Early Edition (1996–2000): Season 2, Episode 15 - Mum's the Word - full transcript

When an Egyptian mummy goes on display at the museum, a man steals the emerald eyes and scarab from the mummy, unleashing an ancient curse. Soon, everyone associated with the theft becomes ill.

All right, class, our next stop
is the Inuit canoe,

which was once used

to hunt whales in the Arctic.

Aw, man.

We saw this

in third grade.

Miss Baker?

What's in there?

I know, Miss Baker, I know.

It's the treasures
of Akenubis exhibit.

And can you tell us
who Akenubis was?

A pharaoh?


He was a high priest
in ancient Egypt.

They recently found his tomb,

which was full of
wonderful things.

Can we go in?

Well, perhaps we can arrange
a special trip after it opens.

Let's all go see
that whaling canoe.

Cool museum, huh?

Let's go.

Let's not.

You coming?

MAN: Come on, Hassan,
I need your help.

I'll be right back.

Quick, this way!

Over here.

That was close.

Whoa! What's this?

It's just a cat.

A mummy of a cat.

Think it bites?

Here, kitty, kitty.

(both screaming)

Let's get out of here!

(theme music playing)

CHUCK: What if you
knew, beyond a doubt,

what was going
to happen tomorrow?

What would you do?

There's no easy answer

for a guy
who gets tomorrow's news today.

Good morning, Chicago.

It's 6:30 in the morning
in the Windy City...

(turns off radio, cat meows)

All right.
All right.


You can't believe everything

you read in the newspaper.

that's what my daddy
told me, anyway.

(cat meows)

But he was talking about
today's paper.


CHUCK: What if you
got tomorrow's paper

a day early?

(cat meows)

Oh, surprise.

You'd have to believe that,

wouldn't you?


Wouldn't you?

"Curse of the mummy?"

(cat meows)

CHUCK: Right, curse
of the mummy.

Come on, it's a
publicity stunt.

At the Museum
of Natural History?

Hey, museums
need money.

It's called
show business.

This is the biggest exhibit
they've had since King Tut.

You don't think they're gonna
milk it for every drachma?

You got Akenubis T-shirts,
Akenubis tote bags,

Akenubis breath mints, Ak...

Breath mints?

Look, you got the mummy,
that is good.

You got the curse,
that's even better.

Am I right, Gare?


"The gala opening of

"the Treasures of Akenubis

"turned from glamour to gore

"last night when archaeologist
Trevor Bradford was struck

"in the head by
an ornamental sculpture

that broke free
of its mooring."

The guy gets his head
knocked off.

That doesn't sound like
a stunt to me.

MARISSA: Well, you've
got to stop it, Gary.


It's the hottest ticket in town.

The only way to crash
that party is

you give a million bucks
to the museum,

or you're one of
the Egyptian delegation.


Thank you, Chuck.

What'd I say?

What'd he say?

(car horns honking)

(exotic music playing)

I feel ridiculous.

Hey, you're the one who
said your grandmother

had Egyptian blood
on her side.

No, I said she
went to Egypt

and had her picture taken
in front of the pyramids.

Step right this way.

Thank you.

Batter up.

Good evening.
Welcome to the museum.

This is the
Princess Effendi

of the royal family
Qatar and Khartoum.

Great. Invitations, please.

I don't think
you understand.

This is the

She still needs an invitation.

Listen, this is kind
of embarrassing,

but, uh, she lost
her invitation.

I mean, she has a
tendency to do that.

I'm sorry, sir,
our orders are clear:

No invitation,
no admittance.

GARY: Listen, let me
tell you something.

You're making a mistake.
This is the princess...

This is an outrage.

I have never seen such an insult
to Egypt in my life.

Do you not know
the Princess Effendi?

She doesn't have an...

MAN 2: She does not
need an invitation.

She is known throughout
the Middle East

as the blind princess.

If that is not
invitation enough,

then I would be honored
to have her and her escort

enter as my guests.

Okay, Mr. Bishara.

I'm sorry, miss.

We understand.

Tell me, Your Highness,

how is it that our families
have never met before?

We, um, don't get out much.

(loud snap)

(people screaming)

Why did you help us, Ali?

We both know I'm no princess.

Oh, on the contrary,
you are, my dear.

Maybe not an
Egyptian princess.

My friend Gary, um,
had to be here tonight,

and this is his idea.

Most ingenious, too.

Resourcefulness plays a
big part in my business.

Let's just say I'm a great
admirer of ingenuity.

And of beauty.

MAN (over P.A.):
Good evening.

I'm Michael Lawson,
museum director.

And it's my great pleasure
to introduce the man

who made this evening
and this exhibit possible,

archaeologist Trevor Bradford.


Good evening.

It's been a long
and arduous journey

from the Nile Delta
to Chicago,

but tonight, I feel
it's all been worth it.

With the discovery
of the tomb of Akenubis,

the world has become
a much richer place.

Excuse me, sir.

Sammi Awad from
the University of Chicago.

Can you tell us the
difference between

what you're doing
and grave robbing,

which I believe is a federal
offense in this country?

Young lady, this exhibit
benefits the entire world.

SAMMI: So, why do you have

(loud snap)
a percentage of catalog sales?

(people murmuring)

Hey, look out!
Get down!

(people screaming)

What's going on?
What's happening?

(cat meows)

Hey, get out of there.


Ooh, roses.

Let me see.
Let me see.


Ooh, what do we got here?

(imitating Ali):
"My dearest Marissa,

"I expected to see rare and
beautiful things last night,

but none so rare
and beautiful as you."

(normal voice):
Is he kidding?

Just keep reading.

(imitating Ali):
"I return to Egypt soon.

"I must see you again.


Ali Bishara.

(normal voice):
That can't be his real name.

No one has a name like that.

That's his real name, Chuck.

He's an art dealer, an expert
in Egyptian antiquities,

and he's got offices
on three continents.


Sounds like he writes
Harlequin romances.

Oh, stop.


"Fire at the Natural
History Museum.

Akenubis opening
postponed again."

Oh, no.

Didn't we just
go through this?

It sounds to me like
somebody wants to delay

the opening of that exhibit.


GARY: For starters,
how about that woman

from the University
of Chicago?

Yes, bring them in.


Oh, I thought you were
one of the librarians.

I have some books
on call.

Uh, no.

Uh... I'm Gary Hobson.

I saw you at the-the museum
last night, didn't I?

You saved Trevor Bradford,
didn't you?


You a...


One month short of my Ph.D.

And you?


Well, I, uh, I, uh, run a bar.

But, uh,

well, I'm here because I, uh,

I don't want anything
to happen at the exhibit.

What do you mean?

What I mean is I don't want
to see anything happen to it.

You know, like, uh,
say it might catch on fire.

What are you, a cop?

Me? No, I'm not a cop. I...

Sit down, Mr. Hobson.

(clears throat softly)

Just because
I'm politically active

does not make me an arsonist.

I have devoted

my life to Egyptian antiquities.

Well, no...
And I'm

not planning to throw away

my career in some act
of obscene vandalism.

What makes you think

somebody wants
to destroy this exhibit?

Well, I...
Let's just say

I've got feelings
about these kind of things.

Like last night when
you saved Trevor Bradford?

Well, yeah, something like...

I think I've
bothered you enough.


You're really
serious about that?

Well, yes, I am.


The ancient Egyptians believed
in something called ka...

a person's
spirit double.

The immortal soul,
if you will.

They believed
a dead person's ka

could communicate
with the living.

Sometimes, late at night,
alone in here,

I feel like the ka
of some ancient Egyptian

is trying to speak to me.

I feel like there
are mysteries out there

that even science can't explain.

Boy, lady, you can say that again.

You really believe someone is
going to set fire to the exhibit?

Uh, yes, I do.


Well, then we should
do something about it,

shouldn't we?

Well, I-I think that
we probably sh...

What do you mean, "we"?

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

How did you know this door
was going to be unlocked?

Uh, must have been
the ka or something.

This way.

(shattering, clattering)

It can't be!

It can't be!

Oh, my God...

What's all this?

You know this guy?

Hassan Rajid, my foreman.

SAMMI: We caught him setting
fire to the exhibit.

Setting fire to my treasures?!

Your treasures?

I was the one
who discovered them,

not you.

If it wasn't for me,

you would still be
digging in the desert.

Is that why you tried

to kill him last night? What?!

I saw him standing
by the cables

right after
the accident.



Oh, are you
all right?

Come on, let's go.


You're late.

The cat, it...

What about the cat?

It came alive.


My dear Hassan, you're letting
your peasant imagination

run away with you.

It was coming at me,
Ali, I swear!


But you're here now,
all in one piece, are you not?



And the emeralds?

You've done well, my friend.

Don't worry, it's all there.

And now, adieu.

WOMAN (over radio): Good morning,
Chicago, and here's the extended forecast

for today and tomorrow.
(catmeows, paper thuds against door)

Dry and cool, with highs
in the 40's and lower 50's,

lows in the 20's and lower 30's.

Friday, a chance of rain,

highs in the...

(door opens, cat meows)

(cat meows)

"Mysterious death of..."


(cat meows)

I thought that guy Hassan
popped you in the museum.

What do you care whether
he's dead or not?

Hey, I'm telling you, Gare, it's a
publicity stunt. Where's Marissa?

Oh, Our Lady of the Nile
is presently engaged.

With who?

With, uh, Ali what's his name.
Whom else?

(Middle-Eastern music playing)

Ali, I-I really should be
getting back to work.

You know, in my country,

you wouldn't have
to pretend to be a princess,

you could live like one.

Well, I guess I was just
born in the wrong place.

No need to stay there.

You could...

start a new life...

in a new country,

with me.


Ali, um...

I'm not quite sure
what you're saying.

I think you are sure.

I think you know
exactly what I'm saying.

So... what do
you say, my dear?

Will you come with me?

A-Ali, it's all
happening so fast.

I... Sometimes
life is like that.

You must seize the moment.

Absolutely right.

In that case, my
answer's gonna...


I need to talk to you.

Now, Ali.

Will you excuse me, my dear?

Uh, sure.


The jewels, I need them.

You must be joking.

Take your money...
I don't want it.

(whispers): Hassan!
Look at me, Ali!

It's the curse!

What curse?


It's a curse, I tell you.

Where did you get that?

The cat.

You idiot! I told you
to only take the eyes!

Give them to me, Ali!



You all right?

The curse...


Get away!



(horn honking, tires screeching)

(car door opens)

I didn't see him!

Man, you see that?

He came out of nowhere.

Buddy, you okay?

Somebody call
an ambulance!

(siren wailing in distance)

Diane, got a minute?

I am so late for
my OB appointment.

Yeah, there's a patient
I want you to see

when you got time... uh,
Egyptian, strange rash.

Yeah, great, I-I'll
catch you later.

How is he?

Well, he, uh,
he's in surgery.

What do you, uh, what
do you make of that?

Where'd you get it?

GARY: It fell out of Hassan's
hand in the ambulance.

He kept mumbling
something about a curse.

It's a scarab.

An amulet in the shape
of a dung beetle.

Oh, that's very nice.

Beetles were a symbol
of rebirth to the Egyptians.

Very significant.

What do you make
of the hieroglyphics?

It's an inscription.

They were often commemorative
and historical.


I'd love a shot
at translating this.

Is it okay?
You can have it.

I've got enough curses in
my life right now. Okay.

Mr. Hobson, um,
your friend is out of surgery.

He's stable, but, um,

he's got a high fever
and an unusual rash.

Do you know
anything about that?


Okay, well,
you can wait if you want,

but he's not gonna
be seeing anybody

until that fever goes down.

(groaning softly)




What is with this guy?

I mean, to you,
air freshener would have

the same effect, right?



You and Gary could
run the place

without me, right?


wh-what are you talking about?

(clears throat softly)

Well, Ali asked me
to go to Egypt with him.

Ali? You've known Ali
for ten minutes.

Well, maybe that's enough.

No, I don't think that's enough.

Something very strange is going on here.

You don't think someone could fall
in love with me?
No, it's not that.

I'm blind, Chuck...
it doesn't make me

any less of a person
than you or anybody else.

I never said
anything about that.

Ali makes me feel
like a woman.

Like... an attractive woman,

and I don't get to feel
that way very often.

What are you saying, I don't make
you feel like an attractive woman?

ALI: Marissa.
Oh, come on, Chuck,
that's not what...


Well, hello!

(chuckles): We...
Nice to meet you.

I'm Chuck Fishman... I work
with Marissa over here.

It's a pleasure.

So, uh, I'll just be
leaving you two alone.

(pants, shudders):
How are you, my dear?

A-Ali, what's wrong?

You're breathing very hard,
and your hands, they're clammy.

Is everything...?

Just the excitement
of seeing you again.


Listen, uh...

time is running short.

I may have to return to
Egypt sooner than expected.

Sooner? How much sooner?

A day or two, no more.

Have you thought about my
proposition any further?

Um... Ali, I-I
still don't know.

Then perhaps...

these will help
persuade you.

They feel
like earrings.

Emerald earrings.

They belonged to my mother.

Now they're yours.


I-I couldn't.


Put them on.

As long as you wear
these, Marissa,

I know that there's a chance
that you will come with me.


Yes, I will.

I will come with you.

You've made me very happy.

Promise me something.

Promise me you will
always wear them.

Of course, Ali.

I'll never take them off.


(cat snarls)


Oh, no, thanks.

Okay, I've got the first
line of the inscription.

"To all who enter here,

may you show proper respect
and..." uh, something.


It's not like reading
French, you know.


"To all who enter here..."

What does that mean?

To all who enter where?

Perhaps a temple.

WOMAN: Attention: The library
will be closing in 15 minutes.

How about a tomb?

Oh. You think this is
from the exhibit?

Considering Hassan's
sterling personality,

I think that's a great possibility, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.

What is that?

It's a catalog
for the museum show.


That's a cat.

The Egyptians buried all
kinds of animal mummies.

Um, cats,
owls, falcons...

And check out the necklace.

Are you telling me
that you think

that this is the same as that?

Sure looks like it.

We better get this back
to the museum then.

Oh, let me finish
translating first.


Help me, please.

I need a doctor.

Good morning, Chicago.

It's 6:30 a.m.
in the Windy City,

and traffic is already
bumpin' and grindin'.

(cat meows)

(paper thuds against door)


"Epidemic linked
to the mummy exhibit.

"Health officials shut down

"the Natural History Museum

"and seized artifacts
from its mummy exhibit

"to investigate a possible link
to a mysterious epidemic

affecting museum visitors
and employees."


(cat meows)


(quiet, throaty growling)

(beeping steadily)

(woman over P.A.):
Pain Management call 9340.


What do you think?

He's sick as a dog.

And look at this rash.

The pustules,
they're like welts.

I haven't seen that before.

How's the other patient?

We're having a hard time
keeping him stabilized.

He keeps jumping
up to 105.

I'll tell the lab
to put a rush on this.

This is something
simple, right?


An epidemic?

How do you stop an epidemic?

I have no idea.

Oh, by the way,
Marissa's going to Egypt.


She's what?!

Ali popped the question.

Well, sort of.

Ali Ba...

What do you mean sort of?

He asked her to go
to Egypt with him.

And she said yes?

All I know is,

she's wearing his
mama's earrings.


Wait a second.

She hardly even knows that guy.

That's what I told her.

That guy's, that guy's old
enough to be her father.

She doesn't know that.

(door opening)
SAMMI: Guys, great news.

They got it all wrong.

They got what wrong?
Who got what wrong?

Trevor Bradford at the museum.

This exhibit is not the
treasures of Akenubis.

It's not?

Exactly as I suspected.

Well, who are you?

Chuck Fishman, Gary's partner.


Sammi Awad.

It's a pleasure.

Who got what wrong?

Oh. Akenubis was a priest
who served a god...

a goddess, actually...
called Bastet.

Mm... Yes, here it is.

Here, Look.

That's still a cat.

Well, Bastet could
take many forms...

lioness, leopard, house cat.

The Egyptians built
many shrines to her,

especially in Bubastis,
where this tomb was found.

Now, if they
could build shrines,

why not a tomb?

Are you telling me
that that mummy...

(cat purring)
...was some special cat.

You see, they believe she was
a direct descendant of Bastet.

She had special powers.

What kind of powers?

She could see the future.

Ah, a clairvoyant kitty.


Well, she helped Akenubis

see the future,

but the people believed that
the power came from her.

Something strange is
going on here, Gare.

No. Don't you see?

The exhibit has it backwards.

The priest wasn't
buried with his cat.

The cat was buried
with her priest.

Oh. What do you mean?

GARY: Wait a second. Wait,
wait just a second.

We've got other problems,
don't we?

Not more ka?

That's right, we...
that's right,

we've got more ka problems
to deal with, don't we?



Oh, right, more ka.

See, you see, I'm getting
the feeling that uh,

people are gonna get sick,
real sick...

epidemic, sick... you understand?


That is so weird.

You know, because Bastet
was the protector

against contagion
and disease.

And there is
this inscription...

the inscription said that
if anyone plunders the tomb,

there's going to be
a terrible plague.

(nervous chuckle)
A plague?

A plague?

You mean, like as
in Passover plague?

That's all it said, a plague.

How bad?

They got counts
that suggest everything

from toxoplasmosis
to viral pneumonitis.

White cell counts
dropping below 200,

bronchoscopy shows
pulmonary lesions

proliferating in both lungs.
That's bad.

Whatever the exact
pathogen is,

both patients are
clearly incubating it.

How infectious is it?

Well, there's no
way of telling,

not without an
exact diagnosis.

And you don't have one?
Oh, not even close.

All right, I don't want
to jump the gun, Diane,

but don't you think we should
call the Health Department?

I mean, you're the expert
on infectious diseases,

and you've never
seen this before.

Exactly what are
we dealing with?

The plague?

She's nuts.

She wants to destroy the exhibit.
That's not true.

GARY: Look, look, look, what,
what what if it's possible

that the exhibit is

Now, you'd at least
have to check into it

before you let the people
in to see it, right?

Surely you don't expect me to delay the
opening any further based on some theory.

Hear, hear.

All right.

Well, just suppose that uh,

that there were forces at work
that were, were unexplainable.

What forces?


Dr. Lawson, you have an entire
museum devoted to cultures

and beliefs different
than your own.

Are you willing to say

that you're the only one
who knows the truth?

Well, I...

Michael, they should
both be committed.

Well, of course the museum
can always be shut down

and quarantined.

I'm a scientist
by training, Mr. Hobson.

If you want me to even
think about postponement,

I need proof of a
health risk involved.

Quantifiable proof.

Well, nice of you
to drop by, Princess.

I overslept.

I think I want some tea.

Are you okay?

I think I'm coming
down with something.

I don't think you're
coming down with something,

I think, I think
you've got something...


Hey, fellas!


Ah, hey.

She just collapsed.

She was burning
up with fever.

What'd the doctors say?

They didn't say anything.

They wouldn't even
let me see her.

So far we haven't
been able to isolate

any viral or
bacterial agents.

Three patients?

And they haven't
responded to treatment?

Not broadspectrum antibiotics,
not vancomycin...

DIANE: I started them on
acyclovir on the outside chance

this is some form of
herpetic infection.

I mean, without knowing
the pathogen, Phillip,

there's not much more
we can do.

All right, the first two are
Egyptian nationalists.

Any connection to her?

Not that we know of.

Uh, excuse me.

She was dating
one of them.

And you are?

Gary Hobson. He brought
in the first patient.

Um, what do you
know about this?

Well, I know that the three
patients you have here

were all at the party for the
new exhibit at the museum.

And you think there's
some sort of link?

Well, that, that's
a possibility.

I, I, I think maybe that
something was brought over

from Egypt,
something contagious.

Maybe in the artifacts themselves.

If it wasn't for
my work with Lupita,

I'd say it was crazy, too.


Yeah. A frozen uh,
500-year-old Peruvian mummy.

I was granted
the opportunity

to examine her on
the outside chance,

uh, she was carrying a disease
we know nothing about.

Well, then, then you,
then you would agree

that it is a possibility...

My results were inconclusive.

You're talking about
thousands of years here.

Well, right, but it,
but if it's a possibility,

then you've gotta follow that,

because you don't have any other
leads here, and...

Listen, this, this is a very
dear friend of mine in here,

and I don't want
her to die.

Well, neither do we.

Oh, well, another thing. Uh...

The, uh...

Since we're talking about
life and death,

you should know
the mummy exhibit, uh...

...may be cursed.


(steady beeping)

(sighs softly)

Ali, where are you?

Ali, no!


(flatline alarm beeping)




(pool balls clack)

(talking quietly)


How was she?

Huh? Is she
gonna be okay?

What did they say?

Everything was fine until
I brought up the, uh, curse.

I tried to explain
everything to them,

but they didn't seem
to-to want to listen.

Maybe she needs
more than medical science.

What do you mean?

Well, maybe we need
to lift the curse.

The inscription
said that, uh,

there'd be a plague
if something was plundered.

Yeah, but we already
returned the scarab.

Well, maybe there's
something else.

Well, like what?



What's wrong with you?

I don't know.

I-I don't feel good at all.

I just...




I'll-I'll be all right.

I hope.


N-Not now.

Stop it.

Not now.

Get down.

Get down. You
can't have these.

They're not yours,
they're Marissa's.

(cat meows)

Where did she get these?

She got them from her,
uh, Egypt friend, Ali.

And where did he get it?

He got them from his mother.

Well, not unless
his mother was a cat.


Look at those.

You mean he didn't
get them from his mother?


Those are the mummy's.

Then where did Ali get them?

Wait a second.

Hassan steals them
from the exhibit,

he gives them to Ali.


Ali stashes them on Marissa.

She doesn't know it, but she's
smuggling jewels into Egypt.

Poor Marissa.

Can't she find a normal guy?

Well, if these
are the cat's eyes,

and there's anything
to this curse,

that's got to be
one very angry mummy.


Angry mummy?

Ah, come on, that's insane.


I wouldn't laugh if I were you.

Listen to me now.

Marissa's sick and you're sick.

If there's any truth
to all this, we got to find out.

I mean, it's no crazier than
any of the other things

that goes on around here,
if you know what I mean.

Yeah, you're right.

Let's go.

W-Wait a second.
You're going to the hospital.

No, no, I'm going with you.

Doctors don't know
what's going on.

You said so yourself.

Between modern medical science
and a 3,000-year-old curse,

I-I put my money
on the curse anytime.

Let's go.

Feeling better

I have something.

You're not gonna like it.
I don't like it, but...

Well, wh-why don't you just tell me?
I have been back

through every textbook I have,
every database.

I can tell you
what it isn't, for sure.

It's not rubella,
varicella, mumps...

Just tell me, Diane.

I think it's smallpox.


A mutant strain,


Diane, smallpox has been
eradicated from this planet,

I mean, for 20 years.

It tracks, Phillip.

The ancient Egyptians
carried smallpox.

The-the mummy of Ramses V
even shows scars.

We know the virus
is extremely stable.

It's been documented
to survive months, even years,

outside the human body,
in-in bales of cotton, in dust.

I mean, put it into a virtually
airtight environment,

who knows how long it can
lie dormant, or mutate.

All right, call Atlanta.
I already did.

The CDC's sending a team
on the next plane.

Well, we'll have to get
those patients in isolation.

That's gonna be
a real problem.

The first two are missing.

What do you mean missing?

They're not in their beds.

They're gone.

All right, here it is.


Give her the
other ones.

Hmm? Oh.

All right.

(grunts) Barely hanging on.

(door creaks open)

GARY (whispers):
Come on, come on.

Hey, come on, Chuck!


This isn't happening.




What are you doing here?

ALI: He was trying to stop me.

Stop you from what?

From taking the emeralds.

A nurse at
the hospital told me

they gave them to you,
so I followed you here.

Now, please, hand them over.

I have a plane to catch.

No, I can't do that.

If I do that,
a friend of mine will die.

It can't be helped.



As you wish.


I can't let you die, too.

Very sensible.

Ali, no.

Wait! The curse!

ALI: Get back!
The curse, Ali!



Where'd they go?



How bizarre.

WILKES: All right, clear.

Clear. Anything?

No. All right,
again. Clear.

260, clear!

Ace and saline.

Again. Clear.


300, clear.
No spontaneous rhythm.

Prep atropine.

Again. Clear. I've got
her prepped right here.



Epi's in.

Again. Clear.


Atropine in.

Charge up. Okay, we got a pulse.

(steady beeping)
Good work, people.

Systolic at 90.




I think, uh, I think
my rash is gone.

I feel better.


And so is your fever.

Oh, good.

Well, now what?

She stabilized.

Yeah, from out of nowhere.

You didn't
change treatments?

She stopped breathing,
we brought her back,

and within minutes,
her fever dropped.

Even her rash
looks better.

Maybe the amphotericin
kicked in.


"Mummy draws
cat-astrophic crowd."


Come on!

CHUCK: Wow, they rearranged
the whole exhibit.

The cat gets
top billing now.

The museum
offered Sammi

a position in the
archaeology department.

That's great.

Are you all right?

Do you want to sit down, rest?
I'm fine.

Yeah? Hey, the doctor told you

you got to
take it easy.

I know what the doctor said.
I'm fine.

Yeah, but you just
got to rest sometime.

Well, you know,
it was just,

um, one of those
freak things.

I don't know.

I think she should lie down.
I'm fine.

Yeah, come on.

Let's go.


Watters tells me
you're writing

a journal article
about what happened.

Yeah. If nothing else, I'm gonna
try to convince Atlanta

not to destroy their stock
of smallpox vaccine.

You realize there's
only four places

in the world
that still store it?

I mean, what if it turns out
to be real next time?

Well, there's a
cheery thought.

What do you think
it was, anyway?

I don't know. I'd like
to talk to that Gary Hobson.

He seemed to know
more than he let on.

Are you kidding?
That guy's nuts.

He's certifiable.

Yeah, I suppose
you're right.

Well, it's best
you forget the guy.


You deserve
better than Ali.

Yeah, well, I'd still like to
know what happened to the guy.

So would a lot of people.

So would the hospital,
Egyptian security, the police.

Yeah, I just don't understand

how someone could vanish
into thin air like that.

Well, important thing is
that we got you back.

Yeah, and from now on,

I'm screening
all of your dates.

Excuse me a minute.

Yeah, sure.

Maybe you can't believe

everything you read.
(cat purrs)

But how about
everything you see?

Or do the eyes

play tricks sometimes?

Do we only see
what we want to see?

I'd tell you what I think,

but the cat's got my tongue.

(cat meows)