony Pullings.'

Why aren't we getting this?
Because you said to wrap it up.

Well, unwrap it!

Did you know him?

'Yeah. He photographed me.'

How old were you?


Did you know Linda Simms?

Did you know about her? 'Yeah.'

Will you meet me?