Farscape (1999–2003): Season 1, Episode 4 - Throne for a Loss - full transcript

Rygel is captured and held for ransom by some bounty hunters. Rygel "borrowed" a crystal from Moya, without the crystal Moya cannot maintain her orbit and will crash into the planet if it isn't returned shortly.

Fine, yes, you're right!
We know almost nothing about the Tavloids...

- Tavleks!
- Whatever, Tavloid, Tavleks!

But we do know
that they will pay us to haul cargo,

which they're not going to do if you
go in there doing your John Wayne impression.

- John Wayne? Who's that? A relative?
- John Wayne... the big guy,

'True Grit', 'Searchers',
'The Cowboys', 'Genghis Khan'.

No... forget about 'Genghis Khan',
everybody makes a bad movie...

No, the point is, I'm not going to meet
that shuttle unarmed... Simple as that!

Kung Fu!
Kung Fu never carried a gun!

We, Rygel the Sixteenth, Dominar of the
Hynerian Empire, and... beloved sovereign,

of over six hundred billion subjects,

Welcome to our yacht!

I still say it's a bad idea!

- This should be taller!
- It's tall enough already!

- I need them to look up to me!
- Why... we don't?

Well, you should! If it wasn't for me,
we'd starve, on Porzin 2.

All you got was stale food cubes!

Which you ate more
than your fair share of as I recall!

- Who are you to order me around?
- Ordering?

- I was offering a suggestion!
- Well, who are you to offer suggestions?

Is mine the only species in creation
that doesn't thrive on conflict?

All of you... shut up!

Yes, that's right, shut up!
Now, the Tavleks believe...

Shut up... includes you!

Now we don't even know
what this Tavlek cargo is.

It could be contraband,
vermin infested, even toxic.

Well, let's hope so...
We can charge more...

D'Argo, we've had this discussion,
you were outvoted.

Oh, argue later, they've docked.

Positions please! Come on, now!

If you must address me,
do so as, "Your Supreme Eminence"...

...which you should be doing anyway!

- No movement!
- Remain where you are!

Move and you die!

Try me!

You... you've misunderstood
our intentions...

Oh... what do you think you're doing!

I demand someone help me!

D'Argo, look out!

Hey, how do I stop this!

- And now you die!
- Yo, buttkiss!

Come with me! I'll get the Dominar!

Pilot! Shut the door!

Ahh! How does it work?

- Where's Rygel?
- Junk!

Our Supreme Eminence has been bagged.

My name is John Crichton, an astronaut.

A radiation wave hit
and I got shot through a wormhole.

Now I'm lost in some distant part
of the universe on a ship,

a living ship, full of strange alien life forms.

Help me! Help me! Listen, please...
Is there anybody out there who can hear me?

I'm being hunted
by an insane military commander.

Who can do everything? I can't!

I'm just looking for a way home.

Pilot, get a tractor beam on that shuttle!

Trakterbeem... what's that?

Graviton field, Attracto-Ray, Super Glue?
Whatever it is you yanked me aboard with!

- You mean the Docking Web?
- Yeah, fine! Use it on the shuttle!

- It's out of range!
- Well then go after it!

Correction, Pilot! Break orbit!
and take us away from this wretched planet!

Take us away? They've got Rygel!

Rygel brought this on himself!
I say we leave him there!

- Let Crichton finish!
- Look, enough talk! We're leaving now!

That... that can't be normal,
how... how did you do that?

- It just happened!
- Wait!

That is a very versatile and powerful weapon!
If we can work out how to use it...

What is this?
It is injecting something into you?

It stuck some needles in my arm.

Oh no, that... that can't be good!
Take it off!

- Let go of me!
- D'Argo!

This ship needs a leader
and none of you have what it takes...

From now on... I am in charge!

Never lay your hands on me again!

You go after him! I'll revive the boy!

- D'Argo, would you wait?
- No... I'm giving the orders now!

D'Argo just listen!

- He's not good at listening, is he?
- Well he'll listen to this!

Aeryn, no!

Would you listen?

- Take it easy, child!
- Child?

- Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you!
- Speak for yourself!

That weapon of yours, how do we get it off?

Ha, you mean
one of you was stupid enough to put it on?

You're too weak to handle it!

Why? What is that stuff it pumps in you?

A stimulant adds to our strength!

A stimulant? It's a little more than cappuccino!
Our friend just tried to kill us!

- Good!
- How do we remove it?

- You can't!
- Well it came off when I knocked you out!

If you're left unconscious, you don't the enemy
cutting your arm off to get your weapon.

You can be disarmed
without having to be dis-armed... Great!

What have we got that can knock D'Argo out?
Stun gun? Gas grenades?

Sleep mist... I can formulate one!

- Was that necessary?
- It felt good! Give me navigation, now!

- But we can't leave orbit!
- Do as I say or I'll rip off all your arms!

Enough of this stupid voting!
From now on, I'll make the decisions!

Don't even think about it!

Unless we leave orbit, D'Argo's actually
threatening to injure me!

Stall him, tell him there's a systems
malfunction or something.

I've told him that, but he doesn't
believe me, in fact he...

Hold on!
Transmission from the planet...

We've got your king, you can buy him back!

We've got your boy,
and if you want him back undamaged...

- Ho, how about an even swap?
- No, he's part of the price but not worth a king!

We want corvinium, purity 9!

- Enough to fill your Transport Hangar!
- This hangar?

Divided among six hundred billion
affluent subjects... it's not so much!

- You won't get it!
- D'Argo's getting angrier... do something!

Look, this isn't a good time,
how about we call you back?

No... we'll contact you in one solar day!

If your homeworld hasn't agreed
to our terms by then your king dies!

John... it's finished!

Check it out, it's a water balloon!

- Here!
- What?

You think you can throw it with any accuracy?

Yeah! I grew up with these things! ...excellent!

Lock him away!

Well, I suppose we must... Come!

- Pilot get Moya moving!
- I told you... I can't!

You're lying!
You're all undermining my command!

Goodnight, sweet prince!

- This way!
- Is that, another suggestion of yours?

Pilot... on my signal, give me all
the acceleration Moya's got!

No... I can't activate propulsion...

Moya has a systems malfunction...

For real?

Propulsion control is completely out...

I've had to shut down and vent manually...

The ship's excess supercoolant
has to be released.

- Look, we're wasting time here!
- Wait! Just wait!

- Close all the vents!
- I can't do that!

The pressure could build at dangerous levels...

No, it won't!
I got a plan!

I'm not afraid of you!
You're soft and weak.

- Zhaan?
- Yes?

Soft, yes! Weak, no!
...What was that, Pilot?

Secure for acceleration!
Crichton has an idea...

Oh, did you say Crichton?
Pa'u Delvia, Tibnol...

Come out from
where you're hiding, you cowards!


- Now!
- D'Argo!

Peacekeeper coward!

- Now!
- You challenge my command!

- Now!
- Do it to my face!


- That was your plan?
- Yeah, worked pretty good!

Oh, barely! That is the last time
I go along with one of your plans!


Next time you get to make the plan!

I demand to speak to the people in charge!
I will not be treated like this!

How dare you bury me in mud?

Are you listening?
You're nothing but barbarians!

Don't you know this is an act of war?

When my council hears of this,

the Hynerian Navy will scorch this hell hole!

That should get them thinking!
My sleep cycle is being disturbed!

As if I give a garanta's brax!

- Who are you?
- Jotheb!

Next in succession to preside
over the Consortium of Trao... and you?

Dominar Rygel the 16th,
ruler of the Hynerian Empire!

The Hynerian of Empire is not familiar to me.

Yeah? Well I've never heard
of the Consortium of Trao!

- The imperfection is yours!
- How big is it?

- Ten thousand!
- I have six hundred billion subjects!

Ten thousand planets,
each averaging per planet, four billion Trao!

- I don't believe you!
- The imperfection is yours!

This malfunction is Rygel's fault?

That's right!

He asked if he could borrow, a vital component
of Moya's control circuitry, just for a while...

- And you let him?
- Certainly not, I flatly forbade it!

What did he want it for?

He said it was important
to impress our visitors...

Impress? How is a control circuit
going to impress somebody?

Moya's synaptic processors
are quite attractive objects...

Trillions of silico-neurons suspected
in a semi-organic crystalline matrix...

Crystal? Hold on!
The reddish crystal, about that big?


His sceptre!
The little hairball took it to decorate his sceptre.

I'm going to kill him.

Well how long can Moya maintain orbit
without the crystal?

- Her orbit's deteriorating even now...
- I'll torture him then I'll kill him!

Can't you rouse D'Argo?

No... he's not injured but he's sleeping off
the drug, there's no telling when he'll awaken!

I can't wait for him!
Pilot, prepare the Prowler!

Very well!

- Come on!
- You're not going down there?

If we don't get that crystal back, we're going
to crash into the planet! I've got a plan!

Oh no, please! Let me guess your plan!

Jam down to the planet, conduct
a commando style raid? Against what?

A couple of dozen heavily armed Tavloids
and then haul ass back up to the ship?

- Tavleks!
- That's your plan?

Wile Coyote would come up with a better plan!

What, are you just going
to go down there by yourself?

- No, of course not! You're coming with me!
- In your dreams I'm coming with you!

This is my turn, my plan! Now let's go!

No! Absolutely not!
There are other things that we can do!

We could try negotiating with theTavloids, we...


Has Moya located the Tavlek shuttle?

No, her sensors
can't penetrate the jungle canopy...

Too many chloroferric compounds
in the vegetation...

Pilot says, we can reconfigure the sensors.

Even if you can't, I'm following the
same trajectory their shuttle did.

I should land reasonably close to them.

We can negotiate with them!

- You hit me!
- Hit... I?

No, a Panthakjab!
You're more susceptible than most!

Next time you hit me
make sure I don't wake up...

Oh, don't 'tut' me this is not over with...

...and when it is, you and I are going
to sit down and have a talk!

Sure, when this is over,
you and I will probably be dead!

- Care for some food?
- Not hungry!

Are you in discomfort?

What kind of fastener is this?

Where's my clothes?
I want 'em back now!

- We had to borrow them.
- Had to?

Or did you just want to strip me?
What's the matter? Too prim to sneak a peak?

You afraid, you might like what you saw?
You ever looked at male before?

There, well, here you go!

Quite respectable for your age!
Did you think you'd shock me?

Is nudity a taboo in your culture?
Are you ashamed of your bodies?

- We would be if we looked like you!
- I doubt it!

- Are you sure you're not hungry?
- No!

Before we landed,
I saw signs of an encampment past that ridge.

You shanghai my ass down here,
now you want me to lead?

- Give me one good reason!
- Lots of reasons...

land mines, fire snakes, razor grass...

night vision snipers, Morlian death spiders...

- That dreadful noise is what?
- It's my stomach! What of it?

You failed to dine?
My meal was just delivered.

They fed you first?
Ah, I don't want any food anyway.

I want out! ...There must be a way,
there's always a way...

Our captors may be annoyed
by escape attempts.

We just can't lie around waiting
to be ransomed, we have to push!

Here, let me show you!
You don't have to worry, Jotheb...

When my fleet arrives,
it'll lay waste to this planet.

Anyone who defends Bekhesh will be killed,
but anyone who helps us will...

Your rations!

You see? First you give them something
to think about, and then you...

- Is there a problem?
- This bowl... it's a skull!

It can be no one you knew...
Ah, excuse me, will you?

Stop looking at me!

Hey, hey! Tentacles off! Tentacles off!
What do you think you're doing?

- It was unwanted by you!
- Doesn't mean you can have it!

Feeling better?

He insists on helping us adjust the sensors,
despite his fatigue!

Only because you'll do it wrong!

- If you need more...
- No, No...

I... I need to do something...
make myself... useful!

Your assistance, would be welcomed!

- Enjoying yourself?
- Oh, yeah!

Marching through a smell bug infested jungle,

If this is your idea of a good time,
I bet you don't get a lot of second dates!

- Hand me the oculars!
- What?

Hunting party...
They've made a kill.

I say we follow them, they might lead us
back to the camp back to Rygel.

We don't have time to let them
lead us back to their camp,

I'm going to have to force them
to tell me where Rygel is!

How are you going to force them?
There's one of you and three of them!

Are you nuts?
After what that thing did to D'Argo!

We agreed only as a last resort,
besides, if we go in there blazing like...

I'm going in, you're staying here!

This won't take long and when I get back,
you can put me under and remove the gauntlet.

The minute you get back!

Your pardon... I'm on my way to Bekhesh but
I seem to have gotten my bearings confused.

- You mean you're lost!
- Yeah... Okay... I'm lost!

Find your own way back, we're busy!

Right! I'll ask again!
Where's Bekhesh?

Come on Aeryn,
they're getting up!

Follow the outcropping around...

What the hell? ...Shit!


We're under attack! Get to cover!

Move this way!

Pilot, are you sure those reconfigured sensors
are working? That looked like an explosion.

It was... Also picking up weapons fire...

Didn't take them long to get into trouble.
Ready a transport!

Oh, what happened, where the rifle?

- All over the place! Am I bleeding?
- You blew up the rifle?

Well, it's not like! I meant to,
the damn thing malfunctioned or something.

Or you overloaded the pulse chamber?

Just drop it!
Let's move before they find us!

It's alright, I'll take them all on!

- Aeryn, move!
- Will you stop!

Jotheb... message from your people,

two days till your ransom arrives,
you're free to go once it shows up!

- Hey! Hey! ...What about me?
- Keep silent, Rygel!

- What about you?
- I demand better treatment!

You dare serve me
with this grotesquery of a bowl!

My apologies... your Eminence!

I should think so... So, Jotheb,
your subjects came up with your ransom?

It was not in doubt... Why, yours will not?

Absolutely! ...Who says they won't?

- There you are! What have you got for me?
- An extra helping!

Any more trouble, and it'll be your skull
that's serving as someone's bowl!

Get out!

I can help you!

- I... I don't want your help!
- You're in no condition to choose!

This should relieve
the symptoms of withdrawal...

...and this will remove the pain.

I can't eat this! I couldn't eat this!

I mustn't eat this!

- Maybe it has another use?
- In what way, friend Rygel?

Loosening up the soil!

Right, the camp should be just up ahead!
...l'm going to enjoy this!

No, no, you're going anywhere near there,
not till we get that Gauntlet off!

- No!
- Yes, you agreed!

- Yes, you agreed, as long as it was necessary!
- And it is necessary, Bekhesh is still breathing!

- Aeryn, the gauntlet is messing with your head.
- No it's not!

I am going to take out every last Tavlek,
no survivors, no mercy!

- Now, give me the oculars!
- Fine...

- I believe you and I have some business first...
- Ah, yes!

You called me a coward and you'll die for that!

Your gauntlet against my Qualta Blade?

You truly are cowardly...
Can't you defeat me without your weapons?

What a barbarian!
Okay, so you'll die more slowly!

- Nice blanket you got there, D'Argo!
- A lumpy blanket, get her off!

- Jotheb, a little help?
- Help of what sort?


Maybe around the throat isn't a good idea...

Yes, that's it, yes!

Ah, that's it, I'm free!

- Rygel! Look out! Rygel!
- No!

No! No!

- Bekhesh, you're killing him!
- Yes, you're right!

- Why was he killed?
- Why not?

- Who'd pay to get him back?
- The Consortium of Trao will!

There is truth to my words Bekhesh.
I will prove his value!

The fame of Dominar Rygel,
has spread even to my worlds...

If the ransom is not paid by his people,
it will be paid by mine!

I could always kill him again.

Lie still, you're wiped out!

- The gauntlet has drained you!
- You called me a coward!

- You called me a barbarian!
- Well, you are!

Well perhaps 'coward' is too
good a word for a Peacekeeper!

Both of you, knock it off!

You didn't mean what you said!
It was the gauntlet talking!

- I meant everything I said!
- Yeah, so did!

You also mean everything you did?

You attacked us,
tried to take over the ship...

You, you were ready to slaughter
every Tavloid on the planet...

- Tavlek!
- What Tavlek!

If the gauntlet brings out the real you,
both of you think long and hard about therapy!

I'm going to go check things out!
Play nice while I'm gone!

Has the pain ceased?

That stimulant in your gauntlet,
it must have been extremely addictive...

Once the body purifies,
the hunger for the drug should pass.

Look, I don't need a damned sermon!

I didn't ask for your help
so keep your speeches to yourself...

I mean about the gauntlet,
it's not as if I ever had any choice.

- There are always choices...
- Look, I told you I don't need a sermon!

Alright, no sermons!
What do you need?

Actually, I'm a bit hungry.

- I hate this!
- Does your head hurt?

Yes... yours?

Pounding like a Maxzillian Pilater Day Parade.

I'm so tired...

It took a few hours for me to fully recover,

so I imagine for a Sebacean
you should probably double that.

Don't be so childish!

Perhaps it took quite a few hours
for me to recover.

Crichton should be back by now.

Well, he's probably at the wrong end
of some Tavlek weapon somewhere.


Somewhere out there, a whole world
full of Crichtons, how useless that must be!

It's amazing, he could provide us
with some common ground.

Who would have thought there'd be a race
more clumsy and pathetic than the Luxans?

I'm sorry...
You know how clumsy we Luxans can be.

Rygel, you are welcomed
into the Consortium of Trao.

- Oh yes well, thank you for the invitation but I...
- It is not an invitation!

You were killed by Bekhesh
and revived by me...

You are therefore owned by me,
as are your subjects.

Is that so?
You going to pay my ransom too?

The expense is small, and billions of Hynerians
will be brought into the Consortium.

- You multi-throated moron!
- How dare you?

I don't have any subjects!
I was deposed over a hundred cycles ago.

Ransom me if you want,
but all you get is me!

- Just you? No subjects?
- No, not a one!

My traitorous bastard of a cousin
stole my throne and imprisoned me!

I escaped with a few other fugitives and they're
the only ones who even know I'm here!

- Won't they ransom you?
- They couldn't if they wanted to,

and they don't want to,
because they hate me!

Then you will die here!
So why are you laughing?

The camp's pretty deserted,
most of them are napping...

Go for it now or wait till nightfall?

We don't even know if this planet rotates,
it may never get dark.

This may be our only chance... let's go!

No, you're wiped out,
you stay here, two's enough!

- Well take the gauntlet, then...
- No, no, no, that damn thing's a menace!

Besides, it'd still be one gauntlet
against the whole campful.

If we can't pull this thing off without
being spotted, we're screwed.

- And what if you are spotted?
- Cover and retreat!

Well, with what?
Well someone blew up our only weapon!

Take this!

Oh yes, a sword! Thank you!
That'll be really helpful!

It is more than just a sword!

- Is it charged?
- It was, when the Peacekeepers took it from me.

- And how long ago was that?
- Eight cycles!

This food is horrible almost inedible!

You're welcome, thank you
for being such a gracious guest!

- What are you?
- Older, wiser, certainly not as hungry as you.

When I was sick before, sweating and shaking,
you did that thing, where you...

- When I kissed you?
- No... ah yes,

when you took the pain away...
How did you do that?

I am a Delvian Pa'u, a priest of the Ninth Level,
we learn to share others' pain.

- Tavleks learn how to inflict it!
- Yes, I've seen you in action! Very impressive!

Yes, it was! We boarded your ship
stole your king... I was a part of that!

That is who you are when you wear
the gauntlet, but perhaps the real you is...

Sick of hearing your plok!

That I know for sure!

Have you ever been through anything like this
before, your body being freed of poisons?

This is the only poison I have in my body!
Why would I want to be 'free'?

Our gauntlet is our food, our blood, our life!
It makes us capable of anything!

I know that is what you believe, but what
I wonder is what you alone are capable of?

- Sorry!
- Offence is not taken!

Hey! Check out the critter!

- Critter?
- Critter?

What's your problem? Find Rygel!

It's the sceptre, but where is the crystal?

It's gone, so's Rygel!

- Dominar Rygel? He was taken away!
- To where?

Through my efforts, Rygel is believed
to be valuable by Bekhesh...

Therefore Rygel is being moved
via shuttle to a more secure location.

Any more secure and we'll never
get that crystal back.

Come on, let's get this guy out of here!

Staying here is my preference,
I am awaiting my release.

Rygel should be informed that his ransom
will not be paid by the Consortium of Trao...

His presence has been decided to be too

- I can dig that... Fine, I'll tell him.
- As you will.

Where's Bekhesh? We came to discuss
the ransom terms, I think we can reach a deal.

Stand fast!

Right, D'Argo?

- Good work!
- That's how you create a diversion...

It's a fine weapon!

I request... that you bury me with it!

Oh damn!

- Just take it easy!
- The blood... what colour is it?

It's ah, dark red, almost black!

- What are you doing?
- Bleeding is the thing that will heal the luxan,

the wound isn't cleansed
until the blood flows clear.

Just do it!


You need more sleep.
I'll take you back to your quarters.

Zhaan? You're needed in the Command!
Quickly please!

I know my way back.

Crichton wants us to scan the area
for any signs of the Tavlek shuttle...

I've picked up a shuttle in your area.
It's priming for take off, no more than 3 mn.

- Location?
- Zelta 6, Pemno 9, Lerg 8.

Is that anywhere near here?

Directional vector...

- That savage, he's attacked one of the DRDs.
- Where?

Maintenance bay, lab. section.

Lerg 8, there! We're here!
We'll never cover that ground in 3 mn!

- You two won't, that's for sure!
- Neither can you?

- I might... with a little help!
- It's too dangerous!

- D'Argo's right.
- I know, I'm just nothing but a frail human,

but we need that gem,
so unless one of you two's got a better idea...

Right, so once I get it on,
how do I get it to work?

It just... does...

Right... willpower...
like the Green Lantern's ring.

Okay, here goes nothing.

Sorry, I don't feel anything.
I feel pretty good... I feel real good!

Oh right... It's working!

Couldn't sleep?

Give that to me! I need it! Give it to me!

Is this the way you repay my help?

How would you like your arm torn off?

You don't scare me!
You don't even have the guts to fight me!

Hear me... I could rip you apart right now,

Khalaan help me, I'd enjoy it!

Do you know why I don't?
Because we're not enemies!

This... is your enemy!

Contemplate that in solitude!

- Is it running clear?
- No, still reddish black.

Give it up!

Oh, so you'd die without putting up a fight?
Then you're the coward.

And you're the barbarian...

You're going to have to hit it a lot harder
than that to increase the bleeding.


Okay, let's see what you got!


What's going on?
Who's out there? Someone answer me!

- You didn't kill them?
- Guess I'm not that kind of a guy!

- Crichton, is that you? Get me out of here!
- Shut up, Rygel!

- Hand me the bag!
- Take him!

...lf you can!

Oh, have it your way!

- You'll have to do better than that!
- Just watch me!

Hey Bekhesh...
How about we call this thing a draw?

- You don't really want Rygel anyway!
- Why don't I?

Because, ah, he's not really a king!

- I'm not?
- He's not?

He's an escaped mental patient
...delusions of royalty.

You're the mental patient!
If you expect anybody to believe...

- He's not insane!
- I could be!

Okay, right, no he's not insane,
but... he is sick...

He's very sick... very contagious!

You ever hear of chicken pox?
He's not sick.

Right, he's not sick, but he's...
...but he is worthless.

- No one is going to pay his ransom!
- The Consortium of Trao will!

No, they won't!

I just talked to your other prisoner,
the four throated cat.

They're not going to do it!
What, do you blame 'em?

Rygel is an obnoxious gasbag!
Who's going to shell out for that?

He's right, I'm unloved, unwanted, unpopular!

Look Bekhesh, we couldn't pay
your ransom if we wanted to...

Rygel lied to impress you,
we got nothing!

- No corvinium?
- No corvinium, no gold, no jewels...

no munitions... You don't believe me?

Call my ship! ...Talk to your boy!

Your leader wishes to speak with you!

- Bekhesh!
- You've spent time with them...

Tell me... are they wealthy?

Have you seen any riches on board?

- I won't lie for you.
- No one's asked you to.

I've seen much of their ship...
It's pathetic, they have no riches!

and all they have to eat is food cubes!

Are they forcing you to say that?
Have they mistreated you in any way?

You just say the word and I'll retake their ship,
and slaughter the lot of them.

No, they haven't mistreated me...
In fact they've been trying to help me.

- Help you? ...Why?
- I don't really know!

Perhaps I like to offer choices.

- Suppose I still don't believe you?
- You might as well shoot us all...

...cause I've told you the truth.

It's been so long since anyone's told me
the truth... I don't recognise it anymore.

Take this royal pain out of my sight.

- Where is... the you know what?
- I knew you wouldn't come back just for me.

- What did you do with it?
- It's safe and sound!

- Did you swallow it?
- Swallow it? Yes! Yes!

Which means you're going to have to take me
back as I am or disembowel me here!

Don't you tempt me, fluffy!

- Am I to live or die?
- Die... but not today!

- Hurry up Crichton!
- Shut up Rygel!

Piece of cake.

- Rygel, hurry up!
- You can come in if you want to.

No no, you... just get on with it.

I don't see why you're so upset

I would have put it right back
if those savages hadn't kidnapped me.

I did wash it!

...Well, I think I did.

- Curious how you're doing?
- Much better...

Now, that I have the gauntlet back on!
...My choice!

No sermons...