EastEnders (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 6282 - Episode #1.6282 - full transcript

Linda is relieved that her unborn baby is healthy but wonders if Mick would have preferred a different outcome as he isn't the biological father. If so, what does this mean for their marriage going forward?

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I've called the ambulance,
they're on their way.

You're going to be fine.

Dad's still not answering.

Er, he's on the Tube.

With Ollie.
They've gone to a museum.

That's OK.
Just take some deep breaths, Linda.

I'm sorry, Mum.

It's not your fault, darling.
Just try your dad again.

You're doing great.

I'm not.

It hurts.

And she doesn't know.

Know what?

I'm pregnant.

No. I'm not discussing this
any more.

I want to see Kioni now.
Where is she?

Can you at least hear me out?

What do you think will happen if
she doesn't go through with this?!

What will her life be like?

She'll be happier than I am!

She's already lost friends
because of your choices.

I'm gay. That's not a choice.

There are families who
cross the street when they see us.

And I tolerate that
because I love you.

But what you're suggesting -
Kioni not getting this done -

it's too much.

Don't you remember what it was like?

Cos you've been there, Mum.

You've had some butcher
take a knife to you...

Stop it! Stop. She'll be in pain
for the rest of her life,

just like we are.

I'm going to go, OK?
If you need me, you know where I am.

Thank you.

Why would you say all that
in front of her?!

This is it, Mum, OK?

This is how I feel. Ashamed. Dirty.

And I think you feel the same.

They're going to get a chair
to lift you up the stairs.

It won't be long now.

I don't feel right.

I can't feel it moving.

Moving? Well, how far gone are you?

I'm five and a half months.

I didn't realise.

My periods were all over the place.

Look, it's all right, Linda, just
calm down and take a deep breath.

OK. I don't want Nancy to know, all
right? Not if I'm going to lose it.

You are not going to lose it, Linda.

For the last few weeks, the little
thing's been jiggling around

all over the place.
Oh, darling, try not to worry.


Still can't get hold of Dad.
I've left a message

saying we'd update him once we
get to the hospital.

You stay here. I've got Sharon.

No, I don't want to leave you
like this.

She'll be fine with me, Nancy,
I'll look after her.

According to my weather app thingy,

it's a balmy 27 degrees
in the Bahamas today.

So you're just going to ignore me?

Pretend there's nothing wrong
with you?

I suppose I may have had
a little bit of a wobble

when Stacey got sent down.

Stop lying to me!

The thing is...

Well, what you've got to realise

Oh, life is short, Mo.
It's so very short.

And opportunities to see the world
don't come along very often.

You could be on a cruise right now,
sitting round a pool, instead of...

What? What are they?
Gardening gloves?

Yeah, my mate Doris needs a hand...
up the allotment.

And you'd rather do that
than travel the world?

I don't believe you.
What are you up to?

There you go. You've got
your secrets, I've got mine.

Can we go now? I'm proper bored.

Yeah, I'm just waiting to hear back
from Mila.

What are they talking about?
Just stuff.

What, are you guys getting married
or something? Having a kid?

Iqra! Just the person
that can help me out.

Now, I need to choose a Man Of The
Month for the Fox Catcher website.

Excuse me, can I have
the boneless feast, please,

with chips and coleslaw, please?

Kim, I'm kind of in the middle
of something here, OK?

Nah, it's fine. You guys carry on.

So, when it comes to choosing men,
I tend to lose my mind, yeah?

I start thinking from
my burning loins.

Oh, and can I have the chilli
on the side, please?

Chilli sauce, thanks.

But the Man Of The Month needs to
be carefully thought through.

When did Man Of The Month
become a thing?

Oh, I just thought of it
this morning.

Now, for me, it is between these
two, OK?

So we've got Marcus and Trevor.

Now, Trevor is fine,

but Marcus is ripped.

Oh, Kioni!

OK, I'll go with Marcus, then, yeah?

Because big is beautiful. Mm!

Ah, there he is.

All the way from sunny Spain.

Guaranteed to give you
a three-day hangover.

I'll be sure to give that to Vinny.

Go on, then, how can I help?
You said it was urgent.

Why don't we sit in the back?

Thank you, girls.

It's Jags.

He's made a few enemies on the
inside, and he needs protection.

And you said you had that muscle.

Well, I have,
but it don't come cheap.

Ben, he's my brother,
so you name your price.

Consider it done.

Thank you.

I appreciate that.

Hm! I just wish I could solve
every problem that easily.

Well, if I can return the favour...

Nah, nah, it's nothing, really.

What, trouble in paradise already?

Yeah, something like that.

Listen, don't think I'm going to
spill my guts out to you

over a drink, OK? It's not very good
for my tough-guy image.

Oh, hold on, hold on.
I thought I was the tough guy here.

No, you're the brains
of the operation at best.

OK, fine. The face.
Surely I'm the face.

Well, I mean,
you'd do all right on the scene,

but, you know, it is
a young man's game, actually.

You know what? You're starting to
sound like one of those married men

who's bitter at his single mates.

All right, so go on, then,
you're the single man -

what's so great about single life?
How is it?

You know what?
It's pretty uneventful, actually.

See! And you want to be the
face of the operation, eh?


Oh, it's so sad, isn't it?

The Papadopouloses have run
that place for over 50 years.

Well, I'm more worried about
our own family.

What the hell is going on with Nan?

Mo? Oh, you know Mo,
so many fingers in so many pies.

Fat Elvis and a world cruise -
Phil says she's not going.

Said she's worried about us,
the family or something.

Yes, I... That's it, I think.

What else is going on?
I don't know.

I have tried talking to her.

Well, maybe it's time
I got to the bottom of it.

Oh, no, no,
you can't go blustering over there!

She'll dig her heels in even more.

Well, softly-softly hasn't worked
so far, Jean.

Right, OK, OK,
you raid her Club Tropicana box,

and we'll throw her a leaving party,
and just leave Mo to me.

When you told me about the trip,
to meet some new auntie...

..I was so excited.

And when I saw all those girls

I thought it was going to
be like a party.

Sat in that horrible room...

..before these aunties took me away.

And you let me go on my own.

These aunties were pinning me down.

Cutting me.

No-one should have to
go through that.

But you healed.

I did too.

Being cast out,
rejected by everyone...

..Kioni would never recover
from that.

Pain lasts a minute.

Shame lasts a lifetime.

That's not true.

The pain doesn't stop.

There are times when I am in agony.

There are so many things
I cannot do

because someone attacked my body
when I was a kid.


You say it makes you pure.

That's a lie!

You know it is.
You know it's wrong!

That's why you don't talk about it.

And when I mentioned it
in front of Kathy, I saw your face.

I saw your shame.

This needs to stop.

But it's all I've ever known.

You cast me out because I was gay,

but I will survive without
the community.

I will build a life for myself,
and so will Kioni.

And so can you.

We've got each other, Mum.

We can all do this together.

Please don't let them do to her
what they did to me.

How long you been standing there?


Call me later.
No, I'll call you, right?

How's Doris?

The allotments?

Oh! She's a bit worried
about her broad beans.

I don't believe that
any more than you believe me.

Come on, then, tell me what's up.

You'll only make a fuss,
and that's the last thing I need.

Spit it out, I ain't got all day.

OK, erm...


Here goes. Erm...

Do you know what? I think
it's better if I just show you.

You? A chocoholic?


I shoved a box of chocolates
up my jumper

and legged it from the shop
a while back.

I know it's wrong,
I know I shouldn't have done it,

but it actually gave me
a bit of a buzz.

So I did it again, and again.

Before I knew it, I was hooked.

I get them from the Minute Mart.

Suki overprices in that shop anyway,

so I reckon it evens itself out
in the end.

So this is why
you're acting all odd?

This is your big secret?

Blimey, Jean!

I thought you was going to tell me
you was dying or something.

Oh, no!

So I've nearly missed out
on a cruise

because you've been half-inching
penny sweets?

Some of these are over a pound,

I mean, Suki really does
inflate the price!

Serves her right for faking cancer!

I'm going to call Fat Elvis.

Does that mean you're going?

Yeah, why not?

Good, because we've organised you
a leaving party. Kat!

Come on, Nan!
Let's get this party started.

Nice one!

MUSIC: Saturday Night
by Whigfield

MILA: Kioni!


OK, that's OK.

I'll go down by the canal,
you check in the park.

Why did you let her
out of your sight?

You had one job!

I know, I'm so sorry.
She thinks the worst of my mum.

She's not that bad.

I got through to her.

Mila, I'm not sure you can undo
a whole lifetime's belief

in one conversation.


Well, thanks for nothing,
by the way.

Big dilemma, Man Of The Month.
Kim, not now.

The minute you find love,
you just forget about the person

who hooked you up.
It's OK, though, it's fine!

Oh, and by the way,
I picked them both.

So it's double trouble
for a hot, sizzling summer!

Sponsored by Fox Catcher.

Look, I hear everything you're
saying, I do.

But my mum can change.

OK? She's not evil, you know.

She's just...brought up
in a different world.

What about the other girls
at this ceremony?

Girls whose lives will be changed
forever. What do we do about them?

What you saying, the police?

Look, I don't know.

She's not a criminal.

I'm sorry, babe, I really am,
but I...

I'm just scared.

Please, OK?
If I mean anything to you,

you'll forget about the police
and help me find my sister.


Of course. Yeah, I'll call you
as soon as she's seen the doctor.

That was Nancy.

Mick's going to drop Ollie home,
then he'll come straight over.

That is all right, isn't it, Linda?

Yeah, yeah, of course.

Five kids, eh?

What are you and Mick like?

The baby's not his.

OK, Linda Carter.

Date of birth?


..first of the seventh, 1977.

OK. Let's see how baby's doing.

So we've employed Mitchell thugs
to act as bodyguards for Jags,

and I'm supposed to feel fine
about that?

Your brother's safe. Surely that's
the only thing that matters.

The Mitchells?
I'd hardly call that safe.

Yeah, well, he's given me his word.

And you need to show a bit
more gratitude. Fine.


Oh, sangria!

What have I missed?

Jagvir has been getting into
a bit of bother in prison.

Are you serious?

Why didn't anyone tell me?

And me.

Because neither of you
could do anything about it.

Well, is he all right?

Yeah. I've done a deal with Ben.

And you trust him?

This is a business arrangement,
and he's a business partner.

It's not going to be cheap,
but we're going to find the money.

Jags, man.

He's only in there cos of me.

Hey, he's safe now,

as long as your brother can manage
to keep the Mitchells onside.

I know you're a busy man.

You make sure there is
no conflict of interest.

# Agadoo doo doo,
push pineapple, shake the tree

# Agadoo doo doo,
push pineapple, grind coffee

# To the left, to the right,
jump up and down, and to the knees

# Come and dance every night,
sing with a hula melody. #


Stop, stop!

I'd go halfway round the world
just to get away from this song.

Right, listen, I was thinking, if
Fat Elvis gets too annoying, right?

Just take him to the front
of the ship, all Titanic style-y,

do the old Kate Winslet, yeah?

And then shove him
right over the edge.

You've had one too many pina

This is her life from now on!

Oh! Oh, what am I sitting on?

What's this?
They're mine.

She's been up the allotment
with Doris.

Oh, yeah, what, trimming her bush?

You'd better promise me
you're coming back.

No! Sail off into the sunset and
marry Fat Elvis on a tropical beach.

Cos no matter what you say about
him, I think he loves you.

I don't know about marriage,

but she can tick a few more boxes
off her special to-do list yet.

She'll be copping off
in the Caribbean!

Aye, aye, captain.


Oh, dear.


Kathy, is she there?
Have you found her?

No, not yet, but I think you need to
come back to the house.

What you talking about?
Look, just come back.

Why are they taking her?
Let's go inside.

I told you not to call the police.

We're talking about child abuse
here. We're talking about my mum!

She might end up in prison!
Look, I know you're upset...

I'm sorry, darling.

It was me that called them.

That's a good, strong heartbeat,

so I'm confident there's nothing
to worry about.

Thank you, thank you.

But I will send you for a full scan,
just to be sure.

OK. I'm sorry.

Thank you.

I didn't realise just how much
I wanted this baby.

Is it...?


Mick knows. I realised straight away
from the dates.

And how is he?

Says he's with me, you know,
that he loves me.

That's amazing, Linda.

Yeah, maybe.

But we ain't told the kids yet.

And when I mentioned it earlier,
he went all weird,

like he don't want them to know.

Cos it's hard, right?

We're still working through the fact
that I had an affair...

..and now there's this
lifelong reminder of what I did.

Oh, darling.

When I was laying there
thinking I was losing the baby...

..I pictured Mick finding out...

..and I wondered if part of him
would be relieved.

I've realised that
I already love this baby so much.

And if Mick can't accept it...

..I don't know
if our marriage will survive.