Fearless (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

After the armed raid on Emma's house Miriam, as a terrorist suspect, and Kevin are arrested, Miriam having given Emma the SIM card for her phone. A possible break-through occurs when ...

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I've heard from the police
that there are photos of Linda.

Nude photos.

It's the police lying again, innit?

How'd you get into the school?
Caretaker gave me the key. Kevin Russell.

I paid him.

Paid him what?
Ten quid.

And I sent him Linda's photos.
No, no, no.

I'm applying for an exhumation order.
What, for Linda?

I actually think it's wrong.
And shame on you for even thinking it.

I'm leaking these.
Emma, this isn't right.

She's been a person of interest
for MI5 and 6 for years.

Who were you meeting outside
earlier this evening?

My cousin.

In addition to leaking nude photos
of a murdered teenager to the press,

she allows a terrorist recruiting
network to be run out of her home.

Armed police!

Remember you are my lawyer.

It's about that Tony Pullings.

He photographed me.

Did you know Linda Simms?
Did you know about her?


Way down in the water

Way down in the hole

Far away from any soul

Where there is discord,
may we bring harmony

and where there is despair,
may we bring hope.

I'm coming back from the fire

Put your trust in us.

Crawling back from the flames

We shall repay that trust for you.

Coming back from the fire,
not burning down

Turn it! Spin it!

Spin the camera.

Spin the camera!

'Late last night,
the East End home of Emma Banville,

lawyer for the recently
released Kevin Russell,

was raided by armed police

in connection with possible
terrorist activities.

A number of suspects were arrested

including Russell himself.

In yet more trouble for Banville,

it is now being alleged

that she may have leaked photographs

of murdered schoolgirl Linda Simms.

Can I have a moment with him, please?
Thank you.

I'm really sorry.

I hoped I'd get you out on bail.
I know.

It's OK.

No, it's not OK.

It's deeply unfair.

Steve and me, we were playing
poker last night... for biscuits.

He says you're trying to adopt a kid.

Erm... yeah.

Yeah, well,
with all the fuss in the house...

Did I mess it up for you?

No. It wasn't you.
It was just... bad luck.

Frankly, it's a daft idea, anyway.

It's not daft.

Having a kid keeps you going.

Jason keeps me going.

OK, so now he hates my guts but...

No, but he won't always.
Jason will learn the truth.

There's a girl come forward,
said she was photographed by Pullings.

She'll prove Pullings is lying.

I'm going to get you out, Kevin.

I know you will.

Time to go.

Ms Banville?

What do you want?
This way, if you would.


You managed to get Kevin
Russell back inside.

I want to talk about Miriam Attar.

Where is she?
Sizemore. Mothers and Infants.

This was taken from Mrs Attar.

It's the phone that she used
to call her contacts in Syria.

The SIM card's missing.

How do you know she
was contacting Syria?

GCHQ has a dragnet over calls
in and out of ISIS-held areas.

Only the NSA have that capacity.

Is SO15 in bed with NSA now?

Where's the SIM card?
No idea.

One of my officers saw
Miriam Attar hug you.

She was terrified.

Armed men had just smashed their way into
my house and torn her baby from her arms.

Did she give you the SIM card?
Let's be honest.

You're here because of Kevin Russell.

Because I proved your
investigation was a load of crap.

So you're fabricating charges
against an innocent woman.

Miriam's husband works for ISIS.

You're wrong.
Miriam helps him.

Now, I thought you were aiding them
unwittingly but now I see it's deliberate.

I thought you played by
the rules but you don't.

You'd do anything.


I will defend my client as I
am obliged to under the law.

What will you do to cover your back?

Why is Tony Pullings
crawling out of the woodwork?

Where are you hiding him?
I know nothing about Pullings.

So get out...

.. before I really lose my temper.

Hello, Tony.

How long is this going on for?

Until the retrial.
That's months.


Until then, we have to keep you away from
Banville and your colleagues in the press.

Testify about Linda and
Russell and you're done.

You won't come across as very admirable
but at least you had the guts to own up.

What about the other girls?


Unless you raped or killed one of them.
You didn't, did you?

That is a relief.

Do what I say.

Russell will be back where he belongs
and you can get on with your life.


I know who you're protecting.

Yeah, I'm protecting you, Tony.

I have all your negatives, remember?

So if you don't want to go away for
a very long time, do what I say.

Send the murderer back to jail.

He said it was his best shot ever.

Where did you meet him?

He stopped me in the street.

Asked me if I wanted to be famous.

So he took photos of you?


Didn't start nude.
Just... ended up there.

Then he said that he'd
work harder for me...

.. if I worked harder for him.

You slept with him?

I was wild then.


You were 15.

It was a crime.


And how do I prove it now?

What did he do with the photos?

God knows.

I've got two little boys now.

I know what the internet's like.

Siobhan, you said you knew Linda Simms.

About her.

Pullings mentioned her.

Because of the parties.

What parties? Where?

He said I'd meet rich guys...

earn lots of money...

.. if I'd do with them
what I did with him.

Did you?

I said I was stupid.

I wasn't a tart.

You said Linda knew about the parties.

Had she been to them?

He said she had.

Said she was set for life.

You can't let them dig her up, Matt!
You just can't!

Luke, you're his advisor. Advise him.
I'm so disappointed.

I'm deeply sorry for what's happened.

This is on you, Matt.

We'll find a way to fix this, Charlie.

What was that about?

Luke? Why are they so upset?

Not only have Charlie and Beth had to see
Linda splashed naked all over the press,

they've now been invited
by the Chief Coroner

to a hearing about
her possible exhumation.

That's awful.

Who's doing this?

Emma Banville. Her new tactic...
try and turn Linda into a whore.


What are you doing about this?

What can I do?


That bird has flown.

And it will backfire on Banville.

As for the Coroner, ordinary
decent common sense will prevail.

My involvement...
You do realise what else is going on here?

A leadership contest which you'll only
win if you pull the union and youth vote

from that Trotskyite
dickhead you're against.

And who did you let walk out that door,
disappointed and angry?

An ex-shop steward with
serious heft in the movement.

You think he's going to support you now?

Go with him to the Chief
Coroner's hearing.

At the very least, you need to
write a letter on his behalf.

You can't let Banville
get away with this.

How can we use this?

Unless we find Pullings,
there's nothing we can prove.

We take it to the police.

They lead us to Pullings.

Hi, Delilah.

I tried you earlier. No answer.

Has something happened?

Well, yes. Don't you think?

Do you mean last night at my house?

We couldn't place a child
in that sort of environment.

It's crazy. You should have told us.

Those people are actually
living in your house.

Yeah, but it was temporary.
They... They would have been gone.

Obviously the local authority have withdrawn
their approval of you as foster parents.

We've found another
family to take the boy.


I'm glad. Erm...

What about the future?

While you're doing the sort
of legal work you do now, no.

And what... What if I stopped
doing that sort of work?

What if I... do something else,
like conveyancing or...

We'd need proof that you're committed
to it. At least a year or two.

And that would mean, I'm afraid,
that your age became an issue.

A big issue.


Erm... thank you for telling me.

I'm sorry.

So am I. Bye.

Do you want to go home?



I want to go to work.

You know this is hearsay, don't you?
"He said, she said" 13 years ago.

None of it will stand up in court.

I think I might know better
than you what stands up in court.

Will you let me interview this girl?
Will you let me interview Tony Pullings?

It's up to him but he'll say no.

It's all getting muddier, isn't it?

We now have not only one
alternative suspect, Pullings,

but a whole party of them... men who
knew Linda, maybe slept with her.

What do you think it is? Some creepy
sex ring with Tony Pullings as the pimp?

All these holes in
Greenwood's investigation.

I don't envy you trying to fill them.

And all this will come out in court.

Sorry I took so long.

Be careful what you say.
They're probably listening.

No touching.

How long do we have to stay here?

Under the Terrorism Act, they can
hold you up to 14 days without charge.

Terrorism? What terrorism did I do?

They said you made a call to
an ISIS-held area in Syria.

I don't know about ISIS areas.

I was trying to find Yusef.

A woman called your house about adoption.
I was scared they would take Karim.

Erm... No.

That call was for me. I am...

I was trying to adopt.

But if you want children, why didn't
you have your own when you were younger?

Because I can't.

I said, no touching.
Leave us alone.

I'm sorry, Emma. I didn't know.

Oh, you couldn't know.

It's the result of an operation
a long time ago, anyway.

Please, Emma, get us out of here.

I'll keep trying. I promise.

You still have the SIM card?

Can you give it to Yusef's nephew,
the one you met?

Why? What's on it?

I don't know.

Just numbers.

"I saw first-hand the devastating
impact Linda's death had on her family

and on the community I represent.

Why must these good people endure the
cruel indignity of an exhumation?"

The original's already been sent
to the Chief Coroner's office.

Thank you, Matthew.

And you too, Mrs Wild.

It's the least we could do.
Thanks, Matt.

I just hope it makes a difference.

How... How are the polls?

Ah, you'll be fine.


Would you like to see Linda's room?


I'd like to show it to you. Please?

I know I should have
packed it all away but...

.. somehow I...

You've just got the one, don't you?

Yes. Hugo.

Imagine that one day
they're there and...

.. nothing ever again.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to upset you.
No, no. It's OK.

I have an idea.

Another letter that you
could write about Linda.


Hi, Dom. It's me. Can you come over?

Where's Steve?

He's disappeared. Got a job abroad.

Just ran away.

Three weeks in Norway,
photographing ski jumping.

He knows sod-all about ski jumping.

Anyway, how did it go today?

Ten minutes after you
left the police station,

Staines came out.

Drove on his own to Raynes Park.

The house he was in for
just under an hour.

Did you see Pullings?
No. Couldn't get near him.

Two big lads on the door,
minding the gate. But I did find this.

From what I remember, I was hit by a
grey van. Look at the front bumper.

It's dented.

The van's registered to a
company in the Channel Islands,

but who controls them and what they do,
I couldn't find out.

What if Pullings sold
his story to a newspaper

and these boys have been
sent to baby-sit him?

What, they nearly kill you
because of an exclusive?

No, I don't think so.
Hang on, can you scroll back?

He went to the passenger side first,

like he was expecting a left-hand drive.

He's an American.

Or French or German.

Or Belgian, Dutch...

F-16 tie pin. It's a US fighter.

US Air Force bases.

Remember Buxton's autopsy report?

She said the soil in Linda's lungs
was impregnated with jet fuel.

So Siobhan tells us about Pullings'

Pullings is snatched by professionals.
American professionals.

They're trying to hide something
that happened in or around the base

six weeks before the Iraq war.
But what evidence do you have?

We have her. Siobhan.

But we need her.

We need her body out of the ground
so we can find out how she died.

And we need the creep who took these
because he knows what was going on.

You're just going to go for this,
aren't you? Fuck the consequences.

Is that wrong?

These are some scary people, Em.
Do you really want to take them on?

Mr Russell,
I'm writing to you about my daughter.

Because your lawyer is asking the
courts if she can dig up her body.

I know you're a dad.

Imagine you lost your boy.

Imagine how you would feel.

Ah, Heather!
Sir Alastair.

How did you get in here?

Him. I helped his son get a Green Card.

America, the country everyone hates
and everyone wants to live in.

Why don't you go back there, then?

The small matter of the
Kevin Russell retrial.

Oh, that.

I wonder if you even
needed the Pullings move.

And its attendant risk.

You forget, if I hadn't used Pullings,
the CPS would have contested the appeal,

Russell would have walked

and every journalist in England would have
been looking at the night that girl died.

Ah, Matthew! Matthew.
Sir Alastair. Good of you to have us.

Laura! Lovely as always.

Meet Heather Myles.

She does something mysterious
for the American Government.

No. My government days are long gone.

Just another private sector desperado.

Well, it's lovely to meet you.

Sir Alastair, we'll catch up later.

So... he's running for the leadership.

Will he win?
I think so, yeah.

He's the real thing.

A soldier who's seen action.

He's as good a friend of
your country as you'll find.

He's where your investment should lie.

'What do you think of the defence move?
'I think it's immoral.

Mrs Simms, do you agree?
Yes, I do agree.

Exhumation... autopsy makes it sound
like it's OK. Like it's science research.

And what it really means is digging
our Linda up from the ground

where we buried her with our
love and our prayers and...

cutting her up all over again!

Are you going to attend
the Coroner's hearing?

Yes, we are. We have a letter of
support from our MP, Matthew Wild.

Yeah, and I've got a
letter from Kevin Russell.

I wrote to him and I said to him, "Do
you want her to suffer all over again?"

I didn't think we'd get
a reply but we did.

And he said, "No. Let her rest in peace.
Don't let her suffer on my account."

Where are you going?
Chief Coroner.

My Lord. My Lord, I'm Emma Banville.

I know who you are. The hearing's
tomorrow. Don't talk to me before then.

The Simms family are talking to you.
With respect, they're using the press.

And you don't? Goodbye, Ms Banville.
My Lord, you must see that

the letter Kevin Russell
wrote is grossly prejudicial.

Are you deaf? I'm not listening.

You have to listen.

Kevin Russell has been fucked by
our judicial system his entire life.

I'm begging you, give him the
benefit of the doubt just once.

Ms Banville. You don't talk to me.
I don't hear you.

I thought it was the right thing to do.

Does it hurt your case?
No, it hurts your case.

We probably won't get the exhumation.
We needed it.

Anyway, look, it's done.

You were just trying to do the right thing.
Like trying to protect Miriam and Karim.

It's those good deeds
that get us into trouble.

Good deeds. Bad deeds. I don't know.

No. You do this to yourself.
You imagine guilt.

Don't, Kevin. Kevin...

I know you now.

I know you didn't do it.

But can you prove it?

Without an autopsy?

I don't know.

He's sleeping now.

But he was asking for you. Quite upset.

Probably heard about
your latest headlines.

It would be nice if you could try
not to make his last days awful.

What do you want me to do, Mum?

Do you want me to stop doing what I
believe in, what I'm actually good at?

I want not to worry
about you all the time.

I want you to be settled, to have a...


Well, I had a chance.

I had a chance at all those things.

You were 18.
It would have ruined your life.

I was 19 and how do we know what
it would have done to my life?

How's work?

It's going badly...
Couldn't be going any worse.

Emma! Hamid sent me.

This way. Quickly.
Where is he?

Hurry up!
I need to do my phone. Where's Hamid?

This way.

Doesn't Ruby always go offline
when she visits her father?

10:35. It's late to visit.

Can you access the cameras?

Can't see inside the car park.

I can access the cameras in the street.

And... the car park entrance.

No sign in the last ten
but if I go back...

One beat-up Volvo.


But she doesn't disable her
phone until 40 minutes after.

And she's still there.


Hamid. What's going on?

I'm sorry about this. Since Miriam was
arrested, we have to be extra careful.

Fine. But her arrest means it's
more important that I speak to Yusef.

He said he was coming back.
He's on his way.

Yeah, good.
Cos I'm worried about Miriam and Karim.

Trying to look after a toddler
in prison, it's not good.

Where is the SIM card she gave you?

Where is it? Simple question.
It's important to Yusef.

Those numbers. People who have given
money and drugs to the clinics out there.

He needs it. Things are very bad.

Tell Yusef, when I see him,
I'll give it to him.

No. We need it now.

I'll give it to my client. No-one else.

I said, where is it?

Do you think I'm stupid
enough to carry it with me?

The longer my phone's out,
the more I'm worried

that SO15 are going
to be doing a sweep.

Tell Yusef what I said.

Em! At last. Been trying to get you.

Look, I've just been buzzed by SO15. I'm
going to have to change my phone again.

Or my client.
Yusef Attar?

I think he's a bad egg, Dom.
I think he's screwing me.

Anyway, why did you call?

The Chief Coroner granted your request.

He what?

I don't know what you said to him.
You got your request to dig up Linda.

He said yes, Em. You've got your body.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?
I thought you didn't care about Russell.

I don't. I care about Linda's family.

What do you expect to find, exactly?

I think Kevin was set up.

I think Americans are involved.

You really are something else.
No, sorry, will you wait? Please.

This numberplate belongs to the
people who are hiding Pullings.

What do you mean, hiding?
He's in a house in Raynes Park.

You didn't know that, did you?

The men that are guarding
Pullings are Americans.

Why would Americans
want to hide Pullings?

This isn't my case any more.

But it is.

We're the same in that, at least.

Once we take a case or a client, they're
ours for always. For better or for worse.

Come on, come on.

You should go.

Don't you want to know what
really happened that night?

Olivia. Good morning.

What's your interest in Kevin Russell?
The murderer?

None. Why?

I was asked to run a numberplate.

It belongs to a company
which hires ex-military men

for security at American embassies
and defence establishments.

Now, that van is sat outside
a house in Raynes Park.

Inside the house is Tony Pullings.

A man whose porno photos ensured

that Kevin Russell got a
retrial for Linda Simms' murder.

I'm sorry, you've lost me.

American ex-military personnel
are protecting Tony Pullings.

I have no idea.

When I interview Pullings,
what will he say?

He'll say whatever he says.
I don't know.

I thought you wanted to
talk about Miriam Attar.

OK, yeah, let's do that.

For two months, I've been
tracking Miriam's husband, Yusef.

And I've been begging
for more GCHQ resources.

And I have basically been ignored.

Then Kevin Russell gets out on bail

and suddenly I have all the resources that
I could possibly want, even the bloody NSA.

Why should those things be connected?
Because they are.

You connect them.

So again,
why are you interested in Kevin Russell?

You know who gave me the numberplate?

Emma Banville.

So, if you don't tell me the truth, I'm
going to tell Banville what I told you.

That the Americans are sticking
their noses into our justice system.

Now, what she does with that
information, I'll leave for you to guess.

What's your interest in Kevin Russell?

We have no interest in him.

We have an interest... in you.


Olivia Greenwood,
the rising star of SO15,

a vital partner in preventing

any terrorist attack against our
people or property in Europe.

If you don't prosper,
our security suffers.

You're winding me up.
Look at yourself, Olivia.

You were fast-tracked to
the top and you know it.

So how many... men of greater
experience have you left behind?

And aren't they just dying
for you to make a mistake?

Don't let Russell be it.

Be grateful Pullings confirms
Russell's guilt and don't interfere.

What are our chances, David?

About 40/60. It's Pullings.
He damages your boy.

What about the fact that
Pullings has been manipulated?

Ah. By Emma's mysterious Americans.

Sadly, I can't put a conspiracy
theory on the witness stand.

If Olivia Greenwood comes through,
I can give you names to those Americans.

I hope so. I also hope your
new autopsy gives us something

cos if you've dug that
poor girl up for nothing...

Olivia Greenwood for Emma.

Emma Banville.
I... er... looked into that numberplate.

It belongs to a Channel Islands company,
Castilen Limited.

Handles security for UK companies...
banks, media organisations etc.

Where do they hire their people from?

The prospectus says
ex-military and ex-police.

No, Brits. But you can check them yourself.


So why are they protecting Pullings?
I have no idea. You want my guess?

When he had to go to ground,
he hired them himself.

Or perhaps the paper he sold his
dirty little story to hired them.

It's too easy.

Look, I followed your lead.
I found nothing.

The Americans are not involved.

Russell did it, you know. For all
your smoke and mirrors, he did it.

Thanks for your help.

Have you got anything?
Because if you don't, I am in trouble.

I have something.

I was curious about Linda's injuries,
especially to her legs.

This is the original X-ray.
Shows fractures to both legs.

Russell confessed to
hitting her with a shovel.

Something like that.

But I ran a CT scan. Have a look.

I don't see any difference.

They're wedge fractures,
not linear fractures. Look at the angle.

It's dead straight, smashing
all four bones. One clean break.

Russell also confessed to hitting
her on the head with the shovel.

I ran a mass spectrometry of what remains
of the fascia and pericranium and found...

Traces of nickel, vanadium, sulphur...

What, from the shovel?
Only if it was made of bitumen.

Her head was hit by a road.

How the hell did they miss this?

They knew she was buried in a wood,
Kevin said he hit her with a shovel.

If you know what you're looking for,
that's what you'll find.

So what did happen?

Wedge fractures are usually
called bumper fractures.

She was hit by a car.

And the shovel's bollocks.
Complete bollocks.

This is big.

This is the win.
Not quite.

Did Mr Russell have a car?

Yeah, we had a car.

But not that weekend.

I'd taken it to London
with my best friend.

Last chance of freedom
before the baby was born.

What does this mean?

Tell me, Emma. What does it mean?

It proves he couldn't have done it.

Linda was hit by a car.

Kevin didn't have a car.

Simple. He didn't do it.


What is it?

You should piss off.

You and your lies.

They're not lies.

Your dad didn't do it.

He's not my dad.
He is your dad.

You've got to listen to me.

He didn't do it. He didn't commit a
crime. A crime was committed against him.

14 years of his life stolen.

And do you know what kept him going?

You did.

He's innocent.

We're gonna prove it.

Come in.

This is a surprise, sir.
I didn't know you were in the country.

I was flying back from Riyadh. Thought
I'd stop in and see an old friend.


The trial starts tomorrow. I hope
you've got something up your sleeve.

I can hardly interfere in the
running of an Old Bailey trial.

Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

What's your risk assessment, Heather?

Do help yourself.

I will.

Tony Pullings... is up first.

He'll stick to the script but...
Banville has found one of his tarts.

She opens the door to...

you know what she opens the door to.

But the issue is, the
defence pathologist has

an alternate theory of
how the girl was killed.

Then advance a counter-theory.

That's hard when her
theory is actually true.

Sorry, sir. I am out of moves.

We've made you a wealthy and
successful woman, Heather.

It's time to earn it.

I think I've already earned it.

Not until the job is finished.

If this were to come out,
where do you think the axe would fall?

Where does it always fall?

Not on us. Not on the generals.
We stick together.

We deny... and survive.

The axe falls on the lieutenants,
the messengers with dirty hands.

On you.

You'll be the one on
all the front pages,

your children stared at in the street...

.. at school.

Find the angle.

Do your job.

Please be seated, Mr Russell.

Your Honour, I'd like to call my first
witness, Mr Tony Pullings, to the stand.

Was the defendant present when you
photographed Linda at the school?

No. He met us, gave me the key,
then I told him to scram.

Did you pay him for his help?

Yes. Ten quid.

Then he asked me for a set of
the photos, which I gave him.

Did you ask why he wanted them?

Well... No, it was obvious why.

Why didn't you come forward when
Linda disappeared, Mr Pullings?

Surely this information would
have been useful to the police.

I didn't because when she disappeared,

that's when I realised she was
15 and I could be in big trouble.

What other young girls
did you photograph?

Young like Linda? None.

If you're insinuating I went chasing
after schoolgirls, no, I didn't.

What about the parties?

Are they yours?

Gosh, they look just like you.

Do you want something?
I do.

Have a look at this.

Did you invite models to parties,
where they could meet wealthy men?

Don't know about any parties.

You're sure about that?
Yes. Quite sure.

Did you sleep with any of your models?

Mr Pullings, have you done a deal with
the police in exchange for your testimony?

No. Look, my case is with the
Crown Prosecution Service

but whatever they decide,
my career's over.

Thank you, Mr Pullings.
No further questions.

Don't tell me. We've lost Siobhan.

How did you know?

The prosecution must have told
Pullings she wasn't gonna show.

He's been lying his fucking face off.

Siobhan, if you've made up your mind
not to testify, that's your right.

I just want to know why.

Because you lied.

You said they couldn't use Pullings'
photos of me.

Well, they couldn't.
They're not relevant.

That's not what I heard.
I heard they go everywhere.

Papers, internet.

My kids, my family, everyone would see
a stupid mistake I made 14 years ago.

Well, they're wrong.
The photos can't be used like that.

I mean,
you still don't even know if they exist.

Oh, they exist.

You've seen them?
Look, will you go? I've got my boys here.

Who showed them to you? Please.

No. Go. I'm done.
All right? Go on, piss off.

Tell me. Just tell me...
Just tell me who showed them to you.

Were they American?
Just go, please!

Siobhan, they are trying
to destroy an innocent man.

You're trying to destroy me.

Well, she can protect me. You can't.

She? Who's she? Siobhan!

Yeah, Siobhan dropping out hurts us.

So it's all about me now?

And the forensics.

Linda was hit by a car.

Now, they can scare Siobhan away...

but they can't scare a
car out of existence.

But I had photos of Linda and I lied.

I confessed to killing her.

They'll question me on that and
I'll sound guilty. I know I will.

Look, I'm sorry, I... I can't do it.
I can't go on the stand.

I know you're afraid, Kevin. But all
you have to do is tell the truth.

Then there is nothing the
prosecution can do to hurt you.

Because it will all be out in the open.
Because Annie was right about you.

You're a good man.

And you'll win the jury.
I know you will.

Will you do it?


Good night, Kevin.