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Guilty conscience?

I mean, if I was to interfere
in YOUR love life,

which we all know has been very,
very strange at times...

All right, Lauren,
it's not funny, is it?

I mean, what was I thinking?

Mum, just go
and tell her that you're sorry.


So, you and me? No regrets, no?

This look like regrets?

Oh, so that's what my money
buys nowadays, is it?

Someone got a bad head?
Cheap little blonde.

Never could take your drink.
Hope she gave you some change back.

You what?


Hello, angel.
It's all right, we're just playing.

So you move your stuff in later,

I'll give you the key
and clear a drawer.

Oh, I never had you down
as the under-the-thumb type.

I'll get my breakfast elsewhere.

I like my service with a smile.
See you later.

Fancy coming for lunch later?

What, with him there?
Yeah, subtle never was your thing.


Bills, bills.

Loyalty card vouchers for your mum.

Am I going to have to do this
every day?

Ah, letter for Mr Ahmed.
"Would you like me to sign for that?"

"No, sir, it's all yours. It's..."


The fast boxes?

It brings in the money.

43 quid yesterday.

Yeah, well, it'll be better today.
You said you shifted loads.

45 quid, then.

Yeah, it's still money.

And that's what life's all about,
is it?

I finish my shift at midnight
and I have to get up at 4AM now.

That place was supposed to be fun.

Supposed to be me and Afia,
big adventure.

It's only for Ramadan.

Oh, and then
she's going to come back, is she?

You're just having a bad day,
that's all.





It's an autumn wedding.
It'd be nice.

Babe, why the rush? Why the wait?

Abi'll be back soon.
We could all just plan it together.

Mum! Mum! I haven't finished yet!
Mum! No, you never have.

I've got a shop to open up.

Let's just have a little coffee
together, shall we?

I've got nothing left to say.

Morning, Jack.


You all right? Very good.

I was just wondering, um...

You couldn't do me a favour,
could you?

I've got a bit of a cash flow...

What you done now?

Nothing. It's just, you know,
the car lot and the...


That's my brother. Hi there.

It's not really a good time,
right now, yeah?


This is my brother.

Kind of got my hands full
but I'll talk to you later, yeah?

All right, yeah. Ladies?

Beautiful lady and beautiful baby.

She's just back from the hospital.
It'll only take half hour.

Lola, I've finished feeding her,

Do you want to come and hold her?

Think about it. It'll be the three
of you, plus a photographer.

Yeah, well,
it sounds like a right laugh.

"The chick born in a chicken shop".
Is this Nico's idea?

Nah, nah! This is Fats talking!
He ain't using her to sell kebabs.

Billy, Billy, come on. Like I would
do that to you or to Lola here, man.

Anyway, you can't go, Lo.

You've got your family-what's-it
officer coming today.

Yeah, but that ain't till four.

Yeah, but it's all
got to go perfect, innit?

Shut up, will you?

You're just jealous in case
I get more press coverage than you.

What "Olympic flame
brings new life to Walford"?

Lola, d'you want to come
and hold her, eh?

I ain't been in the paper before.

Just wait till that
little hand hits one.

Come on, babe.
Just give it a try, eh?

It's a date!

Yeah! Love your work, Lola.
Bill, I'll see you later.

She's a friend!
Never saw you kissing Jim like that.

Hey! I still got the moves, right?

Hanky-panky at your age!

Oi, wind it in, Zee.
I'm happy for you.

Wish Cora felt the same.

That woman has blown hot and cold.

One minute she gimme the come on,
next minute she clam right up.

How's a man supposed to know
where he stands?

Well, you could try asking her?

Patrick, floor!

Oh, sorry.

Ah! Mr Lover Lover!



Just because you're the only one
in the family

that has no-one
keeping you warm at night.

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you and Ray
were having problems?

Oh, no, that drought's over!

Floor! Sorry.

Talking of which, you need to
release some tension, Zainab.

Oh, I see. Is that what
all this mopping about, is it?

Masood still on the sofa, is he?


My fiance and I...


..as you well know, are waiting
until we are married. Again.


And what's your excuse?

What, me?

Uh-huh. Oh, well, actually, a nice
man, AJ, finally comes near me,

you know, it's nice, a little bit of
banter, and his sister-in-law,

she sticks her oar in
and she chases him away, don't she?

Trust me. Works wonders.


Yeah, and Lucy Beale.

Have you got a minute?

Only I need to ask you a favour.

Tomorrow, yeah?

OK, bye.

Syed. You selling air today?

New stock's due any minute.
Just in time for the Olympics.

I've, got an interview next week.
Primary school teaching assistant.

That's brilliant.

Yeah. Can you imagine? Me?
In a classroom?

I thought you wanted
to go to college?

Yeah, well, I looked at how much it
would cost to give up work

and I realised there was no way
we could afford it.

So this is my compromise.

It pays less than the postal round,
but if we tighten our belts,

if Tamwar comes up with some
new ideas for the Argee Bhajee...

What does mum think about you
getting an interview?

I haven't told her I've applied.



Maybe later, yeah?


Oh, my God, she's turned you
into her dad already.

She ain't turned me into anything.

And unlike my dad,
he's not missing, is he?

Oh, listen, me, you and Whitney,
we are going to a gig.

Since when did you have money?

We are paying with our time!

Good deeds, Lucy -
it's a whole new currency.

I've wrote all our names down.

D'you want to come round mine?

Cook you some lunch
if you're unlucky.

Oh, yeah, Alice put you up to this,
did she?

Er, no.

All right suit yourself.

It's just everyone's out
and I'm going to be bored.

But if Lucy can't spare you like...
She don't own me, all right?

Then I'll see you later, then.


Right, what one do you think?

I think this is all a stupid idea.

We'll be in the paper.
I've got nothing that fits.

My bump's as big as it was before.
You'd think after they come out...

Lexi needs changing, Lo.

I ain't done my make-up.

The family support woman will want to
know that you're going to be...

I've only got one pair of hands.

No, if this is another lecture
I don't need one.

No, I've got an idea.

Right, remember Nan's bracelet
that she lost? Yeah?

Well, I thought about it, why don't
you just try and replace it?

Get another one. Done.

Is that what you're going to do
next time we fall out, is it?

Buy me a bracelet? Hm. Sorry.

Yes. Yeah, that's a lovely idea.

She must have a photo of it
somewhere, mustn't she?

Cos she used to wear it
all the time.

Then what we waiting for?

What do you mean?
I'm in the middle of a meeting.

We can't just
break into her house.

Three paper towels.

I mean, how can you call that
a bathroom

when it's only got
three paper towels? Poppy.


Mum was just saying that Grandma Dot
had borrowed our pie dish.

Oh, what, you're making a pie?

I never thought of you
as a pie person.

People don't think I'm a pie person
but I do like a pie now and again.

Yeah, so can we borrow your keys,

Erm, yeah.

Yeah? Yeah, yeah sure.

Thank you. Thank you.

Look, I tell you what,
I'll leave you these rotas,

you can meet me
back at the salon with them.

I'll be there in five.

All right, cool.
Well, bring me a slice!


All right, bruv?


Did you get a chance to
think about the money?

Is this about you getting married?
No. To the woman you just divorced?

Not being able to make up your mind
runs in the family.

When you've finished with double
trouble, give it a bit of thought.

Which one's mine, Jack?

Listen, I can't help you.
Sorry, Max.

All my money's wrapped up
in the gym, innit?

Oh, and the house.
You know, your house.

You got money problems?
Nah. No, they ain't problems.

He's needs a bit of money
for his wedding.

It's not about the wedding!
Why not ask me?

I'm your big brother.
Get us a whisky, please. Yeah, yeah.

Two whiskies, please. Thanks, Trace.

If you don't mind I'm going to get
back to it, cos I want to get home.

Yeah, cheers.

So what's this about money, then?
If it ain't about the wedding?

Is this what I think it is? Cheers.

Why didn't you come to me?

I've been looking for you

Oh, hello, sweetheart.








They were on the doorstep.

I'll never understand
why they can't bring 'em in.

What you said yesterday...

about the kiss?

I say a lot of things.

Well, I mean,
were you serious about...?

About there being nothing to it?

No, it's not in her bedroom.

Have you seen
some of the junk in here?

Yeah, it's like,
it's a big, red sort of biscuit tin.

That's what
she used to keep her photos in.

I reckon Grandad Jim's
hiding under all this stuff.

Oh, I've got it, I've got it!
This is it.

She had no right.

My business is my business.

And if Tanya hadn't been there?

I'm too old to play games, Patrick.

No, no, Cora, I'm not playing games.

Were you serious
when you said you liked it?

What I said about the kiss,
I meant every word of it.


..you're a fine woman.

You're not so shabby yourself.

I've been single for a long time,

And I've been here long enough
to know you've been round the block.

I mean, Rose and me,
I mean, it was just a bit of fun.

Spare me the details.

You are not like that.

I mean, I'm not saying
that you're not fun.

There's a strength in you.

And I like that.

You're strong, you're witty,

you're all woman and you got style!

You know what?

I was always a sucker
for a man in a hat.


Cora, we, um...

We don't have to rush anything.

Take it slowly?

Would that be too fast?

That's just about right.

You all right?

Lauren didn't say you
were going to be here too.

Lauren's not actually here.



Just half an hour.


I might just quit.

Tambo! No, you can't just quit!

You and Mum are itching to get
your hands back on that place, OK.

So curry 24/7. Be my guest.

Don't, don't do anything stupid.
Don't rush into anything.

Tam, you're just having a bad day.

Stop saying that!


Don't say anything to your mother
just yet! Please?

So where does that leave you?

He's not going to do it.

Well, he sounded tempted.

You know Tam. He's all talk.

I mean, what's he going to do?
Sit on the dole all day?

It's not like he's qualified
for anything.


No, trust me, Syed.
He's not going to quit.

A quick bit of pasta sound OK?

You know your brother
got me drunk yesterday?

Not that hard, was it?
Years of practice you've had.

Tricked me out of a monkey
for his little tart.

I hate chopping onions.

I'll get another board, shall I?

You gotta get the logo in, yeah?

Chill out, man!
He's getting the logo in.

I want free chicken all year, you
know. I told you. Get the logo in!

Pops, you're going to have to take
her. I can't. I've got the torch.

You look like you've stolen her.

I mean it. I'm going to drop her.

You're doing fine.

Just get the logo in.

If you hold her like that
when the support worker...

Guys, guys, sorry.
Can we just smile, please? Thanks.

You want to turn
the heat down on that.

Otherwise you'll burn 'em, angel.

I thought you must be hungry.
Yeah, but not for a burnt onion.

Always burn everything, me!

You want to keep turning them
an' all. That's it.

That's better.
See how they're starting to catch?

Put a bit of water in,
it'll cool 'em down.

That's right, that's what your
mother used to do. Here.

Ah, that's done the trick.

Do you want me
to start on the garlic?

Oh, look at this swimming costume!

Look at your hair!

I'll have you know crimping
was very fashionable back then.

That hairstyle was never fashionable.

Oh. Is that your dad?

Yeah, that was my 12th birthday,
that was.

Was he ill by then?

No, it was just before.

He looks... He looks really kind.

Yeah, he was. He had his moments.

Oooh! Look at them lampshades!

Right, get a move on,
we're looking for a picture,

a photo of her wearing
that bracelet. Come on.

Right, so I've had a look at
the last couple of days' figures...

Has Dad put you up to this?

I'm on your side here, Tam.

So have you mentioned it to Mum yet?

Still got my legs.

So, no.

Have you thought about
what you might do?

Yeah, cos I've got loads of time
to think, haven't I, Syed?

Well, it's not like you're
qualified for anything, is it?

Sorry, this is you on my side?
I didn't mean it like that.

I mean, you know,
maybe I should get qualified.

Maybe go back to college. Or uni.

Uni? Am I not allowed
to have ambition, or..?

Well, uni's kind of expensive,
Tam, so...

OK, so now you're the only one
who can afford a brain?


Mum and Dad will be over the moon.


I mean, three years of
quantum mechanics, mountain of debt.

With any luck, I can get
a job in a call centre.

What do you mean,
the stock's not there yet?

Well, The Olympics start on Friday!
So where is it?

Ah! That's better now.

Yes. Much, much better.

You know,
I feel sorry for you, Zee.

Why? Because I've got morals?

If we hadn't had
all your money off you for the B&B,

then you and Mas,
you could have got married ages ago.

She ain't getting back that money.
I don't want that money.

And then you wouldn't be so tense.

You know what, we've got money.
We've got lots of money.

You see? She don't need the money.

You haven't even got a new sofa!

Yes, we do. We have got a new sofa.

It's a three-piece suite,
corner unit. It's got recliners.

And it's peach and burgundy
and it's on order, you know?

And we would have got married
a lot sooner,

but you know what it's like

when you're planning a really
big wedding. You got a moment?

Huge wedding, tell them.
I thought we agreed.

Yes, enormous wedding.
Wedding of the year.

Because we two,
we are worth celebrating.

And of course you'll be invited.
Both of you.

With a plus one.
Though I doubt you'll be needing it.

Come on!

Yes! Yes!
Look, one bracelet. Found it!


Bit more seasoning, I think.

See I told you, didn't I?
You two aren't that different.

I ain't nothing like him.

Well, you like cooking,
he likes cooking.

You like me, he likes me.
He don't even know you.

Yeah, well I'm getting to.

How are those tomatoes getting on?
And you think that's enough?

It's a start.
It ain't the start of nothing.

Better get that pasta on the boil,

Look, Joey,
you only get one dad, mate.

And what a waste of space that is.

Er, hello,
does someone want to explain?

This was my idea.
Oh, right. Oh, was it?

Oh good, you're full of them
today, ain't you?

Tanya... Thanks a lot, Lauren.
I'm out of here.

Just a bit of family time.
He ain't our family!

He is now! You send your little
mates round to see me, Derek?

You think that's all
it's going to take?

Didn't even have the guts
to come and find me.

Talk like a man.
All right, playground's outside.

You know what?

I don't need you. I've got Alice.


You, son,
was just a means to an end.

Just a means to an end.

Always winds up the same! I'm sorry.

Right, well I'll go see
Anthony and Tyler,

see if they've got a bracelet.

Right. Give Poppy her keys back.

Yeah. Good.

'I don't understand, OK?'

Why can't I have a big wedding?
Janine had an enormous wedding!

Since when did you care about Janine?
I don't care about her!

It doesn't matter
what kind of wedding she had.

I don't want Denise
looking down her nose at me.

She's your friend. So?

So she'll just be happy
that you're happy.

That is not how friendship works.

But... But it'll be too expensive.

So we take over the Argee Bhajee,
run it properly. Not like Tamwar.

No, we can't just take it off him.
He loves that place! It's his dream.

It is losing money. Maybe I don't
want to run the Argee Bhajee.

But I'll run it with you.

Maybe I don't want to run it
with anyone. Why?

Because... Am I really that awful?

No! It's just because I...

It's because I...

Because you what?

Zainab. Yeah?

It's because I...

..want to spend more time with you.

Do you?


Aw! You really want
to spend more time with me?

Oh, that is so sweet.

Ra-ma la-ma ding dong.

No ding-dong, Masood.

It's Ramadan. Ramadan.





Pops, will you just...?




Hello. All right?

You been going through my stuff?

What? No, don't be silly,
I've been at work.

Then how come my photo
was on the floor?

I didn't know you had any photos.
Let's have a look.

Oh, Cora, you look gorgeous.
Look at the little cossie!


Oh, Lauren and Tanya
borrowed my keys,

came over to pick up a pie dish.

I mean, Lauren baking!
Can you imagine?

Decision. Big decision.




I've decided.

Not now.

Yes, now.

Your mother's asleep.

No, she's not.

What is this big decision
that you've made?

Let me walk you to the restaurant.

Er, hello,
he's talking to me as well.

I can deal with this.

I'm going to go to Uni.

Uni? Tam, let's...

Or college. Or something.

Well, Masood...

So the Argee Bhajee is all yours.

Oh, hello, love. How d'you get on?

Are you going to tell me
what you're playing at?

Why didn't you come to me first?

Cos I didn't want to risk it
getting back to Tanya, did I?

Oh, what, and you think I'd tell
her, and Jack wouldn't?

Del, you've been threatening
to tell her for months.

And you think
I really would do that?

Oh, I see, Derek the big monster?
You've done enough to help me out.

Well, that's what big brothers do,
ain't it?

I don't always want to
be in your debt, do I.

Can you just get me that address?

Are you sure?

Yeah, course I'm sure.
Ain't just going to go away, is it?

Just get me the address, all right?
I'll sort the rest out.

'Who do you think you are, Tanya?'

Mum, I was just looking
for a photo of your bracelet.

You were snooping through my stuff!
No, I wanted to make it up to you.

You know, for poking my nose in
with you and Patrick.

I don't even know
who you are these days.

Telling everyone
what they can and can't do,

who they should
and shouldn't see.

Those photos are mine, Tanya.
They're private.


You can scoff all you like,
young lady.

But you had no right to go
through my stuff. Who is she?

Ava Anderton?

It's a sister I knew nothing about?

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Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.