Fearless (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Fourteen years ago 23 year old Kevin Russell was imprisoned for killing school-girl Linda Simms. His girlfriend Annie believes his confession was forced from him by DI Olivia Greenwood and asks maverick lawyer Emma Banville to take up his case. Emma is also sheltering Miriam Attar, wife of Yusuf, a doctor working in Syria, which makes her a target for the security forces. From transcripts of the original interviews Emma believes Greenwood totally led the confused Kevin and with her young assistant Dominic finds anomalies at the crime scene but is harassed by Linda's family and the gutter press - which jeopardizes the chances of Emma and partner Steve adopting. Emma's appeal is partially successful, declaring the conviction unsafe and bailing Kevin for a retrial. This makes Emma enemies in high places on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Way down in the water.

Way down in the hole.

Far away from any soul.

Where there is discord,
may we bring harmony

and where there is despair,
may we bring hope.

I'm coming back from the fire.

Put your trust in us

and we shall repay that trust

for you.

Coming back from the fire,
not burning, no.

Turn it. Spin it.

Spin the camera!

Spin the camera!

Jason, come on! It's ready.


Tea first, then presents, OK?


Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear Jason.

Happy birthday to you.

Make a wish.


A card from his dad.

It was under the table.

Not opened.

It's tough for him.

It's tougher for Kevin.

My client, Mr Lawton,

was tried and found guilty,

first by the press and
then by social media.

It made his life a living
hell for over two years.

It took less than a day, today,
for the truth to come out.

He should never have been arrested.

He should never have
been brought to trial.

That's the truth.

Report that.

Tweet that.

Dear Miss Banville.

My son, Jason, turned 14 today.

His father is Kevin Russell,

who you have probably heard of.

Kevin's been in prison for 14 years,

all of Jason's life.

I'm writing to ask if you
will look at Kevin's case,

because I know he didn't kill that girl.

I've talked to other
lawyers and got nowhere.

I have to try one more time

because I owe it to Jason

to prove that his dad isn't a killer.

That he's a good man.

Please, help us find the truth.

Hi, Miriam. Good morning.

I'm gonna be out all day today.

You should stay with Karim,
just to be safe.


Yeah, and Steve'll be up.
He'll be up eventually.

Emma. Hi, Annie.

I'm so grateful, I can't tell you.

You all right?
You know the rules.

No touching.

Jason sends his love.

Be nice to see him.

He'll come next time, I promise.

So, Kevin, this is Emma Banville,
the lawyer I told you about.

She's agreed to look at your case.

How much is she costing you?
She's doing it for free.

Great, a stupid lawyer.

Kevin, she's come all this way.

OK. So what do you wanna know?

Can you leave us, please?

Not allowed, sorry.

I'm his solicitor. It is allowed.

And are those cameras off? Yeah.

Cos if they're not, and anything said
in here gets leaked to the press...

They're off. Thank you.

Go on, then.
Did you murder Linda Simms?

No, I did not.
So why did you confess to it?

Because I was tired and scared
and she never let up on me. Never.

"She." Detective Inspector Greenwood?

By the time she'd finished I'd have
confessed to killing my own mum.

Kevin, how can you confess to
something you know you didn't do?

You haven't heard of
coerced confessions, Emma?

Take a scared kid, mess with his head, you
can put any words you want in his mouth.

That's what she did to me. Told me
how I did it, where I did it, and why.

You were 23. Not a kid.

And most coerced
confessions get thrown out.

Yours wasn't.

You know why?

Because they had good lawyers
and I had shit lawyers

and it looks like
that ain't gonna change.


Is there anything new you can give me?

Anything about the case,
anything about the investigation.

I already told 'em everything.
The police, the lawyers, the court.

I had a good job.
Then my girl, she's pregnant,

we're looking forward to our first kid

and then I get accused of killing
a girl I don't even know.

A witness saw you talk to her
the night she disappeared.

At a school disco with 200 kids.

I didn't kill her. If you think I did,
then why are you here?

Cos Annie believes you
didn't and she convinced me.

But without new evidence I'm never gonna
get your case before the Review Commission.


think, Kevin.

Is there anything new you can give me?

No. There's nothing new.

Steady on. You done?
Yeah, we're done.

I'll bring Jason next time, Kev.

You know what that police woman said?

She said if I confessed, it would
help me in court and with my boy.

When did she say that to you?

But it didn't help me in
court and it didn't help me

with my boy because
he's been to see me twice

in the last six years and
he obviously hates my guts.

None of this is in the transcripts.
When did she say that?

So I guess she lied.

Police lie to get a conviction.
Is that new enough for you?

When did she say that to you? When?

Even if his confession's thrown out,
the forensics convict him.

Why waste your time going to see him?

Cos of Kevin's exfiancee.
She never gave up on him. Ever.

Annie who was pregnant
at the time of the murder

and married someone else the
second Kevin was locked up?

Annie who tried to get over 40 law
firms to take a look at Kevin's case.

She married because the
child needed a father.

Who wasn't a paedophile.
Sexual activity was never conclusively...

Come on... Ladies, please.

why do you want to continue with this?

Because the confession
is questionable...

The IO might have questioned him
outside PACE, which is a breach...

A technicality. The forensics...

Were done by Galion labs,
which is owned by a bunch of excoppers,

who have been investigated
at least six times

and have had four convictions overturned.

Dad, taking on Kevin Russell will
bring us nothing but ridicule.

It certainly won't make us any money.
You're right, Maggie.

This firm has always
preferred ridicule to money.

I don't know how we're
still in business.

Well, we won't be much longer.

Just a few more days.

PACE tapes? You're really gonna
put yourself through that torture?

Kevin said Greenwood put
words into his mouth.

"Where I did it, how I did it and why."

Olivia Greenwood was the
investigating officer?

You know she's in counterterrorism now?

Graduate entry.

This would've been one
of her first cases.

Inexperienced copper,
desperate to make her mark.

She won't like you messing with it.

You're probably already
on her dartboard with

your new house guest,
what's her name, Miriam.

What's her husband up to now?

Dr Attar is in a refugee
camp on the Syrian border,

and, yes,
SO15 have an arrest warrant out on him.

Sorry. It's Ruby.

She's in the middle of London.
Why's she gone dark?

Her. What's her last location?

Ealing, somewhere.

Father's in hospital there.
Pacemakers, etc. Don't sweat it.

Who is she?

Why hasn't she got a phone
with GPS like a normal person?

Because she's slippery.

I was in East Anglia today and
I went past the place where...

where my unravelling started.

That's hard to remember.

Like it never happened.

But it did, didn't it?


He actually ate something today,
which is good.

How's work?

Defending any more sex
offenders or mad mullahs?

We all have a right to a lawyer, Mum.

but why does it always have to be you?

I'm worried about you, Em.

You're getting on.
No husband, no family...


I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hamid. Thanks for meeting me.

Have you got your phone?

No, I left it in my car.

Good. I don't want the spooks
using it as a microphone.

When it comes to Syria, there's no such
thing as client/lawyer confidentiality.

I understand, believe me.

Ruby back on yet?

Been a while. Tell 15.
They might want to do a bump.


Your uncle Yusef is not making
life easy for me, or for his wife.

I heard about Miriam.
It's good of you to take her in.

She has family in America but what
chance of getting there now?

That's why he has to come home.

He hired me to stop the
police from harassing him,

then he disappears into Syria?

I mean, what's he thinking?
He's not on holiday, you know.

They're desperate for doctors out there.

When Aleppo fell,
there were less than 20.

20 for quarter of a million people.

Can you contact him?

It's difficult, but... yeah.

You need to tell him
Miriam is alone and afraid.

You tell him he has
to come home and then

we'll go to the police
and we'll sort it out.



He's a good man, Emma.


He has to be a good husband, too.

Besides, I'd quite like to keep at
least one of my clients out of jail.

Good night. Be careful.

Know why we stopped you?

You're doing 40 in a
30 mileanhour zone.

I wasn't.

Since when do detectives
do traffic stops?

You mean instead of
catching the real criminals?

I know you don't catch the real
criminals. Why did you stop me?

It's the company you keep.

What do you mean, the company I keep?

What do you mean...?

You mind how you go.

What are your names?


Hi, Miriam. You must be hungry.

I made some food. I can heat it up.
No. Er, a stiff drink is what I need.

I know, I'm a lost cause.

Not to me.

Speaking of lost causes, where is Steve?

In the pub.

Er, he said for you to join him.

I met Yusef's nephew today, Hamid.

He can get a message to him.
I told him to come home.

I hope he will. I really hope.

You think he won't?

I know how important his work is.

Maybe I should go to him.

Maybe I should take Karim and just go.

No. That'll get you both into trouble.

The police are just waiting
for you to make a mistake.

What have I done? I was thrown out of my
flat, I'm forbidden to go to my husband...

What have I done?

Look, they just suspect anyone who's
got ties with Syria, that's all.

It'll be fine.

Yusef will be back.
But until then, just be careful.

you remember what to say if they ask?

"I want my lawyer."

"I want my lawyer."


And teach the baby, too.

'This is Detective Inspector Olivia
Greenwood, Bury St Edmunds police station.

It's February 3rd, 9:11am.

Present in the room with
me is Kevin Russell,

and Mr Russell's solicitor,
Raymond Blackwell.

Kevin, as you know, Linda Simms, a pupil
at the school where you work, is missing.

We have a witness who
says she saw you with Linda

outside the school disco
on Saturday night.

That's not true.
I think it is true.

We're searching your home
and your workshop right now.

But that'll upset Annie.
They can't upset Annie. She's pregnant.

Hiya, love. Working hard?

I'm afraid I woke Miriam.

No... No, no, don't worry.

Not the kid, though.

How long are they gonna
be camping on our couch?

Until I can find them
another place to live.

How was the pub?

You were missed.

Love you.

But that'll upset Annie.
They can't upset Annie. She's pregnant.

How upset do you think
Linda's parents are?

Where is she, Kevin? Where is she?

I don't know.
A witness saw you with her.

Linda's friend saw you.
I don't know.

It's been 48 hours, Kevin.
You know what that means, don't you?


It means we're beginning to lose hope, so if
you know anything, now's the time to talk...

I don't know anything.

You were the last person
to see Linda alive.

Where is she, Kevin? Please.
Help yourself, before it's too late.

DI Greenwood, Bury St Edmunds police
station, February 7th, 1:05am.

You should have talked to me, Kevin.
You should have told the truth.

What do you mean?
We found Linda.

Her body.
Buried 20 yards from your workshop.

And we've got enough to put
you away basically forever.

Do you want that, Kevin?

Now, Linda... she was knocked out.

She was put into the ground unconscious.

She woke up in the ground,
trying to breathe.

Those were her last moments on earth.

She was in your workshop, wasn't she?

There were strands of her hair, fibres
from her clothes found here, here...

there, there.

She was in your workshop,
wasn't she, Kevin?

Wasn't she?

Wasn't she?


You don't have to tell us what you did,
we already know.

Linda was hit twice.

A blow to her legs,
hard enough to break bones,

and a blow to her head,
knocking her out.

So what did you hit her with?

What did you hit her with?

I didn't.

There's enough here for
a jury to convict you.

I didn't do it.

But the question is,
what will they convict you of?

Coldblooded murder?

Or of getting out of your depth?


Accidentally killing the person
that you actually had feelings for.

So you had to get rid of the body.

How did you get rid of the body?

I don't know.
You don't know, Kevin?

We all can understand fear and panic,

but you need to tell us the truth,

you need to tell us what happened.

If you want the jury to feel sympathy
for you, you have to be honest.

What did you hit her with?

The shovel.

You hit Linda with a shovel?

And where did you hit her first?
What part of her body?

Her legs.

You knocked her down, and then?


Her head.

You hit her on the head?

That's enough.

My client needs a break.

Your client needs a fucking lawyer.

You knocked her down and then...?


Her head.

You hit her on the head?

It's clear from the
silences on the tape.

Greenwood had the crime scene photos
on the table, showing Kevin what to say.

She's actually pointing to the answers.

She led him.

She put words into his mouth.

At the very least,
I can get the confession thrown out.

I want to have a look at the forensics.
I checked.

His lawyers don't have them.
Only obliged to keep them six years.

What can we do?

Go to Bury St Edmunds station where
Kevin was originally questioned,

pray to God they kept the files.

You wanna look at what case?

Er, Linda Simms, February 2003.

February 2003? Not a problem.

This is DS Hammond.

Drop everything and find a case file
from 2003 for a solicitor from London...

What? You're too busy?

Crimes to solve?


Sorry. You should have called.
Saved yourself a drive.

Er, I'm not going anywhere
until I see Linda Simms' file.

It's my right.

Put your request in writing,
I'll see what I can do.

The only thing I'll
be putting in writing

is a letter to the Complaints Commission
about your obstructive attitude.

You're that lawyer, aren't you?

What's wrong,
not getting any headlines recently?

Wanna kick up a stink?

Is there a stink to kick up?

The case number is O21464487.

The files'll be in your storage
facility outside Thetford.

Had a cold case inquiry here six years
ago. The facility was immaculate.

You're a copper. Was.

And now you work with her?

Ha. We all make mistakes.

This is a nonsmoking room.

Not any more.

What are we looking for exactly?

Don't know. Anything untoward.

Anything... untoward.


Evidence of sexual activity that night
was inconclusive, but she wasn't a virgin.

I want to go out there tomorrow.

To the school where she was found.

Anyway, time for bed.

Right, which side do you want?

What? Can't I have my own room?

Sure. If you pay for it.


Fragments of her clothes,
fragments of her hair...

There's no conifers.

Not one.

I read the autopsy report last night.

In Linda's hair there was sand,
plant fragments... and pine needles.

Could have been cut down.

There weren't any in the
crime scene photos either.

And the same plant fragments were
in her trachea and her lungs.

How can she inhale
something that isn't here?

Dear. Linda's family.
How the hell did they know?


Emma Banville? Yes.

I'm Linda Simms' dad, Charlie.

This is her mum, Beth. Her uncle, Phil.
What are you doing here?

I'm taking a look at the case.

Why would you want to do that?
I've been asked to.

Who by?

I'm sorry, that's confidential.

It's that mad cow Annie Peterson.

Cos every time she gets a lawyer digging it
up, it's like she kills Lin all over again.

I'm really sorry... Sorry?

You've no idea.

My baby's in the ground,
nothing to breathe...

I wake up screaming.

Why are you doing this to us?

We're asking you nicely.


Just stay away.

If you don't want to live through this
again, why have you invited the press?

Cos we don't want you here.
So why don't you piss off?


I want to get a copy of the autopsy
report to an independent lab.

Karen Buxton, probably.

You think you have enough?
Yeah, a major forensic anomaly.

Is it worth the grief? What?

I should back down because
of a bunch of vigilantes?

Their daughter was murdered.

And Kevin Russell's been
in prison for 14 years.

That damn journalist.

"Banville defends another paedophile."

Emma, you never read the papers,
never watch TV. Why would you care?


because at the moment I do.

But why?

I just don't want that kind
of publicity at the moment.

I'm trying to adopt.

You? Yeah, me.

I've got a home, an income,
a steady relationship.


Why now?

Is it cos your dad's dying?


I don't know.

It's just all this
carelessness and lies.

It's been my life for so long.

Just need something else.

Quick, quick, quick.

Have you done your homework?

Have a good day. Bye.

Have a good day.

I got the bread... and this.

You put him in the news again.

You're sick, you know that?

I've gotta go to school.
I've gotta live with this.


Leave us alone!

Emma. Steve.

Stability of
employment, income, residence.

The police checks were OK... almost.

You have a criminal conviction, Steve.

Well, a suspended sentence.

I got done for trespass once.

I'm a photographer for...
for the papers.

Where were you trespassing?

It's a long story, but it's how we met.

Em was representing the other side.

Tore me apart on the stand.

I just thought she was lovely.

Now, given your age, you won't
be adopting a baby, but a child?


Some of these children come
from very troubled backgrounds.

We don't want them to
experience further disruption.

They wouldn't. Not with us.

What about this sort of disruption?

Imagine your child
having to deal with this.

At school, in the playground?
Well, that would stop.

What, you'd give up being a lawyer?
Well, no.

But there are many types of law.
Don't all involve headlines.

Dogooders. Bring me out in a rash.

What are you doing with me, then?

Like I said, you're lovely.

That headline's not gonna help us.

The fella who wrote the article,
Tony Pullings. I know the name.

Know him from years ago,
when he was just a photographer.

Pretty good one.

Used to work for the Cambridge Times. He was
working there when Linda Simms went missing.

The local police used to use him to
photograph crime scenes and stuff.

That's how he got the jump
on most of Fleet Street.

So the case made him?

Like it made Olivia Greenwood.

Nothing like a dead white
schoolgirl to advance a few careers.

Guard. Guard!

This is from Phil and Charlie Simms.

They say you've got a lawyer.

They say you've been telling
lies about what you did to Linda.

What did you do to her, Kevin?

Tell us the truth now.


Tell us the truth.

I killed her!

That's it. Take care, Kevin.

Kevin said it was an accident, but
it wasn't. It's hardly the first time.

And there's something else.

Kevin says he wants to stop.

Working with you.

He says he made it all up.

He says he did it, he killed Linda.

What, and you believe him?

He stuck to the same story for 14 years,

The only reason he'd change
is cos someone's got to him.

He says he wants you to stop.

Because he's frightened.

No, because he did it. He's a murderer.

He ruined mum's life and my
life and he keeps ruining it.

All right, Jason.
Derek's my dad, not him.

He should never get out. Ever.

I said that's enough.

Are you gonna give up too, Annie?

When you fought for so long?

Just when I'm getting somewhere?

Please tell me you've got something.

Got a few tests to run but
basically done and dusted.

You were right about the plant matter.

None of the fragments in Linda's lungs
matches the flora of her burial site.

What plant matter did she ingest?

Conifers. Douglas fir and Sitka spruce.

The soil, dust, sand, mainly
sand, found in Linda's lungs and throat

also didn't match the
soils of the burial site.

What do they match?

They were impregnated with kerosene.

Highgrade kerosene, also containing
toluene, naphthalene and xylene.

It's jet fuel.

Most likely JP8,
the main fuel of fighter jets, bombers.

She was buried on an air force base.

She was first buried, buried alive...
And then she was moved.


There are two bases in Suffolk the RAF and
the Americans use: Lakenheath and Crawbury.

And Crawbury is less than a mile away from
where Linda was last seen, Hainwood School.

But what does it mean?

It means if Kevin murdered Linda,
he buried her twice.

First near one of these airfields,

then he dug her up and buried her again,

20 yards away from where he works.

It doesn't make sense.

Unless he didn't do it.
It's enough.

The Commission will
have to reopen the case.

Aren't you all forgetting something?

Kevin is now saying he did kill Linda.

Doesn't that make this rather academic?

I'm telling you I did it.
I killed her, I accept it. You're fired.

I know you didn't do it.

You have to say that.

It's some kinda...
kinda lawyer thing, so you ca...

Kevin, I know the review board
would reexamine your case,

and I believe your
conviction will be overturned.

I will get you moved, put in solitary.

I will kick down the Home
Secretary's door if I have to.

You shouldn't be in here and shouldn't
be getting beaten up when you're in here.

I know you've been threatened,
that you're scared.

But if you trust me,
you will walk out of this place.

You'll be a free man.

You fought for so long, Kevin.
Don't give up now.

So... am I still your lawyer?


All rise.

In the appeal of Kevin Russell
against his conviction for murder,

we have considered the appellant's arguments
and the new evidence referred to therein.

In light of this, it is our majority opinion
that the conviction of Mr Russell is unsafe

and we hereby order the
conviction be quashed.

You did it.

having considered the Crown's response

and the additional evidence
presented by the police,

we agree with their submission that a full
retrial is necessary and is so ordered.

In the meantime, we order that Mr Russell
be released on unconditional bail.

All rise.

Miss Banville. I'm Olivia Greenwood.

I know who you are.

So what's this new evidence?

There was one lie of Kevin's
that I could never break.

That he'd had no contact with Linda
Simms before the night she disappeared.

Why should that be a lie?
Because it was.


Recognise her?

Linda Simms. Recognise the place?

Outside Kevin Russell's little hut.

Where did you find this? Who took it?

You'll learn soon enough.

Here comes the man himself.

You let a terrorist's wife live in
your home and you set a murderer free.

You play with fire.

Derek's outside with the car.
Good luck out there, Kevin.

We'll take you straight to the hotel.

What's your reaction to the news

there's going to be a retrial?

Convicted killer Kevin Russell

was released after the Court of Appeal

overturned his conviction

for the murder of schoolgirl
Linda Simms in 2003.

However, in the light of new evidence,

the police have announced...

Heather? It's Alastair.

Are you on a secure line? Yes.

You've seen what's been
happening over here.

Kevin Russell.
On the table, behind the pie.

What? What did you say?

Don't worry about Russell. It's fixed.

How? I used the photographs.

Are you out of your mind?

The photos show what Russell is.
They'll put him back where he belongs.

They could also expose other things.

Yes, they could. I appreciate how
embarrassing that would be for you.

Let's be clear here, not just for me.

But happily it's irrelevant because
we own the man who took them.

You'd better be right about this.
You seem rather stressed.

Shall I come over and hold your hand?

That's not necessary.

Nonetheless, I'm coming.

And you can do something for me.

Russell's lawyer,
I want information on her.

Why don't you Google her?

I said information.

Or have you been put so completely out to
grass no one takes your calls any more,

in which case why the fuck
should we bother to protect you?

Kevin Russell, you are guilty!

Kevin Russell...