Farscape (1999–2003): Season 1, Episode 5 - PK Tech Girl - full transcript

After finding the legendary Peacekeeper battleship, Zelbinion, dead in space and emptied of most of its useful technologies Crichton, Aeryn, and D'Argo find a Peacekeeper tech under Crais's...

Pilot, blast us out of here.

Agreed. We may be in
danger, too.

But there may be survivors.
Someone still aboard.

We'll drink to honor their memories
later but we leave here now.

Do we have a consensus?

- Reverse course.
- Closer.

Leave here now.

Is there a problem?


Who does that belong to?

Don't know, don't care.

It's subatomically
disintegrating, John.

No idea what's causing it.

Reason enough to stay clear.

What is that?


Transmission coming in.

Please... help us.

Power's malfunctioning.

Life support... gone.


bring that ship aboard.

But you said yourself
we may be...

Do it.

We have our consensus, Pilot.

Deploy the docking web.

Deploying the web.

Hurry up, Crichton.

Their ship's in trouble.
Come on.

I got you. Hang on.
Come on, hang on.

I'm going to check the
shuttle for others.

Crichton. There's no
one else aboard.

There's no one else aboard.

Yeah, I heard you
the first time.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut...

...a radiation wave hit and I
got shot through a wormhole...

Mow I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe

on a ship- a living ship

full of strange alien

Help me, help me...

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

...being hunted by an insane
military commander...

...doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for
a way home.

We must be able to do something.

There may be others
on that cruiser.

Not anymore.

We weren't even aware that
was a malfunction

until the phase couplers

By then, all we could do
was evacuate.

Fortunately, Matala and I
were the only crew.

Are you hurt?

Oh, no, no, no, just
a little tingly.

Must have touched a live
wire or something.

Half the shuttle's power
conduits had ruptured.

I've shut those circuits down.

The cargo's fine.

No damage to its containment.

What is the cargo?

Do you expect me to
tell a Peacekeeper?

Well, she's retired, sort of.

We have all escaped from
the Peacekeepers.

She is one of us now.

Yes. So, your cargo?

Scientific apparatus would
be more accurate.

We have been studying deep space
gravitational fluctuations.

We were on our way to rendezvous with
another cruiser not too far from here.

If you could take us there...

Of course. Our ship is yours.

You honor us Ka D'argo.

You'll need the coordinates
of our rendezvous point.

Our guidance station
is this way.

Ah. Rest and revitalize.

I'll take care of it.

Thank you.


Something the matter?



Just, I just had a, uh...

Whew, I don't know what
I just had.

Well, perhaps you need to
rest and revitalize, too.


I guess that's a good idea.

The coordinates are
now locked in.

How soon can we get there?

Pilot will let us know
soon enough.

Of course, the real
question is...

what's it worth to you?

Bearing in mind, of course, that
we've already saved your lives.

Yes, you have, and we're
most appreciative.

Then you'll want to express that
appreciation before we agree to...

No bargains.


These are my friends.


You? You've only just met them.

My friends are Ilanics, genetic
cousins to the Luxans.

Our races have been blood allies
for over 1,000 cycles.

We shall extend them every

Is that clear?

You must excuse the Hynerian.

His manners match his size.

We will reach that location
in twelve arnes.

Perfect. And the cruiser shall
reach us there soon after.

Is there anything I can offer you
in the meantime to eat or to drink?

For myself, no, but I'd like to
get Verell to eat something.

Will you accompany me?

More, Verell?

No, thank you.

So, you, Zhaan and Rygel

escaped Peacekeeper imprisonment
and commandeered this ship?

I have left out one part.

The crime for which
I was imprisoned.

Was it treason?

No. It...

Then I don't need to hear of it.

Matala and I owe you our lives.

Whatever your past, exile from
your own kind is atonement enough.

How long has it been?

Nearly eight cycles.

If you've been out of contact for
eight cycles then you haven't heard,

the Ilanic Sector is at war.

The Scorvians?


Three cycles ago, they attacked
an outlying colony.

Completely unprovoked.

Slaughtered two million

We've been fighting ever since.

Massive casualties, and
no end in sight.

And the Luxans?

Do they fight at your side?

Your people have been more than
generous with troops, armaments.

Far beyond what our mutual
treaty requires.

How can I help you now?

Luxans truly are the best
allies one could want.

Just getting us to the rendezvous point will
help the war effort more than you can know.

Get away from that hatch!

What's inside there?

We've already told you,
very sensitive equipment

that contains a cycle's worth of
complex sensor readings.

Hmm. Well I'd like to see it.

I said, get away...

Ah. You've had some training.

Care to test it?

Is there a problem here?

I was just scanning for those
broken power conduits she mentioned.

I thought that if I could identify
them, the Drds could repair them.

I never asked you to
fix anything.

Well, I took it upon myself.

Please, D'Argo, if anything were to happen
to our data, all our hard work would be lost.

Surely an operational pod is
of much more use to us...

We respect their wishes.

I do not want to see
you in here again.

Fine. I'll leave you both to it.

She will not return.

That someone would send a
cruiser with only two scientists

all the way out here
just for research?

There are many species
who seek...

Were you going to say something?

No. Well, yes.
I'm... I'm...

Sorry, I just went somewhere
else for a second there.

Uh... you were saying?

Oh. I just don't trust them.

The female especially.

Matala? W-why not?

Well, she's clearly leading
D'argo around by his mivonks

and I think she's having some
sort of an effect on you.


That's B.S.

She's an entirely different
species. We could never...

John... hold still.

You'll like this.

Hold still.

Is something wrong, John?

Something's happening and I...

Something like I've just been...

I'm just going to get some air.

We have air in here.

What is the matter with him?

He is Crichton.

Ah. D'argo.

Come in, please.

I do not want to disturb you.

Not at all. Don't forget,

for nearly a cycle my only
companion has been Matala.

Some would find that situation
most desirable.


Then you find her desirable?

Please forgive me, I had
no right to...

There's nothing to forgive.

Matala's a colleague,
nothing more.

If you want her, then by all
means, begin the Luxan chase.

I, uh...

I couldn't.

As you prefer.

It's clear she wants you.


It's so kind of you to let us
borrow your workbench.

Are you repairing something?

Uh, building something.

Could it be a shilquen?

How did you know?

Oh, I've always taken a special
interest in Luxan objects.

The workmanship is exquisite.

Your hands are quite skilled.

D'argo! It's...


Oh, uh, hi.

Friend. Crichton.

Hey can I talk to you?

Yeah. Uh...



Listen, D'argo...

Ilanics are related to
Luxans, right?

So you know all about them.

We're distantly related.

All right, well, Ilanic women...

when it comes to attracting men
do they have any...?


What? Special pheromones?

You know, body chemistry that
acts like a, uh, an aphrodisiac?

- No.
- Well, how ab... how about mental abilities?

Do they have, like, telepathic
powers of seduction?

Psychic Spanish Fly?

You know, that?

Why do you ask?

Look. No, no, this has nothing
to do with you but...

I've been having these flashes

and I'm somewhere else

and Matala's there.

All right?

You know, we're like...
getting horizontal.

Vertical. It's...



and Matala?

Yeah. I don't know, it's crazy.
I mean, are we even compatible?

I don't know but...
like... it's real.

I can feel her, I can touch her.

You are fantasizing about her.

Remove her from your thoughts.

Trust me, I'm trying.


Hey, check the attitude, pal.

She's not my type!

- Where is he?
- Who?

D'argo. Is he still behaving like
Verell and Matala's personal servant?

Personal servant?

That's new.


- Where is he?
- Who?

D'argo. Is he still behaving like
Verell and Matala's personal servant?

Did you hear me?

Yeah, I heard you fine.


You are very odd, Crichton.

That just happened.

That was real. That happened.
Which means...

I'm not hallucinating, so if...

if I'm not hallucinating,

I'm seeing the future.

Oh boy.

That's the future.

Okay, John, don't freak.

Get a grip, man.

You don't know you've come
unstuck in time.

D'argo, wait!

Oh, thank God you're okay. Look,
man, you can't go in there.

Why not?

Because Matala's in there and
she's going to try to kill you...

me... us... and stab Verell.

She might have already done it.

Crichton, you disgust me.

Do you think this clumsy ruse
will turn me away from Matala?

No, no, no. It's not a ruse.

I know it sounds crazy but...

You want her and you'll do
anything to get her.

I do not want Matala.

Would you listen to me?

Look, open your ears, or your tentacles,
or whatever orifice it is you listen with.

I think the woman is dangerous.


Where is Matala?

She just left with the
Peacekeeper, Aeryn.

I have brought you some
Contala tea.

Most kind of you.

Bring it right in.

This is not happening.
It's not...

It's just not happening. It's...

I'm glad you're joining me.

Me, too. And I'm really in the
mood for some physical activity.


Aeryn's invited me to partake in
some physical conditioning with her.

Good. That's good.
That's real good.

So you'll be down in the
cargo bay, right?

Yes. As usual.

For a while, right?

Yes. As long as she can keep up.

How is your hand?

Come, if you're coming.



Zhaan, did you see how much food
D'argo gave those Ilanics?

Well, he's not getting my share.

You've been aboard Moya longer
than anyone else except Pilot.

Your point being?

You know her sounds and
her rhythms.

Just stop and listen to her
for a moment.

All right.

Moya sounds fine.

Does she?

Not to me.

Something feels...

out of balance.

I suppose Peacekeepers don't
need to know that much.

Their females have no need
for science or culture

or even the art of
attracting males.

Unlike females who can only achieve
their goals by seducing male after male.

Guess we both have our
unique talents.


Or are we through here?

I thank you for the exercise.


The first symptoms of trouble you
had with your ship, what were they?

Verell told you.

We knew nothing until the phase
couplers overloaded.

Think back.

Slight irregularities that
meant nothing to you?

We noticed nothing.

And what does it matter now?

Our ship is gone.

Perhaps Verell will help.

I'm sure he'll be glad to help
you, when he's free.

And while we wait,
you can help me.


I'm curious about Crichton.

Far too complex, I'm afraid, for you to
know in the short time that you'll be here.

I suggest you shouldn't try.

Now, I really must speak
with Verell.

I don't blame you for
being concerned,

especially after what happened
to my ship.

You said the problem was
phase related,

and didn't become apparent until
it was too late to fix.

But it was caused by a
malfunction in our core regulator.

A subsystem that Leviathans
like Moya do not possess.

In fact, I doubt that Moya's
phase imbalance actually exists.

Probably a sensor synapse
out of calibration.

D'argo, Matala...

to interrupt these future events

I got to prevent...

I need to keep people
from-from-from seeing each other.

Must you gibber while I'm
eating, or at all?


I don't think so.

I'm on a ship of lunatics.

John, what is it?

This is going to take a
lot of explaining.

But do it in private.

We weren't here to research but
to field test a new weapon...

one that could end our agonizing
war against the Scorvians.

This weapon is so powerful that
it requires a containment field.

We didn't realize this until our
cruiser had malfunctioned.

By the time we got it working,
it was too late.

Luckily, we were able to
save the weapon.

It's in our shuttle.

Is Moya in any danger?


The containment field will
protect her and us.

Why didn't you tell me
this before?

Didn't you trust me?

You are a Luxan, but
you also are,

were, a prisoner.

We cannot be certain of your

Are you now?

We need you, D'argo.

Whatever the risk to this ship,
it must be taken.

Without this weapon millions
more Ilanic lives will be lost.

Can we count on you?


Believe me, I know how crazy
it all sounds.


Future flashes.

The concept is a
fascinating one.

Yeah, well, it could just still
be a concept, you know.

I could just be going plain
old bonkers here.

But I guess it's about time
for that to happen.

If these future flashes are
indeed occurring as you say, John,

then you could simply alter the
sequence of events and change the future.

I thought of that.

Yeah, just lock myself in my
room wait for them to leave.

But Matala could still murder Verell and
D'argo, if that's what she intends to do.

I just don't know why she would
want to kill us.

I don't know what the game is.

Oh, hell.

I'm sorry.

That's all right, John.

Zhaan, you said you didn't quite
buy Verell's explanation

for the phase imbalance, right?

Not entirely.

Well, I think it's time the old
goat spilled his guts.


You've been lying to...
to us... us.

Why would he do that?

Where's Verell?

You need to calm down.

Rest and revitalize.

I have a technique that
just might...

Back off, nature girl.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Now, you tell me what really
happened to your ship.

And why are you trying
to kill Verell?!


help me.

He knows the truth.

He threatened to tell
the others,

make them turn against me
unless I pleasured him.

Oh, she's lying! I never...

D'argo, what are you doing?


If these future flashes are
indeed occurring as you say, John,

then you could simply alter the
sequence of events and change the future.

I- I-I-I... I just did.

I just did. I changed the
future, and I made it worse!



That's all right, John.


Don't you get it?

Ge... I just had another
look into the future

and this time, instead of
Matala snapping my neck

D'argo skewers me with
his Qualta Blade.

So, according to this
premonition D'argo will kill you?

Yeah, yeah. I think the Ilanics
have turned him around somehow.

I don't know.

I will talk to him.

Talk? What, are you giving me
a character reference?!

I just felt the blade slice
through my guts, okay?!

I just found something out.

Matala is not Ilanic.
She's Scorvian.

Her Ilanic appearance must be
the result of genetic surgery.

How do you know this?

Because she fights like
a Scorvian.

The workout, y-you set that up?

You saw her moves?
So, like, you saw the...

Scorvian Neural Stroke, yeah.
How do you know about that?

Yeah, well, I saw it
in the future.

What do you mean?

Look, just... you know what?
Ask me later.

Just ask me later, when
I got more time.

Of course, I could be dead three or
four times by the time you ask, but...

Crichton's right.

We may not have much time.

If Matala truly is a Scorvian agent, then
perhaps she's only with Verell to spy on him.

No, "spy," no, no, no.


and I guarantee you, Verell's research,
it's a lot bigger than academic research

and I think that D'argo
knows about it.

Look, enough talk. I say we confront
them and force the truth out.

No, we can't do that.

No, because D'argo thinks that Verell
and Matala are some kind of Ilanic angels.

Then we separate them.

We get D'argo and Matala out of
there and talk to Verell alone.

Once he understands that we're
not the enemy, then...

Zhaan? Zhaan?

Yes, Pilot?

I thought you'd want to know
the phase imbalance

in Moya's converters is
getting worse.

If there's a problem with Moya perhaps
D'argo would be helpful in tracking it down.

D'argo, we have a slight technical
problem, something about a phase imbalance.

Can you meet us in the Command,
give us your assistance, please?

I'll be right there.

I'll lay odds, one of the
noodleheads, they come up with D'argo

and lay off this phase imbalance
as insignificant.

What if all three come up?

There's no way they'll leave
their shuttle unguarded.

One of them will remain behind.

Well, that'll be Verell.

He's not going to leave his
work. Watch.

The others are worried about
the core temperature on the pod.

The imbalance can't be

They worry over nothing.

Why can't we tell them that?

What if they don't believe us?

What if they demand to know more
about what Verell is doing?

The Scorvians are
devious but I can assure you

that no one aboard this ship
is a Scorvian spy.

Brave D'argo...

you have already proven yourself
a hundred times over.

Tell me.

Is it possible you'd ever
consider joining us?

What do you mean?

Becoming a soldier for
the Ilanic cause.

Pledging to fight by our sides
in the battle ahead.

I wish I could do as you ask.

But, um...

it's not nearly as
simple as that.

Is it because of your crimes?

Verell told me.

He and I have no secrets.

I did not tell Verell
what my crime was.

No one aboard this ship
knows the real truth.

It matters not what has
come between you and your people.

D'argo, war does not recognize
multiple loyalties.

On the battlefield,
there is only them...

and us.

D'argo, I'm waiting for you.

We should go.

I'm on my way, Zhaan.


Please, I'm extremely busy.

These data correlations demand
my total attention.

Well, I suggest you refocus
your total attention

'cause there's some crap going down
that just might be of interest to you.


Yes, crap.

Crap like I know you're not out here in
the uncharted territories doing research.

Crap like you have enemies
called the "Scorpions"

and that your trusted colleague
Matala is a spy for them,

who as best I can tell, is
dead set on killing you.

You're talking nonsense.

Yeah, well, my entire life
has become nonsense,

so I suggest you listen to me
because if I'm right,

it means that all of
your research...

ends up in the hands
of your enemy.

So, D'argo and I, we pulled you
two out of the shuttle.

I go back in and I get zapped by
some loose wire or something.

You remember that?


Well, ever since then I've been
having these time flashes.

Into the future.

Temporal dislocation.

Excuse me?

Ah... Entropic oscillations...

Anomalous phase signatures...

That would account for the
dislocation you are experiencing.

"Temporal dislocation"?

You must've been exposed to...

Exposed to what?

What you said about Matala.
What makes you believe that?

What exactly did you see
in the future?

Exposed to what?

What's in the damn shuttle?

A quantum singularity.

A black hole?

A minute particle of one, yes.

Its power and application
are unimaginable.

It is the ultimate weapon.

You capture a piece
of black hole...

and you're going to use
it as a weapon?

My species' very existence
depends on it.

If you are right about Matala,
she will kill for it.

"Right about Matala," Verell?

In what way?

Explain yourself.

What has he told you?

That you are not who
you say you are.

That you are a
Scorvian impostor.

Oh, Verell...

you can't...

Aeryn, now.

Get your ass in here!

Now, Aeryn!



Crichton, she sealed the doors.

What happened?


Matala, she's making
a run for it.

Not if I can help it.


Oh God!

If these future flashes are
indeed occurring as you say, John,

then you could simply alter the
sequence of events and change the future.

Oh, man,

it just happened again.

What did? A premonition?

I've just found something out.

Yes. Yes, we know.

Matala is not Ilanic.
She's a Scorvian in disguise.

Matala a Scorvian?

How did you find out?

He says he is experiencing
the future.

The future?

You can barely function
in the present.

If Matala truly is a Scorvian,
then she is with Verell to...

Spy on him and to kill him.

Look, I've already lived
through all this.

Well, whatever's going on I say
we confront them and force them...

Doesn't work.

Then we separate them and...

Been there, done that.
It's not going to work.


Yes, Pilot, we know.

The phase imbalance is
getting worse.

That's correct.

No, not now, Pilot.


The key is D'argo.

Okay? D'argo is the key.

As long as he is with Matala the
timeline keeps getting worse and worse.

We got to talk to him alone.

We got to get him
away from Matala.

We cannot ask him to come up to
the Command and deal with

the phase imbalance because he's
going to bring Matala with him.

We have got...

We've got to try something new.

Ready for transport, D'argo.

Hold still.

I'm sorry to disturb
you, D'argo.

But could you speak to Rygel?

Now what's he done?

He has presented a bill for the rescue
and transportation of our guests.

He intends to present it to the
Ilanics when we rendezvous.

My people would be more...

I won't hear of it.

I've explained this
to him before.

I will explain it to him again.

Excuse me.

Where is that Hynerian bandit?

Where is he?

Where is he!

Yes, that definitely solves the
containment field instability problem.

How much time until
the rendezvous?

Sooner than you think.

And you believe these
premonitions of crimes are genuine?

He is convincing enough.

We need to subdue Matala as a
precaution if nothing else.

And we need to get that shuttle
out of Moya ASAP.

Listen, D'argo, I wish to God
Matala was telling you the truth

that you could go off with her
and join the Ilanic wars.

What are you talking about?

Oh, you haven't had that

Look, Matala's going to
offer you that

to keep you off balance and
to distance you from us.

I don't believe any of this.

It's you who are trying to
distance me from them.

D'argo, please, if what Crichton
is saying is so...

Well, it isn't so!

Leave us alone.

Let me talk to him in private.

Crichton, are you sure?

There is no more to say.

Just go.


There is nothing you
can say to me...

Would you shut up and
you listen to me?!

In that future conversation when Matala
offers you to go to the Ilanic wars,

you tell her it isn't possible.

You tell her that your crime,

the crime that you were imprisoned
for, would stand in the way.

And not the crime that
you told us.

Not the crime that you say you were
in prison for, but the real crime.

The crime that you've been keeping
secret from everybody on board this ship.

How do you know that?

You can't.

Well, I do know...

and I'm telling you the truth.


Matala is the enemy.

Look, I'm sorry.

Crichton, there's a
vessel approaching.

It's the Ilanic cruiser.

We're still some distance from
the rendezvous point.

It is an Ilanic cruiser.

Or looks like one. Like Matala,
it might be Scorvian on the inside.

How fast can we starburst
out of here?

We'll be in her gun range long
before Moya's ready.

Can we outrun her without

No, but I can outmaneuver her
and keep her from a weapons lock.

Zhaan, talk to em. See if
you can distract em.

See if you can figure out
who they are.

Scorvians look nothing
like Ilanics.

If they refuse to make
visual contact.

You have your answer.

In which case, I start dodging.

Matala. D'argo, wait!

We got to play this smart.

Communication coming through.

Greetings. We regret that
our comm system has a malfunction.

Permission to dock and
come aboard?

Don't even bother
responding, Zhaan. Pilot.

I've got it, Pilot.

Verell! Stand away from her.

D'argo, what's wrong?

Who are you, Matala?

Who are you, really?

What is the meaning of this?

What are you going
to do, D'argo?

Shoot me?

If I have to.

If the approaching ship proves
to be a Scorvian vessel.

No, D'argo.

You'll see.

The coming ship,

it's Ilanic.

D'argo, trust your heart.

Your heart knows the truth.

You can trust me.


Keep back!

I'll kill him.


Shut up!

D'argo, drop the rifle!

Drop the rifle!

Kick it towards me now!

Matala, why are you doing this?

She's Scorvian.

My word as a Luxan.

My turn.

D'argo, leave it!


You try to stop her with this
thing, you're going to kill us all.

You have to trust me.

Black hole...

Black hole...

must destroy...

before Scorvians...

Pilot, I need starburst and
I'm talking right now.

All clear.



I should have seen it coming.


Little camper! You look
good, man.

Gee, what is that smell?


Tail end of a food binge,
I'm afraid.

Very difficult to stop
when you get going.

Which bit of me looks
good, exactly?

The bit that's not jumping
back and forth in time.

Food cube?

Food cube?! Food cube?!

Hey, how are you doing?

I will recover.

Yeah, when?

Do you mock me?

D'argo, I mock all of us.

You know, you're not the first to
have his head snapped off by a chick.

I do not want to talk about it.


But I'm right.

My personal life is not
for discussion.

This is a stupid question, but do you consider
your true crime part of your personal life?

I don't want to talk about it.

Crichton, I am normally unaffected
by females during a crisis.

It's just...

it has been so long.

Oh, that... I understand.

Man, do I understand.