Eyewitness (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript


All units. They'll be here
in a matter of seconds.

I'm Lars Strømme from the Oslo PD.
Welcome to Norway.

If any of you are wanted, or carrying
drugs or weapons, you'll be arrested.

Any convicts on parole will be returned
to Sweden. You hear what I'm saying?

All of you remain
seated on your bikes.

You too, Lundquist.

We know why you're here.
We're watching you.

I'll leave the rest to the officers.

-A gun? Why would I have a gun here?
-I don't see why either.

I just have to make sure
the story is true.

Where's he now?
He's not been arrested?

No, he hasn't broken the law.

He's at our house. He's terrified
that the perpetrator is out to get him.

-I'll go and pick him up.
-No, let him stay there tonight.

-Because he might be a key witness.

You have to keep it secret. I'll have
security measures in place tomorrow.

You expect us to
just sit here and wait?

How is Philip?
He was telling the truth all along.


Did you see the doctor?

I got something to help me sleep.
Have another appointment tomorrow.

Are you moving?

Looks like it.

You saw me with Mia.
But it's nothing.

-Why do you have to move?
-It's best.

I'll be closer to mom
when she moves back home.

Will you still come and see me
race in the district cup?

Do you want me to?

Yeah, of course.


Shouldn't we have someone outside?

Everyone's tied up in
a border operation.

-How are they?
-They've got plenty to talk about.

-Think they'll make up?
-They're together. That's a good sign.

We're probably
in more trouble than Henning.

With any luck,
the case will be solved soon.

Sven, as soon as it's over,
we can return to normal.

-We're about to lose Philip.
-It's all connected.

Arming for gang war

Police hit back

Hi. You were spared passport control?

Yeah. I won't disturb you. I just want
to say thanks. I'm so glad to be back.

I didn't have anything to do with that,
but I'm glad you're back as well.

Sorry. I thought maybe
it was an executive decision.

-If you're acquitted, you're acquitted.
-Well, it's a relief.

Right, I just wanted to say thank you.

We can talk later.
I've got a meeting now.

-That's okay. Are you done?

I just popped by. Okay.

Finally some good publicity.

It's part of the battle.
The boys did a great job.

Hi! Congratulations!
Oh my god.

-What's going on?
-He shot Hamit point blank.

-Executed him.
-What's with his arm?

He's in bad standing.
They've burned off his tattoos.

-Has he said anything?
-Not yet.

They called from the NRK.

No comment on Milonkovic's death.

We'll talk about the bikers
at the press conference.

I'd like you to go on the Saturday
Evening News as special guest.

-No thank you.
-It's you they want.

-We have to seize every opportunity.
-This isn't about me.

I think it is.

We'll face massive challenges
in the days ahead.

I don't think there's anything to gain
by focusing on personalities right now.

I'd be most grateful if you said yes.

We have to justify
our expenses to the public.

I guess I've got no choice.

He ran over here.

He shot him in the back.
There was blood everywhere.

I was here. By the window.

I dived down on the floor.
When I looked back up, then...

He was heading toward me.

I panicked. Stepped over here.

Got behind the door.

I grabbed the frying pan. He entered.

-I hit him in the head.
-You hit him once?

He fell down.
I hit him again. I hit him twice.

-What happened to the frying pan?
-The pan?

I ran outside and threw it away.

Then I realised that he still
had the gun in the shack.

I ran back in and took the gun,
then hurried back to the bike.

-Where was the bike?
-Back there, by the pallets.

I was about to start it when
I heard a sound from the shack.

I raised the gun
and fired at the shack.

-Have you fired a pistol before?

-Just a shotgun.
-Did he come out?


So I rode down to the river.

Threw the gun in the pool.

I was sure I'd killed him!

You've done a great job.

-Let's leave.
-I just have to pee.

-Have we got that pan?

If there's a single skin cell
underneath that pan, we've got DNA.

This stays between us for now.
There's no witness. Okay?

-What are you reading?

Helen and I are very sorry
we didn't believe you.

-I see.
-Well, we are.


I'm fond of you.

Why would we otherwise
want to have you live with us?


-They're paying you, aren't they?
-Money? Philip...

Now that you no longer have
a regular job, you need the money.

-It's normal. Everyone needs money.
-You're wrong.

Isn't it true
that everyone needs money?

Hi, Henning. Philip's inside.

-How is he?
-Better. He's up. Has had breakfast.

-Wants to go back to school tomorrow.

Can you look after Henning today?
The story mustn't leak.

-Didn't it hold up?
-Oh, it certainly did.

-I've only told the crew from NCIS.
-Don't you trust the locals?

This place is too transparent. If word
gets out, he'll be in mortal danger.

-Could the perpetrator have seen him?
-Maybe. Henning hit him pretty hard.

Amnesia or something?

He may have suffered a concussion
and forgotten what he saw.

-It's usually temporary.
-One thing at the time.

I have to get to Oslo to fix this.

Henning needs witness protection.

Nobody must understand
what's going on. Okay?

If it wasn't for you, Lars would've
been arrested by the Sarpsborg police.

Well, we've showed the bikers
we're serious. We got good publicity.

The directorate has guaranteed our
funding until the end of this month.

Is that enough?

The bean counters will back off
when we start delivering results.

I've got to take this.

-Getting a lube job?
-No, meeting your mom.


Berg Larsen is in a meeting.
He sent Strømme.

Sorry, I saw you'd called.
I've been busy.

Olle Kjøsteng still
isn't talking, if that's it.

Everything I'm about to say
is strictly confidential.

-We've found the murder weapon.
-I see. Got any leads from it?

Not from the weapon, but I've got info
that throws new light on the case.

Nobody saved the man in the trunk.

Does that mean
you've found his remains?

-No. The man in the trunk is the killer.
-Okay? Why do you think so?

Verified information.
I can't say more, though I'd like to.

-Is the Z gang involved?
-He might be one of them.

-Got a description?
-I've told you the essentials.

Before I go on, I have to clarify
a few things with Berg Larsen.

-An eyewitness?

He needs witness protection. I don't
want to publicise his existence.

I hope he can live a normal life.

We're talking about
a cold, professional assassin.

I don't think he's Norwegian, but he
knows the country, or else he got help.

Have you contacted
witness protection?

I wanted your go-ahead.

I'll make sure all information about
this witness remains classified.

I'll need access to intelligence
on potential perpetrators.

I assume you have
access to Europol's files?

Of course.

I'll see that you get it.
So this witness is capable

of identifying the killer?

Yeah, I hope so.



I sent one of our most seasoned men
to assess the security situation first.

We won't need much
as long as it's a secret.

-It's just one person?
-You don't know?

Nobody must know.
Got enough people?

We need everyone we have right now.

Just prioritise.
It's not our district.

We still have to provide assistance.

I'm thinking about Bjerke. She was
suspended, and should be kept out

of operations in Oslo for now.

It's not impossible.
But a bit risky, maybe?

-Not qualified?
-She was implicated in the case.

Oh, of course.
Well, it was just a thought.

I saw his face clearly
when he aimed the gun at me.

You must have seen it as well
when he approached the shack.

I mean, I imagine his face sometimes.

But I don't really remember it. I was
blinded by the lights from the Audi.

You have to remember.
You saw the whole thing.

Maybe I can take the shots home
so you can look through them?

Get your stuff, Henning. They're
coming to Øby. I'll give you a ride.

-Are you staying here?
-I'll be right back.

-Can I come?
-Not now. It's just for Henning.

-Hi, Camilla.

Would you like to work
a while out of town?

-Yeah. Operative?
-It's strictly confidential.

Connected to the Mysen killings.
Is that a problem for you?

No, not at all.
It's more like a vote of confidence.

It's a witness protection assignment.

Eirik Tømte is already there.
You'll leave tomorrow morning.


Rule number one is not
to speak about what he's seen.

Or even mention that there's a witness.
Everything around you must be normal.

What will people think when
you follow them everywhere?

We won't. We'll just stay close by.

It's way too transparent around here.

I come from a much smaller place
than this, so I know all about that.

Always take this with you. If you feel
threatened, if someone follows you

or tries to grab you, hit the button.
Someone will come in a minute.

-Like Superman or Lara Croft?
-Pay attention, Henning!

I don't know who's on duty today.
I think it's Lara.

She won't catch me.
I've juiced up my bike.

Let's test it. Press.

Yep. Look at this. We're here.

It's got GPS so we
can keep track of you.

But can I practice in the forest?
The district cup is next week.

-You can't do that now.
-I don't see why not.

He has to go on living a normal life.
We'll make it happen.

None of our regulars could've done it,
so that leaves us with

specially trained army and police
veterans. You'd know the scene.

But all this hinges on whether
Sikkeland's source is credible.

There's no reason to doubt it.
He didn't leave a clue on the weapon.

-It fits the profile.
-Any reason to doubt her source?

All I'm saying is that Sikkeland...

She comes from a different...

Her experience with homicide
is mostly family tragedies.

She focused on Milonkovic's daughter,
who ended up committing suicide.

It wasn't suicide.
Haven't you heard?

They've opened a homicide
investigation in Denmark now.

I'm glad she's told you.
It's not related to the quarry.

All this remains strictly confidential.

Don't give her more than we must.

Send her whatever
fits the time and profile.

I suggest we focus on
the battle in our own streets.

-Independently of Mysen.

-What's this?
-Berg Larsen? We're from NRK.

I haven't given you permission
to film here. Turn it off.

Sorry, we needed some footage of you
at work. You decide what we can use.

Step in here.

This section has officers
that can't be exposed.

-Photography is restricted.
-We've got clearance.

-No, you don't. This is a bad time.
-We just need fifteen minutes.

We'll manage to set it up this week.

You have to delete
the footage you've taken here.

Sure, no problem.
We'll take care of it.

I'd prefer
that you deleted it immediately.

It's easy to forget. I realise that.

Hi. Berg Larsen?


-Is this where you hang out?
-I eat here regularly.

When I don't feel like making dinner.

Which is pretty often.

-Would you like to sit with me?
-Sure. Thanks.

Oslo has really changed.
I haven't been here for a decade.

-Been abroad?
-Except for a year in Bergen.

It doesn't interfere
with your family life?

There's not much family life
to talk about. I'm divorced. No kids.

But you've got family?

Yeah, I do.
But you already know that.

But no husband or children,
if that's what you want to know.

-Well, I should be going.
-"Fried banana with ice cream".

-You love ice cream.

-Looks like an old Nokia phone.
-It's got GPS. Can track you anywhere.

Push the button, and my bodyguards
will come immediately. You jealous?

Careful now.

-I'll need bodyguards if I say much.
-Why are you whispering?

Maybe it's wired?

You think so?

-He didn't say so.
-Maybe he forgot.

Or didn't want to freak you out.

They'd want to know
what's going on if you're attacked.

-No way.
-Say something.

-Like what?
-I don't know.

You think he can hear you?
Try saying something.

Helen's a fucking slut!

Okay, give it to me.

Kiss... my ass!

Just drop me off at the corner.

-Let's see...
-No, I'll take it.

-Do all the girls get this treatment?

-Okay. Thanks for now.
-Nice to get to know you better.

-See you.

Hey, I don't have time to exercise her.
There's a full team coming from Oslo.

I didn't have time for a proper talk
with Philip. Don't give me that look.

I had to sort out Henning.

I know that. But Henning
has his own parents as well.

Okay, you've got children, I don't.
That's what you're saying.

-Later, Helen.
-We'll deal with it now.

-I'll go and admit we're idiots.
-Is it that hard for you?

-You know what? We did our best.
-We didn't.

-Know what he said yesterday?
-No, I'm never here.

He said we took him for the money.

-He said that?

That's mean. He's getting back at us.


You're not dealing with this now.
Get to work.

-Here she is.

Good to see you again.

I'm sorry, Camilla.

I'd love to talk to you,
but I'm busy right now.

-Well, witness protection sent me here.
-Nobody informed me.

-Sit down.

You know that several police officers
saw you in the quarry that time?

-It made tongues wag.

-I don't want any rumours about this.

But I haven't asked to come here.
I've been ordered to.

-I want a word with Berg Larsen first.
-I think he has faith in his officers.

I'd better get to work.
He starts school in half an hour.

Where were you yesterday?

-Where were you?
-I was sick.

Sick? You won't get your grades.

I still have to practice.

-Did you get it?
-Get what?

-Haven't you moved yet?
-He's not moving. He's my producer.

Check out YouTube tomorrow.

Really awesome.

I've got you a room at the boarding
house with the folks from NCIS.

-They're informed.
-Did you speak to Berg Larsen?

No, I reconsidered.

How's your sister doing?

Well, I don't know.
But thank you for asking.

The investigation team is meeting
at two. I hope you can join us.

We've had a bit of a breakthrough.
We needed one skin cell from the pan.

Now it's official.
We've got the killer's DNA.

It'll be a real breakthrough
if the DNA is in the police register.

Keep quiet about it for now.

We have a new colleague.

Please welcome
Camilla from witness protection.

Is it someone's birthday today?

In a way. We're celebrating André.

Good thing you kept Sikkeland on
the case. She's had a breakthrough.

-God knows.

-She's not that forthcoming.
-So I've gathered.

-We've sent her six possible names.
-Good. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

-Want a hand?
-As if you pump iron.

-Wanna grab a bite later?
-Don't think so. Got work.


-It's Ronny Berg Larsen.

-How nice to hear from you.
-My pleasure.

-Are you working?
-I just went off duty.

I'm stuck in Sarpsborg. Holding a
lecture tomorrow. Are you in the area?

-I'm in the province.
-At Mysen Hotel?

-The boarding house.
-I don't mean to intrude, but...

-Sarpsborg is rather dull.
-As if Mysen isn't?

-Would you like to go out for dinner?
-That sounds very nice.

But I've got to write a report.
Prepare for tomorrow.

Okay, I understand.
It was just a thought. Some other time.

But... Hold on.

-Here in Mysen?
-It's okay.

Writing reports is always essential.

To be honest, I just turned down
another invitation from a colleague.

So it might be awkward if I suddenly
turn up. Even though I'd like to.

-Do you have a car?

Are any of your colleagues
in Sarpsborg?

This guy is something.
He's jumping across the river.

He seems more likely to die in a crash
than be killed by an assassin.

You know what I'm reading these days?

Crime novels?

I'll give you a clue.
The animal kingdom.

"The Jackal"? "The Mole"?

-It's about insects.

"Distribution of Blackfly Species
in Eastern Norway." Pretty exciting.

Simulium truncatum is
a tiny, bloodsucking fly.

It's been here long before man arrived.

Why this sudden and intense
fascination with blackflies?

Secret police work.

Two guys from the university
are performing a count

in connection to their doctorate.

-Are you sure two is enough?
-We're three.

Well, I don't need to know, as long as
it doesn't sap our resources too much.

-Are you reassured?
-Blackflies have bothered man for ages.

Three officers has to be a minimum.

If you'd done any research, you'd know
that blackflies live around midsummer.

-We've reached September.
-Yeah, just rub it in.

Why don't you search for more eggs?

-You built a bridge across the river?
-Good one.

Take it easy, or you might
miss the regional cup.

What's your lecture about?



Or no. It's...

It's a secret, but...

I'm not giving a lecture.


I just wanted to see you.

I hope I'm not being too blunt.

Do you need to get back tonight?


The Danes found
foreign DNA in Zana's mouth.

Paedophile lunatic.
Are they sending the profile?

We've ordered a register search.
Any hits on the pan?

Not in Norway. Europol takes ages.

-Do you think there's a connection?
-Would he kill four bikers in Mysen,

then go to Denmark and leave
his DNA in the girl's mouth

before stringing her up in a tree?
Seems unlikely, but I'm no tactician.

Try it.

Henning Øby
regional motorcross champion

Yeah, he just arrived. I'll take over.


-Last night was great. How are you?
-Very well.

Me too.
When will you be back in town?

Well, there's no rule
against sleeping at home.

Have you told anyone about us?

No. What about you? Did you discuss it
at the morning meeting?

-They had a breakthrough yesterday?
-Yeah, apparently.

I think they've got new leads today.
It's really hectic here now.

Any results from biological material?

Hard to tell.
Sikkeland isn't giving away anything.

-Sorry, I have to call you back.
-It's okay. They've got clearance.

-What's this?
-I helped NRK get what they need.

-We almost lost the portrait interview.
-I'm busy.

-So I stepped in. Need anything else?
-Another take?

-Excuse me?
-Just kidding.

Maybe I should've been an actor.

-Henning! Check it out.
-Is it there?

That doesn't look safe.

-Wait until the headmaster sees this!
-There's more.

Watch this.

Sure it can be dangerous.
Just like ski jumping, diving,

boxing, wrestling and riding.
Lots of things can be dangerous.

I'm sure you're right,
but I have to take it seriously.

They're worried because he's their
responsibility. They're not rookies.

Then they should stop acting like it.
You said he'd live his normal life.

-It's normal for him.
-Have you seen the clips?

I'm not going to watch them.
Henning's life is all about motocross.

-He's one of the best. It's his world.
-How does Runar feel about it?

Please don't mention it to Runar.

He's got more than enough
to cope with already.

-Hi, André. I'm a bit...
-Please, Helen.

I can't believe it.

Well, Denmark matched the DNA
from Zana's mouth and the frying pan.

What did I tell you?

Bergquist says Zana was lured
to Copenhagen by a paedophile

who calls himself Nixon
via the ChatMore site.

The night after the massacre,

Zana was found on the motorway
outside Oslo, apparently in shock.

She'd evidently been
exposed to a violent incident.

She may have been with the killer
when he was picked up by the Ferrymen.

-He was naked in the quarry.
-Why'd they let the girl go?

They weren't after her. She was trying
to seek refuge with her father in Oslo.

Hamit Milonkovic.
It could be that Hamit

had a contract on the man
who was abusing his daughter.

-It was his idea of trying to help her.
-Pity you can't ask him.

Sikkeland is investigating
it jointly with the Danes.

They've proved that Zana's death
is connected to the Mysen killings.

Shouldn't we be more involved? We're
already investigating Hamit's murder.

-What's the nature of the connection?
-They say it's the same perpetrator.

I assume it's DNA.
They're searching the vice records.

Some perverted bastard?

-Two minutes?
-Yeah, come on in.

-Did you party last night?
-No, but it feels that way.

I seem to have caught
some god-awful flu.

It's going down tonight.

All the Sixers in Scandinavia
have gathered for a party.

They've hired a venue right beside
two of the Z gang's restaurants.

It's a provocation, of course.

Dammit. I should be in bed.

-Go home.

-I'll take care of it.

Yeah, of course.
Okay? Get well soon.

Thank you.

I thought it would be easier
for you to focus here.

Remember, it was dark.
The backlight from the car...

Yes, of course.
Just take your time. Relax.

If you recognise someone,
or wonder if you do,

jot down the number
of the picture, okay?

You can scroll with the arrow keys.

Sorry. Sikkeland?

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

They're very blurred.
Couldn't you hold it steady?

You try to do it. I only had one chance
when Helen was on the phone.

Do you recognise anyone?

You need to keep it steady to
get anything. I don't stand a chance.

Shall we go for a spin
on the motocross trail?

Has the bike stopped?
He hasn't moved for several minutes.

I don't think he brought his mobile.

How far has he come?
I'll go look for him.

No, I'll do it.

-What's going on?
-It just stopped.

Don't go riding without your mobile.

I left it in the bag.

Got a plug wrench?


Let's call it a night.
It's getting dark.

I've got a headlamp.

Although the police describe the party
as nothing less than a provocation,

they say they don't have
the legal authority to stop it.

They're not breaking the law,
so we can't stop it yet.

Hi. Watch this.

That's why we're present
in force this evening.

-Where's Philip?
-With Henning.

-What if Philip comes home?
-Then we'd better hurry.

-Are you drunk?
-Do I have to be drunk to want you?