Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

The campaign that Sanem modeled was hanged on billboards. These billboards, which are the silent symbols of Sanem and Can's love, put Sanem in motion. Sanem decides to tell him her feelings.

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Facebook Group: Dizi Community Instagram: @DiziCommunity

Sanem ...

You don't need to continue this game.

You don't have to hold my hand.

I don't care about Fabbri's contract.

- But Mr. Can ... - Sanem, I don't care about work.

If you want ...

... if you really want ...

... stay with me.

If you tell me to leave, I'll go.

If you say stay, I'll stay.


Go, don't keep your fiancée waiting.

That would be rough.


Up to you.


I thought you were kidding about riding a donkey. But no, that's right.

Ayhan, honey, you don't understand how serious this situation is.

To find Sanem and find out the truth, it doesn't matter if we arrive by plane or donkey. Keep it up.

So, from morning, we took a minibus and then we made one finger.

And now we are trying to reach Sanem on the donkey! Why do I hear you? Why did I come with you?

Understand the seriousness of the situation! Everything has reached its limit!

Now it's a matter of life and death. I need to know who Sanem is involved with.

How fast are we going? Don't they call it a power horse? Am I wrong?

What do you mean horsepower? I run faster than him!

Good job, girl! Good job, Kadife.

- He's sped up. - Brother! Say we're here.

Almost girls. Almost.

Are we far from the hill?

We have to go to this hill and that's it.

Are we here?

- Are we there yet? - It wasn't long before.


Are you all right? What's going on? If you want, let's go to the bedroom.

No, no. I'm fine

Sanem ...

Go and talk to this man.

I don't understand. Which man?

Sanem, listen, you are my brother. At least don't lie to me. I know you

Your appearance speaks for itself.

Osman, I'm sorry.

- I really don't know what to do. - Talk to him.

Tell him I'm not your fiancé. Explain everything

I can't tell her that. If I tell you, he will hate me.

And let him do it.

At least you have no hope.

Besides, I have no hope.

- She has a boyfriend. - And what?

Sanem, go with him.

Look into his eyes and say, "I love you."

The rest is the problem.

Look, it's probably too late.

You will regret it.

After 20 years ...

You will still love him.

And he won't even find out.

Are we talking about me?

Let's go. It's here.

May your work be easy, my dear friend. Is Mrs. Sanem is in this hotel?

- Sanem from what? - Must be like Sanem Aydın.

- Now they are in the park, organized by your team. - The whole team! All! All!

Let's go to the garden!

Muzo, we got on our respective shuttles and walked all morning.

My throat is dry! Let's drink something first and then we look for Sanem.

Ayhan, it looks like you don't understand. Until we find Sanem, there will be no food and water!

I need to know who he's involved with! She's engaged to someone! I need to see this!

- In the garden, brother? - yes

Thank you! - Not

From dawn ... We even rode donkeys!

You are right

Let what happens what has to happen.

True! Talk to him.


- Leyla danced a lot today. - Go with him if you want.

No, no.

I don't want to disturb him.

I love having you, Osman.

I'm glad you were by my side.

- Did you see Mr. Can? Is he here? - He's here, but ...

It is not that.

"Are you going to talk to him now?" - yes

Yes now No matter what, I really don't care!

True! You are right.

- That's Sanem, I know! - I'll tell him!

I will tell you everything.

I'll say I'm in love with him.

I don't care if he fires me. I live with this threat every day.

Of course! Of course! Come over here!

Sanem? - Zebercet? Ayhan?

What are you doing here



What's in your hand? Do you have a ring on your finger?

God! You have too!

You have a rock the size of a donkey!

This is an engagement ring!

What kind of friend are you, Osman?

I was hurt without hope.

I was bleeding day and night.

- They killed my heart in front of everyone! - Muzaffer! Muzaffer!

- Ayhan! - Muzaffer.

Why didn't you stop Zebercet?

He's gone! Run!

♪ You're killing me ♪

♪ And for yourself, live inside of me ♪

♪ I don't want to be like this ♪

♪ I lost it ♪

♪ But you lost too ♪

♪ I lost my life and you for me ♪

When I saw you, I couldn't believe what I saw, Osman.

For one thing, my dear friend.

And on the other hand, the girl I love.

Girl what are you doing Don't spoil the weather.

♪ I was very hurt ♪

♪ I bleed day and night. ♪

♪ I'm dying in front of everyone ♪

♪ The bud, which bloomed in my soul, shattered without becoming a rose. ♪

♪ You did it with my tired life ♪

Man, there's nothing between us.

But you, help me a little.

What helps? Leave that!

Of course you would, my friend. How do you explain it?

I should have married her. We went to ask your hand.

What are they saying? They said they would think about it.

Do you think about it? Not yet.

Why are you in such a hurry? Let them think, Osman.

None of this will happen! Don't create! - Did you decide that?

I wonder if you write people's fate?

If I coma after what fate writes me ...

... I will finish this sentence with Sanem. Mine of course.

This is very wrong.

I'm about to pass out! Enough!

- You embarrass us! - Don't hang up.

I hang up. It is over

I'll go and come right back, okay?

Go and go! Go wherever you want!

Wherever you want!

Don't pay attention to those you leave behind!

- Good morning! - Good morning.

Is Mr Can in your room?

Mr Can? - Can Divide.

Mr Can left the hotel. He's back in town.


- About an hour ago. - Okay thank you.

Mr. Emre ...

"Is there a problem if I come back with my sister today?" - No, it doesn't matter.

- Is everything all right? - Certainly.

- See you later.


I am looking for you! What are you doing

Brother, we will go.

Where did it come from all of a sudden?

I asked Mr. Emre if that would be a problem and he said no.

You can leave me on the road and go home. After all, Zebercet is bad.

- Sanem, what are you going to do now? - Brother, let's go!

- Hope your work is easy! - Thank you.


Are you sure about this, Hilmi?

Did you do what I said?

Is the site ready? With last year's date?

Is the video ready?

Okay Send it to the press.

Yes, now

What is going on

I can't refuse and come.

As usual.

- what are you doing - people from the neighborhood!

People from the neighborhood! Build everything!

We have a new partner in the neighborhood!

I wonder who they are?

An unexpected partner!

On the one hand, the naive Osman!

On the other hand, Sanem!

Those who looked more like angels ...

"And innocent people are not like that." - what are you doing? Come here

What are you doing

"The demons live in a silent whirlwind! - Shut up, Muzaffer!

- Yes, be quiet! - Okay.

How can you get drunk with a few glasses, mate?

He's getting worse with the clock instead of getting better!

- Get him out of here! Take him. - No, no. I'm calm

I am famous all over the neighborhood.

I became famous all over the neighborhood. There it is, I'm calm.

Osman and Sanem! Osman and Sanem!

They spread love! Love! Love!

Sanem - Heart - Osman!

Muzaffer, we are not committed! Why you do not understand?

Don't bother, don't lie to me.

Should I trust you after what I saw with my own eyes?

I saw a giant ring on his finger.

- What do I have to believe? Mevkibe!

- Leyla, what's wrong, daughter? - Dad!

In short, Papa Nihat, in short, I'll tell you what happened.

His daughter is engaged to Osman.

Good luck!

Leyla? Are you committed to Osman? Why don't we know?

No mother No! Not me! He's referring to Sanem. She is engaged.

- Where's Sanem? - Sanem ...

"Sanem has work to do, but he will be here soon." - Osman!

Boy, are you and Sanem committed? When? How? Why do we ...


- I'm going to pass out now! - No, no. Aunt Mevkibe. We are not committed.

- We just ... Mevkibe!

They are committed to each other!

- I know with my own ears. - Oh, my God!

One listens with the ear, the other sees with the eye!

Good work!

Dad, none of that! Mom, that's the truth.


Isn't Sanem going to marry Zebercet?

Is she going to marry Osman now?

I swear I don't understand.

Whatever happens will be better.

Ayhan! Osman! Leyla! Hurry!


Why are you all gathered at the door? God! God!

What's going on Get out of here! Now!

Mevkibe? I have to sign in? - Come in if you want!

Look what happened.

What does this mean?

And it fell on my head!

My friend, my friend!

They literally left me here alone.

They planted me in the corner. I have to sit alone like a finger.

They should help me!

Is this how friends are treated?

Where's the remote control? Turn on some music.

At this point we have news about partner "Fikri Harika" Can Divit.

** ASK TURK BRAZIL ** Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN

It is a big responsibility.

Yes, I'm an administrator and I keep it, but ...

Thank you!

What is this

I don't want lactose! You have lactose!

Please change that. Please

I'm in charge here. Please

Gas is generated from it. Do you know?

I am in charge of everything! Am I going to take care of the camp or gas?

You are right

Turn up the volume.



What are you doing here Are you okay. Is there a problem?

Mr. Can, I have to talk to you.

- May I come in? - of course

Me ...

I want to confess something.

I'm listening.

When I said it was a mistake to go to the cabin, I was talking nonsense.

I just don't know what to say.

And today ...

When I tell you if you say "stay, I'll stay" if you say "go away, I'll go"

It's not work related ...

And when I arrived, I saw pictures of you ...

They are so beautiful.

Do you understand me?

I can hear you, keep going.

Okay ...

I've never felt anything like this before.

I mean, my hands and feet were shaking.

Me ...


Please answer that.

I'm listening, Deren. - Yes, turn on the TV, turn it on immediately.

Alright, alright.

Sorry, but it seems urgent.

Can Divit's new successful campaign turns out to be plagiarism.

The same idea was used a year ago on one of the sites.

Could Divit be filled with plagiarism.

Mr Can ...

Mr Can.

Mr Can, what happened? I really don't understand anything.

Someone's trying to end my career, Sanem.

But maybe ...

There may be a misunderstanding and the project is similar. Or you did it accidentally.

Sanem, look at me. See!

Am I the one who can steal other people's ideas? look at me

No, that's not what I meant.

If you agree, I will search this site and you will be able to contact it.

I don't know Ask if they will file a lawsuit. Please talk to them.

Sanem, what's changed? How has it changed?

The person responsible for it did it on purpose.

They accuse me and what can I do? I cant explain. People will start talking about it over and over again.

They will crush me before the case closes. I can't survive.

But ... But, Mr Can, you ...

Sanem, Sanem, hold on a second.

Wait! Wait. I need to calm down. Wait

In fact, it would be better if you left.

I have to be alone. I need

- But I can't ... - Sanem, Sanem. Please


** ASK TURK BRAZIL ** Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN

As you may have noticed, I was getting angry.


Now look at me.

Since you were a child, I never touched you. But now that can change.

- Can I hit you? - You can.


Now tell me what's going on.

If you lie down, you will feel the shoes against your skin.

- Do you understand? - We got it.

Come on, talk now, girls.

Don't rely on Muzaffer. He couldn't say anything.

Osman, what are you doing at our daughter's workplace? Tell us about it.

I swear it's not my fault, Uncle Nihat. They forced me to do that.


Did they force you?

Oh no. He chose me.

I'll count to three.

One two Three. Speak up!

Boss Nine Fiore thinks Sanem and Can are engaged.

Can think Sanem and Osman are engaged. Osman pretended like that.

Zebercet thought she was engaged to Sanem, but at the same time she believed that Sanem and Osman were engaged.

Sanem was involved with three people at the same time, and this commitment did not bring him peace. That is all.

Mevkibe! Mevkibe!

Mevkibe! Mevkibe!

- mother! Mevkibe! Mevkibe! Bring the colony. Run! Mevkibe!

"You don't know where the colony is." Wait, I take it. Mevkibe!


Brother, how do you feel?

You have to explain it.

I'll call on Metin to do this.

- Not. - How can you say no?

Akif, I was slandered.

Whatever he says, I'll be guilty. I have proof? Not.

It's no use justifying me. That's why I prefer silence.

Yes, they will file a lawsuit. This is a very serious problem.


Who can do this to you?

- I don't know, Emre. - Maybe it's Aylin?

I think it's possible if it's work related.

But here is something personal. It was an attack.

Why does Aylin want to hurt me so badly?

I'll give you a sign to leave. He might just want to talk to me.

All right, Ceycey.

Can you be okay?

I called the people in charge, they are on their way, you will issue a statement.

No need, Deren. Nothing will come.

Mr Can, we are very sorry. We came as soon as we found out.

Yes, we were wondering how Mr. Can can do something like that.

Of course, we said it was a mistake. You cannot do the same.

My friends, I want to think a little. That means I want to be alone.

- Of course you are absolutely right. - Right.

Of course loneliness helps.


In that case, I'll be going.

"I don't think he wants us here." - Stop saying nonsense, Ceycey.

That's why he left here.

"Emre, did he say something to you?" - I didn't say anything.

I don't understand who can do this.

We have to face this crisis well.

I can't believe it.

Mevkibe, Mevkibe

"Are you feeling well, honey?" - Good.

You scared me a lot, Mevkibe. What would I do without you?

Wait! Stop now, I'll kill all of you. Come back, come back. Come on, quickly.

Mevkibe, calm down. Just calm down

Mom! Mom, what happened? Okay?

You respect us by your presence. What is going on

Where is your fiancé? Of course you are wondering who I am talking about.

Mom ...

May God give you a son like you!

Not just one.

Let three or five of them, and let them all be like you.

Let them be triplets or five, and let them have 3 or 5 girlfriends each.

I hope these kids are as much trouble as you, and I hope you have Sanem like you.

Mom, I'll explain everything to you. Do not be mad at me. I'll explain everything to you, ok?

You must begin by explaining to me who you are, lady!

Enough, Mrs. Aysun! Please don't say anything to my daughter!

Don't worry, he doesn't flirt with his son. It is true.

Are you defending me?

Your daughter is engaged to Osman, but you know nothing about that. Who knows what you don't know?

In fact, it happened like this ...

Aysun, Aysun, now I can kill you so please take your child and leave here. Let's go!

- Where's my son? Here

- Muzaffer, my son! My little one! - Let's go.

- Mom ... - Inside!

- Shut up! "Wake up, honey, open your eyes, your mother has arrived."

Mom, good morning.

Good morning

Osman, I swear I really wanted to hit you, but I don't know why. Or maybe I lost my mind?

Dad ...

Father! - Who should I start with? I will catch you!

"They deserve it, Mevkibe!" - I will kill you! I will kill you!

- Keep it up! - Come here! Come here, I'll get you! I will kill you!

** ASK TURK BRAZIL ** Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN

Mom, keep this scroll, I'll explain everything to you.

Talk, talk, listen.

Sanem, please say everything, sister. Otherwise, I'll break up with you.

All right, I'll say. But, Mom, can you calm down a little?

Me and the scroll are eagerly awaiting your explanation.

Mom, there's a misunderstanding at the company.

Not being ...

... no one believed I was completely alone, so I lied that I had a boyfriend.

The first person that came to my mind was Osman. That's when I put him in this game.

I don't have a fiancé, mother.

So you're saying there was a misunderstanding?


Okay, but this is your third fiancé, Mr. Can.

Mom, I support Sanem in this case.

This is an even bigger misconception. In this respect, Sanem is innocent.

All you have to do is think who sir and who is Sanem.

Mr Can won't even look at Sanem. It doesn't make any sense.

Mevkibe, listen, the girls explained everything.

There is a misunderstanding. Why don't you return this scroll?

No, Nihat, no. Just look at his eyes. Look at that light. He's hiding something.

Mom, I don't swear. I explained everything.


Say I trust you, but I pay attention to it.

I will break your bones. With this scroll I will crush you like this table!


Is this what you call love?

I missed him when he wasn't there ...

I pictured her smile on her face ...

Does love feel your sadness, like yours?

Had to go when he said: Stay While he said: Go

Understands many things about each of your words.

Do you keep wondering what love is?

Who am I?

Who is this man?

The one who first took my hand and then left ...

The evil king? Or maybe a kind prince?

Her eyes are burning with anger.

He is suffering like a wounded lion.

Don't let people get close.

And I ...

I want to hug you.

Just a hug.

But I can not ...

This theme is exactly the same as the one you used in your photo.

Even the catchphrase is the same. Who can find it and use it?

No, I can't understand. Who can program a page that will last a year?

It looks like someone has to take photos and then upload them as if they had been added a year earlier.

This is the most logical explanation. He added another date. Anything is possible on the Internet.

So let's find out who did it. Let's prove it is your project.

It took several months to figure out who did it, how it happened, etc. But it happened. My name has fallen.

Whoever it is, plan it carefully.

Akif, only we know the picture.

Someone has to intercept them. Can anyone do that?

Brother, there are three different pictures, all added to the site.

I put the last photo with Sanem in my safe and take the key from the safe in my pocket.

That means none of our people have seen these photos.

I see

Also, they have worked with me for years. They won't do anything like that.

In this case, someone from the company picked it up when I was here. He came here and took them.

Today I will issue a statement because this site must be misunderstood.

You don't even know who owns it. But I'll find a way to find out, brother.

All right, let me know if you know. I will personally find out what's going on.

Okay, brother, we can handle it. Try not to worry.

Brother, it will take a long time if we act in a legal way.

Let's find the people who created this site. Maybe we can find out who is behind this.

Really Akif? Don't go crazy.

Can and hackers, that doesn't sound good.

Brother, I believe in legal solutions. That is all.

- Come on, let's go. - Come on brother. - Wait, brother.

- See you later. - See you later.

See you again.


"Sanem isn't here yet?" - No, why do you ask?

Apart from me, only Sanem and Akif know the pictures.

I'll ask him, maybe he remembers something ... that I don't remember.

Okay, I'll take care of this.


thank you

- Please, we want to report. - Friends, please.

- Friends, can you calm down?

Mr. Emre, good morning. Is Mr. Can at home? Does he provide an explanation? Is he guilty?

My brother won't give up. They are your project.

Apparently someone couldn't stand the success we had with "Fikri Harika" and set a trap for my sister.

From now on our lawyers will take care of this matter.

Let everyone know that whoever slanders him will soon be behind bars.

Is it true that the robbery took place here? Mr. Can was accused of this, right?

Have you experienced a similar situation in your company?

Friends, is this possible?

My heart is burning.

Inside me was a fire burning and everyone was angry. I'm on fire.

How can Sanem do this? How can he compromise?

We came to you and you said it would. You said you would think. Did you say yes or no?

Boy, close this topic. Close it. Close it.

I close this topic and understand that Sanem is compromised.

And to whom are you committed?

With my best friend.

With my best friend, Osman.

Is this what happened, Dad?

Please listen, I still say "daddy".

I want to cry

I swear at that candy I want to cry.

I saw tea and cried. I saw the napkin and cried.

I keep repeating: Why did this happen to me?

But I know, everything I went through was the fault of my good friend Osman.

And how can I not beat him? I swear I will beat him.

- Muzaffer! Son, Muzaffer, come back here! - I'll break it on his head.

Muzaffer, come back here, give it back to me.

I haven't paid my loan for it. Please sit.

Sit down, calm down.

I told you, so did Sanem, it was just a misunderstanding.

She is not engaged to Osman.

Obviously he would deny it, he said so as not to upset us.

Dad, they put a wedding ring the size of my head. I saw the ring on his finger.

They hugged and nothing was incomprehensible. I swear so.

What's it like? Do you still think Sanem lied to us?

It seems so.

Does that mean you say there is something between him and Osman?

No, nothing, nothing.

If Sanem said there was a misunderstanding, it means so.

But what would be the misunderstanding? Or maybe we are wrong?

God, God.

Mr. Can, I brought tea for you, will you have a drink?

This is what I need.

Come on


Thank you very much

Are you alright

I am doing fine

Can you, how are you?

I am very worried about you. Are you alright

I'm fine, Deren.

Do you wanna go? Eat something, think a little or talk privately?

No, Deren, thank you so much, I feel good.

But we still have to talk, you know. Sanem, will you leave us alone?

- Of course. - Sanem, we have to talk.

That's great, but you need to focus more on the details. Okay?

- Leyla, is Sanem coming? - Sanem brought tea for Mr. Can.

- Dammit. - What happened, Mr. Emre?

Nothing I forgot something, bye.

Is he doing something again?

My cell phone kept ringing until morning. All of our customers are concerned.

I have to call everyone and explain, Can.

And especially Fabbri. You know how annoying he is.

You won't call anyone, Deren.

But I have to call, Can.

Look, they accused you of stealing the idea.

We could lose all customers!

We must do our best to face this crisis.


Reporters are waiting for you outside.

Friend, I'm saying this one last time ...

for anyone ...

I will not give any explanation. Neither the press nor the customers.

I won't explain anything. Understand

If big customers leave us for that reason, let them go.

I really don't understand that.

I don't understand how this happened.

Could you, you don't even show me these photos.

Who can steal them?

Is there anyone you suspect?

Maybe someone from the office. The pictures are on my computer.

Printable materials are here.

Someone came to my office, took a photo and left.

It might be spying. How do I know?

Let me find this spy ...

... you will see what I will do to him.

It does not matter. Is there anyone you suspect?

Actually, of course, I don't know much, but ...

... one day, very late, I saw Sanem in his office.

I find it very strange that you are not at the office.

Recently you started talking stupid things, Deren.

Does Sanem come to my office and rummage through my documents?


Do not be nervous.

I said it happened to me.

Okay, get a team together, review the problems we face.

How? Will we have a meeting as if nothing happened?

Yes, yes, Deren.

Up to you. You know better. You are the boss.


When we took photos, did anything happen?

I don't know, it catches your eye, you see someone, something looks fishy to you. Is there anything like that?

Mr Can ...

"Nothing catches my eye." - Of course?


In this case, there is only one option.

Someone from office took it.

Now who can do it? Do you have any ideas?

Okay, thank you very much

Let's go to work.

** ASK TURK BRAZIL ** Translation: Verinha - Team: LanaN

- Меvkibe!

Do you know the details? What happened

What is "happening", Меlahet? What happened"?

Ah, after all, the whole environment was moved by the love of Osman and Sanem.

Oh, what are these people? Leave them in your language!

- They're just looking for thrills. - Wait! Wait. Where are you going

Come on, let's sit down for a minute, man Geez! Where are you going

Come here. Sit for a moment.

Listen to me. Does your daughter stay with Ayhan all the time?

- Yes, why? - Eee

Maybe it wasn't just Ayhan. Hasn't that occurred to you?

Maybe this girl fell in love with Osman. Great love began between them.

But they don't want to talk about it yet. Can't it be like this?

You can't, tired! It is impossible!

Tell the people in this neighborhood that there is nothing between Osman and Sanem. It's just a misunderstanding!

Don't talk if you don't know anything.

My love, Aysun is very angry. She said ...

"They betrayed my Muzaffer!"

"They're hanging out with Osman behind us." That's what he said.

What should I say now?

What would happen if I said "it's not like that, it's completely different"?

Will anyone believe me? Rumors started to spread.

God! God! I am very shocked by this rumor. I wonder who found them?

I wonder how these rumors spread through the streets, houses and alleys.

God! God!

Wait, do you suspect me?

Me? Rumors?

Bravo! I am offended, I am very hurt.

All right, tired, all right. I will go, I have a lot to do.

Look, I can't even breathe.

"Did you give Mr. Can's picture to anyone?" - Sanem, speak more slowly, someone will listen.

Let them hear, I have to say it somewhere.

How can you do this to your brother?

What about gathering customers and selling the company? He doesn't care about customers!

Before my eyes, he gave up on Mr. Fabbri. Huge holding company owner.

How can a man who wants to sell a business behave like this?

- Sanem, calm down. - I can't calm down.

I don't know what you intend to do with Mr Can, but you made me your accomplice. What are you doing with these photos?

- Who did you give it to? - I don't give it to anyone.

So why do you want to take these photos?

What are you doing with them?

- Okay, let's go. I will tell you. Sit down - I don't want to!

He didn't show me this campaign and I want to know.

I don't show it to anyone. Can I hurt my brother?

Can I see my brother being called a thief?

Trust me.

- I have nothing to do with it. - I do not believe you.

From now on I won't help you at all.

From now on you won't be able to be my accomplice in games related to Mr. Can.

I would rather wash dishes than be a tool in your hands.

Меvkibe! Come here

What happened? - Come on. Come on

Let's go to the shop for a bit.

What happened, Nihat?

Меvkibe, our girl ...

"Is it true that he's committed to Osman?"

Tired already confused my mind.

And Muzaffer, Mevkibe, he told me.

He says our girl has a ring on her finger the size of my head.

And then they go hand in hand.

The boy has been crying here for hours.

But that's impossible, Nihat. I'm asking you. He says its nothing like that, it was a misunderstanding.

Will he be ashamed to tell us?

Why didn't this girl tell us anything?

And why do you think so, Mevkibe?

"Actually, he can be scared." - Maybe.

Okay, our crazy woman said nothing. But Osman, why didn't he tell us anything either?

Why not come according to tradition, ask about a girl.

Why should this be kept secret? - Меvkibe!

How could this boy come and ask? Who will he come with? He doesn't have anyone. Does he have parents?

These kids don't even have siblings. Who are you coming with? Who wants to come with him?

Yes, Nihat.

Also, Osman is a very proud kid.

Oh, how I love Osman!

Good man!

I hope that's true and Osman becomes our son-in-law. If only ...


What good people are they? You can rest easy.

Shut up. Everything inside me still hurts.

I really miss my neighbor, Nihat.

Well, anyway. In the evening we will talk to Sanem.

We can not. He doesn't want to talk.

You scared him, he didn't want to talk to us. It is clear that he will not talk to us!

- And what scares you? - What does "very much" mean?

You finish everything with the help of scrolls. But I have an idea.

Listen, let's invite Osman home without Sanem knowing.

And when Sanem arrives, we'll press them against the wall and see what they have to say.

Oh, how wise my husband!

Okay ...

Don't you know your husband Mevkibe?

- I go. - Okay.

- And don't be late. - Okay.

Okay Меvkibe!

- Do you need something for that night? - No, no.

I don't have to.

I need you Nihat

- Good job, Brother Nihat. Thanks Hi! Sign in

What do you need

Mrs. Deren, did you call us?

Sign in

- The photos to be taken next week were canceled this morning. - Why?

- Is it because of Mr Can's theft? - Where does it come from? Ceycey

Has anyone canceled for the first time? Something is undone every time.

It does not matter. Call the people on this list. Explain that the photo has been canceled.

But, Miss Deren, they have been preparing for so long and will want money for cancellation.

Okay I will call the producer.

All invoices will be paid. Don't let them worry, we won't fool anyone.

And you, Sanem, gather and dispose of all documents related to this canceled campaign.

But, Miss Deren, it's a lot of work. All of these documents ...


Do you think I want to explain?

Do what I say!

Go, put everything in the bag and throw it away.

- I hope you can handle it, right? - Okay.

Don't worry, the trash is mine.


Hello Osman!

No, no, my son, don't wake up! Work

Aunt Mevkibe, you were mad at me for the last night ...

- I know, but ... - I'm not mad at you. Why am I not angry at all.

I love you so much, boy.

I love you more than anyone in this neighborhood.

Yesterday was my son yesterday.

- Let's see the future, shall we? - Thank you.

- Well, what shall I give you? - No, don't give me anything.

This ... in our house, knives are not sharp.

Very bad!

"Maybe you can come and hone them?" - Of course!

"Then, I'll be leaving after closing." - Not immediately after closing ...

Come eight o'clock.

There are some problems ... That's why ...

- If you want, I'll go tomorrow. - No, no. Come today

Come on today kid. Why

The knives are terrible, honey! I can't cut anything with them.

- Do not ask! Better come today. - Okay.

MashAllah, you did your job very well!


- Light work, my son. - Bye, Aunt Mevkibe.

What's a nice, sharp, sharp knife?

God willing and we will be sharp!

Let's go


I just take care of carrying trash.

They will send it for recycling!

They are soulless people!

Too bad these trees! Too bad!


Can it be in the company? He turns off the phone, I can't communicate.

That is. What happened? Is everything all right?

Not very honest.

There is something about Can.

I don't know how to say it.

So I always give bad news.

What is this. What happened? Did something happen?

Can is a member of one of the most prestigious photographer associations.

This means that he is one of the few photographers from Turkey who has been accepted there.

Until we prove your innocence, your participation will be suspended.

I do not understand. What does this mean?

This means that what Can can do day and night is now out of his hands.

But Mr Metin ...

After all, Mr Can is innocent!

How long before this problem is resolved?

I don't know, Sanem. It could be a month or a year.

We haven't found the page owner yet.

Meaningless page!

It has many members. They just take the project and put it on the site.

I do not know

And how will this be resolved? Even abroad.

I don't know this method.

But Akif says it's hard to do anything, and it's a tough question.

I'm a lawyer!

Never mind, I'll come.

Change is here, approved.

As previously. We will continue this process.

This is an old logo, we've done it now.

We'll send the last one. The rest for later.


Next ...

There are new options for packaged products.

We have developed three options.

Excuse me

- Can we talk? It's urgent. - I'll come back later.

What happened, Metin?

Brother, I'll call you and you won't answer the phone!

I got a call from abroad.

- Lawyer. - What lawyer? Who is calling?

Metin, I'm so tired of this.

Say it straight, just get it! For God's sake!

The union has suspended its photographer's license.


Brother, until your innocence is proven ...

The union has abolished your association.

Your photo shoot in Cambodia has been canceled.

In addition, the refugee project was canceled.

They also mentioned several others.

They told me in writing.

Brother is fine. Just calm down

How can I stay calm? How can I stay calm, Metin? How can I stay calm?

Brother, what happened?

They have one thing that makes me own, Metin!

What should I do now? Say, tell.

Speak up

What should I do now? What should I do

What should I do?


Brother, let's explain everything. Just calm down

Your innocence will be proven! Trust me!

Metin, you know how hard it is to join this guild.

You know, very, very well what they need!

Not that easy!

Brother, you own the whole company! You won't lose your job.



Am I a child who was scolded? Are you kidding?

Is it the same? If you don't understand, then say no better!


They are both calm. Wait

As if I really wanted to run a company! Daddy left it in my head and left!

Take your business, stay there!

Hope this is good for you! Use as you like!

I go out!

I go!

Can you wait?


Sorry I will answer.

- Hello! - Ayhan, what are you doing?

What can I do, sister?

Our neighbors came to congratulate us on their commitment to my brother.

- We have coffee, we sit down. - There's nothing like that!

"Tell them we're not engaged." Describe the complete situation.

I explain.

I explain. I've explained. But they don't understand.

Come and explain.

Honestly, since morning the door hasn't been closed. Think about it.

Our coffee supply is coming to an end ...

Too ...

Muzo is here too, he came to congratulate you.

On the one hand he was crying, on the other he was drinking coffee.

Sometimes it doesn't go anywhere.

- Now you have strange emotions. - Ayhan, I don't want to talk to you about this.

You always get things done.

You understand the internet, right? I really need you.

Yesterday's idea-stealing incident was a trap. Everything is complicated.

Someone sends a project to the internet.

They are talking about a site, but I think it's fake.

At least I thought so.

Who did it, how? Can we find out? Can we find it?

Brother, you need to find hackers.

Because it's on a dark screen.

All of this is a little dark. This is too much for me.

Dark screen ... What's wrong?

Now, this is the dark side of the Internet.

This means they are stealing information from other parties.

They attack websites. There is always talk from everywhere.

Okay. Can you find something for me?

But don't you dare get into trouble! Think of something!

Okay Alright, brother.


Mr. Emre!

Mr. Emre Please leave me.

- Meeting ... - Cancel the meeting!

What do you mean

God Almighty!

I swear that there are no sensible people in this agency!

Tell me that.


What are you doing here. Come on, get back to work!

"Come on, you and Auntie Sargans."

Thank you. Enjoy.

I have an urgent problem. I have to finish it.

We've done everything we can.

Come on, you know where that door is.


- Girls, wake up. We found nothing. - They didn't find anything?

Sister, but again we are back in the same place!

I explained that there was nothing. Nothing and nothing to explain!

Come on, goodbye!

Muzo, I'll tell you something.

I have an urgent problem. I went to the garden to solve this problem.

You're gonna clean up here, eh?

I'm clean. I cleaned it. Dont worry.

I fell apart. I won't be sad for long. I will make it.

Call of LOVE ".

Honey - Aylin, where are you?

- at home. I'm working. - All right. We need to talk immediately.

Honey, can we talk at night? I had a meeting with two clients who gave up on you.

I say this is urgent! We need to talk, okay?

That is all. I'll hang up. I go

Aylin, the subject is spreading fast.

In the end, they will realize that we did it all.

Take care of work, Hilmi.

- Can you talk to Eikir?

Give it to him. Tell him to disappear.

And this is for you.

- What is this? - You won't come to work for a while. Until everyone calms down.

- Do not tell anyone. "But, Mrs. Aylin, what would I do without a job?"

Enough. You will be back to work. Dont worry.

Come on, finish quickly. I'll have a guest.


Not. Master can go.

Who am I talking to?



I can't reach you right now.


I will tell you somehow. thank you

Have a nice day.




Slow down! Slow down! Slow down!


Why are you beating me like this?

What happened? Why did you call me?

Let's have coffee and talk.

Come here if you want, rest. Or I wake up and you take my place ..

Do you understand, Sanem?

Do you understand what happened, Sanem?

Mr Can left us!

Mr. Emre canceled all meetings one by one.

Are we going bankrupt? What will happen now?

I lost my phobia of getting fired!

Do you know? Do you know? Do you know that?

E? Not! What's going on What's going on

Is Mr. Can you really leave the company and go?

For him, it is difficult to be responsible for the company. Your father is adamant.

This will end your career as a photographer!

I think he's already booked his tickets overseas. I told you

He will leave here without saying goodbye ...

or talk to us ...

Just leaving?


He usually kisses us on both cheeks.

And then he gives us a wish and leaves. Sanem, what's on your head?

What kinds of thoughts do you have? What's going on in your head, Sanem?

He will kiss us and wish him good luck.

Mr Can will say goodbye. Give me a lot more than that. Plus, hurry up.

Çeyçey! Güliz! Where are they? - Right here.

What are you doing here? We really need to contact Can!

Mrs. Deren, I'm calling, but the phone is dead. How do we find him?

Home phone, call friends.

Go to the coffee shop where he went. I don't know, even calling your boyfriend who lives abroad.

The situation is dire!

Mrs. Deren, what happened? Other bad news? Do misfortunes pile up?

Representatives from the Foundation for foreign photographers will be here to question Can.

He will be here at 10 tomorrow. Otherwise all will be lost!

He would no longer be able to take pictures for them. That's why everything is so serious!

- Okay, let's go. - Okay.

Sorry ...

Mrs. Deren ...

If you will allow me, can I find Mr. Can?

Sanem, don't make excuses to leave work! How do you find Can?



Go and see wherever you want. We need to find Can. Just find it.

My love What happened to you worries me.

Aylin, sit down.

Aylin, sit down!

I will only ask you once. And you will answer. Okay?

Do you have anything to do with this trap against my brother?

- Emre, what are you saying? - Yes or no?


Aylin, I'm the only one looking at these photos. And I showed you to the hotel!

Emre, you gave me the phone to look at it, but I didn't see the photo. You know it.

I'm telling you one last time.

- If you have anything to do with it ... - What do you think of me?

One thing to get your brother's project.

But destroying your career is something entirely different.

Why am I doing this to your brother? I respect Can.

Then who did it? Who? He has no enemies!

Do you know? This is my first time seeing him like this.

He's desperate.

He also left the company.


Did you get company?

I can't believe it.

"Honey, I didn't mean that." - I can't believe it.

Emre. That's not what I meant.

I want to say that.

How can I find a hacker? Nobody answered me.

Am I putting myself in danger? Am I in trouble?

I swear I want to get in trouble. I want to put myself in danger!

Cleaning the house, washing dishes and laundry did not calm me down.

Besides, what kind of house is this, kid? There is dust everywhere!

I swear, I will put Osman before me.

I will hit his face with that dusty cloth ...

... and then I'll calm down.

But he's muscular, he scares me.

- Muzo, what are you still doing here? - What did I say?

I thought of destroying your shop.

I'll bring down 4 cats in your shop ...

and they will eat all the meat despite the taste and it will run out of money!

Maybe I should hire someone to beat him?

Can You Hire Paid Killers on the Internet? How much will it cost this year?

Muzo, do you understand that you are talking about my brother?

No, I do not. I didn't notice.

Yes, Osman is your brother.

You have to decide for one of us, girl! Either your brother or me.

- Brother, Allah, Allah! - Yes

Get outside and get some fresh air. Relax.

I can't handle you either. I have something important here.

My anxiety has started. Am I having trouble? I have a lack of oxygen in my brain.

I have to go to my empty shop and take a look.

I'm going to turn this shop into a butcher shop.

He had to open a butcher shop there to finish his job. Break up with him.


No, I shouldn't be doing these things.

If I think too much, I will hurt the environment.

I have to leave the environment.

Oh, Osman!

Angel devils, I swear, are demons that look like angels!

Someone wrote something.


Hello! You better write it that way sir. It will be better.


What is your name

Is it true? Brother, I'm in something dark here. Are you expecting me to tell you my name?

He wrote "Hi Ayhan".

How do you know my name?

God! I'm really in trouble!

Now I am in a dark business.

Hello! Who is that

His voice sounded itchy. I do not understand ...



How do you find my number?

Of course

You have all the information about me, don't you?


I have to do something. Yes, when I write about this ...

Shall we meet? Of course! We can meet.

But isn't it dark today?

Of course it's fine. Anyway, I can go.

See you again!

God! What do I do

I want to know what I'm doing.

Ayhan is calling.

I'm listening, Ayhan. - Hello Sanem, where are you?

I'm looking for Mr. Can everywhere. I went to the club, he wasn't there. Now I look around.

Girl, I found a hacker. Okay? He wants to meet me now.

You came too

But Ayhan, I can't go. I need to find Mr. Can as soon as possible.

Your life has become like this because of me. If I don't find it tomorrow morning, it will get worse.

What do you mean you can't go? How do I go alone?

I'm a scared girl.

He knows everything about me. Too ...

... he even has a photo of my childhood in his hand. What should I do?

God! God!

I don't go alone! Find out.

Go to our company and take Çeyçey with you. I will call him now and tell him. Okay?

Who is Çeyçey? What does it mean?

What name is a boy! I feel very safe now.

Don't continue, Ayhan. Let's go!

Isn't this Mr Can's car?

God willing, he has chosen this path.

Where are you

Emre, son.

I just heard the news.

The cruise ship is on the high seas.

I can't be there with you right now, even though I really want to.

But my thoughts continued to revolve around him.

You are a brother ...

... must be strong.

Support each other.

You have to support each other and overcome everything.

You mean a lot to me.

I hope it doesn't happen because of me, Dad.

Where are you, Çeyçey?

Excuse me, can I ask you something?

Have you ever seen a man with a big beard around here? Do you see it?

We don't see it.

Are there any facilities here? I'm looking for someone

This is a 35 km long hiking spot.

There are no facilities here. People camp by the river.

But if you don't know the area, you won't find it.

Also, it will be dark soon. If you want you can come back.

Okay I'll have a little look.

Thank you. - No problem.

Take it! Enjoy

Let's go

Here's your coffee.

"Wouldn't that look better in blue?" - I do not want.

It's a beautiful color.

Get a little creative. This is very common and used frequently.

Ah, Sanem called me.


"Hello, Çeyçey, where have you been?" - Sanem, I'm really busy. I don't know what to do!

I speak individually with each client. We're done.

Okay Okay, now listen to me carefully.

We must join.

I have a friend, Ayhan. He went to the office, okay?

He is looking for someone who has posted this picture on the internet.

He found a hacker, you have to go with him, okay?

What? I can't leave And what should I do about hackers? This is a dark type.

He would ask me something and I would answer without realizing it. And then my bank account will be reset.

I can't go - I'm sick of your panic.


This is all for Mr. Can. I'm in the jungle and I'm looking for it.

Tell my sister I'll be home late. And tell him he lied for my mom.

Okay? See you again.

My wounds will not heal.

Day and night, my memory.

I owe you

... that these years were wasted.

I'm really in a bad situation, Sanem!

All your fault!

In everything I think of, you! The only one I really see is you.

If only you knew!

What is this

Wow! Not all.

Is this Osman!

Son, at least hide your relationship.

Why do you advertise? These are billboards!

Where are they?

Your phone turns off, turns off again.

What forest is this?

Also, what can Ayhan find out? He didn't understand anything about hackers.

How do I know? I do not know

I am tensed and nervous.

What am I supposed to do with these people? With hackers? How should I behave?

And how can I go there in this outfit?

Çeyçey, you dress the same every day.

Yes, this is my style, is there something wrong?

Did you know I'm 30 years ahead of fashion?

What should you do Dress up like everyone else? I went to the store, searched and bought nothing. What do you have to do

So I sewed myself. - Is it true? Do you sew your own clothes?

Yes, I sewed my clothes.

Everyone in my homeland sews his own clothes.

Truth? What city is this? I really want to know.

Why are you asking?

It's just a city. What is the difference?

He was very sure.

He's really crazy.

What's the matter, Leyla? Now, Ayhan, I know you've broken something.

Yes, is there such a thing as Çeyçey here? Who is it? Show me

This guy

Hello! Hello!

Çeyçey ... Özdem ...

I'm Cengiz Özdemir.

- And I'm Ayhan Işık. Ayhan Işık? (Ayhan Işık is a famous Turkish actor)

I can lend you a mustache if you want.

It was incredible! Very funny! Mustache joke!

Really great!

- I'm here to take you, are you ready? - To carry me?

I'm ready, ready.

But we will get involved in illegal trouble. You say you are ready, but are you ready?


I think you are ready for everything.

- So let's go. - Okay.

Come on

- What was that? - Love at first sight.

Just look at Çeyçey.

I will die of thirst.

I want someone to open a grocery store here. People need something.

Where do I go now? I don't know the way, I don't know this place.

Mr Can may not have gone the usual way, he ventured into the forest.

I will also venture into the forest.

Mr Can!

Mr Can, please say something!

Mr Can!


- Mom, I'm home! - Welcome.

Look at this table. You did it. Shall we visit?

Nothing's coming, baby. I didn't do much. I just wanted to do it and do it.

I prepare the plates, they are on the table, take them.

Welcome, little princess. - Thank you dad

Ohhh honey, Mevkibe.

You do it again.

Just prove it. Here

There are 5 dishes here.

Osman will pass here.

I prepare one for him if he is hungry. Where is Sanem?

Sanem ... He's in the office, he has to stay longer.

He will be back soon.

And what did Osman come for?

For sharpening knives. For sharpening knives.

Looks like he has arrived. I will open the door.

Mevkibe, how nice we call Osman. Otherwise, I wouldn't have all of them.

Why are you saying that? I will do it for you someday.

This time I want to show off. God willing, everything will be fine.

God willing!

- Osman? "Leyla, are you at home too?"

Of course, at home, where could I be now? Sign in

thank you

Damn it, Sanem.

They will eat you alive here only to find Mr. Can.

Should I go right or left? Where is the right and where is the left?

Snake! It's a snake. What is this

What is this

It's just a branch.

Mr Can!

Mr Can!

I can't go on anymore.

Mr Can!


What do you say

What are you saying? What does this mean?

Turn around, turn around and drive here. But it's not here.

We've been doing the same since morning.

Browsers cannot find this method on these roads.

It would be better if we ask someone.

Why don't we ask them? What?

Ehh ... No, don't ask them. Let's ask someone later.

We really got lost. We got lost. We got lost in the perfect place.

Look, there are two people. Let's ask them. Let's ask.

- We went and asked together. - Not going. I'll be right behind you.

Good afternoon


I want to know the address.



- Do you have 50 lire? -50 lira?

I have 100, but if you have 50 ...

Yes we have ..

Come here

What is going on

There. Go

Ok, I don't need a change.

- What? What are they saying? That's where the lights come on. Should we go back?

What does "return" mean? We're here.

- Are you giving them money? - No, they borrowed it.

Borrowing what? Oh, for God's sake.

- We will lose our lives and money. - Is it true? Come on back

Come here I'm afraid too, but we're here.

I called?

I'm calling.

What are you doing


We ... This ... We are looking for Mr. Black Hawk.

- If it's not there, then we'll do it. Sign in

You first.

Take off your shoes.

Of course cleanliness is important.

- I took it off. Ride

- I went up first, but you will follow me, okay? - Okay.

Welcome Dear. thank you

He's got an iron in his hand, you know?

He will put it on our face.

They create whole scenarios, like a family home.

A closing. A closing.

Let's go


Good work

Can we talk?

Is Mr Black Hawk here?

No, the Black Hawk can't be here. No, Black Hawk ...

Because your name is Mr. Black Hawk. You have to call it that.

It's very important to speak like this because they give importance.

Very well, Mr. Black Hawk.

This is me

Is that you?

Black Hawk

Hacker? The one who destroyed the family and ...

... have millions of followers and you are Black Hawk?

Are you a black eagle?

Did you bring the money?

- Do you hear? - Do not laugh.

Are you the Black Hawk?

Look how he grew up and became a Black Hawk, look at this. You are a precious boy.

What are you doing What are you doing

Look, give me a break.

Seeing him, all the tension I had been in since morning had gone away.

He won't do any harm, even if everything he does is illegal.

We bring money, money is here.

But not much money? Isn't 400 lira too much for a boy your age?

There are 400 lire here. Hopefully you won't create anything later.

What are you saying, Çeyçey? What do you say

How can you call him son? Do you know how many illegal things he did? He destroyed many websites.

Why are you telling the boy not to get it wrong? Give him money.

What's illegal? Can't you see this cute guy? What can you do

Take this.

Imagine it's gift money for your birthday.

You can buy chocolate and candy. Okay? But be careful, don't finish too fast.

- More serious. - Why do I have to be more serious, huh? Look at him.

Okay. Let's go

Just look at the way you act. Look at this.

"Seriously, you are talking to Mr. Black Hawk." - Sir, he's a boy.


How many computers does he have? One two three four ...

... five.


What are you doing with all these computers? This is for the game, right?

Or maybe you know girls like that? Do you have friends?

Did you talk to them?

Where did you get it? How do you buy it?

The neighbors' kids bought it. I share my money with them.

And when problems arise, they solve them.

All right, we'll do that.

Please go to work, Mr. Black Hawk, and we won't bother you. We'll be waiting here.

Let's go

- In that case, let's get started. - Start, start.


What happened You turned pale when you heard about these people.

No, this is where you work. Let's wait here so as not to get in the way. That is all.

I ... is that too much? I'm so tight?

Am I acting too harsh on him?

I'll be like this, I'll look away when these people talk to you.

Shut up and see.

Is this serious?

Translation: Verinha - Tim: LanaN

Mr Can!

Mr Can!


Slow down! Slow down!

Slow down! Slow down! Slow down! Slow down!

Ah, Mr. Can.

- What are you doing here. - Sanem, what are you doing here?

Actually, I was looking for you.

I need to talk to you about something very important.

It is felt. You came here to tell me something.

It seems you have something to say.

- yes - yes

But Sanem, but I'll warn you right away that there is no tea. I just made lime tea. Is there a problem for you?

Mr. Can, I'll drink what you have.


Are you okay? You seem a little cold.

- Not. - What is this? What? What are you doing

You can't even imagine what I saw, Mr. Can.

And for health and tradition.

Especially this ...

Oh Sanem, where are you, brother? Where are you

All right, all right, I'll tell you. See you again.

I add onions and tomatoes together.

Oh, and I added garlic too. This makes it really good.

That's right, I didn't say that because she's my wife. Osman, if you try, will eat your fingers.

I actually ate the other day, they started growing again.


Aunt Mevkibe, I eat a lot.

But everything was so good that I wanted more.

- Eat, kid, eat. Enjoy

Leyla like me, cooks very well.

But Sanem is not very capable.

You don't even see him breaking eggs for an omelette, Nihat.

"I better warn you, so there won't be any misunderstandings." - I know it.

I cook at home all the time.

Ayhan just brought food on the table.

"Leyla, did you call Sanem again, son?" "I called, Mom, her work continues, she can't come back yet."

And Sanem started working and would get a good salary. Insha Allah.

Insha Allah.

Leyla has worked for a long time and has started climbing the professional ladder.

Do not love

I have my own success ...

Go on, my daughter.

He was waiting for his chance, he would go further.

Since we're talking about work, Osman, how are you? You have a great benefit, don't you?

Ah, Nihat, you can't ask about these things, that's not cool.

No, not at all, Aunt Mevkibe.

- Things are going really well recently. - Oh!

I brought the animals from Balıkesir. And I feed them vegetables.

Can you imagine?

I even have a client from Ataşehir.

It is possible that I saw this client from Ataşehir.

Blonde girl, right?

Ayla ... I mean, Mrs. Ayla.

Mrs. Ayla, Mrs. Ayla.

So I've eaten and sharpened knives.

Then I will go with your permission.

- What do you mean, son? This is the beginning. - What do you mean, son? Yes, sit down.


We have to eat watermelon.

I prepared sweets, let's eat.

We'll drink tea, girl, make tea.

We'll turn on the television to listen to music, right, Nihat?

Of course I will. Wait

Now I will turn it on ...

Osman, look, Aunt Mevkibe did everything for you.

You will not leave easily tonight.

Of course, if you're not bored, kid.

No, no. How can I be bored?

Then I'll put some songs. I will do it.

- Music - Calls, calls.

Enjoy - Delicious

Eat, eat, kid.


Mevkibe! What happened

Mevkibe! - What happened, Nihat?

Mevkibe! What happened

- What happened dad? I asked what happened.

This isn't Sanem, Mevkibe!

Come on, turn up the volume!

Dear viewers, reaction to Mr. Can Divit is growing rapidly.

Today, someone who allegedly donated money to publicize the foundation on social responsibility.

... he wants to destroy the billboard by climbing it.

Now let's move on to live broadcasts,

God! God!

Your face is gone! What you see what you see

Why are you watching me?

Osman, I'll find you!

I swear before God I will find you. Don't leave the environment. Stop recording me! What do you see

Okay, don't record! What do you see

Where is this?

Isn't this the neighbor street?

It's right there! Run! Run!

Run, run, run!

Osman, run, run, run!

- Is everything all right? - Yes, good.

"Five teas have been very helpful to me, thank you." - This is fine.

And Sanem? What are you doing here. How did you find me?

First I went to your house, but no one was there. When I returned, I watched the car and drove to the forest.

Are you at home?

- Yes, why?

I came because we have to talk about something very important.

Yes, I understand, you also tried yesterday, but it didn't work.

I think you should say it now.

Not that ...

This is not what I meant yesterday.

I'll start with what we need to finish immediately.

Everything else, I'll say later.

Well, I don't understand anything but good.

Mr Can.

Eee ... sir ...

Turkish Union Representative ...

... yours ...

... they'll come to ask you tomorrow.

Nobody could reach you, so I decided to look for you.

Mr Can.

Not what I mean, but ...

No one can talk to you.

The employees are very nervous.

You go away saying you won't come back.

You will come back, won't you?

I do not know

They said ...

... that you will return overseas. Is that true

I do not know

do not go


What is "why"?

Why don't I go?

What's holding me here? What?

That's right. You're right

Nothing keeps you here.

Are we going back?

No, we can't go back at this time. Finding the car in this darkness will take 3 to 4 hours.

Let the sun come out. Then we'll go.

Then I will go faster.

And if we leave now ...

... we won't know what will happen to us. No need.

- Okay. - Okay.


Ayhan, come here. Come on, let's go. I swear you did!


- I did it! - What are you doing?

I swear! Good for me

Look, I got promoted to a higher level and got the highest score.

Do you play Ceycey? Is this serious?

We are dealing with other things here. Get up, take care of this kid.


Mr. Black Hawk, what are you doing now?

I'm trying to find the person who shared these photos.

I might have to use "intruders".

All right, Black Hawk. And what is an "intruder"? What did he do

- Unauthorized access. "Ah, he can do that without permission."

Good job, Black Hawk. Good work

He tried to attack me with "brute force". I have to stop it.

He is now trying to fight "brute force".

I heard Dan what is this "brute force", Ceycey?

Well, they were just showing off their skills and attacking each other.

Ah, something like a fight?

God willing, we'll win!


Come on kid. Stop playing now.

Look, is your friend coming? Isn't that great?

Let's go. I made a cake and brought warm milk. Drink it, don't let it cool down.

Please drink the tea before it cools down and eat the cake.

Thank you Thank you, aunt!

- delicious. - Please take your milk, Black Hawk.

God! God! Ceycey!

Where we meet?

On the one hand, tea, cake, milk, aunts and, on the other, fighting.

If I can get past DDOS ...


All right, Black Hawk!

Praise be to you!

Look, teenagers love it when they are praised. okay

We will praise him and he will do whatever we want.

Boys doing dark jobs are the best!


Black Hawk! Summer is high, Black Hawk!


- Attacking DDOS. - Carry out attacks even on DDOS.

- He's good at it. - He is nice.

DDOS attack.

What a man!

Like cake?

- Do you want it? - Yes, I'll try.

This is it.

thank you

I am very hurt! I bled day and night.

The years of my life are gone.

Muzaffer, this girl is not worthy! Not feasible!

Come on, get down, baby. You're gonna freeze, come on.

What to freeze, ma'am? Is it frozen? If necessary, I would even freeze to death.

But look, Osman is coming here.

I swear, this thug with an innocent face ...

This killer with the face of an angel is coming here.

Oh, here he comes.

Muzaffer, I come brother. Come on talk.

Why do I have to come down, man?

Climbing up the stairs.

Come outside if you dare.

Come on, please.

If you are a man, then fight face to face.

Watch Out! Watch Out!

Stop it!

Muzaffer, why should I go there? Come on, let's talk.

Yes, son.

Where is Sanem? Where is Sanem?

Answer, man, where's Sanem?

You put your lover on a billboard.

You have made an announcement.

Instead of loving him in secret, you make an announcement about it.

Where is Sanem? Where? Answer me.

Muzaffer, Sanem will be working late! He can't come here.

- Don't expect anything! Down. - Son, listen to me.

Osman and Sanem fall in love and get engaged.

Don't be angry, there's nothing to do, don't be angry. Put down the boy.

Are you serious, Mrs. Mevkibe? Groom

Are they in love with each other?

Gosh, God bless you!

- Please! - God bless!


No, not brother! We're not engaged. We just ...

Osman, son! God! God!

And the whole neighborhood already knows! Say and that's it.

Dad, he's telling the truth! There is nothing between them! It's just a joke! We're pretending!

Daughter, how are you? The whole neighborhood knows! Are you kidding?

You say that!

He was telling the truth.

Honest man! A man with an innocent face!

He's telling the truth! It's not a joke.

Give it to me, for God's sake! Do you want my son to die? He will play!

Aysun, only 2 meters. Even if it falls, nothing will happen to it. Don't worry, I'll get it.

Muzaffer, son, get down! Your mother is nervous!

Come on, dear! Little by little! Come on, dear!

No, I won't fall! I swear I'll live on a billboard.

I will live in this ad!

Is it possible? I won't fall!

Also, my leg is numb. I can't come down now. I swear I don't feel anything below my knees.

What's it like? How about numbness? Do something, Mevkibe. He says below knee ...

Ah, Mevkibe! It's your fault! This is for your daughter!

You came together and brought my son here!

Why are we guilty? What are we doing

- Is everything all right, Mevkibe? - Where is she? Get out of my way!

Camera! Turn on my record!

Let everyone in Turkey listen! I will introduce you to this terrible family!

First the terrible mother, then the father and then the sister.

Everyone ...

Mevkibe! Mevkibe!

Aunt Mevkibe!



Can I ask you something?

Are these stones important to you?

Is there anything special giving you? Do they have a special meaning?


I mean ...

They are not as special as you think.

When I shoot in Sri Lanka ...

... I suffered serious injuries.

I had to lie for two months.

There is an old woman who takes care of me. He gave me these stones.

These stones protect me.

- They are moon stones. - Moonstone.

And why two?

Two, because legend says the moon has two sides.

Darkness ...

... this is the invisible side of the moon.

And shine is your real face.

Every man consists of two sides.

The first is our mysterious and sensitive side.

And the second is what only those who see love can see.

Our real and bright side.

This is why 2 rocks.

And since I am a traveler ...

... I thought they were protecting me.

Of course, the advantage is that you can play with them.

Very beautiful

I also feel very beautiful.

It worked. Good work!

Let me tell you something. Look at our Black Hawk!

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary child.

And something like that came from him. He did a lot for us! Good work

Yes, yes, it was a very pleasant evening.

You will help Mr Can. This address ...

Of course. Why doesn't that help? We found someone who can find everything on the Internet.

This address will lead us to the right person. Do you understand

If he's a teenager too, we will organize an attack on his house.

God! God! Listen to yourself.

What's this Have you been so brave in one day?

You are shaking.

What is it, honey? Fear is a natural human feeling. Of course I got chills.

I wanted to ask you in the morning, but I couldn't.

Where do you buy braces?


There is a market in the neighborhood. I bought it there. Why

This is just an extraordinary thing.

Will you take me there once?

I'll give you the address, you'll find out for yourself.


I go

Okay Shall we meet again?

Once again? Now I have to bring this address to Sanem.

He will give it to Mr. Can.

Everything else will do its thing.

- No, we won't meet again. - Of course

Anyway, I'll tell you something. I thought you had immortal clothes.

It won't go out of style even in 30 years. Of course

Yes, I always say that! I tell everyone that ...

But they said I was dressed strangely. What's that? That's great!


The girl understood why she had eyes.

Get that.

I have to go.

I won't go there. There is a suspicious person there.

Over here

They took my money.

Why didn't I say no? Why


Son, are you and Sanem engaged or not?

No, Uncle Nihat.

What does "no, Uncle Nihat" mean? Are you committed or not?

No, Uncle Nihat! Look, I don't even have a wedding ring. I'm not committed to anyone.

In that case, why did I spend so much time ...

... cooking?

I'm tired of this preparation. Even his bones hurt me.

I'll tell you something. Do you know what I don't understand?

How did Aysun bring a woman who is so calm and peaceful like me to such a state?

Mevkibe, you jump on the woman like an Anatolian tiger! Like a tiger!

All cameras are recorded!

They are standing in front of you!

They recorded everything that happened. At night everyone will see. We will be humiliated in this environment!

But Sanem ... Mevkibe!

Do you know what I would have done to her if she were home? I'll get your bones ...

I forgot to tell you.

Sanem's job has been stretched a little, so he'll probably stay there until morning.

God! God! What work is this?

What work is this? Why didn't you stay till morning and he did? What work is this?

No, I will, father. He asked for help because he has a lot of work.

I will help him. We'll probably get back together in the morning.

Don't forget him. Don't come with your new fiancé, because that would be really bad, got it?

Sorry, Aunt Mevkibe! I feel offended.

No offense, son, no offense.

Leyla, you can't go alone now. I will take you.

All right, Osman.

Then, bye, ma'am.

- Good night. - I'll kiss you too, son.

Go, Osman. Go, go.

You don't know where Sanem is, do you?



What a beautiful star!

They seem to be within our reach!

Do you come here often?

Sometimes. When I want to be alone

Ah, Mr. Can.

You want to be alone, relax and I am sitting here in front of you.

And I'm still talking. It might bore you.

I'm not bored when I'm with you.

Are we going to sleep?




No, I don't mean ... I mean ...

I mean, it's late. Time to sleep. If you want, you can lie down in a sleeping bag.

I don't know if I can sleep.

I will see what I will do.


- In that case, good night. - Good night.

Sleep well.

You too.

Mr Can, I'll ask you one last time and I won't speak again, I promise.

When I sleep alone in a tent ...

... I might be a little scared.

While you are here, can I lie by your side?

Then I won't be afraid, will that be a problem for you?

Are you thinking well? Are you sure

Because here ...

Everything can be here. Snakes, insects, scorpions, flies, mosquitoes. They can bite you.

Are you sure you want to sleep here?

I destroyed two snakes while I was looking for you!

I'm not surprised. You can do it, you can.

Then, I'll prepare a sleeping bag.

- Okay. - Okay. You can here ...

- Okay. - Let's go.

Well I didn't kill two but one snake, Mr Can.

Not very comfortable, but it will work.

Come on


Raise your head

- Is it better now? thank you

Translation: Verinha - Tim: LanaN

Mr Can?

Can I ask you something one last time? Then I won't open my mouth again.

You are now sleeping on the floor and I am like a princess.

Maybe if we share this?

Of course


Dear Osman, I raised this glass for you.

You are the hero tonight, my friend.

No, what hero?

How did you separate my mother and Mrs. Aysun?

I swear that for a moment they become one and not even a special unit will separate them.

Her mother almost pulled out her hair.

I swear, I'm scared!

Very bad!

Okay, that doesn't matter.

In the end, they understand that you and Sanem are not involved.

I know I'll have problems.

I'm going somewhere to sort things out. I even acted on television, and it never happened before!

Osman I'm sorry

What would you say to your boyfriend now?

What boyfriend?

The girl who is from Ataşehir and wants to buy meat.

He kept going through his trades.

Isn't she Ayla? Aren't you dating him?

I do not have a lover.

I like other people.

But he didn't know.

Why didn't you tell him?

You are a handsome boy. Osman, don't be shy. Talk to him.

I will speak

I'll talk, but ...

I haven't been able to find a good time for a long time.

Eee? Does this girl like meat like you?

He will love it.

"God willing, he will like it." - We will see later.

Brother, I'm back.

Snow Queen is here. What happened

Ay, Ayhan, don't start talking so annoying since you came.

Also, stop calling me Snow Queen.


What is it? Who loves whom? Tell me too.

Everything got complicated. Leyla will be here tonight.

Listen, I said one last time. If again, without my knowledge, you go to the current hacker, you will be punished.

God! God! I'm not alone, Ceycey is with me.

Besides, don't I call you sometimes, brother?

Why are you behaving like this to other people?

Okay go to sleep.

I'm not leaving!

I have to tell you what I went through today.

I have experienced many adventures.

I'll bring something to eat. And you can tell me what you did.

Tell me about this girl.


Good morning

Good morning

Are you alright

You keep sneezing at night.

Camping may not be good for you.

I am doing fine

And you don't sleep?

I didn't ... just didn't sleep.

But it doesn't matter.

- Let's go? - Okay.

thank you

"Get the sleeping bag and I'll fold the tent." - Okay.


What is this


Yes in the morning. What is the start of the day?

My back!

Brother! Brother!


Why is he sleeping here? Why isn't he home yet?

Wake him up.

You're crazy, it's too early. Relax, you will wake him up.


No, why is he sleeping here?

I get up ...

... and the legs are right here! Here!

Is this how the day should begin?

I started the day with a negative approach!

Listen, all right, I fell asleep here. Say he fell asleep too.

And why is he sleeping here? Why don't you take him to sleep on your bed?

Looks right?

- Bravo! I really applaud. Leave me alone!

Brother, really.

20 years and you just see. You just saw!

What movies have we watched recently?

There is an animal that doesn't move.

Or he moves every half hour.

I swear you like him! I swear to you!

Less with that. My friend sent me a message.

I'll take your clothes.

I'll go and you wake him up.

Oh, God! He will be late for work and says we are guilty.

And tell her to be careful and not show up to Aunt Mevkibe.

Because it has so much energy in it that it can trap it.

I swear he will catch it.

The aura of this house has changed overnight!

I swear to you! I need to light something.

- Good morning, good morning.



Brother, what's wrong?

How are you okay?

- How should it be? - Not good?

What happened? I'm so sad, Ayhan.

Mr Can is very, very, very bad.

He's desperate. Your career as a photographer has ended because of me.

How can I make so many mistakes in a row?

What happened? What are you doing - I trust Mr. Emre, but he uses me for his game.

He tricked me. And Mr Can who suffered from it.

Sister, I'm sorry, but I don't understand anything new!

But listen, don't be sad.

Yeah? I will always be with you. Do you understand

What did we do last night? What are we doing

I went with Ceycey ...

... and we found the address of this hacker.

Are you serious? Ayhan, you are great!

I hope this helps and Mr. Can't have to go.

What happened. Where can Pak Can go?

I do not know

It must be gone. And will never come back.

Girl, you fell in love with him.

Maybe you should talk to him. Tell him everything.

What should I say, Ayhan?

Because of me, your career is over, but I fell in love with you?

Or maybe I say I cheated on and collaborated with Mr. Emre, but it doesn't matter, because I fell in love with him.

It doesn't matter if you have a boyfriend, but I am in love with you.

Not. If you say so, you can't expect it to run to you.

Well, what are we going to do?

Thank you so much for the outfit.

You're welcome, brother. I hope this helps you. I brought what was left of our youth.

thank you

"I still can't believe my sister is lying." - I can't believe it either.

He says you will work till morning.

When I left, I was still sleeping in our house. Still the same, vulnerable.

Okay, I'll change. It's uncomfortable for me, go. See you later! I'll call you!

thank you

Yes, I will.

Yes, it rings.

- How are you, Emre? How is it, Emre?

Are you kidding? I couldn't reach you since yesterday morning.

Where are you


- Are you worried about me? - of course I am.

Come on, get ready.

You have a meeting with a lawyer at 10 o'clock.

- I know, I know. Sanem, he told me. - I understand you.

Dress beautifully, get ready.

I will be waiting for you

- What for? - I will too.

I'll be waiting outside while you defend yourself.

You will forget everything.

- You will see. - We will see later.

Ok, so I'll take a shower.


I stole a client from my father, do you know this?

And who am I doing this for? For you

What else should I do to convince you?

Emre can't handle this job,

He has no creativity ...

... to run a business.

Do you still want to be my partner?

My brother wants to sell the company and leave.

How is the result?

How could it be? As expected, they removed advertisements for an indefinite period of time.

Until I find out what happened.

I see

- Come on, we're late. - Where?

- For the company. - No, Emre, no.

- I'm not leaving. I need to be cool - What does cold mean?

In the morning, people worry about you.

- Come on, let's go. - No, Emre.

Emre, Emre ... what's wrong? If you don't want to work, don't work, that's fine.

But people are waiting for clarification.

If you want to go out, go as a man.

We will see

I'll make tea with Sanem.

I'm talking about tea, I'm talking about company ...

I'm talking about dad. What else can I tell you?

You're talking about tea.

You know. You got me involved in this.

Ok, I want some tea. Just ...

drink tea ... I will.

Just ... don't think you're convincing me.

Where are you again Why are you disappearing like this?

I'm tired of lying, you know that?

Brother, I don't know a reason to convince you ...

Shut up. Shut up

That is my last good deed to you, Sanem. Know that, okay?


Good morning, Ceycey. Is your coffee fresh?


Is my coffee still fresh?

When will my coffee break? What?

Is it fresh? Come see. Come see.

Fresh, fresh, but when you ask that question, my coffee goes rancid.

Crazy or what?

Ceycey, what Mr. Can it be here? Is he coming?

Pak Can called me in the morning and let me know.

Of course

And I said why? Have you ever made a report before me? I became angry, cursed and hung up on me.

- If I do. - You ...

- What happened? Okay? - Not good.

The word honor is not. I can't sleep until morning. Something is happening to me, something is happening. I am very touched.

What happened to me, Sanem? Something happened to me, Sanem. What happened to me?

Ok, calm down. Take a deep breath.

You also need to let off the air.

You and Ayhan did a great job!

- That's why you are so stressed. - Can be. Great truth


- I have to go to this address. Are you coming with me? "I will, maybe I will, I will."

"Fine, but will Mrs. Deren allow it?" I'm gone all day. "Right, you probably won't allow it."

He's holding on to you, he won't let you go.

I will, I will. I go on vacation.

Wait a minute.

Can we take a vacation?

No, no

But I will fix it.

- right? - right.

Call Ayhan, let him go with me. We'll meet at 12:00, leave it like this.

Ayhan? Why Ayhan?

How how?

We created a well chosen team, very good. We become partners.

She is a very smart girl, you know? She is extraordinary.

He is a very good interlocutor. Awaken admiration.

Call him, call Ayhan. Call Ayhan! Call him, I can't stop, call him!

I use the whole internet to find them on social networks. I do not find.

- Call now! - one moment

- Ceycey! - Call now! Call now! Call Ayhan!

Ceycey, stop, calm down, I'll call.

- Okay. - Okay. - Okay, I'll call Ayhan. Okay

Okay, okay

I'm not okay. I'll go, I'll organize some documents, I'll do something, ok?


My God, what about Ceycey?

- She fell in love with our Ayhan, you idiot. - What is wrong?


Why Ayhan? Love at first sight?


Good morning

Good morning

- Mr Can, I brought you tea. Thanks, Sanem.

Your phone ...

Yes, they are calling a lot lately.


Say it, Pollen.

Yes, I hung up.

Mr. Emre, he left yesterday and I arranged the meeting that way.

Today, in an hour, I arranged a meeting with Mr. Atilla, does that sound good to you?

- It fits. - Very nice.

And here are other companies this week.

This is our contribution.

And this is the cost we have to pay.

That is all.

Great Leyla Thank you so much

You're welcome

And of course.

Black looks good on you.

You don't always wear, always with color ... What happened?

I don't know, I feel that way today, Mr. Emre.

thank you

I'm so tense! Expanding it correctly doesn't fit in this folder!

What is she doing here?

Hi, I can come in ... How are you?

Aylin, thank you. What is going on

Good morning, Emre.

Good morning

Cano, I heard what happened.

I came to say I'm sorry.

Thank you, thank you, you don't have to worry.

I know there is a tense relationship between us.

But all of this is work related.

Now about your career.

We've known each other for years. You can believe it or not ...

... but I have great respect for you and your art.

Forgive me

Thank you, thank you

If you need anything, I'll be happy to do it.

Okay, thanks for coming

thank you

Emre, can we talk for 5 minutes?

We haven't seen each other in months.

After this recent incident, we can probably see ourselves as two adults.

Just look at me

I sat at "Fikri Harika" and drank coffee.

How did you come here?

How dare you?

I worked here before, if you remember, Emre.

We got engaged.

And with Can, we have a great relationship.

Until your father started slandering me.

I know, Aylin, I know. But now we don't talk about that.

Emre, I'm sorry for Can.

I really don't know how that happened.

Just imagine, now we can get married. I can walk on the street holding my lover's hand.

Am I asking too many questions?

You know I bought you a ring, right?

Yes I do.

I've been waiting for your proposal for several days.

"But you definitely don't want to do that, right?" - This has nothing to do with you.

Sanem is forced to pretend to be engaged. This situation is a bit complicated.

And he's wearing a ring.

It has nothing to do with you.

How? Is the ring worn by Sanem? - yes

He will return it to me.

But I'll buy you one that's more beautiful. I don't want you to wear this ring again.


- I love you so much. - I love you, too.

That is a very strange proposal ...

... but it's something that is true.

I agree with all customs.

And when will we notify Can?

First, let's get out of this problem.

We'll find out who hurt my brother.

I will do it.

You are right, of course, I understand.

And we will solve the association problem in the near future.


I cheated on my family ...

... my brother, my company ...

... and more than that in itself.

I give up on ambition, I don't think.

"We will discuss it as soon as possible." - Don't think about it now.

- Take care of Can. - Okay.

I love you

I love you

- Scorching hot. - Yes, yes.

We're still on the hill. - Right on

What happened - But ...

- Attention! - What?

Come over here! Come over here!

What are you doing

Come here

What happened - what are you doing

I don't know, they ran ... It must be a sheep race, I ran too.

Just look at these people. Maybe they are dangerous people, why did you run with them?

This is the law, this is a strange place.

And why don't you come with Sanem? The more people the better.

He can't take a day off. Things get a little confusing, Mrs. Deren kept clinging to him.

I have permission and I am coming.

Thank God I have no problem getting permission.

Because I am the boss of my own business.

Today, together with Muzo, we held a personal development session, then took time off.

Is it true? Do you deal with personal development?

Ok, I'll check it out.

Ok, read that.

This is number 25 which is written. Looks like we've arrived. It's here.


Seems weird. - Let me tell you something.

Look, we'll be quiet no matter what, okay?

After all, let's ask the brat who's the boss and who he works for.

For what we are interested in.

We will find out and focus on our goals.

In fact, we are involved in an illegal case. God help us

Don't worry, I'm right behind you.

That's what I'm afraid of.

- what are you doing? Come here. - Should I go?


Let's go

No, you are a woman, teacher.

"It seems to me now is not a time of politeness, but a time of courage. - Bravery? Okay

- Say it. - Emre, Can you be with you?

I can't reach him because his phone is dead as usual.

- No, I'm outside the office, I'll go to a meeting. What happened

- I'm complaining about this place.

I asked someone for help, they threatened me. But in the end, I managed to find a hacker.

- What are you talking about? Do you know the address?

- Okay, I'm going with my brother now. - Okay, call me while you're away.

Tell me, Mr. Emre. - Güliz, I have to see my brother soon. Tell me to call me, okay?

Very well, Mr. Emre.

Ayhan, you are very professional.

You are great! With your help, all troubles ...

I am very happy!

But I also do many things. I got up and watched with a grimace, that too was an act.

- yes

I want to know if this address is correct. Did he accidentally fool us?

"Where, honey, he looks so scared."

What should be?

- Mr Emre? - Mr Emre?

"Yes, Mr. Emre, this is my boss and Mr. Can's brother."

Mr. Emre, what are you doing here? - Metin called me. What are you doing

- We found a man who hired hackers. I got your address.

- Who is she? Who

"Excuse me, can you give me that?" Please

- Hilmi That means it doesn't have a name. - Yes, but I won't tell you.

"Don't say it, don't say it because they're going to fire me." Show respect.

OK I will. Excuse me

- Say it. - Hi, what happened, Emre?

- Brother, we found hackers. I'll go there - Give me the address, I'll go too.

- Come back to the company not to be a crowd. I'll take care of it. - Of course, Mr. Emre.

Brother, I sent you the address. Mr. Emre also went there, found the address and went there too.

Of course, Mr. Emre?

We found his address and he called us the crowd.

Okay, this is my boss, I have a phobia of letting me get fired. what can I do? About him?

I do not like it. I warned Sanem.

Please do good work, brother.

Sanem? What are you doing here

Ayhan says he found the address.

I understand you

My brother will be happy when he finds out.

I came here not to feel more guilty.

I understand you

I also admit that I made mistakes.

And I was involved in all of this. I did wrong with my brother.

From now on there will be no more games, I promise. Let's solve this problem.

Brother, you can't park here. I can't let you in

I'll do it later, he's got a problem.

I understand, I'll be right back.

Is this ... Does anyone named Hilmi live here? - Yes, on the first floor, here.

- Right here? Yes, here. - All right, good job.


Are you Hilmi?

Yes who are you

I am a friend of your friend. - The hackers you paid for.

Open the door!

- Get out of here or I'll call the police. "Call me, it will benefit me."

Do you know how old you are to create a fake and slanderous website Can Divit?

Open the door!

- I do not do anything. I don't know anything about Can Divit.

It's not my fault, please get out of here!

- Hilmi, open the door, we just wanna talk. Don't make me break the door.

"I want to call a lawyer, you have no right to threaten me." I said they would.

Look, we're only two.

Okay? What's your problem with Can Divit?

I have no problem, I don't know this person. Someone told me to do this.

Who did it. Can you open the door?


Who has a problem with Mr. Can? Who are you working for?

That man, he worked for ...

... he works for me.

Let's go. Move

Mr. Emre

Mr. Emre, what are you talking about? Is this a joke?

Do you employ this kid?

If so, why did you come here and bring me here?

He shouldn't be found.

I paid him to flee overseas.

But he's not going anywhere. I'll talk to you again.

- I really can't believe it.

How can you do this?

How can you look into his face and do something like that behind your back?

I really don't understand how you can do this?

I won't explain anything to you, Sanem.

My God, how can I see Mr Can's face?

How can you see?

He is your brother.

Do you realize how desperate I am? How can you be so insensitive?

- Get out of here! Exit! - Nobody's going anywhere!

You have to explain everything to me now!

Why did you do something like this to Mr. Can?

What problems did you have? You will explain everything to me.

Sanem, I won't explain anything to you. Get out of here.

I'm not going anywhere!

I said I asked for an explanation.

Mr. Can will find out how fake your brother is.

I will tell you everything.


And will you inform him of your participation?

How do you break into your house and steal information?

Will you tell him how you will inform me about this campaign?

You will also talk about it.

You are the worst man I have ever seen in my life.

What truth will you tell me, Sanem?

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