Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 3, Episode 3 - A Horse Is a Horse - full transcript

When Henry accidentally discovers one of Gary's newspapers from the future, he uses the information to make friends in school and provide his dad with gambling tips.

And so my fellow
Americans, ask not

what your country can do for you,
ask what you can do for your country.

Who can tell me who made that
speech and on what occasion?


President John F. Kennedy,
as inauguration, January 1961.

Very good, Henry. Excellent.

Okay, class, let's get on some...
- Teacher's, pet.


It's not easy being the
new kid on the block.

Sometimes, you
just can't get a break.

Hey guys, what's this for?
- What do you care? - Teachers, pet.

But that's when
you've got to hold on.

Because you never know when a
little magic's just around the corner.

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- Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I think...

Excuse me, please.


Oh, he's drunk!

What if you knew beyond a doubt
what was going to happen tomorrow?

What would you do?

There is no easy answer for a guy
who gets tomorrow's news today.

[Theme Song Playing]

Bradley picks it up
on one half of the grill.

That was so cool!

I mean, totally awesome!
That clown's dead meat!

Why'd you slow down?
- Hi, guys.

Mom, you'd never
believe what happened.

Did you walk around from school?
- Well, it was just kind of.

There was this clown
still in his bucket.

It was really nice of you.

Oh, well, it was nothing.

No, I mean, to take time out of
your day like that was really nice.

Like I said, it was nothing.

- What?

He had this big nut and he cut
the bucket and saved the clown.

That's nice honey.

You're not listening.

- Yes, but...

Patrick, why don't you
make Henry a little...

Oh, uh, milkshake cookie chaser.

Chaser, Patrick?

- Henry.

Come on, partner.

Up, you go.

So, you saved the clown?

- You saved the clown.

Oh, clown, uh, what?

He's got a tremendous imagination.

He was really bonding with you.

Oh, Henry, he's a great kid.

No, I mean, you're
really special to him.

Well, I like Henry.

Listen, um, it's
probably not right of me

to ask you this, but,
uh, see, there's this,

um, father-son thing
at school next week.


I know he'd really like
it if you would take him.

Well, gee, uh, I don't know.

What about Henry's,
uh, Henry's own father?

I would, I didn't heard
from Mike in eight months,

except for
when he wants money.

Well, I don't know, because...
- Well, you wouldn't be the only sub there.

There's lots of
single parents there.

Well... He'd really like it.

He would.

He would, huh?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, sure, I'd
love to take him.


He saw you make the save?

It was dumb luck.
- You sounded upset.

Well, I am upset.

Well, it's not like he caught you
changing into Superman's cape, Gary.

Well, it was close enough,
and the kid wouldn't stop

talking about it all
the way back here.

Where did you get the net?
What were you doing there?

He had bigger mouth than
Chuck if that's possible.

Well, kid likes you, that's all.

Yeah, well, I like the kid
too. He's a great little kid,

but you know what? I don't
need a fan club right now,

and you want to know why? Because
my life, it's complicated enough.

That's why.


Well, I don't think Henry's
your only complication.

[Marrisa humming]

Excuse me?

Well, you know, I
have eyes of my own,

and I just sense some things.

What, you talking about Erica?

I didn't say it.

She's an employee.

But she has a lot to
offer the right man.

You're a nice guy, she's
a nice woman, you know.

You sound like my mother.

All right, enough said.

Now, what am I going
to do about Henry?


I mean, in two minutes, the kid will
probably forget about the whole thing.


Or not.


Come on.

Henry, where have you been?

I thought we were going
to watch the game together.

I was at the library.

The library?
- Research.


Really, I got a lot of homework.

So you decided to go to
the library all by yourself?

Mom, I'm eight.
- OK.

Well, let's see what you got.


Unexplained phenomenon.

Mystery's revealed.

Henry, have you been
watching the X-Files again?

It's for a project, Mom.
- Really?


Five, three, five, three.

Good morning, Chicago.

It's another beautiful
day in the Windy City.

Look for clear skies...

All right, don't get
your fur in a knot.


Morning, Gary.

Any particular reason why
we have 14 bottles of grappa?

- Chuck.

Legend lives on.

You gotta hurry, sweetie.
You gotta catch the bus in 10 minutes.

You want me to take them?

Oh, thanks. I'll be nice.

You're welcome.

Henry, get your books.
Gary's gonna take you.

Why don't you go eat your
dinner or something, huh?

So what's up for today?

What's up the usual?

got an accident
over at a gun range.

Got to inform some woman or
husband's coming home early.

Then I gotta go to Glencobe
because of a toaster oven electrocution.

Toaster oven?

What about a toaster oven?

I don't know.
You tell me.

Toaster ovens, people
come out. I don't know.

[People Screaming]

Hey! Hey!

What? What?

There he is.

- Sorry.

Are you OK?
- I'll live.

Get the colander.

One, two, three.

Get him, Cat.

- Yes!

All right.

Say your little prayers, fella.

Oh, you can't kill it.
- Huh?

- What are you doing?

He didn't mean it. Did you?

He didn't...
- Bella, oh, you're so...

He's a rat!

Henry, you missed us...
- Bye Mom, gotta go.

You want me to walk you?
- No time.

What's the score?

What do you care?

Bradley throws it in the doghouse?

Yeah right!

[chatter on the radio]

And Bradley throws
the ball in the doghouse.

I can't believe it!

Lucky guess!

What do you mean? McKinnon's up.

Don't worry, 2 minutes to double play.

There's no force, dummy!

McKinnon smashes it!
Oh, an amazing catch!

Cavallo steps on
third, double play!

Cavallo rounds
McKinnon of extra bases

and doubles up
Pullman to end the game!

Geez, Jello, you're
hogging the whole table!

Hey, Henry, you wanna sit here?


Shove over!

You want a pudding?
- pudding? Sure.

Go get Henry a pudding.


Mom, you'd never
believe it, I just made...

Hey, Tiger.


Your dad just
stopped by to say hi.

He's leaving in a
minute, aren't you, Mike?

Look how big you got.

Yeah, that'll happen
in eight months.

I would have caught
up with you sooner, but

you two are kind of hard
to track down these days.

Come here.

Give your old man a hug.

Oh, gosh, look at you!

You're getting
muscles and everything.

Hey, I'll bet a root beer float.

Can I?


- Yeah!

Listen, I'm sorry I
tried to keep him out,

but your ex seems
like a nice guy, so...

Henry seems to like him.
- Well, yeah they're both,

on the same emotional level.

It's none of my
business, but, uh,

maybe it's good that Henry gets
to see his dad once in a while.

Do you think I could get an
advance on next month's salary?

Yeah, is he for money?

Not yet. That
would be too direct.

First he has to stir
things up, get Henry all excited,

make a bunch of
promises he can't keep,

and then leave us flat.

It's a family tradition.

You know, sometimes
people change it.

He's a chronic gambler.

They don't change.

There's nothing I can do.

The pitch. Roger takes it.

I'm doing good in score, too.

That's great.

They're not so hot at fractions.

Kenny, she's my new friend.

You gotta study your fractions, pal.


I'm sorry.

And I'm getting
more into sports, too.

Really? That's great.

And I get some pretty
good hunches, too.

Fuller steps in. Two out.

I bet Fuller hits a double.

You bet in a double, huh?

I'll throw it off the
wall. You'll see.

Fuller connects. Natkin on his horse.

He's not gonna get it there.

It's off the wall.

Harry comes home and
floated legs into second.

A stand-up double
off the right field wall.

What is this game on
some kind of delay?

No, Dad. It's me.

I get these ideas. Watch.

And the game is over.

The final score,

Carolina 6. Pits bird nothing.

We'll be right back with
the player of the game.

What is this? You
really get hunches?

All the time. I guess
I'm real lucky that's off.

It's unbelievable.

What other sports do you know?

Math homework. I
think we left it in here.

Math homework.

I don't see your math
homework, Henry.

Maybe it fell back there.

No, I don't... See it.

- What was that?

Oh, it's nothing.
Henry just spilled some coffee.

I'm sorry.
- That's okay.

I'll go get some paper
towels and clean up.

Just leave it there.

Shh, shh, Spike.

So, what's going
on in school, Henry?

I think they're dissecting owl peluts.

Owl pellets?

Yeah. Owls eat other animals,
except they can't eat everything.

Like the bones
and hair and stuff.

So it gets downwashed up in their stomach,
and then they barf it up. Owl pellets.

Glad I asked. Thanks, Henry.

I know where it is.
I left it at school.

How could I be so stupid.

All right.

Did you get your homework?

Yeah. I just remembered
it's in my locker at school.

Oh, good. Hey, hey, hey. You want
me to walk you over there today?

No, thanks.

Bye, Henry.
- Bye.

[dog barks]

Hey Dad.
- Hey, partner.

Are we ready for some action?
- Sure.

Let's go.

[indistinct chatter]

Look out there, Henry.
What do you see?


What else?
- People.

[indistinct chatter]

Magic, Henry. There's
magic out there.

And all we need
to do is reach out,

grab a little bit of it,
and put it in our pockets and,

well who know who's
what could happen.

Okay. Now let's pick a winner.

Just use your system.

It's not a system.
It's more of a hunch.

However your working.

It doesn't work if you stare.

[chuckles] Okay.

I'm not staring.

I'm looking away.

Jesse's field number 4.

You sure about this?

Okay. My kid says
you're sure. You're sure.

Twenty-one on the four horse.

Here you go, good luck.

Thank you.

And they're off.
Coming out of the gate,

it's Remy's ride,
Bollycorn, Jesse's field,

High boot, followed by
Queen Marv and Jupitero.

As they approach the
compound, it's Remy's ride,

followed by Jesse's field,
Bollycorn and my boot.

Now it's Jesse's field, Remy's
ride, Bollycorn and high boot.

He's pulling away.

Come on.

Don't fade.

Don't fall off.
- Don't fall off.

He's doing it. He's doing it.

Yeah! We have a winner!

He's a winner!



You know how I said my
luck needed a change?

Guess what? You're my luck.


Go, go, go!

And the winner is Remy!




Keep the change.

Let's do it.

Four grand. I've never
had a day like this.

Never. That's some
kid you got there.

Henry, meet Sally the stupor.

Wish my kid could
pick him like that.

Chip off the old block, huh?

How's the ice cream?
- Good.

Good. Because tomorrow
we go for the big score.

Tomorrow? I can't.

What do you mean you can't?

I have school.

You can't get out one more day?

Look, today I was holding back.

This was just a test.

But tomorrow we really cash in.

Com'on, what do you
say? One more day?

- All right. Let's go.

Whoa! Boom.

Miss Patterson will be over in about a
half an hour and then I got to get to work.

Mom, how come you
and Dad broke up?


your dad got
on the wrong track.

You mean like he kind
of ran out of money?

Yeah, his money, my money.

If he got himself on the right track,
you think it might have been okay?


You still love him?

Your dad and I were in love.

I mean, we had to be to
make a great kid like you.

But sometimes things just change.


Things like money?


Things like that and other
things. It's just complicated.

Eat your potatoes.

You wouldn't believe it.

My own kid
handicapping like a pro.

Eight out of eight races.

You know,

my life, it's been a wrong number lately.

But that's going to change.

Once I get ahead,
whole new ball game.

I have more time with my kid.

I'll be more of a dad.

You know what I mean?

Thanks for the call, Stan.


Mike, long time.

Listen, Raleigh, I'm just...
- Ten large, Mike. You're two weeks late.

I'm good for it.

Then you show a good faith.

About four grand.

Seven short. Seven.

The vig, Mike.
Not in this for charity, you know.

I need more time.
- You got a day.

I need that money.

I got a tip of the track for tomorrow.

It's a lock, Raleigh. It's a mortal lock.

Good. See you there.

Don't do anything
stupid like running away.

Hey, Gary, I need you to
sign off on these invoices.

Hey, Mallock. Come here.

Can you bring me
sauce here? Just a bit.

When did you find out?

Three days ago.

How did you find out?

I followed you after
you saved that clown.

- Where's it come from?

The Paper, I mean.

It just comes. That's all.

How come you get it?

Well, that's not important.
The important thing is, Henry,

that it's meant for me. It's not
meant for you. It's meant for me.

I'm sorry.




you didn't do anything
with the paper.

You didn't use it for
anything, did you?



Oh, Henry, what did
you do with that paper?

I used the baseball
scores at school.

You... I just wanted
to make friends.

Henry, I thought
I was your friend.

- Well, that's not anyway to treat a friend, is it?

- What am I supposed to do?

I'm supposed to lock the door
every time I leave a room now?

- No.

Look, look, kid,
don't get upset.

Look, I... I... I use this
to help people, you see,

and it... this is very
important, it's very powerful.

It's... it's not a toy.

Are you going to tell my mom?

No. I'm not going to
tell your mom Henry,

because if I told your
mom what you did,

I'd have to tell
her about the paper.

Henry, you didn't tell
your mom, did you?


Good. Good, because Henry, you
got to pretend this didn't happen.

Like, you don't know anything
about this, you understand?

You got to promise me
that you're not going to

tell anybody about this, and you're
not going to ever do this again.

And I've got to trust you.

Okay, I promise.

Say that again!

I promise.

All right.


Well, why don't you go
out now, and maybe Patrick

will give us some hot
chocolate things he makes.


Here you go.




Oh boy.

He promised me he
wouldn't do it again.

Well, that's something, I suppose.

I'll be darned.

Didn't even see it coming.

You're right.

I got to feel him, though,
he's not telling me everything.

I mean, I don't know
what everything would be,

but I don't think he's
telling me everything.

[Trumpet announces the race]

Ten minutes to post time.
The horses are approaching the gate.


I'm thinking.

Take your time.

I'm not sure.

It's okay. Relax.

Do your thing.

Close your eyes,
wriggle your fingers.

I can't.
- I only got 40 bucks.

I gotta get serious here.

40 bucks? But yesterday...
Forget yesterday.

Think about today.

A horse, Henry. I need a horse.

That's what I'm
trying to tell you, Dad.

- Magic. Magic,

Magic Lantern.

Good Boy.
- Don't put it all, Dad.

20 to win on the eight horse.

At the bar, turn in
Bad Dancer in the lead.

Bigamus Prime and Man
of Leeds one-length back.

Magic Lantern makes it move on to the tail.

Go to the whip, you bum!

We got it, we got it!

And it's Bad Dancer by an O.
- No!

I'm sorry, Dad.

It's okay. We'll get
him the next time.

Nobody can pick it all. You just hit
a little bump in the road. That's all.

I know what it is.
We forgot our lucky handshake.

It's your kid, Mike.

Hey, Rolly.

We were just taking a
little field trip. That's all.

You like the track, kid?


So, Mike, you want to
wind up that business?

You need a little time?
- I'm right in the middle here, Rolly.

We'll be over there.
Take your time.

Good kid.

Dad, I want to go home.

We can't.
- Why?

Because We can't!

Sorry, I'm just a little jumpy. That's all.

Who were those guys?
- They're friends of mine.

They don't seem like friends.

They're more like
business associates.

Just don't worry about them.

Think about the next race, okay?

And think lucky.

Hey, don't open that!

Good afternoon.
- What tage you so long, I was worried.

What took me so long?

I'll tell you what, it took me
so long, I missed my L-stop.

I almost didn't get to the school
on time, that's what took me so long.

Oh no.
- Oh yeah.

Janitor almost got blown up.

The wisewood High
School Chemistry Lab

is now three blocks into
the next school district.

Oh, because I missed my L-stop.

Would you like to know
why I missed my L-stop?

I could guess.
- But you don't have to, because I'm gonna tell you.

'Cause I was thinking about...


I was thinking about Henry too.

And we were both worried about
him, but the genie's out of the bottle.

How do we get him back?

What's the name of that movie?

The one with Mickey Mouse,
he's in the castle with the buckets.

- Fantasia, yeah.

Why were you
thinking about Fantasia?

The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Remember how the mouse
looked into the Sorcerer's Spellbook?

At first, everything was fine.

He got all the mops to do
his work for him, but then?

But then, everything
lost control.

Then the mops keep coming.

That's right, and the castle filled up with
water and the little rat almost drowned.

I should've never let the kids see it.

The paper is a
responsibility, and I...

I need to be more careful.

Well, the paper acts
for a reason, Gary.

This is different.

That kid snuck in here,
and just like that mouse,

he wasn't
supposed to see it.

Something's wrong.

Well, in Fantasia, the Sorcerer
comes back and makes everything okay.

Oh, well, that's great, Marissa.

But I'm not a Sorcerer. I get a
paper. I don't get a Spellbook.

I'm telling you, I really think that
Henry might be in trouble, and I...

I don't know what
to do about it.

(phone ringing).

- Mrs. Paget, this is Dorthia Miller.

Henry's teacher?
- Yes.

How is Henry?

Uh, how should he be?

You did get the
shampoo, didn't you?

- There's nothing to be ashamed of.

This happens at
least once a year.

It just happened to
be Henry this time.

I'm sorry, Miss Miller, I
don't quite understand.

The head lice?

Henry's lice?
- According to his father.

Father? - Now, I've alerted all the other
parents so you shouldn't be concerned.

I'm just sorry Henry had
a missed the field trip.

Yeah, me too.

Thank you, Miss Miller.


Gary, I can't come in right now.

Henry's not in school, I think
Mike took him to the racetrack.

To the racetrack?

Yeah, I can't talk
right now, I gotta go.

All right, well, I'll talk to
you when you get here. - Okay.

Hey, Marissa,

why would a guy take
a kid to a racetrack?

Well, I don't know.


Unless what?

The kid was gonna give
the guy the right horses.

(cat meows)

(pages rustling)

This wasn't here before.

What was it?

This, Uncle Paget 28 was
killed yesterday when he ran

onto the racetrack during
the running of the fourth race.

He's not know why he ran onto
the track, although witnesses

reported an altercation between
Mr. Paget and two unidentified men.

(dramatic music)

Post up at the fourth race, 2:30.

It's less than an hour.

(cat meows)

- No, no!



I'm sorry, Dad.

It's okay.

I just, I need you to
pick me another winner.

No, it's my fault.

these guys, they don't
care whose fault it is.

I'm in a jam, Henry, a real jam.

You're scaring me.

Don't be scared.

You're my lucky charm, kid.

You're my four-leaf clover.

I just need you to pick me another
winner, just like yesterday, okay?

I can't.

- Henry, wait.


Is there a problem, Mike?

Let me talk to my son.
- The kid's gonna be fine.

My son needs me.
- We need you, Mike. We got here first.

- That presents a problem,

a serious problem, Mike.


- Gary!

It's all my fault. It's all my fault.
- Ah?

My dad's in trouble,
it's all my fault.

Henry, listen to me.
- I lied.

I gave my dad the race results.

I thought it was just
for fun, but now these

guys are gonna hurt
him, and it's all my fault.

I... just calm down, listen.

We're gonna talk about this
later. Right now, we're gonna go.

Where are we going?
- We're gonna go,

and we're gonna find your dad.

I have to whip, whip!

Come on, come on!

Backing away!

Whip, whip, No!

No, that's not the way!

Let's take a walk, Mike.
- Come on.

Get him!
- Watch it!

Where is he?
- Eric wait, I ain't gonna have time,

Wait did you do with Henry?!
- He left, look, I don't have time for that.

What are you doing to him??

- Let's go, com'on.

What'd you do with him?
- He's gotta be here.

Find Henry!
- Com'n on Mike, move it, let's go, come on!

- Where's security?

Where is security?

Where is it?

Down, down there.

- You know I can't pay
you, Raleigh, if you hurt me.

No, you know the rules, Mike.


(dramatic music)

Henry, mom!

You must grab Mike!
- Yeah, I know.

(bell rings)

Don't let him out.
- He's gotta in there somewhere.

I'll look over here.

Check the other side.


There he is.

Hey Mike!


Some nut ran on the track.

Is dad okay?
- Let's go!

He's going across the track.

Yeah, he's fine.

Come on.

In here, quick!

Where'd they go?
- Here, this way.

Okay, I'll tell you what.

Here, there's $2,000, it's yours.

- I don't settle short.

Maybe you don't settle short.
- What else you need?

Another 5,000.
- Another 5,000? I don't have...

Listen, I don't have
$7,000 to give you.

Excuse me.

You know what?
I'll tell you what.

I'll give you $500.

'Cause I got a 21 lock
on the seventh race

on the number three horse,
which is Sinkable Molly.

Now you can place this $500.

It'll cover his five grand
and a little bit more.

But you can either pick on him
or you can get your money back.

Which do you want?

Come on, make me rich.

Come on. - Come on.

Sinkable Molly.

Sinkable Molly makes
the way for the outside.

And then Sinkable
Molly by a nose.

Comes in at 21 to one.


What a day of racing this has been.

Pleasure doing
business with you.

See you around, Mike, I'm sure.

I don't know why you
did that or how, but thanks.

I didn't do it for
you, I did it for Henry.

I know, I really screwed
up this time, didn't I?

The question is, what
are you gonna do now?

What can I do?

I had to quit gambling.

And you don't know
what you're talking about.

No, but I know that you're
throwing your life away.

I know you're throwing
your kid's childhood away.

You don't think I know that?

You don't think I know
what I am, what it costs me?

- I can't quit.

Then you get help.
- I tried.

Well then you try again,
he's your son, he needs you.

No, he doesn't.

He's got you now.

No, I'm not his father, you're
his father, he needs you, not me.

What the kid needs is a father.

I can't, I can't quit.


Tell him to go away.

You want him to go away?

You tell him to go away.

Wait, give him a minute.

You know they say there's a father
Sunday at Henry's school next week.

I think he'd rather go
with his dad than with me.

Too ashamed, you're so...
- You shame yourself

then tell him that,
you tell him everything.

Quit running from your kid.

At least give him a
chance to catch up, huh?

Hey, champ.
- You okay?

No. No, I'm not.

And I haven't been
for a long time.

You see, I have this problem.

Every buck I make, I
blow it, making bets.

Why don't you stop?

I'm going to try.

And that way, maybe we
can see each other more and,

and do all those
things we talked about.

Really? You mean it?

I'm not happy
with... what I've done.

And, I'm sorry about
what happened today.

Because all I ever wanted
you to do... to be proud of me.

I am proud of you.

Don't say things
that aren't true, okay?

I am proud of
you, you're my dad.

You got that right.

I didn't think it was possible.

Guess anything's possible.