Eyewitness (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript




-Hi, it's me.

I think I've got the flu. I took some
pills and went to bed. What's the time?

Half past twelve.
Would you like me to come by?

-I need to talk to you. Can I come?

-I'll be with you in ten minutes.

-How long was he under?
-About seven minutes.

-Any external injuries?

No bullet wounds?

-Abort scanning!
-Cardiac arrest! Annie, Berg!

Two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


-Have you spoken to Korell?

Something terrible has happened.
We're going to lose him.


The guy we're supposed to protect.

No! No, no, no...

Everything I touch, dies.

First Christer.

Now this.

Think like a loser, and you'll be one.

Get over it.
Focus on the future.

What the fuck is that?

A special forces survival strategy?

I want to see
the determined girl I fell for.

-Okay. Maybe there's more to me.

There's more to us all.


Well, no news means he still alive.

When the doctor arrives,
I guess it's over.

Right, all I know is
they're still working on him.

-Shall we get some air?

Is he gonna die?

He's in very bad shape, Philip.

There's little we can do here.
You did the vital part.

-Was that the doctor?
-He needs to see Runar and Laila.

-Is he dead? Tell me the truth.
-He's not dead.

-I'm staying here with Henning.
-You can't.

No! I'm staying!
Nobody else will take care of him.

Come on, dammit! Come on!

You goddamn pussy!

-Congratulations on your new job.
-Thank you.

We've had six murders in the region
in just over two weeks. What's going on?

It's a chain reaction.

International cartels have
cast their eyes on our country.

We've got plenty of money,
but few tools

against this sort of brutal
and ruthless crime.

-Have we been too naive?
-That's not for me to say.

The question is what we can
do about the current situation.

I think we can do very much.
The Norwegian police is skilful,

and as opposed to many other
countries, there's no corruption.

We can basically solve everything,
provided we have enough resources

and political will.

-Well, you can let yourself out.
-Thanks for your valuable time.

-You can look forward to Saturday.
-Hope it's okay.

I don't think you have
much to worry about.

Becoming a celebrity?

-Last night went better than feared?
-Lots of arrests, but no scandal.

Olle Kjøsteng is
tired of sitting in custody.

-He hopes to trade off his old club.
-What does he want?

-Transfer to Halden. Full isolation.
-For what?

A trailer packed with dope
on the way in.

Hi. Lara Croft.

-No, Angry Birds.
-Oh, that. I mean...

Henning said
you called me Lara Croft.

-Are you a cop?

I just want to say that we're here,
looking after him.


-Have you been here all night?

Have you had any sleep?


Have you shot anyone?

No, it hasn't been necessary.

But you would if you had to, right?

-Are you and Henning best friends?

He's lucky to have such
a good friend as you.

Are you married?

-No, not married.


-Same here.
-Nobody knows?

-Well, mom.

No, I'm Sven and Helen's foster child.

Mom's in rehab.

What about your father?

I've never met him.

Me neither.

My father, I mean.

I have to take this.

-Hi. Are you on duty?

Yeah, at the hospital.

-How are things there?
-Machines are all that keep him alive.

In the worst case, it's just

a question of time.



Are you awake?

You're in hospital. You crashed
in the river with your bike.

Do you recognise me?

-What the hell are you doing?
-He's awake.

Henning, are you awake?
Are you awake?

Henning... Henning!


It's beating again.

-Get him out.

Groping a kid who's on the brink
of death! Henning isn't gay!

-Just so you know!
-Take it easy!

Don't fret about Runar.
It wasn't your fault.

-Why didn't you say anything?
-Can't get through to him now.

-He's scared as well.
-Will I see Henning again?

I'll have a word with Laila.

You saved his life.

And he saved mine.

-Let's go.
-He saved your life?

I promised Henning not to say anything.
But now Runar knows.

Knows what?

We are...

We're in love.

Listen, Philip. Hey?

I think that's really great.

Can we talk to Helen?

He saw me.
Aimed the gun right at me.

I looked straight at him.
I thought I was going to die.

Suddenly he staggered, then collapsed.

Henning stood there with the
frying pan, yelling, "Get out of here!"

He saved my life.

Henning didn't get a good look at him,
but I'd recognise him.

He was on the train the next day,
when I went to see mom.

-And you haven't told anyone?
-I promised not to.

Don't you believe me?

Of course I do.



Are you avoiding me?

No, it's been busy at work.

-Did you let yourself in?

I was worried when you
didn't answer my messages.

-It's just been too hectic.
-So what's this?

-Trying to make up with Siri?
-Uh, no.

I've met someone.

Okay. Wow.

Who is he?

-We only got together recently, so...

Okay, that's alright.


Maybe you don't need
to keep the keys any longer?

No, that's...

-But hey...

You're not mad at me?

No, why should I be?

-It's not like we're together.


Have fun.


Take it easy.

It's enough now. It's enough.
Helen, listen to me.

There was no way you could solve it
without knowing about them.

I've had enough.

-I want out of the investigation.
-Calm down.

I don't want Philip
to be used as an eyewitness.

Just look at Henning!

-That lunatic isn't far away.

In Norway. Maybe here in Mysen.
We have to get out of here, Sven.

He's an incredibly sweet,
vulnerable boy.

Won't leave the hospital
until his friend wakes up.

-He's Sikkeland's foster child.
-She has a foster child?

His mom's in rehab.
Substance abuse issues.

-That's quite a challenge.
-It's very generous of them.

He's worried about his mother,
that she'll leave the program.

I recognise a lot of it from my sister.

-A dandelion child.
-Like you?

-Where are we going?

-Who lives here?
-Ingrid and Geir.

Ingrid is Sven's daughter.
They're in Greece.


You can use the guest room, Philip.

-Let's see...
-Can I have my mobile?

-I'm keeping it.
-Mom gets anxious if I don't answer.

No, I'll get you another
phone tomorrow.

A mobile leaves an electronic trail.
Try to get some sleep.

How long do you expect us
to go on like this?

-You can't walk away from the case.
-I didn't expect to hear you say that.

But we don't have any choice.

You can't leave it to others without
seriously endangering Philip.

-No thanks.

Europol checked
the trailer in Switzerland.

It was carrying olive oil to Stockholm.

-Now it's rerouted to Oslo.
-Who told Olle about it?

-No, Olle kept tabs on the Z gang.

The Sixers are planning to hijack
the shipment. Olle doesn't know.

I was informed by someone else.

-What's the time frame?
-It's due to arrive tomorrow morning.

We need to start trailing it at once.
We need Delta, central ops, a chopper.

It'll spice up the portrait interview.

-Have you heard from the hospital?
-Not yet.

-Remember what I said about mobiles.
-When do I get that new phone?

Here. Look.

-You paid money for that?
-It's cute. A bit retro.

The advantage of
an old phone is that

you can only call
and send text messages.

-The ID's concealed.

-You can make calls, but not take them.
-I don't have my own number?

-Let's go to the hospital.
-Not today. Helen has to work.

-We'll stay here.
-No, I have to see Henning!

-And I promised to visit mom.
-You can't see Henning.

I have to see him!
What about a personal alarm?

I don't think he crashed by accident.

-But it's my life!

I'll handle this. Go to work.

-How's the witness?
-Not good at all.

-We need to speak in confidence.
-So I gathered.

The killings in Mysen and Zana's murder
were done by the same hand.


The murder of Zana Korda
was disguised as suicide

in the most skilful manner.

I'm afraid the motocross accident
was an assassination attempt.

I see your point, but the person was
in a witness protection program.

The evaluation concluded
that it was an accident.

That's why I wonder if the killer
has access to confidential information.

With full access,
he'd be able to pull it off.

Are you telling me that someone on
my team is leaking confidential info?

Is it that unthinkable?

It's easy to get paranoid when things
heat up, but I don't quite follow you.

Motocross is dangerous,
specially in rough terrain.

I've seen his videos on YouTube.
I've also heard

he'd been taking
sleeping pills lately.

I see.

-Let's assume the killer is this smart.
-Well, let's say we do.

First you have to come up with a single
clue indicating it wasn't an accident.

-Do we even think he's still in Norway?

He was spotted in the area
the day after the killings.

Based on what? A drawing?

-Are there other witnesses?
-I've enough to nail him if he's made.

-Any news?
-He remains stable.

The doctors hope to bring him
out of the coma tomorrow.

-Isn't Philip here today?

He probably needed sleep, poor thing.

Hey, where you keep
the GPS units when you're off duty?

In a safe place.
We've got strict routines.

No friends, no acquaintances know
where you've been assigned?

No. Is there a leak?

I don't know yet.
Are you using your private mobiles?

Why do you ask me?
Shouldn't you speak to Korell?

I'm in charge of this investigation.
I decide who to ask.


-You expect me to drag this around?
-It's my satellite phone. Untraceable.

I've got surveillance
footage from the station.

I'd like us to look at it together.

I've arranged for you to meet
your mother later this evening.

I need to talk to you


Can I come in?

Hey? Hello?

-What's the matter?
-You tell me.

Sikkeland started questioning me about
surveillance equipment, possible leaks.

Who knows about our routines.
Am I paranoid, or doesn't she trust me?

-Did you mention us?
-It's no secret.

I told her how you came
to Sarpsborg and...

Come on, hit me!

What the fuck was that about?

Even if I'd said something,
what the hell would justify that?

I'm sorry.
I lost a very close friend today.

An American I served with
in Afghanistan. He saved my life.

He was shot and killed in Rio today.

-Police officer?
-He was a security contractor.

I should go to his funeral,
but there's no way I can make it.


I'm sorry.

Take your time.
We can slow it down.

Stop. There! Stop!

That's him.

Okay. Rewind.

-Are you sure?
-I can tell by his clothes.

He hid his face on the train,
but I saw his reflection.

He got off in Ski. He could've taken
the train to Gothenburg. Good, Philip.

Great work.

Sikkeland is a strange woman.
Taking in a foster child.

What was his name again?
The dandelion child?


-You think there's enough meat?

-Is he the only one who visits him?
-Besides his family, yes.

Maybe there's more to it.

I think they might be sweethearts.
It's just a feeling.

What was his name again?

-I told you so five seconds ago.
-Yeah, Philip. Philip Sikkeland.

His name's Karlsen, not Sikkeland.

I tried to call you. I guess you've
got your hands full with Henning.

-My phone's broken. It's in the shop.

Cut it out.

-Henning's in hospital.

He crashed with this bike.
I'm sure he'll be okay.

-Was he wearing a helmet?
-As always.

-You sure he'll be okay?
-Yeah, he just has to...

He'll recover. It'll be okay.
I knew I shouldn't have told you.

Now I've made you worried.
You have to focus on your treatment.

Promise me you will.

I've borrowed a phone.
Here's the number.

-Don't give it to anyone, okay?

-Just do as I say, alright?

-It's too risky.
-I have to see him.

We know you want to see Henning.
You're afraid he'll die.

You're going through hell.
Sven and I are also scared.

-But I'll take the risk!
-I can't let you, Philip.

We won't back down on this.

Judicial register

We're tracking the shipment
and ready to assign the units.

-Four mobile units. Riding with me?

No, I'll take a separate car,
but I'll be on your frequency.

Okay. Fine.

We'll stay in touch.

Fine — drug possession

Mom! You have to help me.
Meet me at home. Hush-hush.

The phone is switched off or...

-Did you knock on Philip's door?

He's probably still mad at us.

Philip? Breakfast!




Hi. Are you alone?

Yeah, Sven dropped me off. He had
to pick up something for the horses.

-Have you got Angry Birds?
-Yeah, it's completely addictive.

I broke mine, so all I've got
is this stupid replacement phone.

Long time no see.

-Is Runar here?
-No, just Laila.

I'm glad you're here, Philip.

-Can I borrow your mobile?

Helen called.

I thought she would.
I'll call her later.

Don't bother.
She'll be here soon.

-Is she furious?
-If she's furious?

-Did you run away?
-Is that what she told you?

No, she didn't say so,
but I got the drift.

Is it ringing?

Good to hear from you.

-It's Philip.
-Are you at the hospital?

-I know who the killer is.
-Have you seen him?

It's Camilla's boyfriend.
I saw his picture.

-You're not kidding now?
-No! Sven, can you hear me?

-I believe you.
-Where are you?

-Just outside the reception.
-Go inside and wait for us there.

I'm not well, Philip.
I've left the clinic.

Come home, my boy.
Mommy loves you.

Hi, it's Philip Karlsen,
Anne Britt's son. May I speak to her?

Where was she going?

Thanks. Are you heading for...

Relax. It's no use.

Search here. I'll go upstairs.

-Is Philip here?

-No, he took off.
-You don't know where he is?

-Have you tried to call him?
-You got a phone call.

-Who was it from?
-Oh, that. That was private.

-Can you tell me who called?
-Why do you want to know?

-A boyfriend?
-What's this about, Helen?

Philip called me just afterwards.

He had a... reaction to
a photo on your phone.

Do you have a picture of the caller?

Camilla, show it to me right now!

Well, it's not official yet.

So this witness is capable
of identifying the killer?

Are there other witnesses?

...capable of identifying the killer?

Where's Berg Larsen now?

-What's Philip told you?
-Is he here?

No, he's leading a major bust.
What's he told you?

Henning wasn't the only witness.

Was Philip there as well?

I know it sounds absurd.

That Ron's the killer?

Yeah, that is absurd, Helen.

My god, that's...

Former elite soldier.
Full access to intel.

He went straight for Zana.
Have you mentioned Philip to him?

No. Ron never asked me
about my work!

-It's absurd!
-Have you said anything?

No, I haven't said
anything about Philip.

-Any news?
-Philip's mother sent him a message:

"I'm not well. I've left the clinic.
Come home. Mommy misses you."

Check her phone traffic too.
He's with his mom.

-Not a word about this!
-No, I promise.

Ron, are you nearby?

Ron, are you in the area?

Ron, get in touch with Lars.

Ronny Berg Larsen,
do you read me?

I've tried to wake her up.
I'm her neighbour. Got a spare key.

Anne Britt? Anne Britt?

Anne Britt, can you hear me?

Hi, what's happened?

-Has anyone seen Berg Larsen?

-Camera ready?
-Two minutes.

K06 to all units. The trailer's
in a garage in Vollaveien 4.

-Call the chopper.
-Sure thing. K01 to Heli...

Strømme calling Larsen.

Ronny Berg Larsen,
do you read me?

Berg Larsen responding.
En route to scene.

Anne Britt, do you know
where Philip is?

He wrote something terrible
had happened. Is his boyfriend dead?

No, he's not.

-Did the message come from his phone?
-I don't know.

Where's my... My handbag?
Where's my handbag? Thanks.

My phone. I was attacked
in my own apartment.

Did you have Philip's new mobile
number on your phone? Did you?

Give me a break!
It's my son we're talking about.

I have to find him. Dammit!

-He stole my phone!
-Who did?

I don't know.
I didn't see his face. Dammit!


Anne Britt is a medication addict,
not a junkie. Someone set her up.

-He's used her phone to trap Philip.
-No, that can't be.

Oh my god.
I was the one who tipped him off.

He's known about Philip
since I talked to him yesterday.

He's going on TV tonight.

-He has to remove the witness.
-Is Philip already dead?

I'm not sure.
He's a perfectionist.

He'll need time.

He makes his murders
look like suicides or accidents.

He might hide Philip until he's ready.

Oh my god.

If Philip hasn't told him
what we know, he'll feel safe.

-Let's go to the police headquarters.
-I'll stay here in case Philip comes.

I know it's Saturday.
Who's acting Chief of Police?

It's Ronny Berg Larsen this weekend.


-Is he in?
-He's out of office.

-It's important. Where is he?
-I can't tell you.

Sure you can. I've got info he needs to
make an arrest in the Mysen killings.

-You heard me.
-Sikkeland, I can't...

Can you just tell me where he is now?

-I'll send you his GPS position.


Hi. Do you remember me?


Have you seen this man before?

Cardiac arrest!

One, two, three, four, five...

Sorry, something came up.
Give me an update.

A Toyota HiAce has joined the trailer.

-Polish, registered to Anna Kowalski.
-We've waited long enough.

-I suggest we go in.
-No, wait.

Volvo in from the right.

What's Helen Sikkeland doing here?

She'll ruin the bust!

-Move in. Move in!
-Where are you going?

Okay, prepare to move in!

-Berg Larsen? We need to talk.
-You're about to ruin the operation.

Philip is missing.
The eyewitness. My son.

I'll do anything to get him back.

Nobody knows about this yet.
We can cut a deal. Okay?

-Do you believe what you're saying?
-I know. You know I do.

He recognised your face. We have DNA.
With your network, you can get away.

-I'm not wired. I know who you are.
-You realise how serious this is?

Leave the country.
I'll give you an alibi.

-Just give Philip back to me.
-Have you gone mad?

-Drop it, or I'll shoot!

Ambulance, now! Ambulance!

Helen! Hold on!


Camilla! Compress!


Philip. He's got Philip!

Camilla SO to Heli. A grey Toyota Camry
just left post B. Can you locate it?

Copy that.

Oh my god. We're losing her!
No, no, no. Helen!

Where's the goddamn ambulance?

Helen? Helen!

Heli 03 has visual on Toyota Camry.

It's heading for the forest.
We'll lose visual.

Give me a GPS position.

The car turned onto a forest road
at coordinates 59:55:49-10:55:22.

I repeat: 59:55:49-10:55...

-A joint.
-One joint?

Half a fucking gram of hash.

-That's all.
-Goddamn you, Olle!

Okay, where the hell is he?
Has anyone seen Berg Larsen here?

I need assistance
at GPS position 59:54:40-10:54:28.

Ron's the killer. He has Philip.
I'm going after him.

No, don't do it! Camilla!

I've found Ron. He's dead.

It's over, Philip. He's dead.

Didn't you know?





Does it hurt?

When will you come back home?

In a week or so, the doctor says.

-How's your mom?

She's still at the clinic.

And Henning?

-So he's dead?

He's dead.


Why did he commit suicide?

-Helen pushed him over the edge.

-You mean Lara?
-No, Helen.

She was awesome.

I heard everything.

-Hey, you know what I dreamt?

I dreamt you'd got yourself
a motocross bike.

Sometimes I dream the weirdest shit.

Subtitles: Erik Groenvold