Farscape (1999–2003): Season 3, Episode 19 - I-Yensch, You-Yensch - full transcript

Rygel and D'Argo meet with Scorpius and Braca to negotiate a deal. So that the crew can board the command carrier. 2 would-be-robbers interrupt the bargaining process, now they're forced to work together to find a way out of their predicament

Previously on Farscape.

What is the matter?


Massive radiation.

I love you.

The ah, other Crichton.

He's dead.

Hello, John.

Oh, my friend. I...

this is difficult, isn't it?

You're jealous of
the other you.

He died. Now Aeryn thinks
that you're the copy.


They're your problem.

Don't let Scorpius crack this.

Whatever it takes.

I'm going to the
Command Carrier.

I'm going to stop Scorpius.

Good luck, John.

And now on Farscape.

I'm a squillion metras from
anywhere I wanna be.

Then come with me.

I can't.

Jool, your friends are
negotiating with Peacekeepers.

You stay here,
you'll end up dead.

I'm sure on the
medical facility,

there'll be someone who can
help you find your home.

Aeryn aboard?

Just finished her

The ship on approach is
definitely a medical facility.

It is unarmed, five or six hundred on
board. And they'll take our Scarran.

Let's get Naj Gil out of here
before they change their minds.

You all right?

Any word from D'Argo and Rygel?

No, they're out of range.

So after we leave here,
we're really going to do this?

There's no turning back.

We're gonna go on a Command
Carrier with Scorpius.

Well, that's the plan, if they
can hammer out a deal.

Scorpius doesn't deal.

Rygel thinks he will.

No, no, no. Right now, Scorpius is
probably frying D'Argo in the Aurora Chair.

A- a-and then he's gonna find us
and he's gonna kick us to death!

But... but you know what?

It doesn't matter because
I won't be here.

I'm splittin' Crichton.

The next planet we pass.


I... I see Peacekeepers.

You know, I don't think
Scorpius is going to show.

He'll show. Eat, calm down.

No, I can't.

I smell a double cross.

How can you smell anything with
these ganoks on the table?

Try one.

No. How can you eat that?
It smells like pralt.

They're our specialty. People come from planets
you've never heard of, just to eat our marjools.

Look, can you please just
get out of my way?

Go, go! Go!
- Ah, they're here.


Just the two of you?

No others?

Correct. Where's Scorpius?

Ah, the Luxan.

And the Dominar.

You're late.

I presume you're both unarmed.

That was the deal.

Yes, it was.

Shall we get down to business?

Not yet.

Rygel, move! It's a trap!


Prepare to execute them.

My name is John Crichton...
I'm lost... an astronaut.

I got shot through a wormhole... In
some distant part of the universe...

I'm trying to stay alive...

Aboard this ship...
This living ship...

Of escaped prisoners.
My friends.

If you can hear me...

If I make it back...
Will they follow?

If I open the door...
Are you ready?

Earth is unprepared... Helpless,
for the nightmares I've seen.

Or should I stay...
Protect my home...

Not show them...
You exist...

But then you will never know
the wonders I've seen.

Where's your rescue squad?


Where's Aeryn Sun?

Get frelled.

Not afraid of death?

Oh, just let me finish these.

Then please, don't miss.

Aim for the head, hmm?

Look, we're ready to deal.

When you've finished your
little game.

I had to make sure you
were both... alone.

Mmm, of course.

Weapons down.


You weren't really going
to kill us?

Of course not.

Are you certain about that?


Ah, Ka-D'Argo.

If you knockout another,

there'll be no soldiers to carry
these three back to the ship.

He's right.

We're here to talk.


But I want no Comms and
no more surprises.

Now get these tralks out of here
before you start to waste...

any more of my time.


- Withdraw to the ship.
- Await our return. -Peacekeepers!

- Well, what are we gonna do?
- Get the frellhezmana out of here.

I'm not going out there.
No way.


Oh, zangblats!


We gotta run, Esssk.
We gotta run.

What? Run where? Where?!

Like we've got somewhere to run?

Naj Gil!

Has he gone yet?

Yeah, the Transport Pod just
left for the Med Ship.

What are you doing?

Listen Chi, I've got nothing
against the Peacekeepers.

I was never a prisoner.

So you guys want to fight 'em, or stop 'em,
or whatever it is you're planning, fine.

Good luck. But I'm leaving.

Ah, you're going on
the Med Ship?

Yup. Naj Gil said they'd check out my
eye, and then they're gonna take me home.

You can't go.

Why not?

Because I saw myself
mourning for you.

Okay. One, I don't think
you can see dren,

and two, it's really none of...

Let me understand.

You wish to board my
Command Carrier?

You want full amnesty and relocation
to your own planets as free citizens.

And in return, Crichton will
help me in my wormhole research?

That's about the short
of it, yes.

And why would Crichton do this?

Do you know who the
Charrids are?


Not very friendly towards
Hynerians, if I recall.

The Charrids have formed an
alliance with the Scarrans.

I am aware of the political

The Scarrans' goal is to build
wormhole technology.

We stopped them, but it won't
be long until they start again.

So Crichton has a choice,

and he would rather you
had it than them.

We've got to get them
out of here.

So what are you gonna do?

Esssk, I've got to tell
you something.

Oh, don't worry. This could
turn out good.

If you cook 'em the greatest
Leearvink ever, maybe...

we could get a Peacekeeper
supply contract...

No, we're going to get killed.

No, no, no. Why would
they kill us?

I... I don't know how to
make Leearvink.

I haven't got the skills.

You do. You do.

You were a great chef
once, Vooodi.


can do it.

Crichton, Aeryn, there are
Peacekeepers approaching.

I knew it. I knew Peacekeepers
were coming.

Come on. Come on.

What, did you see that too? Is there anything you don't see?
- Nice.

Talyn has also spotted the
Peacekeeper craft.

A Prowler and a Marauder.

Pilot, give us immediate

We cannot Starburst until we are
clear of the Medical Facility.

Talyn, prime the main canon.

Identify targets and stay calm.

Stay calm, Talyn.

Are the Peacekeepers
here to find us?

I don't know.

- Crichton, it's Scorpius.
- He sent them.

I told you. I told you
they would screw us.

That means that D'Argo
and Rygel are dead.

Pip, we do not know that.

What are you doing?

You bitch, I could be gone.
I could be on that Med Ship.

But no, you had to see things.
And then you punched me!

Prime main canons only.

Do not fire until my signal.

Peacekeeper ships in
visual range.

Moya senses they've
targeted us.

We don't have any choice.
Do it now, Crais.

Talyn, fire at will.

Pilot, status of the
Peacekeeper vessels?

They are no longer
on Moya's scans.

Good work, Talyn.

Starburst in 50 microts.

The Hospital Craft is moving away and
its Commander sends us his gratitude

for destroying the
Peacekeepers' ships.

Wait, wait, Talyn.

The Med Ship is not a threat.

What is he doing, Crais?
- No, Talyn! The Med Ship is not a threat!

Crais, what is going on
out there?

No, Talyn!

No, Talyn, no! Power down now!


There were innocent people aboard that ship! Naj Gil!
- I know. There was nothing I could do.

Talyn attacked on his
own accord.

You coulda stopped him.
- Jool.

Somehow, you coulda
stopped him.

Now they're dead.

Six hundred souls.

And you!

You knew.

No. I... I only saw myself
in mourning.

I thought it was for you.

Pilot, why haven't we Starburst?

Peacekeepers are sure to
send out another patrol.

I'm afraid...

Moya is now refusing to move.


Since Talyn powered down,
I can't contact him.

He's not responding
to my Comms.

And Moya is refusing
to abandon him.

We are agreed.

You will all board my
Command Carrier.

We're not quite finished yet.

We will need a guarantee for our
safety when we're onboard your ship.

And I'm afraid we'll need something
more tangible than reassuring words.

I- Yensch bracelets.


Put one on, Braca.


If you will.

What does it do?

This gets you onboard my ship.

We have almost closed the deal.

Put it on.

That's easy for you to say.

Do you feel anything?


Braca, pay homage to
the Dominar.


I invite you, Dominar,
to attack the Lieutenant.

I have no quarrel with him.

Humor me.

Synchronized nerve impulses.

Those wearing the bracelets
will feel each other's pain.

If one is injured,
then both will be.

Very good.
And if one is killed?

Both will be dead.

Uh huh. The bracelets seem
acceptable, but who wears them?

Well, Crichton, of course.

And my second in command,


You would not hesitate
to kill him.

I will not wear an
I- Yensch bracelet.

Crichton wears one,
you wear one.

Each of us gets to configure
the arming sequence

so we can be assured
there's no tampering.

The only way we'll trust you, Scorpius,
is if we know we can control you.


Then we have no deal.

So be it.

Get down! Down!

This is a robbery.

How many more are there, huh?

There's no one!

No one? Get over there!
- No one.

Manon, grillas, whatever
you've got.

Give it to me in a pile,
nice and slow.

I have nothing.

Sko! I'm trying to tell
you something.

I know.

They're Peacekeeper officers.
Who gives a frell?

He never told us about
the Peacekeepers.

You. You!

Up, up, up, up.

We go out there now...

your troops...

they shoot us in the head.
How many?

How many are there?


A liar!

Peacekeeper Officer can't even
stiv without his troops.

I can stiv on my own,
thank you very much.

Up, up.

Up, up, up.


You, Comm them.

Tell them show themselves.

Hands up in the air.

I have no Comms.
The Luxan destroyed them.

Why did you hit me?!

Wh-What did I do?

You, just go.

- What?

Now, you go help him cook. Now!

- I don't care what!

Go, go, go.

What's going on?
What's going on?

What's going on?!
What's going on?

That's a long story, frell-jek.

Talyn is in shock.

He has expressed absolute
remorse for his mistake.

Six hundred dead.

That's a little more than
a mistake, Crais.

Yes. And I believe that unless
we act, it may happen again.

What will happen again?

Extreme paranoia.

Reactions unwarranted
to the situation.

Talyn is a danger to himself,
as well as us.

Crais, what do you wanna do?

I believe...

we should shut down all his
mechanoid systems.

Stay calm, Moya.

We're just discussing a plan.

No one's doing anything yet.

Are you talking about
killing Talyn?

Of course not.

His biologics will remain
on artificial support.

But we must get him to a place where the
anomalies in his character can be repaired.

Then you'll bring him back?

With full system replacement.

When he comes back,
will he still be Talyn?


He will be, uh...


Brand new.

But something has to be done.

Moya must know that.

600 innocents have just
lost their lives.

Moya is aware that Talyn
has acted irrationally.

I will speak to her. Alone.


Could I offer a suggestion?

Shut up!

Why don't you forget the
robbery and think bigger?

If I were you, I'd hold the
Peacekeepers for ransom.

Let us go. You don't need us.

But they'll pay anything to
get those two back.

Rygel, shut up!

This robbery doesn't seem to be
turning out like you planned.

If you had a plan which...

don't get upset, doesn't
seem to be the case.

We're doing fine.

This is fine?

I'd hate to see when
you do badly.

When we burn this place down,
I'll make sure you're in it!

Burn it down?

I thought you were robbing it.

This isn't a robbery, is it?

It's for insurance.

Garanzai currency, yes?

Before, you said he didn't tell us
there would be Peacekeepers here.

It's the cook.

You're burning it down
for the cook.

Vooodi, get out here now!

We've got your food.

Get it out of my face!
- We've got Leearvink.

I'll just put it over there,
okay? Maybe your friend will...

He knows.

What did you tell him?
What did you tell him?!

What did you tell him?!

Tell what?

The worm knows.

Vooodi hired us to burn
this place down.

You did what?

I would have told you.
I should have, Esssk, but...

You want to burn this?
- But... I wanted to tell you...

But I love this place, Voodi!
- I should have told you!

Shut up! Shut up!

What have you been doing? Have
you been telling him my life story?

I didn't. He guessed.

He came up with a better plan.

Instead of doing the insurance job,
we take these two for ransom instead.

- I wouldn't do that.

We don't care what you'd do.

Look, we've got the guns.

We're in control.

And we're gonna be rich.

Rich! Rich, Rich, Rich!

No you won't.

Talyn has activated a full lockdown.
He's not letting Crais on board.

Moya is still refusing to move.
She won't even talk to Pilot.

What do you think we should do?

You're asking me?


We can still work
together, John.

We always did that well.

The only voice that Talyn is
gonna listen to is Moya.

Someone needs to talk to her
and convince her

that we're not hurting Talyn
because we want to.

I think...

maybe you should talk to Moya.

She knows that you love Talyn.

There's nothing I can do.

Moya knows Talyn's acting irrationally,
but she believes he will heal himself.

May I speak with her?

I'll ask.

Moya will listen to you.


Hello, Moya.

Talyn has been our home,

and on more than one occasion,
he has saved our lives.

I personally have shared with
him some of the best

and also some of the
worst times.

You must know that I would
never harm him.

Crais is right.

We have to shut Talyn down,
and it is for his own good.

And I swear that we will all work
to bring him back just as he was.

It is the only way.

- I can handle Peacekeepers.
- I know what they'll do.

They'll send out a Prowler,
maybe two.

But I'll keep this gun at your head
to make sure there's no funny ganak.

Then you'll organize a ransom and
get them to give you a very fast ship?

That's right.

The moment you Comm them,
you're dead.

And you won't even see
them coming.

Why risk it, when you have a far greater
prize here and you don't even know it?

Behold, Rygel the Sixteenth,
Sovereign of Hyneria,

heir to all of its wealth and
fabled star planets.

He, you should ransom.

Talyn's agreed to let Crais
reboard and start his work.

I sense Talyn waking up from
lockdown and powering up.

Thank Moya for us, Pilot.

I think it best to
leave Moya alone.

She knows what we do is
necessary, but still...

she is heartbroken.

She's not the only one.


What's Talyn doing?

He's aiming at us.

Start evasive procedures.
- Shut down, Talyn! Shut down!

Evasive procedures now!

Must... stay awake.

No, no sleep.

No sleep. No sleep!

He needs water.

Ah, shut up!
He's not important.

Let the hostages die.

Brilliant negotiating position.

Oh, you're the only one we care
about little slime toad.

Now, shut up!

While we figure out what
to do next.

He needs water now.


Bring me water!

And bring me food!

I left your...

...Leearvink on the table.

Well, that Leearvink's cold.

You should bring me some more.

Your bravery is convincing.

Yes. I think he bought it.

They want more Leearvink.

Come on!

Why don't they stick their
Leearvink up their fekik?!

No, no, no, why don't we put a
frelling sign out the front?

Huh? Huh? Yeah?
"Leearvink not done here!"

What sign?

You were gonna burn the place down, Vooodi.
- No!

This place is killing us.
Don't you understand that?

Esssk, I want to start over.

I want to start over together.

I've been thinking about it.

We shouldn't kill anyone.

We should just burn
the place down.

If we do this ransom thing,

- you know someone's gonna...
- ...end up dead.

Have you looked in the
mirror lately?

Are you getting any younger?


We take the score that's
fallen in our lap.

We market the runt.

We have only a limited window before they
discover no one will pay a kretmar for you.

That's your fault.
You told them to ransom me.

If they'd Commed in a Peacekeeper
squad like you suggested,

it's quite likely one of us would
have died at the hands of these idiots!

No, uh...

we do this ourselves.

If you're up to it.

I know the combination to
Braca's bracelet.

While holding two lights
continuously, depress 3-1-4.

Then release all.


Give us a hand here, Princess.

I can't believe Talyn
blew up Moya.

I'm sure it was an accident. Bet
he was really aiming for you.

We are the only ones
who can help you.

Talyn, please.

Talyn, please!

Bay Three Hangar is opening.

Talyn is letting us dock.

Okay, here's what we do.

We call your people,


ask for ten million
kretmars ransom.

We leave.

We wait.
They come.

When they come, we arrange
the exchange.

His ship will decode the

Ha. So?

We'll be metras away.

In something that can outrun
an attack Marauder?

Oh, he's right, you know.

Oh, why so difficult?

Uh, we could take my ship.

It's fast.
They won't ever catch us.


But he's...

the only one that can fly it.

I don't believe you.

It's true.

Responds to DNA particles
and voice ident.

Why so difficult?!


Vooodi's made you more

Smells like krank!

You get me something I can eat!

Let go!

Don't fight me, bitch!
- You hurting me!

Oh! Get the frell outta here!

I want you gone now!


Get back to the kitchen!

No, this is my place!
You work for me now.

Burn it some other time.
I don't care.

Just get out of here!


I'm warning you.



I wanted to give you something.


Burn this place down
in my honor.

Braca's I-Yensch...

hold two continuously
as you press...

Ah, ah, ah, ah.


Slime Finger.
What are you doing?

Helping keep this man alive.

Oh, no, you're not!

Get back over there.

Yes, yes.

Press 3-1-4.



You know what must happen next.

He's right, Talyn.

Talyn, you listen to me.

You destroyed a ship with many
innocent people onboard.

You shot your own mother.
You would never do that,

unless you were sick
and frightened.

When Moya told you what we had to
do, you panicked and struck out.

I don't think you really
meant to hurt Moya.

You could have destroyed her if
you wanted to, but you didn't.

Just as I'm hoping that you
don't really want to hurt us,

because we don't want
to hurt you.

Talyn, you know you're sick.

You let us board.

Now, I don't want you to
be frightened.

You're not going to die.

You'll be reborn.

It's a fresh start.

Please, Talyn.

Let us take away your pain.

Stay awake.

Stay awake!

Stay awake.

- Please, Sko, no more killing.
- We should just get out of here.

No! No! We are too far in.

So. You!


You were meeting with him,
weren't you?


To negotiate our freedom.
We're escaped prisoners.

Oh, really?! Really?!


So, you don't like
Peacekeepers either.

Not in the slightest.

This one's the most valuable?

Higher even than a Captain.

Look. No insignia.

So. We take him in your ship.

We have better chance of
escaping, eh?



Come, come, Slimey!

Wa! Wa!

Aim at the Hynerian.


Well, pull the trigger.

Kill the Peacekeeper.

I'll trust you,

and we'll both be happy.

Pull the trigger.

Kill him now, or Wa kills you.

Pull the trigger!

I'm waiting.

I told you before.

If I kill him, D'Argo dies.

If D'Argo dies, no one
can fly the ship.

If no one can fly the ship,
you don't go anywhere.

Pull the trigger!

You want me to kill someone
so you'll trust me?

How about...



You said this one was
more valuable.

That was a microt ago.

All right.

Right. We're outta here.

Oh, why not just kill everyone?


There's a knife under
the Leearvink.

You okay?


Listen, Crais and I can
wrap it up from here.

I can finish the job.

I know.

But if you want to go
back to Moya...

I don't.

But thank you.

Are you ready?



We're ready now.

Yes, Talyn.

I promise you that I will
do everything I can

and Crichton and Aeryn
will as well.

We're all here with you.

You have not disappointed me.

I don't hold you responsible.

Neither does Moya.

Oh, no, no.

On the contrary, Talyn.

You are very brave.

As you wish.

He's gone.

Get him up.
- I'm trying to keep him awake.

If you want me to pilot that ship
for you, he must remain conscious.



Time to join your
cook boyfriend.


I'll get you all the currency
you could ever want.

Leave her alone.

Go back in the kitchen.
Don't come out again.

Where are you going?

Need a kill souvenir.
Want to help?

Ah, sick toad.

We have to go.

Just give me a microt.

Sorry I had to shoot you,
but you know how it goes.

How did you know I was
wearing body armor?

I wasn't sure, but...

131 cycles in Peacekeeper
captivity teaches you a few things.

And what if you were wrong?

Well, not so bad for me
either way.


We can't leave with them,
or we're all dead.

There's a knife under
the plate.

It's on the floor in front
of the counter.


Almost done.

His ears are tougher
than I thought.

You got anything to contribute?

The silver one. Hurry.

Single pulse charge.
You've only got one.

Good luck.

Be there.


Get off. Get over there!

I've changed my mind.

What?! What?!

I'm not going with you.

You can kill those two
if you like.

Why, you dirty little...


What's this about?


I'd rather be dead than deal
with the likes of you.

Oh, why so difficult?!

Because you didn't think it
through, fekkik.

You didn't have a plan.

What's that? What's that there?
What's that you've got?!

My leg!

Get it off my leg!

Kill them all!




Are you all right?

Ah, I'm fine.

I've got a, uh...

I've got a hard skull.

I just think I'll, uh...

Now, about our deal.


I believe perhaps...

there is a basis for us to
trust one another.

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

Ah! So, you're all right?

As well as can be expected.

D'Argo's hurt his leg, his
head, and burnt his hand.

But he'll survive.

What happened to you guys?
Why didn't you call in?

Well, the restaurant, it, uh...

it sort of burned down.
I don't want to talk about it.

It's a long story.
Anything happen here on Moya?

Oh, yeah. Just the usual.

Rygel, do we have a deal?

Oh, very much.

I'm proud to say I've secured
everything we wanted,

including acceptable
security precautions.

I have a bad feeling.

About the Command Carrier.

Do you think we shouldn't go?

I don't think we have a choice.

If Scorpius masters
wormholes then...

Yeah, some things you die for.

I just can't watch that
happen again.

It was perfect.
We were so... perfect

and you're just like him.
I mean, you are him.


I'm me.

I was here.

I missed that dance.


Don't come with us.

No, we started this together,

That's how we'll end it.