Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Sanem, Can can not admit that he was tired. He can overturn Can to get rid of it. Can drink a lot. They decide; Sanem will not interfere with Can's private life. Can also Sanem.


ASK TURK BRASIL Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN

"Early Bird"

Arzu, I am very tired. I wish you a good night. I'm going to sleep. It's ok?

I won't let you go until I get a kiss, like a memory from tonight.

Please, please, don't do this, please.

Arzu, something is happening to you.

Finally, you understand. How long would you be just flirting?

A kiss.

No, Arzu, no. It's not like this. With you…

A kiss, a kiss

Arzu, what's wrong with you? Arzu, one second, Arzu.

It looks really bad. Let's go to the hospital if you want.

Arzu, your face swelled!

My face…

I have allergy! I'm sure she added strawberries to the cocktail!

Do not look! Do not look at me! Do not look at me! Do not look at me! I will go to the hospital!


Why did you do that?

You are jealous of me?

Don't run away anymore.

Please, could you move? You are very...

Okay, okay, I'm moving. It's ok.


Why did you add strawberries to Arzu's cocktail?

I mean, why did you do that, knowing she was allergic?

I'm so sorry!

I had no idea this was going to happen.

Her face color changed ...

I just wanted to add a little ...

I mean, I just ...

Just what?

Do you really want to drive me crazy?

Do you really think I'm asking how many strawberries you put in, Sanem?

I'm asking you why did you do this?

I did it thinking about you.

All day long the woman was clinging to you!

She didn't want to leave her home. I did it to save you ...

To me? Save me?


Do I look like someone who needs help?

Where did you get that from?

That's right, you're right!

It seems that I invaded and destroyed your romantic adventure.

I'm sorry!

I look to one side and you are engaged.

I look the other way and you do these things.

I look from another angle and you are looking for Albatross!

Sanem, honestly, I don't understand you.

You don't have to understand me!

Your personal life has nothing to do with me.

I have a fiance. I love him very much and I am very happy!

And that is all you need to know. Understood?

I understand.

And you can't talk to me like that.

You are my boss, but you have no right to ask me questions about my personal life!

You are right.

I am your boss.

It's ok.

From now on, you will not hear anything from me that is not work related.

- Great! - Great!

Can I go now?

Enough! Stop looking at them, Nihat!

I don't look with curiosity, Mevkibe.

Just look!

The boy gave me a suitcase full of 5 bankers.

No, the store cost 100,000 lire, and he only gave 40,000 lire, how could you do that, dad?

I do not consider this agreement profitable!

You are right, daughter, you are right.

But look, we had debts, we had to pay them right away.

How many times do I have to tell you this, daughter?

Okay, Daddy, but you could have told us. Maybe we could get a loan.

It is true that you and Mom have become a little strange.

And what is this suitcase? Like in old Turkish films.


Do we take the money and complain about the suitcase?

In reality, criminals now ask about suitcases.

Yes! You're right, Mevkibe!

Don't keep them at home!

I get nervous about it at home.

I'll call Halil to get the money and cancel the debt.

Yes, call him and let him cancel the debt.

Because I also started to get nervous.

- Then I'll call. - Call immediately.

Okay, I'll call.

Let him come as soon as possible.

"Leyla" store ...

God knows it was my asset over Sanem!

I joked with her that my mom loves me more.

I said the store was called "Leyla".

My asset is gone.

What are our problems and what are yours?

As if we didn't have any major problems.

He actually bought the store ...

But he prepared.

Artificial gangster.


Forget it, let me say something.

Mr. Can, you have guests.


Wow, Mr. Can! See your face, this is like seeing paradise.

Friend, if we didn't come to visit you, we wouldn't even know if you're alive or maybe dead.

Welcome! Stop blaming me, you know I work a lot.

Can, how are you? Do you have some problem?

No, I have no problems. Everything is good.

Boy, listen, I'm tired of your mysterious behavior.

Tell me at least once!

Don't think about me, man.

You tell me. How are you?

Boy, Hakim was bothering me in the morning.

And I said, "Come on, let's go to Can".

Because our friend has a problem with his marriage.

You did well.

Brother, what's the problem? It's a nightmare, a nightmare! I swear it's a nightmare!

Come on, Metin is lying! My legs and hands are shaking.

Come on.

Boy, I've never seen a woman like that!

That happened...

I'm tired now. Tired out. Give me.

Little by little.

Okay, give it to me.

- Talk. - Give me one more.

Drink slowly!

Brother, please, you know I'm angry!

For example, I go to work and she asks me, "What are you doing?"

He knows I'm going to work.

I'm going home and she asks, "What did you do today?"

She knows I was at work.

"I have a fiance. I love him very much and I am very happy!"

"That's all you need to know."

"And you can't talk to me like that."

"You are my boss, but you have no right to ask me questions about my personal life!"

Brother, I can't deal with women. Does not work.

"I look one way and you're engaged."

"I look the other way and you do things like that."

"I'm looking the other way and you're looking for Albatross!"

"Sanem, honestly, I don't understand you."

Sanemsi, wait, girl, wait.

Allah, Allah.

What do you mean "I don't want"? Take that money!

I won't take it today. I'll take it tomorrow.

How is tomorrow? Take it!

I do not want!

Let them stay with you.

Halil! Why don't you take money?

Didn't you threaten us? "Give me your money, give me your money back"!

Oh mom, fine. If he doesn't want to take them, don't take them! Do not insist.

Wait daughter, Allah, Allah! Halil!

Brother, take that money!

Because of you, I sold the store! My store!


Because of me, did you sell the store?

Yes, I sold it!

You do not owe me anything! Didn't Sanem tell you?


What should she tell us?

What about Sanem?




Sanem? - Take this, take it!



Girl, open the door!

Mevkibe, what's going on here?


Ayhan, what did you and Sanem do?

What relationship does this have to do with me? How will I know?

Samen, daughter, listen, I don't like these things!

I'm telling you to open it!

Come on, daughter, drink and start talking.

Come on, daughter.

It's ok.

I drank.

What did Halil mean when he said that I owed him nothing?

He meant that I paid the debt.

Where did you find 40,000 Liras?

Do not invent!

I didn't find 40,000 lire.

I have a job.

I asked to pay in installments and they agreed.

Daughter, what is your salary?

We don't talk about it.

Mother, she is a girl in the position of "errands", what kind of salary can she have? Small.

One moment, Leyla.

Can you talk about it in detail?

How did you convince Halil to pay in installments?

How did he agree?

Okay, and if he agreed, why didn't he agree when I asked?

Dad, because you are very ...


You have a soft heart.

I'm not like that. I threatened him and shouted.

I told him I had a job.

And I will pay the debt on my salary.

He took into account that I have a fixed salary.

When you get a loan, you take into account that you work and have a fixed salary.

And what is your salary, daughter?

You will not be without him, daughter.

Do not.

This cannot be so.

Dad, I have an idea.

Sanem and I are going to share my salary.

Sister, you did a wonderful thing.

This way, Sanem will not run out of money.

Don't be sad, dad.


Let's save our store.

Go tomorrow and take it to this İhsan jackal. It's ok?


Glad I gave birth to them.

Are they wonderful? Thanks.

My beautiful daughters.

My love.

My beautiful daughters.


My adult daughters.

They have a job.

And they saved your father's store.

Glad I have you.

My daughters, my love.

Love much.

Of course we did that, we are a family.

Look at his condition. He got drunk again.

Wait, I'll take you home.

Let it, let it, let it rest a little longer.

Tomorrow in the company will be in control.

They will come from a cosmetics company to choose an agency for future work.

Am I sure you know that? You will come. I mean, you are bound to come.

I know brother. But I will go a little later.

Because the foundation I support is ending.

And I should help you to close some issues.

What foundation?

A foundation that helps women to work.

They asked the International Monetary Fund for help, but they failed.

To get support, they had to prepare a campaign. And they didn't find the money for it.

In fact, they have helped many women. It is a pity.

And why is our agency not involved in the campaign? Leave it, let's take care of it.

No, brother, it is not so easy, it is a little expensive business.

No agency wants to do that.

I'm going to prepare a campaign, I'll get it for myself.

Are you kidding?

Are you really going to do that?

Of course I will, why not?

We'll find some idea, let's take some pictures.

And we will give them what we have won.

Friend, you are a king.

The performance of your photos will be enough for them and even more.

But there will be printing costs.

Billboards, posters.

But the man who does it for free is unconscious.


Boy, this woman will come here.

This Semra will come here, understand?

She will come, she will come, I give you a word.

Listen to what I tell you.

We will do a good deed together.

I take the photos and you print them for free, okay?

With you I'm ready to go to death, okay?

I'll do whatever you want. I'll take care of that.

Zuch, my kind brother!

He's sure to forget about it tomorrow.

- I'm telling you. - Let's remind him.

Come on, get up, let's go.

Take a taxi, do not sit behind the wheel in this condition. Let Brother Rifat call a taxi.

Don't worry, I will say.

Come here, brother, come ...


I don't know what they did at the company.

But they came from the economic crime-fighting department and took Serhan.

Why are you so silent today?

Maybe we'll go to Bodrum over the weekend?

There are many people there now.

Well, so what?

Sorry, we can't go anywhere together, can we?

I'll tell you something better.

I will take you to Italy.

Aylin, what's going on?

I'm going to sleep. Good evening!

"Aylin, would you prepare me for tomorrow's inspection!" - I won't be preparing.

I'm tired of thinking about work!

And running around things I can't get!

It is an international company anyway.

They will work with companies as big as yours, not mine. A typical image of Aylin.

Calm down.

Come here.

Sit down.

Let's go.

I can damage our inspection.


With the help of Sanem.


You are not tired of constantly asking this girl to do something.

She can't handle a thing.

Come here.

Come on.

Listen, tomorrow's inspection will go perfectly, you know, yes?

In addition, you are more important to me than the entire company.


You are very beautiful, do you know that?

look at me.

Trust me.

I promise you.

This project will be ours.

And don't be angry anymore.

Let's go.

Ayhan! What are you doing? Are you crazy in the morning?

Everywhere is dirty. I'm cleaning.

Are you cleaning up? Even more at this early hour?

No, you haven't hung up posters at home for many years ...

... that we have to clean up for a change?

It was a message for you.

Allah, Allah.

You can call this a passive fight.

We clean each one at a time.


Well, this is my turn.

But you haven't even dusted the photographs.

I clean, clean, but it's useless.

Our mother was a very clean woman.

If she saw that there is so much dust everywhere, she would be very angry with us.


If my mom was here, she wouldn't let you force me to clean.

That and if my father were here ...

He would say then ....

"My daughter's hand will not go from hot water to cold water", ok?

Okay, why are you angry?

Well, what can I do? Ideas as interesting as you do not come to mind.

I can't make you laugh, what can I do?

You can't make me laugh ...


But you can hug me, brother.

Because it is possible that if you hug me, everything will pass.


Sometimes I really miss it.

I think I was a little rude yesterday. But everything I said ...

Are we talking about work now?

Do not.

Well, you don't have to talk about it.

- Good morning, Mr. Can. - Thanks.

Okay, so send it to the mail and Mr. Can, and then we'll discuss it at the next council.


Finished preparations, Deren?

Of course, Can.

Yes friends!

All a good day!

Good Morning!

Good Morning.

Today, as you know, they will come to our agency for inspection.

As you know, a large international cosmetics company has entered the Turkish market.

And they're looking for an agency.

Today they will check everything that concerns our agency.

As a result of the verification, they will give us a certain assessment.

The agency that gets the highest score will take care of that company.

Well, is there anyone better than us?

No! No!




Great. We are very motivated.


I'm a little tense.

- Don't be tense. I will bring you coffee. - I will be very happy.

Do you still want to find the spy who works for Aylin?

I want to, Mr. Can.

It is like.


Whoever this spy is will reveal himself today.

He will certainly try to sabotage the inspection.

I want you to sabotage the inspection.

What? How is it? Why?

Deren attributes something to everyone.

She will give you too.

Pause it. It's ok?

And then...

Mr. Emre, don't you overdo it a little?

Okay, that’s why the company’s value doesn’t increase and Mr. Can didn’t sell, okay, but still ...

Sanem, as before, is the biggest company we can get!

A huge international cosmetics company!

I understood you well.

Why are you angry?

I'll see what I can do.

I will do it somehow.

Keep your eyes wide open.

Keep your eyes open, Leyla. I believe you.

Okay, Mr. Can.

You cannot be concerned.

It's ok.

I'll take care of that.

What are you doing in my boss's office?

And what do you do in my boss's office?

Mr. Can your boss?

Girl, here everyone is your boss. Even I'm your boss!

Everyone would like to be the boss.

I'm done with that!

Let's get our store back.

What happened?!

"Leyla" became "Jackal". I can not handle it.

No, no. This will not happen. The money is with us.

Soon we will take this jackal's store ...

... let's put the word "Leyla Shop" again.

It's ok?

We will put it, right?

Do not worry!

But listen, don't be nervous!

If we annoy him, he may refuse to sell.

- It's ok? Calm down. - It's ok.

Let's buy our store.

Come on Mevkibe, come on.

What happened girl?

I will wait for you, sister!

Oo who I see!

Good Morning!

Please! What do you want?

Take the money and give us the store!

Maybe, of course.

How much money do you have, Uncle Nihat?

Forty thousand. You gave forty thousand, you will take forty thousand.

If you don't believe me, tell me!

Although there are 5 sheets in them, it can take a long time, but ...


Is this store only worth 40,000? Am I that stupid?

The only store in the area!

Don't do this, in the name of Allah!

I will sell, but I want 100,000 in return!


What you want? What?

100 thousand Turkish lire!

It could be $ 20,000. But the exchange rate is fluctuating now. That is why I say that I will not embarrass you.

Yesterday you bought this store, jackal! What 100,000?

Yes, sister, I bought it yesterday ...

But it is a free market, economy, wake up!

I'll sell for the price I want! Trade is that art!

If you do not intend to buy, do not block my store entrance.

Listen, I'm making money here.

Listen to me, you fake gangster!

- I'm your blue eyes ... - Mevkibe!

You'll get it!

- I swear, I'll tear your eyes out! - Mevkibe, calm down!

- I will do! - Calm down!

Mevkibe, my dear!

What did we talk about?

Mevkibe, you weren't nervous!

Daddy! Mom! What is happening? What happened?

Here's "Jackal Shop" ...

And the name has changed?


We give him money for him to return the store.

Mr. İshan, brother, why don't you give the store to these people?

I'll give it, brother!

Where does it come from?

Let them come and take it.

The price is known, 100 thousand lire!

Allah! Allah!

I have 40,000 lire here. Where can I find another 60?

It's okay, dad!

I understand what the problem is.

I will solve everything. Stay calm.

Hear me, jackal!

Excuse me.

Leave the mother Meevkibe!

Leave my father Nihat!

They are calm anyway.


That store is the heart of this area.

That's right!

You won't be able to break that heart!

Now that debt is my debt!


If something happens, it's just between us!

- OK? - OK.

- Thanks! - Thanks!

With your permission, Dad!

With your permission, mom!

Off, I gave my word, I am in a very difficult situation right now.

Off, I took responsibility unnecessarily!

Creative department group. I have a request for you: we need

prepare a better presentation of the cosmetics company than we have done so far.

The summary report is here.

Finance department group.

There should be no shortage of documents, all the criteria are here.

- Ceycey! - Yes, I'm listening.

Throw away all plastic and anything that harms nature and cannot be recycled.

They don't really like that carbon footprint.

There is no carbon footprint here. It's mud.

It may be water, hydrogen, oxygen, but not carbon.

Are you going to talk nonsense, Ceycey?


Güliz, you will do a survey on employee satisfaction.

Everyone is happy with the work anyway ...

Güliz, my dear, you take a questionnaire. We will add it to the dossier.

It's okay, Mrs. Deren.


And yes, the last task belongs to you. You are responsible for cleaning.


Faucets, bathrooms, ceilings, floors, everything under the table and so on.

Let everything shine around!

Because one of the bosses is obsessed with cleanliness.

But the company is already clean. Why should I clean?

Of course I will clean. Why not?

Because one of the bosses is obsessed with cleanliness.


Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN


Uncle Murat, give me a cup of tea.

- Thank you! - Take it.

I swear I'm burned!


I was scalded!

Muzo, what are you doing?

I'm sorry, put it in the yogurt and everything will pass, my dear.

Okay, don't overdo it.

What happened to me, Ayhan!

I promised my mother-in-law and my father-in-law that I would give them 60,000 Liras!

Where will I get 60,000 from?

I said they wouldn't lose the store!

How could I promise that?

What should I do? I need help!

You say, 60,000 ...

Can you rob a bank?

No, I can't do that.

Can you become a murderer?


Theft? Attack? Withdraw? Theft?

I swear I heard everything for the first time.

So it will be difficult to find 60,000, Muzo.

How could I know, my dear? I thought you would find it.

I thought about asking my mom and she would give it to me.

Where do you get so much money from your mom?

How is it?

Girl, my mom has a lot of money.

She has a lot. We are heirs.

What do you mean "heirs"?

Can you explain that?

I'll explain, but if I don't, it won't be enough.

I will say briefly.

We have bathrooms.

We have houses, triplexes, duplexes [houses of 3 and 2 floors].

There is also land on the other side of the strait. Everything is ours!

Yes. Yes, of course!

"Yes Yes"? What is this reaction?

Does it mean you don't believe me?

Come on, I'll show you the documents. They sleep like pigeons at home!

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

If you have so much money, give my sister 60,000!

But it doesn't work like that.

My mom manages that money.

And, of course, she is emotionally distanced from Sanem ...

She will die and will not give the money.

Listen me!

I'm going to have a conversation therapy with you, okay?

Then you go to your mom and take your share of the fall in a beautiful way.

You will save the store and become Sanem's hero!


Although I still look at myself from time to time and see that I have heroic characteristics.

That's why I used it to save the store.


Let's see, hero Muzo. Stand up! Let's go!

I have a question.

If you have so much money, why do you live in that area?

Where should we live?

Look at all this!

People, nature, water - everything is beautiful!

There are butchers, there are vegetable and fruit vendors.

There is a store.

I emphasize: there is a store!

It's a great store!

Sanem's store.

Forget Sanem for the moment. I'm telling you.

Call your mother and call her here. It's ok?

How long has it been, Nihat?

No, no, nothing to be scared of. Everything is good.

It's okay, Mevkibe.

Please don't think about anything anymore.

Please, I need you, my Nihat.

Good that you're here, Mevkibe.

What would I do without you?

I made a bad calculation and the store left.

Where she went? Who was?

If I give this jackal my shop, my name is not Mevkibe!

I'm writing here on a tray, look.

What do you write, Mevkibe? What will you do?

We will unite!

What are you talking about? What union?

We are only two.

How will we come together?

Who said there are two of us?

Who said? Take this, have a little faith.

Leave it to me.

I know what to do.

Ah, Muzaffer!

How well you came up with this!

So let's talk a little bit, as a mother and child!

No, let's sit over there, please.

It is not known who was sitting here.

I spread newspapers for you.

How do you care for your mother, my love!

If I knew, I would prepare a borek!

With tomato, with cheese.

I would eat and drink with you, dear.

Not bad!

Next time we will have a picnic.

- C'mon C'mon. - Then I'll start.

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to you - my mom for giving me this opportunity

Dear mother.

What are you saying, son?

Wait, don't interrupt me, please.

- Because I'm reading now. - C'mon C'mon.

The conversation I'm about to lead now is very important.

As you know, the property left by Dad.

You know ... As you know, the property left by Dad.

Son, what are you saying, Allah, looking at this paper?

As you know ... The property left by my father.

It's mine too.

Tell me how I can help you.

Here is an error, a grammatical error.

I also think that ...

Son, what are you saying? Tell me how I can help.

I think? I? Two words?

What? How?

Strangle Mom? What you want? Do you want me to strangle the poor woman?

No. Pay attention to me, mom.

Ayhan, daughter, what are you doing here?

I'm looking at the tree, Aunt Aysun.

I wonder what tree this is?

What type?

Although you should know better.

Daughter, what are you saying, for Allah?

That apple tree?

There seems to be no fruit.

Yes, there is no fruit, yes.

I can't stand it, no.

I swear, I can't stand it.

I wrote and gave it to your son to read.

But it did not work. He can't do that, either.

I will say briefly.

Just like that.

His son, at the will of Allah, delivered by the prophet, asks for an inheritance to which he is entitled.


Son, what is she talking about? What inheritance?

What heritage if your mother is alive? What does that mean?

Mother, what do you say, is this possible?

May Allah give you a long life, what are you saying? Now you hurt my heart.

- She didn't mean it. - But she said.

Do not.

She said we need 60,000 lire.

They want to take Father Nihat's store.

And I will be your son-in-law, I must save this store.

We decided to ask him for 60,000 lire.

Allah, Allah!

What else?!

I won't give them a dime! Not a penny!

They will have to wait a long time for a rich son-in-law for their stupid daughter.

And I thought that we would sit alone, like mother and son, and look at the sea.

Listen to me, don't give my son these stupid ideas!

I do not...

You scared me, I'll be right before I get even more irritated.

Take out the tablecloth, put it inside.

It's dirty outside!

- Is that interesting to you? - The interior is. That family will be destroyed.

I swear, the whole family. How many people spend at this store?

She asked me to fold the towel. I was 4 years old when she bathed me with chloride.

I had so many therapeutic conversations with you, I think ...

Mrs. Selin, please raise the files.

And these. Okay, please continue your work.

Please work. Yes..

Sanem, what are you doing? Come here.

I told you to sabotage the inspection.

And you do the cleaning.

Yes, I should look like I was busy.

And then, of course, I'm going to dirty the company.

But I don't know how to do this.


I trust you.

Okay, I'll do that.

What are you doing under my nose?

They spilled coffee here. You do not see?


My coffee spilled.

Okay, clean it quickly, clean it immediately ...

It was my coffee, I'll clean it up.

- Now. - It's ok.

- No, she doesn't understand. You don't understand. - I wrote a lot. I told you what to read.

- She's still talking about the tablecloth ... - How could you not read?

Just a word.

I'm saying my in-laws are going bankrupt and they're losing the store ...


What happened girl?


Allah, Allah. Ringtone

- Who's calling? Who? Who? "Sanem is calling"

What interests you?

Is it Sanem? Sanem?

If you say, "What interests you?", Means Sanem.


How are you, Sanem?

Does not matter.

I'm trying to dirty the company, can you find me a rat?

What? How?

What do you mean "get dirty"?


What kind of mouse?

Well, how do I know which mouse? Big Small.

Gray, from sewage, it doesn't matter.


And don't you know that I'm afraid of mice?

Also, where should I find a mouse?

You can ask the Halil supplier at the store.

Or, in the worst case, go to a student hotel room on our street, they will definitely be there.

Now I have really become invisible.

What have you become?

Nothing, Ayhan, find me a rat.



Yes, really, wow.

I swear, wow.

Where are we going to get the 60,000? We are in a very difficult situation right now.

Ah, forget the 60,000, now we have a bigger problem.


We need to get a mouse.

What do you mean, a mouse?

Girl, I'm telling you that the family is in a difficult situation.

I'm saying that their lives are ruined, and you say that we have to catch a mouse.

Are you going to work in a pet store?

It's for Sanem.

Ah, if it's for Sanem, then I'm on it.

Take the tablecloth and go.

All documents for verification are ready.

This means that, from a legal point of view, we have no problems.

Metin, thank you very much, we caused you a lot of trouble.

If we get this project, Dad will be very happy.

It is true...

How's Uncle Aziz?

Very well.

Now he is in Italy. He calls every day, he's fine.

How nice.

And why are you not in a good mood?

You were also weird last night.

Metin, what a curious man you are.

You better take care of your own affairs. Look, I made sketches for the women's foundation.

Take a look.

Brother, they're great.

Very well.

I will organize a place to take pictures, and Akif will print them.

And the foundation's campaign will be ready.

It's ok.

Mr. Can.

I was having tea and I thought maybe you wanted it too. Do you want?


Can I do anything else for you?

No thank you.

May your job be easy.

Hey, man, what's going on?

You were weird yesterday.

What's up with that girl?

Metin! There is nothing, brother.

You understand?

Is nothing! Nothing!



Sanem, how are things going?

You did?

I settled down.

I mean, I have a plan, it's just in the middle of it.

Please, do not worry.


Fitnat, listen, this man is a gangster, he deceived us.

I'm begging you, don't buy here, for the sake of your neighbors.

Okay, okay, I won't be shopping at this store anymore.

See you later.

Thank you neighbor.

Hey, what are you doing there, insolent people?

Are you scaring my customers away?

You said it yourself, Mr. İhsan, free market economy.

What else can I do?

Well said, Mevkibe.

Go to your market! Do not stand in front of my store, otherwise you will regret it.

What are you talking about?!

Who are you?

First of all, here is a street.

The street belongs to everyone, you have no right to interfere.

Listen to me, do you think my neighbors are alone?

Jackal İhsan!

Ah, Allah, look at these guys.

Listen me.

Listen to me, watch your paws, pick them up and get out of here!

What kind of person are you?

Wasn't what you did enough?

So now you are trying to steal my son?

What are you talking about?

What are you saying? Steal in what sense?

Listen to me, I swear, I'm at my limit.

I don't want to tear you up here, I don't want to.


They lost the store, so they decided to borrow money from my son's inheritance, right?

Look in my eyes, will this pass me by?

Mrs. Aysun!

First of all, measure your words!

We don't need anyone's money or anyone's inheritance!

Except from the store.

Sister Aysun.


Today there is a special discount of 20% for all products.

And, in addition, a 10% discount on cleaning products.

Sure. How wonderful.

With pleasure.

Just look at what he's doing. And in this neighborhood? Can neighbors do that?

It is a free market, understand?

Come in, or I'll throw a shoe in your mouth!

I can not believe. Did you see what Aysun did?

- It's all right? - Well well.

Sanem, aren't you going to dinner?

No, I'm satisfied. Enjoy your meal.

Okay, see you later.

Enjoy your food.


Why are you screaming? You scared me. Why are you screaming?

Sanem, I have to find something that is harmful to the environment.

Nobody drinks water from a plastic bottle, I need to find something to recycle.

Well, that's a good thing. Great.

What is good? What's so good about it? Don't you understand the x of the issue?

I need something that will hurt around the environment or Mrs. Deren will fire me from work.

Will this work?

Is that plastic? Is that adequate? Throw away?

Isn't that a symbol of the creative department? It is probably not the same, made of glass.


Truth. What am I going to do now?

What will we do? I need to find something.

Maybe a pencil?

Will a simple pencil be appropriate?

It's still a pencil. Is this harmful? Is that adequate? What do you say?

Or maybe it was used in the evil ritual?

I am completely lost. What are we going to do?

I have to think of something.

Sanem, I have to invent something ... Oh, lipstick.

Lipstick? Is the lipstick harmless?

After all, lipstick is harmful, right?

You are painting, it is harmful.

Is this harmful?

After all, they tested it on animals and found it to be harmless. What should I do?

Let's buy a plastic bottle of water.

Let's buy a bottle of water and drink. Or we will not drink everything, otherwise we will break. We will dump him in the bathroom.

We played them one by one.

Ceycey, are you okay?

No, I'm not fine.

It turns out that this is an agency in which there are green people. We are in danger. We will be fired.

Listen, they'll fire us. Think of something, otherwise we will be fired.

They will fire us.

Why are you so serious? Is it because of your new hair?

Leave me alone.

I can't, I can't. I don't feel calm when there are dark people around me.

I have that characteristic. What can I do?

The inspectors have arrived and are waiting.


Come on, brother, and get this job.

Lets do this!

- Welcome. - Thanks.

- Hi, I'm Can Divit. - Hello.

Mrs. Deren - director of the creative department. This is my brother Emre.

Nice to meet you.

Let's take your time a little today, forgive me. Our company is very careful when it comes to inspection.

No problem. We are ready for anything.

First, let's look at your financial reports.

This will take 2 hours.

Sure. My brother Emre is responsible for finance.

I have a little problem to solve, I will leave with your permission. See you in two hours.

Please, I will accompany you.

Brother, we came from our neighborhood.

We don't really have mice in the area.

Allah, Allah. Don't torment us, brother. We walk a lot here.

So there are no mice here?

We need at least one mouse, brother.

Ayhan, go away, or it will be worse.

Allah, Allah.

And what are you looking at? Are we shooting a movie here? Get out!

Brother Halil, aren't you a wholesaler?

Wholesalers have two things.

The first is a tax bar and the other is rats.

We always see news on television about wholesalers, brother.

And they are here too, we need to find them.

I feel like they're around here.

There are no rats here, rats cannot get here.

I don't fully trust your warehouse.

A mouse can appear at any time.

Ayhan, you want to make trouble for me, right?


In my warehouse, there are no rats, even the worms are gone!

Brother Halil, you lie to us looking into our eyes.

Okay, don't give us your mice. Let them stay with you.

If you have friends from wholesalers, let us give you a rat.

Because in warehouses at wholesalers there are certainly rats.

We need it for a day and then we will bring it back to the warehouse in its natural environment.

What are you talking about?

Get out of here, go away.

And what are you looking at? Get the job done!

Ayhan dear, why are we looking for mice?

Doesn't a cat or dog fit?

Surely she would say if a cat or dog would do.

Certainly she knows better, and she said "rat".

Yes, don't interfere. What do you know about that?

And in the past they closed that place because they found a mouse.

I like.

There is no discrimination in this office.

Friends, what are you doing? Why are you so relaxed? We have inspection today! Today is the day of the inspection.

We are working.

What should I do? What should I do? I'm very nervous.

I can't even sit.

It's the end.

What happened?

On the list of inspectors, they want a relaxation room for employees. Find a place, Ceycey.

It's ok.

- Where are you going? - Find a place.

Looking for a place ...? What place, Mrs. Deren?

I don't know, Ceycey. Create, create, Ceycey.

And don't ask me any more!


What did I ask?

What should I do? What place should I create?

What should I do? I can't seem to relax now. How should I think of a relaxation zone?

Ceycey, anywhere in our company, is a place to relax. Look here.

Not like that, Leyla. It has to be a specific place.



They want a specific place. Specific.

She asked me to create a special place. How can I create this?

I'm fired. Today I'm sure. I cannot create this place. They will certainly fire me.

I'm free.

Let's go to the warehouse together. Maybe we can find something useful there.

Is there a flower shop nearby?

Yes, there is a flower shop nearby.

Sanem, you are my superhero.

Well, I helped you get that job.

- I'm serious. - You helped, right?

Brother, are you sure? Did I say I would do it for free?

I swear, you said, "I will do what you want." It was not?

Yes, you spoke with great confidence.

He even said he could die for us.

If I drink alcohol again ...

This will cost me dearly.

Boy, listen.

This man quit all business and came here because of us.

In addition, only one of your photos is worth 1,000 printers like yours. So don't say anything.

We will at least give up billboards.

Akif, don't prolong it. I will take pictures and you will print them.

We are going to save a foundation against closure, which protects women's rights. It is not enough?

Okay, okay.

Bravo, brother.

Let's see the places for the photo shoot.

We need a model. One woman is enough. But she must be a woman who can represent different types of women.

Okay, there's a catalog downstairs. Let's see it together, brother.

Boy, I'm going to tell you something.

In this printing shop, I saw only one employee.

Do you discriminate against them?

Should I sue you?

Do not press too hard.

What is it?

Sanem, this place was beautiful.

You are a genius. I'm serious.

If they leave me, I will not leave here for nothing.

But they won't leave me because I'm a loser.

Did you like it?

If I liked it? That's great.

I could even propose marriage here.

But I don't have a girlfriend.

Why? Because I am a loser.

Okay, let's go quickly. Let's show Mrs. Deren.

Come on, Ceycey.

Okay, okay.

- It's great. - Did you like it?

It's beautiful.

You know, I like it too.


These are the documents of Mr. Can's presentation.

Look at their condition.

Hello, Mr. Can.

Hello, someone tore the presentation papers and threw them in the trash. What should we do?

I was expecting this. Okay, Leyla, don't panic.

I am now at the printer. Send someone to me.

Mr. Can, it's not just that.

There are papers everywhere.

Plastic bottles.

This scoundrel even wrote on the board.

At the moment, a spy is among us.

I'm not a spy, I swear.

OK no problems. I will handle everything.

Send me the man you trust immediately, okay?

Okay, Mr. Can.

Look at this.

Shameless. The year-round efforts are here.

And he wanders among us, receives a salary, scoundrel.

And what are you looking at, Sanem?

You're talking, so I'm listening. And when I hear it I also look.

He asked me to send someone I trust. But here everyone is working.

Sanem, maybe you can go. Everyone is working now and you are free. Now go to the print shop.

OK? They will prepare documents there. Don't get distracted, pick them up and bring them to me right away.

Okay fine.

Okay, sister. I need to have them before I finish financial control.


I can go too?

Do not.

But you need a reliable person. I am a very reliable person.

It is not necessary. She will solve it herself.

Ok I'm on my way.

Can, look. How's that?

It doesn't fit, brother, it doesn't fit.

This one doesn't fit, nor this one. None of them are adequate.

- Brother, what about this one? - That won't do either.

What to do? Perhaps we will postpone this until later?

Brother, nothing will happen if we don't have a photo shoot tomorrow. If the campaign does not end on time, the association will not receive money.

Let's choose one.


And this one?

This too?

Brother, who are you looking for? I dont understand.

Brother, it should be a woman ...

That will represent all women in the world.

Your face must be sad and happy at the same time.

She should be beautiful, but without realizing it.

She must be able to speak with her eyes.

Brother, I gave 50 lire!

It's not 100 or 200 lire, so why can't you exchange 50 lire? I dont understand.

It is not so early yet.

Brother, you are doing this to keep the change. Okay, give it to me.

It must be strong and also delicate.

Explosive and sweet.

Hello! May your work be easy!

Is there a document for Fikri Harika?


Mr. Can?

What are you doing?

I came for the documents and now I'm going back. I'm in a hurry.


Wait two minutes. I'll finish something and we'll go to the office together.

It's ok. I'll wait outside.

- Good work. - Thanks.

- What are you laughing at? - You're welcome.

Beautiful people in a beautiful neighborhood!


Cleaning must be available!

We have reduced the bleach price to 3.99!

Today is cleaning day in the area!

Come come! Bleach for 3.99!

Look at the jackal!

Discounts too!

Hear me, jackal!

We as a district are protesting against you! Don't make discounts in vain!

Nobody is going to buy anything in this district. Do not hang in vain.



This store is 40 years old, but I never had that idea!

You are a good person. He's a jackal. How would you know?

- But it's a good idea, Mevkibe. - What are you talking about.

As of now, the price of a liter of olive oil is 8 lire.

You won't find these discounts even in Balıkesir!

- A liter of oil - 8 lire! - A liter of oil for 8 lire?

I just made that price, sister!

Dear Mevkibe, forgive me. I have no oil at home.

Look at Semoş! Look at Semoş!

Mrs. Semro!

You will have to find a new hairdresser.

And your hair will be dyed by someone else.

And you don't like those hairs anyway.

Melahat, is there a börek?

My arms and legs are shaking.

Give me börek, Melahat. Boerek!

Take it, honey, take it.

It is only once. Does not matter.


Sukran! Behi! Lets go Girls. Hasan! Mahmut! Come on kids, come on!

Ismet, Mr. Basy! Let's go!

Ruhibe! Come come! Take this, help yourself.

I just cooked, I swear. Eat! Enjoy everything!

The smell is incredible. Health for your hands.

And I? Won't you give me one?

What is he saying?

- You gave them all and I didn't give them to me. - AND

Melahat, please give me a piece. But in the middle, because I don't like the edges.


Don't look at me like that, Brother Nihat. I don't really like the edges.

I'll show you now! I will make you eat this dish.

There is no way for you.

- Calm Please. - It's ok!

It's ok! It's ok!

It's ok.

I'm calm.

Come on, Mevkibe, let's sit down.

Let's go.

Come on, get out.


I just asked for börek.

Nihat, how can you calm down so quickly? I dont understand.

- That's how I am. What can I do, Mevkibe? - Thank God!

- Maybe we should just give a piece? - Nihat! There is no necessity!

Okay, Mevkibe.

ASK TURK BRASIL Translation: Verinha Team: LanaN

As they say: free cheese is a rat trap.

What am I doing?

Ayhan! Ayhan!

- I have good news. I found. - What did you think?

What is it?

- What's in there? What did you think? - What do you think?

Aren't you kidding, Muzo? Same?

I've been sitting since morning, trying to think of something.

Girl, we are not ordinary people. We are people who follow love.

- That might help Sanem. - Is it really here?

Is small. I packed it in the box because you're afraid.

- But there's a hole in the air. - Wait, I'll get the bag and I'll be back.

Let's go. I hope this helps Sanem.

Say, "Muzaffer got tired of finding this for you." Say, "He's the sweetest of all."

Say, "It has brought countless benefits to the relationship."

What is this man? What is this child?

I want my name to be mentioned.

It's ok? I will give her the best mice, God willing.

Oh no! He bites.

Do not bite! This gift doesn't seem romantic.

All you have to do is change my name.

- But don't say I found him. - It's ok.

Are you happy girl There is nothing to fear.

- Did Leyla send you to the printer? - Yes.

I told her to send a trusted person, but ...

She is my older sister. Who can she trust but me?

Is Leyla your sister?

Eldest sister.

- Why didn't I know anything about it? - I do not know. I didn't hide it.

So, do you hide anything from me?

- Sorry, are we talking about work now? - Yes, we're talking about work. About work.

I don't like it when someone hides something from me.

What did I hide? I do not understand.

I do not know. For example, you used a connection with your sister to get a job.

- Can you stop the car? - What?

I'm telling you to stop the car, please.

Sorry, Sanem. I didn't mean to say that.

If my punishment was your impertinence, you have already punished me. Please, go. I'm walking.

We have arrived.

- Boring! - I heard this.

Can, I was afraid you were going to be late.

Someone tore up everything that was printed. Do you believe that? - Do not worry. We did it.


Come, I want to tell you something.

- Were you at the printer too? - Yes.

- Everything printed is here. - I'm not asking about it.

- Who sent you there? - Leyla

I'm your boss! From now on you will do nothing without my permission.

Be careful!

I will not repeat again.

Here, nothing can be said to anyone.

Mrs. Aylin, we checked everything thoroughly.

Your small agency. But here's everything our bosses need.

In addition, the garden is very beautiful.


You can be sure that we will do everything we can.

Naturally, the result of the verification of the other four agencies is important to us.

Tomorrow, Mr. Fabbri and Mrs. Emin will announce the results at the party.

- You and your entire team are invited. - With pleasure!

- See you tomorrow! - See you later!

- Can you bring me coffee? - Of course, Mrs. Aylin.

Everything went perfectly.

It turns out that my small agency and I have our advantages.

Do not worry. Everything here is in disarray.

Me and the rat are on the way.

What did you do? You got it?

Please, do not worry. I have everything.

Look at him.

He's trying to get a customer.

If he gets that customer, the company's value will increase.

Then he can sell the company.


Then everyone will be unemployed.

Listen, are you sure that the result for the company will be negative?

- If you are not sure, we will find a different way out. - It's my job.

Or maybe you don't trust me too?

Who doesn't trust you?

Ayhan, where are you girl?

Where are you girl?

Allah! Allah!

- I hear you ... - I hear you ...

- I hear your voice. I dont understand. - Аh!

- Ah, the animal fell. - You scared me.

- Where were you, girl? - Are you alive? Alive.

I was here. I was trying to find a cover, sister.

- Did you bring a mouse? - Take it. - Okay, keep it away. I am afraid.

And I am not afraid. I'm not afraid, sister.

Thanks to you, we took a taxi ride.

We became friends.

Okay, let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.

Come with me.

Now I'm going to let you in. Hide in a good place.

- Right? - Right.

Then I will send you a message ...

May you let him go. And then you let him go.

I understood. The password is "let go".

Yes, I will write "let go".

"Free him". - Come on, let's go.

Girl, don't run away. The rat is probably dead now.

Ceycey is calling.

- Say it. - Sanem, where are you?

Mrs. Deren wants to see the relaxation room.

I don't know how to turn on the sound. Come here quickly.

Okay, I'm going.

Is that a sign?

Should I go when you do this?


It looks like they called you up there. It may be something important. You can go?

Of course, I will go right now.

- I must go? - Come here.

On here.

Mrs. Deren, I would like to say that I created this miracle, but that ... yes.


Very ... I'm really ...

- Very ... - That shows.

Only you could have invented that stupid style.

This is the taste of the "other".

Inappropriate. We cannot show it to people because we will be discredited.

I do not like. It's cancelled.

Sanem, you know Mrs. Deren. Don't take this personally. She is like this.

Is very beautiful.

No, no, there is no problem. Follow her so she doesn't get mad at you.

It's ok.

I can say that the inspection so far has been great.

Friends, good job.


You didn't organize a place where employees could spend their free time.

Deren, weren't you on the task list?

There was a slight confusion, Mr. Can.

This is important to us. Employees are more

productive if they know they have a place to rest.

Unfortunately, we will have to lower your score.

Now we will be more attentive.

Only the health inspection is missing. Everything looks clean, but this is the procedure.

Sure. Please.

Did you know that Sanem turned the warehouse into a wonderful place? Mrs. Deren did not let her show it.

Yes. And he said a lot of bad things to her.

- The girl was sad and stayed there. - Why she did it?

I don't know, she is always treating her badly.

Ayhan calling.

Hello? You didn't call girl. What should I do with the mouse?

- Does not matter. Let it. - Is that the password "Leave it"?


She said, "It doesn't matter, leave it."

But probably something like "let go".

Well, let's release.

Let's go. Let's go. Go.



Sanem, don't do this, please.

Please, do not cry.

Shhh ... don't cry.

Do not Cry.

This place is perfect.


This place is great, just like you.

You found a stupid girl. And now you are all making fun of her.

Sanem? San, please don't go.


- Creative ... - But there are those who talk about art.

See you later.


Mouse! It's a rat!

- Where ?! Where?! - It's a rat! It's a rat! Mouse!

- I saw the mouse! - I don't want to look at that!

Calm calm. Don't look, Deren.

- Brother! - Ceycey, can we get him?

But how?

- There, there! - What is it?!

Don't approach, don't step! For precaution!

What should that be?

I've had enough. I'm really going to give up on that job.

Is this a village? Where did the rats come from, Ceycey?

Mrs. Deren, what can I do? Did I bring a mouse?

- There he is, look! - Over there, over there!

There, there!

Look at him.

Look at him. Mr. Emre, he walks as if he were his own company.

It's not possible! It's there. Run.

Mr. Emre, do something! It can't be like that! I can not!

He may have diseases. Be careful, please. Be careful.

- Come on, we're going! Run! - Do not go, please!

Come here, come here.

- They left! We were compromised. - Calm down.

Mr. Emre, is that possible? What was that? - Thanks.

- Mr. Can! Mr. Can! - It shouldn't be like that. Mr. Can?

Mr. Can, what are you doing ?! Are you taking the mouse in your hands ?!

It's a hamster, friends. Hamster. Are you afraid of him? Be smart.

Look at him. Collect everything.

How sweet.

Oh, he even took my finger.

What a sweetie. Look.

Friends, did you really destroy everything around because of him?

Does he have an interesting name? What will your name be?

Let's call him Ceycey. He will also be an employee of the company.

Friend, I left here recently.

I saw the girl. I've never seen this deck before, I swear.

What else is he doing here?


I just froze. What was that?

I need to find her.

Allah! Allah!

Dad, what is this bastard doing in our store?

Didn't you recover the store?


Mom, what's in your hands?

- Aren't you going to kill this cheater? - Actually, it's a good idea.

Mevkibe, come on! Haven't you found it yet?

I'm going, I'm going.

What is happening?

- Please, Nihat. Thank you, Mevkibe.

- Welcome, daughter. - Hello Daddy.

May your job be easy.

What happened?

- What is happening? - We can't take the store. - What? Why?

He increased the price twice. Now there are 100,000. He said that this is the price.

- I'm going to talk to this man! - Don't you dare, daughter.

- I will go. - What are you going to do, dear?

We did everything in our power. Everything that was needed. Do not interfere.

Let's forget and let your father forget too, child.

What will happen to him here, mom? She cannot be without work.

Also, why so many flowers? What will you do? Do you want to open a flower shop?

He bought it and decided to decorate the garden. Let him do it, as long as he has a job and we don't interrupt him.

- Where's Sanem? - I do not know. She left work before me.

The phone is off. Of course he'll be back soon.


Mevkibe, I need an ax and a shovel!

- Sure. - Мevkibe!

Why is this hose so short?

If it is short, how can I extend it?

Мevkibe! Where's the fertilizer?

Ah, Allah!


I will change my name, I swear.

Mevkibe! - I'm listening, dear Nihat.

I bought flowers in small pots.

Where are they?

I take it, my life!

- They're right in front of your eyes! - Thank you Mevkibe!


I did not speak to you. I gave the flower the name "Mevkibe"!

How sweet you are, Nihat.

You are. Wow.

Oh, how wonderful. It will drive me crazy. I swear, I'm going crazy with him, daughter.

They are still in love!

Allah, Allah.



Come in, I'll take you home!

No need, I will go alone. Have a good night!


You really don't have to.

You can take care of your affairs.

Sanem, or you get in the car or I'll go get you!

My bus has arrived.

All right?

Do not.

Are we talking about work now?


I asked, are you okay?

Do not.

I do not want to talk about that.

On what topic? Job?

Yes, what topic did you start talking about?

On the subject of work.

It's ok.

I do not want to talk.

On the subject of work.

Maybe there is another topic that you would like to talk about?

Non-work work?

Non-work work?

Not applicable to work.


It's ok!




I'm going down here, Mr. Can.

- Good evening. - Good evening.

You do not have shame?

Did you buy the store for 3 kopeks, fooling people?

Won't you be in this store, on this street, did you hear me?

Sanem, stop screaming like that. You will wake up the entire street!

Go home, don't upset me!

I will tell you something.

Because of you, my father almost had a heart attack.

This store was our bread!

Don't you have conscience?

You do not have shame?


- Come little sister, let's go home! - Wait a moment!

Sanem, I'm saying, let's go home.

- Wait a minute, wait! - Sanem, home!

See you again.

And why are you spitting? Break your face.

Sanem, we are spitting today, and tomorrow you will go and crush his face!


Uff! Sister!


Metin, how are you? I'll ask you something!

Sanem's family had a store, someone took it from them, he probably cheated them all.

The name of the store is "Chakkal-Bakkal" ["Szakal grocery store]]. Can you check it for me?

Aa, are you talking about Sanem?

Yes, brother, I'm talking about Sanem. About Sanem.

Will you check it out?

I will check. What address?

I will send you the location.

It's ok.

And one more thing, did you find a model for tomorrow's photos?

I told Mrs. Ed of the foundation to choose someone.

She chose one.

If you want, prepare a meeting place and I will take the model.

It's ok.

I will prepare everything tonight. See you tomorrow.

See you later.

First, remove the withered leaves, okay, daughter?

It's ok.

Nothing will remain, because then it will rot.

So we took it like this ...

Just like that.

Enough, tomorrow you continue! Are not you tired?

Allah! Allah!


My anger isn't over yet! Everything has accumulated in my head!

I will go up the stairs, put them in pots and come.

For me, the anger is not over yet.

Dad, wait!

Let's put these among yours!

It will be beautifully colored.

Let's go!

Father's copy! Father's copy!

And father and daughter are crazy, daughter!

And I wonder who I look like?

Of course me!

Smiling, intelligent, sociable, beautiful!

All me.

Mom, honestly, who are you praising? You or me? Neither did I understand.

Shame on you!


My Mevkibe?

I'm listening.

Honey, the flower pot broke and the whole earth collapsed on the floor!

Normally, at the moment I would go crazy, right?

But as he is calling with that sweet voice, everything within me is flourishing. I will help you!

I'm going to get a broom.

All right, dear! I'm running for you!

If one of us did, they would now pray for our souls.

All of our fears about children's fairy tales live in reality.

Fairy tales talk about thieves who steal property ...

And about capricious princesses who don't like the fictional world.

Everything is like in real life!

Where is my place in this fairy tale?

I'm a princess who slept for 100 years, was woken up with a kiss and is looking for her Albatross?

Or a stupid girl who gave her heart to the evil king?

This evil, dark and dangerous king, hidden behind a sweet smile and a good heart.

Where is your place in this fairy tale?




What is happening?!

Stand up!

I'm bored, wake up now!

Sanem, why are you bored?

Allah, Allah! Crazy woman.

It's six in the morning!

I opened the store every day, that's why!

Like I said "store" ...

... what do you think of getting revenge on the İhsan jackal?

What kind of revenge?

Very dirty revenge!

Yes! There is nobody!

We will!

We will!

We will!

We will do?

We'll do it like this!

How do we do it? What should we do?

Do what I'm going to do. Calm down.

I'm really excited, Sanem. - You will like!

Put it on the floor!

Thanks sister!

Let's start in that direction.

It's ok!

We play?


3, 2, 1!

And you have!

You have!



Come on, let's get started!

It is so pleasant.

Are we still playing?

- Last time. - It's ok!

Just like that!

3, 2, 1!

- Let's go. - C'mon C'mon.

We are brilliant.

Sister, it was great!

Allah! Allah! you have to put the wire on the left.

Is the dreamcatcher doing this? Allah! Allah ...

I'll make you a sample, look and do it.

Ayhan, we step on this path with thoughts of marriage.

But I swear, we went to embroidery. We go to the Telli Baby Temple to pray.

Let's go to Grandpa Tezveren so we can get results more quickly.

What's interesting about a dream catcher?

It is not necessary to translate literally, we are not going to use it.

He's a dream catcher.

Plus, I told you, you're going to hang it on the bed.

It will protect you from nightmares and fears.

My biggest nightmare is that Sanem doesn't like me.

Well, we can't do much with that, it's over.

Yes, that is gone.

I have a new nightmare.

They took my dad's store and I'm afraid I won't get it back.

You're right.

Do not.

Leave it.

The dream catcher will not help us, we have to find something else.

It doesn't work, we can't achieve anything with the help of these foreign pieces.

I asked my mother for the money, but she said, "I died, so you want the inheritance"?

And she is crying.

I can't say anything, I can't be a bad son, it's against my character.

No, you will not ask for money from your mother.

Especially since it's time to stand.

An idea came to my mind ...

... I swear, we will solve this problem from the root.

Let's go.

I swear, every time we're in the dark, you rise like the sun.

Let's go.

Come, get the catchers and come.

We'll see.

It can't be useful, I swear, it's a money trap. How much do we pay for it?

Everything is a trap.


I was looking for you, can you give me five minutes?

Sure. Of course, I'm listening.

I'll get straight to the point.

There is a foundation for women, they are my clients.

They help them in business life.

At the same time, they help them find a job.

What a great job they do.

I mean, if I didn't have a job, then Zeber ...

Sorry, please continue.

So as I said ...

This foundation is almost closing.

I mean, we want to organize a social welfare campaign.

And we are trying to prevent the foundation from being closed.

How nice.

And for this campaign, we need a model that participates voluntarily.

When you came to the printing shop yesterday ...

The people of this foundation have seen you.

In general, they want it to be you.

I model? No!

Listen, don't say no. Do not say no.

The photos will only last a few hours.

You will only wear a few costumes.

And besides, as a woman, you will do a good deed for all women.

Listen, I'm not really excited about the camera.

I will not know what to do.

You have nothing to worry about.

In these moments, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the photographer.

Especially that our photographer is C ...

I hope it's not Mr. Can?

No, it's someone else, not Can.

But it's professional too.

Why don't you want it to be Can?

I get very stressed around him, I get goosebumps.

Sorry, of course he is your best friend.

Is nothing.

Well, your answer?

Do you agree with this good deed?

I agree.


In that case, I will pick you up in an hour.

Will the photos be today?

Yes, I will take you to the location of the photos.

By the way, I will tell Deren.

It's ok.

I just ask you not to tell Can, right?

What do I have to tell him? Damn him.

They're all like children to me. How can I separate from you?

Espresso, filter, Turkish coffee.


What happened?

How, what happened? How, what happened?

Do you know what is happening? Do you understand the situation in which we find ourselves?

Yes, I understand, everything is fine, everyone is calm.

I'm sorry, Sanem.

It is the end for us, Sanem. This is our last day at work. We will be fired.

Today, our work has come to an end.

What happened again?

What happened? Today we will receive the results of the audit.

What will happen? We will be removed due to a colon.

Why? Hygiene. It is a relaxing place for co-workers.

Who is responsible for hygiene?

- I am responsible. - What is hygiene?

Hygiene of a mouse?

We have a mouse. Is it hygienic?

What happened? I forgot to call Ayhan.

Who is Ayhan and how is she related to our topic now?

I am responsible for the total space of the team.

What will happen? We will both go out that door. It's the end. What I've always feared will happen.

... it will happen to me today.

On this beautiful day, I will be fired. It is the end for us.

What should I do?!

Go back to my hometown? What should I do?

Where you are from?

Don't ask me such stupid questions, how do these questions come to your mind? Shut up.

Is that what this is about?

It's okay, Ceycey. Let me make coffee and you will calm down.

Do you believe that?

What can I do? I will wash my face with cold water. I'm going to put a piece of ice on my head.

I will push my head into the freezer and regain my senses.

Ceycey ...

Yes, print the program for one week and pass it on to everyone.

Can, if you want, we'll see the show together later.

No need, you see.

Let's look for campaign ideas.

This is for an auto company campaign.

And this is a statement for the press and samples.

So far, that's all.

Later, Sanem. Later, now is not the time.

This is probably for me. Thanks.

Mr. Can!

Mr. Can!

We passed verification. Four agencies approved the audit.

I have only bad news.

One of these 4 companies is Aylin and we have the lowest rating.

A spy who works at our agency for Aylin.

Apparently, he handled the job well, disorganizing everything in our office.

And another point we made was the fact that we do not have space for relaxation for employees.

Although Sanem has prepared.

But Deren so arrogantly did not show it.


Please, how can you say that?

Of course, I wanted to take this project, in the end we are talking about millions of dollars here.

This is not about money, Deren.

It is not for millions of dollars or even for a company.

I dont care.

And your criteria too.

What are our criteria, Deren?

Let everyone in this company express their opinion.

We will not stop the imagination.

May everyone come here every morning with pleasure.

If you want, think about it and your behavior towards Sanem.

Would you like?

Hello, dear?

Did you get the message? I passed the check and my result was greater than yours, thanks.

Are you serious?

I'm telling you, this business will be ours.

I wait for my love.

Let the good things happen to us.

I'll call you later.

Can I come in, boss?

What happened? Why are you smiling?

We passed verification.

Why are you so sad?

We passed, but with the lowest score, it will be difficult to get the project.

It depends on how we perform today.

The owner of the company wants to meet with the employees and with us.

As far as I heard, he values ​​personal relationships a lot.

This is what I need. You can go and I will stay, is it impossible?


Especially that the formal strike applies, all men must be in a black suit.

It is now clear why you are smiling.

If you need napkins ...

You can borrow it from my wardrobe.

I will remember.

In that case, even more.

What are you doing?

I wanted to ask permission from you and Mr. Can, I have something to resolve.

Yes of course. Come here.

You did a great job yesterday. The mouse idea was great.

It was a little scary, but okay.

You will come to the party, right?

Or maybe I shouldn't go? What should I do there?

It's impossible. Everyone will come, your absence will attract attention.

It's ok.

Well, I'll put this ring on. I always forget when I go to Mr. Can.

Sanem, don't keep it in your pocket, okay?

So let's talk about this ring.

See you tonight.

Mr. Can, can I get off work a little early? I have a little problem.

Okay, you can go. Have a nice day.

By the way...

Thank you so much for what you just did for me.

Is nothing.

That's nothing.

I mean, I didn't do it for you.

Deren's behavior was bad.

It doesn't matter who it was. You or someone else.

It's ok.

Have a nice day.

Please, anything else?

Do you have tea?

No, I'm sorry.

May peace be with you, Osman.

- Hello, Brother Nihat. Welcome. - Thanks.

No, I will not buy anything. I came to help you.

Help me?

Oh. Where?

What is where, brother?

That, well ... apron. Apron.

Where's the apron?

Here's the apron.

I am very bored, Osman.

Not as you think.

Let's go.

I'm going to cut the meat.

With that, I will take my stress away.

Is that meat?

Ah ... yes, brother.

In that case, I'm starting.

But brother ...

Okay, Osman, oh my God. You are a butcher.

But I can beat the meat too, right?

I want to learn a little too.

Separately, do you win everything immediately?

Separately? Good.

I already feel the effects.

Very good.

Now I understand you better.

Sanem. Did you hear something about ...

I'm sorry.

I can't find my sister. Could you tell her when you see her that you can go and wait for me at home?

So that we can go to the party together.

Okay, and you where ...


What happened?

- I can not believe! - What happened?

What is it, girl ?! Did you get engaged?



Yes, yes. I got engaged recently.

But nobody knows yet.

What does anyone know?


Sanem became engaged to an incredibly wealthy man. Just look at her ring.

What is it? It looks very valuable.

- When did you commit? - Yesterday.

How could you, Sanem? Why did not you tell me?

Who did you commit to?

You do not know him. For now, it's a secret.

Secret? But your ring says that you are engaged, about 100 meters away.

And what happened to Albatroz?

Albatross is the love of my dreams, and that is true love.

True but secret love.

Sanem, you really are a very strange girl.

Please don't tell anyone.

Let it stay between us, okay?

What will happen? I will tell everyone!


Sanem will soon get married!



What's going on here?

Sanem is engaged.


MS. Sanem, could you come with me? I have an affair with you.

- I have to go? - I need you for a few minutes, come on.

What is it?

- Ring. - I see it's a ring, but it's an engagement ring.

Where did you get this from?

It's a scam.

For the sake of my career.

I read in a magazine that married women will be promoted more quickly.

Oh, our Sanem, whom we forced to work, decided to make a career?

And I have to believe.

What nonsense are you talking about?

Okay, I'm saying stupid. It's ok.

Sanem, don't talk stupid little sister.

Don't talk nonsense. In the end, you disgrace me and yourself.

Queen of truth

You say that because you only think about yourself.

Sanem, of course I think of myself.

And I'm thinking about you, little sister.

So behave normally. Otherwise, at your first mistake, I will tell my mother everything.

Don't tell mommy.

I go and say.

Don't tell the mother.

Listen, I will also keep your secret.

What secret will you keep, huh?

Girl, I'm transparent.

Both mom and dad know everything about me.

Behave normally. I'll be watching you. Otherwise, I will tell my mother everything.

I don't know any secrets from this girl.

What did I tell you? Wait.

Mevkibe! My friend, Mevkibe!

Friend, can you hear me?

Allah! Allah!

Friend, listen to what I'm telling you.

I'm telling you about Aysun.

Friend, I knew this woman had a fortune.

But I didn't know it was that big ...

The woman talked about the inn, about the mansion.

She said about the countryside, about the land.

I give up. I'm really giving up.

What is it? Do you have a fortune or not? May it be for the good of high society.

Earthly property will remain on earth.

Where are the previous owners of this property?

Even the legitimate Sultan Suleiman has achieved nothing, and would Aysun achieve anything?

Listen to me, friend, does she really have tum tum?

AND! My finger fell out! My finger fell.




My finger fell out! Busted!

What happened?!

Mevkibe, look!

I wanted to cut the meat.

But I cut my finger!

Why did you leave, Osman?

Sister, what could I do? I said, but he didn't want to hear me.

Let Allah give you health, I will put ice on you.


- Why did you let him into the butcher shop? - What should I do?

What does he know about cutting meat?

Osman, I made the tea. Shall we drink together?

What tea, daughter? Go back to your store.

- But sister. - Raziye, be silent.

She still calls me a sister.

You also go to the store!

Osman! At night bring meat!

OK brother.

Do you want to have a barbecue?

And put your finger on the grid.

Yes, let's put our finger on the grid.

Mrs. Aylin, welcome, nice to see you.

Thank you, Mr. Haşmet.


Today, I would like to borrow a necklace for a special occasion.

Let it shine and be very flashy.


If you want, I will give you a matching necklace with the engagement ring. Maybe Emre likes it and doesn't want to return it.

How is it?

What ring?

Engagement Ring?

Mrs. Aylin, I think I made a mistake.

No ... Did Emre buy me an engagement ring?

I broke the surprise. Ah, Allah.

This is not important. I will not tell Emre that you told me.

But I have a condition.

Can I see the ring? Do you have a picture of him?

Of course, of course.

Mr. Emre especially asked him to one of our masters.

- What are you saying? - Especially for you.

It's him.

- This one? - Yes.


And this is the necklace.

Very beautiful.

I'm sorry again, Stra. Aylin.

You will not pay the fee for renting it.

May it be my gift to you tonight.

- Thanks. - Please.

Have a nice day.

I wonder where are you taking me?

Ayhan dear, you said you need a store.

You said you had an idea. And I am looking for the place.

Please. Here's the store.

How is it?

And this store was left by your father?


One of the five stores that was left by my father.

Very good.

Where are the keys?

We are not people who have a lot of free time, dear Ayhan.

If we talk about something, we respond.


Who knows which one.

How many keys are there?

A ton of keys.


The key to the Balat deposit.

Not this one.

Galata house.

Summer residence in Yozgat. The dead bought.

Shop in the area.


Yes, Mrs. Ayhan. You talked about the store, here's the store for you.

But what are we going to do here?

Well, Muzo. Allah, Allah.

Everything has its time. Why are you in such a hurry?

We found a location.

The work will also come.

I wait.

I wait.

We're here.

Is here?

I love these old buildings.

Are the building materials inside?

Well, this is a campaign that talks about professions in which men are involved, because it is considered that these professions are not for women.

It's a really good idea.

I hope I don't disappoint you.

It's possible?

Look, there's the entrance.

You understand?

Come on in. May your job be easy.

It's ok.

You are not going?

I would love to go, but I don't have a good relationship with a photographer.

Strictly speaking, they will be even worse ...

But did you say you were a great man?

He's a great man, you will come to terms with him, I have no doubt about it.

See you, good job.

But I...

If there's a problem, I'll call.

It's ok.

Mr. Can?


What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I am a model in this session.

And I'm a photographer.

Ah, Metin, ah.

I mean, you are the photo ...

I ... no, I'm sorry.


Sanem, Sanem.



Wait a second.


What are you doing?

Mr. Can, I'm already tense enough, modeling is not for me.

Sorry, okay?

It's ok.

Wait a second.


Listen, we have to end this campaign.


If you're here.

Let's do a section.

We will finish our work and be back, ok?

The costumes are here.

There is a room there.

Come on, please go and change your clothes.



It worked really well.

Everything is great.

I'm just going to ask you one more thing.

Can you take off the engagement ring?

As you know, you will be in the role of builder.

And your ring ...

Fits the disguise of the Queen of England.


Can you stand behind the soldering table?


Relax now.

Calm down, take a deep breath, relax.

You can touch these items.

You can see them.

Get used to them.

Do not show that it is strange to you.

Did you capture that?

No, I was unable to capture him.

Okay, leave it all.

For me, the most important thing is your smile.

But a natural smile.

Beautiful smile.

Show me how beautiful you are when you smile.

It's ok.

Maybe a little less.

More naturally and a little less.

More naturally.

Sanem, are you usually smiling like that? Seems like that?

And how do I smile, Mr. Can?

You smile beautifully, Sanem.

You have the kind of smile that destroys men.

But only when you want to.

That means it doesn't come out when you're in front of me ...

Okay, if you're stressed out by me ...

Act like I'm not here, okay?

Imagine that I left.

We will do this, for example ...

Close your eyes.

Think about what you dream about, what you want most in life.


We will try again.

Yes, you want to get on the excavator, will we take some pictures here?

It's ok.

I can.

Want help?

No, you don't have to.

It's ok.

Which is...

He takes pictures of a woman at a construction site and asks if she needs help.

- I'm ready. - Starting.


Translation: Verinha

Team: LanaN

Perfect. I think it is enough. Let's go somewhere else.

It's ok.

I would ask if you need help, but you will probably say "no".

No, it is not necessary.

Let's go?

Let's go.

Yes, we will go?

No, of course, please leave me on the floor, Mr. Can.

Wait a minute, are you going in that work clothes?

I forgot.

- I'll change and I'll be right back. - It's ok.

It's ok.

My back hurts, but it's worth it.

Health for our hands.


What are you doing here?


What are we doing here, girl?

We are opening a business, Muzo.

We're opening a business, Mom.

What business?

From now on, I want to stand.

I want to put my foot on my leg and sit down.

You don't even hear what she says behind your back.

Come on, let's go, let's go. Come on.

Aysun, I will explain to you.

You will not explain anything, Ayhan.

Come on, we're leaving.

Come on, let's go home, Muzaffer. Let's go.

Let's go!

Mom is calling me. I have to go.

Let's go.


Think about your dreams. About what you can do.

What dreams? What are you going to do, God?

Think of the dream catcher.

Dream Catcher…

Dream Catcher...

What dreams? What catcher? Son, for God's sake, leave these things.

Come on, let's go home.

Muzo, you can do it!

I can do this!



I know this store is a memory of my father.

And this is important to you.

But I am so old that I have to start working.

I need to learn to stand on my own.

Perhaps we can open this store and it will be a new opportunity for us.

Clean this place up really well, by God.


I will also help.


I am the boss of this place.

Let it be clear.

- Sure. - Sure.


Then we will sit together and think about what we will do.


Allah! Allah!


Neighbors, at the moment, you are witnesses of my first success in a mentor's career.


I became the boss. The boss!

Only, Muza, I have to tell you something.

We will need a car.

That's easy.

There is a car.

- As well? - I have a car.

Allah, Allah. Your speech changed immediately after you became the boss.


What a surprise.

You gave me a real surprise today.

I am very happy. My little agency ...

Our agency surpassed the agency of Can.

Of course, and thanks to you. In between.

AND? Tell me how did you do that?

It was thanks to Sanem.


That girl again?

Better if I didn't ask.

You know, she is so crazy.

She brought a mouse to ruin the hygiene result.

- Did she bring a mouse? - Yes.

How horrible.

I wonder where she found this mouse?

Does not matter. I'm really excited tonight.

I need to make a good impression on the agency owners. I always wonder what to say to them.


Calm down.

I organized the first part.

And the second part you’ll do, okay?

Trust me.

Everything will be fine.

It's ok.

Okay, and is there anything else you want to tell me?


For example, why did you buy me flowers?

I always buy flowers for you, right?

It doesn't have to be a special occasion.

Yes, you buy.

Show me what you are going to wear tonight.

A dress with exposed back.

Put it on, I want to see it.

I will not get dressed because you will be bored.

I think you should get dressed.

- You think? - I guess so.

- What if you knead? - Let it knead.

Then I will go.

We're here. This one.

Dear Muzo, when I talked about the car, I meant a car for the boss.

What is it?

What do you keep here? An old age.

Actually, I don't know what a car for a boss should be like.

But we have a car and a store. Glory to the Supreme.

What is it? When was the last time you opened this door?

It's open. It opens slowly.

Like a door to the castle.

Is this your car, Muzo?

Yes, what do you think?

His name is Yadigar, he was my father's.

That's what I call it.

But he is very good.

Very good.

It's "WOW".

Well, then what?

It is like a snake. Mom comes here every week and cleans up with stain remover, inside and out.

Press here?

No, don't press. Don't touch something that you can't handle.

It is true.

Mr. Can, I did a great job. Mimicry and everything, it was a real performance.

What kind of faces do you expect in the place where we are going?

I mean, a terrible or bad face?

Or maybe smiling, funny?

Or ... Please look. Want a more mysterious facial expression?

How is it better?

Sanem, I would like to take a look at all of your expressions and rate them .. But as you probably noticed, I'm driving. I need to look ahead.

Sure, sure, look ahead.

But please tell me what exactly do you expect. And I'm going to work on that before we get there.

I don't want anything special from you. Be yourself, that's enough. Act how you feel.

It's ok.

I just need an image. Well, I hope to capture it, if it doesn't, nothing can be done.

- As you say, I'm getting nervous. - No, you don't have to be nervous.

You know that all diseases come from nerves.

- Good morning Good Morning.

Brother Tahsin!

Ooh ... Welcome, Can.

- Brother Tahsin, what's new? How are you? - All right, boy, good.


- Hello. I'm Sanem. - Good Morning.

Hello, welcome daughter.



- Shall we go to the sea? - We go brother, we go. The sea is so beautiful. Can I lose this?

Okay, come on, please.

Brother, leave this, leave this. I will do.

- Leave it, let go. - OK brother.

Will you help me?

- Help? - Yes, come here, let's break up.


Enjoy your food.

You will not find this fish in a more luxurious restaurant. You won't find it.

It's not like I'm in them, I think so.

You accepted the destination that sent you again.


That's what you said in Ağva.

"I accept what fate has sent me."

You are always like this?

Do you usually accept what the destination sends you?

Can you hear the voice of the heart?

Mr. Can, why are you so cruel?

Why are you kidding me?

I say...

Everything I don't do is wrong. I'm silent, it's bad, I say, it's bad.

I'm far away, it's bad, close, it's bad.

Why did you do that?

You can not answer. Why?

Please tell the truth, what do you want?


You dont answer my question.

Do you accept what the destination sends you or not?

- Yes I do. Did you want to hear? - No, I want to hear what you want.

Please don't insult me ​​further.

You are destroying my balance. Please stop playing with me.

This is what I want, right?

It's ok.

Speak, Deren. - Can, we are here, where are you?

- I forgot about that event. - How did you forget?

- Where are you? - I'm in the middle of the sea on a fishing boat.

Can .... I can't believe it!

I'm really going crazy. Everyone will come soon and where is the boss? On a fishing boat ....

Okay, okay. I will be there soon.

Hurry up, because I don't feel right now.

Can, remember the clothes. Put on your tuxedo.

It's ok. Let's see.

Well, let's not spoil the surprise.

- Brother Tahsin, thank you for everything. - You are welcome, son.

- Take care. - Thanks.

- Thank you very much Brother Tahsin. Take care. - And take care.

- Thanks. - Goodbye children.

Mr. Can, I will go home.

I'm going to take a shower and get dressed because I smell like fish and dust.

I don't feel comfortable.

Do you see these camping cars?

The first is yours.

Inside there is a shower, a towel, toothbrush and night clothes.

If you want, there are also people who can take care of your hair and makeup.

And the one behind him is mine.

- When did you manage to organize it? - Recently.

- When you're ready, I'll be waiting for you here. - No, no, please do not wait, I will prepare and I will go after you.

It's ok.

Good work.

Polen, how are you? It's OK? Good.

I am happy that everything is fine.

I need to talk to you about something very important.

Soon I will fly to London at a convenient time. It will be better if we talk face to face.

It's ok. Okay, see you soon.

- Did you like your previous party? - Yes, I liked a lot.

- I think it's better. - Yes, exactly.

It is like? How do you like my clothes?

Beautiful? I think these buttons are really cool.

This is the "dress code".

- That's right. - Angry

- You look very good, Ceycey. - Yes?

Mr. Emre.

- Hello Hello.

That woman came again. When I see her, I die of fear.

Look, look at her walking.

This is true, it is strange.

Where is Sanem?

I don't know, I was waiting at home, she didn't come, so I went out alone.

- Maybe she will come with her fiance? - Yes maybe.

You must be Aylin.

You know Turkish.

I am very surprised.

I lived in Turkey many years ago because of work.

I also have relatives in Turkey.

I have a bad accent, so try to understand me, okay?

I think it looks great.

And you lady?

Did you come alone for this event?

In fact, there are 4 people here from our company.

There are usually five of us.

And that is why we are very surprised that you have chosen us.

It's possible?

The fact that you created such a good company in such a short time, is great, I was very impressed.


By the way, this is my business partner, Ms. Mine.

- Nice to meet you. - Equally.

Okay, we'll see and talk during the party, okay?

- Have fun! - Same.

- How are you? - Good and you?

Are you Deren?

- Yes, nice to meet you. - Equally.

And you are Emre, right?

How did you know?

Professional secrecy.


Where's Mr. Can?

He came.

- Take care! - Take care!

As far as I can see, the only person who doesn't follow the dress code is you.

I don't like to obey others' rules.

Okay fine.

Of course, this is one of the necessary characteristics of specialists in the field of advertising.

As they say, the border ... Between paying attention and ...

- Being able to think. - Being able to think.

Great. Wonderful.

So, let's have a drink. It's ok?

Well now.

Mr. Can.



In that case, Cheers! Cheers!

Today I will meet with you.

My partner will talk to your employees.

It looks like you are ...

- Much. - Much.

There are many of you.

We all arrived together today.


Can I find out who this girl is, who came late to my party?

- It doesn't matter, she's one of our employees. - Employee?

Unprecedented beauty.


Can I meet you later?

You said you didn't speak to employees.

- So you speak Italian. - Yes of course.

Impressive, impressive.

So, we'll see you soon.

See you later.

What's going on, Can? What is this tense atmosphere between you and this man?

No, there is no tension, just jokes on both sides.

- What did you say in Italian? - Welcome and etc.

- How's it going, and that's all. - And that is all?

- I wonder why it hurts so much? - From the heat.

You are sweating.


How beautiful you look.

It's like a burgundy wedding dress. Very beautiful.

I swear, my eyes started to hurt when I looked at you.

You are very beautiful!

Can I just say something?

Another mistake.

You make another mistake, you attract a lot of attention, you shouldn't do it.

- Where's your ring? - At home.

- You have a very beautiful dress. Did your fiance buy? - Yes.

- Where's your fiance? - At home.

Where is his house?

- In Nişantaşı, Güliz. - Why didn't he come?

The cow ate and, together with my fiance, ran away to the mountains.


It suddenly occurred to him.


It suddenly occurred to him.

Let's dance, do you want?

No, no, I don't want to.

It's ok.

Everyone is dancing, maybe we dance, Can?

Deren, it's not for me, you know.


Good Morning.

I'm Enzup, Enzup Fabbri.


Do you wanna Dance?

I was going to invite mrs. Get out to dance. I promise that the second dance will be for you.

It's ok.

So be it.

- Actually, I ... - Let it be.

MS. Sanem.

Leyla! Leyla! You do not see? You do not see.

Sanem dances with the main boss.

According to the hierarchy, she should only dance with me.

It floats in dangerous waters. I swear, I am terribly concerned.

They will fire you. See how he spins her.

She will be fired, fired for this dance.

I wait.

I swear I will finally have peace.


He doesn't quite know where and how to behave.

- I'm already tired! - Do not know. Do not know.

Let the attention be constantly on me.

How's the party going?

Based on what your partner said, this business will be ours.

When he finishes dancing, I will talk to him.

Who is this girl?


Is that Sanem?

When you talked about her, you forgot to mention how beautiful she is.

"Now I understand why you defend her. - Aylin, don't talk nonsense. She's just a girl who works for us.

Forgive me, but this girl's dress is more expensive than mine.


This means...

... we'll talk more.

All right, let's talk.

Mr. Fabbri.

Allow me, please.

Unfortunately, the song ended. You will dance at another time.

By the way, I should go to you. There is a topic

important thing that I wanted to talk to you about.

Okay, please.

You will forgive me.

It is very important for us ...

... to support a good and experienced woman who recently started a company.

In fact, we ...

... we thought about working with Mrs. Aylin.

- I understand. - Yes.


But today I discovered something that changed my opinion.

His agency helped a foundation for women.

An advertising campaign was created. It is true?

Yes, how do you know that?

Your lawyer told my partner, so I found out.

Mr. Can often conducts similar activities.

But he does it in secret, he doesn't want anyone to know.

Then we won't be long. The project is yours.

The project is yours.

Project! Job! It's yours! Congratulations!

I did not expect it.


- Congratulations. - Thanks.

Thank you so much for not leaving us alone on this beautiful day.

You know that we represent 340 of our brands in 38 countries around the world.

In 39 countries, not 38.

Of course, Japan joined us last month. In fact, 39, we got used to talking 38.

You have a good memory. You are well prepared, Miss. Sanem.


Yes, Sanem is like that. Angry.

Miss. Does Sanem want to add anything else?

Their perfumes are selling very well in France, but unfortunately not in Denmark.

It seems to me that this is due to climate change. Can you reduce the intensity of the fragrance?

I mean, can you cut down on the lavender a little bit?

Is your work related to perfumes?

- No, I'm a saleswoman. - Seller?

I mean, I was a salesperson.

But I create my own perfume at home.

I wanted to ask about your perfume brand when I was dancing with you.

With permission.

Congratulations again.

Congratulations too, I congratulate you all.

In that case, we will sign the contract immediately.

Sure, now. When you want.

Mr. Emre, congratulations.

Dear Ceycey, that is enough.

Why didn't you tell me you went to a photo shoot today?

I didn't know that Mr. Can would be there.

- You, me, he used us all. - How? Why would he do that?

He realized that he would not receive this project because he received few points after the audit.

My brother organized an advertising campaign to support the women's foundation.

And that message had to somehow reach Fabbri.

He used the lawyer, Metin. And he has a project.

Thank you, Sanem.

Health for your hands.

MS. Sanem.

- I was leaving now. - Everyone is here, the party is still going on.

This party is over for me.

MS. Sanem.

I wanted to talk to you about your interest in perfumes.

In all fairy tales there is a voice ...

Whispering to us in a dark and dangerous forest ...

Evil kings, with all their charm, push us into these dangerous adventures.

Princesses go with the evil kings, knowing that

They will break your hearts when you enter the forest.

Where is my place in this fairy tale?

Do I accept what fate will bring to me?

Am I going with the evil king that will break my heart?


Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN