Eyewitness (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Someone tries to kill a motorcycle gang member near a school. A girl is killed. Crushed by the weight of secrecy, Henning does not sleep and becomes violent. Philip confesses to his mom what he had seen. In the criminal brigade, Helen and his team welcome a new chief of investigation a rather intriguing man.


Zep! Zep! Stop!

You have to come when I call you!

What's the matter? Why won't you...

Good morning!

What's the matter with you?

Who did you think it was?

-What's the time?
-Past seven. Get dressed.


-Where's Helen?
-She's left.

First to the Mysen murders.

The police suspect there may be
a link between the murders in Mysen

and the explosion at the restaurant
Exodus in central Oslo last week.

The police won't confirm it
at this point, but

NRK has received credible
evidence of a connection.

Why not talk to us
before telling internal affairs?

-That's not how it works.
-God damn you.

Camilla's specific background is
what got us this unique connection.

-At a cost.
-Before you came along.

-We could've sorted it out ourselves.
-Internal affairs can sort it out.

Sit down.

Could your dealings with Johansson
have sparked the murders in the quarry?

My God.

You're unbelievable.

After a week you still don't have
any leads, so you turn on us.

-Relax. It's a relevant question.
-Are you enjoying this?

-Does it give you satisfaction?

-You've sacrificed your own before.
-I don't sacrifice my own.

I go by the book.
By the way, I'm perfectly aware of

the rumours surrounding
my departure from the NCIS.

May we continue?

-Yeah, go ahead.

No, there...

We don't see how our dealings with
Johansson could have sparked it, no.

-Did he spend the night in your flat?
-A couple of times, on the couch.

Were you having an affair?


No, we weren't having an affair.
He was living with my sister.

-I'd never do that.
-But you let him keep a bag there?

He'd had a row with Siri. He came over.
I let him sleep on the couch.

-He left the bag.
-I don't get it.

Why didn't you,
a police officer in a special unit,

immediately inform your superiors
about the bag when he was killed?

I just know the past days
have been hell.

Week. You've had more than
a week to think about the bag.

It would appear
you didn't want it to be found.

-Can I turn on the radio?

What's happened?
Come on, let's go inside.

Helen, what's happened?

A drive-by shooting in central Oslo.
Right outside a primary school.

Critically wounding an eight-year-old.
I'm locking up my own colleagues.

I've got nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

We're going inside. There.

Come here.

I'm responsible for this investigation,
but I don't even know where to start!

Just sit down.

I have to get changed. I have a meeting
at the Police Directorate.

-Then there's the TV debate tonight.

They need a scapegoat. Oslo won't
take the fall, so they're sending me.

Okay. Get in the shower.

-Hi, Philip. Are you home?
-Yeah, they couldn't get a substitute.

-Is anything wrong?
-No. No, it's...

It's just work.

An eight-year-old girl is in Ullevål
Hospital with critical injuries

after the drive-by shooting
in Grünerløkka today.

The police suspect a link
to the Mysen murders

and the bomb blast in Oslo last week.

Wild. We were heading for kindergarten
when they suddenly started shooting.

Just like a movie. Horrible.

-Have you seen the news?

It's not our fault.
All we know is that it's one guy.

-Who were you talking to?
-It was just Philip.

-What is it?
-You been in my nightstand drawer?

-Don't start.
-I didn't take your wallet.

-My medication. You wanna kill me?
-Relax. Why would I want it?

Several pills are missing.
I keep track of them, you know.

-Have you asked mom?

-Has Philip been in our bedroom?
-Philip? Are you stupid?

If it's not you, it's him!

His mom's an addict, that's all I know.

-I'll have a word with mom.


May I borrow your arm for a moment?

Nurse, can you get him
another room right now?

-What do you mean?
-He's not safe here.

Hey, you can't just...

Hey, this is a hospital!

Are you okay?

-What do you know?

-Baklavas. Black Audi. That's all.

Yes, I wouldn't be surprised.

And outside a primary school.

Why do you think I'm here?

Someone planned this.
Where had you been?

If it's the Z gang, they
think we blew up their joint.

-Or you.
-Maybe. I was there just after.

Someone might have seen me.

Or someone's making it look like us.

-Everyone's on full alert.

If they want war,
we won't disappoint them, right?

-Good to see you again. Have a seat.
-Thank you.

-In full uniform?
-As an official representative.

Let's cut to the chase.
I don't think we can expect

much support during tonight's debate.

No. Terrible about that girl.
Any news from the hospital?


-Mysen. Give me an update.
-I don't have much.

What have you got?

Witness statements suggest
they were on a job of sorts.

They all left home at about the same
time, and left their mobiles behind.

The car was spotted in Sweden.
We think several members of the club

owed money to drug gangs
following seizures earlier this year.

But the link is unclear.
No biological clues.

The crime scene was manipulated.
We haven't found the murder weapon.

We're searching through Europol,
but I'm not that optimistic.

I can hardly remember
a crime scene with less clues.

Any connection between Mysen
and the incidents in Oslo?

It seems to be a showdown
between the Sixers and the Z gang.

The evidence is flimsy.
It could be linked to the informer.

-They're working on it.
-I know that much.

Do you have anything new? A tip-off?
Anything to soothe the public?

I can't make up stories on TV.
I have to speak in general terms.

How the pieces in
a murder investigation...

Right. Well, this is how it is:

The only representative from
the police at the debate will be me.

Oh? I was told to come.

I suspected that much
when I saw you in full uniform.

Okay. I think I've got what
I need from you. Thank you.

It's the worst possible outcome.
No one could save Nadia's life.

She became the victim of
a merciless shootout

on her way to school
in Grünerløkka in Oslo.

But mom, I'm busy with the horses.

-Don't think about it. I'm alright.
-Philip, hurry up!

It's about to start.

Welcome to this evening's debate.

Is this the start of
a war between drug cartels?

Has the police lost control
of the streets?

Kristin Bjørlo, you're a researcher
at the Police College.

How do you describe this sort of crime?
What sort of gangs are behind it?

This is obviously globalisation.

European crime syndicates
have cast their eyes on Norway.

-We're a small country...
-Great pizza, Philip.

-Is Helen on?
-Not yet.

-Evening duty?

-Yeah. You okay?

Problems at home?

I just needed some peace and quiet.

Well, it's a nice spot.

-Have a good watch.

Geir Tangen, you say that the biggest
problem is how the police work. Why?

The police seem convinced
these incidents are connected.

But then why is the Sheriff of Mysen
investigating the murders,

the Oslo PD investigating
the drive-by shooting,

and the OCS investigating
the bombing? It's a complete mess.

Almost two weeks after the murderers,
they still haven't made any arrests.

Any rational organisation would
have investigated it as a whole.

Police Commissioner Olsen,
are you too old-fashioned?

No, we're not old-fashioned.
I understand how frustrating...

Should the Sheriff of Mysen be in
charge of investigating major cartels?

No, of course not.

Let me put it this way:

The tragic turn the investigation
has taken, means that we have to

reconsider how it is organised.

Will there be replacements?


Where are you?

Hi. Come and sit down.

Did you get the sack?

-I'm still the Sheriff of Mysen.
-What a cowardly prick.

I'm sorry, but he is.
Did he warn you?

No, but I saw it coming.
It's okay.

I don't think so.

Going to work?

For now, the Sheriff of Mysen is all
that stands between us and mayhem.

-But it would feel so damn good...
-That's pretty foul language.

-Yeah, sometimes it's called for.
-You see? She's angry.

I'd like to get back at them.
Olsen. Tangen.

And that pompous ass, Strømme.
If I just had the slightest opening...

I've been... I've been thinking.

Maja. There's the race tomorrow.
I entered her long ago.

I told them we had to cancel,
but I can check, right?

You haven't seen her race, Philip.

Okay? Cheers.

Sikkeland? Yes?

Yeah, I'll come as soon as I can.


Yeah, I'm landing in Copenhagen
at ten to twelve.

I'll be at the Institute of Forensic
Medicine around one. Good. See you.

-Well, her identity is confirmed.
-She was strangled to death.

Nothing out of the ordinary besides
the cut on her arm and some old scars.

-The marks match the rope?
-As far as I can tell.

We don't autopsy suicides.
I don't know about the tissue.

When did you establish
this was suicide?

Hi, I'm Helen Sikkeland
from the Norwegian police.

I organised the search for Zana
when she disappeared after the fire.

Do you know why she ran away?
Was she afraid of something?

She cut herself with a knife.

Why would she do that?

Do you have children?


I have a son of sixteen.

I'll never forgive myself.


She runs away. Lies about
where she is, who she's with.

Doesn't keep her word.
Completely unreliable.

Her mother tries, but doesn't
understand what's happening.

-Surely she must have known.
-Not the extent of it.

Your child is completely miserable,
and you can't do anything about it.

We have to take care of Philip.

I can't sleep. Just toss about.

-As soon as I fall asleep, it's there.
-You dream about it?

-Don't you?

-Mostly the first nights.
-You see? I've got my dad's nerves.

-Is he the edgy type?
-Haven't you noticed?


I almost hit mom when she
woke me up. I thought it was him.

I almost floored her. Jesus.

But hey...

They know you were riding motocross
in the forest that night.

So what?

I was just thinking...

If you tell them you were in the shack
when it happened, alone...

Don't start.

-It's plausible. You'd leave me out.
-They'll see through me.

-But Henning, you need help.




-So how are you?
-Well, they discharged me.

-The Z gang was right.
-About what?


No! Stop it!

Let's go through it one more time.

Don't you want to talk, Raymond?
You know Olle.

-They killed my brother in the quarry.

The Z gang.

-Hamit and his guys.
-How do you know he did it?

How the hell would I know?
I overheard them.

Hamit and his guys, I told you!

They were planning something,
Steve and the others. A job for Hamit.

So Ferrymen
are doing Hamit's dirty work for him?

They picked up some guy in Sweden.

But it was a setup.
They'd planned it all along.

They just sacrificed us.

-And Hamit set it up, huh?
-Is that what you're saying, Raymond?

That Hamit set a trap for the Ferrymen?
Did you tell your boss about it?

You just decided
to revenge your brother?

Are the prospects in charge now?
What do you expect Hamit thinks?

What do you figure the Z gang
and the rest of the country think?

They think we blew up the restaurant.
Killed that eight-year-old girl.

Everyone thinks we did it.
But we didn't. It was Raymond, right?

Why the hell do you think
I've got these crutches?


Huh? Answer me!

Why the hell do you think so?!

-How well do you know Hamit?
-We both did time in Ullersmo in 2008.

Is he telling the truth?


-Was the Z gang involved in the quarry?
-I'll see what I can dig up.

Okay. Good.

Been long since
you last were on patrol?

A couple of years.

-Do you miss it?
-No, not really.


Seems shitfaced.

-And in trouble. Do we grab him?
-Not yet. Wait.

-He's not going to drive?
-Let's move in.

Block that car. Lars Strømme,
we need backup outside the Exodus.

Police! Back off.

Come on. Stay back.

-Take it easy.

-Easy now, easy.
-Come with us.

-Hey, back off.
-Come on.

-It's okay.
-He's my friend.

-Listen, officer.

Hamit's in grief.
He's lost his daughter.

-Where's my daughter?!
-Hey, calm down.

-I understand.
-He's not well.

-I can keep him from losing control.
-Forget it.

-He didn't turn up for questioning.
-Can you take care of him?

Everything points to mental problems
and suicide. We can exclude her.

-And return to scratch.
-Before we begin...

You know anything more
about what'll happen to us?

-We'll go on.
-It didn't sound like that.

No, but that's how it is.
The directorate wants results.

We'll go on.
See what turns up today.

Well, or this weekend.

-Did you know about the bag?
-Of course I knew it was there.

I just couldn't think.

Did you know about the dope?

What do you take me for?
Of course not!


-Were you having an affair?
-I'm not gonna listen to this.


I was supposed to be his controller.
But he called you every fucking time.

You didn't mind
as long as he delivered.

-That what you told internal affairs?

-You know who turned me in?

Yeah, I think so.


I disobeyed my superiors
and gave you confidential info.

You stabbed me in the back.

A reporter had got a tip.
I didn't have any choice.

-An anonymous tip?

-Who would have tipped off VG?
-One of Christer Johansson's friends?

You think so?
No, because that's not how it works.

If they knew the coke was at my place,
they'd have killed me and taken it.

-They wouldn't call VG.
-What's left? A vindictive sister?

Did she have the keys to your flat?

Why do you always have to think
the worst about people, Helen?

How do you know
I tipped off internal affairs?

You see? People aren't nice.
They're cynical and spiteful.

Did you touch the package
or anything else in the bag?


That's what I said!

Is this where you are?

I've been looking for you all day.

Did you skip school?

What is it?

I don't know.

I've never been like this before.

Is it stress, or what?

I think I fell asleep at six.

Then mom woke me up at seven.

You should see a doctor.

-Didn't you use to score for your mom?
-Score what?

I got her some pills when
the doctor wouldn't give her any more.

On the street.
But it's damn expensive.

Dad has these sleeping pills.

I pinched some.
They work like hell.

-What are they called?
-Something with an S.

-That's right.

-Henning... It's a dangerous drug.
-Can't you get me some?

-It's damn addictive!
-I can handle it.

I'm going crazy with insomnia.


It's pricey as hell.

-At least five hundred.
-I'll get it.

He doesn't show up for dinner.
Doesn't answer the phone.

-Are you expecting someone?

Jesus Christ.


Hi, Sven. Good to see you.

Sorry. I should've called, but my
phone's busted. I have to see Philip.

-Is something wrong?
-No, I got a few days leave.

-I thought I'd see how my boy's doing.
-I don't think that's a very good idea.

-Just say hello. I'm still his mom.
-I know that. But we had a deal.

You can't just show up unannounced.
You'll make him anxious.

I'd think you had other things to
worry about around here these days.

-Is he in his room?

-Have you dropped out of the program?
-No, I got leave.

Where's Philip?
Have you locked him up or something?

Sven will give you
a ride back to the clinic.

-How much have you taken?

I'm not going to get into an argument
with you about seeing my son.

I called while you were talking.
You're not on leave.



I'm not gonna
let you have him anymore.

I'll report you to
the Child Welfare Service!

Will you take her home?


What are you doing here?

I just needed to see you were okay.

Maybe we should let her come inside?

So you just left? Mom...

Are you disappointed?

Are they treating you well?

Hi, Philip.
This is a bit awkward.

-Want to come inside for some coffee?
-No thanks.

-I'll be leaving now.
-I'll just walk for a while with mom.

But you haven't had dinner.
I'll make some pasta.

-Are you hungry as well?
-Let's go.

Don't be late, Philip.

You'll be late for school tomorrow.

You can't skip school, you know.

Hey? I'm alright now.

It's no problem, mom.

Let's go home.

How did I ever get you?

I'm amazed
you still know how to do this.

You act like it's okay.
The boy we're taking care of

is drifting about with his stoned-out
mother. It's fascinating.

-I'm not going to take it.
-I don't think it's okay.

-Careful, now.
-No! Goddammit.

-"Don't wait up."

"Don't make a fuss. I'm okay."

-We're losing him.

Well, we are.

-Hello! Hi.
-You okay?

-Yeah. And you?
-The tram's coming.

We'll talk later. Bye.

My son's got brains.

I could've been your girlfriend!
You're that mature.

-Where are you?

-I'm on a tram.



What's that smell?

You left food out?

The fuse has blown.

Just get the crap out and wash it.


Isn't it good to be home, Philip?

It's going to be alright now.
I can feel it.

-Mom, you'll complete the program.

-I'll go back tomorrow.
-We'll go back tomorrow.

-I'll tell them why you left.
-Relax, will you?

I'm not that helpless.

-You can trust me for once.

Don't lose your place at the clinic.
The waiting list is endless.

-I'll explain to them why you left.
-Why did I leave?

Bad things have happened

close to where I live.
Helen's the local sheriff.

The tragedies in Oslo
have made you even more worried.

-I really just wanted to see you.

Just because you worried about me.
Or else you'll lose your place.

-But Philip...
-Do you get it?


What's the matter?

Did he break your heart?

-What's going on here?
-We closed at noon. For the ceremony.

-To welcome the new assistant chief.
-Is it closed?

-For the ceremony.
-It's not before three.

-That's what they told me.
-Right. We'll see if he's worth it.

-Got it?
-How did you know I'd be here?

You wouldn't answer the phone,
so I talked to Sven. Get any?

-Hello, guys.


Answer me!
Wasn't a thousand enough?

-No, it wasn't.
-How much do you need?


-Is she back at the clinic?

-It's okay.

-But the next time...
-She's staying there.

I wouldn't mind inviting her to see us,
but what happened yesterday...

Where are we going?

Have you forgotten?

Get past him in the curve!


I can get 2000 more tonight.
Is that enough?

-We came third!
-Our best result ever!

What's the matter?

Is it your mother?

-Henning saw everything.
-Saw what?

In the sand quarry.
He saw everything.

Tell me.

Henning wasn't riding motocross down
by the river the night of the murders.

He saw everything. He was
in the shed to fetch some gas.

-He saw everything?
-When did he tell you?

He didn't come to school the next day.
I went to see him.

That's when he told me.

He said that
a man was being held captive.

He managed to get loose.
Suddenly he had a gun.

First he shot everyone.

Then he planted
a bullet in every skull.

Then he approached the shed
where Henning was hiding.

Henning hit him in the head
with a frying pan and ran off.

-Why hasn't he told us anything?
-He's scared shitless of testifying.

Is that why you haven't told us either?

Henning didn't want me to, but it's
driving him mad. He can't sleep.

He's afraid the lunatic will kill him.
I don't know what he might do.

-You don't believe me.
-No, I'm glad you're telling me this.

-Henning's seen him. Can identify him.
-You did right.

I'll talk to Henning.
There's no need to feel guilty.

-He's too scared to admit it.
-I can still talk to him.

-I can prove it's true.

After Henning knocked him out,
he took his gun as a precaution.

When he reached his bike,
he heard a sound from the shed.

He pulled out the gun
and fired it at the shed.

Then he threw the gun into the pool
by the waterfall. I saw it lying there.

It's there, but you can't see it.
We piled rocks on it to hide it.

It's right there. There.

He started his career
in the Army Special Forces.

After police college, he joined the
emergency response unit as a sniper.

His career soon took him abroad, first
as Scandinavian liaison in Bucharest,

then as UN police officer in Kosovo,
before joining Europol in Berlin

as a narcotics investigator.
After many years abroad, he's returned

to head the Organised Crime Section
of the Oslo Police Department.

Please give a warm welcome
to Ronny Berg Larsen.

Thank you very much.

Sounds like I come straight
from the tourist industry.

I don't think
international operations

are more important than serving
in your own country.

This said, I remain convinced
that international cooperation

is the key to combating organised crime.

Don't worry about resources.
That's my job.

The gang war in Oslo resembles
the one in Copenhagen in 2008.

We need to make some arrests.
What have we got?

-The local sheriff has the murder case.
-I only know what's in the papers.

We lost our best informer.
They've got squat.

It's ridiculous to let that woman
handle it. The Sheriff of Mysen.

-We'll give you the resources you need.
-They've got no leads? DNA? Prints?

The only clue he left behind was
four dead bodies and a burnt out car.

-And the weapon?
-No luck yet.

-Who tipped you off?
-I can't tell you yet.


I'm not Superman either.

-So nothing of this is true?

Besides throwing rocks in the pool?

We've done that a few times.
It makes quite a splash.

-Why would Philip lie about this?
-I don't know.

He does weird stuff sometimes.

Maybe because of
what's happened to his mom.

By the way, how is she?

-Did you find it?
-Let's sit down.

You didn't find it?

-What do you think?
-About what?

It's buried under a pile of rock.

It's my fault. You love your mom.
I'm not trying to compete with her.

Why this talk about my mom?
You think I'm lying?

Well, it's not there.

Divers have searched
through the entire pool.

-Then Henning's taken it.
-Laila say he hasn't left the house.

You believe that, and not me?

You're not always truthful. Last week
you said it was your mom's birthday.

You said the battery
on your mobile was flat.

-Hey, what's this?
-I'm leaving.

-Where to?
-I'm moving to Henning.

Sleep on it.
We'll discuss it tomorrow.

-I have to speak to Henning.
-Philip! It's midnight.

-Has he gone to bed?

What shall we do?

About Philip?

He's more scarred than we thought.

He's a good boy. Don't forget that.

He sincerely believed his own lies.

He confuses fantasy with reality.
It's not that unusual.

He needs to be examined.
By professionals.


I'll try to get him an appointment
with the school psychologist.


I don't want any rumours to spread.


Not right now.