Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Agency employees and spouses will be invited to the motivational camp this weekend along with other agencies where the brand works. Sanem will have to join this camp with her 'fiancée' Osman.

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Facebook Group: Dizi Community Instagram: @DiziCommunity

The dreamer

Miss Sanem.

I go.

But everyone is here, the party is still going on.

This party is over for me.

Miss Sanem.

I would like to speak with you about your interest in perfume.

In every fairy tale there is a voice whispering to us in the dark and dangerous forest.

The kings of evil, in all their charm, propel us into this dangerous adventure.

The princesses went with the evil kings, knowing that they would break their hearts when they entered the forest.

Where is my place in this fairy tale?

Do I accept what fate will bring me?

Or will I go with the evil king who will break my heart?

Mr Can.

Wait a minute!

Mr. Can, wait a minute!

Mr. Can, can you please stop?

Brother ... YDY 246.

Mr Can, one second. Can you stop?

What is wrong with you ...

This man can't touch you and look at you like that.

He can't bother you.

But nothing happened, that is ...

We were just talking.

You also haven't signed a contract with Mr. Fabbri.

Leave it like that, leave the contract unsigned.

Because it's not more important than you ...

I mean ... it's no more important than my employees.

It means ...

This isn't just about you.

Is it true?

Why are you defending me?

There is no need to protect and defend me.

Besides, I know how to defend myself.

And apart from that, nothing happened.

If you're going to fight for the rights of all employees ...

... you'll never get a contract, I'm just telling you that.

You always

... act badly on them and then leave.

We have to get back.

We won't be back. Are you coming

All right, I will.

After all, I don't understand anything at events like that.

Where are we going

I had to go to the studio to see the pictures.

My photos?

Yes, your photo.

But first, are you hungry?

Yes, I am very hungry.

When I'm around you for some reason, my stomach growls.

Is that normal or due to psychological factors? I do not understand

Okay ...

It didn't happen from hunger, but that's okay ...


How about the tastiest roasts in the world?



Of course, you are also hungry.

When it comes to meat, I'm always hungry.

"Deren's Call"

"Brother is calling"

What do you want, Deren? What?

My brother called me.

I can't believe it! He didn't answer!

Maybe because we all called at the same time? That's why the line is busy.

What are we going to do? Should we hang up?

We can't keep the meat waiting.

Otherwise they will disturb us while we eat.

We can, let's hang up.


I hang up.

Yes, me too.

But didn't your fiancé, who we haven't met, said something?

Isn't that going to cause you trouble?

This mysterious groom ...

He ...

My fiance ...

In fact, he was like a friend - fiancé.

Our commitment is honest.

Friendly engagement?

Based on trust ...

... involvement.


I think I understand.

No, what do they have in common?

What did he do with the underlings? Sorry, I don't mean you, but Sanem.

What can he do with Can?

What's your sister, Leyla ?!

Miss Deren what are you saying?

We all see: Mr Can took Sanem's hand and took it from there. What's Sanem's fault here?

I'll call again.

Do you know what I think happened?

Sanem did something there. Okay?

And Mr. Can, a real man, had decided not to embarrass him among so many people ...

... he took her out and as soon as they left he fired her.

They go hand in hand, Ceycey! Hand.

In your opinion, is he going to fire her?

We're talking about Mr. Can. You never know what he will do.

I'm really crazy!

We haven't signed a contract yet. He threw big companies in the basket. What is this guy doing?

Call me, Güliz! Call until he answers.

Miss Deren, maybe she came home? I will go home ...

Ice ...

Mrs. Deren, I'll ask you something.

Where could Pak Can go so suddenly?

He probably has something really important. I don't know right now, but ...

I am very curious, what could be more important today?

You are absolutely right!

I'm talking to Miss. Sanem, and he suddenly takes her out and leaves.

He put me in a very difficult situation. I mean, really ...

This is very sad. I swear, you know better.

Mr. Fabbri, I'm sorry. There may be some misunderstanding.

I don't know exactly what happened, but my brother will explain everything.

What could be the misunderstanding?

What is wrong?

Only one thing.

As it turned out, he didn't understand who he was talking to.

Madame Mine, we'll do it ...

We will sign a contract with ...

We will sign a contract with Mrs. Aylin, okay?

Have fun!

Let's go now.

My brother did what he wanted again.

Aylin will receive a campaign!

I will fire Sanem tomorrow!

Enough! Enough!

What's the girl's fault? Everyone wants to fire him! Enough!

Am I wrong

I will handle everything.

- I'll do it now. - Ceycey!

Ceycey, don't you dare! Come over here!

You know, I work with Mr. Can. He's always been like that.

Yes, that's a lot of bad luck.


Yes, hello

Ceycey, excuse us, we're talking personal matters here.

Is it true? If Mr. Can was here, he would also talk about personal matters.

But he's gone. Why? Because he has personal reasons.

My dear, let's go.

Hold on, I have to say something.

They are a couple!

- (Scusa) Sorry? - (Scusa) Sorry?

Oh, yes!

Evidently ...

Mrs. Sanem and Mr. Can is a partner.

They have a dispute today.

And when you went to talk to Mrs San ...

... Mr Can is a little nervous.

Can I explain this? Because there is great love between them, so great!

It is great love!

You must understand this better than anyone!

Amore! Amore!


Incredible, extraordinary love.

But that's not the point, is it, Mr. Fabbri?

Wait, wait a minute, miss. Aylin

So Mr. Can you misunderstand, right?

They are fighting for me, right?

Not cool! It is a sin! Can you do it?

You dance with the woman ...

You tell him, "What perfume, what a delightful scent." Mr Can gets jealous and leaves!

Otherwise, it won't disappear!

Alright then ...

Please, when Mr. Can call ...

... give me my apologies, okay?

Look, I was just talking to Miss. Sanem ...

Of course! There was a misunderstanding, and that's what happened.

By the way, you won't fail to accept our work because of this misunderstanding, right?

We get along very well, Mr. Fabbri!


Our contract is in progress, isn't it, Mr. Fabbri?

But ...

Mr. Ceycey, all right, all right.

- good? - Please, let go of my hand.

Mr. Fabbri.

- Ceycey. - Mr Fabbri.

"Mr. Ceycey, can you let him go?" - But ...

- Ceycey, get off her! - Wait ...

I don't understand Turkish very well.

What is the reason Mr. Fabbri here today not because of interpersonal relationships?

Dear ....

You are the last person who can talk about interpersonal relationships.

All right, don't extend this.


We'll do this:

Project ...

... is yours again.

And I'll call Mr. Can you tomorrow morning, okay?



Mrs Aylin, you've been here all day too. Sorry but ...

I mean, you know you'll get a project with our technology.

Anyway, okay?

Come on, our car has arrived. By the way!

The agents who work with us ...

... we invited them to the motivation camp.

We love camp!

- Yes, we like it! - Super!

You will be working together in the coming days.

They will meet each other and ...

They will become friends.

Yes friend, okay?

That's all, let's go. I am dying of this heat. See you later.

Let's go!

Help! help.

See you again.

So, good morning to you, dear Aylin!

Listen, great, you have a little digital project.

It will be a motivation for you.

See you at camp!

Wait, Deren.

Digital worker!

Mrs. Aylin!

What a beautiful car!

I'm satisfied! You startled me, Muzo!

Ayhan, it's just worldly things!

Money, real estate, cars, goods.

That's not what makes me alone.

My character is actually very different from what everyone knows.

There is a monster inside me!

I am a tough, tough and fierce person.

If necessary, I take what I get.

- you? - Yes!

But nobody knows that.

Nobody knows about this district.

Sanem doesn't know!

If someone told him!

Ah, if only!

Why don't you trust me girl?

Everyone has their own personal life. I am showing my character in front of you.

And here is İhsan wolf!

This is my chance to show me.

I'll go and let it burn.

Don't talk nonsense, where are you going?

God! God!

Don't you know he's a dangerous person?

Don't get into trouble.

Ayhan, danger is my middle name.

The danger is Rich Muzaffer!

Come on, sit down.


Please sit.

Okay now.

look at me

Use of brutality.

First lesson!

Yes, God willing!

Dear Allah!

Good job, İhsan brother!

Thank you, little sparrows!

Come on, sing! Let the environment improve!

Little sparrow?

What's that expression, brother İhsan?

We're the same age!

You're taller,

But I didn't come here to talk about it!

Look, this is my dad's shop. Nihat.

I warned you several times ... ... but you didn't listen to me.

But now you will be releasing this shop very soon!

If of course you feel comfortable.

Aren't you very brave, son?

Your whole body is bent in some incomprehensible motion.

I won't be back, brother! And what will happen?

Do you mind?


Personally, I don't mind.

But the people in the area may not be satisfied.

After all, they were used to shopping with their father, Nihat.

If you don't adapt to them, you will suffer losses, brother.

Yes, we saw tricks like this, smurfs!

Don't bother this pretty head! Get out of here!

Get out now, go! Now!


Good work

Thank you, leave now

What is it? What are you doing. What is he saying?

As I will find out. He's talking nonsense.

He's scared, I don't even understand what he's saying.

Most likely, it will release the store in 2-3 days.

I see. This is what I heard.


God! Come on, Muzo!

Where are we

This is my cabin.

Photography studio.


So when you talk about roasts ...

Are you going to do it?


There is a problem?

If something goes wrong, we can go to the restaurant.

This is good.

I will change. And I'll give you a dress or something that will make you more comfortable.


Yes, come in.

It is a very beautiful and pleasant place.

I made this studio myself. Small studio.

Sometimes this place becomes my solitude when I want to relax, hang up on my phone.

You are lucky.

I also created this mechanism.

I closed them, the room went dark. So I can print my photo.

Can I see how you print your photos?

Of course, you can see that. But not today.

Because I will print photos for the campaign.

You can't see it.

But this is my photo. I really want to know.

Well, that's a matter of rules.

No one should see them until published.


I will take my clothes off. Choose what you want for yourself.

Yes, I know it's hot.

I will be right back.


Very beautiful. It suits you.

I'll bring wood.


There is a garden that is tended by Brother Rifat.

Cucumbers and tomatoes grow there.

If you collect it, I'll make a salad.

Let me at least make a salad.

All right, you make the salad and I make the meat.


There is a basket in the cabin.


Do you believe that?

They gave me a digital project!

They gave me a digital project, as if they were fooling the kid with candy.

But I will destroy the motivation camp by Deren.

Aylin, will you sit down?

Please sit.

I already have a project.

Of course, if Ceycey wasn't here yet.

Oh, Ceycey!

Are you laughing?

I started getting annoyed when you said Ceycey.

Now explain everything to me from the start.

First you get this project, then Ceycey comes in and takes it from you.

You look terrible today!

Let's laugh a little!

That is all.

We can no longer change what happened.

Just calm down.

I can't calm down, my dear. For me it is motivation.

I imagined myself breaking Ceycey's mustache and Deren's hair.

I calm down a lot.

By the way, Sanem and Canmu fell in love with each other.


You have found a very reliable spy.

Don't talk nonsense, Aylin.

Can and Sanem?

After all, Sanem is a girl who works with us.

Why not? In my opinion, it is a girl like a nut.

Perfect for fun.

Aylin There's also Polen.

And even if he's not here, my brother isn't the one to live in a one-night relationship.

Also, Sanem is very naive, like an angel.

What do you mean by "angel"?

Angel, naive, beautiful, trustworthy.


Are you jealous of me

When you envy me, you shoot fire with your eyes.

And then you threw it straight at me.

You will surprise me. And what, where is he?

Yes, I will surprise you.

But this is a surprise.

I couldn't tell you beforehand.

Do it fast.

Alright, alright.


Give me a screwdriver!

Screwdriver, Mevkibe!


Thank you!

Mevkibe! - Hmm?


Mevkibe, this is a pipe wrench!

Little one, red.

Ah, thank you, my life!

Mevkibe, water!

What can I do with water? This is yours!

Nihat, you will fix it, the water will flow. What should I do with it?

Mevkibe, I asked for water for me. I'm dying of thirst! I want to drink!

Get out of there, Nihat.

For God's sake, come out! Exit!

You can't do this. That won't work!

Let's call the plumber Halil. Let him do it!

Mevkibe, didn't you say that since I was home, no mechanic would come?


I finished it. All finished.


Has the water been turned off?

If the water had been turned off, the problem was even bigger, Mevkibe.

I'll get a hammer and break down the wall.

Not !!!

Don't hammer! Don't catch it!

Please don't take anything!

First, there is a garden. I'm starting to lose my mind, Nihat.

I swear, I'm starting to lose consciousness!

The first thing I will do is destroy İhsana wolf with this saw.

I will until he returns me to the shop.

I'll see it in two, I swear.

I'll see!

Mevkibe, calm down!

Her voice rose again and her eyes widened!

I'm scared of you!


Do not be afraid!

Do not be afraid dear!

Let this fake gangster, İhsan wolf, be afraid!


It's okay, Mevkibe. Come on

All right, I'll take the hammer, sit down.

Oh, yes

Come on, Mevkibe.

Allah, help me.


Ok Mevkibe. Just calm down.

Everything has passed.

Only the remaining parts. I'll turn it off and be right back.

My head


Take a screwdriver!


Translation: Verinha - Tim: Lana


Where did you learn to dance?

It's a hobby.


You are full of surprises.

You still surprise me.

Ah Sanem! Ah!

One day ...

For a day, don't be shy!

Is this so hard?

God! Get me out of film mode ... Please.

Mom, is Sanem home?

Isn't he with you?

That was it.

But then he went with Ayhan to the beach.

And I think he's back.

He will be here soon.

I don't know, maybe he won't come and live with Ayhan.

Why is he living with Ayhan?

Allah, Allah, is two steps away. Hope you come home!

It does not matter.

What's going on here?

Where is the father?

Look, he's here. He built a new life for himself.

"Is the faucet leaking? No, I'll fix it!"

Come on, God willing!

Dad, what are you doing there?

- Welcome, little girl. - Thank you.

I fixed this here, but I'm done.

As soon as I tighten the nuts everything will turn out big.


Every where! Every where!

Look at that! And here and here! Oh

Wet, wet, wet, everywhere is wet!

It's a crazy house, let it all wet!

- Mom, don't do it! - Wet, everyone wet!

We lost our mother!

We lost! Enough! Dad, stop!

Mevkibe will be clean! Mevkibe will be clean!

Where's the valve? I will turn it off!


She went crazy, went crazy! Dad, calm down!

Mother ...

Look, look here too!

I love it too, honey! Throw it in that direction too!

It smells so good!

Almost complete.

Oh, I forgot to ask you ... Are you going to drink?


No, I better not drink anything.

Because it doesn't work very well for me.

And soon I'll start talking too much ...

Better not to drink.

It would be better if you started talking.

thank you

And how are you?

Very very nice!

Very delicious!

Namely, I have good meat, but ...

But I won't say it, because you will make fun of me.

Tell me, you intrigued me.

What can you say

I call this delicious meat ...

Speak up, speak up.

- I call it "honey". - What?

- Yes, dear? - Oh

I mean, when the meat is delicious, it's a baby to me, because since I was little I was used to it.

If Osman sees you being roasted, he will be very jealous.

And who is Osman?

Butchers from our neighborhood. But he's got a good barbecue and cooks really well.

You met Ayhan. He is his brother.

I grew up with them from childhood.

And when I was 5 years old ... Ayhan and I always got into trouble and I was always at home.

That day was very funny.

I'll print the pictures and then I'll take you home.

Good idea Can I see the photo?

You can't, I told you, Sanem.

Nobody can see it yet.

Great idea!

Ah Sanem! Ah!

God bless!

Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go!


I want to attach a photo.

Can I put your photo?

You are more representative.

- What? - charismatic.

- Open the door! - I'm at work, open you.

You open it. I watch the game.


I swear in 2 minutes your charisma will be on the ground.

Ayhan, is Sanem here?



I swear the temperature drops here at home.

The Snow Queen has arrived!

Ayhan, be quiet for 2 minutes.

Sanem hasn't returned home yet. Did he call you?

- Let me take a look. - See.

No, he doesn't care. What happened? Where is he?

I don't know where he is! I don't know. But let him come back. I vowed to hang it upside down on the ceiling.

I'm going to part her hair into pieces and tear it off.

Look at this crazy woman! You have a new torture method, don't you?

Maybe that girl ran away from you? And that's why it's not here yet.

One minute! Wait! Wait. Is it too late and he's not back yet?

- Look, if you want, I'll find him. - Osman, he's not in the neighborhood.

She's leaving with Mr Can, but we have no news. The phone is dead.

I really don't know what to say to my mom.

I swear, I tried to avoid the question. Look, I said he was here. Don't you dare betray me, okay?

One moment, one moment. Are you thinking of your sister for the first time in your life?

It's not because I'm protecting him.

It's because my father's heart can't stand it.

I'm going. Listen, if you talk to him, let me know. I will keep the phone at all times.

- Good night. - Sit down for a moment. - I have to go. Good night

Sit down for a moment. Sit down for a moment.

The girl is worried and what are you saying?

Have you studied this for 20 years?

Is that?

Ayhan - Huh?

Shut up. Okay? Shut up.

Open the door, I'm here.

Yes, I arranged everything. I'll take you. Come on, if you want.

But my business isn't over.

Just listen ...

Evil king!

Come on

Let's go! Let's go

Evil king? - Let's go! Let's go

You owe me the dance.

Yes, I promise you a dance, that's right.

I promise, you remember well.


All right, Sanem?

♪ Even if I burn and turn to ashes, I won't be apart from you. ♪

♪ I sacrificed my life. I can not be without you. ♪

♪ Even if I burn and turn to ashes, I won't part with you. ♪

♪ Even if I live a thousand years, I won't be able to enjoy you enough. ♪

♪ I give you my heart, my gentle beauty. ♪

♪ If I make you cry, I'll die in pain. ♪


Don't you think it's time to talk?

About ...

The albatross you are looking for ...

This is me

♪ I give you my heart, my gentle beauty. ♪

♪ I gave you my heart, my gentle beauty ♪ ​​


♪ Give me your hand. ♪

♪ Life is beautiful when I love you. ♪

♪ I sacrificed my life for you. Do not run. Come to me, my beauty. ♪

♪ Give me your hand. ♪

♪ Life is beautiful when I love you. ♪ ♪ I give you my heart, my gentle beauty. ♪

♪ Give me your hand. ♪

♪ Life is beautiful when I love you. ♪

♪ I sacrificed my life for you. Do not run. Come to me, my beauty. ♪

♪ Give me your hand. Life is beautiful when I love you. ♪

♪ I give you my heart, my gentle beauty. ♪

Good morning

Good morning

thank you

Mom ...

Mr Can, my mother! Mother will kill me! How can I sleep for so long?

I have a very strange dream.

I call you ... Bad King.

So I said, "Come here!" That's what I remember. I do not know

That is all ...

Everything is right ...

It happened, right?

Dancing ... music ...

Etc ...

Very good

Very good

Let's go

Change yourself and I'll be waiting here.


- Close the door? - Yes, of course.

Let's go

thank you

Hey, hey. Be careful, it's jammed.

thank you

"I'll close the door and I'll be right out." - Okay.

- Hello? - Mr Can, good morning.

This is Mr. Metin's assistant.

- You asked for information about one of the shops. - Yes, is there any news?

The shop was bought by a man named İhsan.

For a very cheap price.

The shop was selling for 40,000 lire.

The owner wants it back, but he doesn't agree. He was jailed for fraud and theft.

Because of that, I concluded that he has a dark past.

He's on probation.

By the way, I couldn't tell you yesterday ...

That dress looks good on you.

Yes, I am lucky. There was only this dress and a pair of shoes in the caravan.

I am lucky.

I gave your measurements.

What's it like?

Height - 1.70, Weight - 55.

His feet size is 37, right?


Thank you very much

With barbecue.

For all.

I say thank you

See you at the office. We'll talk later.

Wait, I'll help you.

thank you

thank you


Sanem? Where are you, Sanem?

At night I called all the hospitals and checkpoints.

You go hand in hand with Mr. Can. The phone is dead. You could just get into an accident.

Something could happen to you. You don't even know what comes to mind.

Brother, I'm sorry.

Shut up, Sanem. Shut up so my mom doesn't hear.

I said you were with Ayhan so don't say anything.

Are you lying to them for me?

I'm not lying for you, it's for the good of my parents.

So they won't die of worry.

Forgive me

Don't apologize, Sanem.

"Girl, you go hand in hand with Mr. Can." Are you crazy

No, no. We don't go hand in hand.

He took my hand and pulled me, so we left.

Sit here, sit down. Now tell me. I want to know all the details.

"Well, I'll tell you, but don't be mad, okay?" - Okay.

- Promise me. - I can not promise. Speak up

- Speak up. - Okay.

So ...

Mr. Can owns a house in the forest.

He had to go there ...

... to print photos.

We ...

We go. He's got a barbecue.

We eat.

We are talking.

And then I fell asleep.

- There she is. - Is that? - There she is.

Sanem, you like this guy?

- What do you mean? He's a human. - Brother, he's not an ordinary person.

He is a very famous, rich, successful and handsome man.

Why is he attracted to a saleswoman, Sanem?

You don't have stupid dreams, do you?

Me? dream?

Mr Can and me? No, I don't dream.

Do not dream.

Because this is impossible. Also, in each city he had to have a different girl.

I told you. He is a typical handsome man and a batik maker.

Why does he need a saleswoman?

This only happens with TV series, sister.

I swear that didn't really happen.

And now ...

... back to excuses, okay and ...

Focus on your work.

Do not make me shy. Understand

I do not understand. Repeat one more time.

Come on, get ready, because you will be late for work.

23 x 30 ... this is 600 ... Wait, no.

20 x 30 is 607 ...

No, what does it feel like?

20 and ...

What do you want

We need to talk.

How about? Who are you? What are you doing

You are cruel to many people and ask who I am.

It must be difficult for you.

- Are you compromised? - You are very observant.

No, I really don't.

But recently, I have also been interested in the issue of wedding rings.

Are you an Ibo man? No, no! Hasan sent you.

No no Nobody sent me.

Cool shop.

You bought it for 40,000 lire.

They came back the next day to buy it back ...

... but you're asking for 100,000 lire. 100,000

What to do? This is free trade.

During the day the price went up by 60,000 lire.

This is a very large percentage.

- And you're still doing a percentage deal. - Why do you care?

That will be a big punishment.

Usually from 3 to 6 years.

You've been arrested so many times, so it's going to get bigger.

You won't be able to explain yourself in court.

Listen, don't piss me off. I have my people they can take care of you.

You're still talking about your people. This is organized crime.

And add 4-5 years to it.

And add parole.

Adding and increasing. Count how old he is.

Because I'm bored, my bride will be bored too.

Who will wait for someone who will spend so much time in prison?

How do you know about my probation?

I know a lot about you, İhsan.

Jackal İhsan!

Know that you can no longer sell here.

I will do everything.

But I'm gonna kick you out of here! Do you understand

You understand. Your face says you understand.

Get the keys. Return to owner.

Sell ​​the shop for the same you bought

And I'm not worried anymore. Combined?

Good, good

Have a nice day.

Give this to the owner's youngest daughter. Maybe he's hungry.

Listen and who are you?

The man with the obsession.

I'm obsessed with you.

Sanem! You're not done yet? Come on, we'll be late for work.

Mom, here we go!

I'm leaving, I'm leaving.

Girl where are you Why don't you come home?

I'm in Ayhan.

- Did you do makeup? - No, of course not.

- He paints himself, paints. She does makeup. - Let me see big brother.

It works really well!

But don't blink too often.

I know you're not used to mascara, but it has to dry out.

But they might jam. I can't open my eyes.

It will be dry, dry.

- Cheers to me! Sanem puts on makeup.

- What happened? What do you want, İhsan brother? - Wait, calm down!

I came to return you to the shop.

Look, if you're kidding, we're not in the mood. Come on, don't piss me off.

What happened, Mevkibe? Noise ...

- I'm listening. - Brother Nihat.

Here, brother, is the key to the shop. This place has nothing to do with me.

I can't handle this problem - give me chewing gum,

give me chocolate, and there's something else too. I feel like I hurt people.

We have other habits, brother.

I'm giving you the same price I bought earlier. No problem of course!

You can pay whenever you want. You can relax, brother.


Ah, something else.

If I came to you, would we sit and talk and drink tea like brothers?

What can my husband have with you? Come on, go somewhere else. Go. Go.

Okay, I'm leaving, alright.

Thank you!

We have a shop. We caught it!


We made it! I'll tell you something.

İshan is afraid of someone.

Someone scared her, but ...

Who can scare İshan?


I am a girl. Don't you see how scared he is? Me

He came as a kitten.

You don't see how he wants us to be friends, and so on.

It was no longer easy for him to enter the road.

Do not go.

What is your father, your daughter for?

You have to see me in my youth. When I appeared on the street, my shadow ...


God bless!

I almost forget.

Take the chocolate.

- Give me brother. I'm hungry anyway. - Enjoy your meal!

Okay, I'm leaving. With God!

Go, go. Good luck

Come on, let's go together. Come on, open our shop.

Come on Nihat, let's go.

Let's go Girls, everything is fine!

Come on, we're getting late.


Sanem, tell me something. Why don't I get chocolate?

Because you are unpleasant and hostile.

I'm kidding. Alright, let's go. I gave you some of my chocolates.

I don't want to, I can't get fat.

I have to go.

Isn't it too early?

I still have to change.

I will go to the company. I have a few things.

You match Fabbri. Now you won't have time for me.


I am tired of this topic. Know this.

You are angry with me because you don't know what ambition.

But your brother knows very well. He knows what ambition and stubbornness are.

- You don't know, unfortunately. - Unfortunately. I do not know


I don't understand why you ruined my mood in the morning? What we are talking about?

You're not interested, are you?

Your brother organized the campaign.

Also, unbeknownst to you, he does this to the women you work with.

For example, you are not interested ...

... what campaign is this?

- I am not interested in. But you like it. - Yes I am interested.

Because I want to know about what your brother did, that he got this project, not me.

Okay I will bring you this campaign today.

"Will you feel better?" - Yes, thank you.

Okay ...


I recently noticed that I am more of a person fulfilling your professional ambitions than a person I want to be.

I do not like it.



From now on, when you talk about my brother ...

... or me, be careful.

Okay? Don't cross the line.

Let's describe a situation where they held hands.

Friends, if you let me, I'll explain. Please

Stop gossiping now.

But they join hands. - First, an explanation ...

Friends, please.

There is no love affair between Mr Can and Sanem.

- Ceycey, what's that ... - What?

Sanem, I'm going down, and you're not in a hurry. Okay

Be like me.

Find a spy. I don't know, useful, okay?

Okay, I'll have tea.


Please, don't do anything.

All right, sister.

Friends, why don't you listen to me?

I said no. And you ask "how not"?

How can I explain how not? I said no.

That is all. I told you, nothing.

Yesterday they just left together as boss and employee. No longer.

Good morning!

Good morning!

How are you

Thank you very much Dan you

Also good.

Friends, enough, we broke up. Please


I mean ... I can still answer questions!

You have more questions.

Ask something else. Maybe you missed something.


Why did the boss take his hand?

That's right, it's a logical problem.

Can I have your tea?

Sure, go ahead

Let's talk a little. Can you come to my office?

Yes, of course.

Guys, listen to me, no ...

Yes ... No, I'll go.

Okay We broke up.

Do you agree?

What happened, Deren?

Can, we have to talk.

Sanem, can you forgive us?

Of course

After your departure yesterday, I spoke with Fabbri. And we got the project.

All company advertising campaigns are ours.

I don't want to, Deren. Cancel.

What do you mean

I do not understand.

- Since you left, we ... - Deren.


It does not matter. You don't have to talk in vain.

I don't like this man.

I do not like it.

She doesn't believe me.

Do you understand

I do not like it.

I really can't believe it.

We can, we have a million dollar ad campaign. We will become the largest advertising agency in Turkey.

What are you doing ?!

Deren, this isn't a problem.

It does not matter.

No problem. As if no one but Fabbri. We'll find other clients.

Mr Can.

Mr. Can, Mr. Fabbri called. He wants to meet you.

Hope he doesn't come, Güliz, doesn't come.

Tell him not to come. I do not want it.

- Yes, I can. - It's all about Sanem, right?

I do not understand!

What was the regular employee next to Fabbri doing?

What is Deren's relationship?

Come back to yourself. What relationship does it have?

Could it be, if we get this campaign, the agency will have a guaranteed future.

Let's open a new unit.

The employees here will be promoted and become managers.

Do you realize how many people will be affected because of your stubbornness?

I was very surprised.

If Mr. Aziz finds out, I will be very upset.


First employees. You are right.

Mr Can.

Mr. Fabbri has come to see you.

All right, tell him to come in.


We ...

Could ...

You and I need to talk to Ceycey first.

You take care of Fabbri, Güliz.

I can't even drink tea.

I need to find something more original. You don't even add

No comments yet. You have no comments.


Say that.

Honey, will you?

Ceycey, come here.

Now tell me what you did.

We have very little time.

What happened? What are you doing

Say it, Ceycey.

To get this campaign, I lied very innocently.

I told Mr. Fabbri that you envy Sanem,

that there is great love between you and you are a true partner.

Nice to work with you, have a nice day.

What did he say?

What kind of partner?

- Is this bullshit? Where is she going? - I was fired, I was fired.

Where is he running?

For that is ongoing. - Ceycey! - Yes, I can.

Mr Can. Mr Can.

This is it, Mr. Can.

Mr Can?


Can I steal your time?

Of course, my office is here. Come on, I invited you.


I told you to distract him, Güliz. What are you doing

What should I do?

It is impossible.

I'll take this off when you're ready.

God help me.

And how?

Very good, very cool.

Wait! Wait.

It looks like this side is a little lower.

Which side?

Left side, I understand.


God, God. On the left hand.

My husband measures everything millimeter by millimeter.

All right, what's wrong?

Wait! Wait.


Look ... what did I say?

What did I say?

The left side is less than a millimeter, you know?

Look, I swear, there's only one wise person in this neighborhood, it's me.

How can you, Mevkibe?

You ask for help, I am coming.

All right, if you want, I'll do it. Get it all.

It's up to you, Melahat. Thank you very much

But people will be waiting at your salon.

Don't leave your hall empty. She feeds her family, goes and wraps her hair.

All right, congrats, Nihat. See you again.

- Have fun at work. - Have fun making curls.

All right, bye.

Very good

Mevkibe, come in.

Glory to the Most High.

Praise, glory ...

Of course, I went crazy and distributed all the products.

We have nothing left.

Cheater İhsan picked us up, became a con man.

I'm sorry, Nihat.

No, no, Mevkibe.

Do not panic.

Now let's fill it in and it will be better than ever.

But I started this business, and I will.



Where are you going again?


Güliz, where did Ceycey go? What is going on

The reason for today's revelation is you, dear.

Ceycey lied about you.

What do you mean? What do you say? What is it

You do not know.

Of course, you spent the whole night with Mr Can.

Girl, the company is rocking with gossip about you.

You left and haven't returned.

But you are committed, and Mr. Can has Polen.

Mr. Can owns whom?

Miss Polen, your boyfriend.


Are you sure

Of course I am sure.

Company employees don't know much, but they have been together for years.

He lives abroad.

He also came to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Can you imagine that? Just to see Mr. Can for one night ...

Don't you see it there?

I haven't seen.

And we haven't seen your fiancé.

You have to see Mrs. Pollen.

And Mr Aziz is happy with that girl.

She wanted him to marry Mr Can.

What happened

Where are you going? We're talking.

I will not accept this contract.

Because it's not more important than you ...

That is, it is no more important than my employees.

It means ...

This isn't just about you.

You, me, he uses us all.

You will see, Can Divit.

You will see what it means to play with me.


You scare me, Aunt Mevkibe.

Why are you approaching so quietly? I took a selfie with you, I swear.

God, God! Maybe I should have knocked hard on the door?

See, you did something with a problem.

Do you mean advice?

In fact, this is not the case.

It does not matter. I have to solve the problem, girl.

Not exactly like that.

I mean, I'll give you tips, techniques.

But eventually you will find a solution within yourself.

God, God, Ayhan!

God, God!

I mean, dear Mevkoş, if you desperately need a solution to this problem ...

... let's think of something.

I'll make you coffee and then tell you about your problem.

No, no, I don't have much time.

Look, we got our shop back.

There's nothing else inside. I was crazy and gave my all to the whole neighborhood.

Nothing, we don't have anything.

Of course, you need money to buy things.

Well, no problem. We will make money.

God, God! What will you do girl?

You see, all ideas and decisions come from me, Aunt Mevkibe.

I have an idea.


Muzo, what are you doing?

Get ready and wait for me.

I go

Dear Mevkoş, please, a little peace.

I said it's in my hands. In my hand.

I'll take the bag and turn around.

God, God! Girl, you are so steadfast, Ayhan!

Tell me what will you do?

We want all the agencies we work for to be in one place. At the motivation camp.

Because now, we will cooperate ...

... let's find a great competitor.

That's why we want all the staff to come to the camp.

Very good!

Very well, I will tell you.


Mr Can ...


Again, I apologize for this misunderstanding, okay?

No problem!

I also reacted very suddenly.

Wish all is well between you and Miss. Sanem.

Yes, yes, wonderful! Extraordinary


It would be a problem if I wanted to see Miss. Sanem?

Because I put him in a difficult situation.

Besides, I want him to be happy.

I'll call you.

I don't have Sanem's number, I'll call Güliz!


Güliz, is Sanem on your side?


Near ...

Very close.

Can you send it to Pak Can's office?

Pak Can calls you to his office.

I'm not leaving

He's not leaving.

What do you mean "won't come"?

Who won't come? Sanem?

Can you say this is urgent?

It's urgent.

I'm not leaving!

He's not leaving.

This is my last warning to him.

This is the last warning.

Give me that phone.


Sanem, can you come to my office? Please?

I'm not leaving

What do you mean "I won't"? In that case, I will go there.

Help! help!

Our girlfriend is a bit fickle.

But very sweet.

Passionate love

Like Italians!

Yes a lot.

Our agency is generally calm.

I don't know why today is like this ...

Where are you

Where can I be?

At work I take it, take it, I sweep it.

Sanem, listen, my patience is over.

Is it true?

I am very afraid.

My hands and feet were shaking.

What will you do, will you throw me out?

I swear I got used to it. For me this is not a problem!

Besides, I will now leave. Enough! That is enough!

What are you doing

Is everything all right?

Okay thank you. And how are you?

I am also fine. Take this, let's go.

Mr Can.

Mr. Can, what are you doing? Come on

Mr Can.

Mr Can.

Can you stop for a moment?

No, I don't understand you!

I try really hard, I try, but I don't understand.

What happened suddenly? Why are you angry?

What am I doing wrong?

What is wrong

Everything is wrong!

I mean, the whole series is wrong!

Everything is wrong! Everything's wrong, right?

Yes, everything related to you is bad.

Is everything related to me bad?

Then, you regret coming home yesterday, right?

No, I don't regret it.

We only eat barbecue! What's wrong with that?

Now you really are talking nonsense.

I can't believe your words anymore!

That's all, that's all ... You don't know what you're saying!

And you put down the ring!

Like a life raft.

What are you saying

Like a life raft! Life raft!

You put it down and pick it up whenever you want, depending on the situation!

Do you really have a fiancé?

Mr Can.

This is a ring! Ring!

Engagement ring!

I see! I see!

This is huge! Looks like a waste!


Very good, angry!

Once again, congratulations!

Well, I won't bother you anymore. See you tonight at dinner, right?

I am doing fine. And are you all right, Sanem?


Of course that's okay. Of course.

I am very happy

Once again, thank my congratulations. See you in the evening!

Thank you, thank you

What dinner? Why is this man only congratulating us?

Well, our engagement ...

In your evening Fabbri and I will celebrate. Congratulations

We ... Our engagement?

I am engaged.

What's your fiancé's name?



Yes, my fiancé is Osman.

Osman ...

Ayhan, my way of becoming is well known.

Seeing the devil in my eyes, this İhsan wolf left the shop.

This is a Muzaffer property!


You are a very sweet hero, Muzo.

Girl, I'm afraid this plan will work.

Trust me, believe me.

Well, I hope so!

Sanem, give me a cup.

Now I got it right, right?

Do you go to Fabbri and tell him that Sanem and Mr. Can you be in love?

Saying they are very in love, very much!

I said to the man in his language, "Amore." Yes, I said.

What should I do? There is no other way.

Good job, my sister!

You're in trouble again.


What am I doing now? What did I do wrong


Are you crazy

Did you lose your brain on the subway? Can't you think of anything else?

Tonight, at dinner with Fabbrie, I must act as if I am engaged to Mr. Can you?

Ah, you are exaggerating, Sanem!

What's gonna happen? Just one night.

Where will you see Fabbri later?

Everyone will forget about it.

Güliz, I came to this company as a "carry, carry, broom" employee!

And I went from plot to plot.

May everyone listen, friends!

Is everyone coming?

I have good news for you, friend.

Tomorrow you don't have to come to the company.

Thanks God!


He fired all of us!

Relax, don't talk nonsense.

Instead, we all go to motivation camps.

I'm not leaving

I really need motivation today.

Everyone must come. It is hosted by “Nine Fiore”, but there will be no employees.

Only we and other agencies work with them.

Ceycey, you will go first.

Fabbri has appointed you as the organizer.

That means you have to go first and find out everything.

Just calm down.

Just calm down. Just calm down.

Just calm down.

And by the way, there will be Aylin's agency too, I'm just giving you this additional information.

Have a good sleep tonight.

Sleep well, because the camp will be very balanced.

Let's show the other agencies who we are!

By the way, your partner and loved ones are also invited, but I need the number of people who will come.

Can you raise the hands of those who are coming?

Güliz, honey, can you write it down?

Of course!

Yes, let's look at our hands.


Sanem and your fiancé won't come?


Güliz, can you put Osman on the list?

Sanem, who is your fiancé, are you talking nonsense?

Tomorrow we go to the motivation camp organized by "Nova Fiori".

We'll be the smallest agents there.

Big agencies like Can Divit and their teams can try to destroy us.

But don't forget ...

... even though it's a small agency, we are strong and successful!

So I want you to take them to the floor.

Speaking of "leveling the floor," Mrs. Aylin ...

I mean, the theme of this motivational camp isn't entertainment?

It depends on what you understand in motivation, Hilmi.

I want you to keep your eyes wide open.

Find the weakness of "Fikri Harika".

We have to win, even in the simplest of games.

We're leaving tomorrow morning at 6:00.

Today you have free time.

Hilmi, stay here, I need you.

I also want to go, Mrs. Aylin.

Of course as you wish.

Ah, come in!

I took your photo to the foundation, brother.

- I'll see. - As usual, this works really well.

Dude, it turned out really well, the impression was perfect too, good job!

Beautiful girl!

Exactly, a beautiful girl. Your face expresses a lot of emotions.

He acts very natural.

About ...?

- Billboard? - They will be ready tomorrow.

"I forgot, my friend, but they just want to reward you for it." - Very good! And what is the prize?

Mrs. Esma called from the association.

Thanks to this campaign, many people donated money, brothers.

- But people haven't seen the campaign. When did this happen? - It doesn't matter, brother.

All they need is your name. If Can Divit supports the foundation, this problem will be resolved.

What happened Kaprysisz?


No, my friend, I am happy. Because basic.

Oh, I'm talking about gifts. You will receive gifts among known advertising agencies.

- You will catch it yourself. Do not disturb me. - Dude, I'm tired of accepting your award.

I say why you like it.

- I won't be on the weekend. Do you handle publications? - Good, good, don't worry.

I'll take care of it.

Come on. See you again.

- See you later. - Bye, brother.

- Güliz, where's Sanem? - Sanem went to the archives.

Okay, thank you very much

No, how do you get Osman to become engaged? How do you convince him? I really want to know.

Click on "creativity".

Now wait a minute.

Okay, I'll think of something.

With regard to Osman.

However, Sanem, let me know as soon as you think.

Don't say that you will think. All right, brother?

Think first then act. All at once!

All right, I'll convince Osman.

Are you coming with me? You know he loves you a lot.

Let's go

No way, honey. You go in and out alone.


Also, everyone in the company thinks I have a fiancé.

If you find out my lies, I will be discredited. And you will compromise with me too.

You know better.

What's the password? What's the password?

How do I know your password?

I don't have a password.

“Sanem, Mr. Can gave everyone the password. Didn't you catch it?

No, I didn't catch it. Give me yours, I'll wear it.

Sanem, you can't do this. Don't talk nonsense. Everyone has their own password.

Call Mr Can and ask. You cannot work without a password.

I don't want to call you. I don't want to see you ... I don't want to hear your voice.

Sanem, I'm leaving.

I'll catch you at seven. For dinner with Mr. Fabbri.

Goodbye, Sanem. Mr. Can, I'm leaving.

You don't have to chase me, I'll go alone.


Where are we going

I'll catch you at seven.

That is your password. Enjoy.

Surely the password is "Polen".




Annoying type.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Gülnur.

"That's all we have, but by the end of the week, everything will be here." - Okay thank you.

Come on, have a nice day!

- Have a nice day! - Thank you.

Mevkibe, maybe we should close shop and go home?

We don't have a product and we refer only to those who come.

No no Ayhan will come soon. You will see.

We will talk to him. He will make up something.

Sorry but ...

I think Ayhan has his head above the clouds.

No, no. He's looking very closely. You will see, he will come up with something.


Wait! Wait! What are we waiting for?

I beg you, what can he create? Did he go out and borrow from the bank without our knowledge?

Why are you doing this, Nihat?

- God, God! Look, here they come! - Help! help.

Please, my brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

Everyone in turn.

You are right, I was wrong. He's really crazy, crazy!

Come here, sister, come here. Right here.

We're in line.

All right one by one!

Daughter, come here.

Daughter, is there food in our shop? What are we going to sell to these people? Why did you bring him here?

Mrs. Ma'am, Ayhan has come up with a plan that is sure to work!


Mevkibe, what's going on here? Let someone explain it to me.

- Welcome! - Glad to see you! - Welcome.

Uncle Nihat, Aunt Mevkibe.

We know there are no products in the store.

This is Aunt Emine.

He came to pay off his debt.

Yes We asked 100 people from our neighborhood.

Almost everyone said they wanted to pay their debt.

I'll give my share and I'll give the rest at the end of the month.

I swear for now I can only give it away, but ...

This is nothing.

"I'm sorry, but I can only give you that." - Well, don't worry.

And many of me.

Let's go to the shop, I'll write everything down in a notebook.


Let's go

Girl, you ...

Thank you, Ayhan, thank you!

Thank you very much! Girl, how do you make it?

- I will eat you, I will eat you! - Is it working? - Of course it works!

Muzo also helped a lot.

And thanks, Muzaffer.

All right, mother, mother. What am I doing?

This is our general store. Ultimately, the shop is the heart of the neighborhood.

I don't think it's good enough. Let's change it.

Mrs. Deren, I wrote all the information in the system.

I got files and documentation. Can I leave?

Of course you can go.

Why don't you go?

You have dinner, right?

With Mr. agency head. Can.

Heads of "Nine Fiore" - Fabbri and Sanem.

Don't you think that is very attractive to an employee who has been working here for only 3-5 days?

What do you mean

I said you like the boss. You won't believe it, but I control this area.

But look, I don't want to offend anyone. Of course, you are a smart girl.

But don't get in my way or you will regret it.

I watch you!


Excuse me

Boss is calling me.

Mr. Emre

Mrs. Deren can fire me, or just you and Mr. Can, can you do it?

- What happened again, Sanem? - Please forget it.

Why did you call me?

"Did you see the campaign my brother is doing?" - No, I didn't see it. Mr Can didn't show it to anyone.

Well my brother just left. Go to his office and take pictures with his phone.

And come back to me, okay?

Why don't you do it yourself? This is the next room.

If anyone sees that I enter my brother's office, it will attract attention.

But Mr. Emre Mr. Can is your brother.

In the end, I am only a messenger. Didn't you attract more attention when they caught me? I was looking in your office?

Please take a look.

The office is made of glass.

Even if I refused, you would say go and do it, right?

OK Can I use transitions? This will be more practical.



Translation: Verinha - Tim: LanaN


What are you doing

As you can see, I was cleaning Pak Can's office.

Please go to the folder you requested.

San, I didn't tell you to bring me that folder. I said take the photo.

Mr. Emre, I said that Mr. Can doesn't show anyone. I don't want to see anyway.

I brought a folder for you photos, but I don't want to see them.

You really are an attractive girl.

All right, I don't see.

It can.

I will put.

Can I use transitions again?


Brother, I'm leaving. See you again.

Let's go.

- Brother! - Not

No, no, no! Ah! I am lost!

- Best brother! - Not

- What? But we haven't said anything yet. - Not

No, no. But I know the phrase well.

It brings me a lot of trouble. Impossible.

- Not like that. "But, brother, you don't even hear!" Come once!

I don't want, I don't want. Come on, dear. Come on, my dear ...

Ayhan says that ...

- Look at this beauty! - But Ayhan said ...

Looking around! Let's go! - But Ayhan said ... - Come on.

See you later! See you again!

Why are you throwing me away? That's also my shop!

But it's about my job, we have to finish it.

I do not want! I do not want!

Look how I talk to you. I will do it again.

I do not want!

Hello Osman!


No, no, no.

I saw them taking Leyla. What do you want this time?

Should I kill someone? Tell me, do I have to kill someone?

Not. Do not exaggerate!

Never in my life!

- Listen to me! It's not that hard! - Impossible!

For God's sake! It's not that hard. We ask for your help.

Wait a minute, let me think.

One moment! But it's a matter of life and death.

Girls, are you crazy? This is serious. Are you crazy

Should I come with you on the trip and pretend to be engaged?

- This subject is not for me. I can not. - They will fire me.

Everyone at the company thought I was committed.

Osman, if they fire him, they'll fire me too.

Good brother! What will happen

You're only going to close shop for a day! And it will be a break for you!

Okay, but why do you say "Osman"?

No other name?

How do I know? At that time, the first name that came to my mind was Osman. Well, I don't mean "Zebercet"!

You don't have to do anything! Only you will act as if you are involved!

- I'll be there! - Sanem!

You are like little sister to me! And should I act like I'm in love with you?

- Look, this is a stupid idea! I will not participate. - Help me.

We have a boss, Mr. Can. He is a very bad person!

You will only meet him.

You say, "I am Osman." And that's all.

- I'll do the rest myself! - Not!

Come on, Osman! I'll be there too. I will help you. You will not be bored there.

Honor word!

Good! All right, I will.


- Dear! - Only one day!

You are great!

For a day and no more ...

No longer ...

- Now I will prepare something to eat. I deserve it! - Now! Now!

Let's prepare together, but I can't stay for dinner. I have to go to dinner with Pak Can.

"Are you going to have dinner with a man you hate?" "We will also pretend to be committed."


Brother, I will explain. Let's not focus on trifles.

You have to pretend to be rich. Because this is the size of the engagement ring.

- You need a car. - Yes ?! What else? What else

Lemon Salad! My brother is fine!

Give me, give me!

Listen to me!

I'll also make a salad ...

Mom, I'm back!

But I had to leave immediately because I had to do some very tedious business.

Oh, I can't!

Stop it, stop it, Mevkibe! I'm going to have a heart attack, I swear!

What happened next?

You have to see me! I spent hours speaking English!

He doesn't understand me!

So in French, Italian, Spanish, but no!

It turned out that the person knew Turkish.

Ah, Mevkibe! He knows Turkish!

I swear I'll pass out soon!

Oh, God! I swear, I'll pass out!

I can't, but my stomach hurts!

This man knows Turkish! Turkey!


Sanem, welcome!

I arrived early and we talked.

Hello princess!

You're going to a business dinner. I am proud of you! Proud!

I got better soon.

Where did this man come from?

I swear after that, I didn't ask anymore. I only know that he knows Turkish.

Me ...

I won't say another word.

Feel free.

And how?

- Health to your hands. Very tasty. - It's from the shop.


Smile, okay? Let's go


That's not unexpected.


Girl where are you You said it was urgent! I waited here for 2 hours, like a tree! I'm dying to know!

Something happened to Sanem and you want to hide it from me? I swear, something happened to Sanem!

- Hah? Ayhan? - Calm down, calm down!

For God's sake, Muzo! It's okay with that girl!

- Nothing happened to him. He went out to dinner. - He went out to dinner? Leyla?

Who did this girl go with? Where is she going? He went alone?

Is Sanem going to dinner tonight?

All right, enough! What's the difference with who he went to? It does not matter! Why do you think about it?

What do you say? How can you do this?

Doing Okay. Please sit down.

Just calm down. We came to you because we needed to talk about something.

- Sorry, I saw it first. - Take a chair!

Where are you? I'm hungry!


Grazie (Thank you.)

I want to make this toast for your health!

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a lover who is as passionate as you.

Miss Sanem, wine?

No, no, no. He won't drink. This is bad for him.

Does it hurt you?

Recently, many things have hurt me.

Honey, are you having fun? I mean, did you enjoy it all?

- Yes, my life. Everything as it should be. - Great! Great!

Let's have fun.

I wanted to ask for a long time, but there was no chance.

Where did you meet

- In Kayseri. - In Paris.

In Kayseri?

France Paris. Кayseri?

Is it close?

Kayseri in Turkey. It's here.

In Kayseri?

Oh, yes! I forgot that. For the first time ... in Kayseri.


My life, maybe you want to tell us how we met in Kayseri?

"And you don't want to help me, my life?" - You're a lot better at this, so ...

Then I will tell.

Me ...

- In Kayseri, at one of the restaurants, I eat manta rays. - Manta?

In Kayseri and stingrays?

This is very unusual.

Then, Mr Can came up with a very flashy manner.

The sequel will be very romantic, listen up. So, honey, move on.

Later ...

- Manta is over! "No stingrays at the stingray restaurant?"

- Extraordinary! - Interesting.

And then ...

Can enter restaurant, very hungry and ask if there are manta rays.

The restaurant owner said: The blanket is over.

She said, "No, I want a blanket tonight!" He's stubborn.

Stubborn! "I'm not going to sleep tonight until I've eaten the blanket."


Then I saw.

! ch!

The poor!

The poor?

Poor man

Poor man Yes Yes, Bravo!

I shared my blanket with him.

Because he is my dear Lord.

Refers to "Can" as an acronym for Canim

Can - Canim (Honey, honey)

Dear! Word game.

- Very romantic! - Very romantic.

- Eee Paris? "Don't you want to say it, my life?"

I want. I want it. I will send.

- Actually, I went to Paris for work. - workaholic!


One day I took a walk at night. I usually take a walk.

Rain Suddenly it started to rain.

Unusual rain in Paris!

Paris is famous for its rain.

- At one point, I passed the cinema. - She really likes watching movies!

- She really loves art. This is visible! - Of course

I entered.

And while I was waiting in line for tickets, I got closer to the girl who was standing in front of me.

I am attracted to a wonderful scent.

It was the most beautiful scent I had ever tasted.

Of course there is darkness.

He turned his back on me. I don't see him well.

I can't move with emotion.

Then he gently turned his head.

I have seen.


Sanem ...

So of course, I created courage ...

... and I lightly touch your arm.

- And I said, "Do you remember me?" Because we met in Kayseri for the first time. - Yes, yes, at Kayseri.

So from that day on, I was addicted to your scent.

- Extraordinary! It's like a movie scene! - Right, like a fairy tale?

Mr Can, thank you for sharing this story with us.

In that case ...

Should we have a drink?

From Kayseri to the Eiffel Tower!

He really likes eating garlic and yogurt!

And a blanket with bread. - I like it a lot, I like it! - He loves it!

It's already seen, Mr. Can!

At that moment, various thoughts flashed through a man's mind. Actually, I started to panic.

Muzaffer, it's okay. With Sanem, that doesn't matter either.

We come for different reasons.

Which is What is Why

This ... this ... I ...

I need ...

What do you need


I need a car. Car

And you know, I needed a car 5 days ago. I couldn't find anything. There is a car shortage in this area.

We have jobs and businesses, but we can't find a car.

What should we do? Where to look?

What are you talking about Muzo? For God's sake!

Didn't you show your car yesterday?

You have a beautiful car that looks like a hot girl.

Girl, this car is like no other. How many times do I have to explain to you?

This car is a reminder of my late father.

Mother is very worried about him.

She blanches it, and won't let me use it!

Look, Muzaffer, the situation is really, really serious.

Look, brother. It's about a girl ...

If you don't understand the pain of love, who will?

You have reached a sensitive point, Osman.

That's right, dear Osman, you found me my tender spot!

You won't find a man who understands love more than I do!


But my mother will kill me. He's really going to kill me.

For God's sake, Muzo, your mother doesn't need to know anything!

It's only for one day.

We'll get the car, he won't even know, so we'll give it back.

Ayhan, my dear, I know my mother. I can't take the risk!

This is really nearly impossible.

This won't work!

All right, Muzo. Okay, okay

Forget this conversation.

Brother? Brother, don't be sad.

We will find a solution. Okay

All right, Osman. Let's talk to other people.

I have some friends, let's ask. Do not be sad.

- Let's try going up. - Oh! Ah!

What are those words? Not! I protest!


There is no love journey. There is no such thing as love.

We will handle it somehow. For love ...

Listen! You have to return it to me the next day.

I will give the car but have to return it to the garage in perfect condition.

- You have a heart of gold! - Of course, you said love!

You said "love" and you took my heart. Because when it comes to love, I have no barriers.

- Tea for everyone! - Thank you brothers.

Bring it fast, brother.

It's a big place.

There are fifty families here. I'm exaggerating now.

- I'll be here, please don't stop in this neighborhood. - Right here?



Good evening, Mr. Can.

- You have everything, right? - I see.

As if we were leaving for 20 days.

Not enough space in your suitcase, you still have to get mine.

Look, I can barely close it. I barely closed it.

Oh, all right, Sanem. do not be angry.

- You don't wear engagement rings anymore. - Oh, I forgot!

I put it here to hide it from mom.

- Put it on, put it on. Put it on. - Okay.

And don't embarrass me there, okay?

Why do you always say that?

Just saying.



Good morning, my soul.

I'm sorry to call you now, but I have great news for you, my friend!

No, I can't tell you right now.

Come on, wake up, come to my house.

Let's go! Let's go!

- Very beautiful! - Yes, a beautiful place.

But I came to work here, Sanem.

I decided to take out Aylin's spy.

He is one of us, but I don't know who. This time he won't run away from me.

Okay Good luck. Where's Osman?

He closed the trade and left town for you.

What a man!

So far, I don't understand how you managed to complicate things.

All right, calm down. We are here. Let's go




So friends, we are with you today in a camp with four agencies that will work on the Nine Fiore campaign.

what will we do now

Let's have a different game and spend some time outdoors. Let's spend time actively. There will be several tasks.

I'm Ceycey. And I'm in charge of the camp, actually written here.

Anyone who wants can come and read, because it's written here. I'm in charge of the camp!

So what's our goal?

So the purpose of this beautiful camp is ...

Have fun!


You will see!

Camp Manager - Ceycey.

Very funny!

Shit ...

Look at them, look, look!

Look at them! Where did he find these disgusting types?


Ceycey! Can I ask you something?

I wonder why the opposing agents don't listen to what we hear now?

Honestly, Mrs. Deren, they know for themselves, I explain what I have to explain.

Then they can't say, "Oh, we don't know." Whether they stop here or not doesn't matter to me.

Very logical.

Whatever! Let's do it this way

They went to their room, first class started in an hour.

Everyone is wearing company clothes, so there's no confusion.

Don't piss me off!

I love you!

How creepy this woman is!

It really scared me.

Yes, sister, because he's angry.


The situation is clear.

We're not here for motivation camp.

We came here to fight Aylin.

Are we ready to fight together?

- Ready. - Ready.

Sanem, you are also ready!

Put your hand here.

- They are ready. - We are ready.

Then, "Fi-kri Ha-ri-ka!"

Just like that!

We'll show you who we are!

This is an advertising agency, so be more creative.

Applause for our team! Bravo!

Please be red on one side and black on the other.

Don't cross the line, Aylin, you are good at this!

I know my place.

Yes, please respect the rules of the game.

Please, here.

Yes, the game is very simple. The rules are as follows.

A team will pull the rope on one side and the other on the other. They drag each other.

The team that crosses the line or loses loses!

3, 2, 1!

Get ready!

Let's go!

We are attractive, we are attractive! - Sanem, what are you doing? Pull the rope!

The fans are very important. Friends, supporters are very important.

- Come on, pull it! - Okay, girls!

- The line is important. - Sanem, take it off.

Very important!

- Where's Osman? I'm looking for him. - Pull! Osman what?

Support is very important, my friends.

- Pull the rope! "I'm looking for him, he's not here yet."

A little bit more.


Come on, black team! True!

Pull it up!

Pull it up!

Come on, just a little more! A little bit more!

I show you how to do this.

Deren, let me go.


Pull, pull!

Let's go!


What a beautiful car. Model 55, right?

4 thousand revolutions, 150 horsepower.

- You understand cars. - Can I see it? - Of course

V8 engine, automatic transmission.

I heard that this closure was produced for only one year and then stopped production.


- Mashallah, very pretty. He is well looked after. - Thank you.

- I stopped you. Are you coming to the tent? - Yes

- What agency? - I do not know.

Are you ... someone's boyfriend?

I couldn't hurt him and I came. But this is not for me.

You are right.


Will this game last forever? Where is Osman?

I'm sick of Osman, Sanem! Pull it up!

It would be better if he came before Mr. Can.

I will make them meet coldly.

I warned him last night. He shouldn't talk to anyone.

If he sees Mr. Can, he will just say hello.

Well, if you say so. He knows.

Pull it up!

Pull, pull!

Let's move on to the second round! Let's go!

Oh come on!

Do something!

Let's go!

Osman didn't come. He's not here.

Pull it up!

Let's go!


Mr Can?

- Leyla - Osman?


Osman! Osman

Welcome, Osman.


... Osman.

Yes, yes, I will introduce my fiancé Osman to you.

Your fiancé Osman.

Mr Can, our boss.



My life, are we going to the bedroom? I want to talk to you.


Of course

Oh, me too ... I forgot something in the room ... I'll get it and come right back.

Did you know, Muzo?

It would be very beautiful here.

Let's make a brand new shop.

That's a great idea. Now we will have a beautiful and clean shop.

But you have to think about the industry, girl. What are we going to sell here?

Who will decide which sector?

We won't make a decision. The universe will make a decision.

Then he will tell me, and I will tell you.

Think like that.

In this case, you don't need a big place.

So tell the universe that the shop is mine too.

Tell the universe not to forget me.


Mother, welcome.

thank you

How are you

Everything is alright. We cleaned the shop and now I paint with Ayhan. Glory to the Most High.


Muzaffer, I have something to tell you. Sit here, my son.

For God's sake.

Will it take too long, Mom? What is going on

It looks like you will tell me I have 3 months left.

Don't say that, my son. Is it possible?

But calm down after what I say, okay?

I have a calm character. I'm not nervous even if I want to.

My child

- Sanem ... - Yes, Sanem, our neighbor.

Compromised Sanem!

No, it doesn't bother!

He's not committed. You know him!

I swear so. He's not engaged.

You misunderstood him, he's not engaged.

Tired to have seen your engagement ring! This is huge! He hid it from his mother! He begged to be quiet!

He said it's a secret!

What secret? Is he hiding from us too? So she's engaged to another!

Is she engaged to another? Who was he involved with?

Brother, wait. Yes wait! Aysun, is it possible? For God's sake!

My sister, she fell victim to a misunderstanding at work.

No compromise.

He found a lawyer!

Do you think I will believe your best friend's statement?

- I'll call him. - Call and see for yourself.

The phone is dead. This girl is engaged.

The cell phone is dead. I swear, this girl is engaged.

- Ayhan, let's go! - Where are we going, Muzo?

- To the company camp. - Don't talk silly, man. It is too far.

We don't even have a car. How do we get out of town? Let's take the subway?

If necessary, we will go by cable car.

We'll take the tram or some other means of transportation whose name I can't pronounce.

Let's ride a horse or ride a mule.

The man is going crazy.

He says lets go donkey.

Oh, for God's sake.

Oh, God! Didn't we tell you not to talk to Mr. Can?

- Why are you talking to him? - He came to me, I didn't know it was him.

No, Osman, you won't handle it. Because you don't know how to lie.

Don't talk to anyone, don't talk to anyone. Acting like my fiancé.

Focus on me. Think of me.



Now there will be games for couples.

- We will participate to make it more convincing. - That's a very good idea, brother.

Leyla, are you coming too?

No, dear Osman. You are pretending to be a couple, so I won't go.

Okay, I got it.

Okay I will go to the reception and register. I'll call you and meet you at the front desk.

All right ... Is this my room?

Yes, yes, you will stay here and we will live in the next room.

- Okay Osman, really, thank you very much.

Not everyone will do such a favor.

- You are a wonderful man. - Equally love.

See you again.

- Say it, Mr. Ferrite - Mr. Emre, I'm sorry to bother you ...

But I'm worried about one thing.

I'm afraid to talk too much.

- What happened? - Mrs Aylin came the other day.

And I'm talking about the ring you bought.

And he wants to see it.

I am showing a picture. I hope I haven't destroyed your engagement plans.

I understand, alright. No problem

Nothing to do. See you again.

What is it do you ask for a room with a jacuzzi?

That is good.

I will not lie, I will not refuse.

- Jacuzzi is required. - Open your mouth.

Mr. Emre, Mr. Can you be on our football team ...

Our agent football team does not have enough players. You also have to play. Please come together.

He only asked for a room with a jacuzzi. You know, this is a nice guy.

It is true. He is truly a very comfortable man.

- It's so hot, and suffocating. I'll go to the bedroom. "After all, these guys are too weak for us."

We will work with them. We must not disturb them with our superiority.

Isn't that right, Emre?

Look at Fikri Harika's kids, who think they'll beat us.

What are they saying?

Ceycey, did they say that? I heard well, didn't I?

Yes. Yes. They say something like, "Look at these kids, they think they're going to beat us."


- I went to yoga class. Are you going to go? - Not

Me and my fiancé Osman, let's make a cake.

Very sweet! He is a very handsome man! You are lucky!

Yes, but Mr Can isn't as lucky as we are.

- Where's your Polen? - Miss. Polen doesn't have time for that, my dear.

Work, education, career, beauty. He's always on top.

Why is he in this relationship? Didn't her boyfriend even make a cake for her?

You are right.

This place is very allergic. This is the season.

But Osman never left me.

... always hold my hand ...


Let's go



Oh, yes






Do you see the same thing as me, Güliz?


When it comes to football ...

... all humans become one body.

Even if you put the spleen instead of the brain, it will still work fine.

They can.


Osman - What's going on here? - Can't you see?

Mr Can is very close. He will say something. Do something, do it.

How can I avoid this, Sanem? Go to the field? What should I do?

- Osman! - Extraordinary!

Can I have the ball?

And now I'll start the game with a whistle.

- Do something, say something. Stop him! - What can I do?


Where are you going

Very nice

- Yes, one drama. - Yes!

Extraordinary Extraordinary

What are you doing What are you doing

I stop the game now!

Stop it!


Get out. We're getting out of here!

The game is over!

Osman, here we go.

Exit! Osman, get out!

Get out now.


Cookies yes. Football isn't it, Osman!

Come on, Osman!

Let's go

Say goodbye to friends. Let's make a cake.

Let's go

They have to bake a cake.

Aylin, are you crazy? Can anyone see us! How do you get into the room?

I am crazy

You don't even answer my calls. Why are you acting like this?

- Aylin, we'll talk later. - No, let's talk now!

I'm not going anywhere.

I know what your problem is.


This is my brother's campaign. Look at the photos, okay?

Emre, don't talk nonsense.

Do you think that's important to me now?

I don't care about the campaign.

- What are you worried about? - You, Emre.

You don't even see me. Why are you acting like this?

Aylin, let's talk.

I'm going to take a shower, okay?

Okay, I will go.


Alright friends!

Then we come to our last game.

We've had some bad moments.

Because of that, I also passed out a little.

Treat yourself and don't make me angry!

Don't act like children. You are an adult!

Instead of challenging each other, you have to play.


You know who I'm talking about!

Mr. Emre, I didn't say that to our team, but of course to them.

I warn you the opposite ... Of course.

Can! Here!

Continue without me.


So let's move on.

I mean, in the last game we invited our friend Sanem from "Fikri Harika" and ...

... from another agency, Mrs. Aylin.

Come here Yes, come

- No, no. I better not go. - Don't talk nonsense, get up.

Wake up, wake up.

Please We will tie your eyes.

The rules of the game are as follows.

We selected 6 people for each participant.

3 from your agency and 3 from the others.

And yes friends. Six people.

6 people.

6 people.

Guys, come here!


So our game will be like this, friends.

Participants ...

... touching colleagues ...

... have to recognize them. Recognize by tapping.

The participant who knows the person best ...

... won the game.

And yes.

Mr Can. Please, let's go.

Come on, please! Let's go!

Alright, alright. I go

Yes, and be quiet, my friends.

What you're laughing at ?! Say, we also want to laugh.

Don't be rude. Get started!

- Osman! - Osman! Bravo!

Osman! True! 1: 0


I mean, Muhamed. 1: 1

My sister Leyla!

Sister Leyla, correction 2: 1.


Şevval, also true. 2: 2

- I do not know him! - Don't you know?

Do not know

2: 2, we continue.

Continue with the next one.

Deren, I met you for your terrible hair.

Yes No comment only name. 3: 2, Mrs. Aylin wins.

- İhsan! - Yes ...

Is that İhsan?

If you don't know him, say you don't! Why are you trying to piss me off here?

- What should I do? - Next! Please

We continue!

- Over there! - Bravo! There.


True! Güliz!

Elif! - Elif?

Elif is right.


I do not know

He said he didn't know!

Sanem, huh ...

- Emre! - Yes, Emre. Mr. Emre!

Mr. Emre is right

Yes, Mrs. Aylin wins! Congratulations!


Nothing is exaggerated. Go to your seat.

Okay, that's enough!


Guys, after dinner, we'll meet here and there will be a party. Let's go!



Very well, Mr. Emre.

In fact, this ring makes things even more complicated.

Nobody from the camp saw it, right? Maybe it's better if you stop carrying it?

Mr. Emre, I don't know who is seeing and who is not seeing. I was constantly shooting and wearing.

I have to wear it all the time, because my fiancé is here.

Soon I will believe in myself that I have a fiancé.

And this boy, why did he come here?

They told everyone to come as a couple.

Everyone knows I have a fiancé. I don't want to attract attention.

I see

All right, let the ring stay with me. Otherwise, there will be problems.

- What if Mr. Can you ask? - Why did my sister ask?

I do not know

He attached himself to this ring. He kept asking where he was.

I see

All right, give me this ring.

"And when you go to my brother, you will take him. - Yah.

I finally took the burden from my heart. It is enough.

See you at dinner.

Hilmi, are you at the office?

Ok, I'll send you some photos. Set up an advertising campaign with them.

You have a hacker friend. Are you still in contact with him?

Tell him to create a website.

Upload the ad there.

And make it look like the ad was there a year ago.

Is it known that the date is wrong?

How long will it take them to find out?

Well that's enough time.

Do as I say and wait for the message.

You will see, Emre Divit.

You will see what it means to betray me.

I don't understand, maybe it's fresh air, I don't know. I am very sleepy.

Yes it is possible.

If you want, let's go. You will feel better.

Mr Can is coming.

Enjoy your meal.

Sanem, how are you?

Yes, yes, it's okay. I have allergies.

I am allergic to pollen which is why I feel bad. (Word play: Turkish pollen means pollen.)

I see

I will be right back.

- Where else? - Wait, I'll be right back.

- Mr Emre.

Ceycey - Mr. Emre.

Mr. Emre! Mr. Emre, this topic really tires me out.

And all these things wear me out.

Mr. Emre, that ring, that ring.

I am afraid of this woman. I saw him and screamed.

I screamed at his sight. How can I scream like that?

Totally inappropriate, I was very rude.

I am in charge of the camp. In the end, I have responsibilities.

Good appetite.

I'll move the chair.

Where are you

Shut up.

That's amazing, right? Even if it's only at the table, we can end up alone.

We haven't spoken for long, we haven't met.

How long?

- No, Deren. We continue to be together. - No, it's not like that.

For example, we are not talking about current jobs. It's not the same now.

What we are talking about

We talk ...

- Yes, brother, talk. - I saw the campaign billboard. It's working fine, brother.

Well, it will be beautiful, in the end I shoot.

Look, look at his behavior.

See you again.

Osman Osman, can you help me a little? At least behave like the groom.

- Brother, say something. - He's right, Osman.

This is not the case when eating salads and tiramisu.

Help me a little.

- Yes, do something, support me. "You're right, my brother."

- I came because you forced me. Just-- I said they'll fire us.



Can you act like the groom? Please. Put your hand on my shoulder, do something.


And how long will this vegetarianism last?

It will last forever. Vegetarianism is a way of life, Osman.

Without limit.

How? Really meatless?


Ceycey, you are really exaggerating.


Ceycey, you are exaggerating. Look, everyone's so happy.

Exaggerating, what?

Can't you see the tension? The agents will fight.

Luckily, I'm in control of everything and no one will do anything about it.

Okay, I'll be right back.

- Where did Mr. Emre go? - How do I know? She is tensed too.

Everyone's tensed, got it?

By the way, you feel everything, how can you not feel it?

I feel other things, but wait. Soon we will see.

So you say? Okay, I'll take a shower.

E? How are you okay?

Mr. Emre, everything is going well! And there's no reason why this should be any different because the organization looks great!

Introduce the groom.

My fiancé, Osman. I will introduce you.

Hello! I'm Emre.

- Nice to meet you. - He talked a lot about you.

Once again, congrats Sanem.

thank you

- Good appetite. - Bye, Mr. Emre.

How is that possible? Sanem, Fabbri is coming!

See you again.

Run, run! Take it somewhere and hide it!

- Mrs. Deren ... - You crossed all boundaries, Sanem.

You are unlucky, you are not doing anything right.


Please don't bother.

I won't stay long.

What are you doing. Have you become friends?

They're having fun, right? Very good! I will go to every table.

Meanwhile, enjoy.

- Oh! Lovers. Are they here? - Yes, we are here.


You are very good.

- Mr Can. - Welcome.

Miss Sanem. - My hands are oily. I won't hold your hand.

- I'll wash my hands and I'll be right back. - Of course. Please

Can you please allow me?

What a pleasant surprise!

How are you? Enjoy your meal.

Enjoy your meal.

Güliz, I'll be back in a minute.

- Sanem, what happened? - Mr. Fabbri is here. I need that ring.

Take it.

- I don't understand anything. - I'm on the verge of going insane!

"Let Fabbri have a look, then bring me the ring. All right? Mr. Emre, what happened? Can you explain to me?

Give it back, give it back. Give it back, get it.

Mr Can was above me the whole time. He just asked where the ring was, where it was.

The two Divit brothers drive me crazy!

Sanem, bring me the ring.


- And then I'll explain. I promise - Not now. I'm not going anywhere.

- Sanem. - Mr Emre, I really won't go.

Aylin shouldn't have seen it.

- What should he do with Mrs. Aylin? - Aylin is my ex-fiancé.

I took the ring when we broke. If he sees me giving it to you, he will create a scandal.

Did you give me the ring you put on another girl's finger?

"Do you realize how difficult the situation you are in right now?" "Sanem, let the ring stay with you."

But please, don't let Aylin see. I give you my word that I will explain everything to you.

I really can't believe it!

I am back

I wash my hands.

- Now we can shake hands. - One more time, hello!

With your permission, I will meet Mrs. Aylin, okay?

- No need, I'm here. - Miss Aylin

Please sit.

thank you

Yes, this is a very important call! I will be back

That's amazing, right? Like in the good old days, we are together again.

I don't know you. I'm Aylin.


I am left-handed.

Nice to meet you.

Please leave, Aylin.

Aylin, go.

Could I have no chance to congratulate you.

You have been on all the news.

Can Divit organized campaigns for women's foundations.

The Can Divit company has received support from international companies.

Can Divit is a nominee for the award.

- What is this campaign? Tell me a little. "Your spies didn't have that information?"

It didn't work.

You will find out as soon as possible.

Or forget it now, tomorrow you will find out how other people are.

I really want to know who the spy is.

Ah my dear!

In fact, they are right in front of your nose.

But you don't realize it.

Of course, if I had a spy!

Sorry, I'm back.

What we are talking about?

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Arrivo Suddenly. (I will be right back.)


You don't need to continue this game.

You don't have to hold my hand.

If the contract with Fabbri collapses, leave it to a third party.

- But, Mr. Can ... - Sanem, I don't care about work.

If you want ...

... but if you really want ...

... stay with me.

If you ask me to leave, I'll go.

If you ask me to stay, I'll stay.

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