Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 33 - A Moth Mystery/Just Peachy - full transcript

Elinor, Olive, and Ari go summer caroling with Señor Tapir, observe a kind of bug called moths, and watch lots of fireworks. Elinor throws a party which she can share all her peaches with her friends.

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♪ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪I see things that
I want to know.♪

♪Wherever I am,♪

♪I find things that
I want to understand.♪

♪Go and explore,
listen and see,♪

♪just follow your

♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Why do birds sing
and how do they fly?♪

♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Why do ants march
and where do they hide?♪

♪There's so much
to learn,♪

♪ wherever you turn,

♪just listen and see,♪

♪and follow your


♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Ask a question,
what will you find?♪

♪ALL: Elinor Wonders Why!♪

♪ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "A Garden For All"

ELINOR: Here Ari, catch!

ARI: [efforts]


are you ok?

ARI: Yeah.

But most important...

I caught the ball!

KIDS: [giggle]


ELINOR: Oh, look,
it's Hazel.

ARI: Hi Hazel!

HAZEL: Hi! [sniffs]

Mmmm... these flowers
smell sooo sweet.

I love sweet things.

ARI: Want to play
catch with us?


ARI: Awesome.

Go long!

HAZEL: Sweet!

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: Got it!

Uh, where did
Hazel go?

OLIVE: Over there!

I think she found
a new smell.

HAZEL: [sniff]

I smell something
sweet here too.


It's... it's... it's...


ELINOR: Do you like
strawberries, Hazel?

HAZEL: I super duper
love strawberries!

OLIVE: Yeah, I like
strawberries too.

Elinor grows the
yummiest strawberries.

HAZEL: You grew

ELINOR: Mm hmm!

Well... with
my parents.

Would you like to
have one?


Please, can I?

ELINOR: My parents said
it's okay to pick them,

as long as we wash them
before we eat them.

HAZEL: Yay! Let's pick
some strawberries.



ARI: These are the best
strawberries ever!


How did you grow them
to be so yummy, Elinor?

ELINOR: That's easy.

I'll tell you my secret...

I just made sure my
garden had the three S's.

I just made sure my
garden had the three S's.

HAZEL: Three S's?


Good Ssseeds to plant,

lots of really nice brown Sssoil
for the plants to grow in,

and loads of Sssun to
help the plants grow.

HAZEL: Oh, three S's,
I get it!

ELINOR: And there's a
fourth thing...

that every garden needs.

ARI: Huh?

ELINOR: ...water!

KIDS: Ooooh! Yeah!

ELINOR: Luckily, I water
my garden every morning.

HAZEL: Well these
strawberries are so yummy.

They are so so...

ELINOR: Sweet!

KIDS: [giggle]

HAZEL: Hmm, I wish I could
grow yummy strawberries...

like this at my house.

ELINOR: You can, Hazel.

HAZEL: I can?!

ELINOR: You just need a
garden, and the three S's.

OLIVE: And water.


Here, you can have
the very first S...


thank you, Elinor!

I can't wait to grow my
very own strawberries!

Oh. Uhh...

but wait, I don't have
a garden at home.

ELINOR: That's okay,
maybe we can help you...

start a garden
of your own.

HAZEL: Really?

ELINOR: Yeah, as long as
your parents are okay with it.

HAZEL: Are you kidding?

My dad loves

He's gonna be
so excited!

ARI: Mr. Lion gets excited
about everything!

That's why his art
class is so fun!

ELINOR: Then let's go
to your house...

and start your
strawberry garden.

KIDS: Okay!
Sure! Yeah!

ELINOR: Okay, I'll go tell my
Mom we're going to your place

and get more strawberries
to bring to your Dad.

HAZEL: That would
be so sweet.

KIDS: [giggle]

HAZEL: Here we are,
this is where I live.

We're on the
second floor.

OLIVE: Ooh, you live
in an apartment.

That's sooo cool!

You're so close
to the library!

HAZEL: Yeah, I love living
in the middle of town.

My dad loves painting
on the balcony.

KIDS: Hi, Mr. Lion!

hey there, kids!

Hi-ya, Hazel-basil.

Don't mind me, I'm just
capturing the beauty...

of Animal Town
in the afternoon.

HAZEL: Dad, Elinor is gonna
help me start a garden...

to grow yummy

MR. LION: Ooh, I
love strawberries!

Red is such a bold color,
they always look beautiful.


I told ya he
would love it.

OLIVE: Where should
we put the garden, Hazel?

HAZEL: Hmmm...

I don't know.

I don't have a yard
like you do, Elinor.

ARI: No yard?

No problem, Hazel!

Not all gardens need
to be in a yard.

ELINOR: That's right!

You can have a
garden anywhere

as long as you have
seeds, soil and sun.

OLIVE: And water!

KIDS: [giggle]

MR. LION: Oh, Hazel-basil,
you were right!

These strawberries are just
plain tickling my tastebuds!

These strawberries are just
plain tickling my tastebuds!

They always look...

HAZEL: Sweet!

I can't wait to grow
them in my own garden.

MR. LION: Mmmmm

Well, I'd better get
back to my painting,

thanks for bringing some
color to my day, kids.

Have fun.

ARI: Bye, Mr. Lion!

ELINOR: Okay, so we
need to figure out...

where to put your
garden, Hazel.

HAZEL: Yup, all we
need are the three S's.

ELINOR: Right.

And you have the
first S, seeds,

so now we just need a
place with soil and sun.

HAZEL: Hmm...

Oh, I know!

What about the
kitchen sink?

OLIVE: Yeah, but...

it doesn't have
any soil.

ARI: And if you made a
garden in your sink,

how would you
wash your dishes?

HAZEL: That's a
good point.


KIDS: Hmmm....

OLIVE: You know, my Mom has lots
of plants inside the house,

and her plants are
always in a pot or a box.

ELINOR: Yeah, why don't we
look for a box and some soil.

ARI: Getting dirty and
looking for soil.

Now this is my
kind of mission.

KIDS: [giggle]


HAZEL: [gasp] I see
some soil over there!

ELINOR: That's Ms.
Llama's restaurant.

Let's go see!

OLIVE: Hi, Ms. Llama!

Whatcha doing?

MS. LLAMA: Hello kids!

[chuckle] I just finished
digging this hole...

so I can plant
a new tree.

ELINOR: Ms. Llama, are
you going to be using...

all that brown
soil you dug up?


If you kids need it,
you can have it.

KIDS: Awesome! Cool!
Yeah! Sweet!

HAZEL: Thank you thank you
thank you, Ms. Llama!

I'll get the soil!

ARI: Ah!

ARI: Ms. Llama, is this
your wooden box too?

MS. LLAMA: It is, the
tree came in that box.

I was planning to recycle it,
but if you want to reuse it

you're welcome
to have it.

HAZEL: Sweet!

This box is perfect
to put the soil in.

MS. LLAMA: Well, let me
help you with that. [giggle]

OLIVE: Wow, thank you
so much, Ms. Llama!

ELINOR: Okay, so we
have our first two S's,

seeds and soil.

All that's left is
the final "S"...


We just have to find a nice
sunny spot for this box.


OLIVE: But where are
you going to eat?

ARI: Mm, now it
doesn't get any sun.

ELINOR: You might
step on it.

ELINOR: Definitely
not enough sun.

OLIVE: This spot
gets a lot of sun,

but how will you
get to your toys?

HAZEL: I don't know, Elinor.

I'm not so sure there
really is a good spot

for this garden in
my apartment.

ELINOR: There has
to be a perfect,

sunny spot

We just haven't
found it yet.

MR. LION: Whew.

I love painting
on the balcony.

The natural light
is wooonderful,

but it can get a bit hot with
all that sun shining on me.

ELINOR: [gasp]
That's it!

The balcony gets
lots of sun.

HAZEL: I could put my
garden on the balcony!

OLIVE: Mr. Lion, would
it be okay to go out...

and see if the balcony is a
good place for Hazel's garden?

MR. LION: Sure!

Way to think outside the
box, or should I say,

outside the apartment

MR. LION: Well, you kids should
never go out on the balcony

by yourselves, so
I'll go with you.

I'd love to help with your
fun garden project.

ELINOR: Let's go!

HAZEL: Elinor,
you were right.

This is the perfect
place for my garden.

MR. LION: Agreed!

HAZEL: Thank you
soooo much everybody,

for all of your help!

ELINOR: You're welcome,
Hazel, but we're not done yet.

We still have to
plant the garden.

HAZEL: Sweet now we have
all three S's:

Seeds, soil and sun.


ELINOR: ♪You can build
a garden anywhere. ♪

♪ A balcony, a yard
or here or there. ♪

♪ As long as you have these
three special things. ♪

♪ You can have the
joy that a garden brings. ♪

OLIVE: ♪The first thing to get
are your favorite seeds. ♪

♪ To grow fruits or veggies
or whatever you need. ♪

ARI: ♪The next thing is soil
straight from the ground. ♪

♪ You can dig it up or
buy it, it's all around. ♪

HAZEL: ♪Once your
seeds are planted, ♪

♪ you'll need
the sunlight. ♪

♪ To make sure your plants
grow big and bright. ♪

ELINOR: ♪You can build
a garden anywhere. ♪

♪ A balcony, a yard
or here or there, ♪

♪ as long as you have these
three, special things... ♪

OLIVE: ♪And water.
Can't forget water. ♪

HAZEL: ♪You'll have all the
joy that a garden brings! ♪

OLIVE: Mmm, these
are great, Hazel.


I couldn't have done
a better job myself.

HAZEL: Thanks, there's nothing
better than growing your own

fruits and veggies on your
own balcony garden.

ARI: Yeah,
it's so sweet!

ALL: [laughter]

SENOR TAPIR: This looks
delicious, Amiga.

Did you grow
these in town?

ELINOR: Hazel grew
these tomatoes...

in her very
own garden.

HAZEL: I have a garden
on my balcony.

SENOR TAPIR: That reminds
me of Karen Washington,

who wondered if she could
grow healthy foods...

in the middle of
New York City,

an even bigger city
than Animal Town.

♪ Karen Washington
lived in the city. ♪

♪ So far from farms
and healthy veggies. ♪

♪ Karen wanted to eat
more healthy foods. ♪

♪ She planted a garden
with veggies... ♪

♪ ...and fruits.

♪ Many tall buildings
were all around. ♪

♪ But she planted seeds
into the ground. ♪

♪ And what do you know?

♪ Her city garden
started to grow. ♪

♪ Karen Washington
wondered whether...♪

♪ neighbors could all
work together. ♪

♪ To grow fresh food
to eat each day. ♪

♪ That didn't come
from far away. ♪

♪ Yeah, they grew
fruits and veggies. ♪

♪ In the middle
of a city. ♪

♪ Fruits and veggies.

♪ Healthy and tasty.

SENOR TAPIR: Salud amigos!
ALL: Mmmm!

[bird chirping]

ELINOR: "The Band
of Explorers"


KIDS: [playing music]

SALLY: This is a
great idea, Elinor.

I can't believe we've
never done it before.

OLIVE: Yeah, walking through
the forest playing music...

is going to be so much fun!

[plays trumpets]

TITO: And super loud.

ELINOR: [giggled] But
that's a good thing, Tito.

I want every bird,
lizard, and frog...

in the whole
forest to hear us!

SALLY: Do you think
they'll like our music?

ELINOR: Sure, Sally!

We like music, so birds, lizards
and frogs must like it too.

ELINOR: I bet playing
music will help us see...

more wild creatures.

ELINOR: ...a lot more.

OLIVE: [giggle] Good thing
I brought a lot of paper.

I want to draw every bird,
bug and frog we see.

TITO: Are we ready?

Let's go!

ELINOR: We can't.

Ari isn't here yet.

ARI: [effort]

Yes I am!

Sorry I'm late.

I had trouble
closing my bag.

OLIVE: Because your
cymbals wouldn't fit?

ARI: No.

Because of all
my snacks.

TITO: [drum noise]

KIDS: [laughter]

now we can go.

OLIVE: Wait.

First we have to do the
Exploring Club pledge.

First we have to do the
Exploring Club pledge.

ELINOR: Oh, right!

Good thinking, Olive.

KIDS: An Explorer is Brave,
an Explorer is kind,

an Explorer is curious,
who knows what we'll find!

ELINOR: Now who wants to
go and see lots of birds...

and frogs and bugs?

KIDS: We do!

ELINOR: Then let's
walk and play!

And-a one, two,
three four!

[playing music]

KIDS: [singing] ♪Oh we're
off to play in the forest. ♪

♪ Singing as we
march along ♪

♪ So our forest friends
will all come out. ♪

♪ To hear our
Exploring Song ♪

[kids play music]


KIDS: [grunts]

TITO: Whoa, why'd
you stop, Elinor?

ARI: Is it snack
time already?

KIDS: [giggle]

We just started.

ELINOR: I'm just looking
for birds and frogs...

and other creatures.

Do you see any?

KIDS: No. Nothing.


SALLY: Maybe they
can't hear us?

ARI: That must be it.

Let's try playing

[cymbals sound]

TITO: Louder?

I guess we can
do that.

ELINOR: And Ah-one,
two, three, four!

KIDS: [singing] ♪Oh we're off
to play in the forest. ♪

♪ Singing as we
march along. ♪

♪ So, our forest friends
will all come out. ♪

♪ To hear our
Exploring Song ♪

OLIVE: [playing trumpet]

Wait... I see
some birds.

Over there. C'mon!

KIDS: [giggle]

KIDS: [singing] ♪Oh we're off
to play in the forest. ♪

♪ Singing as we
march along. ♪

♪ So our forest friends
will all come out. ♪

♪ To hear our
Exploring Song! ♪

[kids playing music]

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: [gasp]
Where'd they go?

TITO: Are you sure
you saw birds?


They were here a
minute ago.

SALLY: Then why they didn't
stay to hear us play?

Don't they like music?

must like it.

Birds 'sing' all
the time.

OLIVE: Maybe they went to tell
all their bird friends about us.

ARI: [gasp]
Hey, Look!

On the trunk!

OLIVE: What?
What's on my trunk?

ARI: Not on
your trunk.

On that tree trunk.

ELINOR: [gasp]

ELINOR: It's a lizard!

TITO: I see it too!

ELINOR: Come on!

KIDS: [play music]


[playing guitar]




ARI: Yeah! Woo-hoo!

TITO: Uhh...
Where's the lizard?

ARI: It was here.

I saw it.

ELINOR: But it ran off.

Just like the birds.

OLIVE: I didn't even get
a chance to draw it.

KIDS: [groan]

SALLY: I don't get it.

On our last exploring walk,
we saw lots of birds,

bugs and frogs.

ARI: But today, we're
hardly seeing any.

ELINOR: Hmm...

That's so interesting!

Why aren't we seeing many
wild creatures today?

Let's see if we
can figure it out.

We need more

ARI: But Elinor, that's what
we've been trying to do.

We've been trying to observe
creatures all morning.

ELINOR: You're right, Ari.

But we've been looking
with our eyes.

Being a good
observer means...

using all your senses
to notice things.

OLIVE: All our senses?

Well, [sniff] I don't smell
any wild creatures...

SALLY: ...and we
can't touch any...

ARI: ...and I don't think I want
to taste any wild creatures.

ELINOR: [giggle]
Me, neither.

But maybe we can
use our ears.

TITO: Oh, yeah, we
can listen...

good idea!

TITO: I'll close my eyes
so I can listen better.

[frog croaks]

ELINOR: [gasp] Did
you hear that?

[frog croaks]

ELINOR: It came
from over there...

TITO: [gasp]
SALLY: Come on, Tito!

[frog croaking]

OLIVE: A frog!

[frog croaking]

OLIVE: Now Frog, hold
still, so I can draw you.

[frog croaking]

ELINOR: My mom says
frogs 'sing' like that,

to talk to other frogs.

ARI: Frogs sing too?

Hey, maybe he'd like to
sing with our band?

SALLY: [giggle]
That would be fun.

ELINOR: Let's play
together, Mister Bullfrog.

Count us in.

KIDS: ♪Oh, we're off to play in
the forest singing our... ♪

ARI: ♪...as we march along ♪
[smashing cymbals]

ELINOR: Ari.... Ari.


ARI: Oh sorry,
what did you say?

ELINOR: The frog's gone.

It swam away.

OLIVE: I couldn't
even draw it!

ARI: [sigh] Maybe he only
likes songs about frogs.

SALLY: Or maybe it's
something else.

Elinor, you said frogs 'sing'
to talk to each other, right?


SALLY: Well, maybe they
couldn't hear each other...

because our
music is too loud.

ELINOR: Ohhh...

You mean like how
Ari couldn't hear me...

because his playing
was too loud?

ARI: Aw, c'mon
we're not that loud.

[crashes cymbal]

KIDS: Ahhhhh!

KIDS: Ahhhhh!

ARI: Heh.

I guess we are
pretty loud.

SALLY: That startled me!

OLIVE: [sigh] Me too!

ELINOR: Me three.

TITO: Ah man, loud noises
always make me jump.

ELINOR: I wonder if loud sounds
bother bird and frog ears, too?

[gasp] Our loud music might
not be letting them talk,

and it might be
scaring them!

OLIVE: Oh, no!

We didn't mean for
this to happen.

ELINOR: Well, the whole time
we've been in the forest,

we've been pretty loud.

And we haven't seen
many creatures.

I wonder what would happen
if we stayed quiet, instead?

ARI: Good idea, Elinor.

I'm gonna be so quiet, they are
not gonna even know I'm here.

[cymbals crash]

ARI: Uhhgg...
Sorry! Oh...

[whispers] Sorry.

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: Let's go sit on that
log for a while. Shh!

SALLY: [crunch]
KIDS: [gasp]

SALLY: [chewing]

Heh heh. Sorry.

ELINOR: Okay, everyone.

Let's be quiet
and listen.

[birds sounds]

KIDS: [gasp]

[bird chirping]

[frog croacks]

[frog croacking]

[butterfly wings flapping]

[birds chirping]

ELINOR: Being quiet
is working.

Look at all the creatures
that are coming out!

OLIVE: I can't
draw fast enough.

TITO: I never really listened
to the forest before.

It sounds nice.


We were so busy
playing our music,

we didn't notice the forest
already has beautiful music.

[breeze blowing]

ELINOR: Like the
sound of the trees...

[birds chirping]

ELINOR: ...and the birds...

[frogs croacking]

ARI: ...and the frogs!


ELINOR: [sings quietly]♪ We

ayed our song in the forest. ♪

♪ But the creatures
stayed away. ♪

♪ Until we used our
ears to hear. ♪

♪ What the forest
had to say. ♪

KIDS: [sing quietly] ♪We played
our song in the forest. ♪

♪ But the creatures
stayed away. ♪

♪ Until we used our
ears to hear. ♪

♪ What the forest
had to say! ♪

ELINOR: [sigh]

[birds chirping]
[frogs croaking]

ARI: Oh, hey
little birdie.

KIDS: [giggle]


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