Eyewitness (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

The new head of the crime squad travels to Mysen to learn about the latest progress of the investigation. According to Helen Zana's death has no connection with the investigation. Philip ...


-Why do you believe you're here?
-Because you think I'm crazy.

-You think so?
-Can I answer "pass"?

You can say whatever you like.
You don't have to answer.

Any thoughts on the murders
that happened close to where you live?


You told Sven and Helen
something about Henning.

-Can you tell me about it?

I need some Serax.

-You know anyone who...?
-Nope. Walk on.


Are you just gonna stand there?

-I need something to get to sleep.
-Valium. 20 for 1000.

Come on in.

He has to choose
whether to open up to me.

Well, are we talking about
some kind of schizophrenia?

-It can't be ruled out.
-In other words?

There are several possibilities.

Is he imagining things
or lying deliberately?

I wouldn't know after one consultation.

I've been in the NCIS long enough
to know that you've got an opinion.

Hopefully he's just trying
to test your limits.

See how much trouble
you think he's worth.

Trying to find out
how secure his life with you is.

But you don't think so?

No, I think he's overburdened by the
responsibility he feels for his mother.

He projects the problem onto
the situation you have at home.

-What does that mean?
-It means that he's unable to vent

his frustration on the right things.
Instead he takes it out on you.

Gives his emotions free rein there.
But this is far from conclusive.

He hasn't given me much insight
into what he thinks and feels.

Which is perfectly normal, by the way.
He's just been accused of lying.

We couldn't pretend to believe him.

-It was all a lie.
-Not necessarily to him.

We must discuss
the exact resources you need.

A task force should be able
to paint a much broader picture.

-What do you think?
-What you're thinking.

The murderers in Mysen
sparked the current gang war.

But cynically speaking, solving
the murders isn't the point right now.

It's vital to stop whoever
wants to return fire.

-You've got a plan?
-Yeah, I do.

-No, it's more a question of will.

I thought I'd pick you up
after school. Is that okay?


Okay, Sven will pick you up.

-I'm talking to you, Philip.
-I can walk.

I spoke to Henning.
I'm sure he'll forgive you.


That woman runs a tight ship.
She's got a sharp tongue.

Just doesn't move fast enough.

That's why we need you.

Ronny Berg Larsen.

-Hi. André Hagen.
-Ronny Berg Larsen.

I thought we'd start here,
then visit the scene later.

Sounds good.

She's been checked out of the case.
Hamit Milonkovic's daughter.

The Z gang.


Milonkovic might somehow
be connected to the Sixers.

The blast at his restaurant
took place the day after the killings.

His daughter went missing just prior
to that. But she committed suicide.

I can give you a more detailed
overview of the investigation.

-But there's not really any news.
-Well, it's a complicated case.

There's no doubt you've handled
everything by the book so far.

Well, I hope Oslo can do better.

I've never come across
a murder case with so few leads.

-Could they have left on foot?
-It's possible.

But that would mean a lack of planning
inconsistent with the other findings.

We don't know how many they were.
I also think they were in the shack.

-They took the trouble of torching it.
-Still waiting for lab results?

Well, there's hope, but we've had top
priority. Most of the results are in.

-You haven't found any DNA?
-Nothing useful.

-They covered their tracks?

Where do people in Malmö cut
their hair? You know what it costs?

80 kroner.
Where do they wash their cars?

150 kroner. Including
chassis wash and vacuuming.

People tell themselves they're doing
the poor, illegal immigrants a favour.

They leave with a clean car
and a clean conscience.

They don't want to know they're
contributing to a huge black market

controlled by criminal cartels.
Of course you know.

But the politicians can't look
further than the next election.

A small problem today becomes a huge
problem tomorrow. In ten years...

-So we should check the barbers?

Used car dealers,
car washes, restaurants.

Anywhere you can launder money.
Get the dealers, backers, networks.

-Aim high and wide.
-Get to the point.

The point is to make
a life of crime in Oslo

a bipolar inferno.

We can do it. But then I need
all the resources at your disposal.

And you can give Sikkeland more time.
We don't need the Mysen killings.

Not yet.

Make sure he gets enough fluid. Give
him a mashed banana if he gets hungry.

I think he's over the worst of it.

Hold him.


Been partying, huh?

Dancing, chilling out,
having a good time?


You don't mind others
cleaning up after you.

What do you do?

You smear shit all over me.

Then go on a binge.

-I don't know what you think I've done.

-I know what you've done.
-What are you talking about?

About how your darling girl
has sold out her sister to VG.

-For all I know, you planted that shit.
-I didn't know for sure it was there.

-But his stash wasn't in our flat.
-So you called VG?

Is that worse than fucking
your sister's boyfriend?

Not even you believe that.

You know what I think?

You wanted to punish me
because we became good friends

after he got sick of all your crap.

- Camilla!
-You think I'm wrong?

Girls! Take it easy. Let's sit down.

-Is Jimmi asleep?
-Yeah, he's sleeping.

-As if you care about Jimmi.
-Of course she does.

You haven't been home in time to tuck
him in or changed his diapers for ages.

Give him to the Child Welfare Service.
I'm sick of covering for you!

-Camilla, you don't mean that.
-I mean it, goddammit!

Let the Child Welfare Service take him.
She might clean up her act.

-She wants to take him away from me.
-Nobody will take Jimmi away from you.

Henning? Henning, stop.
I need to speak to you. Please!

-Still as talkative?
-I tried to call you. Henning!


Don't you ever check your Facebook?

-Well, are you coming to the party?

-The party at my place on Saturday.
-Yeah, sure.

But you're not bringing any
of your violent friends, got it?

Stop stalking me!

How was school today?



-Thanks for dinner.
-You're welcome.

-Where are you going?

To see Henning?

-We can't go on like this.

I'm more worried about
this thing with Henning.

I don't know if he has anyone else.

Maybe we could invite Henning
and his parents to dinner one day?

Barbecue something.
Smooth things out.

I only told them for your sake.

I thought you were
going crazy with insomnia.

-You need help. I care about you!
-Stay away from me, you stupid fag!

Hi. It's Philip Karlsen.

I'm staying with Sven
and Helen Sikkeland in Mysen.

I'm calling to say I can't live
there anymore. It's no use.

No, I can't live there.
I need a new foster family.

An orphanage. Anything.

So now we can take it a bit easier
and get back to good old police work.

-We've been doing that all along.
-Of course!

That's why the directorate knows
we don't need a task force.

This much for me.

Let's prove the directorate right.
We still have stones to turn. So...

We might have overlooked the
importance of things we already know.

Just a moment.

-So you've heard already?
-Heard what?

-Don't be so glum. It's good news.
-What are you talking about?

-I got to keep the case.
-The Child Welfare Service called.

They want an emergency meeting.
Philip no longer wants to live with us.

-They think I'm crazy.
-We don't...

I'd like to hear what Philip
has to say first. Philip?

What do you think?

I think it's a pity he...
That that's the way you feel about it.

We followed up
what you told us thoroughly.

When it turns out to be untrue,
I can't pretend to believe you, can I?

We've tried to take it seriously.
Asked a psychologist.

I'm sure we can
sort it out as a family.

-I'm not your family. I never will be.
-Sure you are. You don't have to be...

I'm a goddamn project.
A lunatic you're trying to control.

-That's not true.
-I'm lying?

It's not true, and you know it.

-Let me leave. They don't want me here.
-Of course we do.

-What now?
-Give it time.

But neither Philip or his mom care
about the limits we try to set.

You can't assume you'll like each other
just because you're a family.

It always takes time.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.

But what shall we do?

Show him that you want him here.
That you want to be with him.

If you mean it. Even a small child
can tell if you're insincere.

And what if we don't mean it?

I mean, what if another family could
improve his chances of success?

-Let's not rush things.

-A transfer is very demanding.
-Yes, but I have to voice my doubts.

What if it's just too difficult for us?
Maybe he's better off somewhere else?

I suggest you first of all find out
what you want. We'll keep in touch.

-Am I that wrong?

I can't believe you said that.
We haven't even talked to him.

-It just happened. Sorry.

-We have to openly assess whether...

-You're not on duty now, Helen.

Don't you think we have to be
open to change if it doesn't work?

No, I don't. Our job is to give Philip
such a deep and strong foundation

that he always knows where we stand.
Being a family means never giving up.

You don't know everything. Raising two
children doesn't make you the expert.

I can handle this
much better than you do.

I've got a feeling
you didn't bring me up here

to enjoy the spectacular view.

-What the hell are you up to?

Someone's trying to frame us for
the murders. They've done a good job.

But you have the brains
to draw your own conclusions.

It's hard not to think of a drive-by
shooting as a declaration of war.

Some people are unable
to control their temper.


It's only human. Specially when
someone blows up your restaurant.

Pretty obvious, or what?

-Why are you giving me Hamit?
-We want peace, don't we?

Well, he was after the wrong guy.
The right guy's name is Raymond.

But he won't
pick up the phone for a while.

You know how much energy
I waste holding my boys back?

At some point
I have to give them free reins.

We both know
the pleasure will be short-lived.

We're not the only ones talking.

There's a new broom at the police. Have
you heard about Ronny Berg Larsen?


He's going after us.
With apparently unlimited resources.

If we don't clean up our act
and cooperate, he'll win.

Is everyone ready?

Okay, our aim is to seize
as many weapons as possible.

We're also looking for someone.
We suspect they're hiding him.

The auxiliary officers from Akershus
will be briefed by the teams. Right.

Any questions? Good.

-Delta will hold the tactical briefing.
-Thank you.

-Are you okay?
-I'd say so, yeah.

All these resources...

-How long do we have them?
-Until we've cleaned up the town.


When's Oslo relieving Sikkeland?

The directorate has
decided to let her continue.

Well, it's not my call. It's about
priorities. I can understand them.

-I thought Olsen fired her on live TV?
-One could get that impression.

But that's not what he said.
He said he wanted to

review the investigation
in the light of recent events.

I don't necessarily think he sees any
connection between Oslo and Mysen.

But he knows Oslo has
a problem of national importance.

So it's full throttle tonight?

See you later.

-Hi. How long have you been here?
-Arild came by in civilian clothes.

Then two uniforms.
Lunnar came by bike, but soon left.

I think Alexander left in a car
just before you came. Busy day?

Our new boss isn't wasting any time.
We've never had more personnel.

I miss you.

-When will you get the verdict?
-I don't know.

What's happening?

-A match on the bomber.
-Really? Who?

Raymond Berg. Stig's brother.

-He's crazy enough.
-We're raiding the Sixers tonight.

Can I join you?
Voluntarily? Unarmed?

You must be crazy.

Who are you taking?

Kenneth and Ove have one team each,
with extra officers from Akershus.

You shouldn't stay here.

Go to my place.

You can pop a pizza in the oven.
Watch a DVD. Try to relax.

I'll see you when I'm done.


-I'll see you later, okay? Bye.

That thing's scorched!

I don't want it.

Damn good meat.

-Have you had a look at it?
-Yeah. What's it for?

Come on.


Show me.

-Have you tried it?

5000 V.
What's the effect?

I dunno.
The amperage is pretty low.

But enough to paralyse you.

Lock the door.

-Well, you get paralysed.


You know, I think that's
a rotten explanation.


-It was Hamit.


-It was his thing.
-What was his thing?

He's got a daughter. This old geezer's
been pawing her. She's like fifteen.

He wanted to get rid of him, but wanted
outsiders to do it, so he came to me.

And you said yes?

The thing is...

The Ferrymen owe me money.

Their two latest shipments got busted.
I didn't know why.

Turns out there
was a rat in the system.

Which puts me in
a fucking impossible fix.

My supplier wants the stuff
the cops have seized from them back.

So the Ferrymen
were gonna whack the guy?

Hamit would pay them.
They'd settle their debt with you.

The thing was that Hamit paid in coke.
Christer was the go-between.

But the cops found it
in that policewoman's flat.

-You selling Balkan shit in our name?!
-I only did it to cover the debt.

You got us into this crap
without saying a fucking word.

I meant to tell you,
but it was too late!

What happened in the quarry?

I don't know, dammit.

Christer and the guys went
to Sweden to pick up the pedo.

They were gonna whack him.

I don't know how,
but it seems he got them first.

The problem is
that Hamit wants a refund.

I'm afraid you've got bigger problems.

-You've betrayed the brotherhood.

You're dead to us.

The shirt.

-Delta's in position.
-Move in.

Armed police! Don't move!

-Armed police! Don't move!

Armed police! Get down!

-Get down on the ground!
-Get down!

Hit the dirt. Come on!

Stay there.

Right. Let's go inside.

Armed police!
Get down on the floor.

Armed police!

Get up. Get up, I said!

It's Olle Kjøsteng.
At least he's got a pulse.

Come on. Olle?

Olle. Olle! Hey!


Get an ambulance here.

How did it go?

-Did you find Raymond?

He wasn't there, but they're ready
for war. We found loads of weapons.

-What sort of weapons?
-All kinds of shit.

Like what? Automatic weapons?

Hey, I'm completely wasted.
I have to go to bed.


-What about Kenneth? Is he okay?
-He's perfectly okay.

-He asked how you were.

Sorry, I'm... Can we talk tomorrow?


What do you wanna watch?

-Which one?
-I dunno.


-You could sleep in my bed.
-No, I'll be okay here.


Know what I'll do tomorrow?
Just turn up

and demand my job back.

Good luck.

You said our new boss is radical.

You're suspended.
Your key card's cancelled.

What does he look like?
The new assistant chief?

I'm starting to regret this.
Go sleep on the couch.

-Come on.
-Why do you ask?

Can't you just answer me? Hey?

-Can you get me a picture of him?
-A photo of the assistant chief?

You're a psycho if you ask me.

-Just a picture.

You can have a picture of Riseth.

-And an old shot of my dog.
-Very funny.

Ronny Berg Larsen?

Hi. Camilla Bjerke.
I work in SO.

Or rather, I used to.

I've got three more clicks to swim.

Okay, what do you want?


I'd like to discuss my prospects with
Oslo's most radical police executive.

That's an exaggeration.

My sources have also told me
that you're suitably modest.

-Want some ice cream?
-Yes please.

-How'd you get into this business?
-You mean the police?

I'm thinking more about working in
an otherwise all-male special unit.

Well, they certainly
weren't the attraction.

SO is very hands-on.

You can get things done.

I'd like to pick up where I left off.

If I'm acquitted.

You scared I'll stick you
in passport control?


I am.

They're preparing for war.

It's our biggest
weapons seizure in years.

-Hello, Sikkeland.
-You knew Berg was missing.

But you didn't bother to tell me.
That's sabotage. We had an agreement.

What happened to mutual trust?
You refuse to share intel.

What's the point when you don't even
tell us about the obvious? You let...

Hi, Ronny Berg Larsen.
I understand your frustration.

-It's a glitch. I'll take care of it.
-But you failed to get your guy?

Yeah. Raymond Berg wasn't there.
We're still looking for him.

Keep me posted.

-Get it?
-That she's pissed off? I sure do.

So now it's tasers.

What do they want them for?

Oh, fuck.

-This is so nice.
-Yeah, isn't it?

-Like this.

Guess I haven't spent
enough time in the forest.

Well, you've made your point now.

-It was on the kitchen bench.
-Oh, thanks.

-You want a little more?
-Thanks, that's enough.

You too?

Runar, your medication...

Come and have a drink, Philip.

I just need to fetch something
from the stable.

Well, dinner's served.

-Oh, this was delicious!

-May I be excused?
-Already? Are you leaving?

Yeah, I'm going to a party.

Well, at that age, it's a miracle they
even want to have dinner with us.

Right, can we agree
when you should be home?

-I'm not going.
-I can't take anyone.

That's how it is when
you start chasing the girls.

It's every man for himself.

-It's true.
-There's no harm in asking.

-Let the boys sort it out.
-I don't feel like going.

It'll be more fun than
hanging out with us oldies.

-Just ask.
-I don't want to!

I know you just wanna get rid of me.
I'm fine on my own!

-It's not that I don't want him here.
-He knows that.

He's an ungrateful.

-Take your plate to the kitchen.
-No, leave it.

-Thanks for dinner.
-Have fun, Henning.

Take it easy, Henning!


Yeah, give me a couple of minutes.


I'll be right back.

-Right, let's toast.

That was great. Very nice.

According to the medical experts,

the marks
are inconsistent with the rope.

-So now it's a homicide case?
-As of today.

We'll need assistance
from Norway and Sweden.

I'll send her movements in Norway.

We haven't got through all of Zana's
data traffic, but what was found

might prove very interesting in the
light of a homicide investigation.

She was active
on a dating site called ChatMore.

It's all about casual sex, very popular
among paedophiles hunting young girls.

Zana was an active user. In the end
she was chatting exclusively with

a guy who calls himself "Nixon".
The chat log shows

that they arranged
to meet in Copenhagen.

What do we know about this Nixon?

Nothing. We can't trace his IP.

It's going through servers
in China and Africa.

It seems likely that the paedophile
is repeating this pattern.

I'll inform her father,
Hamit Milonkovic.

-He hasn't been very helpful so far.
-That's about it.


Hi. Are you having fun?

-Philip? Can you call me?
-Nothing but voicemail?

He might have
gone to that party after all.

-Should we drive by and have a look?

-Yeah, Henning was here, but he left.
-What about Philip?

-He might be with his mom.
-Shouldn't we find Henning first?

I've tried to call him.
Hi, it's Helen Sikkeland.

We're taking care
of Anne Britt Karlsen's son.

Has he been to see her this evening?

No? Okay. Thanks. Bye.

-So who's on duty now?

I've stopped by the party twice.

But music and dancing
isn't against the law.

-You didn't see him?

I saw Henning there, but not Philip.

There's Henning!


-Where's Philip?
-I don't know.

-Haven't you seen him?

-Will you get home all right?
-No problem.

You've now reached...

All patrols in the Enebakk area.

NSB has reported a person
on the tracks by Slitu station.

We're in the area.
Heading for Slitu station. Over.

Philip? Philip!


Be quiet. Listen.

I don't think he's here.


He's lying here!

Philip! Philip? Hey?

-Can you hear me?

Is he hurt?
Careful, careful.

I just have to lie down for a while.

-I think he's just very drunk.

Hey, Philip?

Wait. Lift him up.

-Can you walk?
-Let's carry him.

What were you thinking, Philip?

Come on.
Right. There's movement.

Hamit has come out with a suitcase.

Yes, I have a visual.

Oh, fuck!

Police! Don't move!

Get down! Get down on the ground!

Hands behind your back!

Oh my god! Oh dear.

I never expected that from Philip.

Well, give my regards to Helen,
and to Philip of course. Bye.

-They found him?
-By the railroad tracks in Slitu.

-Why was he there?
-God knows.

He's afraid there'll be even
more rumours, that he'll try to...

I don't know. Good lord.

I'm surprised they don't despair.

He might as well move out.

It's hard to fix people that age.

-"Fix"? We're not talking about a car.
-When's he leaving?

The Child Welfare Service wants
a meeting first. What if he meant to...


And Olle's not talking?


No. Keep me posted if there are
any further developments. Alright.