Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 3, Episode 2 - Collision - full transcript

Gary must find ways to prevent a collision which originally kills 13 people but has no definitive cause. However, as the deadline approaches, he is able to eliminate some of the victims but has trouble preventing a death toll.

[Morning relaxing music]

The world's a busy place.

Even for a guy who gets tomorrow's
newspaper today, it's hard to keep up.

It's hard to get ahead.

And sometimes, it's
impossible to get a cab.


Come on.



So what do you do?

You keep your options open.

Make it up as you go.

Hey, they wanted a riverboat
tour? I'm giving them a riverboat tour.

I don't know, I'd be
with potential investors.

I don't know, maybe they
don't have riverboats in Norway.

Hey, they're loaded,
and I'm not new to this.

Chicago, get back.

Excuse me, but isn't
that a cab-sized boat tour?


Hey, what are you doing?


And above all else, keep your
head up and your arms out.

Because you never know
what's going to drop into your life.

[Early Edition Theme Song]

What if you knew beyond a doubt
what was going to happen tomorrow?

What would you do?

There is no easy answer for a guy
who gets tomorrow's news today.

[Theme Song Playing]

That was a great catch, really.

Where are your parents?

I mean, bam, right
into your arms.

What are the odds?

You know, it wasn't for you I
might have gotten banged up.

Yeah, well, you'd have
drowned if it wasn't for me, kid.

Drowned? I don't think so.

I've been swimming
since I was three.

I was a dolphin at
the wire last summer.

Well, why did you jump off that bridge?

That's what you think?
I didn't jump off the bridge.

I slipped.
I was on the railing.

I was hopping on one
foot, and whoops I slipped.

Oh, look, there's my dad.


Why don't you give me a day off?

That's all you ever say?

Can't you ever bark once?

- Pile-up on interstate; 14 dead -

14 people were killed yesterday
on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

The accident occurred at 5:40
PM, the height of rush hour traffic.

The cause is still under investigation,
and according to eyewitnesses,

four cars were
involved in the pile-up.

Immediately upon impact, all
four vehicles burst into flames,

and by the time it was
over, 14 people were dead.

19 seriously injured.

Transit authority
spokesman described it

as one of the worst highway
accidents in Illinois state history.

What do you mean
you didn't get my order?

I was told we had a standing
order every week, 54 cases.

What's the problem?
- Miss Clark?

One second.

No, I didn't sign anything.

You see, my predecessor,
Chuck Fishman, he... hello?



Why does that happen? Every
time I mention Chuck's name

people hang up the phone.

Yes, Patrick?

Oh, yeah, there's a guy out here.
Beer distributor says there's a problem.

Of course there is.

- Uh, to your left.

More, more, too far.

There you go.

Hi, I'm Marissa Clark.
Can I help you?

I'm just here to, um, collect.

What's the problem?
Can't you just mail us a bill?

Mr. Fishman and I have an arrangement.

He's got his hand out
rubbing his fingers together.

I think that he's...
- Thanks, Patrick.

I don't know what kind of arrangement
you and Mr. Fishman had, but it's over.

So from now on, I expect to be billed
like a legitimate above-the-table customer.

Is that clear?


Here you go.

Wow, that's a lot of zeros.

Good morning, Mr. Hobson.

Gary, we have to talk.
- What?

Yeah, huh?
- For you.


We've got problems.

What is this? What problems?

Invoice problems, cash flow problems,
distributor problems, Chuck problems.

Chuck doesn't work here anymore.
- I know that,

but his memory lives on in
the hearts of his creditors, Gary.

Well, I hope his
creditors have big hearts.

Uhm, I'm looking
for Gary Hobson?


I'm Gary.

I'm here about the job.

What job?

Bar manager job.

Well, I'm sorry.

I don't have any...
- Usually, this is the easy part.

OK, let's start over.

I have a newspaper.
You've got a job opening.

You placed it down in
the newspaper, right?

Yes, we did.
- No, we didn't.


If you could just... can I
talk to you for a second?

- Excuse us,

You placed it down in the
paper, and you don't even tell me?

I've been trying to tell you,
Gary, we have a problem.

Yeah, but it's nothing
that we can't handle. -We?

Listen, Gary, I appreciate you
making me partner and everything.

And as your partner, I got
to tell you, I need some help.

Now, I don't expect you to do
it all, being busy with the paper.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What is it that you're asking?

Hire a manager.

I know Chuck is your
friend and everything,

but he did not leave this place
in the best shape financially.

What are you talking about?

Chuck was great with numbers, first of all.

Second of all, when Chuck left...

Chuck told me that the place
was running like... Clockwork.

- Yeah, sounds like Chuck.

Mr. Hobson, there's
a "repo man" here.

Great, Patrick,
I don't own a car, OK?

Oh, he's here for the blenders.
- Well, that's fine, Patrick.

The blenders?!

I told you.

We need a manager.

So, uh, so you've worked
in a bar before then?

You name it, I've
worked there...

bar, restaurant, car wash, dog
wash, hardware, software, everything.

In a managerial capacity?

Managerial capacity?


How about education?

Yeah, I got one.

Now, you wouldn't have
no resume, would you?


So maybe I didn't go to Harvard, and
I don't have a degree in drink mixing.

But I do know that if you don't take
that Chardonnay out of the sunlight,

you're going to have yourself some
pretty expensive salad dressing.

And you should stop
buying small bottles.

You should be
buying them in bulk.

And I know your books are in trouble
when you're financing your blenders.

OK, great. I'll tell you what.

Why don't you leave your phone
number and some references?

Oh, I get it.

You know, this is a brain
surgery here. It's a bar.

Thanks for your time.

Nice job, partner.

You know what? I
don't have time for this.

I've got problems
on my own here.

What do you mean, the paper?

My traffic accent. No
one knows how it started.

Does it give any names?

Yeah, the victims in here.

Any one of these cars
could have started it.

Well, one by one, Gary,
start with one driver

and start at the
front of a line.

I mean, if you could stop
even one of those cars

from being there, then maybe
the whole thing just goes away.

Bert Hammond.

He was killed instantly when his
pickup truck exploded on impact.

Police believe Hammond may
have fallen asleep at the wheel.

He's was on his way home
from working a double shift

at Bursell's Pan King House.

Hey, want to hear our specials?

Uh, no, no.

Bert, you look
sort of beat today.

Nah, I'm good for
another couple hours.

What time did you start?

It's all kind of a blur.


Maybe you should
take the day off.


You're chipped, Taddy.

No, no, sir.

55 seconds, Hammond.

That's inexcusable.

Don't... don't you think that Bert
looks a little beat? I mean, look at him.

Maybe you should get the day off.

Table three.
They need their check.

Maybe you don't know who I am.

I'm the union rep for local 232,

a pancake house employees,
toll collectors, city sewer workers.

I never heard of you.
- That surprises me,

because we're a
very large union.

Very strike-happy.

I mean, the city sewer
workers in particular...

these guys already joined
the pick line to drop the hat.

Now, I mean, I can make
a phone call right now

and have 200 of the
follow-up smelling civil servants

march around your establishment.

I can have the whole
parking lot empty out

for the next flap
check, get the girl.

But that's not what
we're talking about, is it?

We're talking about
Bert and Bert's day off.

Or I could make the phone call.

All right, so now listen,
Bert, while you're on the road,

if you get tired or anything, pull off
to the side and you take a nap, huh?

Here's some coffee,
you put it somewhere,

and keep both hands
on the wheel, right?

Hey, thanks, Mr. Gary.

- Gary.

Yes. Well, just drive safe.

See you.
- OK.

It wasn't him.

I mean, he didn't cause the accident.

The headline's still there?

Yeah, the headline's still here.
Only it's changed a little bit.

Now it's 13 dead instead of 14.

Well, you saved one life.
I mean, that's something.

Yeah, well, I've got to stop
the whole thing, Marissa.

Hey, there's that kid again.

Hey, you again.
Hey, wait.

Marissa, hold on.

Watch the cart, Leo.

Stop that kid.


You're not going to
get away this time.

I got to go.


Hey, kid, get back here.

Look out.
- Don't let him get away.

Stop him.


Slow down. Thank you.

Get back here.

Hey, I'm talking to you.

Come on, where do you
think you're going, huh?

Stop that kid.

You're going to pay for those.

Mr. Lager, are you all right?

He stole my churros.

You, you, and you

in my office, now.

All right, stop
fidgeting, Mr. Padgett.

This isn't dance class.

Let me see if I
have this straight.

You saw Henry
stealing from this fellow.

Yeah, that's right.
Two churros.

Did I call on you?



Uh, well, yeah, I met Henry
the other day down by the river.

On the river?
What was he doing on the river?

More hijinks?

No, he fell.
- Near the river.

He means near the river.

On a bridge.
- I kind of fell.

And this man, well,
he helped me out.

Was this during school hours?

- No, uhm...

No, um, I'm in school
during school hours.

How can I be on a bridge?

Can't be too busy at once,
because it's impossible.

Uh, uh,
- Yes?

I left my cart in the park.

Is it all right if I...
- Dismissed.

Oh, wait a second here.
Let me, uh...

Oh, thanks.
- I'll cover the churros.

- Thanks a lot.

2 bucks for two churros?

Quiet, Jim.

You, Mr. Padgett?

I don't want another word out
of you until your mother gets here.

My mom? does she have to know?

Can we keep this
between us guys?

No, we cannot.

Your mother's been called, and
she should be here any minute.

Uh, Mr. Mager, they
need you in the art room.

Did I say you can go?

I'll be back.

I think we can keep some
of the details for my mom.

Some of the details?
You mean like the details,

you jumping off of a bridge?

I wasn't jumping.

It was my friends.

Your friends, huh?

They dared me to
walk on the railing.

Well, you should have said no.

Yeah, but if I did that,
they'd beat me up.

So, very nice
friends that you have.

You know it's like being
a new guy at school.

You don't want to make waves.

Then why did you
steal the churros?

I was hungry.

Don't they have
food at this school?

Yeah, sure they do, but see,

My lunch money, I do invest it.


You mean your friends
stole your lunch money?

They're big guys.

They need to eat more than I do.

Listen, does my mom
have to know about this?

I don't want her to worry.

You don't want your
mom to worry about what?




What did you do?

Knocked down the principal.

Don't you have a bar to mis-manage?

Can I talk to you
for a minute, please?

I think you've done
enough for one day.

Just for a minute, please.
It'll only take a minute.

Henry, you got any homework?

In my locker.

Why don't you go get it?


Oh, well, it's about Henry, actually.

What about him?

Well, I think Henry could
use a little, bit more attention.

Excuse me?

I didn't think about it right there.

Let me ask you something.
Do you have kids?

I have kids? No,
no, I don't have kids.

But you find yourself perfectly
qualified to tell me how to raise mine.

Why don't I try this again?

I'm in a hurry.


13 dead.

Another victim, Richard
Saganze, was speeding

through traffic to
get to a local hospital.

Where his wife was in labor when his car
spun off control and hit a cement barrier.

Oh, boy.

Yeah, the meeting's called for six.

Well, you know, I
didn't choose the time.

I don't know what they're,
Scandinavian. That's when they work.

Cuffs, Richie, please. They're
back. I need to look sharp.

Yeah, good. Change your plans.

Well, this is a priority.
I need you there at six.

Mr. Saganze?

Ow, ow, ow.

Now I've been stabbed.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Wiggins.

It's about your wife.
She had the baby.

No, no, not yet.
- But she went into labor.

Well, no, not yet, but she's
about to leave about two hours.

Who are you?

I work with the
hospital. You're a doctor.

No, I'm not a doctor.
I work with the doctor.

Dr. Keenan.
- I work with Dr. Keenan.

He needs you right now.

I'm sorry Mr. Wiggins, I've got to go.
- What? Well, we'll just reschedule.

Just talk to the girl with the counter.
- No, we can't reschedule.

I got a taxi waiting for you outside.
Dr. Keenan plans these things.

He doesn't want you driving with everything on your mind.
- Really?

And then the cab, will take you
home. You can pick up your wife

and then they'll take
you to the hospital.

Thank you, thank you so much.
- And Mr. Kskansky? - Yeah?

You're going to be a father.

I'm going to be a father.

What about my pants?


Oh, uh, well, uh, I take
them up about an inch.



Dunk me out. Bill.

Just show me the pink ones, Henry.
We don't want them to rest.

Mom, they're all pink.


Just drink your milk.

Henry, you would tell me if there was
something going on at school, right?

School's great, Mom. Really?

But it seems like
every couple of weeks

I get another call from
the principal's office.

Don't have anything. I promise.

Got any cookies?

Yeah, they're over there.

Maybe you should borrow some
money from the hurry guy.

He's loaded.

You know, he had the churro
guy ten bucks for two churros.

The churros you took?

You let him pay for you?

I'm telling you, I don't get it. I mean, I
talked to Bert, I get him off the freeway.

The death toll goes
down to thirteen.

Alright, then I talked
to this Richie fella.

The Taylor?
- Yeah, Richie the Taylor.

Well, he gets home safe and
he's not in the accident anymore.

But then I got this.

Well, what now?
- The death toll jumps to sixteen.

Well, all that means, Gary, is that
you just haven't found the right car yet.

The one that causes the accident.

Visitor, Mr. Hobson.

Thank you, Patrick.

Ten dollars?

There's five, six, seven, eight, nine.


You're twenty cents short.

Henry, do you have twenty cents?

No, no, I was kidding. That was
a joke. I don't want your money.

Well, I don't want yours.
Come on, Henry, let's go.

Okay, if you'd rather
be mad than talk, it's fine.

But you climbed on off your high
horse, so I'm trying to apologize here.



Here, here. Take
this. I don't want that.

We got off on the
wrong foot and, uh...

Well, I mean, I'd like to
start over if you'd let me.

Back at the school, I did not mean to
imply that you were not a good mother.

Well, so then what are you implying?

Well, just that I think
there are certain things

about Henry that you
should probably know.

Oh, I see. So you're not
saying that I'm a bad mother.

You're saying that I don't
know my own kid. That's great.

Is there a reason why everything
I say you take the wrong way?

I don't know. A habit.

Fine. Enlighten me. Tell me
about my kid.

What am I missing?

Good. Good.

One thing, he needs
some new friends.

Henry tells me that he's got great
friends and he loves his friends.

Oh, yeah, they're great friends.
They extort his lunch money.

They dare him to do things
that are pretty darn stupid.

And if he doesn't do
them, they beat him up.

Other than that,
they're great friends.

How would you know that?

Listen, yesterday I saw
your boy almost drowned.

He didn't tell me that.

Well, no, and he
wouldn't because

you're his mother and he
doesn't want you to worry.

Listen, he's a great kid and he loves
you more than anything in the world.

I mean, anyone can
see that. It's obvious.

But he hides stuff
from you that kids do.

I mean, it's not your fault.

I just thought I
should tell you.


Excellent. One of the top
five milkshakes I've ever had.

Ah, you want it on my secret?

- Okay.

I use chocolate milk.

Yeah, chocolate milk, chocolate
ice cream, chocolate syrup.

Scientifically, you cannot get
more chocolate in a milkshake.

- Yeah.

Hey, a couple beers down here.
- Alright, I'm there.

Okay, pal. You
gotta move to a table.

Why, no miners at the bar?
- No, it's a, uh, height thing, you know.

It'll be more comfortable
over there, anyway,

I'll bring you another
chocolatey milkshake, mister.

- Okay, then.

What about, uh, what about his father?

What about him?

I mean, last time I saw
my ex, he ripped off my car,

cleaned out my savings account,

and trashed my credit rating.

And he stole my sink.

Left a big dripping hole
in the bathroom wall.

You know, there are people who
actually buy hot bathroom sinks.


Mike had a little gambling problem.

I'm sorry to hear that.

It's not your fault, I'm
the idiot that married him.

Well, you were young.

Blind is what I was.

Now, Mike's only done one
good thing his entire lousy life.

He gave me Henry.

[Indistinct chatter]

Moving to Chicago last year,
that was supposed to be the answer.

You know, I figured I could
make more money here.

But, between rent and clothing
and food and everything,

I mean, I'm holding two jobs
and I'm barely treading water.

Henry's the world to me.

All I want is to give my
kid the best shot that I can.


Sometimes I,

wake up at night and I can hear
him breathing in the other room.

And I wonder...

What am I doing?

How the hell did all this happen?

How am I gonna make it through tomorrow?

Excuse me.

16, Joann Kilgore.

On our way to the county
court house, Joann Kilgore.

Joann Kilgore?

Yes. The lead attorney for the Hogan
case that's in the papers so much.

What can I do for you?

Oh, here.

Where did you...

You left that at the
courtroom this morning,

and the judge asked me to deliver for it.
- Judge Albright.

Yeah, told me to get it to you,

uh, because you then you
wouldn't have to drive

through rush hour
traffic to get to the court.

I thought Judge Albright hated my guts.

Well, that I wouldn't know about.

So, okay.

Oh, uh, one more thing.

Stay off the expressway
because it's a bear out there today.

All right?
- Yeah.


What's this?


That's my distributor cap.

Oh, this is your distributor cap?

- Oh...

Well, then if this is
your distributor cap,

you must be
Benjamin... Benjamin...

Riley, yes.
- Riley, you're Benjamin Riley.

Well, then yes, this would
be your distributor cap.

Hey! Get back here!


Is there anything you
want to talk about?

[phone ringing]

I'll be right back.


Yes, it is.

What? I sent the
check-in last week.

No, it wasn't for the full amount
because I don't have the full amount.

Is the doctor there?

But it's not our fault.

No, there's no reason to
have a collection agency called.

There's nothing here to collect.

Because he... He told me that we
didn't have to pay for the second visit

because Henry had an
allergic reaction to the antibiotic.

It's not our fault.

Can I just talk to the doctor, please?

When will he be available?

Well, we're patients, too.

Half hour ago, the death
toll was down to nine.

Well, what now?
- 17.

17 people are gonna
die in that accident

I'm on out of time.
- Is there something, Gary?

Like what?

Is there anything in the
article that hasn't changed?

Anything about that accident that
remains the same the whole time?

A picture.
- A picture?

The articles change
every time there's a picture

of a car here. It's been
here the whole time.

What kind of car is it?

I don't know what kind
of car. It's all mangled up.

What about a license plate?
Can you read it?

No, it's...


Yeah, there's half a one. It's H-O-T.

I thought that's something.

That's nothing. What
am I supposed to do?

Call the DMV and
say, "Excuse me,"

but I was wondering if you
could do a check

on all the license in the city to
see if you got a H-O-T somewhere.

No, I'm just trying
to help you, Gary.

You could ask my...
- Please, Patrick, thank you very much.

She works there. At the DMV.

Oh, you're getting
it again, aren't you?


Huh? That feeling you got?
What is it? A six-sense, seven-sense?

Patrick, you're on lunch break.
Right now you're coming with me.

Get Jimmy and take over the bar.
- Oh yeah, OK.

Oh, you're gonna love cousin
Eleanor. If you could see...

Wait, is this feeling
you got? Is it like a

tingly feeling right in
the base in your spine?

Because sometimes I can...
- Is Henry here? - No.

He's gone. I don't
know where he went.

Oh, well, maybe
he's still at school.

No, I called. They
don't know where he is.

Oh, well, I...
- I need your help. Help me find him.

Well, I'd like to help
you. I've got to go

because I don't have much time.

But I don't know who to go to.

You know what? What I'm done
doing, what I've got to do right now,

then I'll help you. I
promise. But right now...

Come on Patrick, let's
go. Let's go. I'll get it.

That way.

419 Possibles.

- Yeah.

That's too many.

It's the best I could do
with three characters.

You give me another number,
I can cut that list in half.

Thanks, Eleanor.
You're the gong.

The bomb?
- Yeah, that too.

Patrick, what are you wearing?

What are you wearing?

- Boy drowns in river -

Ah, is this another one
of your fraternity things?

Jeez, you know, you kidnap one moose,
you got to hear about it your whole life.

It's not like I didn't, you know,
get the stains out of your car,

but I mean, how was I supposed
to know the little guy was sick?

You okay, Mr. Hobson?


Excuse me, have you seen
this little boy's name, Henry?

I don't know.

[Phone ringing]

Here you go.

Come on, pick up.

Any luck?

No. How's it going in there?

Well, it's not.

I mean, there are over
400 names on that list,

and you know how many I've
been able to get through? Six.

I gotta tell you, Gary,
the chances are the owner

of that car was probably
already on the road.

Where's Patrick?

He's still making calls. I mean,
he's not getting through either.

What about Henry?

Marissa, that accident's
gonna happen in 40 minutes.

We're trying, Gary.

Come on, give me something.

Listen to me. I want
you to get Patrick,

and I want you to go
down to the overpass

where Garfield crosses the
expressway. You got me?

Okay. What do we
do once we get there?

Then I don't know yet.


[ominous music]

He's gone. I checked everywhere.
- Listen.

I don't know where he
went. He could be anywhere.

Listen to me. Do you know
where Archer Street is? - No.

It's over by the
Riverside Industrial Area,

and I think Henry
might be over there.

How would you know that?
- Because it's something he said yesterday.

I don't have time
to explain right now.

You need to go to Archer Street
down where it meets the river.

Okay, go with me.
- No, no, no, wait a second.

I can't do that. Now, I've got
something else I have to do.

You're gonna have to take
a car and you go over there.

When you get over...
- I don't have a car?


Look, I don't know what
you're doing right now,

but my kid is missing.
I need your help.

Please help me.


Come on. Come on.

Yeah, listen, Cindy, that meeting does
not start till I get there. You got it?

Yeah, you keep the
Norwegians happy.

Give them anything they want.
Give them coffee.

Yeah, I'll de-hairy.

[tires screeching]

I don't believe it. It's him.

Get out of the car!

What the hell is
the matter with you?

Get out of the car.
- What?

Get out of the car.

Your headlight is smashed.

My headlight?

But it's...
it's fine.

Hey, he's stealing my car.

Hey, come on! Hey,
I have a meeting!

A very important meeting!

No! Not today! You
cannot do this today!

Get back here!

[funky music playing]

Patrick, do you
see Gary anywhere?


What time is it?

It's, uh, 5.30.

10 minutes to go.

10 minutes to go to what?
- Trouble.

Hey, Patrick, uh, if you had to shut
down the expressway, what would you do?

Oh, I don't know.

Call him here?
- he he

And what would you tell him?

Uh, well, they got
me there, Miss Clark.


Anyway, traffic doesn't look so bad.

Believe me, it's
gonna get worse.

Uh, uh... Yeah, I want
to report a stolen car.

When? Now, 10 seconds ago!

You ever stolen a car before?
- Nope, can't say so, I have.

What's that? The oil light?

Yeah, that would be the oil light.

You smell something?

That would be
smoke from the oil.

Hey, isn't that the BMW
that was just called in?

We're on it.

Dispatch this scooter
one out of nine.

we're on pursuit of a stolen vehicle.


Oh, boy, things just keep getting
better and better, don't they?


What time is it now, Patrick?


Five minutes.

[ominous music]

Come on, you can do it.

[Henry grunt]

[Henry grunt]

[Henry grunt]

I'm gonna have to stop.
- Don't you dare!

I can't even see!

My son's out there.


There he is!

- Mom!

You stay here, I'm
gonna get him now.

Look at that, there's a kid out there.


Listen, Henry, listen to me.

You're gonna be
fine, you hear me?

I can't hold on.

Now listen, you're not gonna
fall, you understand me?

Alright, I'm gonna get you out of here
and we're gonna go get some dinner tonight.

I'm, uh, I'm thinking some
pizza. You like pizza?

What do you like in your pizza?
Sausage, pepperoni, what?


You like pineapple?
Alright, we'll get you pineapple then.

[Henry screaming]
- Henry!

Oh, no.
- Now you hang on there.

There he is, he's got the kid.

Come on, give me a hand here.
- I'm gonna need some rope.

Grab my leg.

Here you go.


I got him, I got him, go, go.

So I'm coming down.
Alright, coming down.

Got me?

Come on now.
Come here.

Alright, now, Henry.

You alright?

Alright, come on.
Give me your hand.

Quickly, now give
me your other hand.

[Henry grunts]

Alright, I got you.

Come on now.

Pineapple, huh?
Come on, pull me up.

Yeah, right.

Alright, come on.


Come on, come on.

Alright, you're okay.

You're okay.

Alright, here you go.



You okay? Huh?

You alright?


It's okay...

That was really,
that was something.

You saved that kid's life.

What time have you got?


I blew it.

Oh, listen.

I'm going to have to get some
information from you about the car.


That's him!
That's the guy!

You have any idea what
you've done?

You ruined me.

That was a deal of a
lifetime and it's gone

forever because I
missed my meeting!

I hope they give you the death penalty!

Gary, get down!

Oh no! Mike, what have you done?


I hope you have a good lawyer.
- Today when I borrowed your car,

you weren't by chance about to get on
the Dan Ryan Expressway, were you?

So what if I was?

Patrick, what time is it now?

Uh, 10 to 6.

Are you sure?


We did it.

He did it. I don't know
how he did it, but he did it.

Yes, he did!

Yes, he did it!

Oh, who?

Hey Patrick, how
about dinner? On me?

Yes ma'am.
- Let's go.

On you? Alright.

I'm a lucky guy.

Accidents will happen.
They can all be avoided.

Best you can hope for is to
get lucky every now and then.

He's a nut! He's a psycho!

Listen buddy, if you've
been on the highway,

when your engine
blew like that,

I don't even want
to think about it.

That guy saved your life.

Thing is, there are
all kinds of accidents.

There are even some
you wouldn't want to miss.

I was, uh, I was thinking,

uh, I need a new bar manager.

Someone who knows not to put
the chardonnay on the windowsill.

You wouldn't know
anyone like that, would you?

I might.

I'll let you text.

Because an accident
can change your life,

and sometimes? isn't that
exactly what you need?

[Cheerful music]

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