Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 18 - Fractures - full transcript

Moya and Talyn's crew reunite at last. Aeryn is still getting over her loss, and cannot face Crichton. Moya rescues some Peacekeeper prisoners but at least one of them still works for the Peacekeepers. Stark gives Crichton a message from the deceased Crichton. He gives his twin a mission.

Well, is it them, or isn't it?

Moya can't be certain until she's closer.

- Which one, green or black?
- This is not the time.

D'Argo! Green or black?

Well, the black of course!

I mean, far be it from me to say,

but I've always thought that the cut of that
green shirt doesn't suit the shape of your body.

You know, it's gotta be them.
We are near the rendezvous point.

If it is them... why are they on a transport pod,

and where is Talyn?

Crichton is not going to like
having the other Crichton around.

He'll like having Aeryn aboard, though.

You want me to wear this?

Yeah, you look blixk!

- In this?
- Yeah

I don't think so.

The Transport Pod has turned
and is heading our way

You make contact yet?

Yes, but they're not responding.

You know what?
Perhaps they can't respond.

In the last message we recieved,

all they said is that they defeated
a Retrieval Squad.

We don't know at what cost.

D'Argo, if Talyn is a casualty, then...

John, I'm sure everyone's all right.

Rendezvous in 600 microts.

Pilot, there could be casualties.

Have them land near the Med area,

and get Jool and Chiana down here, fast!

She's gonna be walkin' off that pod.

Chiana's right. Aeryn's fine. I'm sure
the other you has taken extra good care of her.

I mean... all I meant was that I'm sure that...

...he did everything that you would have done
if you had been with Aeryn... all this time.

Don't move!

Please... don't move.

I doubt that we could.

Identify yourselves!

Our calling card...

... a Peacekeeper tralk.

We have just escaped from imprisonment...

can you help us?

My name is John Crichton... I'm lost...
an astronaut...

shot through a wormhole....
In some distant part of the universe....

I'm trying to stay alive...

Aboard this ship-- this living ship...
of escaped prisoners--

my friends.

If you can hear me...

if I make it back...
will they follow?

If I open the door...
are you ready?

Earth is unprepared,

for the nightmares I've seen.

Or should I stay, protect my home,

not show them you exist.

But then you'll never know

the wonders I've seen.

You were travelling through the
Uncharted Territories in a Transport Pod?

A pod that was meant as a target for the weapons
testing of a new Peacekeeper deep space device.

Uh... you have more Janeray Syrup?

She is like Rygel.

What were you doing in a pod
meant for weapons testing?

We were part of the test.

They wanted to see how different species

would react to fire from their new weapon.

How we would die.

The Peacekeeper Tech was doing
a last microt check of the pod.

We were able to... overpower him

I... was able to overpower him.

and blast ourselves... out of there.

Ah, ah, ah! Not too close.
He's a Scarran.

If you are concerned because
of my heat protection...

First thing Peacekeepers

do with Scarran prisoners.

By... removing the gland,

it protects them and...

weakens me.


This pod is comin' apart at the seams.

The weapon the Peacekeepers were testing
destroys the bonding of metallic molecules.

That's why this pod is so damaged.

What exactly are we lookin' for?

A Boolite.

And what does he look like?

Big, small, hairy, blue, green?

He doesn't...

look like he used to.

You see...

Boolites have a much much higher
metal content than other species,

so... when the weapon hit our pod...

Excuse me.

What the hell is this?

That's the Boolite.
Or at least, a part of him.

Boolite body parts can survive

independent of the main body

for as much as half a cycle.

And he's still alive?

You have to try to save him.

Help put him back together.


Why aren't they at
the rendezvous point?

If I have to spend two more
microts on this midget ship...

I'm going to vomit!

Talyn has found Moya...

at the extreme range of his senses.

Oh! Was it too much to ask

that they be where they said they'd be?!

Talyn, set intercept course.

He's coming! He's coming!

It's Talyn...

He's on an intercept course.


Why don't you go and,
ah, welcome them back?

I'll make sure our guests
don't get into any trouble.

Thanks, man


How you doin', man?

Long time no see.

Yes, ah... good to see you too!

But if anything is missing
from my quarters,

blood is going to spill.



Well, there's a familiar face.

Hello, John.

What's wrong?

The, uh...

other... Crichton...

is dead.

Ah... you have, ah, visitors on Moya?

Yeah, there's um..

A female!

Oh, it is... a female

Oh! Please rise.

You... recognize me?

Who could forget the Royal Profile?

You're alive.


And you are...?

Orrhn Pak,
from the Jensile Province.

Or, at least... I was.

And you have been a Peacekeeper prisoner?

Arrested... because I refused
allegiance to... Dominar Bishan.

Oh, that's no crime.

It's an act of courage.

Oh! I shouldn't have been speaking
of myself, of my travails,

when I am in...

your presense.

Forgive me... your highness.

Forgive me.

No... it is permissable...

for you to be the focus of
attention, if I desire it.

And I, uh,


I... do so... desire it.

I'm not well-schooled in the arts.

It just needs to give us some idea
of what the Boolite looks like.

Stand there!

As you instruct.

And don't even think about moving.


Have you seen Aeryn and the others?

Only for a moment.

Not quite the reunion we were expecting.

The other Crichton, dead, and--

and Stark searching for Zhaan's spirit.

Well, with a single Crichton and Stark missing,
perhaps it will restore some sanity to the ship.

Stand back!


The pulse blast.
Didn't you hear it?!


Stay there.

Okay, okay...

it's happenin' again.

I'm frellin' sensin' stuff before it happens.

- So much for sanity, move
- D'Argo, I heard a pulse blast!


Hey! Hey, come on.
You can't leave me in here!

You're a Peacekeeper.

They beat me...

they took me hostage

You're a fugitive.

I'm a member of the Peacekeepers.

If you help me out of here,
they'll be a big... big reward.

What? 200 darcats for a Tech?

Those escaped prisoners
you have on your ship...

they're dangerous.

Don't you care?

No, not any more.

If this image has appeared,

it means my mask has
reached it's destination,

and you have made contact with it.

I have a message for you,

For you alone.


listen Crichton, there's a message...


Moya has detected a signal.

Lousy timing, Pilot, really.

Lousy timing.

What kind of signal?

A Peacekeeper distress signal.

How close is it?

Crichton, you don't understand.

The signal was sent from here!

Somebody aboard Moya
just broadcast a distress call...

to the Peacekeepers.

Pilot, can you isolate the source of the signal?

It appears to have come from Tier 7 or 8.

I have DRDs searching there now.

Has anyone answered it yet?

We're not going to give them time.

Moya will initiate Starburst
in... 100 microts.

What about Talyn?

Crais has ordered him to Starburst alone

on a similar vector.

Talyn will make contact
as soon as he can locate us.

Why would anybody here want
to signal the Peacekeepers?

What about the Tech?

He was a Peacekeeper.

No, no, no.
The Tech is kept in a cell on Tier 11.

I put my currency on the Scarran.

Well, normally I'd agree with you,

but Naj Gil has been with
me the whole time.

What about the Nebari?

Hubero has never left my sight.

And ah, since she arrived,

sweet Orrhn has been atop me.

Or, ah, beneath me. Or, ah...

Okay... there's a mental polaroid
we can all live without, Rygel.

Okay, plan.

We gotta double-time prep on the pod.

We gotta get them outta
here as soon as we can,

and until we do we should lock 'em
all up for safekeeping. Agreed?

No, John. I will not imprison Naj Gil.

He hasn't done anything wrong.

He's gonna stay with me.

And Hubero... never leaves my side.

Just like before.

And Orrhn and I will just be...

...be making the Hynerian with two backs--

trunks, whatever.

Just... remember, one of 'em sent the signal.

Be careful.

Starbursting, now.

According to Hubero's rendering of the Boolite...

this obviously... goes here.


It's clearly vascular, not skeletal.

Put this piece there, attach that piece to there...

then there.

Yes, well, that would seem to be correct

I was hoping that once
we got enough of him together

that he would be able to
tell us how to do the rest.

That's why I'm starting on
the head and mouth first.

Head and mouth...

What, you don't think that that's
the head and that's the mouth?


not unless he sits on his mouth.



Fluffy pink slippers...

Donald Duck...

Mickey Mouse...

Huey, Luey, and Duey...

You wanna talk?

Okay, fine, no talking.

No, you know what?
I wanna talk.

I had words with Crais, and, ah...

he told me that you
and the other me....

Actually he didn't...

tell me anything.

He ah...

told me to talk to you.

So, I assume...

Aeryn, I'm sorry.


maybe you're right....

Maybe we shouldn't talk.

Want some advice?


Oh, my friend, I...

I don't know what to say.

I don't have any advice.
It's difficult, isn't it?

You're... jealous...

of the other you. Aren't you?

He died...

the other guy.

the copy.

And now Aeryn thinks
that you are the copy.

Hey, man. How ya doin'?


What... do you want?

Their transport pod is stocked,

and it's, ah, almost repaired.

Is Barbarella ready to vamoose?

I'm not sure I want her to go.

In fact, I'm sure I don't.

Rygel, look, I-I completely understand,

but... you cannot let the little appendage

start tellin' the big appendage what to do.

John. I think I'm...

in love with her.


I think she loves me.


that may be the best reason of all to
get her out of here as quick as you can.

You still have half an arn.

I heard what you said.

I... didn't mean...

I liked it, Rygie.

Are you ready to go again, hm?


We've got half an arn.

I've heard Dominars never need rest.

Growl like a Luxan!

So, what'd you do?

Why'd they imprison you?

Actually, when the Peacekeepers
found me,they tried to give me back,

but... Nebari Prime didn't want me.

To them I'm just...

another mouth to feed in
a non-conformist colony.

Non-conformist? What? Why? What?

You're an... an... an... an,


Not exactly male, not exactly female.

Not exactly anything.

When I was growing up,
I was told about androgens and....

But... I, ah, they were always taken...
right after birth.

I... I never met one.

At least you didn't think you ever did.

What's happening?

He's talking.

Listen, listen...



He keeps repeating the same word,
over and over.


I bet he still thinks he's on the transport pod.

So, the traitor...

...was on the pod.

Can he hear us?


there's an ear here somewhere

Okay... this is...

a little too Naked Lunch

Can you tell us who the traitor is?

...I... I don't


I've used all the brain matter
we've found so far.

It is possible the... part of his memory

that holds the answer isn't here.

Either that, or we're trackin' it
all over the ship with our shoes.

Shots fired!

Shots, where?

Pilot, it's D'Argo,

I'm in the Center Chamber!
Naj Gil has been shot!

- What happened?
- We were in the Center Chamber.

He heard a noise and came out.
There was a pulse blast...

- Direction?
- I don't know. By the time I came out it was all gone.

Can you get me something to stop the bleeding?

- I knew it... I knew it.
- I got him.

I knew someone was gonna get shot.

Pip, that is no help to us right now.

If you can tell us who did it,
that might be useful.

Perhaps you know!

No! I have no idea!

Well, think... hard.

Leave her alone!

What's all the noise about?

Where have you been?

Let go of her, you lunatic Luxan!

She's never left my side.

D'Argo... that's not helpin', man.

One of them has to have done it.

Not Hubero.

She's been with me the whole time.

And I've been with Orrhn.
Release her, now!

Get us away from this welnitz!

I agree...

there's too much dren in
this room. Come on.

There's been another signal.


DRDs are trying to find the source.

Pilot, Starburst!

Moya can't. Not for another arn.

And this signal...

it sent out Moya's coordinates.

Who the hell is doin' this?

This is the signaling device.

DRDs found it attached
to a Neural Cluster on Tier 8.

Can you tell whose it is?

It's constructed of parts
easily found on Moya.

But it required an
impressive technical knowledge...

to assemble.


It hasn't moved.

Nor have I, if that's
what you're wondering.

Pilot, can you confirm that?

The DRD has sensed
no movement.

Is something wrong?

Pilot, how long before
their transport pod is repaired?

The DRDs ...

will finish within a half arn.


a quarter arn.

We'll have you off this boat...
as soon as we can.



listen up.

Unless we got a tech
who can walk through walls...

or hypnotize DRDs...

the bad guy's gotta
be with one of you.


we are not going
to hurt anybody...

but their transport
is almost fixed, so...

we're going to
load 'em with supplies...

and send them to a
very friendly commerce planet.

Everybody goes their
own way. Okay?




Damn it!

The others can leave...

you'll stay.

And then?

And then, Orrhn, dear Orrhn.

There are many things
we must talk about.

Do we have to talk
about them now?

Again? Here?

I've managed to
stop the bleeding.

But I know even less about
Scarrans than I do Boolites.

I mean, I thought these guys
were virtually impenetrable.

They are, but the skin hadn't fully healed
from the removal of the heat gland.

Whoever shot him knew exactly...

where to aim.

Pilot, any sign of
Rygel or Chiana?


They are still not responding
to their comms.



Crichton, he, uh...



When they finally find us...

they'll be angry at
you for hiding me.

They get angry at me alot.

Do you trust Crichton?

Would he really allow us to
leave on the transport pod?

Yeah, I trust him....

But do you really wanna leave?

Oh, Chiana... I don't want
to cause you any trouble.

I'll wait in the transport
pod until it's fixed.

W-w-wh-whoever shot you...

would be in the pod.

What are you talking about?
I haven't been shot.

I-I... I mean, Naj Gil.

Whoever shot him.

Hubero wait!


What's he saying?





More pulse fire!

The DRD watching the Peacekeeper
Tech has gone dead!

And the cell door's open!

On my way, Pilot.
Get the DRD's searching.


betrayed... us...


On pod...

I caught her making
a deal with Tech.

The name of the traitor?


Wake up.

Wake up, now!

I really need you to
move your ass, now!

I'm afraid I must insist!

Rygel. Chiana. It's Orrhn,
she sent the signals.

Gotcha, Crichton...

Hubero and I are on our
way to the Maintenance Bay.

Keep your eyes out.

- Orrhn must have shot Naj Gil.
- And let the Tech loose.

Rygel, are you hearing this?


Why, Orrhn, why?

You were a prisoner of the
Peacekeepers like the rest of us!

Because, my dear
gullible Dominar...

the odds of staying free stunk!

So, I struck a deal with the Tech.

W-w-well, when you were
on Moya, you were free.

For how long?

I don't want to spend my life
running from the Peacekeepers.

And once I got here I found
a superb bargaining chip...


They'll be far more interested
in recapturing a full royal ...

than a lowly soldier, like myself.

You're... a soldier?

You might not have deigned
to take pleasure with me...

if you'd known I
was a common Soldier.

And I needed you to take pleasure
so you would fall asleep...

and I could roam the ship.

It was unfortunate that
the Scarran saw me.


you slept too.

All Hynerians sleep deeply after...


The "pleasure," Dominar...

was all yours.

You were...


Oh, males!

Move it!

You seen Aeryn?

One tier down.

The DRDs are searching
all the other Tiers.

What the hell was that?

Somebody has neutralized
Moya's calorics...

we're unable to move.

They're gonna make a run
for it and they got Rygel.

-Rygel could be going voluntarily.
- And maybe he's not.

You're not really gonna leave
the Boolite here like this, are you?

Under the circumstances,
he can wait.

I'm going to assist
in the search.

For... me?

Move! Get down!


Orrhn, let's do it!


Not that piece!

Shut up, shut up, Dominar!

Shut up!

- Whoa, Chiana, don't shoot, it's me!
- Down!

Hubero, down!

Go, go, go, go!

Crichton! They've got Rygel.

Pilot! Close the
outer hangar doors!

I can't...

Moya's connection
has been severed.

I've got an idea

Begin broadcasting our
location to the Peacekeepers.

- We had the same idea.
- No, I wanted to take your module.

You didn't know D'Argo could fly this.

Frelling dren!

There's a ship gaining on us!

- Any word from Talyn?
- Negative.

He still hasn't caught
up with us yet.


...we're going in.

They won't shoot us
down with him aboard.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Opening rear hatch.

He's right above us!

What's their plan?!

Oh... they're gonna kill you, bitch.

Right, D'Argo, you're position is good.

I will fire close to the hatch.

Put this on!

Keep it steady D'Argo!

I'm trying!


This cable gonna hold?

It's irridium alloy of course it'll hold.
Just like the Budong.

- Budong? What are you talkin' about?
- You...

Just... follow my lead.

Go, now, Aeryn! Go!

Well... this'll be fun.

They're on the hull!


They're coming in!

Shoot them! Shoot them!

I gotcha, Sparky!

Help me, help me, Rygie!

Aeryn, I got him.


Rygie! What... what...

what is going on?

Hey, Buckwheat, how ya doin'?

I will not be taken to task...

for having a trusting nature.

Ah... women.

Talyn's back...

he's found us.

Tell Talyn to steer clear...

... the Tech hit the cell drive.
This pod is going to blow.

We've got to go... now!

Now, D'Argo!

It's all in my head...

which means it's in yours too.

Wormholes... A to Z.

You've probably already
heard what...

we did with it.

And that's just the beginning.

You could fry a
whole solar system.

Furlow is still out there...


But for right now, the Scarrans
are back to square one.


they're your problem.

Look at me.

Now look at yourself.

You know.

Don't let Scorpius crack this.

Whatever it takes.

Okay... I'm gonna...

piss you off, now, man.

Be smart.

Don't... push her.

She takes...


Oh, one more thing.

Good luck, John.

So that's what I'm doing...

You don't have to come along,
you don't have to like it...

I just wanted you to know.

Moya and I are against
this idea in totality.

I am sure Captain Crais is
aware that Talyn resists also.

You don't know how far Scorpius
is in his wormhole research.

You don't know where he keeps it, you don't
know anything. How are you gonna stop him?

I'll pass if you don't mind.

Why are you wearing an eyepatch?

Boolite in my eye.
Why are you such a moron?


I don't see another option.

Scorpius has the
knowledge from my brain...

and I'm not gonna let him
shaft the universe with it.

You're all gonna die.

You see that one Pip,
or are you just guessin'?

We choose our own path...

... this one is mine.

I'm going to the Command Carrier.

I'm going to stop Scorpius.