Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 31 - Butterfly Party/More Than One Right Way - full transcript

Olive has a birthday party for her mom when she realizes she has butterflies to give her. Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to decorate the school.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that
I want to know. ♪

♪ Wherever I am, ♪

♪ I find things that
I want to understand. ♪

♪ Go and explore,
listen and see, ♪

♪ just follow your
curiosity. ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing
and how do they fly? ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march
and where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much
to learn, ♪

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ just listen and see, ♪

♪ and follow your
curiosity. ♪


♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,
what will you find? ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor Wonders Why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.

[ ♪ ♪ ♪ ]

ELINOR: "Olive's Library"


KIDS: ...Haaaappy Biiirthday
to Youuuuuu!

Yay! Woo-hoo!

ELINOR: Happy Birthday,

thanks everyone.

MS. ELEPHANT: Make a wish and
blow out your candles, dear.

OLIVE: [trumpet]
KIDS: [cheer]

MS. ELEPHANT: [turmpet]

ELINOR: What did you
wish for, Olive?

OLIVE: I wished for the
whole world to feel happy...

and that I could open my
presents right now!

Can I open them, Mom?

MS. ELEPHANT: Well, I suppose
that would be alright.

We can cut the
cake afterwards.

Go ahead, sweetie.

KIDS: [cheer]

ARI: Oooh, ohh, I hope
she opens my present first.

She's gonna love it!

OLIVE: This one is from...


ARI: Aw...

OLIVE: It's a book!

TITO: It's all about insects
that start with the letter M.

OLIVE: Moths,



That's MMMMMMarvelous.

Thank you, Tito!

ARI: Ooh, I hope she
opens mine next.

OLIVE: This one is from...


ARI: Huh?

OLIVE: It's another book!

ELINOR: It's about birds
from all around the world.

OLIVE: Thank you!

Ostriches and
penguins and robins.

And look at this!

KIDS: [gasp]
Whoa! Oooh!

ARI: I think this
one is next.

I wonder who
it's from?

it's from you, Ari!

ARI: I know!

Open it!

OLIVE: It's also a book!

ARI: It's not
just any book.

It's a book about

OLIVE: Really?

Oh, it shows you all
the different kinds...

of books there are.

History books,
nature books,

coloring books.


Thank you, Ari!

ARI: You bet!

MS. ELEPHANT: Oh, Olive,
you got more books.

How wonderful!

Why don't you take
them up to your room...

while I set up
for cake.

KIDS: Sure! Cool!
Let's help! C'mon!

ELINOR: You sure got a lot
of books today, Olive.

OLIVE: Yeah, I have
the best friends.

Everyone knows how
much I love books!

ELINOR: [gasp] Umm...

ARI: Oh Wow!

ARI: You have a lot of
books, Olive.

SALLY: Where should
we put them?

OLIVE: Here, there's
a little bit of room...

next to my bookshelf.

ELINOR: Have you read
all these books?

OLIVE: Every single one!

Sometimes more
than once.

SALLY: Whoa, it's a book about
making things out of wood!

I'd love to
read this one.

OLIVE: Yeah, that one has
really good ideas for projects.

TITO: Cool, a book
about running.

I love to run.


KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Yeah, that's
a great book too, Tito.

KIDS: [laughter]

OLIVE: Oof! Whoops.

ELINOR: Uh, Olive...

pretty soon you won't have
much room left in your...


ARI: A room
without room!

Hah! Get it?


What are you going to do
with all these books, Olive?

OLIVE: Keep them,
of course!

I like to keep them
because I love books.

MS. ELEPHANT: Yoo hoo,
kids, it's time for cake!

KIDS: [gasp]
[cheer] [giggles]


OLIVE: Mmm, banana
birthday cake, my favorite!

ARI: Mmm!
It's so good.

I wish we could have
birthday cake every day.

OLIVE: You only get one
birthday a year, silly.

ARI: Sure, but every day
is someone's birthday.

KIDS: [laugh]

ELINOR: Hmmm...

look at that ant.

I wonder where it's
taking that seed?

ELINOR: Wow, it's a
whole bunch of ants!

ELINOR: And they're
carrying seeds somewhere.

OLIVE: Where are
they going?

ELINOR: Let's find out.

OLIVE: Yeah!

ELINOR: We need
more observations!


ELINOR: It looks like
they're all going in there.

OLIVE: Oh! That's
where the ants live.

It's called an
ant hill.

ARI: Cool!

OLIVE: There are
thousands of ants inside.

I read all about it in a book
about ants I have in my room.

OLIVE: All animals
need food, water, air,

and space to live.

And that's why ants
have the anthill.

It has lots of little rooms
for them to live in.

ELINOR: What are they doing
with all those seeds?

OLIVE: I think these
are harvester ants.

That's a special kind of
ant that brings seeds...

back to the anthill to eat.

ARI: Because they
need food, too.


ARI: Hmm.

That seed is bigger
than the ant's belly!

Isn't that too much
for one ant?

OLIVE: I read
about that, too!

The ants share their
food with each other.

OLIVE: They put all the
seeds in a special room,

and then the other ants come and
get some when they're hungry.

SALLY: How nice.

That way everyone
gets something to eat.

ELINOR: That is
so interesting.

SALLY: I wish I knew as much
about ants as you do, Olive.

TITO: Me too. That ant book
sounds really fun to read.

OLIVE: It's a
great book.

You know what?

I'll go get it from my
room and show it to you.

Wait here!


OLIVE: That's not it.

Where is it?


Mhm... Not it.

Aha! Here it is!


OLIVE: Come out,
little book.

[efforts] [grunt]
Oooh! Ah!

ELINOR: Hmm, Olive is
taking a long time.

ARI: Wasn't she just
getting that book?

SALLY: She should be
back by now.

ELINOR: Maybe we should
go check on her.


ARI: Olive?

Are you in here?

OLIVE: I'm here!

Could I get a
little help?

ELINOR: Oh no!
What happened?

OLIVE: I was trying to
get the ant book

from under some
other books,

but then I fell into
this pile of books.

ARI: No wonder.

It's a book-o-rama
in here!

TITO: Are you ok,

OLIVE: Yeah, I think
there might be...

a few too many
books in here.

But what can I do?

ELINOR: Hmm...

OLIVE: [gasp] I know.

Maybe I should be
like the ants!

ELINOR: What do
you mean?

OLIVE: Remember how I told you
that ants share their food?

ARI: Ooh! You want to
share food with us?

OLIVE: No, I should
share my books!

OLIVE: [humming]

Sally, did you say you
wanted to read this book...

about building
thinks out of wood?

SALLY: Yeah.

OLIVE: I'll share
it with you.

Please, take it home.

SALLY: Oh, thank you!

OLIVE: Here is the running
book you wanted to read.

TITO: Wow, really?

OLIVE: You can borrow it
as long as you like.

And when you're done, you can
share it with other kids too.

TITO: Thanks,
I will!

ELINOR: Are you sure you want
to share all your books, Olive?

OLIVE: Well...

I have my extra special books
in this bookcase.

I do wanna keep
those here.

And I want to keep all the
books I got as presents today.

But the rest are books
I'm happy to share.

ARI: How are you going to
share all these books?

There are too many to
carry around town.

TITO: You could put them
in your living room.

ELINOR: Or maybe outside,
so everyone can get to them.

ARI: What if it rains?

SALLY: I have
an idea.

You know how ants
have a special place...

they put all the
food they share?

SALLY: Maybe we can make a
special place for the books...

you want to share,
just like the ants do?

ELINOR: That's
a great idea!

We can put it outside,

and that way everyone can
come borrow a book.

ARI: Cool!

And they will
stay dry.

OLIVE: A mini-library!

Let's do it!


KIDS: ♪ Here a book,
there a book. ♪

♪ Look, look,
share a book! ♪

♪ It's fun to share. ♪

♪ 'Cause it shows
you care! ♪

♪ Want to learn ♪

♪ about silly hats? ♪

TITO: ♪ For sure! ♪

ARI: ♪ Well, Olive's
got a book about that! ♪

KIDS: ♪ Want to know ♪.

♪ why cows say moo? ♪

♪ Olive's got ♪

♪ Just the book
for you! ♪

KIDS: ♪ So, take a book,
give a book. ♪

♪ Look, look,
share a book! ♪

♪ It's fun to share. ♪

♪ 'Cause it shows
you care! ♪

ELINOR: Olive!

I brought some books from
my house to share.

ARI: Me too!

I've got one about
rocket ships,

and one about cars...

and one about muffins.


SALLY: I've got
books to share too!

I'll bring
them later.

TITO: Me too!

OLIVE: Thank you all
for coming to my party.

ELINOR: It was
really fun.

ARI: A-ha!

And we learned a
lot about ants!

OLIVE: This is the
best gift ever!

Now I have more room in my
room and my own little library.

ELINOR: So everyone
can share.

OLIVE: Yeah, because everything
is always better when you share.

ARI: Ant that's
the truth.

Get it? Because
of the ants?

KIDS: [laughter]


MS . MO LE : Wh at a re y ou
sh ar in g wi th u s to da y, O li ve ?

OLIVE: Delicious
summer cherries!

Wow! Cool!

ARI: Hey wait
a minute.

How do you have summer cherries
in the middle of winter?

Cherries dont grow
in the cold.

OLIVE: My Mom and I
picked them last summer...

and saved them.

MS. MOLE: That reminds me
of a special kind of ant...

that saves food
for later.

ELINOR: Ants save
up food too?

MS. MOLE: [chuckles]
Oh, sure!

MS. MOLE: These are
special kinds of ant,

called "Honeypot Ants"!

ELINOR: What are the
ants doing, Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: The ants are taking
nectar from the flowers.

It's their food!

ARI: Why don't they gobble
it all up right away?

MS. MOLE: When there's
extra, they save it for later.

ELINOR: Ants don't have
jars, do they?

MS. MOLE: Hahaha!

They don't have jars.

The ants bring the extra
nectar to the anthill...

and give it to a special ant
that stores it inside her body!

MS. MOLE: As more ants
come with extra nectar,

these special
ants grow...

and grow....
And grow...!

ARI: Oh, I get it!

That's why they're called
"honeypot ants!"

Their bodies look like
pots full of honey!

MS. MOLE: This special ant
shares the extra food

with the other ants
when they need it later!

OLIVE: Just like these
cherries! Let's eat.

ALL: [laugh]

[ ♪ ♪ ♪ ]

ELINOR: "Nature Walk"

MS. MOLE: All right, class.
Today is a very special day.

It's our nature

KIDS: [cheer]

MS. MOLE: Everyone
needs to help get ready.

Lizzie and Mary you're in
charge of showing off...

the Nature Artwork.

LIZZIE: [gasp]

MS. MOLE: Uh-oh.

Koa and Tito you'll be
gathering the Nature Snacks

from the class garden.

KOA: Cool.

MS. MOLE: Elinor, Olive and Ari
you're in charge of setting up

the Nature Walk in the
woods behind the school.

KIDS: [cheer]

MS. MOLE: Everyone else
helps with the decorations...

for our nature celebration.

KIDS: [laugh] [cheer]


ARI: Yes! Our Nature
Walk is gonna rock.

ELINOR: I can't wait
to show our friends...

all the amazing
nature around here.

OLIVE: Ok, we picked
out a really nice path...

with three great spots to
stop and notice nature.

ELINOR: That looks
so fun, Olive.

But how will our friends
know which way to go...

to follow the path?

ARI: No worries, Elinor.

That's why I made
these signs.


ELINOR: Oh, great!

OLIVE: Yeah, they'll show our
friends which way to go.

ARI: There we go.

OLIVE: Great. Now let's go set
up the rest of the Nature Walk!


[wind blowing]

ARI: And now, the first
spot on the Nature Walk...

My favorite...

The beehive!

KIDS: Wow!

ELINOR: Our friends
are gonna love it.

Okay, let's put a sign to
point to the next spot...

on the Nature Walk.

OLIVE: It's...

this way!

ARI: One sign,
coming right up.

Yup! Let's go!


ELINOR: The next spot on
the Nature Walk is...

the bird's nest!

[birds chirping]

OLIVE: Oh, look!

There's a baby bird!

ELINOR: Isn't it cute?

That's why I
picked this spot.

ARI: Nice one,

Where to next?

OLIVE: That-a-way!


OLIVE: And now, my favorite
spot on the Nature Walk...

The Willow Tree!


ARI: This willow tree
is amazing Olive.

Look at the nice
big branches.

ELINOR: It's so big and strong.
This tree isn't going anywhere.


That's why I love trees.

They're always right there
where you left them.

ELINOR: Awesome.

All we have to do now
is set up the last...


ARI: [gasp] Are
you okay, Elinor?

ELINOR: I'm okay.


This willow tree has
big, long roots.

OLIVE: Yeah, I read about it
in my Nature Book.

All plants have roots, but
a big tree like this one...

has really long roots that
grow deep under the ground.

It helps them
stay in place.

ARI: Cool. Where to
next, Olive?

OLIVE: This is
the last spot,

so we just need a sign that
points back to the playground.

That way!

ARI: Woo-hoo!


ELINOR: The nature walk
is ready Ms. Mole!


MS. MOLE: Let the
Nature Celebration begin!!

KIDS: [cheer]

ELINOR: Uh-oh.

A sign fell over.


Now we're
really ready.

ARI: Ahem...

Step right up folks,
step right up!

And see the
wonders of nature.

The bees...

ELINOR: The birds!

OLIVE: The amazing trees!

SALLY: Trees?

Did you say trees?

I love trees!

And sticks!

Will there be sticks?

OLIVE: There will
definitely be sticks,

Come enjoy our
nature walk, Sally!

SALLY: Okay, which
way do I go?

ARI: Just follow
the signs.

SALLY: This way?

ARI: You got it.

ELINOR: Tito! Koa!

Want to go on our
Nature Walk?

TITO: Okay.

KOA: Sure.

SALLY: Sticks, sticks,
sticks, sticks...

Oh! Bees!


Look at that hive
dripping with honey.

SALLY: I wonder where
I should go next?

Oh, right,
follow the sign.

SALLY: [gasp]
A stick!

TITO: Look! A beehive!

KOA: Cool.

Now which way
should we go?

TITO: Ari said to
follow the signs.

KOA: Hey, there's one.

SALLY: One stick, two
sticks, three stick four...

Hey! A bird's nest.

[bird chirping]
And a baby!

How tweet,
tweet, tweet!

[bird chirping]

This is a great
nature walk.

I wonder which way
I should go next.

Hmmm, I don't see
another sign.

Maybe it's this way.

Five sticks, six sticks,
seven sticks, more!

ARI: Right this way,
enjoy your Nature Walk.

Remember to
follow the signs.

OLIVE: Wow, our Nature
Walk is sure popular.

Everyone is going in.

ELINOR: Bu-uut, no
one has come back yet.

ARI: I guess they're
walkinging slowly?

KOA: Whoa!

SALLY: Do you know which way
we're supposed to go next?

KOA: Uh, nope.

They told us to
follow the signs,

but I don't
see any.

SALLY: Me neither.

TITO: So which way
do we go?

OLIVE: Why is no
one coming out?

ELINOR: There you are!

ARI: What happened?

TITO: We got lost.

ARI: Lost?

How could you
get lost?

ELINOR: Didn't you
follow the signs?

KOA: We only
saw one sign.

TITO: And it pointed
us into the forest.

ARI: I wonder what
happened to all our signs?

ELINOR: Let's go find out.

We need more

ELINOR: Where's
the sign?

OLIVE: There it is!

It fell on the ground and it's
pointing the wrong way.

ARI: No wonder
everyone got lost.

ELINOR: Let's go
check the next sign.


ELINOR: There it is.

ARI: It must have fallen
into these bushes.

OLIVE: Let's go check
on the last sign.


ARI: Phew!

At least this sign
is still stand...

Whaaaaa... Oh!

ELINOR: Oh, no!

It's those
roots again.

ARI: Whaaa! I meant
to do that.

But not that.

OLIVE: It's not your fault Ari,
these signs fall over a lot.

ELINOR: Yeah, they
don't stay in place.

I wonder...

How can we keep them from
falling over?

ARI: Hmmm, let's
think about this.

KIDS: Hmmm....

ELINOR: Wait a minute!

Ari, I think you're
leaning on the answer!

ARI: I am?

OLIVE: He is?

ELINOR: Look at the tree.

It doesn't fall over
when you lean on it,

like the sign did.

ARI: [efforts] Huh,
you're right.

ARI: [efforts]

KIDS: [efforts]

ARI: It's like it's stuck
to the ground.


ELINOR: Stuck to
the ground...

that's it!

The tree is stuck to the
ground by its roots.

OLIVE: Yeah, the roots
under the ground...

help the tree stay
in place.

ARI: Those are
some deep roots!

ELINOR: And that
gives me an idea.

ARI: Oh, I know.

We should grow
the signs!

ELINOR: I don't think
we can grow signs.

But maybe we can we bury the
bottoms of the signs...

like the tree roots.

OLIVE: Great
idea, Elinor!

But how are we going to make
the holes in the ground?

ELINOR: [gasp] I know,
I'll be right back.

ELINOR: Let's get digging!


ELINOR: ♪ Trees
have roots. ♪

♪ That hold
them steady ♪

♪ Through the
wind and rain. ♪

♪ They're always ready. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ Our signs
need to stay up. ♪

♪ So they can be
found. ♪

♪ We'll bury
the bottom ♪

♪ Like a root in
the ground. ♪

ALL: ♪ With roots,
roots, roots ♪

♪ Trees and signs can
stay up strong. ♪

♪ With roots,
roots, roots ♪

♪ You know you
can't go wrong. ♪

ARI: ♪ When our signs are
strong and straight ♪

♪ We'll all know
where to go. ♪

♪ Our Nature Walk
will be great. ♪

♪ And everyone
will know. ♪

ALL: ♪ With roots,
roots, roots ♪

♪ Trees and signs can
stay up strong. ♪

♪ With roots,
roots, roots ♪

♪ You know you can't
go wrong. ♪

OLIVE: And here is the last
part of our Nature Walk...

The willow tree!

KIDS: Whoa! Cool!

MS. MOLE: What a wonderful
Nature Walk.

And these signs
were so helpful!

ARI: Yup, and notice
they don't fall over.

ELINOR: We buried the
bottoms of the signs...

to keep them in
place, Ms. Mole.

OLIVE: Just like
the roots on trees.

MS. MOLE: [chuckling]
How clever!

And what a perfect way to
end our Nature Celebration.

ARI: Yeah, trees
are so cool!

ARY: Hiya!


ELINOR: Good thing that
tree has really deep...

and strong roots!

ALL: [laugh]

[ ♪ ♪ ♪ ]