Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 32 - Underground Soup/Dandy Dandelions - full transcript

Olive and Ari decide to work on a surprise for Elinor after her foot doesn't feel well. Elinor wants to go to a salad party in Animal Town, but she has an idea for something about dandelions.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that
I want to know. ♪

♪ Wherever I am, ♪

♪ I find things that
I want to understand. ♪

♪ Go and explore,
listen and see, ♪

♪ just follow your
curiosity. ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing
and how do they fly? ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march
and where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much
to learn, ♪

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ just listen and see, ♪

♪ and follow your
curiosity. ♪


♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,
what will you find? ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor Wonders Why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "Butterfly Party"

ARI: Elinor, come on, we're
almost at Olive's house.

ELINOR: Ok, coming.

See you later,


hello kids.

ELINOR: Hi, Ms. Elephant.

Can Olive come out and...

OLIVE: Elinor! Ari!

Come with me...
Oh! Thanks Mom!

ARI: Whooaaa!

Okay, well, have fun kids.

ELINOR: What is
it Olive?

ARI: Yeah, you
sure seem....

OLIVE: Shhh!

OLIVES MOM: [humming]

ARI: [whispering]

OLIVE: I am excited!

Guess what?

Today is my Mom's

OLIVE: And I want
to do something...

really special for her.

ARI: [whispering]
Cool. Like what?

OLIVE: I was thinking...

let's have a birthday
party for her!

ARI: That's a fantastic
idea, Olive.

We could have a
pirate party,

like I had on my birthday.

ELINOR: Or a bunny-hopping
party, like the one I had.

Hop! Hop!

Now that was a
Hoppy birthday!

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: I'm not sure my Mom
likes pirates that much...

or bunny hops.

ELINOR: Right.

We should plan a party
with something she likes.

ARI: OK, what does
your Mom like, Olive?

OLIVE: Good question.

I'm not sure.

I see her every day but I guess
I've never thought about...

what she likes.

ELINOR: Let's observe
your mom and find out.


OLIVE'S MOM: [humming]

ELINOR: C'mon!

OLIVE'S MOM: [humming]

ARI: She likes
reading quietly.

OLIVE: Yeah, but a
sitting quietly party...

doesn't sound
like much fun.

ELINOR: Wait a minute...

look at your
Mom's magazine.

ARI: There's a picture
of a butterfly.

ELINOR: And her apron.

OLIVE: Another butterfly.

ELINOR: And her pin!

I'm starting to see
a pattern here.

OLIVE: My mom
loves butterflies.

She has butterfly
decorations on everything!

ARI: Yeah, there's butterfly
stuff everywhere.

ELINOR: I know!

Let's have a
butterfly party!


What are you
kids up to?

OLIVE: Nothing, Mom!

We're just going to
play outside, okay?

have fun.

ELINOR: I think your mom
would love a butterfly party.

We could have it right
here in your yard.

Your garden is so nice.

OLIVE: Thanks! My
mom and I planted it.

This is my part of
the garden.

ELINOR: It's the perfect
place for a butterfly party.

ARI: Ok, what
do we need?

OLIVE: Well, my mom already
has butterfly plates...

and napkins and

ARI: Wait, I know...

what if we got some
real butterflies!

OLIVE: [gasp]

Then they could fly around and
it'll be a real butterfly party.

would be so fun!

KIDS: [giggles]

ELINOR: Let's find some
butterflies for the party.

ARI: Well, I don't see any
butterflies around here.

OLIVE: Maybe we should
try calling them.



ARI: Oh, buuutterflies!

Oh, butterflies!

ELINOR: We want you to come
to Olive's Mom's party!

OLIVE: Still no

ARI: Maybe we
should send them...

some Birthday Party

OLIVE: Hmmm...

I don't think butterflies
can read invitations, Ari.

ELINOR: I know there
are butterflies...

around here

ARI: Yeah, we just saw
one a little while ago.

Let's look around!


OLIVE: Butterflies!


ARI: Butter-butter-butter

ELINOR: Hmm... I wonder where
all the butterflies are.

OLIVE: Let's split up.

ARI: I don't see
any around here.

OLIVE: Nothing here!

ELINOR: [gasp]
Look over there!

OLIVE: [gasp]

OLIVE: Wow, look how many
butterflies there are here.

ELINOR: Butterflies, we're
having a birthday party...

for Olive's mom and we
would love it if you came.

ARI: Yeah, it's over...
this way.


OLIVE: Just fly over to
my house, butterflies.

I have a really
nice garden.

They're not coming.

ELINOR: They're just
staying in this field.

ARI: I wonder why they
like it here so much...

and not in
Olive's garden?

OLIVE: Dun, dun, dunnn
it's a mystery,

a butterfly mystery...

ELINOR: We need
more observations.

ELINOR: Ok, what's the
difference between...

this field and the
garden at Olive's house?

ARI: Well... Both places
have lots of sun.

OLIVE: And both places
have lots of flowers.

ELINOR: Hmmm, the butterflies
seem to really like...

that purple flower.

Olive, do you have that
flower in your garden?

OLIVE: I don't
think so.

We have red flowers,
and yellow flowers...

but we don't have
that purple flower.

ELINOR: Maybe that's why
the butterflies are here

and not in your garden.

They like this special
kind of flower.

ARI: I think you're
right Elinor,

they seem to be big
fans of that flower.

OLIVE: So how can we get the
butterflies to come to my garden

if we don't have these
special flowers they like?

[ humming ]

OLIVE: Who's

ELINOR: I don't know.

Let's find out.

ELINOR: Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: Why, hello kids,
welcome to my home.

ARI: Wait, teachers
have homes?

MS. MOLE: [giggle]
That's right.

ARI: Mind. Blown.
[mimics explosion sound]

ELINOR: Wow, Ms.
Mole your garden...

has so many
amazing flowers.

OLIVE: And lots
of butterflies!

ARI: That's just what
we were looking for!


Why are you looking
for butterflies?

OLIVE: For my
mom's birthday.

She loves butterflies, so we
want to surprise her...

with a butterfly

ARI: With real

MS. MOLE: Oh, what
a wonderful idea.

ELINOR: We saw some butterflies
in that field over there,

but we couldn't get them
to come to our party.

ARI: Yeah, they only seemed
to like hanging around

a special flower.


Like this one!

MS. MOLE: Ah, yes.

Butterflies do like some
flowers more than others.

Lots of animals in Nature
prefer certain plants.

That one is called
a milkweed.

MS. MOLE: But butterflies
also like marigolds...

KIDS: Wow!

MS. MOLE: Lavender

KIDS: Wow! Cool!

MS. MOLE: Asters.

ARI: Cool!

MS. MOLE: Black-eyed
susans, phlox and sunflowers.

OLIVE: Ooooh.

OLIVE: I wish I could have
these flowers in my garden.

Then the butterflies would come
to my mom's party for sure.

ARI: Oh, yeah!

MS. MOLE: You can
have these flowers!

ELINOR: But how?

We don't have time to plant
them and wait for them to grow.

MS. MOLE: That's ok.

Take some of mine!

OLIVE: We can take
some of your flowers?

MS. MOLE: Sure!

In gardening, it's
ok to move plants...

from one spot
to another.

It's called

OLIVE: Transplanting!

I like that word.


KIDS: ♪ Butterflies
love flowers. ♪

♪ We all know
it's true, ♪

ELINOR: ♪ And they have
their favorites, ♪

♪ Just like me
and you. ♪

ARI: ♪ To have
butterflies around, ♪

♪ Just listen to
our song, ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Plant the
flowers that they like, ♪

♪ And they will
come along. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ Marigold
and milkweed, ♪

♪ Lavender and phlox ♪

ELINOR: ♪ These are the flowers.
That butterflies like a lot. ♪

ARI: ♪ Sunflowers
and Asters. ♪

♪ Black-eyed
Susans too. ♪

ELINOR: ♪ When you plant the
flowers that they like. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ The butterflies
will come to you! ♪

ALL: ♪ Butterflies
love flowers. ♪

♪ We all know
it's true. ♪

♪ And they have
their favorites. ♪

♪ Just like me
and youuuuu ♪


OLIVE: Okay, Mom, you
can open your eyes now.

EVERYONE: Surprise!


ARI: Welcome to your
butterfly party.

ELINOR: With real

OLIVE'S MOM: Woooow.
This is wonderful.

OLIVE: Happy Butterfly
Birthday, Mom.

thank you so much, kids.

Ms. Mole?

[chuckle] How
nice to see you!

MS. MOLE: Happy birthday,
Ms. Elephant.

I'm here as a butterfly
garden helper.

ELINOR: We wanted real

for your party, Ms. Elephant,
so we observed some.

OLIVE: And we learned that they
like some kinds of flowers

more than others.

ARI: So Ms. Mole helped us
bring some of her...

butterfly flowers here.

OLIVE: And then we transplanted
them into our garden,

so the butterflies
would come.

ELINOR: And they did!!

did they ever!!

Look at all these
beautiful butterflies.

kids really know...

what flowers the
butterflies like.

But how did you know how
much I love butterflies?

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: Oh, it wasn't
that hard, Ms. Elephant.

OLIVE: [giggle]

ELINOR: Even the butterflies
know you like butterflies.

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Happy Butterfly
Birthday mom!

OLIVE: Brrr...
It's getting cold!

You can really
feel it.

know that butterflies

can also feel
the cold?

That's how they know when it's
time to fly somewhere warmer.

Hmm, I think a
song is coming.

I can feel it.


André Green. ♪

♪ He's a scientist,
you see... ♪

♪ Butterflies fill him up
with curiosity. ♪

♪ Monarch butterflies
make a long flight. ♪

♪ To escape winter's
icy cold bite. ♪

♪ They go every year,
around the same time. ♪

♪ Flying together,
heading for sunshine. ♪

♪ But how do they
know. ♪

♪ When they should go? ♪

♪ Do they follow
the birds? ♪

♪ Or wait for
the snow? ♪

♪ Ask a question,
follow it through. ♪

♪ You'll learn things
amazing and new! ♪

♪ André Green
figured it out. ♪

♪ temperature is
what it's about. ♪

♪ They feel the
cold! ♪

♪ To know where to be. ♪

♪ Scientist André Green,
thanks for your curiosity! ♪

♪ Ask a question,
follow it through, ♪

♪ You'll learn things
amazing and new! ♪

KIDS: Awesome!


ELINOR: "More Than
One Way"

ELINOR: Hi Olive.
Hi Ari.

Are you scared?

OLIVE: Why should we
be scared, Elinor?

ELINOR: 'Cause it's
almost Halloween.

That's when spooky things
appear out of nowhere.

ARI: That doesn't
scare me.

Nothing scares me.

ARI: Ah!

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: It was
just a leaf, Ari.

ARI: I knew that.

I was just jumping.

For fun.
You know...

So... what were we
talking about again?

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Halloween.
I love it.

ARI: Me too.

ELINOR: And you know what the
best part of Halloween is.

ARI: Mmhm.

ELINOR: The cool

ARI: Hmmm...

OLIVE: Decorations
aren't the best part.

the costumes.

ARI: Right...

Wait... What?

ARI: No! The best part
of Halloween...

isn't the costumes
or the decorations.

It's alllll the
yummy candy!

ELINOR: Okay, the candy is good,
but it wouldn't be Halloween

without all those
fun decorations.

Like jack-o-lanterns
and ghosts.

OLIVE: But what about wearing a
costume and going around...

the neighborhood dressed
like something fun?

ARI: I'm sorry but Halloween
is all about the candy.

Am I right?

ELINOR: I wonder...

how can we all have such
different favourite things

about Halloween?

ARI: I don't know.

OLIVE: Well I do know
we'll be late for school...

if we don't hurry.

Come on.

I can't wait to see what Ms.
Mole's doing for Halloween.

ELINOR: I hope there are
lots of scary decorations.

OLIVE: [gasp]
What's that?

ARI: [gasp]
It's a witch!!

ELINOR: [giggle]
It's just Ms. Mole.

She loves
Halloween too.

ARI: Oh yeah, I knew
it was her.

I was just trying to make
sure Olive wasn't scared.

You okay Olive?

OLIVE: Uh-huh

KIDS: Oohh! Wow!


KIDS: [giggle]

MS. MOLE: Good Morning
Ghouls and Goblins.

Welcome to Halloween

We're making decorations
for the classroom.

Want to help?

KIDS: Yeah! Ok!

ELINOR: Halloween decorations
are my favorite thing.

MS. MOLE: Well, it's one of the
things that make Halloween fun!

That and costumes and
candy, of course. [giggle]

They all make
Halloween special.


We can all think
differently about Halloween.

MS. MOLE: Let's see
what we've got.


Would you like to make spiderweb
decorations out of yarn

for the classroom?

KIDS: Okay! Sure!

MS. MOLE: Here are
some supplies.

Do you all know what a
spiderweb looks like?

KIDS: Yeah!

MS. MOLE: You know, when you
make something

that looks like the
real thing,

that's called
'making a model.'

KIDS: Oh! Cool!

MS. MOLE: Okay,
kids, have fun!

ELINOR: I'm going to
make the scariest looking

spiderweb model.


OLIVE: I'm using this
yellow yarn,

so it looks like my
spiderweb is in the sun.

OLIVE: What color is your
spiderweb going to be, Ari?

ARI: Not "going to be."

ARI: Ta da!

A spiderweb.

ELINOR: Hmmm, I don't think a
spiderweb looks like that.

ARI: It doesn't?

Well, what does it
look like then?

ELINOR: Like this.

Kind of.
I think.

OLIVE: Mmmm.

I think a spiderweb
looks like this.

MS. MOLE: How are my
spiderweb builders doing?

ELINOR: Not so well,
Ms. Mole.

We each made spiderwebs,
but they're all different.

Can you tell us which one
looks like a real spiderweb?

MS. MOLE: You've all
made interesting models.


I'm trying to remember what a
real spiderweb looks like.

OLIVE: You know, I haven't seen
a real spiderweb for a while.

ARI: It's been like
forever for me.

ELINOR: Me too.

[gasp] I know, let's go outside
and look for a real spiderweb.

Then we'll know how to
make our decorations

look like the real thing.

OLIVE: Good idea Elinor.

ELINOR: We need
more observations.

MS. MOLE: Ah yes, Bye!


you found one yet?

ARI: Nothing here.

OLIVE: Nothing here either.
ARI: Aaah!

ARI: I wasn't scared.

KIDS: [giggle]
OLIVE: Sorry.

ELINOR: There's got
to be spiderwebs...

around here somewhere.

Let's keep looking.

ELINOR: Hmmm...

ARI: Hmmm...

OLIVE: [humming]

OLIVE: Nope!

ELINOR: I haven't
seen any spiderwebs.

Or spiders.

Maybe we're looking in
the wrong place.

OLIVE: You're right Elinor.

You should
look up.

ELINOR: [gasp] A spider.

ARI: Okay, we've found a
spider, but where's its web?

OLIVE: Let's watch
where it goes.

ARI: Wow!


ELINOR: It's hanging from a
really thin kind of string.

OLIVE: I think it's
called a spider thread.

It's making it
with its body.

That's what it uses to
make spiderwebs.

ELINOR: Look how it
climbs up the tree,

and then starts a
new one.

That's so cool.

ARI: Yeah...

But it's going to take a long
time to make a whole web.

OLIVE: You're right Ari.

Maybe we should look for one
that's already made.

ELINOR: You go ahead.

I'm going to stay and watch
this spider make its web.

It's so interesting!


We'll let you know if
we find one.


little spiders.

Come out, come out
wherever you are.

OLIVE: There's one.

Hello little spider.


You look different from the
spider we saw before.

Now if you could just
lead me to your web.


ARI: [gasp] Cool.

A spider!

And where there's a spider,
there must be a spiderweb.


Let's go!

ELINOR: Wow. Look at how
fast you can make a web.

I bet it's going to
look just like mine.

OLIVE: Right behind
ya little spider.


This spiderweb is not
what I expected.

OLIVE: It looks just
like the one Ari made.

OLIVE: I guess
he was right.

ARI: Ari the World's
Greatest Spider Finder...

lost his spider.

But he'll find it again.


ARI: Aha! I found you.

Right in the
middle of...


That doesn't look like
the spiderweb I made.

It looks like the
one Elinor made.

ARI: I guess she
was right.

ELINOR: Well, you are a
very good web builder, spider.

But it doesn't look like
the web I made at all.

It looks like the web
Olive made.

ELINOR: I better
go tell her!

KIDS: Elinor,
Olive! Ari!

You're right!

ARI: Wait... what?

ELINOR: How can
we all be right?

I watched my spider make
a web that looked...

just like the one
you made, Olive.

OLIVE: But the web I found
looked like Ari's model.

ARI: And the web
I found...

looked just like the
one Elinor made.

ELINOR: Wait, what did
your spider look like?

ARI: It was way different
from the first one we saw.

OLIVE: Mine was
different too.

ELINOR: That's
so interesting.

OLIVE: I think I know
what you're thinking, Elinor.

ARI: What? What are
you two thinking...

that I'm not thinking?

ELINOR: Maybe different
kinds of spiders make...

ARI: Aha! Make
different kinds of webs!

OLIVE: So there are different
kinds of spiderwebs.

ELINOR: Just like there
are different ways...

to think about

OLIVE: Let's go
tell Ms. Mole.


ARI: Huh?

MS. MOLE: [scary moan]
[scary laugh]

ARI: [gasp]
It's a ghost!!

MS. MOLE: Ari?
Are you okay?

ARI: Sure. I was
just... um...

checking out for
ghosts under the desk.

It is all clear.

KIDS: [giggle]

MS. MOLE: Did you
find a spiderweb?

ELINOR: We didn't
find a spiderweb, Ms. Mole.


ELINOR: We found
three spiderwebs.


OLIVE: And they
were all different.

ARI: Because the spiders
were all different.

MS. MOLE: Well
aren't you clever.

You figured out that
different kinds of spiders

make different
kinds of webs.

ELINOR: So we were
all right.


Let's get decorating.


ELINOR: ♪ You do
it that way. ♪

♪ And I do it this way. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ We each
have our own way. ♪

ARI: ♪ And that's okay! ♪

ALL: ♪ 'Cause there's
more than one way. ♪

♪ To do almost
everything. ♪

♪ And each of those ways
is great, right? ♪

♪ Yes, each of those
ways is great! ♪

♪ Booo! ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Just like a
Spider making a web, ♪

OLIVE: ♪ We each do
our own thing... ♪

ARI: ♪ And that's okay! ♪

ALL: ♪ 'Cause there's
more than one way. ♪

♪ To do almost
everything. ♪

♪ And each of those ways
is great, right? ♪

♪ Yes, each of those
ways is greeeeaaaat! ♪

MS. MOLE: Your spider web
decorations are wonderful!

And you know what I
like best about them?

MS. MOLE: They're
all different.

Just like you!