Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

She succeeds in getting rid of it by using the Sanem memory that entered Can's house. Aylin does her best to ruin a great work that Can is trying to connect. Sanem finds herself at the center of this incident.


Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN


"Early Bird"

Episode 2


What are you doing here?

That smell ...

It's the smell.

You scared me. What are you doing here?

Wait here.

I'll be right back.

I will turn off the music.

One second. Wait, I'll be right back.

What kind of stupid question is that?

What are you doing here, actually? What you want?

I forgot something.

I mean, I forgot something.

I can't explain it now. I better go.

One moment, one moment. You are not going anywhere.

How did you come to this house?

Mr. Emre ... Mr. Emre gave me the keys.

Emre? For what?

Do I have to answer you all the time? I have my reasons.

Of course I have. After all, you're my boss, but ...

Please don't press me now ...

Sanem, are you going to say something logical?

Why are you here?

Why are you at my house at this hour? Could you explain that?

Mr. Emre, I brought ... ouch!

I'm sorry, Mr. Emre!

Mr. Emre's jacket was dirty with coffee.

I took the jacket to ...

Send him to the laundry but he was out of a bag and I kept something in him.

I mean, in my jacket pocket and I forgot.

I'm sure the jacket is here. That's why I came.

I mean, did you forget something in Emre's jacket pocket? It is?

Yes. Something of mine.

And it’s so important that you took Emre’s keys and

came here in your absence, without waiting until tomorrow?

Is it that important?

Yes, it is important.

So come on, we'll see together.

Let's go.

What did you say, girl?

Couldn't you think of something else?

I wonder what Mr. Emre put in his pocket?

If there is nothing in your pocket? What if he got it?

What will I do then?

This one?

Yes. In the left inside pocket.



Do you have a fiance?

What happened, Sanem? Why the shock?

It's mine.

It is very valuable to me. I was afraid of having lost.


Yes, I have a fiance. He bought that ring.

It is too big for me, so I took it with me to fix it and put it in Mr. Emre's pocket so as not to lose it.

And I forgot.

I swear, if my fiance ...

I mean, if he didn't see the ring, he would be really upset.

So I should ...

go away...


Sanem, can you wait a while?

Sanem, wait. What are you doing? Why are you running away?

My leg…

My leg…

She is mad?

Ah, Sanem, ah!

You also lost your knee.

MR. EMRE Calling

Hello? Yes, Mr. Emre.

Sanem, what did you do? Did you get it?

I could not.

How could you not?

I organized everything.

Mr. Emre, forgive me, but what did you do?

Mr. Can caught me, appeared on my back,

literally like an angel of death, it scared me.

What are you saying, Sanem? Did my brother see you? What did you say to him?

I said some stupid things.

I said I took your jacket to the laundry and inside ...

I mean, I said I forgot something in my pocket.

And there was a ring.

I had to say that I had a fiance.

Damn it!

Sanem, do you have any idea what you did?

Listen, this ring is very important!

Make sure that nothing happens to him. It's ok?

Are you listening to me?

I hear, I hear.

Did you get the folder? Did my brother see her?

I could not.

But he didn't see it, he can't.

How you failed and how he won't be able to see you.

If Mr. Can is not in the habit of cleaning the room at night, he will not be able to see it.

But he can do that because he is really abnormal.

Sanem, what are you talking about?

I'm saying the folder is in a vase in the living room.

- Are you sure? - Yes of course!

Mr. Emre.


I really can't. I will not do that.

I ... I ruin everything I do anyway.

Please forgive me for talking to you like that, but ...

Sanem, okay ...

Okay, I'm hanging up. Good evening!


Hello? Mr. Emre ...

Mr. Emre?

He will definitely fire me this time

I want to eat!

Food, food, food!

- Mom! I want to eat! - Sit at the table.

The food is on the table! Go!



I am so happy, my Sanem.

Now I can say "my Sanem". Children are old enough to go to school.

Mom! Mom!



What are you doing in the middle of the frozen street like that?

And your knee? Are you okay?

You won't believe it when I tell you.

I go from one disaster to the next. Look.

I now have this ring.

Uh-oh! What is it?

Did you steal from the palace?

Sanem dear ...

What are you doing here?

And what are you doing on the street right now?

Why are you like that?

Mom, don't you know?

Sanem started to work. Obviously she is tired.

See how she lost weight. Her face is very thin.

But after we get married, you won't work anymore.

Don't be stupid, Zebercet. There will be no wedding!

How not?

We asked your father for his hand and he told us he will think.

We are still waiting for your answer, daughter.

Don't wait in vain, Aunt Aysun.

I will not marry Zebercet. I do not want.

Look, what disrespect.

Muzaffer, did you hear?

She said she doesn't want you!

Oh, she always does that.

He always says that. She has been saying this for 20 years. It's a whim.

Zebercet, can a person have a whim for 20 years?

My mom said that to stop you.

She ... She didn't talk about stopping.


- No, not exactly this! It’s not like that, Mom. - I will show you ...

You got it wrong, mom! It's not like this!

Here it is. What happened?

The bride and mother-in-law fought ...

And I am the underdog.

The two sides fight and I am the only one affected.



Sister, what did you do?

What did I do again?

You told the woman that your mother lied to her, that she was playing with him.

If Aunt Mevkibe knows, I swear this time she will finish you off.

It will be the end of me. This time, it will definitely be the end of me. And I can't fix it anymore ..

Why didn't you say anything to me, Ayhan?

Am I not right? I didn't tell you to shut up.


Please listen, Mrs. Aysun.

I'm asking you kindly.

- We're late. - I'm done.

Your princess has arrived.


What happened daughter?

I fell. Nothing serious, father.

How is it not serious? Look, the whole knee is bleeding.

Your deceiver, your fake.

No, she didn't mean it, she didn't say it.

Listen to me, Aysun!

Mom, please come, let's go home. Please.

Sanem, see the problems you've fixed.

You are still cursing me, even in this situation. Angry!


Mother mom.


First of all, be careful with your words ...

I swear to god, I'm barely holding on ...

Just know that!

Aunt Aysun, try to calm down a little?


Come on, mom, come on, people are looking at us.

I have a question, I will ask just one thing. If you didn't want

spend your daughter, why did you invite us to the engagement night?

Mrs. Aysun! Mevkibe!

I'm begging ...

I try, I try to remain silent for the last few minutes, but ...

Muzaffer, please take your mother and go.

What a shame. People are watching us.

Wait, everyone listen. There was a misunderstanding.


You asked me if I could come.

And what could I answer? We are neighbors, should I say "don't come"? That's why I invited her.

Did I say I would hand it over, Aysun? I said?

As if your daughter was much needed!

Aysun, my Sanem is unique, Aysun! Ask your child first why he is interested.

Don't make me open my mouth!

If you want to know, I'm still interested.

At the moment nobody asked you anything, Zebercet!

Look at you, you wouldn't even be a decent bride!

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Did you say that to me?

God! The fact that she is my neighbor is not going to stop me. I will tear it up.

- I swear, we are sorry. - I didn't get an answer to my question.

- Wait a minute ... - Aysun, I'm going to tear you up!

- Calm down, calm down. - I'm going to beat that woman.

- Muzaffer, take your mother. - It's ok.

Go now!

You will not be able to do anything with us.

She'll start talking again, come on.

In between!

Muzaffer, go now, son.

Good night, daddy. I'm sorry.

Go, go.

And what are you looking at?

Go home!

Look at you...

Close your doors. Let's go.

Oh God. Oh God!

That smell.

The same smell.

Do you have a fiance?


What happened brother?

It was a very interesting night.

Sanem was here.

I caught her in the living room.

Did you get scared?

Yes, I got scared.

Brother, why did you give the keys to a strange girl?

Okay, let's say you gave it and why didn't you let me know?

Brother, how could I know if you would be home or not?

Besides, weren't you the one who said we could only trust Sanem?

Brother, these are two different things.

Wait, wait, wait ...

All company information goes through Sanem, and keys have become a problem, right?

Yes that's right.

Brother, don't overdo it.

The girl called me in tears, said that she had forgotten something very valuable.

So I gave the keys. Besides, I was also curious ...

What did she forget?

An engagement ring.

An antique, with diamonds, very expensive.

I found it very interesting, to be honest, I was surprised.

The beautiful girl.

She certainly met a handsome and rich young man.

Were you disappointed that she was engaged?

Go away!

Learn to catch the ball first.

Thank you, daughter.

You will kill me, Mevkibe.

I'm sure...

You will take me to my death one day.

Mrs. Aysun is right. If you didn't intend to release our daughter ...

Why did you invite them to ask for the blessing?


But I warned you that I would not marry Zebercet!


Bring your father's hypertension medication and some water.

Daddy's pressure increased.

I swear I aged in just one night because of you.

Yes, mother, this time your plan did not go well.

And Dad and Sanem are right.

You started and involved us in this.

It happened. It happened.

Give me daughter.

Hold daughter.


Shall we sleep, Mevkibe?




It's the end.


Are you okay?

And now...

This look…

This posture, this silence ...

Sanem, are you thinking the same as me?

Mevkibe, did you take the vows of silence again?

Oh no.

Let's go girls.

This way, this way, calmly, slowly.

Silence, come on.


And now run. Run! Run!

Ihsan, how are you?

What is happening?

What time?

Brother, what are you saying? What you are asking for is impossible.

Of course, we will, but it will be difficult.

Okay, I'm going to call Deren, I'm going to ask, I'm going to find out if it's possible.

OK! See you later. Bye!

Hello, Deren, Ihsan Çıl just called me.

He needs an urgent advertising campaign for airlines.

I mean, in short, we only have one day.


And by the way, because of the company's complex situation, we need to reinforce security measures.

Just look, you're all hurt.

You wanted me to knock on the door.

Why did you arrive in this state, in the middle of the night? What is happening?

I tripped and fell, nothing happened.

Stumbled and fell ...

You are hiding something from me again, Sanem.

I know your behavior.

You are and strange and a little tense.

I am not tense alone.

Everyone in the company is tense, including you. You have been removed and that is the cause of your tension ...

Obviously they will be tense.

How can Mr. Can be the boss instead of Mr. Emre?

I still don't understand that, Sanem.

If you only knew how Mr. Emre has dedicated himself to this company over the years.

He was always with his father and always helped him.

And what was Mr. Can doing?

"Traveling the world, photographing and after his father left, he was in charge of the company." What a beautiful life!

Answer me one thing.

Is Mr. Can a bad person?

If he were a normal man, would he do that to your brother, sister?

Of course not.

Okay, I'm just playing with you.

In 2-3 days they will call you and you will be back to work.

God hear you, Sanem.

I'm so bored at home.

I get bored here in the neighborhood with only Ayhan and myself. Imagine.

How did you live like that, sister? Such a miserable, boring and unhappy life.

Well, you have such a colorful life, right. With your permission, I'm going to sleep.

Oh, Sanem!

Are you expelling me?

Not at all.

Let's talk a little more?

We already talked a little and now we will talk tomorrow.

So good, continue.

- Good evening. - Good evening.

As Orhan Pamuk said.

Actually the best kind of love ...

Love without seeing ...

Awakening the other senses ...

The external appearance is not relevant.

Fragrances, sounds, flavors ...

... touch, they will be remembered.

And I fell in love with you without ever seeing you.

I imagine your hands and face ...

... with the hope that I will see you someday.

Meet me.

Notice me.

Stay with me.

Are you sure it will create advertising for airlines?

Yes, Mr. Ihsan called. I told you.

It is a very big project.

I should also participate in the competition.

Aylin, don't talk nonsense.

They called my brother, not his company.

I will do.

I know the advertising director for this company.

Silk dear, what's new?

I have a great ad idea for your business.

I'm really excited, so I called you right away.


In one day?

I will do. Send me the details by email.

We'll see you later, a kiss.


The only problem is how will I prepare a campaign in one day?

Emre ...

I need to know what your company is going to prepare.

I don't have time or a team.

You can't steal my family's idea, Aylin.

If my brother knows, he will finish you.

I already worked with your brother.

He will definitely think of something wonderful.

I just want to look at the project, I promise.

I change the mind, I will find a way.

You're getting me in trouble.

Both of us...

Aren't we partners?

Of course not.

Let's go.

Mr. Emre.

Mrs. Aylin.

All right, partner?

It's settled, partner.



Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN

You must be very tired, you worked until morning. Thanks.

The most important thing at the moment is security. The information must not leave the company's premises.

In addition to your team, only I can see the finished project.

How much do you trust your team, Deren?



This project is very important.

This is a very high budget project with subsequent announcements.

If we succeed in this campaign, it will bring us many benefits.

Of course, I understand. I will do everything in my power, don't worry.

You are here now. Everything will be even better.


We haven't been able to see each other since you came.

Later, we'll have coffee together, right?

Besides, you promised me, don't forget.

Right. Let's drink, drink.

We'll have coffee together.


- See you later. - See you later.

They still haven't called from work.

Now that I'm ready, I can get back to work when they call me.

It looks like they fired me, mom.

Didn't these ties end in the eighties?

For God's sake, tell me who are you doing this for?

Won't you say anything, mom?

I'm bursting with stress!

I'm leaving.

Maybe I won't be back.

Are you going to say something?

OK Alright. I'm leaving.

I'm leaving!

Sanem, good morning.

Mr. Emre, I'm really sorry. I screwed up again.

I'm fired, right?

Is that why you are waiting for me?

So that I don't get in?

Sanem, just ...

Mr. Emre, I owe you. I need to continue my work.

Maybe you will give me one more chance?

Sanem, I'm not firing you.

But you will do as I say. It's ok?

It's ok. Whatever you say. I promise.


My brother is preparing a project. Once he's done, bring it to me, okay?

What project?

Airline advertising.

And why don't you take it yourself?

You are not in a situation where you should ask me that, right?

My brother is doing something.

And I need to see these files.

It's ok.

Let me go.

Oh, Mr. Emre.

Mr. Emre, to tell you the truth, I couldn't sleep last night.

Stayed with me. It certainly costs a million dollars, right? Maybe you want to keep this.

Now someone can see. Put it on your finger, Sanem.

Mr. Emre, this is impossible.

After all, I was saying that I couldn't sleep. Also, I told Mr. Can that I was engaged and that this ring was mine.

Is there a copy?

I bought it at a pawnshop, I can't find a similar one. Put it on your finger, right now.

But, Mr. Emre, don't leave him with me.

It is very valuable.

Or maybe we can tell Mr. Can the truth?

What are you saying?

Do you go to him and say you are not engaged and the ring is not yours?

And how do you explain your visit to my house yesterday?

Do you know what we really need to do?

I need to leave, but I can't. Why? Because I owe you.

And what do you have to do? You must fire me. But you can not. Why? Because I owe you.

What should I do with this ring?

Come on, go to the company.

I'll be there, okay?

So will I be wearing the ring next to Mr. Can?


It's ok.

Good Morning.

Good morning darling.

- Good morning Dad. - Are you going to work?

No, they still haven't called.

So why are you all dressed up?

It is possible that I will go to work. They can call me.

That's why I dressed like this, hoping it was.

Leyla, is your mother still angry, daughter?

Yes, Dad, she is still silent.

- We're fine, right. - Don't even speak.

The fear of unemployment and the lack of maternal love shook me.

Allah! Allah!

If there is no maternal love, there is parental love.

I'm sorry, my daughter.

Come on, I'm going to make tea, and we, father and daughter, will drink together, what do you say?

- Daddy, I can do it! - You can not.

You are a guest. I'll be right back.


I got scared, Ayhan!

Are you scared?

Helping at the grocery store ....

How are you? You sitting there on that bench, it suits you.

What grocery store, what? Actually, I came to visit my father.

And what are you doing, you do nothing?

I think about walking, my dear.

My brain works all the time.

Like clockwork, ticking.

Here, daughter.

Ayhan, good morning. You arrived on time, get some tea.

No, Uncle Nihat, I don't want to.

Drink yourselves. Enjoy your food. I drank a lot in the morning.

It's ok.

Uncle Nihat.

- I meant ... - What?

Leyla sitting here ... She's out of work.

I suggest ... That finally, since she calls herself a businesswoman.

Yes, this is my daughter.

Yes. Maşallah.

I think maybe she should take care of marketing for this store instead of being in vain?


Introduce marketing.

It's ... good idea.

Bravo, Ayhan.

What do you say, daughter?

Maybe you will bring happiness and turnover increase?

You said you were bored. If you want, stay with me at the store today.

Of course, Dad.

Super. It is true that this will be great. I'm flying.

I wish you a good job.

Leyla - The shopkeeper.


Come on, I'll show you something. Let's go ..

Dad, let's finish the tea first, huh?



Go away.

Let's go.


I am so happy

- Good morning. - It's beautiful, isn't it?

- Good morning Güliz. - Good Morning.

Why are you dressed like that?

This is the flight attendant costume. I'm getting ready for the role. Most likely, I will participate in advertising.

Is this related to airline advertising?

Good Morning.

Good Morning.

Good Morning.

And what is this project?

I do not know. I still don't know anything. Look.

What happened to your knee?

Nothing happened. I fell.


I'm going to ask you something.


Here are the names of those who attended the company's 40th anniversary gala party.

Could you mark the bearded ones?

But only for singles.

I'll tag them, but will you tell me what you need?

That night, when I was alone ...

I met someone that night.

But I didn't see his face. I just know he has a beard.


Mr. Vakif is single.

- But he has six children. - Six children?

How old is he?

60 - 70.

I hope it's not him, Güliz.

Sanem, did someone chase you?

Is that list your revenge tool?

What is "Albatross"? Is that a code?

Of course not!

It's not like this.

Maybe he's the most romantic guy in the world.

But maybe I got it wrong.

You are really a very strange girl.

Here, I scored everyone.

Sanem, can you do something? Do you take a picture of me?

It's ok. I will do.

Wait! Wait, let's take a selfie. Let's go!


Sanem, can you come to my office, please?

Can I not go?

Sanem ...

- Güliz, put it in my closet. - It's ok.

Sit down.

Did it happen yesterday?


But I already took care of that.

Of course, you took care.

You will have an infection.

Wait here.

Where are you going? Are you running away again? Sit down.


In fact, there is no need.

I think you need it because you are about to be infected.

That hurts?

Do you know what you're doing?

Have you cleaned any wounds before?

There are no hospitals or doctors in the places I travel to. I can take care of myself.


Can you handle it?




Hold with your hand.


In fact, there is no need.

As a child, I fell many times.

Sometimes I would chew bread and press it on my head.

I fell on my knees and just cleaned it with water ...

I have my own means too.

So are you saying you live off luck?


Anyway, the cleaning is over.


You can keep that first aid box. We will do that again tonight.


List of "Albatross".

May I pick it up?

What is it? If you don't tell me, you won't be able to.

That is...

A list of bearded men who came to the gala.

- I can catch? - Are you looking for someone?

Yes, I'm looking.

Let me ask you something. That night I was also at the party and I have a beard, why am I not on the list?

Because you were in sports attire.

Can you give me that?

Take it.

Where's the ring?

I forgot.

You really cared about him last night, and today you forgot about him. Impressive.

My mom...

My parents don't know that we're engaged.

We engage without telling anyone.

We will tell you soon.

Sanem, I will ask you something.

Why did you behave like that last night?

I told you why I went.

No, I don't ask why you went. I'm asking, why did you run away from me?

- From you? - Of me. Why?

I was scared.

I was terrified because I thought you would consider me a thief because I was at your home.

When I was little, I used to steal clothes in the neighborhood.

They got me. The Commissioner said that ...

He said he didn't want to see me anymore.

But not when I was stealing clothes, while stealing, it could be because of that ...

Sanem ...

Can you build a logical sentence?

Do not.

Sometimes logic goes beyond reason.

Thanks again.

You're welcome.

By the way...

Am I fired?

Do not.


Because this job is great for me.

I'm sorry, just a moment ...


Did you find anything?

No, the project is not yet ready. They're still working.

Okay, as soon as you're ready, bring it to me right away. It's ok?

It's ok.

What happened?

The system has been blocked.

What is happening?

Why are the computers not working?

- Ceycey, call the technicians immediately. - It's ok.

And you, another ...

- Sanem. - It doesn't matter who.

Is it time for that?

Go to the file.

Bring old folders about the airline. Run!

- My name is Sanem. - It's ok.

Logging into the system at the same time will not help.

Learn to do your jobs correctly.



Hello, Мevkibe, dear.

Мevkibe, don't sacrifice us.

Ah, Allah!

He's still not talking to us, right?

No, daughter, she doesn't say anything.

Daddy, I checked the store's finances.

The situation is horrible.

Financial situation? It's just a grocery notebook, that's all.

Okay, dad, no matter what.

Sanem didn't even write everything correctly!

His irresponsibility made us in debt.

What does "irresponsibility" mean? Speak right. Is she your sister.

Talk very well about your sister.


Dad, look, you have a lot of debt.

You see?

You have a lot of debt.

You have 40,000 Liras in debt to the wholesaler. You even scored. What happened to that?

I marked...

But I forgot to cross it out.

I already paid that debt. We have no debts. Stay calm, my daughter.

I forgot to tell you....

I have something to do at the center, Leyla. Fix the shelves, I'll be right back, okay?

May your job be easy.

Okay, dear dad.

I love dealing with shelves.

Ceycey, where's my coffee? - There is, here.

Where's my weekly schedule?

It is also here.

Where's the other one?

Another ... another one, come here.

Mrs. Deren, I'm collecting the folders you ordered.

The graphics came? Give it to me, I'll see.

What is it?

They were made by hand.

Mrs. Deren, due to the blocked system, the graphics were handwritten with crayons.

Very good. So do we go back to the Stone Age?


What are these charts? They look like drawings of kindergarten children.

Okay, Ceycey ...

Say it.

Gather the creative department in the conference room.

And another, take these folders to my office.

My name is Sanem. Sanem!


- Right? - Yes.

What is happening?

Are the computers not working again?

Are you sabotaging work at the company now?

I'm looking at computers.

I'm checking to see if anyone at the company was sending messages to Aylin.

Soon everything will be back to normal.

Now is the time?

The airline's campaign is tomorrow.

We need to deliver the project. But you know everything, right?

Mind your own business, Emre.

I will see it, don't worry.

May your job be easy.

Yes, can I trust you with a store?

You are still sleeping, right?

You keep ignoring the job!

Do I have to deal with you all day?

Look at this place! Everywhere, a mess!

Look! A new product has arrived and is still there.

And you haven't done anything yet!

And then you say, "Brother, I went to the bank and I had no money".

"Brother and money?" Work, earn money in your account.


Hello welcome.

Good to see you. Good work.

I was looking for Halil. He is not here?

I can help. I'm your partner.

Ah, really?

I am indebted to Halil.

I am the grocer, Nihat.

I would like to ask if it would be possible to postpone the due date? I'm just waiting for the bank's response to the loan.

We cannot postpone the due date because we run a business.

We already gave you a few days to pay.

We will not press.

But if you want, I can charge you interest.


I will consider.

I come to warn you.

Good luck!



I'll tell you ...

I looked at the table, it was clean, so I checked the coffee table ...

No dust either.


She did a lot to eat, but then I saw the dust on the dishes.

- There was so much dust on the plate. But why? - Why?

Because I took it from the closet.

Anyway, Melahat ...

- See you later! Thank you dear! Have a nice day!. - See you bye.

- Honey. - Melahat.

What did this crazy woman say about me?

Oh my god, she's just talking nonsense. Some bad things ...

But I don't like gossip, so please don't make me speak.


Don't drive me crazy. Spit it out

You know, is it about the subject that you're most sensitive to?

Do you know the subject that you are very demanding about, and don't let anyone talk about it?

She's saying some silly things about it, but it's really not important, so leave it.

- About what? - It's about, you know ...

- What is it about? - Wow, why is that now ....

- Girl, talk! - Okay, enough!

She said "Mevkibe is a very dirty woman", ok? She said that you are a dirty woman.

And yes, she said that her daughter is also very dirty.

She told me that she went to her house lately and saw dust on the furniture.

She asked me, "How do these people live in that house, if they don't look around or clean?"

She wondered how her husband is still getting on with that dirty woman.

How he's still holding this dirty woman's hand.

The last time she went there, she said she drank coffee and then she saw that everything was full of dust.

Those were the things she said to me.

Did she say that about me? About me?

The cleanest, most proud and most caring woman in the country.

I am Mevkibe, whose reputation for cleanliness is an impressive legend.

Oh, my God, don't let it get to you, just forget it. Everyone has something to say.

I know you, you've been my neighbor for years. I know what you look like, so for God's sake, just forget it.

And now he is inspecting all the computers one by one.

I do not know what to do.

It will drive me crazy.

Stay calm, dear. You left no trace. He will not find you.

You haven't sent me the campaign yet.

Our guys are still working on it.

I don't even know how I'm going to send you, due to this situation.

Isn't the girl you gave money to help you?

She is trying at the moment.

Okay, I'll call you later.

Sanem, Can will meet in a little while and Deren will present the campaign.

You also go there and watch carefully. And then tell me what you saw, okay?


Can I ask you something that is not for me to ask?

What did you mean when you said that Mr. Can is sabotaging the company?

Come on.

Sit down.

My brother...

He wants to sell the company and leave.

I will close the office and we can send the workers elsewhere.

But I will take care of that. Just send them my way if there is a problem, ok?

But you can help me.

My dad...

..he ignored all the efforts that I put in all these years and brought his oldest son to the top.

He trusts him, but if he knew what he was doing behind his back.

Sanem, you need to help me.

We need to stop him from getting a new customer. For the company.

I think...

But since Mr. Can wants to sell the company, why is he bringing in new customers?

Because he wants to increase the value in the stock market and sell it at the highest price.

He will chase as many customers as he can get in the coming months.

You are talking about the stock market. I don't understand anything about it.

Let me explain it to you like this.

We need to be stable in these times. We need to prevent Can from getting a big fish.

It's ok.

I will do.

What else should I do? I owe you money after all.

- Can I ask you something else? - Right.

What about my sister's situation? She is very upset.

I am also upset.

But I promise you, I will bring your sister back.

Thank you.

Now enter the meeting and record everything you see, ok?

- Okay, don't worry. - Great.

Excuse me, can I pass?


Could you please step aside so I can get in ?! For the love of God!

What are you doing? Is there an Oscar ceremony to watch ?! So let me join you too.

Brother, please, come here for a second?

- Okay and you take care of things here. - Let me through, please.

Customers are blessings !!!

What happened?

Shall we move over there, bro?


You can give me 500 TL.

I will make a website.

Look! It’s really important this time. I will launch it.

And if he becomes successful, I swear I will be promoting you from now on.

What kind of investment is this girl?

What do I do?! For the love of God!

I went and worked with social media agencies.

They can't handle my creativity. What can I do?

Understand. This means that you are unemployed again.

Of course, I wouldn't say unemployed ...

Let’s say I’m just taking care of various fields and domains. It's ok?

For example, I will have this site now, okay?

I will have many followers.

It is the trend now.

Hello, Leyla.

Hello Osman.

You are no longer shopping here and you haven't been in a long time.

No, it's just that I'm not eating meat anymore. I became vegan.

Vegan? Why?

Because it is in a vegetative state. That's why, brother.

You are so funny, Ayhan.

See you, Osman.

I am a butcher while she is vegan.


Really congratulations, little brother!

Allah! Allah!

The Lord has endowed you with divine resources and made you a sweet cookie, and you are after that salty cookie!

- What? - Anything.

Will you give me money?

Look! This is the last time!

Yes, the last one. Give me!

Dear brother! Thank you!

My beautiful brother!

My head!!!

Sanem ?!

Are you okay?

Mr. Can? Are you okay?

Okay, okay

Let me see.

Nothing wrong. I am fine.

I ran like that and was running so I wouldn't be too late for the meeting.

This is not an agency-wide meeting. It is dedicated only to the campaign. So you don't have to watch.


It's ok.

In that case, I better go.

You're sure you're fine, aren't you?

I'm fine, fine, thank you.

But I'm going to have your tea.

Take a sip if you want.

Thanks. Enjoy!

There is nothing, nothing. Let's continue. Where we were?

In that case, I'll start.

What I'll do?

Dear passengers, welcome to our plane!

Please keep your seat belts fastened.

If a change in air pressure occurs, oxygen masks will be released.

Our plane has 8 exit points.

Güliz, Güliz!

Understand. Thank you. You can leave now!

We said goodbye with 3 Yes!

Come on! Come on!

Friends, what was that?

Are we planning an ad or a real life scene?

Are you going to sell your own safety instructions to a major airline?

Also, why would you focus the campaign on security?

It's a plane, fly or fall!

This was what the customer wanted.

Deren, we'll talk later.

Was that just what you managed to create with your team until morning?

Friends, this campaign has no action.

None of this has a soul.

Is there no other idea?

Mr. Can ...

There is this idea for an ad where we really resort to visual attraction.

In the palm of your hand there is the Eiffel tour, the pyramids, London bridge and our plane.

And the slogan is: "The world is in the palm of your hands." Safe.

Best. Elaborate on that.

But it is still a concept.

We may not have time to reach the production stage.

A sample will be conceived Deren, I will work things out, okay?

Don't show it to anyone.

I'm going to print now. Prepare everything and send it to me.

Come on!

What happened to your head?

It doesn't matter now.

I was unable to attend the meeting and, consequently, I was unable to gather information about the campaign

I told you to participate. Why didn't you do that, Sanem?

Mr. Emre, I'm just an office girl, actually. What could I do at a campaign creation meeting?

Besides, Mr. Can didn't want me there.

Emre, I'm leaving. I'm going to the printer.

Let someone go instead of you brother.

No, no, I can't trust anyone else.

Furthermore, we are already far behind. The job needs to be done in the morning.

What are you going to do there until morning? Take someone with you.

Look, take Sanem!

Sanem has an incredible visual memory.

Why not? Does not matter. Let's go.

But I do not understand...


I will be outside.

What do I know about printing Mr. Emre? What will I do there?

Look, keep an eye on Can. Take pictures of the campaign and send them to me. It's ok?

How will I do this?

Where are you going?

For parking

What is it?

We go on a motorcycle.

Do you have a problem with that?


Why should I ?


Move up?

It's ok.

Hold me tight.


I'm saying, hold on.

I'm sooo scared!

You're not scared, are you?

I? I don't.

What should I be afraid of?

Sanem ...


We arrived.

Should I take another tour?

No, no, no.

Are you okay?

I'm pretty well.

I was about to die!

Are you trying to kill me?

Last night too, I almost died because of you.

Do you know what is the best to do?

Lay me down here, crush me and run me over with your bike.

You will be relieved and so will I.

- How does this thing open? - Let me do it.

- Okay, I'll make it. - Leave it.

Will you stop acting like a child? Actually...

In fact, what? What really?

In fact, what? I can't really handle anything. It's not like this?

I cannot do any task.

I didn't want to come here.

My boss Emre sent me.

Okay then, come in and do your job.

What about posters?

20 are ready and the other 20 will be ready in an hour.

Thank you, Ismet.

Wow, wow, wow!

How are you, bro?

Very well. How are you?

I am also well. Hello.

- Hello, I'm Sanem. - And I'm Akif.

- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too.

What would you like to drink? Please come in.

Let's have two teas.

- I do not want. - She does not want.

She does not want.

I'm going to have a cup of tea.

It's ok.

Please come in.

All right?

Good and you? Come on, when did you come back?

- 3 cups of teas. - 3 or 4 days ago.

Why you did not call me?

You should have called me.

Dude, come here, I'm here now, right.

Look at the answer.

That man is always like that. May God give you patience

Thank you!

We are friends from high school time. Didn't he tell you about me?

Metin, Can and I always go out together.

This man ...

It was the craziest. He was the craziest person at Galatasaray High School.

Of course, we were never able to achieve it.

At first I said I didn't want to, but I really like tea.


He's crazy, but without this man I would be living on the streets now.

He made me a man.

Ok, topic closed, ok!

What's up with you?

Any wedding plans or something?

In fact, I'm not thinking about it much.

I don't like to plan for the future, maybe later.

Oh, dear, when I saw the ring.

And since it's the first time you've come here with a girl.

Sanem is one of our employees, Akif! And we really came for printing purposes.

So you came for printing purposes! It means you didn't come for me!

I would come another time.

But the printer is full brother.

I can't stop now.

In addition, we are closing in an hour.

You cannot close Akif. We have to finish by tomorrow, which means we will work until morning.

Okay, Okay, in that case, keep busy for about an hour.

I cannot stop printing. We will resolve this later.


Sanem, do you know that in this life, I only envy this man?

I settled down ...

But this man traveled the world and became a global citizen.

Asia, America, Africa! God bless him who will be able to hold him.

Like a bird.

The albatross bird.

Are you okay?

Let's go for a walk if you want. C'mon C'mon.

Okay, okay, come with me.

- Are you okay? - Yes Yes.

Ok, see you later.

See you!

Your mother's silence terrifies me very much, my daughter.

Me too, Dad.

What I know ? Maybe she missed us and she'll talk when we get home.

I hope so, my daughter, I really do.

Leyla ?! What's going on my daughter?

I don't know, dad. The house is full of foam.

Or your mother was turned into foam! Mevkibe? !!!

Mevkibe? !!! Mevkibe? !!!

Mevkibe ?! What happened to you Mevkibe ?!

Mom, what happened to you?

I told you, your obsession with cleanliness will turn you into foam.

Hold your mother, my daughter, hold her by the arm, hold her.

We will take you to the balcony.

Take your mother by the arm, my daughter! Hold it, hold it.

Come my beautiful wife! Come Mevkibe!

Watch out for the foam!

Come my beautiful wife Mevkibe. Come on!

My girl, like a flower, is lost. She's lost.

Oh, my God, it's okay, Mevkibe.

Okay, look, it's just fine foam, come on now!

Come on, Mevkibe! Come on!

Come come come!

How old were you when you started riding a motorcycle?

Since I was so young I don't even remember.

Are you hungry?

Yes! Very hungry indeed.

What happened? Because you smiled?

The women I met in Istanbul are not hungry.

- They don't drink tea. - Don't you drink tea?

What kind of women do you know?

Let's go!

The sea is very beautiful.

Yes, very beautiful.

So are we without electricity?

Yes, bro, unfortunately yes.

How lucky!

What will we do? We won't make it in time.

Did you call and ask what's wrong?

Brother Akif, there is a problem with the electric motors.

They are saying that things will be resolved in a few hours.

What will you do, brother? Will you go somewhere else?

Where should I go at this hour? To whom?

Well Can, unfortunately there is nothing I can do.

Excuse me!

Do you still keep your father's picture printer?

Yes, but it hasn't been used in years. It doesn't work, brother.

I will solve this. Where?

Brother, he's too old, he can't be.

- Brother, she is stronger than you and me. Where is it? - Come on inside, come on!

Is there enough candles bro or should i get more?

Enough, enough. Very good, in addition to having a flashlight. I think we're fine.

Do you like it?


What do you like about it?

It is very old.

Is there a metal plate?

There is a brother, there is.

What kind of man are you?

It doesn't work, it doesn't work. Here it is.

That happens. Give me some paint and a clean piece of cloth (cloth).

Mom, you've done a lot. What is the need for borek? I do not understand.

Okay, mom. I'll fill it up well.


When are you going to talk?

We missed you.

No way! This woman neglected herself a lot!

Dad, Mom says, let the woman do the laundry, wash the dishes and then go to work.

Will she wear a mini skirt when she comes home? This is what she is saying.

What? What did I just say?

Are you sure that your mother understood my daughter properly?

Let me see.

Yes, I definitely understood what she meant.

This woman turned her hair into a broom and dedicated her life to this man.

Mom, they got married recently. Did you design things on your own self?

So I better go to bed.

Sleep, sleep, Mr. Nihat. Sleep, sleep!

Daddy mom says ...

Mother you spoke !!! Did you hear the father?

Welcome, Mevkibe!

I haven't seen anything good, Mr. Nihat, I haven't seen it.

You go to bed and have beautiful dreams ...

And dream of women who take care of themselves.

And I just cleaned the house and my hair looks like a broom to you.

I didn't try to take care of myself and I neglected myself.

I'll go to bed.

Good night, my dear father.

How did you two get divorced while watching a series? I swear I will give up.

Take care of your own affairs and don't interfere with our problems.

Where is Sanem?


How did this happen and did this girl end up working harder than you? I didn't understand anything.

It happens, my dear mother.

It is because it occupies a low position in the company.

They make her work like a dog. That's the way things are.

Let's go! Let's go! Wrap tightly!

They are gossiping about us. Wrap tightly!

Wow!! You are amazing bro! It looks really great!

Then I will prepare the files.

Good work!

You too!

I need something from you. On the shelf, there are invitation cards for the 40th anniversary. Can I get one?


When did you see them? Of course you can get one.

The famous albatross night.

Thank you.

You are always like this?

As well?

The way you are.

What does it mean?

Do you really want to know who this Albatross is?

I do not know.


What happened? You were annoyed.

My fiance, my fiance sent me a message. He was worried about me, but that is not important.

This afternoon. Go home. Let me call a taxi for you.

Well, there is still work to do, I can stay.

There is no necessity.

Mr. Can, did I say something wrong or is it about what I said at the end? I did not understand.

Sanem! I told you to go home!

It's getting late. I do not need you. What is missing for you to understand?

Okay, as you wish.

I'll check something in there. Good evening!

Good evening!

The photos are here. Sanem did a good job!

She surprised me!

I've been hearing Sanem's name a lot from you lately. And I do not like this.

Don't talk nonsense. She is my subordinate.

I used to be your subordinate too.

Your brother is crazy, he printed the picture.

I want to know why

Look, Aylin, don't use the same project and get me in trouble? It's ok?

Do not worry. Nothing will happen.

Furthermore, it is not a brilliant idea.

It was obviously not Can's idea, but Deren's.

Can you do this until tomorrow morning?

It won't be that good, but it will work on something.

My presentation will be before your brother.

My love, we will increase business and establish a great team for you.

If we can get the campaign from the airline, there is a lot of money involved in that work.

We can put together a team and there will be no need for Sanem.

Are you jealous of Sanem?



Mom, why are you passing by at this hour?

These are creased fabrics.

They may be creased.

The curtains. Do you think the curtains are wrinkled?

Let me pass them on, okay?


God bless you! You spoke!

You were really mad at me, weren't you? I talked too much.

There are other storms, my daughter!

But I promise, I will be mad at you later, my dear. I promise!


Do you think I'm neglecting myself?

Do I have wrinkles and such?

Are they falling?

And he calls me crazy. What if he saw my mother?

Who calls you crazy? Let everyone take care of their own affairs.

No, don't be mad.

He's just a colleague.

Good evening.

Good evening.

May God not let anyone wrinkle early.

Oh my God!

What is happening?

Are you looking for me? Yes I am.

I want to ask you something. I was also present at the party that night and ...

I also have a beard. Why am I not on the list?

- Do you really want to find out who the albatross is? - I do not know.

I am now going to the print shop. Throw away the old project, I'll work on another one.

What the hell is happening? Quiet! Our parents will hear! Quiet!

I spoke with people from the company.

Where did you go with Mr. Can? You, an office girl!

Look at the psychotic!

Look at this crazy behavior!

Are you my boss, girl?

Are you my director?

Sanem, don't drive me crazy!

Did you become the boss's right hand in just two days?

Maybe I did, maybe not.

What happened? You are jealous?

You are up to something, Sanem!

I know you very well ... So well!

Why are you talking about this early in the morning, are you crazy?

Eat some meat, so that the blood reaches your brain.

I'm sick of you!

I am!

Why? If I love it so much!

I'm happy to have you, right? Allah! Allah!

Come here early in the morning and look at me like the demon from hell.

Stop yelling!!!

My dear brother!

What was that girl?

My website is live and online.

Are you ready? I will say the name.

You could have been a little more creative.

No, I prefer more natural things. Eventually, I'm expressing myself.

Who am I ? The things I like and stuff.

At some point as a personal development, but it is actually me who is developing here.

It is better to say that our 500 TL are gone.

Please, brother! Allah! Allah!

You have your tea and I'm going to do some Yoga.

Where did this Yoga come from?

Look at that facial expression!

You're suprised!

That's my goal, actually.

I am revealing my unknown side.

Discovering my unknown characteristics.


What is happening?

Girl! Don't disturb my concentration! Allah! Allah! I'm trying to do yoga.


Isn't it Yoda?

Yoda? Our girl, don't make me laugh. I am doing the chair position and you are there disturbing me.

Look now. Hands in the air and toward the universe, like this.

It really looks like a chair.

What are you up to? Tell me how things are going.

Do not ask.

My sister and I fought again. She is so boring

Let go ... let everything go towards the universe.

I really can't understand this.

I wonder how we were born to the same mother and father.

My sister is perfect. She knows what is best.

She knows everything!

I? I put myself in such a complex, that I only started talking when I was four years old.

Look at the trauma!

Traumas are the things that make us "us". That's why you're Sanem, accept it!

Sometimes I wonder ...

My mom and dad are in front of me.

They say they want to talk to me about something.

I'm sitting across from them. "Leyla is not your complete sister"

"She is adopted"

It is.

That would have been so good!


I want to ask you something. Can you come here and support my back?

I have to touch my fingers in that position.

Easy girl, what the hell?

Ok, this is good.

Girl, I'm really thinking about people at work. Tell me about them.

But tell me about them using one of your pictures from the internet to broaden our imagination.

Okay, fine, so let me show you.

There's CeyCey. CeyCey is a very good boy.

He's a little weird, but he's the person I get along with best at the company.

There's Guliz. Ayhan, she's like a diviner.

She knows about everything that happens in the company.

Is obvious.

There's Mrs. Deren ...

She is a beautiful girl.

I think so, she is beautiful, but it is obvious, she does Pilates.

If she did Yoga, she would not be so tense.


There's Mr. Emre.

Look at his type, he's looking like an actor.

Mr. Can ...

- Wow. - Yes.

Is this photoshop or real?

I mean, if Brad Pitt saw him, he would be ashamed of himself.

He's so handsome, isn't he?

It is like...

But I'm wondering, do cute boys have to be bad?

And besides, why is he naked while the others are dressed?

You have to ask yourself this question, because that is your imagination.

It's all right!

One minute...

One minute...

He also has a beard! Maybe he is the albatross you are looking for?

I hope not, Ayhan. Hope not...

And besides, my albatross was wearing black shoes.

And I saw Mr. Can, he was wearing jeans and light colored boots. So it can't be him.


Enough, I'm going to work now.

I think those pants would work, too. I mean, it could also be sweatpants.

He could use anything and it would fit because he is so handsome.

Ayhan, I told you that he is a bad man. An astute person.

He's so bad, he does bad things on his brother's back.

It is like that in the universe. There is wickedness and goodness.

That's it for us, actually. For our interior ...

Ayhan, You are on your day of enlightenment today, on the day of gossip.

Namaste my sister!

Namaste, Ayhan.

And this is the other look we have of our project.

And our slogan is "The world is right at your fingertips"

You can see the other details in the files.

Thanks for your effort. It is a good idea, but it seems that it is not refined enough.

I know, we didn't have enough time, but we can develop it.

But we don't have that time. We need to film the ad clip urgently.

I understand, we can develop the idea if you give us a few hours. We can move on with the idea of ​​security.

I mean, safety is important, but we want the feeling of adventure to be at the forefront.

There are some other agencies that we will meet with. We will inform you as soon as we have seen your presentations.

Thank you!

I thank you.

Welcome, lady.

Thanks. We have a meeting at 10am, Fikri Harika agency

I'll check right away, lady.

Where is Can? We will be even more late.

Hello, Deren.

What's up, guys?

Where is Can? Or did he not like your project and ran away?

- Good morning, Aylin. - Good Morning.

From what I see, you really are after each of our customers.

- How are you, Deren? - I am fine.

Don't let us waste our time here. We are losing customers.

We are not going to present this project, Deren

We will present this one.

Let's go!

Thank you! You're welcome.

My love.

Emre, your brother prepared a different project.

What do you mean? How do you know?

We just met at the office. What did he do, how did he do it? Do you have any idea?

No, I have no idea about anything.

Congratulations Emre, who knows what he has prepared until this morning and will do a trick for us.

Aylin, can you calm down please?

I can't calm down.

This Sanem that you trust so much is useless. We will definitely lose this customer.

Aylin, try to calm down. The customer hasn't called us yet. OK?

As if you don't know your brother.

He'll do well there.

I am the one running after customers for this company.

Aylin, that's enough!

Enough, I agree that it is enough.

Hello Mevkibe.

You didn't sleep last night. Are you OK, darling?

Good morning, Mr. Nihat.

Oh my God, I became a lord again.

How can I help you?

1 kg of tomato, 1 garlic sauce and let me have lots of cucumbers.

But you are being rude, Mevkibe.

How are the business?

- Beautiful, well-treated ladies passing by? - What a stupid thing to ask.

Those blue eyes ... are shining.

But that's not something to say in the middle of the street, Mevkibe. Come in and say what you want.

I will not!

I want you to bring my order here.

What a stupid thing.

What did you want again?

- Cucumbers. - Don't start cursing.

From now on we will do as you say. We will not respond. We will not speak to them.

Ah, Zeliha!

I'm waiting for you at three in the afternoon. Don't be late, okay.

Okay, okay, I'll go.

What did I prepare? I prepared so many things ... Many things.

Hello my son Muzaffer. How are you?

Thanks daddy, we're trying to be okay. Thanks to you

God, please don't let me lose my mind.

We need to be more creative.

Of course, I have been with this company for years due to my creativity

What is happening?

- Was the meeting great as I understood it? - Was very good.

But Mr. Can is not smiling.

Because he’s so cool, that’s why.

That's certainly your style, girl!

Thank you dear, how could this not be good.

Let me see.

Melehat, we're late. You do not come?

I'm going, I'm going, go ahead.

It's ok.

Melehat, where are you going?

You don't know, of course, Aysun.

Well, Mevkibe invited all his neighbors, friends and relatives to his home, for a meeting of friends.

Who knows what she prepared? Okay, see you later, dear.

Müge, pull the plug from the outlet, close the store and come on Okay, I'll be there.

Melehat ...

Tell Mevkibe not to make noise and not to gossip about me.

Shame on you, Aysun. Do you think people will come together to gossip?

My dear!

Welcome Melehat.

Come inside, Melehat.

Did the designs arrive from the printer?

Here they are.

Our graphics guy is in love with our accounting Seval.

Excuse me?

I am the one who knows all the love stories in the office, Mr. Can. I mean, if you're curious.

I am not. I'm not.

Is the text ready?

I mean, there's all kinds of gossip going around and everyone's been talking to me, so all the information lands on my lap.

What can I do? Considering that I'm not interested in that at all.

Gulliz, could you be silent?

The budget...

And Mrs. Deren is ready to do anything to earn your admiration.

And Sanem ...

I take...

- Here it is. - Thanks.

You were saying "Sanem"

I think she is writing a novel.

I did not understand well. She is crazy, but she is a very good girl. I really like her.

- If you say that. - You are so kind, Mr. Can.

I mean, Mr. Emre is also very kind, but you have it in a different way, you are ...

Emre, come on, for God's sake. Guliz, you can go. Thank you.



Brother, what are you doing? Did you send a different project to the client?

Why was I not informed?

Emre, since when did you stop worrying about finances and become interested in our projects?

Since you got here. Dad used to share his projects with me.

What's up with you man?

An idea came to mind, so I went and worked on it. Do I have to answer you for that?

If we are working together, then you do.

Look, Emre, then I'm going to interfere with the finance department and you're going to lose.

What is this greed?

And you blatantly say that you are doing this work by force.

Angry! Pasha comes, convinces his father in two days and sits on the throne, is that so?

Your problem is not the airline's campaign, clearly your problem is something else.

Emre, go back to your work. You are pissing me off.

You're the one who really pisses me off. I am aware of everything you do.

You can be wrong, but you will not deceive me. It's ok?

She gave the recipe, she did a lot of things!

Girl, I want to ask you something.

You work in the grocery store now and Sanem has a real job. That's true?

No, it's not true, Aunt Figen.

Sanem was hired at your company. She took your job, is that true?

- No, it's not true, Aunt Bicen - But we heard, my dear ...

Where did you hear these stupid things from? They're talking in the neighborhood, my dear.

Leyla, sit here.

Girl, they're all gossips.

Don't worry about them, don't care about them and eat.

Mevkibe, it smells so good here, what soap do you use? I want to buy too.

Lavender, with lavender scent. I am a very clean person. I use a lot of lavender because I am so clean.

The bulgur salad is great, but the Borek is incredible.

It's the best Borek I've had so far, but of course, after mine.

Mevkibe girl, you have some tricks ...

- Girl, is your mom sleeping? - No.


I am a clean woman ...

You are a liar Aysun.

I will tear your hair one by one ...

I swear she is asleep and she is not only asleep, but is also tearing Aysun in her dream.

Wait, let me wake you up.


What is happening?

In the name of God!

Come on, let's get up. What is happening?

Get up, let's go

Aunt Melehat, wait a moment. What are you doing?

What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm doing my neighborly duty, okay?

Listen to me, either your mother becomes a murderer or she becomes ill, for your information.

She'll be sick if we don't take her away.

Ladies, how wonderful that you ate and drank, but now we are at the end of our day.

Come on, we're leaving now one by one.

Why? We haven't done anything yet. Come on, girls. Let's go!

You can eat the rest on the way. Take a little of each too. Let's go!

What games? Go play in your house. Let's go! Come on dear!

I'm done, I need to get some rest.

She said she wants to rest. Leave her alone.

Stay out of this, girl. I know what to do, I have the cure.

- Aunt Melehat, leave her. - Stay out of it. Do you think you know her better than I do?

- Leave my mother. - I told you I have the cure.

CeyCey, and another one? Come here.

I checked that out. Nothing will be useful for us, throw everything in the trash.

What will you do?

I don't know, CeyCey.

Guess what, with all the work I couldn't even go to pilates.

I'm so sorry. She can't go to pilates.

Pilates is very important.

CeyCey, now go to the creator to collect all the stupid ideas.

Whatever they got, they refused to tell me.

Take the other one to help you!

- Sanem. - No.

- Second, you go to the archives. - My name is Sanem, Sanem.

Gather all the data about the printing houses we have been working with, bring everything to me.

You have half an hour.

- And then another one, go back to my office. - I'm saying my name is Sanem for God's sake!

I'm coming into your office all the time and because of you now everyone is calling me another.

Wait a minute...

How are you talking to me?

You ... I'm having enough.

I've had enough, I won't deal with you. Okay, get out.

Go !

- I'm out anyway. - That's enough, get out! Let's go.

- Enough. - She makes me nervous.

What are you doing, what are you doing? Calm down.

Another one? take this to accounting.

Let a lightning strike your head!

Don't call her another, her name is Sanem. Address it that way.

Come on Mevkibe, do something.

I don't feel like doing anything. I don't.

It will do you good, come on. Help me.

To roll some of these up?

Put enough filling.

Aysun! Come here, friend! Come here.

Sit here, sit down.

What are you doing here? What would I be doing here?

They brought me here by force. Would I come if I knew I would see you?

Calm down, I brought them both here so that together we could wrap sarma.

No, I can't roll them up. I can not.

I'm going to curl up. If I already came here, I will help you.

Tell me, how is Sanem?

- How's Zebercet? How are the kids, are they okay? - Good! - Good!

I was all nervous.

Mevkibe to roll dolma? Look how they are.

Hers are always like that.

This is not true, I am rolling them so that they become thin.

See how you're doing it. Who knows what kind of spices you put in.

Who knows how you are cooking this grill, so it ends up being so sticky.

Everyone around is excited about my sarma. Everyone loves them.

Only those who like your dolma are my stupid son, Muzafer, nobody else!

Sanem doesn't like your sarma. Not at all.

She says to me, mom, it's thick, disgusting!

All sour .... all sour ... Your Sanem will ask for my sarma.

I already started doing this for other neighbors.

For God's sake, neighbor. There is no such thing!

Who can stop now, Aysun, who?

Wait a second, I don't understand anything. Is this about sarma?

- Sarma - Sarma

Let me think now.


Can everyone look at me?

Sanem, not Another, Sanem! You will not call me another!

Can you read? Sanem. I'm Sanem! My name is Sanem.

Yes, that's right. It is clear? Sanem. Are you reading?

Is there anything that is not clear to you? Not another.

You are calling me another one too. Sanem!

Sanem? What are you doing, what are you doing!

- I am doing this. - What is it?

- I'm creating my brand. - Don't talk nonsense. Move to wash your face. Let's go

- Have you seen Emre? - He just left, Mr. Can.

Why are they calling me the Other all the time?

- Are you okay? - I am fine.

Don't hold this against me, I hit you.

What is it?


Let me see.

I think you better not look.

Please, can I see?

How about not showing it to you?

- Please. - No, not really.

- Cey Cey, please. - Yes?

I played well.

Not Another But Sanem.

Come with me.

Here everyone will see. NO ONE will call you another, I promise you.


Hey brother, good luck at work, brother!

Ayhan! Ayhan!

What are you doing, girl?

What I would be doing, I am waiting for Sanem.

Don't wait alone. I will wait with you.

You have been waiting for Sanem for years and what happens?

You are right, it is true.


Come here. Sit down, I'll tell you something.


I'm at a very important point in my life, okay?

- Actually, I'm going through enlightenment. - Allah! Allah!

- .with? - Yes

Follow me, okay?

I have internet at home, I will follow you. And for what?

Why? Very good question.

Thus, we are all different. We are all special.

Thank you.

- You are like that too. - Yes.

And can you be my first project? Will I work on you?

I will do you from the start.

- Creation from the beginning? - Oh well, let's do it. Okay, deal closed.

I need to tell you that, as I am a professional, I will ask for some compensation.

Are you asking for money? How much?

Since I know that you are fine. 60 ...

- Turkish lira? - Exactly. - 60 TL serves me well, I accept.

- So we have an agreement? - Yes, we have an agreement. I agree!

This would damage our professional relationship.

- Ah, so sir and miss. - Is this right.

- Come to my office tomorrow. - Office?

Home Office. I am working from home. Come to my house.

Ah, at your house, fine, then I will go. Say hello to Sanem.

Do not do. Don't say hello to her.

I will not decide on this, you decide. Either greet her or not.

Insallah! The project is in your hands.

And take my hands, Insallah.

Insallah! Greetings! Come on, with hope. - See you later, Zebercet.

See you later. Cheers! With hope.

One by one. Seriously, one by one. Very well, Ayhan.

How about I emphasize the name Ayhan more.

Sometimes I'm really pissing you off.

Sometimes you're really pissing me off because I would lie to you.

- I'm here because of the father, do you know that? - I know.

I am not about to lead the company.

I do not want it.

But you want.

Well, I wanted to. But I have other plans.

For example?

I will start the competitive agency.

Haha okay.

You will lose.

Without your financial advisor, you will be ruined.

Emre, less, do not overdo it.

- I think it's time to confront each other. - Same? Let's do this then.

Let's go! Let's go!




What are you doing? I was so scared!

What are you doing, I couldn't see you.

I am meditating, sister. Meditating is good.

Very well.

Ayhan, I'm so hungry. Shall we eat a fish sandwich?

No, I got tired of meditation.

I'm kidding, let's eat. And with onions.

How many seeds do you already have?

Accordingly, we can conclude how long you were late.

I'll tell you everything that is happening at the company, come on!

What is happening? I am hungry.

Everyone in the company is on a diet. Only avocado and chia seeds are seen everywhere.

What is it?

There is not even a tea, tea.

They started making tea only after Mr. Can asked for it.

If there is tea, it can only be from Can: * What a man this is! *

What's he like?

When you see it, you get really tense.

As if the electricity had hit you.

Is that what happened to you?

Ayhan, did I say that? You are very focused on Can. He's probably the most horrible man. Close that subject!

All right, then, Allah! Allah! I said nothing. Tell me about these hidden businesses.

I can't, it's a secret. I promised Mr. Emre.

And if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret, then.

Don't look at me as a separate being. Relax, breathe. Exhale.

We are in fact one and the same person.

- Aren't we two sisters? - Yes.

In fact, it will be as if you are telling it all to yourself.

You're right, it will be like I'm saying it to myself. You are right.

- Let's go now! You will tell everything to yourself and I will listen to you. - It's ok.

Mr. Emre called me to his office.

- You are not a human being! - 8: 2 !! 8: 2!

- Get up, get up, get up! - You won, okay.

- Ah so, ah so. - Hey Can, can you be a machine?

It's not like running on a treadmill in a room.

Take the ball. I'm going to swim. Are you coming too?

Go away.

Are you still lying there?

Then I took a picture of Can's project and sent it to Emre.


Come on, get up.

What a horrible person you have become.

And this company and some attitudes.

What's up with you, Sanem!

That's who I am, right? Bravo, you made me feel better.

You took his ring, in general you also took the money as a loan.

Now you need to work for him.

- Does your father know that? - No! No, but he will soon discover that the debt has been paid.

- What happened to your Albatrosses? - Do not ask.

There are 39 men with beards in the company.

Perhaps the love of my life and I are unlucky.

Nevermind. I don't want to be home late. I have different problems at home anyway.

Miss Leyla is on my tail.

All I'm doing is for her and she's burying me even more!

What should I do to enter the room from the terrace?

Be grateful to have a father and a mother Look at me and my brother.

You are worth it as a whole family.

Osman too! If you are my sister, he is my brother.

- We would have a lot of fun. - Sure, sister, am I going to kiss you?

- But I smell onion. - You are terrible, Ayhan.

He wrote his name on the poster and spent the whole day with him at the company.

Cay Cay was shocked, pulled her by the hand and took her to the bathroom to wash her face.

He was so worried that he called me right away, mom!

Your daughter is crazy, is that what she is? A psychopath!

She embarrassed you at work.

Nihat, do you hear what Sanem is doing?

Ah, Nihat you are really going to kill me one day.

I'm telling you about what Sanem did at work!

You said you were going to marry her. She was forced to get the job.

Who knows what kind of stress she is going through there, poor child.

Is she under stress or am I, dad?

I swear you know my work is still waiting for me, I will go crazy while I wait.

You will not my beautiful daughter. Didn't you say you would be on vacation until the computer is fixed?

They're not fixing it, dad. They did nothing.

Okay, so enjoy it until it's done, daughter.

- I like that, Daddy? - Why, are they old?

You will not lose your job. You are smart, my beautiful daughter.

But look what they did to my daughter. It is because of stress that she is there

Mom, tell dad something!

She would have found a job if she hadn't been under stress, huh Nihat? What I did was just for my daughter!


When she comes, for God's sake ...

Will she do something like that in the workplace?

Who knows what she's doing on the street! Where is that girl?

Mevkibe, since she was born she is on the street, nothing has happened to her.

She is sitting somewhere with friends, she will be coming soon.

Get up, put some tea for your father, it's cold. Perhaps he will regain consciousness.

Shall we bring you coffee too, Nihat?

Mevkibe, listen to what they say. They are saying to save water.

- Shall we fill the buckets with water? - I'll freak out.

Polen, don't be like that, come on. Seriously I have a lot of work to do. Because you do not understand?

If you can, come.

I know, yes, you are the one who is always coming, and you are always calling. But you know me.

What do you mean?

We've talked about it, we've talked millions of times.

It's ok.

Me too you. Me too

Okay, bye, bye.


You are unfair to this girl.

I didn't promise her anything. She is attacking me unnecessarily.

The girl is in love with you.

She is even ready to see you three times a year, but even that is too much for you.

She is no longer ready for this either. Of course she wants more.

- Isn't she right? - She's right, she's right.

In fact, tell us when are you going to show us that secret girl?

- It's still early. - It's still early?

You wrote to her, MY LOVE on the phone. " My love"

Every girl I have I write as My love.

- You don't understand that. - I don't understand, I don't understand.

By the way, brother. A while ago I talked to the mother.

She wants to see you.

- Impossible! - You will only talk for a few minutes.

She said she came from Switzerland to see you.

What should I do? She came, what should I do?

No way.

Good Morning.

Cey Cey, what's going on? Why did everyone come early?

Be quiet, we'll soon find out if we get the campaign or not.

How can we help you?

Yes? Same?

I understood.

I understood.

Who am I talking to now?

Mr. Ahmet, how are you?

But you are not going to come at all.

- Thank you. - Guliz!

It's ok. Thanks. See you later, goodbye.

The campaign....

Our Albatroz project won!

Albatross? Like albatross?

Mr. Can created this. Imagine that, the plane is like an albatross.

Albatross is the largest and most powerful bird. I can not believe.

How did he find out?

- Mr. Can, congratulations. - Thanks.

Just a moment, colleagues. We will all go for a barbecue.

For the first time I will go! I'm very excited.

Finish the job, quick.

Okay, see you later.

- Aylin! - Congratulations!

Are they sounds of applause?


Yesterday I called you a few times, why didn't you answer?

- I was with my brother. - That brother of yours will see, I will not leave him alone.

Ayling, you're going to cause us problems!

- What greed is that now? - Am I to blame now?


Aylin because of you I was upset. Look, I'm going to hang up.

- Emre, don't hang up, I'm really upset. "Will you come to me?"

- I can not. - Why not?

I'm in the company, I'm going to get my brother's attention.

Okay, do what you've always done.

- Aylin, I'm hanging up now. - Emre, wait, don't hang up!

I will show you.

The information leaflet is also doing well.

You did a great job today, Deren.

We are a good team with you.

Why is Guliz's cell phone always busy?

Ahh, we took the project and they are calling all the time, that's why.


We could work more on a new book together. If that works for you.

Of course, maybe we should look at the first ones too, to get an idea.

I already asked them for the file.

Okay, tomorrow we'll look at that.


So I'm going to get ready.

See you later!

- Brother, everyone came! - I'm going too, me too.

- Hey, what are you doing?! - Let me tell you something.

Today you look so cute! You're cute too, Sebnem!

And you look really adorable.

You are lovely

- Merci. - Yes Yes.

We get hungry, we’re already going, Mrs. Deren.

I am also hungry.

She called me Sebnem.

Hey, leave her. Gradually you get used to it.

- Mr. Emre! - Hello Hello.

- Happy work! - Welcome! - How are you? - Good.

Can, you are tired all day and are still serving us here. Thanks!

In no way, it is a pleasure.

- I'm a vegetarian, I can't eat that. - Eat, it's delicious.

- No! - Seriously?

I will only eat meze.

You ruined my mood now.

I don't want a snack. Can I have half a bread?

- Why not, immediately! - Bring it, brother!

- See how everything is organized here. - Is it time to order bread?

I think it is.

- Here it is! - No, two is too much. One is enough.

No, Rifat made one for me, I'm eating like that too.

- Here you go, good appetite. - Thank you.

- We have an aperitif over there, there you go! - Thank you.

It's pretty good, isn't it?

- Are you okay? - I'm fine, I'm great!

- My sister is calling me, I'll answer now. - OK.

Say, sister? I just arrived here.

- Okay, let's talk. - See you later!

- It's all right? - Yes, it is. - So ... applause for the company!

May we have more days like this.

We will have many days like this because Can is here!

Seriously? Great!

- Are you bored? - No, it's a lot of fun here.

What are you thinking? In Albatroz?

Why are you making fun of me?

- Do you think I'm kidding? - I don't know what you mean.

I also don't know what you are thinking.

Don't you have a boyfriend?

- What will he say about Albatroz? - What does my fiance have to do with it?

I'm just looking for a question for Albatroz. That is all.

Do you want to know why it is called Albatross?

I read a little ...

Since they fly for so long, they are not seen much.

I didn't see this man. That is all.

- I saw. - The man?

The Albatross bird.

In the peaceful.

What's he like?

It is lonely, it has great wings.

I know you have only one partner for life.

And also...

They smell good.

Never forget the smell they smell.

Anyway, it is a celestial bird.

- But it fits well with your brand. Congratulations. - Thanks.

- I'll be right, good appetite. - You too.


Can! What kind of party is this, let's not dance? Come please.

Let's go!

Let's get some life.

Where do these muscles come from? From Africa?

I played water polo for a while. Maybe because of that.

Water polo?

You too?

Deren darling, you look a little dizzy to me. Do you want to sit down? - No. - Are you sure?


She is very drunk.

Deren are you okay? Do you want some coffee?


- We need to drink more. - Why drink them all? huh?

- It's hot here, let's go to shade. - What did you say? - No sugar. Turkish coffee.

Can you turn off the music?

Dear bosses and respectable colleagues ...

I also wanted to paint that color, so I called my friend Guney, a respected musician.

Thanks, he didn't refuse me. He came and will cheer us up here with his music.

- Brother, bring two unsweetened coffees. - You want cappuccino, right? - Turkish coffee.

- Mr. Rifat. - I will make you an excellent coffee. - Here it is. I'll be right back.

I'll be there.

We will have background music.

It must be somewhere around here. Touch it.

You will touch your base, touch it.

I screwed up again, didn't I? But I did everything you told me.

I took pictures, but Mr. Can did it again.

You did your best, Sanem.

I wanted to post on social media so he wouldn't use the idea.

In the evening, another idea came to mind, we couldn't do anything.

Okay, but he won the deal. Despite that, will he sell it?

It won't be that fast.

He needs a big deal. He is waiting for our value to grow in the stock market.

Sanem, we need to stop all movement of my brothers, ok?

Mr. Emre, you're saying that we should stop, but I can't do this.

If I could, I would do anything you wanted.

Sanem, wait a little more. I promise you that I will solve everything.

- Mr. Emre, please no more ... - Sanem !!

- Sanem, are you okay !? - I warned you.

I can't swim, I can't talk.

Go to my room, Sanem, ok?

Back there is the washing machine.

- Come on, go right, okay? - It's ok.

Stretch out here for a while, Mrs. Deren, I will bring you coffee.

It will do you good. Spread out, without any problem. Do not worry. You'll be fine soon. Right?

Why do I always end up here?

Where? Where?

Six minutes. Six minutes !!

- How's the party going? - Great, Super! - But I smell awful after the barbecue.

- I'm going to take a shower and be right back. - Hold this, don't you dare drink.

Mr. Can?

- Ah, Brother Rifat, is Deren all right? - She's fine, she drank coffee and is getting better little by little.

- Can you serve drinks outside? - All right, all right. - I'm sorry, I'm getting tired of you.

No way, my son.

Again? Again?


Translation: Verinha