EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6281 - Episode #1.6281 - full transcript

Linda collapses at the gym.

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I thought you would have at least
carried me over the threshold.

Yeah, well, I thought I'd wait till
we got our own place for that.

Oh, is that a promise?
If you like, sir.

Right, does this place have it's
own honeymoon suite, or...?

Yeah, about that.

My nan's still here,
so we're on that thing.

You are kidding me, aren't ya?

And those better not be
moving-in gifts, cos otherwise

I'm going to sleep at the Arches.

What's your dad going
to say about that?

Well, probably not a lot.

He made it clear he wants
nothing to do with me

and nothing to do with
the Arches, too. Oi, come on.

Look, we ain't going to get this
flat to ourselves very often,

so why don't we make the most of it,
like we're still in Majorca?

OK, so, what will it be?

A jug of sangria and karaoke?

Yeah, go on.

Right, what have we got,
husband of mine? We have got...

..Don't Go Breaking My Heart...

..or Love To Love You Baby.

That's a bit of you. You could
get down to that, couldn't you?

Love To Love You Baby it is.


Loving the dance moves!


I'm sorry to ruin the rave.

It's just all that bomp-bomping,

it's knocking the pictures
off the walls upstairs.

But I need to feel the music.

Yeah, but can you not feel
the music when I'm having

a cup of coffee in peace?

You know that she faces this sort
of prejudice every day of her life?

I'm not being prejudice.

So you don't mind having a deaf
night in here sometime soon?

And that's not a night where
we all pretend to be deaf.

Yeah, I know.

It's a night where we make
things more welcoming for

the deaf community, like a
deaf DJ, lyrics on a screen,

heavy bass to feel the beat.
Love it.

Let's get our heads together, yeah?

Oi, has any of you
seen my green juice?

Uh, was that the glass of gunky
water that was in the fridge?

Sorry. I thought I was helping.

You threw it away. Brilliant.

What was that?
Linda threw away her green juice.

But, to be fair, it did look
like a glass of mould.

No, I'm back-to-back all day.
I'll see you later.

Her living here -

if it's going to work,
her attitude needs to change.

Don't worry,
I will talk to her.

Good girl.

Here you go.

How's she doing?
She spoke to her mum yet?

No. Well, she's running out
of time, isn't she?

Her sister's going to be
dragged to this ceremony.

Yeah, well, she's meeting her now.
Hopes she can talk her out of it.

Don't you think it's time
we got the police involved?


Look, it's important for her
to do this.

No matter how hard it's going to be.

Hey, you've got this.

You don't know my mum.

Hello, sweetheart. Sorry we're late.

Mum was talking to randos
on the train, again.

Don't be cheeky, you.

So, guessing you must be Iqra?

Yeah, hi.

Nice to finally meet you at last.

Right, I'll get us some coffees,

then YOU can finally tell me
what you wanted to talk about.

She's being all cryptic.

There we go, that's the pace.
Keep that pace.

Hey, Frankie.

Got spinach, kale,
coconut water, blueberries.

You didn't have to do that.

I know your mum felt really bad.

Did she?

And it serves you right for drinking
stuff that smells like vomit.

Excuse me, my skin is going
to look incredible when I'm 50.

I thought that's all in your genes?

Do you feel like training later?

I've got a brutal circuit
if you feel like a challenge.

Oh, can I get a bit of that action?

Do you have an off switch?

Um, not today, thank you.

But if you're going to
hand out free sessions,

I would think of offering
one to your mum.


I was just looking
for a way to bring an end

to all this unbearable tension.

Oh. Oh, right, sorry.

It's fine. It's funny, really,
you're so similar.

You're both desperate
to sort it out,

but too stubborn
to forgive each other.

I did move back in, so...

I know it's hard.

But if you can reach out,
even just a little bit...

I mean, one of you has to.

What? First time today
you've had nothing to say.

On this one, I completely
agree with Frankie.

Where have you been?

Hanging out at Sharon's new gym?

Yeah, well, that's none
of your business.

So you are still seeing her.

Have you sorted out that money?

Your brother's been on the phone.

He's had another difficult night.

Yeah, well, it's paid.

I managed to free up some funds.

And I think I've found a way of
protecting him long-term.

OK, let's hear it.

Ben. The Mitchells?

Look, he's back from holiday today,

and he's got those contacts in
prison who could protect Jags.

Oh, what, and you think
he'd do that for us?

Yeah, well, I'm sure I can come
to some kind of arrangement.

It's risky, Kheerat.

If you get on the wrong side of Ben,
it's Jagvir who pays the price.


I'm not going to let that happen.

Then sort it.

I don't know how much more
of this Jagvir can take.

Someone trying to impress Kat?

They're for you,
they were on the doorstep.

Is she here? No.

Fat Elvis.

When's this guy going to give up?

'Ere, how much to make
someone disappear?

I'll throw in a free fan
for your trouble.

Why, what's he done?
He's invited me on a cruise.

What, you don't want to go?
It's an impossibility!

There's the kids to look after,
Stacey's inside, and there's Jean...

Well, she's all over the place.

They'll manage, won't they?

He's got to get it into his thick
head that family come first, always.

See yourself out.

It's nice to have somewhere like
this on your doorstep.

Yeah, I guess.

Erm, you know what else
is good round here?

The chips at McKlunky's.

You like chips, right?

Everyone likes chips.
I knew it.

I'm in the way, as usual.

Those chips better be good.

Hm, right. Don't be long.

We've got things to do later.


I thought you were
back-to-back all day?

Yeah, well, I had some cancellations
for this afternoon, so...

I was wondering if you might
like a, like, one-to-one session?

Me, at the gym?

Don't worry, I'm not going to
charge you or nothing.

So, where's the catch?
There is no catch.

Just thought you might want
to, like, tone up.

Oh, right.

Not that you need to -
you look lovely, Mum.

I'm sorry about earlier.
I shouldn't have snapped.

I'm trying to be nice.

Take it or leave it.

It's lovely to see you,
but we've got a busy day ahead.

What's this about?

Come on.

Speak up.


You see... Yes?

I know you're taking Kioni away.

I know what's going
to happen to her.

This is not the time or the place.

You're going to the coast,
to see some new aunties.

It's the same thing you said
to me when I was her age.

It's a cutting ceremony...
Hush now, hush.

Get a hold of yourself.
Mum, please, listen to me...

I don't have time to sit here
and pay lip-service to you.

We're part of a community

with traditions that
go back hundreds of years.

When you walked away from that,

you lost the right to comment.

This is happening,
whether you like it or not.


Yeah, I...

Of course.

I'll, erm... I'll get you a coffee.

How's it going?

I just can't.

Oh, love.

Let me get you another drink.

So, come on, then, I want
to hear all the details.

Not the saucy stuff,
the sunny stuff.

Rainie's got her eye on Majorca.

Well, it's not the same since
the gays have taken over.

No, I'm not being funny,

but you lot get very loud
when you've had a drink.

Yeah, well, imagine if
you had a couple of them

sleeping on your
living room floor, eh?

He's joking, Nan.

And you're going to have
more room soon, mate, OK?

Abi's off to France for
a few days with Max. Oh...!

The charmingly simple old lady
on the market

made all sorts of
promises about this fan!

I'd have a stronger gust of wind
from an asthmatic pigeon.


I see you enjoyed your holiday.

Must be hard to show restraint
when it's an all-you-can-eat buffet.


I should give that
bed a few of extra pumps,

and make sure that you wedge
the plug in tight.

Right, back on the streets
to protect and serve.

Why am I working today?

Listen, I better get out, as well.
I've got business to sort out.

You all right?

Just been away,
phone ain't stopped ringing.

What was all that about?

I don't think Whitney's a fan
of your day job.

First mention of the police
and he's flouncing out the door.


..I'm going to sort myself
out a refund!

Oh, it's crunch time.

Wasn't expecting you here.

Come in for a quick session,
have you?

Ooh, I could be tempted.

Place looks good.
Only good?

You're going to have to try harder
than that if you want a discount

on your membership. And there's
me thinking I'd get it for free.

Cos you're sleeping with the owner?


Yeah, about that. You haven't told
anyone about us, have you?

Oh, don't tell me you're married,
and your wife and kids

are coming into town?
No, it's, uh...

It's Ben. We've got a
few work things going on.

He made it very clear to me
that he and I can't do business

if you and I...
Do business.

How very grown up of him.

Look, I'm not going to let him
dictate who I spend time with.

But I just think it might be
wise for us to keep things

on the down-low, yeah?
So, what you saying?

If this remains a thing, we're
going to have to sneak around

in the shadows?
Look, I'm not having a dig.

I'm just establishing
the ground rules.

I rather like sneaking around.

Well, then, I'll stop by later.
You do that.

All right, baby, me and Ollie,
we're going to shoot off.

We're going the transport museum,
remember? Oh, yeah.

What's the matter?
I'm going to the gym.

I've got my baggiest jumper on,
and I still look like a tank.

Leave off, you're a raving sort.

If I was to make a comment,
I would say that the skinny Lycra

on the Scotch eggs ain't doing
the derby any favours.

You know what I mean?

What I'm trying to say is...

..it's not really
screaming "not pregnant."

Nancy invited me.

Which is nice of her.

And, I mean, we have to tell
her at some point, don't we?

And I'm not saying I know where
to start with that, but...


Let's keep it quiet
for a bit longer, then.

You don't think I should tell her?

Not yet. Not if it's
stressing you out.

Just whack on a pair of joggers,
and keep it to yourself.

What am I supposed to do now?

I can't let her go back with Mum.

And you told her you know
about the ceremony?

Yeah, but she kind of shut me down.

You guys done with
all your secrets yet?

Just shut up and eat your chips!

Whoa! Stress!



Look, Mum has this way
of talking to me.

And when she's like that,
I feel so...

..powerless. You're not.

Look, you've got me,
you've got Kathy.

And, right now,
because she's with me,

Kioni is safe.

That is who you're fighting for.

But she's running out of time.

You can't let her go
through the same thing.

You need to stand up to your mum.

And don't try selling
me one of those, Mo,

because I still get an electric
shock off that hairdryer you got me.

Before you splash the cash
on a Cinzano and lemonade,

I want a refund.

I should have known better
than to trust a pensioner

who supplements her giro by selling
two-bit Chinese plastic.

They're not Chinese.

They're Taiwanese.

Your grandkids must be
so proud of you.

They are, as it goes.

Look at you.

Born and inbred in the
East End of London,

and never ventured further away
than Canvey Island.

I'll have you know, I could
be on a cruise ship right now,

sunning my way around the Bahamas,

so I ain't having the
likes of you judging me.

Try not to make a scene.

I think I might have to make
a few little phone calls.

I do hope those goods aren't stolen.

Oh, dearie me, you are in trouble.

You should have just given
her the refund.

And what was all
that about the Bahamas?

Fat Elvis invited me.

Well, why haven't you gone?

Because of you.

I could see it your eyes.

You ain't been right for months,

and I ain't going anywhere
until I know why.

Mila, darling, please, call me back.

It's been ages.

Just let me know you're both safe.

Well, they're not here.

Running off like that,
I don't know what got into her.

Look, why don't you sit down?

They'll come back here
eventually, anyway.

I'll put the kettle on
while you wait.

I try to understand her.

I really do.
Is that right?

She's made some difficult
choices in life,

but I think I've been very tolerant.

Have you tried listening to her?

I find that usually helps.

Her head's been filled
with all sorts of nonsense.

No wonder she finds it
hard to open up.

Excuse me?
It's not nonsense.

What do you know?
I know it's wrong...

..to take a 12-year-old girl
to this disgusting ceremony.

All right?

Dad, thank you for the honeymoon.

We had a really good time.

It'll be the last thing
you get from me. Dad...

Look, come on, please.

There's got to be a way past this.
Callum made a mistake.

He's still the same guy he
always was. And that's the problem.

He turned us both over,
he turned on his family.

And family should always come first,
but you seem to have forgotten that.

He is family.

Not mine.

Now, he's done it once -
he'll do it again.


Right, you got about
ten seconds left,

then we'll have a one minute rest,

and then we've got a set of burpees.

Take that massive thing off.

They're called sweaters
for a reason, Mum.

No, no, I'm good. I'm...

I'm not actually that hot. OK.

Right, that's time.

Jump off, have a drink,
get your breath back.

And just know that when
you're aching tomorrow,

you've got Frankie
to thank for all this.


Yeah, she...

She gave me some home truths.

ECHOING: I was angry at you,
of course I was,

but you are still my mum.

And I guess you only done what
you done because you love me,

even though it was all
manner of messed up,

but I guess I realised that...


..I love you, too.



Mum, can you hear me? Mum!

You always have a choice.

Kioni would become an outcast.

I'd lose the support
of the whole community.

And who wants their support if this
is how they treat young girls?

You've got no idea, simply no idea.

Well, then,
why don't you explain it?


..expected of me.

I've seen people cast out

and end up with nothing.

Why would I do that to my girls?


It's an act of love, I tell you.

No, it's not.

I've kept quiet far too long.

I can't do it any more.
Where's Kioni?

She's staying with me.
I beg your pardon?

I'm not going to let you
take her with you.

So, you walk away now...

..or I call the police.

You wouldn't dare.

Try me.