Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 17 - The Choice - full transcript

Aeryn is devastated. She leaves Talyn, and grieves on a planet. Talyn's crew tries to help but she doesn't want their help. She spots someone who might be her father. But not all family reunions are joyous.

What attacked Talyn was
a retrieval squad.

Aeryn, my name is Xhalax Sun.

You were conceived in love.

The squad is under the command
of Senior Officer Xhalax Sun.

My mother.

My superior officers knew
I visited you that night.

They gave me a chance to redeem
myself by killing your father.

We let her live, she comes,
she hunts us down again.

Aeryn, you should not be
the one to do this.

We must not let Xhalax live.

You want her dead, you do it.

As you wish.

Go! Go now! You must not
witness this.


What is the matter?


Massive radiation.

I couldn't stop it.

Don't worry about me.

I've never felt better.

And now, on Farscape...

I talk to the dead.

I can help find the
dead one you seek.

Pay me. Pay me, and
I can help...


It's your fault Aeryn's
down on Valldon!

Not my fault! Trying to help!

Trying to help?!
She's in mourning for Crichton!

How are you helping by filling her head
with crazy tales about spirit channelers?

It's not crazy.
She wanted to get away from you.

She sees you following her.

I'm following her? You're
the one that's following her!

Me? Aeryn wants me around.
She wants me to watch over her.

Sh-She wants me to protect her
from people like you!

You stupid, selfish nak-noks!

Aeryn has made it clear she wants
nothing to do with any of us.

She wants no part of your
plan to find Moya and...

Can't leave her on Valldon.

It's dangerous.

It's filled with mystics
and criminals.

Then it's just like here.

You're a mystic, and we're criminals,
but Aeryn doesn't want to be here.

You don't understand.
- I...

What is it we don't
understand, slave?


she's going to talk
to Crichton.

Is it you?

Yes, it's Aeryn Sun.
I have changed my mind.

I want you to raise that man.

Which one do you seek?

Talyn Lyczak, my father.

My name is John Crichton...
I'm lost... an astronaut.

I got shot through a wormhole... In
some distant part of the universe...

I'm trying to stay alive...

Aboard this ship...
This living ship...

Of escaped prisoners.
My friends.

If you can hear me...

If I make it back...
Will they follow?

If I open the door...
Are you ready?

Earth is unprepared... Helpless,
for the nightmares I've seen.

Or should I stay...
Protect my home...

Not show them...
You exist...

But then you will never know
the wonders I've seen.

Do you remember?


Who the frell are you?

I remember it all now.

What are you talking about?

Touch me.

Don't be afraid, girl.
I... I ain't going to bite.

Touch me.

Remember it all.

I was a pilot, Aeryn.

I was what I wanted to be.

It's all there.

- You all right?

Yes, I'm fine, I'm fine,
I'm fine.

It's just the same old pain.
Same pain.

It's just the same old pain.
Same pain.

Oh, I got it.
I got your locket.

Whose, uh, image you
got in here anyway?

You know who's in there.

Are you Aeryn Sun?

I heard you talking to somebody.
I thought you were alone.

I am.

Now, you knew I came here
searching for someone else, but...

let's do it.

Do what?

You found me. You told me that
you could contact my dead father.

So show me.

You don't believe
I can reach him?

Look, you're here, I'm willing to pay
and that is all that should concern you.

Will you show me your face?

If I may ask, what business
have you with Talyn Lyczak?

I was his daughter.

So, can you contact him?

I can do more than that.

I am Talyn Lyczak.

The world is full of demons!

Get away! Get back!


Rygel, Rygel!
- Stark.

- What?

Do you see Aeryn?
- Stark.


For a moment, I thought I heard
Zhaan's voice.

Oh, frelling brasma, tell me
you're joking, right?

No. No.
- Stark...

Crais... Crais!

Yes, Rygel. Have you located
Aeryn's signal yet?

No. She's masked it.

We've been all over this
stinking city.

Now we're in some kind of
nakky hotel.

Stark's meeting every cousin
and furbot he ever knew.

It's a planet of Starks
down here!

You're exaggerating.

There! There it is again!

Zhaan's voice!

Crais, get down here!

I can't stand it
alone with him.

No, no, no, stay with him
until you find Aeryn.


Call me when you do.

Crais? Crais!

- I talk to the dead.

I- I see...

Oh, stop. Just stop.

That blood's so fake,
it's laughable.

Kellor. Kellor...

she misses you.


She forgives you.

She knows that you couldn't
go against your parents.

How do you know her name?

She knows that a Dominar
cannot just...

No! Get away from me!
- Wait! But I know more...

- secrets.

Secrets she didn't want
me to tell you.

Pay me, I can tell you.

Did you tell them about me?

Rygel, did you get touched?

I'll touch you if you keep
telling these fekiks about me!

But I didn't. I warned you that
this planet had dark powers.

You're full of yotz!

This whole place is
full of yotz.

Rygel, you must guard your
spirit. Now follow me.

I was told that the owner of this
hotel may know where Aeryn is.

Oh! Back! Back!

I had my face altered,
so I could hide.

Do you know what this is?

Early Peacekeeper standard
blood spectrometer.

Fairly primitive, yes.

But accurate, to near 100%

Compare the spectrographs.

Take a hundred of mine,
and they will all match.


I... I understand.

This is not what you want.

Goodbye, Aeryn.


Hello? Is anyone here?

I wouldn't do that!

Back away slowly. Very slowly.

Lucky I saw you through the peephole
and was quick enough to deactivate it.

Deactivate what?
There's nothing I can...

Protection and
mutilation combined.

Much more effective than
an attack animal.

Are you here to buy
dead bodies?

You've gotta outbid him.

He buys all his from me.

Buys 'em fresh.

We are not here for bodies.

We are here to find a Sebacean.

Named Aeryn Sun.

She's very beautiful.

Hair as dark as a fellip berry.

Shut up, Stark.

She usually wears it
tight, pulled back.

But recently, she's taken to wearing
it out, down to her shoulders.

We're close, very close.

They're not close at all.

He's some kind of weird probakto
and she can't stand the smell of...

That's not true.

It's more than true.

But we are trying to find her so
we can get out of this nak house.

Hmm, no Sebaceans here anymore.

You might try the Stallic Hotel
on the far side of the city.

I hear they stay there.

"Far side of the city"?!

I'm not traveling tonight.

How much for your finest room?

Finest room?

Where do you think you are?

This is a refugee city...

and you've got to fight
for tent space.

- Get away!

Look at my foyer.
Infested with kratada.

Frell off!

By the goddess, Rygel...

What is it?
Better not be Zhaan again.

Don't let her see us.
Don't let her see us.

Oh, don't let her see us.
- Banik, let go of me.

Shut up!

It can't be her.

It can't be.

Who? Aeryn?

No, no, no, no, no.

Is that... Aeryn's mother?

I told you to leave them alone.

I did. I did.

You were talking to that slug.

Were you telling them about me?
- No, no, no.

I paid you a lot of money. I
paid all of you a lot of money.

I would never betray you,
Xhalax. I never would.

Not anymore.


Get rid of the body.

By the goddess.

Crichton was right.

You never killed Xhalax!

Get them off me! Let me up.

The only time we're letting you up
is when we flush you out the airlock.

What happened to Xhalax?
Tell us!

Let me up!

Tell us. You tell us!

When you left me to kill Xhalax,
I saw instantly the end.

For you.
- For all of us.

I knew that if I killed her,

High Command would send another
Retrieval Squad after us.

And if they failed,
another and another.

You made a deal to save us all.

I offered Xhalax her life.

And what did you get in return?

She would inform High Command
that we were all dead.

Do I look like an idiot?
Huh? Huh?

Does he look like an idiot?
Do I look like an idiot?

Yeah. Well, I'm not.

And we're not fooled by you.

If you've got a deity, you better
make your peace with it now,

because I'm going to lead you
to the other side real quick.



What, no?

Rygel understands our

Talyn has part of my psyche.

Can you fly him?

No, but Aeryn can.

And she's not here.

Why did you come to
this planet?

You said at first it was
not to contact me.

Who were you seeking?

I lost someone.

He died.

Were you in love with him?

Aeryn, on this planet,

I have seen things I never
dreamed possible.

At the fall of the moon,
I will come back

with a being who might be able
to help contact the one you loved.

Wait for me, please.

I want to try to do
this for you.

Here. Have you seen him before?

Yes, I've seen him.

Well, do you know who he is?

No one.

Just... I hear he had been studying
with the nelliks who channel the dead.

Do you know where he's from?


Ugh! I just heard he's been
hiding on Valldon for a few cycles,

but everyone's hiding, so...

Was he a Peacekeeper?

I don't know.

Oh! Someone could use some
fellip nectar.

You know where to get it.

What a good idea.

How can no one have seen Aeryn?

They have.
They're just not talking.

Wait. I've got an idea.

Stark, what are you doing?

Leave her alone and
let her die in peace.

Oh yotz, here we go again.

Get these off me.

You're not a child like he is.

How can I help you
if I'm cuffed?

Oh, you'll help.

If someone starts shooting,
you'll make a very good shield.

She thinks Aeryn may be here
on one of the upper levels.

Right. I'll go.

I'll stay calm.

I'll take this fekik with me.

You can tell Aeryn what he did.

You keep an eye out for Xhalax.

Oh, not now.

Get away!

Right here.
- This had better not be the wrong room.

It won't be.

Aeryn? Are you in there?

Aeryn, are you all right?

You look terrible.

What have you been doing?
Have you...

This is serious.

We need to talk. Can I come in?

- Alright, that does it.

Get down, on your knees,
face the wall.

I am not getting on my knees!

Get down!
- You told Rygel you'd be calm.

I am calm! You get down now!

Aeryn, you must return
to Talyn.

We... We saw Xhalax
here on Valldon.

It's this place.

You should see who I've seen.

No, no, your mother is
really, really here.

I know. Guess who've I've seen?


And guess who else?
My father.

Any microt now, Stark, you're
going to see Zhaan.

You stop. You listen to me.

He... he never killed Xhalax.

He was preparing to betray us.

That is not true.
I made a deal for all of us.

Liar! Liar!

Now, you must come
back with us.

I will look after you.
I want to look after you.

That would be really nice.


- Don't touch me.

Aeryn, Xhalax is alive.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on, Crais.

You can tell the truth. Hmm?

You get up. Get away from him.

No, that's all right.
He wants me.

Isn’t that right? You always
wanted to take me from Crichton

and now here's your chance.

I do not want Bialar.

If I squeeze my eyes closed
tightly enough,

you could be someone else.

No, come on. Right here.

Right now. Give it to me.
Give me what you've got.

You're coming with me.
I'm taking now.

Don't you touch me!

Or I swear...

I will spear the last eye
you have left.

Do you know what makes
you so much worse?

Is the fact that you think
you're so much better than him.

Always pressing against me.

Stealing looks.

Get out of here.

Both of you. Get out!

Uh, excuse me, have you seen a
cripple who was bleeding from the eyes?

He knew about a certain
female I...

Ta-nak-nee! Nee-nak-nak!


Well, don't get excited.

- I just, uh...


Watch out.

Hmm, watch your step.
- Move.

Pushy, pushy!

Do you know who that was?

That slug was with Aeryn.

He was trying to save her.

How'd it go?

Oh, I think Aeryn's
buying it all.

When she sees this bastard,

she'll suffer the way
you want her to.

Oh, someone's getting restless.

I better get up there.

You're all set?

Under here, solid krank.

Don't miss.

I won't.

First Talyn,

then Xhalax.

What next?




That's it.


Minus the sunshine.

This is my world now.

Think I liked yours better.

Let me guess. You're my
long lost sister.

Look, Aeryn, I know
you're upset.

I, too, had someone
important in my life.

Kellor was her name.

I missed her for a long time.

But I knew, as I'm sure you do, that
self-sacrifice is not the answer.

Look, I'm not like
Crais or Stark.

I'm not trying to save you
or recreate with you.

You can do whatever you like,
but Crichton loved you, Aeryn.

He wouldn't want his death
to lead you here.

Oh, ah! Oh! Oh!

Please, could we go inside?

This height...

You're not going in there.
- Huh?

You have to go now.

I should also tell you,
Crais and Stark weren't lying.

Xhalax is on this planet.

And I wasn't lying, either.
My father's here, too.

Crazy place, Ryg. Now, go.

But, uh...


I've brought the Seer.

Seer Cresus, the one we seek
is not long dead.

His name is John Crichton and
he's from a race called Human.

Come here.


I won't bite...


Trust him. Don't be afraid.

Touch me.

I must feel you...

to reach him.

Soft. Touch me... soft.

Tell me about this Crichton.

Uh... he...

Did he love you?

Hold you?

Touch you... soft?

Yes, he loved me.

He was very...

he made me better.


Help me.

Bring me back.

Cresus, are you all right?

Cresus says he has rarely had
a vision so powerful

and he wants me to
find the Sintar.

He is a creature who can...

sometimes turn spirits

That's not possible.

Oh, Aeryn!

On this planet, I have seen
things I have not thought possible.

Wait here.
I will find the Sintar.

If the connection is strong enough,
if he thinks this can happen...

He can bring Crichton back?


Don't lose hope.

Not... yet.

Wait here.

I will not be long.

Just believe.

I returned from the dead.

Why can't he?

This is where it hurts.


Right here.

You can't bring me back,
you know.

Mmm, they said that on this
planet there's a...

I've forgotten his name.




Was it easy to be a hero?

Leave me behind?

You never think you're
going to die.

I didn't know.

You... you did.

- Yes.

You did.


Hello, soldier.
What's the matter?

Surprised to see your old mum?

This isn't quite the family
reunion you'd imagined.

Sit down.

Soldier without her weapon.
That's against regulations.

My leg, huh?

After you left me on that
planet, it got infected.

And I had to amputate
it myself.

Now, that...

that hurt.

You thought you could
get it all.

Get away. Be safe.


Hello, dear.

No! Don't!

You've only just met, and already
you're trying to protect your father.

Xhalax, stop!

Twenty cycles ago, we made
a pact to survive for...

for our daughter.

You couldn't hurt her then.
You couldn't hurt me.

I can hurt you now, old man.
So get ready to die.

Remember when Aeryn was born?

I snuck into the med-chamber.

You had just woken...
- Lie down.

Listen, he's not the
one that you... -Shut up.

Just leave him alone!
- Shut up!

Oh, go on, shoot me.

I'm not scared of you.
Shoot me and leave Aeryn alone.

You know, I think I've
changed my mind.

You're too ugly to kill.
Looking at that face.

Now, lie down.

Lie down and roll over.

Xhalax, wh-what are you...

Turn around, now.

Xhalax, just stop...
- Shut up! Lie down!

- Just leave him alone!
- Roll over!

No, no.
- Xhalax, don't.

Roll over!


So now it's just you and me.

You know, things couldn't
have worked out better.

I'm glad you two got to meet.


For this.

For you to suffer.

For everything you did.

For everything that went wrong.


we did nothing to you.

You did everything.

After your birth, High Command
said I could redeem myself if...

But they lied.

The damage was done.

And no matter what I did,
I was never truly reinstated.

And now you want my pity?

Oh no, I want your pain.

To know how close
I was to love.

So close...

and then to lose it
all in an instant.

I've heard...

loved ones leave you in pieces.

That little by little, you start
to forget things about them.

But that's not true.

You lose them...

everything, instantly.

And suddenly nothing can
replace them.


And now you have nothing.

How does it feel?

You lied to us, said
Aeryn wasn't here!

No, no, I... I didn't lie.

Did Xhalax pay you
to keep us away?

Who? I've never heard of them.

Now, tell me again, how do you
activate this Security Grill?

Do I just push this?
- No, no, no, don't touch that!

Why? Will those speary
things shoot up...

Look, look!
I had to lie to you.

If I'd helped you before, that
maniac upstairs would have killed me.

Go on.

There is a service lift.

Xhalax doesn't know about it.

One of you could go up in that.

Surprise her.

Uh, Stark...


Who are they?


Uncuff me!

Uncuff me!

Under the circumstances...

uncuff him!

Wasn't killing Talyn
once enough?

But did you have to kill him
in front of me?

Is that what was missing?

When I first met him,
I knew he wasn't my father.

But he knew all these details
about you and me.

You're lying.

You didn't know.

Of course, I hoped that
he might be Talyn...

Just as I'd hoped that I might
see Crichton again.

But in my heart I knew that
that was not my father.

And then you walked in.

You know, we Peacekeepers think
that we are so remarkable.

Soldiers without equal.

Precise tacticians, pure bloods.

But I've realized that
we're not remarkable.

We do nothing for love.

Not one thing.

You're wrong.

Cycles ago, after your birth,
I was given an order.

They called it a choice.

One of you must die, they said.

I killed your father
so you could live.

I did that for love.


It's here again!
- Stark...

It's Zhaan's voice.
Can you hear it?

Not now, Stark.

Stark, get down!
- Save Aeryn!

I'll hold them off here.

Go! Go!

So, this is it.

Kill me now.

Destroy the last piece
of your life,

and leave nothing.

I wasn't an assassin until
I killed your father.

I was a pilot.

I was bred to be a pilot.

But they made me kill
again and again.

And finally I stopped caring.

But I knew your suffering
would ease my pain.

And it has.

It has.

The battle's over, Xhalax.

You don't want to kill me.


Why don't you come out
here a bit closer?

It might make it
easier for you.


You can't miss from here.

Unless you want to.

Drop the gun, Xhalax.




Let me fall, Aeryn.


Do it.

Let me go.

I died a long time ago.

You live for me.

Zhaan's voice keeps
getting stronger.

I know she's trying to reach me
and I must discover

what it is she needs
to communicate.

Please do not waste time
trying to look for me.

It is vital you take what I have
left you to the Crichton on Moya.

He, and only he, will know
what to do with it.

Goodbye, my friends.

Take care of Aeryn.

I will find you again.

Crais, why would Stark
leave this?

What do you think the other
Crichton wants with it?

I have no idea.

Talyn believes he's
located Moya.

His long-range scans
have detected

Leviathan transmissions from
the Manin Nebula.

Well, let's try to find them.

It'll be good to get
back to Moya.


As soon as our ships are
reunited and...

Talyn can find someone other than
me to pilot him, I should leave.

I, uh, hope Moya's done
better than we have.

Is Aeryn on her way up?

She'll be leaving Valldon
within the arn.


I could have become
something different.

If you had lived, I could
have truly changed.

But you are gone.

And I am...

what I was bred to be.


Come here.


You have to go now.


Most of the time, Aeryn,

what we do is a distortion,
a hoax.

But with you, Aeryn Sun,

it may have been real.

Shall we try...

one more time?