Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 3, Episode 4 - Lt. Hobson, U.S.N. - full transcript

After saving several enlistees from an explosion, Gary is mistaken for a Lieutenant and forced to serve in the Navy, which puts his future heroic acts in jeopardy.

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You never know where
tomorrow's going to take you.

From the seats of power
to a seat in the tattoo parlor.

It's all part of the package when
you get tomorrow's newspaper, today.

Lloyd Cutler?

Hey, hey, you...
- Ow!

- Sorry.

You used to ride with
a gang in Wisconsin.

The marauders?

- You got to get out of here.

Says who?
- Well, when you left,

you left with the head
honcho's girlfriend, right?


They're here.


Hey! Hey, get back here!

[Door opens]

You seen a dude named Lloyd?

He went out the back.

Ow! Moth?

What does that mean, Moth?

It's not finished.
- Oh.

Looks good.

[Theme Song Playing]

What if you knew beyond a doubt
what was going to happen tomorrow?

What would you do?

There is no easy answer, for a guy
who gets tomorrow's news today.

[Theme Song Playing]

Hey, Gary.
- Good morning. - Hello.

Leave Gary alone,

I'm not bothering him.

Anything good in the paper?

They're watching.

It's called the news, Henry.

What do you watch the news if you
already know what's going to happen?

I don't know
because sometimes...

Don't you have to be in school?

The bus comes in ten minutes.

The republics of Chesnia
and LaVadnia are set to engage

in full-scale talks at the
University of Illinois today

in the latest attempt and
decades of ethnic strife.

Militant groups have
threatened to disrupt the

proceedings and security
is tight in the region.

So what happens
at the peacetalks?

They fall apart.

Actually, they never begin because
of the shape of the table, alright?

The shape of the table?

That's a stupid thing
to have a war about.

Why don't you do something?

Look, because they don't
like each other very much

and there's nothing I
can do about that, alright?

But still...
- Well, Henry,

I'm just a regular guy

who happens to gets tomorrows paper, okay?
Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know,

but I can't save the world and
if I tried, you know, I couldn't.

Why not?
- Because world peace

is a little bit out
of my league.

I mean, things like this,
now that's something...

Oh, boy.

- Navy ammo explosion kills four -

That's something I
can do something about.

Listen, I gotta go. You, uh...

You get to school. Yeah?

[TV news report playing]

Many observers belive
this is the last chance,

before the conflict errupts in
a full scale war in the region.

You don't understand, I already
tried to call the embassies.

Isn't there anybody in the
state department I can talk to?

Really? The state
department has a website?

I'm looking for the
ammunition storage area.

The ammunition dump.

Yes, sir. Do you have identification?

Driver's license right here.
- No, sir. Military ID, sir.

No, well, I'm not in the military.

And you want the ammo dump?

You see, something's
going to happen.

It's kind of complicated.

Yeah, one moment, sir.

- Thank you.

Help you?
- Hi.

Uh, I've lost my ticket.
- But that's my uniform right over there.

No problem.

Lieutenant Nuiqi?

Yeah. Yeah.

How much is that?
- Six bucks. Six dollars.

Sir! Excuse me, sir!

One moment, sir.

I hope I'm not out
of line here, but...

I believe the Lieutenant's
insignia is upside down.


Huh. On your collar, sir.


Thank you.

Carry on.

Carry on.

Please change the tables you
are going to use for the peace talks.

They will have a big argument
about the one you have now

They may not even get
started having peace talks.

Your friend,
Henry Paget

Hey. This is a strange question, but
do we have any idea what shape of table

the University of Illinois is using
for the Levantina-Chesnia talks?

Yeah, no. That's
right. The table.

Could you find out?

Uh, excuse me.

Do you know where
the ammo supply area is?

Uh, after these units, sir.

Good. Uh... Carry on.

What I liked about your
action back there, Nuiqi.

No hesitation.

You took the initiative.

Command presence.

The kind of thing you can't be
taught. Tell me something, Lieutenant.

How did you know
it was going to blow?

Oh, well, uh... Well, uh...

Smell the cord, I thought so.

Reminds me of Subic Bay in '73.

Grab a chair, Lieutenant.

Tell me about yourself.

I'm a Lieutenant.
- Aha.

Modest. I admire
that an officer.

I assume you were in the Gulf.

Whose command?

Operation Fishman, sir.

Fishman? Never heard of it.

Well, that would be
because it was, uh... - Oh.

I get it.


Yes, sir. Exactly.

Need to know situation.


Tell me, Lieutenant.


Are you single?

Yes, sir.
- Outstanding.

The torpedoman's
ball is tomorrow night.

You know the drill.
Dress whites, Navy band.

I'd be honored if you'd
escort my daughter.

Your daughter?
- Of course. I can't order you to take her.

I can only make
a request, but...

Let me remind you, Lieutenant,

that it is an admiral
who's making that request.

So you're gonna stand her up?

Yeah, well, I was lucky
to get away with this.

Do you have any idea what happened
to someone impersonating an officer?

Firing squad.

- Yeah, that's in wartime.

In peacetime, you
just get life in prison.

- Oh, yeah, absolutely.

There's something I picked
up when I was a pre-law major.

Oh, was it when I
was a history major?

Oh, maybe I just
saw it in the film.

Tensions are running
high in La Votnia,

following the breakdown
of peace talks today

Hey, what's up, big guy?

Peace talks.

They had to agree on the
shape of the negotiating table.

Nobody listens.

Well, listens to who?

Someone who could help.

Ah, you mean like a politician?

I mean like anybody. Even a kid.

Yeah, well, those guys don't listen
to anyone, not even themselves.

One the other hand,
there has been reported.

Come in.

Can I see the paper?


Just the peace talks?

- If you'd just show me the peace talks,

I'll never ask to see another
story in the paper again.

I promise.

Oh, you promise?

Like the other times
that you promised?

Look, don't get upset.

All right

Alright, the Chessnians
walk out, right?

Yesterday it was La Votnia,
and today it's the Chessnians.







It says there was a
red bouquet of flowers.

La Votnia and flags all red.

The Chessnian flag doesn't have
any red in it, so they walked out.

I don't get it. I mean like, do
they want the peace talks to fail?

I don't know. It would sort
of seem that way. Look...

Okay, we had a deal.


Hey, Henry.

Well, you know, sometimes
things in life, they just don't work out.

But don't let it get you down, huh?


[Cat meows]


[Tense music]

Emily Harrigan, 18, Dotto of
Rear Admiral Edward Harrigan,

commander of the Great
Lakes Naval Training Center.

Was killed with an unidentified
sailor last night in a single car accident.

On North Sheridan Road.

The car was traveling
at a high rate of speed

when it struck the
center divider and flipped.

Well, Erica.


Where's Marissa?

She's at a management seminar.

She said she
checked with you first.

Yeah, she probably did that.

Well, listen, tell her I'm going
to be out tonight, will you?

- Thanks.

Got a date?

Excuse me?
- You know, a date,

dinner, movie,
back in the cheek.

Something like that?


Yeah, it can happen, you know.

Not since I've been here.

Where you going?

I dance. I dance.


You just don't seem like
the dancing type, that's all.

I happen to be a
pretty good dancer.


Have fun.

Well, of course I'm going to
have fun. I'm going dancing.

That's what people do
when they go dancing.

They have fun. What
is wrong with everyone?



The Parliament.

What's with you guys?

What do you think, Ace?

All right.

I'll take it.


Dude, how was school?

All right.

Can you turn on the news?

I could, but there is
someone here to see you.

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm going to have
to call you back. Thank you.

Mr. Jensen, meet Henry Padgets.

This is Henry Padget?

You're Henry Padget?

It depends.

How old are you?

Eight and a half.


He didn't tell me he
was eight years old.

You didn't ask.

Are you the same Henry Padget that's
been emailing the State Department?



Hop up here.

Because, my friend,
eight years old or not,

you've got the kind of insight.

that diplomatic
careers are made of.

I do?

Nobody, not even the best

or the brightest that
we have, could see the

red flowers flap coming,
except for you, Henry.

Now, we are desperate for
these peace talks to succeed.

We need stability in the region

and we're grasping at
straws and that's why I'm here.

You're saying that,
Henry is a straw.

Our Henry?

That's exactly what I'm saying.

My man.

Now, what we need is to get both
parties to sit back down at the table.

Now, it would be my privilege,

to take the word of eight-year-old
Henry Padget and tell the world.

that it took the
wisdom of a child

to get two nations to make
peace with each other.

Now, how does that sound?

Oh, Henry.

Oh, laid on me.

Can we just wait till tomorrow
morning, like first thing?

Well, I'll tell you, tomorrow
is going to be a little late.

So, just give me an idea,
like the table or the flowers.

I'm a little empty
right now, so...

I know, it's hard, but it's
important, Henry, so think, okay?

Think, try.

Um, excuse me, uh, no,
we've got a problem here.

We use Chicago rules.

Chicago rules?

Uh, yeah, we sit them down,
we put the beers on the house,

and we tell them, you know, nobody's
leaving here until we work everything out.

And it works?

Oh, yeah. They drink
a lot of beer anyhow.

Ah, Chicago rules.

I don't care if Toby is. I am not going.
- Emily, listen!

I'm not one of your sailors.
You just can't order me around, Dad.

Emily, I've already
made my choice.

Know what? just forget
it. This is ridiculous.

I can't believe we're
having this discussion.

Lieutenant, right
on time. Come in.

All right.

I guess you heard the 16 inches.

Excuse me?

The shore bombardment, my daughter
can fire for effect with the best of them.

Oh, no. I didn't hear a thing.

Oh, my wife died two
years ago, Lieutenant.

Emily transferred to finish
college here in Chicago.

She's been staying with me,
which has been fine until recently.

All I can say is...

it's easier to command
to flee in combat than...

I suppose we should get this over with.



You two don't know
each other, do you?


Uhm Gar... Lieutenant,
nice to meet you. - Hi.

Hi. Hi. Ah, Daddy,Don't
wait up for us.

-Thanks, Lieutenant.

Look, I don't know
what your deal is,

but thank you for not saying
anything about yesterday.

You're welcome.
- So, that's that.

Have a good night.
- Mr. Harrigan, if it...

Look, you got me
out of the house

and my dad thinks
you're great so,

let's just leave
it at that, okay?

Well, don't you think
that we should go to the...

Would you please be quiet?

Don't you think that we
should just go to the dance?

Is that just for
appearance sake?

No, I don't.

But I think you're
making a mistake. The both of you.

Don't you start ordering
me around now, too.

You could just stay on the base
tonight because there could be a...

There could be an
accident or something.

Oh, please. You
sound just like my father.

Sir, I know you're an officer, but I really
don't see any cause for any kind of worry.

That's it, isn't it?

That's how you found us
yesterday. You were spying on us.

Look, lady, I don't
have to spy on people.

I can't believe that my father
would do something this low.

Oh, just come on,
Eric. Let's just go.

Give me my...
- Sir, give her a keys back.

You have no right to do that.
- Sir!

Oh, no.

Break it up! Break it up!

As you were.

Are you okay, Lieutenant?
What's going on here?

On patrol, sir.

We saw this individual
assault the, uh, Lieutenant here.

Actually, Admiral...
- No need to act the gentleman, Lieutenant.

Book him for assault
and trespassing.

No, Daddy, you can't do that.

Well, Admiral, - Don't try
to cover up for my daughter.

He's telling the
truth, but you...

but you don't care
about that, do you?

And you don't care
about me at all, either.

God, I can't believe you.

Hey, I know I knew that
LT through somewhere.

That's the guy from the tattoo parlor.

Well, here are the keys admiral...
Uh, uh, thanks for her good night.


I needed the briefing.

It's not that he's an enlisted
man that bothers me.

To the contrary.

Some of the best sailors I ever served
with came in through the Haas pipe.

But I know I don't
have to tell you that.

No, no. I, I
mean... No, no, sir.

Ready for another?
- Well, actually, you know, I really should be going.

And the world will keep on turning
for a few more hours without us, Nuiqi.

Nope. What bothers
me is this kid...

doesn't care about the Navy.

I like us, Lieutenant.

Just wants his electronics
training three hots in a cot.

Well, this is not who I
want my daughter to be with.

Well, they are just dating, sir.
- Hmm.

She wants to get married.

I can tell you that would
be very hard for me to take.

I, I suppose
you've told her that.

Oh, she knows how I feel.

She is so headstrong.

I'll tell you one thing, though.

I am not going to
lose her like this.

I, I, I don't, I don't mean
to, to go beyond the line, sir.

Look, I, I know you lost your wife,
sir, but you, you haven't lost Emily.

Because Emily, she,
she, she's still here.

Look what we have here.

I think that LT needs
a little company, huh?

Uh, had a few, Lieutenant?

What? Well, I was just
actually going to the train.

Not so fast, sir.

You got a uniform.

Your hat.

My deposit.

We're going to need to ask
you to walk a straight line, sir.

Now, sir.

To walk a straight line?

Who could tell?

Now, sir.

All right.

I'm afraid we're going to have
to take you in public intoxication.

Now, now, wait a second.
- You're not resisting, are you sir?

Well, no, I'm...

I suppose we can add conduct
unbecoming to those charges.

Well, now, wait
a second, fellas.

[Door Closed]

You hear something?

A Cat? What are you doing here?

Come on, kitty, get out of here.

How'd this get here?

You want a paper?

Nah, I already read the funnies.

Hold still, honey. Come on.

I wish Gary was here.

Must have been some date.

He had a date?

Uh, it's no mystery
where he is this morning.

Please, not in front of Henry.

Oh, sorry.

This is so cool.

Secret peace talks
here at McGinty's.

I can't wait to tell my friends.

Patrick, you can't
tell your friends.

We signed an
agreement, remember?

Oh, right. I guess
that's why it's a secret.

I think it's a great idea. Get
those guys away from the media.

It's all because of you and Henry.

Yes, sir. Everything's
going fine here, sir.

Mr. Secretary. Sir, I realize
we're out on a limb here,

but I believe it's a
risk worth taking.

Understood. I won't
let you down, sir.

I need a situation report
on the security perimeter.

And I needed it five
minutes ago. Thank you.

Wow. Security perimeter?
That's a sound serious.

Well, we're controlling
an eight-block area.

There's a lot of
crazies out there.

We've kept it away from the
media, but you can't be too careful.

I wish Gary was here.

What was I dreaming of
today? Did you hear a cat?

There was a cat.

You didn't, by chance,
see a paper, did you?

Security's got them
both in that office.

Excuse me. Can
I have that paper?

What paper is that, sir?

That paper right over there.

Want to see this paper?

You want to see this newspaper?

Very good, sir.

You can see that now, huh?

Gentlemen, the idea of
getting away from the media

and meeting here today
was inspired by Henry's

interest in seeing your
two nations come together.

You are wise beyond
your years, Henry.

I was about to
say the same thing.

Yeah, I see it.
What are you going to do about it?



What's going on?
- I don't know.

We did not agree to let Lovatnia
determine the seating arrangement.

This needs to work.

Probably because I haven't
taken their drink order yet.

Yo! You look like
a beer guy to me.

Pilsner, please.

And you sir?

- On rocks, please.

It's good.

Excuse me, please.

Patrick Quin.
- Patrick, right.

You know what? I'm
not so sure that drinking

is where we want to
go with this right now.

Chicago rules, remember?

Yes, but I thought you
just meant the atmosphere.

You know, since you're going
to have something to drink,

maybe you'd like
something to eat, too.

Try the buffalo
wings. Our specialty?

Buffalo.. wings?

They're chicken wings.
- Spicy. Very, very spicy.

Oh, Chezneans like hot
food. One order, please.

Lovatnians love hot food.
Two orders. Spiciest you got.

- Okay.

Coming up.

Well, okay. So, uh, then why don't
we, um, get started, sit over here?

I will not change seating to
accommodate Lovatnian superstition.

I cannot sit in this chair.

Then I cannot either.

It's a stupid chair.
What's the big deal?

All right, I'll sit.
- Good.

Hey, listen. I gotta
get out of here.

I gotta get out
of here right now.

Tell me about it.

Hey, I'm your
superior officer, right?

Yes, sir.
- Well, I'm giving you an order.

Get me out of here now.

Here we are, gentlemen.

Buffalo wings.

Round one.

Patrick, why don't you get a pitcher
of ice water and some glasses? - Okay.

When we say extra
spicy, we mean it.


Aren't you a
little old for that?

For what?
- For silent treatment.

We should talk.

What's there to talk about?


Just, let me try to
communicate here.


This is not easy for me to say.

I've been very self-centered.

I know it...

I may not show it, but...

Well, I'm very appreciative
that you came back here

to live with me after
your mother died.

I just want you to know that,

that I'm willing to change.

Yeah, I've heard
that one before.

Just hear me out.

Why? You don't like Eric,

and you're never going to just
because he's an enlisted man.

I know I said that... You haven't
even tried to get to know him, Daddy.

He's bright, and he's funny,
but that doesn't matter to you.

- I love him, Dad.

And he loves me, and there's
nothing you can do about it.

You're too young to get married.

How old were you and
Mom when you got married?

Times were different.

You see? You haven't changed.

And you're never
going to change.

You made me so mad!

Where are you going, Emily?

I'm going to see Eric.

Hey, you musclehead freaks!

I'm talking to you wimps in there!

You can't treat us like this!

What was that, Macky?

You, uh...

You got a problem?
- Yeah.

I'm sick and tired of you hiding
behind that raiding on your sleeve.


Yeah. You were old, Navy.

We'd take this outside.

It's not a list like men.

Yeah, yeah...
- Well, you want a piece of me, too?



Yeah, I do.

What's so funny?

Man to man, eh?

That's right. Man to man.

Man to man.

I hate to get blood
on my uniform.

What now?

We beat him up.

It's your plan?
- Hey, you got a better idea?

Look familiar?

That was you in the tattoo part?

Yeah. That was me.


It's not finished.

What the hell?!


Let's go! Come on, let's go.
- Hey!

Stop that vehicle!
- Hey, stop the car!

Stop the car!
- Hey!

Stop the... bitch!

Come here, let's go!

Emily, what are you doing here?
- I came to see you.

What are you doing here?
- Lieutenant ordered me to escape. - What?

Listen, I've got somewhere
I've got to get too fast.

- Hey no, don't stop the car.

I've got to get over Lake Shore
Drive now, you understand?

You know what,
buddy? Take a cab.

Lives are at stake.

Listen, I don't have time to explain.

Look, give me one reason
why I should help you.

Why should she help?

I'll explain later.
- Emily, drive!

Oh, great. It's my dad.


Are you following that car?
- Yes, sir.

Let's go!

You passed it.
- Passed what?

You passed where I got to go.
Turn around, would you please?


I didn't know you
could drive like that.

Neither did I.

Right up here on the left.
Not this one, but the next one.


Eric, where are you going?
- To help.

Wait, to help with what?

I don't know. Here's you father!
- There they are. Get them!

- Come on!

Freeze! Put your
hands in the air!

Walk toward me. Very, slowly!

Put your hands behind your head!

Oh, my God!

Can you stop that?
- Not over the city. It'd be a disaster.

What are you doing?
- The manual override.

2-180. Get it out over the lake.

Second work?

I need a wind reading.

Roger that. East,
southeast. Adjust five knots.

Aye, aye, sir.


I hope this works.

That's so long.

You trained on that weapon, sailor?

Negative, sir.
What I read about it.

No sweat.

It's working. It's working.

Come on, come on.

You can stand down, sir.

Stand down? Hell,
I think I'll sit down.

So, how are they doing?

Uh, they're doing good.

Jensen looks like he's in
pain and he's not even eating.

When did I lose
control over this?

I'm sorry. What's
your name again?

- Patrick, right.

I mean, look at this, Patrick.

You know? I take a little
initiative and suddenly now my

entire career is riding on
an order of buffalo wings.

McGinty's buffalo wings.

Do not forget.

Uh, uhm.



Yes, sir.

Lieutenant Nuiqi.

You are modest to
a fault. Tell me, son,

how did you know all about...
- Oh, uh, that's, uh... confidential, sir.

Even to Admiral?

Well, yes, sir. I'm,
um, I'm afraid so.


Good job up there, sailor.
- Thank you, sir.

And I don't know how
you got caught up in all this,

Emily, but it seems to
me that you saved the day.

Well, like father,
like daughter.


I could never face
losing you, Emily.

You never will, Daddy.

I promise.

Roger that!

Uh, Nuiqi.

Ah, Lieutenant.

If you're not busy this evening...
- Oh, uh, well, sir, I think I, uh...

I need to give back
to my superiors.

Say no more, Lieutenant.



Thank you, sir.

My money is on the Chesnian
because I think the Lovatnian,

he's gonna break.




You know what? I think
I've got something here.

A buffalo wing diplomacy.


Gary, guess what?
I've got to ride in a helicopter.

Henry, Vice President
Gore's on the phone for you.


Did I, uh, did I miss something?
- Was that just Henry? Uh, yeah.

He's on the phone
with the Vice President.

If I don't find a
sitter by tonight,

I'm gonna have to cancel my date with the
Under secretary of the State Department.

Not Jensen?

No way. His Boss.
- All right, I'll help you out.

But you have to
cover for me tomorrow

when I have tea with the
Lovatnian Consulate, okay?

All right, deal.
- Okay, cool.

Sorry, Gary, were
you saying something?

- How was your date?

- Your date with the Admiral's daughter?

Oh, it was, uh... uh,


And I'm telling you I want
the red tape to disappear.

I am personally recommending
that Seaman Eric Van Owen

be accepted to the Naval
Academy in Annapolis.

Come in.

Tell the Congressman that I
will be expecting his endorsement.

Yes, Lieutenant?

You wanted to see me, sir?

I did.

Lieutenant Nuiki,
reporting as ordered?


You're not Nuiki.

I'm not.

[relaxing music playing]

Maybe one person
can't change the world.

But one person
can give it a nudge.

And you know,
sometimes, that's enough.